How tall is Mike Tyson ?

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Mike Tyson height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. In 2005 he said "I measured myself as 5ft 10in....I'm a f****** dwarf!" and again in 2013, "I'm only a small guy, I'm five foot ten" and has also claimed "I was 5'10 1/2. This photo below was from July 2010's London Film Con.

Mike Tyson at LFCC
5ft 8 Rob with Mike
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todd says on 24/Mar/15
he feels short since hes been fighting men well over 6 foot his whole career
Ramy says on 20/Mar/15
My height ranges between 5'9" and 5'10" (between 176 cm and 178 cm) and I actually call myself tall. The average height of a man worldwide is 5'8" (173 cm)
Beerman28 says on 19/Mar/15
Well, hes not 5'10 for one thing. He doesnt look taller than 5'9 range. Probably 5'9.25 on the dot.
Sam says on 18/Mar/15
5'10 is not short. I guess he's just got a lot of expectations to live up to, but to a lot of people he's already proven himself in the ring. Height means nothing in that regard.
Dong says on 17/Mar/15
He's being modest. he is feared by everyone, no one would mess with tyson. he's not a small guy or a dwarf. and 5'10" is not short
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 16/Mar/15
In this video Larry Merchant says that they MEASURED Mike Tyson at "around 5'11"

Click Here
james says on 8/Mar/15
How does 5'10 make him think he's a dwarf ?
Dingus says on 8/Mar/15
I think he may have had a peak of height of 5'10.50"
jumper says on 6/Mar/15
Cobb was measured in the morning. Thats certaintly not the only pic where Tyson looks 5'9 with other athletes.
EaglesLegendz says on 4/Mar/15
No taller than 5'9. 5'10 Randall Cobb clearly has an inch on him. Click Here
[Editor Rob: Cobb's measured height is 5ft 10.25. Mike appears maybe in the 5ft 9.5 zone there...but like what I said about my photo, height can get added and taken away depending on the camera.]
hanze says on 1/Mar/15
5'10 easily
Charles says on 1/Mar/15
I was an an ameture boxer from 2000-2003 (before I joined the army. I trained at the Golden Gloves Boxing gym in Las Vegas, NV which was located on Washington street, directly across the street grow where Cashman field is today. The Golden Gloves gym has since been torn down. However I am providing this location info so any read can verify this if they liked. I met Mike Tyson in the Golden Gloves Gym in 2001. I stand 5'10, Mike Tyson and I were the same height. However when he put his boxing shoes on, he was a little taller than me. His shoes had a slight lift in the heal which seemed to give him a punching advantage as he threw punches. His shoes were like starting blocks for a sprinter, and they helped him "explode". Check any picture of Tyson fighting and you will see for yourself.

Flat footed Tyson is 5'10. With his boxing shoes on 5'11 1/2 which was his listed boxing height.
Rixton says on 21/Feb/15
Hes 5'9. Im convinced he measured himself in shoes.
Jow says on 19/Feb/15
The reason I was shocked by his "dwarf" description is not because of height (6'0 is my height just so you know), I've seen many 5'10 men who actually tended to be taller when around general populace. But good observation.
Bob says on 16/Feb/15
@ Jow, he uses the term 'dwarf' to describe his height because he's isn't holding the mindset of an average member of the public - he's thinking in respect of himself as a heavyweight boxer, where the champions now are all typically circa 6'5" or even above. He's not thinking about his height the way most people would.

Also, he can often have a self-depreciating manner when talking about himself. It's part of his odd personality which often strays into self-loathing.

I presume you're around that height, hence why you appear irked, but it's really not a comment to dwell on. Let alone take offence to.
Jow says on 16/Feb/15
Should get another photo with him rob, and ask straight forward why does he think 5'10 makes him a dwarf.
[Editor Rob: I don't know if he'd be back to the UK again, last time I remember reading about him not being allowed due to some law change.]
Sebastion says on 11/Feb/15
Had to have had bigger footwear. Looks 5'9 at a push with other measured people.

His 5'10 measurement was obviously with shoes on.
[Editor Rob: he really had no bigger footwear than me but sometimes a photographer's position or camera angle can add some height.]
Sal says on 6/Feb/15
He looks 5'10.5" in this photo. Was he wearing bigger footwear?
[Editor Rob: no, we had quite similar sneaker.]
Mathew says on 5/Feb/15
His 5'10.5" claim was probably from a morning measurement in his boxing days I reckon.
pauly e says on 20/Jan/15
There is a picture of Iron Mike and Randall Cobb on Cobb's instagram. Randall Cobb was measured at 5'10.25 at the combine (it is an early morning height), so Cobb is probably a slighly weak 5'10 in the evening, which is how heights are based on this site.

Cobb looked marginally taller than Tyson but you couldn't see footwear.

If they had similar footwear i would guess Tyson to be 5'9.5.
Rida says on 15/Jan/15
Looks 5'9 max with 6'2 Jerry West. And West looks 6'2 max with 6'2 Eddie Murray and 6'2 Marcus Allen.

He aint 5'10, no way
Clay says on 11/Jan/15
thisguy says on 2/Jan/15
i always thought he was 5'9

Well now you know he's 5'10''.
A6'1Guy says on 7/Jan/15
Why are people here saying that the average height for a heavyheight boxer is like 6'4 to 6'6? It's more like 6'2 to 6'4 to be quite honest.
thisguy says on 2/Jan/15
i always thought he was 5'9
snoopydupe says on 18/Dec/14
Just arrived here off the back of another thread to have a look at Mike's height.

I must add though that i think if mike claims 5'10 then that is what he must be. As a former heavyweight champion of the world it doesn't really do him any favours to inflate his height. Being smaller just makes it all even more of an achievement.
Mike says on 11/Dec/14
most legitimate honest 5ft 10 out there.
Mike says on 5/Dec/14
He take pics with 5'9 people?
me says on 1/Dec/14
How was he in real life Rob? Looks a bit dominative judging by his posture.
[Editor Rob: I think he was fine, more the photographer was really trying to rush through them as I guess he had 30 minutes only and maybe 200 photos to take.]
Vibram says on 21/Nov/14
Rob do you think 179cm peak is plausible?
[Editor Rob: a decent 5ft 10, maybe a little over.]
Brad says on 13/Nov/14
Three feet from me in Vegas recently. Strong 5' 10". I always thought he was shorter back in day. Nice guy to meet. Taylor Swift versus Tyson barefoot: man thatsa battle!
Danimal says on 28/Oct/14
Can't understand how some people are saying he's over 5'10" when he himself has stated twice now that he's 5'10". It's a known fact that Mike was never over 5'10" and this is going back to the mid-80's when commentators announced that he stood 5'9"-5'10", so yeah, 5'10" is the MAX.
Vibram says on 13/Oct/14
5ft10.3 here (178.6cm), 5ft10.75 (179cm) > 5ft11 (180cm) peak in the late 1980's? I think his weak 5ft10 claims are slighlty less than he his.
RAM266 says on 4/Oct/14
He is around my height. My average height is 5ft 9.6in (~177cm), How do I know? one easy step. Stand straight in any wall with measuring tape stuck on the wall (making sure 0cm is exactly on the ground). Next, Try to get help from anyone to help measure your height. First, lift your head up with your as high as possible, that is your maximum possible height (say it is 5ft 10.5in or 179cm) then put your head down keeping your back straight, that will record your minimum height (say it is 5ft 9in or 175cm), then add max height + min height then divide ans by 2: (179/2 + 175/2 = 177cm). This is your average height
new guy says on 1/Oct/14
Rob I can see some of your hair standing in the back lol this happens to me alot 2
Oanh says on 26/Aug/14
J.Lee says on 21/Aug/14
Rob, Jenny looks much taller than Glen, but you and Mike look close, even though the difference is same. Eye level or body type/gender type play a role? When a guy is an inch taller than me it doesn't seem much but when a girl is, it feels more than an inch
[Editor Rob: both photos are adding a little fraction of height. The 1.8 difference appears a 1/3rd inch more.

