How tall is Matt Smith ?

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Matt Smith's Height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

British actor best known for playing The 11th Doctor in BBC tv series Doctor Who. In film he appears in Terminator Genisys, Lost River and Womb (Clone). This photo was at a Starfury convention in 2012.

Matt Smith at Starfury
5ft 8 Jenny with Matt
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Comment on the Height of Matt Smith

Lydia said on 28/Jan/16
Have you seen this pic? Either Douglas Booth is taller than reported (you have him as 6 feet) or Matt Smith is shorter, because Douglas is towering over Matt, it's definitely not a half inch height difference
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Brandon 6'0 said on 30/Oct/15
This is incorrect lol, he's 183 cm
Triplescrew said on 28/Sep/15

Do you think this spinal condition that Matt has affects his posture in any way?

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[Editor Rob: I think his posture varies, maybe he has some pain, but generally in person standing normally he clears 5ft 11 comfortably.]
Triplescrew said on 8/Sep/15

Nah it's like you say, posture and perception. Tennant is closer to 6'1", Smith is somewhere around 5'11.5" maybe more or less by a fraction.

Here's some factors to consider:

10th Doctor = perfect posture + fluffy hair + converse = appears to be 6'2"

11th Doctor = terrible posture + slicked down hair + boots (doubt they give more than 1.2 inches) = appears to be 5'11.25"

Bad posture can easily drop you 2 inches (which is why Matt consistently looks 5'10" with Amy and Rory; heck in season 5 he often looks shorter than both of them).

But throwing all that speculation aside, a 1.5-2 inch difference is pretty noticeable, especially if head shape/eye level varies. Matt has a particularly low eye level.
[Editor Rob: Smith, Cumberbatch are pretty much indistinguishable up close, both I think somewhere around 182 mark.]
Ron said on 19/Aug/15
OK.. So Smith does strike me as a near 6 footer. Not quite but as good as. But can anyone explain why he looks so much shorter than Tennant in "Day of the Doctor"? He's barely up to Tennant's hairline, and isn't the often quoted number for reaching the hairline 2 inches difference? (What I call the "grey area" where heights sort of mix together in a flurry of hair, posture and camera angles so it gets difficult to notice) Smith is consistently BELOW that right the way through the episode. What's more, Smith's hays adds at least 1 inch and he's wearing 1.5 inch boots compared to Tennant's Converse, which basically have no lift. Sure, Smith has stooped posture, but even so he looks in the 5'10-11 region consistently throughout the episode. And it's not the first time, he also often looks smaller than Arthur Darvill too, placing him again in that region. We're talking 1-1.5 inches here, not a huge difference, but enough that it gets noticeable. Likewise he appeared to be a fair bit smaller than Jason Clarle and Jai Courtney - again in this region.
Could it be that Smith is a small lift wearer? Perhaps just in his dress shoes or when he's at social events? It's just... In pictures he always gives off being a good 183cm, but on screen he early seems to be above 179cm.
Triplescrew said on 21/Jul/15

Hmm well if we're going by pics from that event then I guess Redmayne is really 6'3":

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Looking at the pics you provided, Matt looks like he's dropping posture slightly as per usual. Even with that and possible angle discrepancies, his eyeline is still above Redmayne's.

Hand wringing aside, both guys are below 6'0" usually but there's more evidence suggesting Matt is closer to 6 than 5'11" than there is proving otherwise.

And using the same event, both guys with 6' Douglas Booth (as you can see Matt has much better posture here):

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Redmayne is definitely a smidge above 5'11" but I'm still hedging my bets and saying Matt scrapes 6 foot if he would just stretch his darn back out.
MD said on 13/Jul/15
With 5'11" and a quarter Eddie Redmayne in identical footwear:

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Not only is his current listing the tallest he could be, but he might even be marginally shorter than the listing. I guess you could technically call this "weak 6'0" since that would be his morning height, but that seems a hopeful way to frame it. Better just to say he's closer to 5'11" than he is 6'0".
Triplescrew said on 9/Jul/15
Here's a few pics where Matt looks like a weak 6'0":

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Click Here

And here's a few random ones. Too bad that I couldn't find one with Capaldi and Smith together.

