How tall is Morgan Freeman ?

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Morgan Freeman's height is 6ft 1.75in (187 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2.25in (189 cm)
American actor best known roles in films such as Se7en, The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, Unforgiven, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Million Dollar Baby, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Deep Impact. In a 2008 CanMag interview he mentioned his stature, saying "So aside from being six foot two and black."

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Comment on the Height of Morgan Freeman

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/16
He still looked 189cm 10 years ago.

Question is could he have been 6ft3 at some point? said on 21/Oct/15
if you look the final scene with donald sutherland face to face,donald is cleary two inches or more tall than freeman its very clear.SO FREEMAN IS NOT 6,2 OR SUTHERLAND WAS IN THIS TIME MORE THAN 6,4 THIS MOVIE IS "OUTBREAK"
Sam said on 16/Oct/15
Not worth enduring Ted 2 to see if there's really an obvious lift shot IMO, LOL. I've seen Freeman when he was probably still full height and he stood out as tall, would be surprised...
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/15
Exept with robbins he defenetly look 6'2-2.5 up to 5-10 yrs back
MrTBlack said on 1/Oct/15

Then he'd 6'1.5" today.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 25/Sep/15
6'2 1/4" for his peak height, and 187 CM today.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Sep/15
Peak 6'2.5 in my opinion, but I'm glad Rob has tweaked to 189 peak now at
least and a current one, which looks more accurate.
Armandy 6'1.5 said on 1/Sep/15
Peak 188 and half or 6'2.25
Rey said on 20/Aug/15
Christopher Reeve had an inch or so over him in "Street Smart."
Ron said on 15/Jul/15
I could be wrong on this, but I just saw "Ted 2" and at the end he appeared to be wearing some HUGE badly disguised lifts. Check out his shoes in the court-house, the mid-section appears to be nearly vertical and the light reflects it, his trousers do nothing to disguise it as they hang about 3 inches above his foot as if he's taller than the trousers expected and he even walks a little bit as if he's got some big uncomfortable lifts in.
Possibly the worst example if lift wearing I've ever seen.
frank said on 11/Jul/15
rob, morgan probably didn't lost anything, not even 1 cm before 70s, don't you agree? in the last few years seems that he lost 1-2 cm.
[Editor Rob: he seemed to retain a 6ft 2 up to near 70 yes. Genetics and diet maybe meant his bone density was still very good.
Sam said on 6/Jul/15
Yep, a very tall guy, I met and talked to him in the late 90s. Freeman look 6'2.25"-6'2.75" at that time, commanding presence and voice in person even though I'm a solid 2 inches taller (don't recall but I believe I was fully grown by that point).
gaga said on 2/Jul/15
Rob, when did you list his peak height? Last time I checked he only had his current height listed here.
[Editor Rob: a few months back]
Dejavu said on 22/Jun/15
He was the same height as ben affleck in sums of all fear. Both a bit over 6'2
jade said on 5/Jun/15
I love Morgan Freeman. I now know what the expression"tall drink of water"means.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/May/15
The way I see it

Batman Begins: 189cm
Dark Knight: 188cm
Dark Knight Rises: 187cm
Dmeyer said on 13/May/15
Tanks Rob this Guy realy looked 189 up to not too long ago
Rey said on 26/Apr/15
In the past has appeared taller than "6'2"" Craig Ferguson, Ben Affleck and Jim Carrey. Interesting....
German Beryozkin said on 19/Apr/15
Click Here
look at this with Ben Affleck
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/15
6ft3 out of bed peak...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/15
I think at peak he'd have been similar to Idris Elba.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 26/Feb/15
I know that this will seem like a foolish question, but how was he only a few inches taller than Steve Carrell in Evan Almighty?
Lorne said on 25/Feb/15
Finally! This is perfect, a fraction over 6ft2 peak, a fraction under today.

I must say, however, you took so long doing it he may be 6ft1.5 by now! ;)

Seriously, though, thanks, you continue improving and expanding the site, although this one was a bit overdue.
Judd said on 13/Jan/15
For sure 6'1.75" for him today is the best guess!
Not sure about his peak height...he may have been 6'2.5"...
cole said on 13/Jan/15
@Editor Rob: Is there any reason why his picture shows up in the tumbnail but not on the actual page? It's the same with Bryan Cranston and a few others. A good current and peak height listing this.
[Editor Rob: I did add a photo for him just now, some I'd done the thumb but forgot the main picture to upload.]
trav said on 10/Jan/15
Damn he lost nearly like a half an inch
Sam said on 9/Jan/15
Yeah, I met the man in the 1990s and he looked in the 6'2"-6'3" zone, had excellent posture.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/15
The full 6ft2 is a better fit. I won't argue with his current height. He does look that
Njp said on 6/Jan/15
Looks about 2.5 to 3 inches taller than Christian Bale
Mike said on 30/Dec/14
No less than this, and probably more likely to be a full 6ft 2.5.
6ft 2.25-2.5in 189 peak
6ft 1.5-1.75in 187 today
Mike said on 16/Dec/14
If he's not 6ft 2 today, he's pretty close to it. 6ft 1.5-1.75in today and 6ft 2.5in peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/14
Comparisons w/h Connery are illogical because A) they're aren't photos of the two veteran actors together and B) Freeman is a good 7 years younger than Connery.