But having a smaller head and higher eyeline (like an 8.5 inch head and 4.25 eyeline in Jenny case) helps. Although Glenn's head is about that aswell in that photo, he has tilted his eyes up slightly so his eyelevel is a bit less than 4 inches in the photo.
raketer says on 11/Aug/14
richie says on 21/May/14
Tyson was a legit 5'11" during his first reign in the 80's. Witnessed a documentary released during that time and there was footage of him standing barefoot next to height chart and he was bang on 5'11". Appeared shorter due to his duck and crouch style but was not overly short.

his head is away from the sheet..the correct way is to measure your head against the measurement and supposedly promotes the most natural upright posture....I read it in a article...he looked 5-10 1/2 to 5-11 but he was away from the will make you look taller actually..he's probably 5-9 1/2 to 5-10 without shoes...he is bulky so he probably looks shorter...someone 5-9 1/2 and 5-10 1/4 is not noticeable enough to consider someone short...5-10 may be average white american male height but I don't think 5-9 1/2 is enough to be considered noticeable
raketer says on 11/Aug/14
rob, what did you measure at the doctor's office? the correct way to measure is your head and back against the wall, it supposedly gives the most accurate posture....I read it
[Editor Rob: my medical records say I'm 179cm - when the nurse had her back turned I quickly changed the 3 to a 9 on the form.

But really, it was 173cm last time, that was many years ago now...both facing and against the wall I remember at hospital and doctor's surgery.
raketer says on 11/Aug/14
was tyson wearing thicker soles? sneakers can give an extra half an inch sneakers or flats?
[Editor Rob: no, very similar footwear]
rockfellas says on 9/Aug/14
before the berbick fight he was listed at 5'9.25" (176cm) on a famous boxing magazine. That article was written by a well known boxing journalist who said tyson measured 5'9.25" under the stadiometer. i think it is realistic, he is not a legit 5'10" barefoot. most of his opponents claimed 6'3" but they were more like 6'2", others claimed 6'2" but they were more like 6'1"!!!In any case, he always looked clearly shorter than his opponents...but in his prime he was a tank, immense boxing skill...
TJE says on 6/Aug/14
Well, aren't you a little bit more than 5'8 at that time of day? Like 5'8.125? That would be a strong 2 inches, but it does appear to be 2.25 inches. Unless
[Editor Rob: yes I'd be 5ft 8 1/8th. Always remember a photo can be quite accurate but also add/take height.

Remember this is about 1.8 inches difference...yet even though I didn't intend to (and was standing between them both), I still added a fraction to the difference. I was too close though, which is why when I took the one with glenn I put jenny in the door of the bathroom and me/glenn stood over the opposite side of bed.]
TJE says on 6/Aug/14
Best illustration of 2 inch difference on this site.
[Editor Rob: I think visually it's more what I'd say a 2.25 range difference would be, but then sometimes photos can add/remove a fraction because of perspective and the type of lense used.]
Miiiiiiighty_- says on 4/Aug/14
Prime mid day height 5'10.5"-5'10.75" (179-180cm)
Nowaday I'd say he lost a centimeter, but he still looks nothing under 178cm..
IMO he is a "true" 5'10 meaning he looks every bit of it with average posture..
Anything under 177cm for him is just a joke
Editor Rob says on 27/Jul/14
Don't know if this photo has been shown before, but anyway, Eubank with Tyson:
Click Here
Jordan says on 22/Jul/14

What do you make of the pic I posted below? Shows his Mug shot and he is 5'10 bang on, except I would think he would have shoes on in that Pic.
[Editor Rob: there's a few unknowns like shoes or not. It's too tough to really say.]
Dmeyer says on 20/Jul/14
5'10.25 peak is ok he actualy d' dosnt look over 5'10 with rob
Jordan says on 18/Jul/14
His Mug Shot. 5'10 with Shoes on.

Click Here
Attitude says on 10/Jul/14
Looks 5'9.5" as ask the 5'10" guys you have a photo with look a bit taller.
176,2Tunman says on 10/Jul/14
Since when 5'10 is dwarf?he's average,neither tall nor short.Average for Heavyweights is like 6'4-5 so he was kind of small in his sport and average outside.
One thing is sure,after few minutes of fighting nobody was able to stand taller than 2' with him.
176,2Tunman says on 8/Jul/14
The pic is clearly at Mike's advantage.
Rob,Jenny's head seems a good inch smaller than yours.I'm sure you look up to most people at 5'8.I need a precision on the subject,In fact when I look to persons at 162-3 range they're at my eyelevel,does this mean that my head is unconsciously slightly tilted down?
[Editor Rob: you can tilt your head down a bit when talking to smaller people, in the same way you might tilt it up when talking to a taller person. Thus, differences can sometimes seem less than what they truly are, because inevitably people are guessing based on their eye-levels.]
greg says on 15/Jun/14
I seem to recall those short Jack Dempsey boxing boots he wore appeared to have an internal lift in them and a slightly thicker sole than a normal boot.He was never the same physically after his prison sentence. He went in looking like Ram man and came out looking like a normal guy.
richie says on 21/May/14
Tyson was a legit 5'11" during his first reign in the 80's. Witnessed a documentary released during that time and there was footage of him standing barefoot next to height chart and he was bang on 5'11". Appeared shorter due to his duck and crouch style but was not overly short.
Junior31 says on 7/May/14
I've met him posted the pics on here as a contributer before rob changed it up. Thought he was under 5'10 slightly. But to me 5'9.5 to 5'10' is really unnoticeable for someone to be adamant about downgrading or up grading
Yazz says on 6/May/14
He looks more 5'9 than 5'10, imo.

Maybe hes 5'9.5 on the dot.
Clay says on 4/May/14
MetalKid says on 30/Dec/13
5'10" is pretty tall, actually. And by the way, BOXER - you sound like you've got short man syndrome. Just saying.

In the Phillipenes, maybe...
Concerned says on 4/May/14
If only all accurate celebrity heights were this easy to get. Claims 5'10, always looks 5'10, and even has a picture with Rob showing him to be 5'10. Simple.

What was he like in person, Rob?
[Editor Rob: he was fine with people that day. He saw me, and he started sweating a bit, but as soon as I said Hi to him in my thick Scottish brogue, relief swept across his face and he held out his hand and looked me in the eye with kind eyes and said, 'Hello Rob, How's the Glasgow Celtic?'.
Yazz says on 2/May/14
Yet he looks 5'9 at most with 6'2 Jerry West
Yazz says on 26/Apr/14
With 6'2 Suge Knight. Click Here
Gilipollas says on 9/Apr/14
In this pic with Rob he looks 5'10" all right!
Fern194cm-192cm says on 6/Apr/14
Hey Rob,
I was wondering if you would consider adding bodybuilder and fitness model Mike O'Hearn to the site. He has a photo with Mike Tyson that shows him to be around the 6,3 he is consistently listed at. Would you give him a look? Also, have you ever considered adding strongman Hapthor Bjornsson from game of thrones? He seems to be a legit 6,9
Sam says on 4/Mar/14
Rob I see 2.25 inches. Is it possible he measured from the back of his head, and mistook the 1/4 symbol for 5'10.5? Anyway he's not short, matter a fact might come off as kinda tall.
[Editor Rob: well I saw him standing right beside the photographer and he was nearly 2 inches smaller. I'll say it again, the photographer is adding a bit of height to Tyson because of his position, the photographer himself is near 5ft 11.5 yet was nearly 2 inches taller than Tyson himself when I was comparing them! I think on here sometimes even a real 2 inch difference can look more than it should and less than it should at times...I wish I could take my own photos :) Unfortunately positions, camera angles/lenses can sometimes distort things a little.... Here is just some shots to show about 2 inches - I put the camera about 8-9 feet away so it's further than any photoshoots I get, so less distortion. Click Here The block is right on 5cm so near enough 2 inches I had a couple mm more than Jenny this time of day so the actual photos are like a a solid 2 inches taller and jenny an exact 1.8 inches taller than me... It also shows again the benefit of having a smaller head and higher eyelevel (as jenny does) - my eyes are looking at the mouth of the taller person here - normally you'd think that's going to be like a 5ft 8 and 11 person, but not in this case, it is me and essentially an exact 5ft 10 person... ]
sugdaddy says on 27/Feb/14
In Tyson's prime 5' 10" 1/4 - Now he's a solid 5' 9" 1/2 in the morning, evening 5' 9"
ufc34 says on 3/Feb/14
Could you do a listing on UFC fighter Georges St.Pierre and Anderson Silva, who are the most popular fighters in mma. And their much more popular than many celebs you have on here. Thanks Rob, alot of us boxing/mma fans would appreciate it.
juan says on 14/Jan/14
"Obviously he's in his 70's now so is likely to have lost some height, but he's not only 6'2" flat today nor is Tyson only 5'9" flat. He's legit 5'10" as can be seen clearly with Rob."

