How tall is Mickey Rourke ?

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Mickey Rourke height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like Angel Heart, Sin City and The Wrestler.
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Andy said on 7/Aug/15
Apparently he's even shorter than Stallone
Rory said on 29/May/15
Rob, any chance this guy is/was taller than 5'11..or do you think its just lifts, at times with say Luke Evans and Calzaghe could pass for 6 foot, other times even 5'11 looks an exaggeration..baring in mind his age now and former lifestyle id have thought hed lost some height from his prime too.
[Editor Rob: at times he could pull off over the 5ft 11 mark, but typically I felt around it is ok for him.]
six niner said on 4/Apr/15
5'9" max, he wears lifts like Stallone.
james said on 24/Jan/15
5'11 is spot on ..probably 6'0 with shoes
cole said on 22/Jan/15
@Editor Rob: He's 62 years old, has done boxing, changed his bodyweight a lot and been in a number of action roles over the years. A bit of height loss is to be expected, right?
know.Bull said on 23/Dec/14
Has anyone seen him standing next to his russian model gf Elena ????
Shes noted as being 5'9, 1/2 most often but i also saw a 5' 10.1" as official height.
He's one of my favorite actors but thats no reason to say he's 5'10 so lets call it 6' to make an even number.Lol. Maximus !
I would say Chrisnope who actually ran into him with his gf is most accurate.
Mickey's definately shorter than his 5'9" gf Elena. He looks bout 2" shorter to me.
I guess there's hollywood height depending on camera angle, what and where he stands and who hes standing next to.
After reading Chrisnope's comment and seeing photos of mickey standing next to his girlfreind who's wearing flat sandles (Btw) I'd say he,s a small man compairing his arms and legs next to hers. Id bet money hes + or - an inch of 5' 7".
For being a fan of his tho I can go along with the rest of u and say his hollywood height is 6' - 6"2. ))
Jordan said on 9/Dec/14
He was a soilid inch on Mike Tyson who cant be under 5'9.5 ( Especially with Mike.
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I would put Rourke no shorter than 5'10.5, and no taller than 5'11.5.
Maximus said on 29/Nov/14
Right at 5'11" is a good estimate...doesn't come across as short on let get real...5'11" is very close to 6' 5'11" is just as good as 6' for Hollywood standards.
Jeff C said on 8/Jul/14
Charlie you will always be "The Pope of Greenwich Village".
Romy said on 14/Jun/14
jtm said on 28/May/14
has always looked 5'10? look at the pictures with michael madsen in 2005. the majority on madsen's page believe his peak height was 6'2-6'2.5.
Ted said on 6/Feb/14
Has always looked 5'10".
Yves said on 23/Nov/13
I would say 5'11.25.
Chameleon said on 22/Aug/13
This really suprised me after seeing Sin City where he appears huge haha
cole said on 21/Aug/13
@Editor Rob: Ok. It's not that I don't believe he's a solid 180 cm man, he probably is, but I just remembered seeing him listed 5'10 somewhere, might not have been on celebheights then.
cole said on 31/Jul/13
Didn't you have him at 5'10 before Rob?
[Editor Rob: I checked a 2008 database and he was 5ft 11 then, but before that I'm not sure]
CL said on 5/May/13
I've met Mickey on multiple occasions in the past 10 years (think nightlife in LA). He's a strong 5'11". The last time I saw him, he was wearing his cowboy boots making him well over 6', but I've also been standing next to him in sneakers where he's always at least an inch taller than me (5'10").
Mike 181 said on 19/Apr/13
Also is listed 5"11 on boxrec
Julian St. Pierre said on 9/Mar/13
I dont think that he was ever over 5.11. Current height is 5.10 tops. People saying he looked tall in the Wrestler, well that is b/c he was huge and muscular, and was probably weighing in at 240 #, plus the supporting actors were short.
Julian St. Pierre said on 9/Mar/13
How can Mickey Rourke ( unless he has gotten taller with middle age) be 5.11 and Steve Guttenberg be 5.10 when SG is the taller of the two in The Diner? He is only slightly taller, but he is.
mike 181cm said on 13/Jan/13
Listed 5"11 on boxrec. Base on that pic with 50 cent I think 50 cent can be 181.6-182 range so 50 claiming 6" is fair
tom said on 20/Dec/12
5-10" is more real world imo.
juju said on 17/Dec/12
no way 6-0 or even 5-11. 5-10. hes shorter than bruce willis and had an inch on 5-10 matt dillon in RUMBLE FISH, but due to his cowboy boots he was sporting.
MHouillon said on 18/Nov/12
182cm (5'11.5)
Chrisnope said on 13/Nov/12
While in Los Angeles for a meeting-I was walking out of the hotel Mondrian back in 2002. I tripped and fell into a lovely guy who caught me and made sure I was alright- I looked up to see Mickey Rourke!! He called me 'bro.' Super nice guy. No way he's 5'11 however. I'd say 5'6'. Definately my height or probably shorter (according to my wife who was standing there)-Im 5'8' in a half bare foot.
logan noll 1996 said on 10/Nov/12
I always thought he was a 6 footer. He's 60 years old so he might have shrunk an inch.
Donovan said on 21/Sep/12
He is best known for the movie : 9 and a half weeks ! Please add that to the describtion King Rob ! Thankx
Johnnyfive said on 13/Sep/12
Wow, a lot of people claiming 5'10 for Rourke, if that's the case then 50 Cent needs a downgrade to 5'10.5.

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Sword said on 7/Sep/12
He looks like more 5'10 in The Wrestler near 5'6 Evan Rachel Wood.
C10TIm said on 25/Aug/12
This guy was as tall or taller than most of the cast in the wrestler, he's above average 5'11 seems about perfect
matt678 said on 17/Aug/12
in the expendables red carpet event in 2010 in one picture he looked about an inch taller then stallone so mabye hes more like 5 foot 10 then 5 foot 11
LG69 said on 31/Jul/12

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