Rob, could Freeman be rounding down?
[Editor Rob: he might have been a little over 6ft 2, I know at times he can pass for a 189 in the 80's and 90's]
Mike said on 9/Dec/14
No photo for him Rob?
[Editor Rob: I will later this month]
pedriscovery said on 8/Dec/14
If you looks the film outbreak,have a scene with donald sutherland face to face,and sutherland hace almost two inches on freeman look this movie the diference of heigth is notable
Mike said on 6/Dec/14
In fact he actually gives a taller impression than 6ft 2 Sean Connery! He really needs an upgrade to a full 6ft 2.5 thats what he generally looked. He can even give 6ft 3 impressions. He looked the same height as 6ft 2.5 Affleck also.
cole said on 23/Nov/14
He should have a 6'2.25 or 6'2.5 peak height, he still looks 6'2 or at worst 6'1.75 today.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and The Dark Knight Trilogy, Million Dollar Baby, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Bruce Almighty, and Deep Impact?
Arch Stanton said on 9/Nov/14
Greg (6'1'') says on 13/Oct/14
Struggles with 6 foot next to Kobe:

Click Here

6 ft? Looks pretty near 6'2" in comparison still.
mike said on 6/Nov/14
Yeah Rob can you add a photo, add The Dark Knight trilogy and upgrade him to 6ft 2.5 peak?
Arch Stanton said on 2/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo?

Watch The Dark Night Rises people. He looked 6'3" next to Bale, about an inch shorter than how Neeson looks in Begins and clearly taller than Michael Caine in comparison. Honestly I generally get a weak 6'3 impression of him in his films. But I don't think he looked it next to Tim Robbins who had him by about 3 inches.
Greg (6'1'') said on 13/Oct/14
Struggles with 6 foot next to Kobe:

Click Here
Judd said on 13/Oct/14
Yeah, I watched a couple of his movies, recently and then I admitt he was taller than a flat 6'2" one.
Maybe he brushed 6'2.5" when he was young and today I wouldn't put him below 6'1.75"...
Although he got older he didn't lose a big amount...he's still a tall guy and great actor, too.
Vegas said on 2/Oct/14
Danimal says on 1/Oct/14
At almost 80 years old, he's still taller than 6'2" (yes, he's 6'2") Craig Ferguson.

ferguson was 2 inches shorter than the rock a couple of years ago..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/14
He did look around 6ft3 in Se7en and Shawshank Redemption.

"Peak height was 6ft 2.5in (189cm)"

In his 20s-30s possibly 190cm even. Remember he was late to the party in terms of success
mike said on 1/Oct/14
Rob, when will you give Morgan 189 peak?
Danimal said on 1/Oct/14
At almost 80 years old, he's still taller than 6'2" (yes, he's 6'2") Craig Ferguson.
Danimal said on 1/Oct/14
There should really be a before and after height listing for Morgan. He's almost 80 years old (most men will have lost 2" by then) and he still looks like a strong 6'2" + guy (taller than Ben Affleck). In his younger days, was easily over 6'3". I used to read 6'3.5" and 6'4" for him when he was young. Legit tall man who has aged very well, but has lost height nonetheless.
mike said on 25/Sep/14
There's actually a chance he could've dipped to a flat 6ft 2 at night he could look sometimes a full 3 inches shorter than legit 6ft 5 actors, like Tim Robbins other times he could look 6ft 3 (or really close to it). so this listening is pretty accurate maybe a slight upgrade to 189 he's similar to Sean Connery both 6ft 2-2.5 peak.
judd said on 13/Sep/14
i read an article which said he was 6'2 and he always looked a full 6'2ish...
Dejavu said on 20/Aug/14
Looks the same height as 6'2.5 Ben Affleck in Sums of All Fears. 189cm peak is a possibility.
mike said on 19/Aug/14
Morgan Freeman's height 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)
Peak height was 6ft 2.25in (189 cm)