West with 6'1.5 Derrick Rose. Click Here

Sorry but hes 6'2 Max. And the NBA wouldnt over bill a guy by over 2 inches lol. Thats the craziest thing Ive ever heard.

Tyson looks barely 5'9 with him. Even without that Tyson is 5'9.
Shawn says on 13/Jan/14
Hey Rob, off topic question, but how old were you in that picture of you and your dad? It looks like a high-school graduation photo, so I'm guessing 18, 19?
[Editor Rob: 21, nearly 22 then.]
produce says on 6/Jan/14
tyson looks 5.11 in the pictures with 182 and 193 guy
Cnut the great says on 3/Jan/14
he looks 5'9". but i think based off the fact his head is so big he probably would measure 5'10"
austin says on 31/Dec/13
Any more photos of people who are the same height as him? Or inch shorter.
MetalKid says on 30/Dec/13
5'10" is pretty tall, actually. And by the way, BOXER - you sound like you've got short man syndrome. Just saying.
BOXER says on 28/Dec/13
Marcus Hickman says on 27/Dec/13
I'm 5' 10 1/2" and 200 lbs. Mike Tyson is 5' 10", no doubt about it yet in 1988 he was billed 5' 11 1/2", obviously with boots or shoes.
rolfer says on 25/Dec/13
179. only claims himself sometimes lower, cause his opponents was usually a lot of taller,and thinks hes a small guy-what he said.
height says on 24/Dec/13
is he 5'10.25 with shoes on or not cuz alot of people measure with shoes. i think he is 5'9 - 5''11 tupac is betwen 5'7-5'9 and in a photo mike tyson was like at least 3 inches taller he towerrd over tupac
hank says on 20/Dec/13
Just curious, was he wearing sneakers or boots? Besides photographic advantages and tip toeing.
[Editor Rob: they just looked normal inch sneakers, ]
hank says on 19/Dec/13
Rob, if he had camera angle advantage and tip toeing, he could just be 5'10.25. What would you estimate his morning height at?
[Editor Rob: I think 180 morning is ok.]
Tommo says on 18/Dec/13
That's really interesting. With the 182 guy he looks quite a bit shorter, almost looks like he's trying to drag the guy down to his height!
[Editor Rob: the 182 guy was the photographer - he was a good barometer to gauge people against, but he's long gone from the events...]
Tommo says on 17/Dec/13
Oh man, that's a bit embarassing that he feels the need to tip toe, he's not even short. Considering he looks pretty tall next to your 6'4 friend he must not have even been doing it discreetly!
[Editor Rob: remember what I've said for a while, some of the Tyson shots were taken by the photographer and they added more height to him. Although in Tysons shot with the photographer he's actually not bothering Click Here - top guy is photographer who is near 182cm, the other guy in that image is a fellow who is 6ft 4 range...
Emil says on 16/Dec/13
Could he touch the 180 cm mark out of bed?
[Editor Rob: yeah I think he would]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Dec/13
"Mike Tyson height: 5ft 10.25in (178cm)"

Rob, could between his two claims be a possibility?
[Editor Rob: in his prime always possible he could be a quarter over]
hs2013 says on 13/Dec/13
The pic of Tyson with Jerry West that has been used by some to downgrade Mike to 5'9" flat is based on the premise that West is 6'2". In actuality West was measured at 6'2.5" aged 18 when he was recruited to West Virginia University. When he was measured again aged 23 for the NBA he had grown to a fraction over 6'4". Obviously he's in his 70's now so is likely to have lost some height, but he's not only 6'2" flat today nor is Tyson only 5'9" flat. He's legit 5'10" as can be seen clearly with Rob.
avril says on 28/Nov/13
5'9 tops.
Joe says on 24/Nov/13
Thanks Rob.
gian92 says on 12/Nov/13
at the morning he is 5'10.5 or 5'11 .
the shredder says on 10/Nov/13
Rob is right , he might appear 5'9 but he would measure 5'10.
the shredder says on 4/Nov/13
Well he measured 5'10 , looks it with Rob , Some other 5'8 and yourself. He might have looked 5'9 to you but that does not mean he is , he looked 5'10 next to you.
[Editor Rob: I can see how people would guess him at 5ft 9, but I think it's clear his measurement of 5ft 10 is pretty fair to believe.]
Junior31 says on 1/Nov/13
the shredder says on 31/Oct/13
He is not 5'9 , I don't care what you saw.

Ok since your "boys" with him and measure him under a stadometer 3 times a day, how tall is he shredder. Have you ever actually met him? Have you shook hands with him and spoke? What would be my motive for saying he's not 5'10 and it being a myth. The photos were on here to prove. Boxers get measured in shoes. I am one and in all my tournaments it's the case. He's 5'10.5 with shoes at most but sub 5'10 barefoot.
the shredder says on 31/Oct/13
He is not 5'9 , I don't care what you saw.
the shredder says on 31/Oct/13
He is not 5'9 , I don't care what you saw.
Junior31 says on 29/Oct/13
He's 5'10 and change in shoes again when I met him he was nothing more then a strong 5'9 at best. Might wake up 5' 10
dick dastardly says on 25/Oct/13
Mike tyson real height is 5'9.5" (176cm). He has been listed for years at a fake 5'11"-5'11.5" (180-182cm). Tyrell biggs, who fought against him on 1987, said tyson looked 5'8"-5'9". Holyfield stated him at 5'9". In any case, there was an official paper of the athletic commission before his first title fight against trevor berbick. Tyson was listed at 5'9.5" (176cm)
Produce says on 19/Oct/13
Tyson said himself he was 5 10.5, but states 5-10 today..
Powerhouse says on 17/Oct/13
Slightly more than a 2 inch difference in the picture plus his posture is bad in the pic, My guess is 5ft 10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Oct/13
"Mike Tyson's height is 5ft 10.25in (178cm)"

Exactly 3in between him and Evander Holyfield in that match
Joe says on 16/Oct/13
Rob, upgrade him to 5'10.5 for peek.
D.O.C says on 9/Oct/13
He is taller, 179 cm minimum
Visitor says on 6/Oct/13
Nah, Mike Tyson is a legit 5'11. He said all that because for the heavyweight he really IS very short, but not that short.
Fishy says on 4/Oct/13
Mike tyson wears lifts FACT
Lorne$$$ says on 21/Sep/13
Tyson is definently taller than Swift, no Doubt. Swift looks barely 176cm at times, Tyson is a solid 177cm at worst.
cole says on 20/Sep/13
Let's face it Rob, if Mike is 5'10 then there is no way Neil Patrick Harris is 6ft.
Jack says on 16/Sep/13
Would you think Tyson would be taller than Taylor Swift?
Viper says on 14/Sep/13
His posture with 6'2 Jerry West is fine, and looks 5'9 max in multiple pics with him.
juju says on 12/Sep/13
looks the same height as Eddie Murphy but because Tysons posture is terrible compared to eddies. hes 5 foot 10.
Craig 177 says on 11/Sep/13
I must add, Tyson looks at least 5' 10" here. Just like when you met Ronnie O'Sullivan.
Craig 177 says on 11/Sep/13
Rob, what footwear did Tyson wear when you met him?