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So Lorne I think you're right...maybe let's say the 12th Doctor is 5'11.5" with perfect posture and the 11th is around 5'11" with terrible posture. I'll stick with 5'11.75" for Matt w/ perfect posture.
Lorne??? said on 14/Jun/15
Also, Capaldi wears boots at times, Trip, I mean they don't look particularly thick, but combined with having solid posture, he certainly has an advantage over Smith the majority of the time.

Capaldi seems to carry himself pretty good, I'd be shocked if he lost more than a cm at his age...

Rob should meet him(Capaldi) at some point though???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/15
I think Capaldi could have been 6ft peak.
Triplescrew said on 10/May/15
Yeah I think 5'11.75" works for Smith. Pics with 6'1"-6'2.5" people like Tennant and Idris Elba confirm that more or less.

I'd give Capaldi 5'11" as well, but he comes across as the same height as Smith since his Doctor has much better posture.
Lorne said on 21/Mar/15
@triplescrew: rob did say once that he wouldn't go under 5'11.5 for Smith, implying 5'11.75 is possible.

He isn't quite a "legit" 6 footer, but I think he's damn close. He could be a fraction shy, like Hensen Ackles. So I agree with Rob, though I think 5ft11.75 is likely as well.

I definitely think he is taller than Capaldi though. As I've said, I would give Capaldi 181, and Smith 182.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11.75 isn't impossible.]
Chris said on 10/Jan/15
Is his head 9,5 inches or lower than that?
[Editor Rob: would have said close to 9.5 inch]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/14
Rob, what's he like in person?
[Editor Rob: he was quite pleasant and seemed to interact well with fans.]
Triplescrew said on 12/Sep/14
Cool pic Rob! Though one thing I'll say is that Matt's posture is so bad all of the time (so UNBELIEVABLY bad) that if he straightened out his neck in that picture I wouldn't doubt that he'd be pretty even with that guy.

Matt's height is hard to pin down. One scene he'll be drooping over looking like he's the same height as Karen Gillian, the next he's straight as an arrow and looking David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch in the eye. I wish we could strap him to a wall and find out for sure XD.

One thing I'll say is that he seems taller than Peter Capaldi. Jenna Coleman doesn't seem to be AS dwarfed next to the 12th doctor as she did the 11th.
[Editor Rob: in person that crew member is taller than how matt looks in person, but Matt can pass for 6ft, I'm sure to many he would look near enough it.]
Triplescrew said on 9/Sep/14
I'd just give Matt a plain old 6 foot listing at this point. Watching his Doctor Who eps again, only a 6 footer would look consistently taller than 5'10"/5'11" range people like Karen and Arthur even with terrible posture.
[Editor Rob: Click Here. This guy describes himself as just over 6 feet ;) In person he looks what he says and Matt smith in person looks what he's listed at here.]
cole said on 28/Jun/14
@Editor Rob: Regarding that video of Cumberbatch and Smith: It's hard to say, because Smith was acting like a complete child on that stage... For the love of christ man, STAND STILL!!... When it looked like he was about to stand properly for a second, he just swayed backwards, and then striaght back down again!... But as far as stature goes, they can look quite identical really.
I'd maybe give Benedict that quarter-inch-edge on Matt though, as he was the only one to actually behave even remotely as a man during that speech... You've met them both and seem to believe that Benedict could be 0.5in taller than Matt. That might be the case, but I get the impression they would be closer than that, but then I've not met either of them.
mike said on 16/Jun/14
Rob, could 181 be more on the money?
[Editor Rob: I feel he looks between 5ft 11 and 6ft in person.]
Hypado said on 30/Mar/14
Yes, Matt is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)
Triplescrew said on 12/Mar/14
Yeah I saw that Graham Norton episode, that was pretty cringe-worthy. Though to be fair, if I were Matt Smith, I wouldn't remember half the people I met either, even if they did look just like me haha.
Triplescrew said on 10/Mar/14
Hey Rob I found that back to back picture you referenced of Matt Smith and Matt Elliot:

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah the lookalike, I think he popped up on graham norton or something and Matt said he'd never seen him before lol...]
Triplescrew said on 9/Mar/14
Hey guys, didn't see this posted here:

Matt Smith & Benedict Cumberbatch: Click Here

They look about the same given the wildly inconsistent posture. Go to around 55 seconds for the best-ish comparison.
avi said on 14/Feb/14
You are probably with 5'5 ppl who say 5'6
Triplescrew said on 24/Jan/14

Gillan is more like 5'9"ish, and in that case Matt always seemed to edge her by an inch with poor posture and around 2 when he stood straight.


Interesting. I'd put myself at a weak 5'10" and that's how I look with 5'6" people. Though Matt is known for horrible posture.
avi said on 11/Jan/14
He's looking his claim there. 5-5.5 inches taller. But if he has a shoe advantage he may be a strong 5'11
Insecureaboutmyheight said on 2/Jan/14
If benedict cumberbatch is 183 there is NO way he is 182
songo said on 31/Dec/13
Always taught he was taller (like 6'2). Karen gillan was 5'10 right? He always appereaed much taller to me.
benjo said on 8/Dec/13
when i met him he looked a inch smaller than me and we were both wearing converses and i am 6ft 1
scsd said on 2/Dec/13
he is shorter. he looks he wears lifts
spike said on 26/Nov/13
Looked 2 inches shorter than tennant in 50th ani episode. Had a solid inch of footwear on him too. He's either a weak 5'11 or Tennant's a bit over 6'1.
[Editor Rob: smith's posture can vary more than a guy like David's. I think 185cm and 182cm are what they look in person.]
Rhonda said on 23/Nov/13
At two inches smaller than David Tennant on 50th anniversary episode.
benjo said on 30/Oct/13
i though the first two seasons were amazing and the third season with 5 rubbish episodes and the rest 8 episodes being good but not as good as his first two seasons but we could say the same with ten series 2 was good 3 was good 4 was alright the specials absolute rubbish and series 1 was amazing
Emily said on 10/Sep/13
What makes you guys think that he has long legs? Because i really don't think he does.
Lorne said on 31/Aug/13
I see you originally had him listed 181cm, which is understandable. But after watching all of his early episodes and seeing the photo I say 5ft11.75 is more likely than 5ft11.25.
Lorne said on 14/Aug/13
I 100% agree Rob! The first two seasons with him we're. Great. He is a big part of the reason I started watching, but the most recent episodes have been, disappointing, to say the least. But Smith is a great doctor, combines youth with great eccentricity. Tenant was good, too, but I really like Smith, and I guess being the first doctor I watched, he'll always have a special place, like Brosnan as Bond( though that is a. Whole other story,). But remember, the doc has only recently been easily available in US.
tom said on 13/Aug/13
his build makes him look at least 6 ft
Lorne said on 5/Aug/13
I knew there was another Scottish Doctor, but I didn't know Tenant was, he did sound English. Just recently started watching with Matt Smith though...
[Editor Rob: I think Smith is a great Doctor, I liked his first 2 seasons, although his 3rd season as Doctor just wasn't as good.]
Lorne said on 4/Aug/13
The new Doctor is Scottish! You now have a Doctor from your homeland, Rob. And IDK why everyone see's Smith 180cm, he's deceptive with height, yeah but standing straight, he does look close to six foot.
[Editor Rob: we already had a sylvester mccoy and david tennant, although tennant put on a more english accent when playing him.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/13
He should be 5ft11.75in/182cm if he's 'nearly' 6ft
man said on 26/Jul/13
6' out of bed
cole said on 30/Jun/13
His head is very tilted. I could see him 182-183 cm range when standing straight. 5'11.5 - 5'11.75 covers him.
avi said on 30/Jun/13
Looks 6'0
Balrog said on 29/May/13
Well the pic isn't the best but he didn't looked 182 cm next to 5'10'' Karen Gillan.
Balrog said on 27/May/13
5'11" flat. Shave the .5
[Editor Rob: this guy looks taller than 5ft 11 flat guys to me.]
Average weight said on 23/May/13
Looks just 5'11.
thorterr said on 30/Apr/13
hes an inch shorter than 6ft cumberbatch
QueenyLady said on 24/Dec/12
That's not the picture I saw in thumbnail.
[Editor Rob: the jenny one is better to show height as I was doing a pose which wasn't as good]
miko said on 24/Dec/12
Click Here