nothing under 188 in his prime.
James B said on 16/Aug/14
Taller than Clancy brown
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 17/Jul/14
I'd say he is 6'2 nowadays ( 188 cm ), maybe still 189 if he postures up.
Probably a strong 189 and maybe even 190cm in his prime.
He still looks considerably taller than Bale in the Batman series, and slightly taller than Michael Caine.
berta said on 15/Jul/14
i cant se morgan freeman be just 3 cm taller than a guy like harrison ford 30 years ago more lika 5 cm difference
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/14
Honestly, even now he still gives a 6 ft 3 impression in films. I find it hard to believe he was low as 6 ft 2 pealk. He doesn't look much shorter than Paul Bettany in Transcendence.
177cmGuy said on 9/Jul/14
Morgan Freeman was probably a strong 6'2 (189cm) at his peak today he is likeley a weak 6'2 (187cm).
cole said on 18/Jun/14
He's held up pretty well. About 6'1.75 today, can still look 6'2 at times, and 6'2.25 in his prime I'd say.
Dmeyer said on 3/Jun/14
Rob to me he looked taller than Affleck and near 4in on pitt nothing under 6'2.25-2.5 peak
mike said on 2/Jun/14
6ft 1.25 today
6ft 2 flat peak
d said on 30/Apr/14
rob do you think morgan hasn't lost any height at all?
[Editor Rob: I think a fraction is quite probable, he could have passed for 189 20-25 years ago.]
Banshee said on 3/Apr/14
People who think that all men shrink around 1 inch or more during the course of their life needs some biology classes.
Btw, Nikolaj Coster Waldau ( Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones ), also listed here at 6'1.5'', is undoubtedly towered by Freeman in all possible pictures by at least 5 cm.
Something is wrong here or Freeman is above 192 cm tall.
James B said on 20/Mar/14
6'2.5 peak
6'1.5 today
Hypado said on 15/Mar/14
188 looks right
James B said on 15/Mar/14
If bale is 6ft then I think in batman begins he looked 6'2-6'3 but then his hairstyle is very thick
pedriscovery said on 22/Jan/14
berta said on 17/Jan/14
there is no way he was just 188 at peak even now in last vegas he looks 188-189. And peak was probably weak 190 ore stron 189. The dude looks 189 most of the time even now if he would stand well. If he was 188 at peak he was a very strong one and have grew to 188,6 at the age of 76 :P hahaa
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jan/14
Robbins did look about 3 inches taller in Shawshank though and if you also consider his 6'4.5" claim... Poitier was a leggy dude with a smallish torso in his prime, he had the legs of a 6'4"-6'5" guy I think but I'm not sure he looked taller than Freeman.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jan/14
Rob the thing is I find it hard to believe he'd have been shorter at peak than Sidney Poitier. I've seen about five of Poitier's 60s films and honestly I don't think he'd have been taller than Freeman. Freeman to me looked more likely to be over the 6'2" mark than Poitier.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/14
With 189cm Sidney Poitier: Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/14
Here's a front shot Click Here That's not even close to 3 inches surely?
[Editor Rob: he's managed to maintain height well...maybe Robbins is approaching an age were his posture isn't as good as it used to be.

This is Morgan with a guy who is supposed to have had an early (i.e. not long after waking) measurement of 6ft 2 3/8ths.]
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/14
Rob do you think he looks a bit taller than this here Click Here ?
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/14
If you consider that guys like Ryan Reynolds have the same height listing on here I think you're undercutting his peak height slightly Rob. I think at peak he'd never had dropped under this mark and I think 6'2.5" would be a fair listing.. I don't think he's lost much at all today even at 76, he honestly looked near 6'3" next to Kline in Last Vegas.
Lenad is sexy said on 1/Jan/14
188cm min peak
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
Actually looks 6 ft 3 in Last Vegas. Has easily 2 inches on Kevin Kline.
avi said on 30/Dec/13
Yeah 6'2.25 peak and 6'2 now he barely lost anything.
Lenad is sexy said on 15/Dec/13
187cm now 189cm peak. Or maybe 190cm peak and 188cm now.
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/13
Rob He was defenetly over 6'2 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 2.5in (189cm)"