Also, what made you list him and Eddie almost an inch apart? I saw the video Viper's just uploaded, 3 years ago and struggled to decipher who was taller.
[Editor Rob: it was similar footwear, but I think murphy looks smaller.

go back to a movie like golden child - he has a scene with charles dance at airport i think and looks to me near 6 inches smaller, back when dance was 6ft 3.]
Viper says on 9/Sep/13
Same height as 5'9 Eddie Murphy. Click Here
Viper says on 9/Sep/13
5'9 Max Click Here
Viper says on 9/Sep/13
most likely 179cm but could be 178cm

anything else cant be possible

Yet he looks nowhere close to 5'10 with 6'2 West, so Id say your impossible is pretty much what he is, 5'9.
Junior31 says on 8/Sep/13
Guys I don't understand the suspense lol we have three pictures of him with 5'8 guys me being one of them. In all of them he looks at MAX 5'10 and more then likely 5.975 as I thought he was under 5'10. What's the conversation about?? Read the top of his page. Look at the pics and wala
mark says on 8/Sep/13
make it 5-10 1/2 because no way is matt damon as tall as mike...I've never heard a 5-10 man been called short unless if it's basketball or football....matt damon is more like 5-8
babu bebero says on 7/Sep/13
Click Here

Watch this.
I always thought that he was about 5.10(1.78)
here he stands even a little bit more then 5.11
if he is not wearing hill shoes it means that he is stands about 1.80 cm
Viper says on 7/Sep/13
There are a few other pics where Tyson looks 5'9 with 6'2 West, so it isnt just one.

Rob's pic is probably an anomaly. I remember Mr R being pretty damn adament that hes 5'9. Hes seen him in the flesh multiple times.
Viper says on 6/Sep/13
Im sorry your favorite boxer isnt as tall as you would like. So Im a troll for providing evidence? LOL ok
Viper says on 6/Sep/13
How do you know the pic of Rob shows his real height?

Dont be jealous that Mike is 5'9. He looks it with 6'2 Jerry West.
Viper says on 6/Sep/13
How do you know the pic of Rob shows his real height?

Dont be jealous that Mike is 5'9. He looks it with 6'2 Jerry West.
Luke says on 5/Sep/13
Hey Rob! You would not happen to have a photo of 5'9 and 5'10 person together thanks! And any photos on what a 5'10.5 and 6''1 person look like? Anyhow, Tyson looks about 5'10.5, not that much shorter than Uma Thurman.
Bakura says on 3/Sep/13
@Viper: Lol. So Rob must be 5'7 then.

You are, by a country mile, the worst judge of height on this site (a probable troll too) and how you got unbanned will continue to remain a mystery.
Viper says on 1/Sep/13
Tyson with 6'2 Jerry West. Click Here

He isnt taller than 5'9.
Junior31 says on 1/Sep/13
Johny is not really 5'9. Stood next to him and he's the exact same height as me 5'8 and looks exactly the same match as I was with Tyson height wise. Again Tyson is a strong 5'9
joe joe says on 31/Aug/13
he looked a solid 5'10 next to 5'9 listed mms fighter jonny hendiks
produce says on 21/Aug/13
Click Here

tyson wiht 219cm. morten poulsen
produce says on 20/Aug/13
jerry west is just one comparision. look at tyson beside donald trump for example tyson looks like 5-11. beside bradley cooper for example, tyson looks a solid 5-10 imo.
Junior31 says on 20/Aug/13
I'm telling u he's not 5'10. He's a half to a quarter inch under.
Viper says on 19/Aug/13
5'9.5 Max is the most I can give him. Look at him with 6'2 Jerry West.
Oliver says on 17/Aug/13
5'9 1/2 - 5'9 3/4, and only because boxing used to list him at 5'9, at one point. The 5'11 listings, that you would occasionally see, are hyped.
produce says on 13/Aug/13
in my opinion tyson is a strong 5-10 in all three pictures we have here! i think if he d be only 5-8 or 5-9 you would have noticed it in the fights.
Scally Wag says on 8/Aug/13
looks 5'10" based off the pic
Brad says on 8/Aug/13
As listed not long ago in Vegas. Surprisingly bigger in person.
Marcus Hickman says on 5/Aug/13
if Mike Tyson can get away with being billed 5' 11 1/2", surely I ought to bill myself at 5' 11"
head to toe, he's 5' 10", and i'm 5' 10 1/2". I'm modest.
I weigh 195 and bench press 295.
avi says on 2/Aug/13
Weird position Rob
Anyone he's probably meaning up so appears close to 5'11. And he thinks 5'10 is short. Well I guess its suggestive ...I think 5'9-6'0 is average 6'1 is semi tall. 6'2 tall 6'4 start if very tall.
lelman says on 30/Jul/13
Looks 5'10" absolute maximum. Tends to look around 5'9" generally.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Jul/13
Looks 178-179cm
wiltonstilts says on 15/Jul/13
Looks a lil taller than 5 10 I this pic..
Emil says on 7/Jul/13
Emil says on 29/Jun/13
Mamun's expression is even more priceless.. He's like: "Bruno... Tyson... against me.. Im screwed"
[Editor Rob: that pic isn't Mamun, it was from another fella called Ejel.]

My mistake, Rob
I must miss Mamun so much lol
Emil says on 29/Jun/13
Mamun's expression is even more priceless.. He's like: "Bruno... Tyson... against me.. Im screwed"
[Editor Rob: that pic isn't Mamun, it was from another fella called Ejel.]
Craig 177 says on 12/Jun/13
Rob, your expression here is priceless mate! You look as though you're about to get on a very scary rollercoaster! ;-)
teej says on 11/Jun/13
Mike is a legit 5ft10, i am glad hes honest about his height, compared to the other athletes and celebs out there
gian92 says on 10/Jun/13
He seems 5'9 because he is arched ! Do you see inclined shoulder ?
produce says on 9/Jun/13
alan b:
you forget that rob and co arent bare footed either. imo in these picture tyson must be a bit over 5-9. compare robs eye level to tysons, thats clearly more than an inch difference. tyson looks a strong 5-10 in these pictures. maybe it would be good to see him next to someone whos 5-10 as well, but as far as we can see, tyson is what he claims
alan brisco says on 6/Jun/13
like a said many times, height is measured barefeet. Tyson is in the 5'9" range, probably peak 5'9.5". So in the 5'10" range BUT WITH SHOES ON.---
jimmyjon says on 31/May/13
either way, 5'10, 5'10.5 or 5'9.5, f*cking incredible fighter to be able to be a heavy weight champ a couple times over at his average stature. Most of the men he fought had at least 5 inches on him. Legend.---- totally agree with you jimmyjon, he had an immense boxing skill...
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 6/Jun/13
IMO in that pic with Junior, Id say Mike does look 177-178.