Well here is a better photo of Smith and Tennant, if Smith stands up straighter there, I wouldn't rule them out being very close in height.

I don't think Tennant is a full 6'1.
UK183cm said on 19/Nov/12
Matt Smith's posture is incredibly bad in a lot of his photos, and it can be seen clearly I think in that picture posted below of him and David Tennant.
I don't believe this can be denied, it's incredibly obvious to me that he is losing height through posture.

If he actually straightened his upper back and neck out he would easily be within 1 inch of David's height, so I am fairly certain he is 6'0 tall give or take 1cm.
little sue said on 6/Oct/12
He looks a good 2 inches shorter than Tennant in that pic so I would go with 5ft 11, looks a tall, lanky guy though
Ian said on 4/Oct/12
With David Tennant. Looks 5ft11 to me at most, next to 6ft1 David.
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Aanonymous said on 30/Sep/12
He's taller than 5'10 but I'm still convinced Smith's a lanky 5'11 and no more.
Bakura said on 29/Sep/12
So, where are all of the "5'10 max" and "Karen is taller than Matt" people now?
miko said on 21/Sep/12
I always believed he was closer to 6'0 than 5'11.

Would you rule him out being a flat 6'0 Rob?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't go lower than 11.5 although I still think a true 6 footer like say alex from the site, he might not be quite his height.]
Random person said on 21/Sep/12
Best known? I think that would be Tom Baker or David Tennat.. Just saying
[Editor Rob: Matt is best known for playing the Doctor, it's by far his biggest role, I'm not talking about the best known of the Doctors.]
Godred said on 4/Aug/12
@Rob - I hope you didn`t let the big hair and head fool you,did you get a good look at the footwear?
[Editor Rob: yes, they looked around inch nothing huge.

Jenny's was the better height photo and I really think he was near 182cm with her...I was actually trying to get him to do a look that was more Dr Who like.]
Shaun said on 2/Aug/12
Strange. I actually thought he a similar height to Nicholas Holt. His skinny pale appearance makes him look much taller. I suppose I thought he was 6'2"-6'3" range, haven't thought much about it.
TONY said on 26/Jul/12
Maybe his long-legedness makes him appear taller? I find it hard to believe he's pushing 6 foot
[Editor Rob: I saw the guy for a good 30 minutes interacting with people, a number of whom I know their height, so I reckoned he looked nearer 182 than 180.]
short man syndrome said on 25/Jul/12
he's 5'11 and very lanky.
[Editor Rob: matt looks taller than a flat five eleven in person]
DD said on 12/Feb/12
You must never have met her, at least not while she was standing...because if you had, while you might not be able to state her exact height, you would know it's over 5"10'.
Godred said on 10/Feb/12
@DD - Karen Gillan is max 5`10,you`re fudging the wrong way,Smith is either 5`10 or 5`11 - nothing over.
DD said on 30/Jan/12
Karen is super tall. Her "official" height is 5'11" but she's taller than 6'. It's a case of a actress who is so tall it can hurt her career (taller than most potential male cast) and so there is a bit of "fudging" the numbers. Also when you watch Doctor Who, and if you pay close attention, you will notice they constantly have Karen standing in a hole or Rory/the Doctor standing up on something...or Karen will be sitting or leaning. They clearly spend a lot of time and effort working around her height.
Sven said on 23/Jan/12
he's a lanky guy, like David Tennant before him. Not as tall as Tennant though, 181cm is fair and quite a nice height for a man.

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