188cm peak seems a little low. In Street Smarts (his best performance, IMO) he looked only 1in under Steve Reeves. He was 51 at that point. Could he have been 6ft3?
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
in "disclosure"he have a scene face to face with donald sutherland an looks cleary shorter than donald two inches.
jtm said on 5/Nov/13
he definitely looked more than 2 inches shorter than robbins to me.
Sam said on 4/Nov/13
Almost 15 years ago, that's the impression Freeman gave me in person as well, very strong 6'2", near 6'3".
brotha said on 2/Nov/13
I saw morgan about six years ago at a hotel I worked in. I'm 5'11.5" and I promis was 6'2.5" minimum. He was wearing freaking loafers too. Probably 6'3" peak at least.
Lenad is sexy said on 19/Oct/13
I don't think hes over 6'2 now. I doubt under it when younger though. He was still a good inch taller than Jim Carrey back in 2003
Emil said on 3/Oct/13
Nah, Freeman didn't look more than 2 inches shorter than Robbins to me
jtm said on 1/Oct/13
3 inches shorter than tim robbins in the shawshank redemption. a lot of people on robbins page are now claiming he is 6'4-6'4.5. that would mean freeman was 6'1 range at his prime but i think robbins is 6'5 and freeman's peak height was 6'2 flat.
jtm said on 1/Oct/13
3 inches shorter than tim robbins in the shawshank redemption. a lot of people on robbins page are now claiming he is 6'4-6'4.5. that would mean freeman was 6'1 range at his prime but i think robbins is 6'5 and freeman's peak height was 6'2 flat.
Nenninn said on 25/Sep/13
agree with Lorne
Lorne said on 22/Sep/13
Morgan Freemans height is 6ft1.75/187cm. Peak height was 6ft2.25in/189cm
Rusty said on 5/Sep/13
I think a legit 6'2.5" is good for his peak but he is looking more a weak 6'2" these days.
Anon said on 30/Aug/13
6'2 seems right.
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Aug/13
So you agree that Morgan is not looking over 184-185 in this pic (not saying he really is this low)?
[Editor Rob: Morgan at times can look anywhere in 6ft 1-2 range last few years]
Lo sgozzatore said on 26/Aug/13
Rob, what about this pic? Click Here
Freeman barely reaches Kobe's eyelevel. Once again Kobe looks taller than his 6'4.75 measurement, but then again he doesnt look taller than Michael Jordan, who could be slightly shorter than 6'5...
[Editor Rob: he can appear taller in a lot of photos, 6ft 5.5 is what he can pull off looking at times. It helps that he doesn't have a low eyelevel and if he raises it slightly his eyelevel would be no more than 4 inches.]
pedriscovery said on 23/Aug/13
in a movie "estallido" wiht donald shuterland an dustin hoffman morgan is 2" more short than donald sutherland if sutherland is 6"4 morgan is 6"2
cole said on 22/Aug/13
Maybe a current height vs peak height is in order for Mr. Freeman these days, Rob? He is 76 after all! Personally I'd say 6'2.25 (189 cm) peak, and 6'1.75 (187 cm) today.
DaveC said on 14/Aug/13
Always looked about 6'3" or 6'4" to me. Taller than Clint in both films
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/13
No way did this guy have 3in on Dan Aykroyd. 1-1.5in maybe.

I think 6"2" on the dot now. Has more height over Christian Bale than Michael Caine. 6"1.75"/187cm at worst today.