I think the 6ft 1 guy(186-187cm in flat shoes), Mike looks a weak 3 inch shorter..Id say around 180cm in shoes meaning 177-178 range is a given.
It also fits in terms with Junior, as I reckon 4-5cm shorter than Mike(dont forget Mike's lean + the fact hes bald)..Junior about 175-176 in shoes(5ft 8 roughly barefoot).
I think 178cm flat is fair, although wouldnt be suprised if he dipped a smidge under 5'10 at night(177.5cm or so).
At worst Id say a flat 177cm but any lower seems impossible IMO.
produce says on 2/Jun/13
in my opinion if we take all 3 pictures tyson is a legit 5 foot 10 as he stated himself.
jimmyjon says on 31/May/13
either way, 5'10, 5'10.5 or 5'9.5, f*cking incredible fighter to be able to be a heavy weight champ a couple times over at his average stature. Most of the men he fought had at least 5 inches on him. Legend.
Mr. R says on 31/May/13
He is just over 5-9. I saw him in Vegas.
LG69 says on 30/May/13
If Mike's shoes are equal with Rob's shoes, I can buy 5'10.5". At least, he looks 5'10".
mId says on 30/May/13
I've said it before, but Tyson I would peg at 5'9.5 after seeing him with alot of different MMA-fighters/boxers etc that I think I have a pretty good estimate of after more or less studying them for years.
Junior31 says on 30/May/13
Disagree guys. Don't see a full two inches slouching or not nor did I feel like I was interacting with a guy two inches taller. My buddy who is wearing flats I might add is 6'1 and change and I see more then three inches between them. Tyson to me is a strong 5'9.
jack says on 27/May/13
looks a solid 5'10 with junior. you can faintly see top of juniors head and tyson has 2 inches on him.
produce says on 18/May/13
johno: If junior would have no hair yous see tyson 2 inches bigger imo.
Junior31 says on 18/May/13
Hey produce I don't believe he's 5'10. I got an impression of slightly over 5'9.
Junior31 says on 18/May/13
Hey johno, my height range is at best 5'8.5 and 5'8 flat although there was an occasion where after training for hours and pulling an all nighter for a laugh I measured and was 5''7.9. But I'm basically 5'8 1/8.

As for my buddy he's every bit of 6'1+ he was in fact wearing converse flats. Also his hair is deceptive. The way it's cut doesn't do the top of his head justice. Tyson on the other hand was wearing dress shoes with a semi gracious heel, probably the same as my reeboks that night.
I will say this johno, look more at tops of heads then eye levels. Eye levels can be very decieving when deciphering height.

This photo was taken at night. Tyson looked pretty exhausted as we were the last stop of a country tour the he performed his show.

With all this being said I didn't at all get a 5'10 impression from him. Being a fighter I have kind of mastered the art of height perspective and distance. If I had to put a number on it I would say he gave the impression of a 5'9 guy. He more the like likely wakes up 5'9.75 And hits the hay quite possibly and eighth under 5'9. I will say this having shook his hand and had him put his hand around me and on my shoulder, this man has the bone density of an ox

Rob when it comes to Tyson's height in comparison to ours what do you think?
produce says on 17/May/13
junior: theres no way he is tall than 5-9?? in my opinon he looks 5-10 next to you and youre friend.
johno says on 17/May/13
Junior if your a flat 5'8 then that makes you about the same height as rob.

Tyson does not even look 5'9 there so depending on footwear being equal, tyson looks 5'8.75. Your 6'1 friend does not look like 6'1 with you, your not that far off his height. So maybe your friend is wearing flats and measured his 6'1 height in the morning?

Junior what is your height rangr? and what were your respective like?

If you are indeed 5'8 in the evening then tyson is no more then 5'9. That height difference between rob and tyson could be an optical illusion and the difference could be 1.25 inches with rob about and the arm over shoulder could elevating tyson as rob used to insinuate to make him appear taller then he is.

With ejel tysom is 5'9
with rob 5'9 .25
with junior 5'8.75 - 5'9

Thus, 5'9 - 5'9.25 could be closer to the truth
Junior31 says on 17/May/13
Rob thanks so much for posting the pic! What do you think? Considering all 3 of our heights (yours, Ejel, mine) what are your thoughts? Again thank you for letting me contribute!
johno says on 12/May/13
Junior you need to host a picture first then convert the url/web address into tinyurl and copy the new code into here.
AAAA says on 10/May/13
Mike with Ali.
Click Here
produce says on 9/May/13
tyson is about 2 inches bigger than sr leonard, who claims 5-9..
Junior31 says on 9/May/13
Rob how to u post a pic. Please let me know. Want u to see this!
Junior31 says on 5/May/13
Rob just met him at a meet and greet following his "undisputed truth" show. We shoke hands amd spoke i was in sneakers he was in dress shoes I had a slight shoe advantage. I wake up 5'8 1/8 And go to bed usually 5'7 7/8. There is no way in hell he is taller then 5'9. Photos to follow
produce says on 5/May/13
i read in a boxing forum that someone who kne tyson said he was often in the gym with him and tyson was meassured 5 10.5 bare footed. that what tyson said, so maybe its true: Prime 5 10.5 and now 5. 10!
Johno says on 4/May/13
Rob is a fraction taller then ejel.

With rob, tyson looks about 5'9.5 although i did say 5'10 initially. Likewise, with ejel he looks like a strong 5'9.

Tyson 5'9.5
jack says on 4/May/13
near 5'9.5 with ajal rob?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't quite know your question.

