How tall is Mick Jagger ?

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Mick Jagger height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

British Singer from the Rolling Stones and occasional actor. In the past, a bit like Rod Stewart the UK tabloids would put down Mick and call him a shrimp, regularly listing him as being 5ft 8. He dated a very tall lady, L'Wren Scott who was around 6ft 3.

Mick with L'Wren Scott
Photo by PR Photos
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Alex says on 15/Nov/14
5'9.5 nowadays
jamie179cm says on 9/Oct/14
no more than 5ft9
Jones says on 3/Aug/14
Craig Ferguson called him "quite small, little and tiny", i doubt he's 5'10.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Aug/14
@Sam Remember though he is very fit and eats well and takes care of himself these days though so he might not lose as much. He's crazy skinny though, 28 waist for anybody over the age of 20 is skinny minny!
Arch Stanton says on 1/Aug/14
Rob you might want to mention his weight at 140 pounds with a 28 waist which was originally reported in the Daily Express Click Here
Joe says on 21/Jul/14
Mini says on 10/Jul/14
Rob, can you please add Georgia May Jagger to the site? She's listed as 5'7 by TESS Management, her mother agency but as 5'8 by IMG New York. She also states quite often that she's the same height as her friend Cara Delevingne. People in the fashion industry do think she's only about 5'6 though. I think she'd be an interesting page to discuss. Thank you!
Sam says on 8/Jul/14
Rob, is it possible that just over 5'9" is a better listing? Keith Richards is a listed 5'9" and Jagger rarely if ever looks a full inch taller, often they seme quite close in height.
[Editor Rob: he could have lost some height by now]
Brad says on 8/Jul/14
He is 5 feet 10 like he was 50 years ago.
Orlando says on 6/Jul/14
From Christopher Andersen's "Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger" (page 51): «Although Jagger seemed larger than life on the stage, up close he was anything but: five feet nine inches tall and 130 pounds, with a head that was disproportionately large for his slight frame.» -- 5'9" and probably with some sort of elevated shoes on. So I guess Jagger must have been between 1.72 m and 1.75 m maximum. Those 5'10" are pure fantasy.
mcfan says on 24/Apr/14
It's amazing how this guy can go from 5'9.5 back then to 5'10.5 in his old age and then shoot down to not even 5'9 at times...amazing shoes.
Sandra says on 5/Apr/14
I met him in the late 1960's....he was definitely 5'10" but no more than that.
Sam says on 3/Apr/14
Mick seems to wear sneakers with lifts a lot recently. In whatever that super-group was with 5'10" Joss Stone, she'd be performing barefoot and he'd look a solid 2 inches taller thanks to his shoes. Also with the other Stones, he seems to have few inches more than he used. Kind of in keeping with Keith Richards' derisive comments in "Life" about Jagger being obsessed with his appearance.
Here he's wearing them next to L'Wren (RIP):
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mcfan says on 25/Mar/14
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To me, the only true 5'10.5 guy pictured here is Jimi Hendrix and he looks 1.5 inches taller than Jagger. McCartney and Lennon look 1 inch taller than Jagger. Jagger must wear lifts at times or positions himself well in photos of late. McCartney has shrunk since this picture was taken. There is no way Jagger was over 5'9.5. My guess is he was more likely 5'9.25.

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Orlando says on 19/Mar/14
You people should adopt metric system for good. These ft&in is totally unscientific and misleading. A 2.54 cm difference is quite significant heightwise. A fellow 1.70 m tall is short, but one with 1.72 m can be considered average.
Orlando says on 19/Mar/14
@Ceej Jagger at 6ft? Man, you must be tripping...
Orlando says on 18/Mar/14
Mcfan says on 8/Nov/13: «5'7 is absurd. I think he's 5'10 in sneakers.» -- If he definitely wears elevated sneakers/shoes granting him extra 5 to 7 cm, then the 5'7" is not that absurd. One can see in this photo that Jagger is a short-legged man and short-legged man are mostly on the bellow average range. Scott was not towering over him as you can see she had bent her legs to look shorter next to him.
mcfan says on 15/Mar/14
I think Berry was only 6'0...allthough I've seen him say 6'1.
Ian C. says on 1/Feb/14
This is an interesting thread because there is disagreement from various people who claim to have met him about Jagger's height. So I'm thinking, maybe some of these witnesses (the ones who are claiming that Jagger is short) met Ron Wood, and mistook him for Jagger. Richards, Wood and Jagger now share an eerie facial resemblance. Shame, that, because those gents are ugly. They all look like Mr. Hyde.
doc says on 15/Jan/14
I stood next to him backstage at mile high voodoo lounge tour. I'm 6 foot and he probably came up to my chin. Little old Englishman. Greatest experience in my stage security gig!
Al Al says on 14/Jan/14
Interesting photo of Mick with (apparently) 6-1.5 Chuck Berry here. We can't see their footwear exactly, but it makes you wonder about the 5-10 claim.
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lelman says on 2/Jan/14
He always looked taller than Bowie to me. Definitely not under 5'10".
Brad says on 4/Dec/13
Bloody ell debating Mick still?: he's been 5 feet 10 for decades.
mcfan says on 8/Nov/13
5'7 is absurd. I think he's 5'10 in sneakers.
Mcfiesty says on 1/Nov/13
He's 5'10. Those people putting 5'7 and under you guys have to be ****ing kidding me.
mcfan says on 27/Sep/13
Jimi Hendrix was 5'10.5 I think:

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Robby D says on 21/Sep/13
Keith Richards was never taller than Mick Jagger. Bill Wyman said that Mick was always the tallest in the Stones and he did not want to highlight it too much so he went back to flat shoes when the others were wearing Cuban heels. Wyman was with the Stones over 28 years so he ought to know.
Sam says on 20/Sep/13
If Jagger was as low as 5'9" at peak, then John Lennon was around 5'9.5". I know people have guessed that height for Lennon but if he was an inch under his listing a lot of other people need an inch shaved off as well: McCartney, David Bowie...anyway, my two cents are that Jagger was around 5'9.5" and Lennon right at the 5'10" mark.
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greta says on 7/Aug/13
My husband is 5'11 and he was standing next to Jagger, who was about 1 inch shorter. Jagger also wears lifts in his shoes so he must be around 5'9/5'8.5
Ceej says on 1/Jul/13
Mick's easily the tallest in the entire group. And Ron Wood is 5'8 and Keith is 5'9.

Come on. He's easily 5'10 even approaching 70 years of age. He was probably 6 foot in his 20s
Robby D says on 6/May/13
Rob. I am reading the book, "MICK" The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger by Christopher Anderson and in chapter 3 at the bottom of page 51, it describes Jagger in 1963 as being, five feet nine inches tall and 130 pounds. He was about nineteen at that time
jimbo says on 29/Apr/13
Thought all the Stones were petite. When you see the images of the famous court cases, Mick and Keef are well dwarfed by those around them. Still, giants in their own way.
Mickavellian says on 28/Apr/13
I am 5'7" and my dad is 5'10" on the spot. On the shoot for "Waiting for a friend" he wore Capezzios" (totally flat shoes) he was taller than me about my dad's height and I was around him for a good hour. Jagger's height was not an issue, his laughter is something that you cannot believe. He has that "he, he ,back of throat gurgle, rasp rasp" that you attribute to nerds and geeks. Besides that shock, he seemed quite mellow, non-superstar, skinny as hell. Now he's wearing sneakers with a 2" lift (for what I see online) But boy that laughter. BTW in the UK small refers to frame not to height.
peacetruth1 says on 5/Mar/13
check out his jumpsuit in NYC's Rock and Roll Museum. It's for a petite, slender person. My husband met him once. He can't be more than 5ft.5 or 5ft. 6!
truth178cm says on 15/Feb/13
5ft9-10. 5ft6? Stop trolling.
psychopeace says on 18/Dec/12
i love jagger but he never stood more then 5 foot 6 at most...his PRESENCE IS LIKE 50 feet however!
El says on 2/Dec/12
I had a flight with him, AA first class Miami to London and I can't imagine him being more that 5'5". Even if he was slumping down there's no way he's more than 5'6" in his stocking feet.
Brad says on 4/Nov/12
As listed, always has been the past 50 years.
MaskDeMasque says on 3/Nov/12
From what I've seen of videos and photos, i think 5'9.
BlueZone says on 23/Sep/12
He's scrawny,too much into the veins.And to think Jerry Hall is 6'0
BlueZone says on 23/Sep/12
He's scrawny,too much into the veins.And to think Jerry Hall is 6'0
MBH says on 2/Sep/12
He looked quite tall when he appeared on SNL, nevertheless I still think he is 5'9
terran says on 23/Aug/12
Agree with Petrus. Passed Mick in the street circa 1973 and there's no way he was any taller than 5'7.

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