189cm peak for definite. Looked 6"3" in Seven with Brad Pitt
Larc 74in said on 8/Jul/13
He's lucky, he lost barely nothing at 76y.
He still looks about 6'2 today, although a weak 6'2, at peak he was for sure a strong one.
Connor 184cm said on 5/Jul/13
189cm peak for morgan rob?
[Editor Rob: it's not improbable ]
Connor 184cm said on 1/Jul/13
Suprisingly morgan does still look like a genuine 6ft 2 man how has he not lost height yet rob? hes 76 years old i think.
[Editor Rob: I think now he has lost a bit, he could have been a fraction over 6ft 2 and now a fraction under it.]
Mr. R said on 28/Jun/13
This is right. I saw him at the Oblivion premiere.
cole said on 27/Jun/13
A genuine 189 cm man at peak, at 76 he's likely to have dropped 1 or 2 cm. With Craig Ferguson he looked roughly the same height, and in Lucky Number Slevin, he was wearing some kind of sandals, and was still a bit shorter than 189 cm barefoot Josh Hartnett. 187 cm today, 6'1.75.
Sam said on 26/Jun/13
I saw him in the late 1990s and Freeman had impeccable posture and NYC side walk advantage but managed to look close to 6'3" range to my 6'5" eyes (don't know if I was fully-grown then but pretty close). I think 6'2.5" would be a fair peak estimate for him. Bizarrely, I saw Paul Rudd (who was in the play Freeman and I were coming out of, The Last Night at Ballyhoo) moments later on the street and he looked, with a side walk disadvantage (closer to the road), around 5'8".
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
He is still a tall man at his age. 187cm.
Man said on 18/Jun/13
I am not sure what video Danimal was watching, but Craig Ferguson is not taller than Freeman.
Terry said on 17/Jun/13
Very tall guy and top actor to boot.
Lorne said on 16/Jun/13
He was 6ft2.25 peak, no way a flat 6'2, dm is onto something. And I believe Sean Connery is the oldest living person w/out a peak, and ironically he was WITOUT a doubt 6ft2.25 peak, whereas there is a chance Freeman could have hit 6'2 flat at night.
Balrog said on 11/Jun/13
Damon wears lifts.
Sam said on 10/Jun/13
If you take a look at all the photos, you can see that Damon is at least 3 inches shorter than the aged Freeman and Eastwood. Both of those gentlemen still clear six feet, though not by a huge margin.
Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 9/Jun/13
Well, i'm seeing a couple inches at best in those photos and there's a high possibility Matt Damon is not even 5'10:
Click Here
Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 9/Jun/13
Well, i'm seeing a couple inches at best in those photos and there's a high possibility Matt Damon is not even 5'10:
Click Here
Click Here
Jax said on 6/Jun/13
well he had a good inch on jim 6'2 seems right since carrey is 6'1 flat
Emil said on 4/Jun/13
He doesnt look more than 6'1 these days but at peak he was at least 6'2 maybe even 6'3
Moedingo said on 14/May/13
He's taller than 6'2" at least 6'4"
SolidSnake said on 29/Apr/13
Has he really not lost height yet? Almost 76yo without a peak height listing, is he the oldest living person on the site with this distinction Rob?
Dmeyer said on 28/Apr/13
Rob i insist morgan was over 6 ft 2 peak as he looked 1cm taller than ben aflleck and 8cm taller than 183cm Ble and That at 70s also aleast 9cm on Pitt , now h might 6'1.75-6'2 but peak 6'2.5
Lenad is sexy said on 26/Apr/13
looks at most 3 inches shorter than tim robbins and I think 2.5 is more like it. still 6'2ish
Daniele said on 20/Apr/13
He looks the same of Quentin Tarantino. Here he is with Kobe (Click Here). Assuming Kobe is 6'4.75, and considering that Morgan Freeman barely reaches Kobe eyelevel (notice that Kobe isn't perfectly straight in this photo), I'd say he's 185cm at the best hypotesis. According to me 6'2 is way too generous. Maybe it's the photo, I dunno...
vtec said on 12/Apr/13
taller than 6'2"+ RG3 in recent pics
lenad is sexy said on 12/Apr/13
Probably not over 6'2 anymore
Balrog said on 10/Apr/13
6'2.25'' peak height
Now 6'1.5''
space balls said on 8/Apr/13
the guy still looks 6'2'' in his mid-seventies! so therefore his peak height could very well be close to 6'3'' or a full 6'3''
Ras said on 7/Apr/13
ice says on 28/Oct/12
peak 190 cm . Now 188 cm
I agree
Dmeyer says on 12/Nov/12
0.5 in taller than 6'2.5 Affleck 3 in taller than 6 ft bale this Guy looks 188-189cm at 70 plus do n less than 6'1.75-2in today and aleast 189cm peak
That's because Ben Affleck is more like 6'2 flats, Bale is indeed 6'0", IMO Freeman was 190cm tall peak and 188cm tall nowadays.
Lorne! said on 7/Apr/13
6ft2.25 peak , around 189 cm. still looked 6ft2 in his 60's, no way he didn't lose height! Around 189cm at peak, bet on it
Vecrotus said on 11/Feb/13
I always thought he looked 6 ft 3. 6 ft 2 sounds right as well. By the way is 5 ft 8 tall or short in england.
Connor 183cm said on 6/Jan/13
Morgan freeman is still 6ft 2 he doesnt look like hes lost height at all christian bale looks 6ft as he claims could drop to 5ft 11.75 in the evening. Why i think people believe christian is shorter than micheal caine who is 6ft 1 is because maybe he wears high platform shoes that make him look taller perhaps that can fool a lot of people what do you think rob?
James said on 26/Dec/12
Looked 187cm j dark knight rises

188cm-189cm in batman begins
The Exorcist said on 12/Dec/12
No less than 6'2".
Silent d said on 5/Dec/12
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/12
Peak yeah 6'2.5" I think looks right. 4 inches taller than Brad Pitt in Se7en.
James said on 19/Nov/12
Well demyer next 6'2.5-6'3 Clint Eastwood in the 90s and 6'4 liam neeson he looked very close too 6'3.