That's the photo of my Dad who was 5ft 10, I posted it to show I knew a 5ft 10 man for many years and Tyson certainly wasn't taller than 5ft 10 to me.]
Mathew says on 3/May/13
Rob, you think the 5'10.5" quote could be his morning height? I think that's likely.
Emil says on 22/Apr/13
His posture is pretty bad so he can look 5'9 range
jimmy says on 13/Apr/13
Are you sure that he looked 5'10" in person? Cause when I met him he looked 2 good inches shorter than me(he had a fraction more footwear) and I am 5'11.25".
[Editor Rob: I think his 5ft 10 measurement is fair.]
AAAA says on 8/Apr/13
great shot with 50 cent, backs up 50's 6ft claim, though he might have lifts in knowing he would meet tyson
Click Here
produce says on 2/Apr/13
i only know the video where he was meassured 5-11.. , but tyson gives me more the impression of 5-9 to 5-10. here he looks 5 10.5 and he stated himself beeing very short at 5-10- he didnt sound faking. i think he is right with 5 foot 10! in this picture here he must be at least a strong 5 foot 9.
alan brisco says on 31/Mar/13
6 foot barefoot says on 27/Mar/13
"He was measured in a video to prove his height and it showed him closer to a strong 5'9 barefoot and 5'10 with shoes.."
Exactly, it is the same size i read on a boxing magazine:
he is 5'9.5" (176-177cm) barefoot.
6 foot barefoot says on 27/Mar/13
Yeah it's true most commentators used to be mesmerised by how strong and powerfull he was for being closer to 5'10 than his 5'11 claims. He was measured in a video to prove his height and it showed him closer to a strong 5'9 barefoot and 5'10 with shoes..
truth178cm says on 21/Mar/13
at least 178cm
produce says on 19/Mar/13
i thik its clear that tyson was not what he was claimed. must be more than 5-8 but also less than 5-11.
Alex2 says on 18/Mar/13
Looks 5'10.5" with Rob.
alan brisco says on 18/Mar/13
c-mo says on 12/Mar/13
176cm is a joke for tyson. there is a higher chance of him being 180cm than 176cm but I see him at 178-79cm at night.
I am sorry c-mo, but he could not reach 5'11"(180 cm). No way. Well known boxing commentators, such as larry merchant, Paul Dickenson, Peter heller, said for all his boxing career, he was shorter than listed. They repeated many times he was in the range 5'9"-5'10" (176-178cm). Tyrell biggs who fought tyson on 1987 said he looked at 5'8". Maybe he was offensive to tyson, but Holyfield stated tyson at 5'9". When you are 5'11" barefeet you are not so small compared with men at 6'2"-6'3". Most of tyson's opponenets were in the range 6'2"-6'3", and he was clearly shorter. So i think that boxing magazine was right, when it listed tyson at 5'9.5" (176-177cm). It means barefeet. No shoes on.
MaskDeMasque says on 16/Mar/13
5'10. I guess it is rather short for a boxer but average otherwise.
Yitzhak says on 15/Mar/13
Surprised he is this tall, thought he'd be closer to 5'9". But in this picture he looks exactly 5'10".
Yaspaa says on 13/Mar/13
5'9.5 is closer to 177 and Paul Dickenson, 30+ year commentating veteran made a point of saying he was 5'10, not the 5'11.5 he was been billed at, in one of his earlier fights. 5'10 from his own mouth... 5'10!
mId says on 11/Mar/13
Watched an hour long fan-interview with him on youtube yesterday and he was talking about the old days and how he was fighting taller guys and that he was only 5'10.5 You'll never know if he was measured morning/night.. But I'd give him 5'10 in his prime before bed and 5'9.5 before bed today.
produce says on 25/Feb/13
is there a picture with tua and tyson anywhere? I dont think tua is 5-10, i suppose hes a bit shorter..
............. says on 19/Feb/13
yeah he was taller than the situation who also claims 5'10"...and tyson was about 2-3 inches taller....the situation is small...
alan brisco says on 14/Feb/13
a boxing magazine listed him at 5'9.5" (176 cm) . Probably this is his true height
alan brisco says on 9/Feb/13
larry merchant, a well known boxing commentator, said many times he was shorter than listed. He was always listed 5'11" or 5'11.5". Merchant said it was a fake, because he was clearly closer to 5'9". He's never been over 5'10". this is for sure.
ajcf1995 says on 3/Feb/13
what video does he say "I'm 5'10"...I'm a *beep* dwarf!"
[Editor Rob: was in a newspaper interview]
produce says on 1/Feb/13
2:58 Some say he is 5-10
Crenshaw says on 29/Jan/13
Jerry West is 6'2. Thats enough proof that Tyson cant be any more than 5'9. And he looks 5'9 physically as well.
Scott 5\'11 says on 28/Jan/13
Oh yes by the way my friend is 5'8 so he kind of looked up to me slightly when he described tysons height.
Scott 5\'11 says on 28/Jan/13
I have a good friend who is an ex professional boxing champion (no names mentioned) and he has met Tyson a few times. I asked my friend how tall he was and my friend said 'uhh.. About your size' and I am 5'11. He looks 5'10 in this photo with Rob but he was always billed 5'11.
Alex says on 27/Jan/13
Well, 5ft10 isn't a dwarfs height at all. It's actully pretty average.
Bakura says on 27/Jan/13
@Crenshaw ..... you have photographic evidence in front of you that he can't be any less than 5'10. How gullible are you?
6\'0, 17 says on 27/Jan/13
I would say 5'10.75". Can't see him as a flat 5'10.
Crenshaw says on 26/Jan/13
Tyson looks 5'9 Max with 6'2 Jerry West
mId says on 25/Jan/13
Original: Fedor is 5'11 absolute tops. I've seen him with a twice measured 5'11.75 guy and he's(fedor) an inch shorter at least. It's a known fact among fans that fedor is NOT over 5'11.
DENG WEI says on 25/Jan/13
Original says on 24/Jan/13
Peak is 5'11"; Fedor is never 5'11', he's 5'11.75", maybe 6'.
smallguy says on 21/Jan/13
is that with or without shoes 5'10??real question im not making fun or something,please reply.
Ejel Khan says on 20/Jan/13
Tyson's 5'10. Believe me I know, I've met him!
Vegas says on 7/Jan/13
in a recent shot with penn and teller he looks ~5'10, penn despite claiming 5'9 i thought was closer to ~5'8, tyson has about 2 inches on him
Ejel Khan says on 27/Dec/12
"To help pay off his debts, Tyson returned to the ring in 2006 for a series of four-round exhibitions against journeyman heavyweight Corey "T-Rex" Sanders in Youngstown, Ohio.[111] Tyson, without headgear at 5 ft 10.5 in and 216 pounds, was in great shape, but far from his prime against Sanders, with headgear at 6 ft 8 in and 293 pounds, a loser of his last seven pro bouts and nearly blind from a detached retina in his left eye".
Trey says on 26/Dec/12
Rob did he have footwear advantage in the pic with you? Looks 5'10.
[Editor Rob: no]
gaz says on 24/Dec/12
Rob i don't know if you have seen this but it is an interesting video i found of Mike talking about his height Click Here and he stands in front of one of those height charts like you said and you would think his 5'11 when standing in front of it. They not very accurate?
[Editor Rob: yeah, this clip has been around in past years, anybody standing in that position beside a height chart would have a bit extra added to their height.]
mId says on 15/Dec/12
Joe257: He was listed as 5'10 in some of his earlier fights I believe(not 100% sure) However he is listed as 5'10 nowadays in games like fight night champion and when he came back to do that sparring-match against some amatuer. You can check it out on youtube. Boxers and MMA fighters don't really get measured for the fights. It just seems like they put up whatever they want.
Joe257 says on 14/Dec/12
I just saw Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II and Tyson got listed as 5'11.5"! And in a bunch of other fights I saw Tyson got listed as 5'11". Hey Rob how about a simple question, If Tyson is/was really 5'10" how come they listed him as 5'11" and 5'11.5" in all those fights???
[Editor Rob: they probably used the video were tyson stood in front of a height chart and appeared in the 5ft 11 range!

I'd go with what tyson said himself, he's a 'dwarf' at a measured 5ft 10 in the heavyweight world.]
Produce says on 13/Dec/12
The Tyson-Biograhpher Peter Heller always names the billed heights of tysonopponents and then adds his opinion if he thinks that these are not the true numbers. For example he say "Gery Conney was listed as 6-7, while he might not have been quite that tall, he towered half a hed about hte 6-2 Micheal Spinks" Discussing Tyson-Berbick he say"Berbick was 6 2 1/2 and was hald a head taller than Tyson, who claimed to be 5 11 1/2, but looked closer to 5-10!" Tyson must have been somewhere between 5-8 and 5-11. MAybe Tyson appears shorter sometimes, because of his bulit and maybe he ist a solid 5-10. NEt to rob und ejel he looks it.
lol93 says on 11/Dec/12
Fedor is 180 not 182 cm
Ian from Auckland says on 10/Dec/12
Back in 1991, when Tyson was only in his early 20's, I stood right next to him New York (long story.) Anyway, I'm a definite 177cm and he was a little bit (I thought about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch at the time) taller than me - putting him at that time at around 179cm
mId says on 7/Dec/12
C-mo: If you're going by their listed heights they are.
mId says on 7/Dec/12
Rob: Yeah, your Dad looks pretty tall for his height in that photo. The Tyson pic though.. First of all I think he looks shorter in the pic compared to your dad with you. If you and Tyson both were to stand facing eachother barefoot I don't think there would be more than 1"-1.5" between you. That's my guess. I have no problem seeing tyson as a 5'10 or maybe even 5'10.5 guy if it weren't for pics like those I've posted. Something is off there so I'll give him 5'9.5 for now.. And I'd might go as low as 5'9 flat before bed if it wasn't for your pic with him considering you are a legit 5'8 before bed as I understand it. Well, anyways.. Grettings from Sweden & thanks for a fun and informative site Rob.
mId says on 6/Dec/12
Yeah, listen guys.. the more i look at it I'm starting to suspect tyson is a liftwearer nowadays. It's the only way I can explain this pic with him and Rob. Because the pics I've posted from the video where he is with coleman and fedor.. TYSON is the one with the footwear-advantage in those pics and those guys(fedor/coleman) ain't over 5'11. Dan henderson who this site has as 5'11..(Used to be listed before as 5'10 in fights) his website has him as 5'11(It used to say 5'10.5).. And who himself on twitter said he was 5'11(Although people who met him say he's between 5'10-5.11) Is the same height as fedor Click Here and even sometimes seem to be a smidge taller barefoot in some staredowns with fedor.. making fedor AT BEST 5'11 too.. fedor and coleman in their staredowns are pretty even too in height Click Here . So how in the world can tyson be a strong 5'10 looking at those pics? As you can see in my last post even Randy couture has a little height on fedor and most people see randy as ~5'11 these days. And like I said before.. I've seen pics of other measured 5'11 people with fedor and he is always shorter. Like I said before.. Fedor is the one around 5'10-5'10.5 and he is clearly taller than Tyson. So what's up with THIS picture with him and Rob?
[Editor Rob: the photographer is standing on Tyson's side, plus shooting portrait can sometimes add a little.

I posted a few months back one example of Me and my Dad to illustrate that a measured 5ft 10 man (my Dad) could appear a bit taller in a photo...]
Jack says on 5/Dec/12
no way only 5'8"-5'9". Looks a strong 5'10" if not more with legit 5'8" Rob.
teterboro says on 3/Dec/12
Met him in Short Hills (NJ) mall custom shirt shop. 5'8" - 5'9".
mId says on 30/Nov/12
Barefooted Randy Couture with listed 5'9 James Toney in sneakers.
Click Here

Two pics of barefooted randy and fedor.
Click Here
Click Here

Two pics of fedor and coleman with tyson.
Click Here
Click Here

Now, most fightfans and people who met randy, coleman & fedor estimate them at 5'11 TOPS. And randy and coleman even outnudges fedor a little.. I believe fedor is 5'10.5 tops myself. How can tyson look so much shorter in thicker shoes(I've seen the video) look so much shorter than these guys if he's legit 5'10? I know Rob has met tyson and I haven't so it would be stupid for me to say he's wrong, but at the same time.. I just want things to add up because I know one guy measured at 5'11.5 who has a picture with fedor and looks an inch taller than fedor at least.. He even said fedor was a bit shorter standing next to him. I mean.. relly, Fedor is the one who's around 5'10-5'10.5.. Not Mike?
MrX says on 30/Nov/12
This is solid 178 cm...after good sleeping he can be 178,6 - 178,7 in the afternoon and 178,3 - 178,4 before go to bed
mId says on 25/Nov/12
Tyson is 5'10 tops based on other pictures I've seen with other fighters like tops 5'11 fedor. Somewhere between 5'9 and 5'10 seems to be where he lands in you ask me. I've noticed he often wears these white sneakers that seem to have a pretty big sole.
Mathew says on 24/Nov/12
5'10" is correct, his 5'11.5" listings must have been in his boxing boots.
Jason says on 23/Nov/12
When he came to aus this week I had a photo with him, I'm 175 cm or 5"9 on the dot, he looks 5"11 in the photo, but I was standing there waiting and I looked down to see he was wearing lift/platform shoes with a 2 inch heel at least, I strongly believe he"s 5"9 to 5"9 and a half nothing more, also the way the camera was positioned you had to look up a little to the lense and his shiny bold head adds to his height.
James says on 17/Nov/12
Technically 5'11.5 is the start of tall so that would mean 5'10 is not tall. Anything from 5'8-5'11.5 is average/normal sized for a man. I am talking about the uk here.

These days even a flat 5'11 (180cm) is not medically speaking tall for a man. Heights like 6ft and 6'1 are still tall/tallish in the younger generation you have too be 6'2 range too really look noticibly above average.
Clay says on 15/Nov/12
5'10'' is average, nothing more.
produce says on 13/Nov/12
james: thats not true. At first it depends where you live, how old your are and if your a men or a woman. But even in the netherlands, wo are the tallest, young men are not taller than a good 6 feet. so if tyson is 5.10, than you can they thats absolutly normal for a man. Short for a Heavyweight, but normal for a normal man..
James says on 12/Nov/12
5'11.5 - 6'3 is what I would describe as 'normal tall'. 5'10 is not even big enough too be described as normal tall just a legit/strong average for a man.
James says on 12/Nov/12
Very well could have touched 5'10 1/2 in his 20's. Him being very heavy could have made him lose a fraction of height.
matt678 says on 10/Nov/12
i'm actually seeing more than 5ft10 here
beden garcia says on 4/Nov/12
5.10 thats a normal tall..mike is not short at all
joe joe says on 1/Nov/12
I'm gonna try and find the video for you guys where mike says that he was always 5'9 but for the tape they always put 5'11 on the advice of his coaches.
Tommy Gun says on 1/Nov/12
Check out the link here when tyson was a guest on Lopex tonight.

Click Here

George Lopez is 5'10" and look at the very beginning before Tyson comes out into the audience he is standing next to Lopez for about 20 seconds and they look virtually identical in height. You can even pause the video to see the differences which are very very minimal. In fact Tyson's shoulders look a little higher then Lopez in some angles and Lopez slightly taller in others. So for all intense purposes Tyson is 5'10". Maybe Lopez is 1/8 of an inch taller than Tyson or maybe Tyson is 5'9".89 tall but really who gives a rats ass if he is half a centimeter under 5'10' you would just say he is five ten anways. No one is going to spot such a miniscule fraction in claimed height difference. Its a little different if someone is 5'9" and claims 6'1" lol.

Case closed. Tyson was never the billed 5'11" 1/2 but definitely almost 5'10 on the mark and still looks a solid 225 pounds probably.
Ejel Khan says on 1/Nov/12
NB: the shredder says on 31/Oct/12
Ejel Khan , I say this in the nicest way but you are 5'7.75 at best midday

My morning height is 173cm, and night 172cm. 5'8" is 1.72cm. The height differencial with Tyson and myself is equivalent to Rob's.
Ejel Khan says on 1/Nov/12
Rob's right when he says that Tyson could be a fraction under 5'10", and it's up to him to rectify it by downgrading him if he feels fit.
[Editor Rob: he had neck surgery just before that recent event aswell for degenerative disc near neck, it is possible he lost a few mm through wear/tear over the years.]
Ejel Khan says on 31/Oct/12
the shredder says on 26/Oct/12
5'10 range . He measured that and looks it with a measured strong 5'8 guy.

Have you seen my pic? He hasn't got more than 2" on me.
Tony says on 31/Oct/12
Click Here 5'9 in shoes tops @ 1:34
Ejel Khan says on 29/Oct/12
I've recently measured myself at 1.73cm in the morning, which is a couple of millemetres above 5'8". In the afternoon I attended a healthcare event at my local community centre, where I measured myself on a stadiometre. The measurement was 68", which was also verified when I measured myself at night. When I last met my GP, I asked him about height loss during the day. He explained it depended on the individual, with some only losing a couple of millimetres as opposed to an inch.
Krishna says on 23/Oct/12
Depending on footwear. He could be 5'9 1/2, but I can't see anything less.
Ejel Khan says on 20/Oct/12
Tyson never claimed to be more than 5'10.5, but was billed as 5'11.5 in his prime. Remember he had hair back then, so could've reached the 5'11" mark.
Derek D says on 20/Oct/12
Danimal says on 2/Oct/12
Mike AIN'T 5'10". Here he is with MAX 5'10" Goerge Lopez in exactly the same footwear. He's 5'9" friends (MAX): Click Here