I guess his hair can make him look taller though..... That and neesons posture makes him look 6'3
Dmeyer said on 12/Nov/12
0.5 in taller than 6'2.5 Affleck 3 in taller than 6 ft bale this Guy looks 188-189cm at 70 plus do n less than 6'1.75-2in today and aleast 189cm peak
ice said on 28/Oct/12
peak 190 cm . Now 188 cm
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 19/Oct/12
Morgan Freeman is 6'2 and nothing more. He has a good 2 inches on Christisn Bale (6'0) and about an inch on legit 6'1 Jim Carrey.
James said on 10/Oct/12
Doubt this guy was shorter than 189cm peak.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm said on 9/Oct/12
Is 186-187 possible for him today, Rob? I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and he looked 3-4cm over 183 Bale.
Silent d said on 4/Oct/12
Ajax said on 28/Sep/12
All though he did say 6'2", I think he could have been 6'2.5" when he was younger since sometimes when people are a height plus a half inch, they downplay the half inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/12
Still looks 6ft2 in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with Christian Bale. Haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. In 2012 it wouldn't be suprising of he's maybe 187cm. But I wouldn't go lower than that.

6ft2.5(189cm) peak, 6ft1.75(187cm)
zero said on 10/Sep/12
Bale is 6'0'' or close to it and almost same height that Michael Caine who is looking under 6'1'' these days.

Rob why haven't you added peak height for Freeman. He's 75 and he was a legit 6'2'' maybe more at his peak but right now looks under 6'2''.

Also some people must remember that in The Dark Knight Rises Bale was wearing a cane in some scenes next to Freeman.
Justin said on 30/Aug/12
In The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale and Michael Caine, who are both said to be 6'2" were the same height. Freeman was noticeably taller than both of them. He looked 6'4 in that film.
Rick said on 23/Jul/12
In recent photos during 'rises' red carpet events, he looks to be shorter than 6'2" jonathan nolan (chris nolan's younger brother. Morgan seems to be a strong 6'1" these days. 186cm also sounds right.
SIlent d said on 25/Jan/12
I doubt he's 6 foot now. 187cm.
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/07
i geuss black men loose less height since freeman lost nothing at 70 and willis travolta at early 50 lost noticable height
ras said on 23/Aug/07
Man! In those pics with Forest Whitaker he looks about 2 inches taller than Forest, and I even think Whitaker is 6 ft 2.5. so Morgan could be 6 ft 4 really, or he likes using boots a lot. It also is weird to see he hasn't shrunk at all.
Ball-a-Hallic said on 7/Aug/07
how tall is tom robbins from shawshank he was alot taller than freeman who seems 6'2... then robbins looked 6'5 but idk is freeman 6'2 or 6'3
fushizzledizzle said on 21/Jul/07
When I saw 'Bruce Almighty' I thought Carey was 6-2 and Freeman 6-3. But whatever they are, I saw about an inch difference
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
rob how do you explain that he lost no height at 70 years old when some people like willis and travolta already lost 1 to 2 cm in early 50s

[Editor Rob: he'll have lost a few mm, but it appears he is at the lower end of the loss scale, whereas Clint is at the severe end with kyphosis and who knows what else with his discs.]
Stefanie said on 10/Jul/07
He looked really tall in Shawshank Redemption, I think this guy is even taller than 6 ft 2.5in
dmeyer said on 1/Jul/07
he is shokingly taller than withaker so he claimed a lidl under 6 ft 3 he might be 6'2.75 190 cm and lost nothing
dmeyer said on 1/Jul/07
if carell is 175 cm he steel looked 189 cm to me
brotha said on 1/Jul/07
I'll say it again, this man is NO shorter than 6'3". I saw him in slippers as he was having breakfast at the hotel I work at.
dmeyer said on 22/Jun/07
in some of all fears looked a 6'2.5 guy at 66 years old maybe black people dont loose height like poitier looked strong 6'2.5 at cannes last year
James said on 19/Jun/07
He always looked 6ft3 to me
Tim said on 26/May/07
Jet Li is reported at 5'8''and in unleashed Morgan seems at last a good 5-6 inches taller than Li.
lillo thomas said on 24/May/07
wow if forrest whitaker is really 6'2 morgan freeman looks in that pics
6'3.5-6'4 but of course he must be wearing lifts in that occations.
TheJerk said on 23/May/07
Wow. He does look very tall next to Whitaker. He grew taller in old age? Maybe he'll share his secrets, but I think he'd rather keep them for himself.
Ben said on 30/Apr/07
how can he and forest whitaker share the same height...thats sick man...look at these pictures...I believe he's 6'3,5

Click Here

Click Here
brotha said on 21/Apr/07
I just saw morgan today, he's staying at the hotel I work at. He came down for breakfast in regular tennis shoes, sweatshirt and pants. I stood right next too him. He's certainly 6'3", very tall and thin.
dmeyer said on 22/Mar/07
i believe freeman was a solid 6'3 at peak he is getting close to 6'2 maybe but he steel loooked as tall as afleck 189 could even have been 6'3.5 at peak people loose more than 0.5 in at 70
bam said on 16/Mar/07
freeman looks at least an inch shorter than 6'2 Benjamin Bratt. Don't be fooled by his hair.
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bam said on 16/Mar/07
the angle's less than perfect, but is Freeman realy 3 inches taller than this guy who claims 5'11.5
examine their shoulder levels
three inches is a very huge difference when it comes to height i only see a 1.5 inch difference Click Here
Viper said on 6/Mar/07
Brad looked 5-10 in that movie.
Gonzalo said on 5/Mar/07
Here are some pics of Seven in which Morgan towers over Brad Lift.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
anonymous said on 7/Feb/07
You're right Gonzalo. He was about 4 inches taller than Pitt. If Freeman's 6'2.5", than Pitt is 5'11, maybe a hair less.
The Horse of FUNK said on 2/Feb/07
Yeah he does have a good 3 - 3.5 inches on Pitt in Se7en. This is the reason why I think Pitt is 5'11.5, or, in other words, a solid 182cm guy. Basically, Pitt being close to 6'.
Glenn said on 1/Feb/07
Really? wow.I havent seen that movie in 10 years.
Gonzalo said on 31/Jan/07
"A bit taller than Brad Pitt". A very big bit, I would say. Almost four inches. Brad forgot his lifts on that movie
S.J said on 28/Jan/07
Well he could be like 6,1 now and that 6,2 1/2 was his Peak Height he looks a bit taller than Brad pitt in Se7en
Viper said on 2/Jan/07
I wouldnt go by a wax museum statue as your evidence.
J-Dog said on 1/Jan/07
He doesn't look that much shorter than Michael Jordan. The point is Morgan Freeman is a tall guy, period.
Pam said on 27/Oct/06
this guy is very tall. and amazingly friendly when i saw him greeting some people in the street.
Gonzalo said on 16/Oct/06
It was funny: I saw a picture of Freeman next to Spanish Royal Family. I say its funny because in the picture there was a strange conbination of people: Royal Family, Severiano Ballesteros, Miguel Indurain and in the corner, next to Prince Felipe, morgan Freeman. I was surprised to see him there. Well, next to 6`5`5 or 6`6 Felipe Freeman didnt looke like a midget. He looked around 6`2. And he looked taller than King Juan Carlos I, who is still around 6`1. Freeman is at least 6`1`5 this days
Viper652 said on 27/Sep/06
He only looks 6-1 next to 6-4 1/2 Michael Jordan.
Gonzalo said on 27/Sep/06
I think Freeman is 6`2 nowadyas and probably a tad taller in his heyday. He is normally one of the tallest guys in his movies. And he is one of the best actors of today`s movies
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/06
he had like 0.75 advatage on hartnet so 189 pushing 190 cm and like 191 at pic

[Editor Rob: there wasn't that much between them in their scene, with freeman having around 2cm footwear advantage]
Mario said on 24/Sep/06
Freeman was easy 191cm at his peak. Watch Eyewitness (1981) and see him next to Woods. He's easy 11-12 cm taller than Mr Woods.
Zach said on 23/Sep/06
Freeman had a good 2-3inches on Keanu Reeves in Chain Reaction.
manson.p said on 23/Sep/06
i watch the Shawshank Redemption twice and notice 196tall tim robbins tower morgan by 3inches(8cm)..Morgan Freeman's is 188 not 189.. yah in SEVEN he taller than 180brad pitt 8cm abouts.. 188is right..
jesse said on 17/Sep/06
hes noticibly taller than pitt in se7en and i guessed 6'1 or 6'2 right off the start and then in the unforgiven he is only slightly shorter than clint eastwood 6'4 i say he could be a little more than 6'2 even
Derek said on 16/Sep/06
I saw Lean on Me yesterday and Morgan towered over everyone, including 5'8" or 9" Robert Guillaume. May have been 6'3" at his peak, 6'2 1/2" on that movie in 1989 and 6'2" today.
Viper652 said on 28/Aug/06
I remember him on the Electric Company when I was a toddler. He really worked his way up the ladder.
TyreeG said on 26/Aug/06
He looked taller than that on The Electric Company.
Val said on 24/Aug/06
what kind of slippers give you 2cm...some slippers ay mate. ???