Well I'm pretty sure Lopez is 5'10, so um wouldn't that make Mike 5'10 since they're the same height with the same footwear? Plus Lopez has a inch + of hair, Mike doesn't. So Mike could be even a tad bit taller than him there. I used to believe Tyson was 5'9 for years but after recently seeing Rob's picture and other recent photo and videos, I believe 5'10 is correct, but no more than that.
TNTinFL says on 16/Oct/12
He always used to be booked at 5'11 1/2" in his boxing days, but even the commentators seemed to think that was a tad high. For a heavyweight, he was very short. But damn, was he effective in his day.
Produce says on 15/Oct/12
beside ejel tyson looks also arround 5-10 imo
Will says on 13/Oct/12
Mike Tyson has always and will be 5ft 10in tall.
Ejel Khan says on 7/Oct/12
I met him, and he's a legit 5'10".
The Exorcist says on 6/Oct/12
Two inches difference in the photo with Rob. A legit 5'10" .
produce says on 3/Oct/12
danimal: in this video its hard to judge because they do not straight postured beside each other, but tyson seemes to be about the same height and this ma ist listed here as 5-10 too...
miko says on 3/Oct/12
Yeah Mike is really 5'9, and Rob has measured himself all these years an inch too tall..... duh.
Vegas says on 3/Oct/12
danimal that video has been posted by me before, rob thought tyson looked 5'10 in person, he looks ~5'10 with rob and now you are arguing tyson is only 3/4 of inch taller than rob?? the 3rd woman with rob measured almost 5'9.5 barefoot so please explain how tyson looks taller next to rob despite being 5'9 max Click Here Click Here

a. lopez is taller than flat 5'10 or
b. lopez stands closer to the camera or the camera is closer to him in those segments

i take b because here he doesn't look much shorter than zach levi (who looks 190cm next to rob and taller than a measured 189cm man looked) and levi was taller wearing half inch converse than chevy chase a few years ago on chuck Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Sep/12
I estimate 179cm in the pic. Rob, what were his shoes like?
[Editor Rob: no difference]
Produce says on 27/Sep/12
strange somehow because he said also in 05 and 10 hes 5-10 or that he was 5 10.5 in prime.
joe joe says on 21/Sep/12
@produce he said it recently after his career but the comment was made about his height during his career. He said his coach had advised they lie about his height a couple of cm. these where his words to that effect
matt678 says on 20/Sep/12
tyson looks about 5 ft 10.5 in this picture but i dont know the foot wear
Produce says on 20/Sep/12
joe joe: Wehen they meet him they see how tall he is in act anyway. did he say this after his carrer?
joe joe says on 18/Sep/12
he has actually once claimed on video that he was 5'9 and claimed 5'11 out of fear his opponents wouldn't take him seriously enough. He was such a monster I don't think it made any difference. Everyone feared him anyway
Johnnyfive says on 13/Sep/12
c-mo says on 21/Aug/12
yes he is i forgot but who says that deniro isnt still 5'9 or was 5'10 at peak and even if he was 5'8 now tyson still looks very noticable taller

Click Here

Click Here

we dont know the footwear of both of them

anyway ...according to the pic of rob standing with tyson he looks 180cm imo reasons are below ...dont wanna repeat myself

@cmo...first of all, De Niro is 5'8 today and 5'9 peak height. Second, i'm looking at these pictures of Tyson next to De Niro and Tyson looks the same height he does with Rob. Tyson's eye level hits De Niro right in the middle of his forehead, just like Rob, both Tyson and De Niro have the same posture (both slouching) and do not be fooled by that damn hat! 5'10 for Tyson.
produce says on 13/Sep/12
can you post the picture?
Johnnyfive says on 13/Sep/12
If Rob says Tyson is 5'10 and is very familiar with how a 5'10 man looks because of his father, then Tyson is 5'10. People probably see him taller because of his monstruous proportions.
delaman says on 8/Sep/12
bull**** I HAVE MET HIM and have a picture walking next to him I am 5'9 1/2 he is at least 5'10 1/2 maybe 5'11 no way is he 5'10 flat not a chance
witchdoctor says on 26/Aug/12
Wow that pic of a 22 year old Rob puts a smile on my face :-),I'm also about to graduate from College,early 20's and heavily worried abot the future I'm sure that young man in the pic did not know that in the future he would have crated a globally popular website.

Anyway Tyson does claim 5'10 for himself so that propably what was told to him after being measured.
[Editor Rob: Make the most of your time as the older we get, the faster it goes by!]
Editor Rob says on 26/Aug/12
Tyson in person just didn't look above 5ft 10. I've mentioned before on here, my Father was a measured 5ft 10 man...

In fact here is just one photo of my Dad aged 62 (I'm 22 so I've already had 8 full years of looking 2 inches up to him :) ) to show that you can have a photo with a 5ft 8 man and the 5ft 10 man 'appearing' taller:

5ft 8 Rob with 5ft 10 Father .

I have a half inch more hairstyle than I have with Mike...I think my Dad can even 'appear' a little taller than Tyson does with me, of course my Father was certainly never a 5ft 11 man, he was measured at 5ft 10 and he's 62 years old there...
jtm says on 21/Aug/12
deniro was 3.5-4 inches shorter than nick nolte when he was in his late 40s and nolte claimed he was 6'0 when he was 38.
Produce says on 18/Aug/12
Deniro is listed here 5-9 peak, 5.8 now.
Produce says on 14/Aug/12
Click Here

tyson with 5.8 de niro
www says on 3/Aug/12
Produce says on 1/Aug/12
In know these Tyson-Listening, but commentator always statetd thath the truth might be lower. Mostly they said 5-10, some said 5-9. FRomm seeing Tyson in Dokus he gives me more the impressiom of average height or less. Dont get me wrong, im am big Tysonfan, but I dont think he is or was 5 foot 11.
Produce says on 30/Jul/12
No way he is 6 feet. In the photo he looks maybe 5 10 1/2, but this is just one picture. Tyson is described from 5-8 to 5-11 from people who met him, but mostly closer to 5-8 than to 5-11.
BigT says on 30/Jul/12
c-mo: That´s exactly how a 5´10 guy looks with a 5´8 guy, why would he downgrade himself?
infidel says on 29/Jul/12
5'10 or 5'11 or 6ft. This man terrorized men who were 6'5. Pure power.
Vegas says on 28/Jul/12
tyson 181cm? thats the wwe hof in early april this year, rob has hhh to his right at 188cm, nash behind tyson is no more than 6'6 according to poster ali baba (who claims to have met him) Click Here
Produce says on 25/Jul/12
I dont know. Tysons height remains mystirios. Some swear he is only 5-8. Tyrell Biggs said in 1987 Tyson is 5-8, Holyfield statet Tyson is 5-9. But here he looks definately clearly taller than 5-8 Rob. No huge difference bur clearly taller.
Connor says on 25/Jul/12
5ft 10 is not short or in Mikes words " a f****** dwarf ", i'd say it's just average, 5ft 6 or 5ft 1-2-3-4 is short. Mike is definetly not short anywhere from 5ft 8, 5ft 9 and 5ft 10 is just normal height.
runt says on 8/Feb/12
Rob, how did you do when you sparred with him?
[Editor Rob: I'm still standing!]
Silent d says on 6/Feb/12
He looks taller than 5 foot 10 in the above photo. Rob was he wearing big shoes? 5 foot 10.
[Editor Rob: no bigger than my sneaker]
RisingForce says on 2/Feb/12
Rob, how plausible do you find Mike's 5'10.5" claim? Obviously I know you find 5'10" flat to be more likely, but is 5'10.5" a possibility?
[Editor Rob: he measured himself 5ft 10, that's good enough for me.

10.5? I never saw that in person.]
Adam says on 31/Jan/12
Considering Rob has hair and Tyson's head is shaved, I would say he looks 5'10. Plus Rob is not a flat 5'8.
nice guy says on 30/Jan/12
lol guys what are you trying to pull here? - if he himself said he's 5'10 then we know one thing for certain: He is not even a single cm taller than that othewise he would claim 5'11 ....I give him 5'9.5 flat and 5'10.5 in normal shoes....5'11 in boots
Derek d says on 28/Jan/12
produce says on 27/Jan/12
derek d:
Isnt it LArry Merchante who says this? Didnt someone here wirte that merchante once said he saw tyson getting meassured at 5-11!?

Yeah pretty sure it's Larry Merchante. But I'm not too sure about him seeing Tyson being measured at 5'11.
Marc L says on 28/Jan/12
doesn't he appear 3 inches taller then Rob here?
produce says on 27/Jan/12
derek d:
Isnt it LArry Merchante who says this? Didnt someone here wirte that merchante once said he saw tyson getting meassured at 5-11!?

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