[Editor Rob: his slippers could be 1cm, 1.5 or even 2, watch slevin and take a guess. One thing, Freeman has an advantage in footwear for certain]
Rocky said on 3/Aug/06
He could be 6' 3". He looks too tall for 6' 2".
trueheight said on 19/Jun/06
well in MDB he actually appeared to be 1-2in taller than Clint; its noticeable in almost every shot
dmeyer said on 16/May/06
hey rob i think he is steel close to 191 cm maybe 6'2.75" he did look 1 inch or more taller than clint
Jason said on 6/May/06
He looked slightly under 6'2'' opposite Christian Bale in Batman Begins.
Viper652 said on 4/May/06
I dont think Freeman is 6-1. Still looks 6-2 to me.
Quad-4 said on 4/May/06
Maybe even 6ft and .5 inches. Affleck should be 6'2.
Quad-4 said on 3/May/06
I would of guessed 6'1". His height was 6'2 in his youth.
dmeyer said on 26/Apr/06
thank you rob because freeman seem very in some movies
Ed said on 23/Apr/06
Just watched Street Smart(1983) with Morgan Freeman and Christopher Reeve, and Freeman was at most an inch shorter than the 6ft4 Reeve. Granted Reeve's slouches and hunches his shoulders a lot in movies, but when he stood up straight they were very close in height. In Million Dollar Baby he was about a 1/2 inch taller than Eastwood, making him in the 6ft2 range now, which would make sense, the guy is in his mid 6o's. Rob's estimates are spot on!
sing said on 18/Apr/06
no, i met morgan freeman in person when he and jet li were in new york to plug their new movie, unleashed, morgan was no taller than 6-1. If jordan is 6-4ish, then morgan is no taller than 6-1, possibly less. 6-3 is preposterous...
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/06
in batman he looks a solid 6'3"
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/06
hey rob freeman is around 189 190 cm at 69 years old how tall was he in his 20's

[Editor Rob: earliest film I can remember him in is brubaker, but in his 20's possibly 191cm, who knows really?]
dmeyer said on 14/Jan/06
after watching getty images i think freeman is in the 190 191 cm range
Thomas said on 24/Dec/05
Yup, yup. I work at the front of a 5 star hotel in Los Angeles. We get every, and I mean every celebrity you could imagine there. As a result, you'll see my postings all over this site, either verifying or rebuffing celebs' heights. One thing's for sure, Morgan Freeman looks at least twenty years younger than he really is. He has fantastic posture and quite a charm to him. In person, one can plainly see why this guy made it big in the industry.

I'm 6'1 7/8" tall. Morgan Freeman had me by about a half inch. The both of us were standing straight up (I made sure I was), on even ground and with similarly thick shoes. He is a legitimate 6'2 1/2". Sweetest fella, as well.
DocAtl said on 29/Nov/05
He walked right pass in Santa Monica at the outside mall last fall, he was a good 6 2.5 plus good estimate Rob
Gramps said on 28/Nov/05
Anonymous: I'm glad you cleared that up!
Jason said on 27/Nov/05
He sure didn't look 6'2 1/2'' in Batman Begins.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/05
i think he is around 191 cm
tony said on 4/Aug/05
i met him in marriott hotel in the elevator between 190-192
McFan said on 26/Jul/05
He was taller than Jim Carrey by an inch.

[Editor Rob: Carrey I'm always skeptical of him being a 188cm guy...]
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/05
how could you distinguish 0.5-1 in of difference just by looking at somebody? you can tell if a person's EYES are higher in the air than your EYES, but that doesn't mean that he/she is taller
sam said on 24/May/05
Well, JJ, I was standing on a sloping sidewalk on which he was standing on the taller part, but I still maintain at least 6'2". If celebheights says 6'2.25" I'd buy that.
JJ said on 21/May/05
Well Sam I am telling you he's not 6'2". I am a legit 6'1.5" and when I saw him he looked as tall as or slightly shorter than me. He was only a few feet from where I was standing.
sam said on 20/May/05
JJ, I was measured a little bit over 6'4" in a physical, without shoes on. And I'm telling you, Morgan Freeman is not under 6'2", and is if anything a little over that. Of course, I didn't stop him to measure the amount that his shoes added, but if they were platform shoes, I think I would have noticed.
JJ said on 16/May/05
With shoes on he might be close to 6'2", I am talking about real height here. You even said you are ABOUT 6' 4.5", and I presume with shoes on. Without shoes you are about 6'3, depending on the type of shoes you are wearing? So Morgan is right around 6'1" WITHOUT SHOES if you think he's 2" shorter than you.

I thought he looked shorter than 6'2" even with shoes on though.
sam said on 16/May/05
I saw him in person in New York and he looked very tall to me. The sidewalks slope somewhat and he was standing on the upper part and it helped that his posture was impeccable, but he definitely looked over 6'2", closer to 6'3". I myself am about 6'4 1/2" and I would have ventured to guess that he was approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches shorter. No way is he 6'1".
JJ said on 16/May/05
If you measure the top of his hair maybe. I saw Morgan recently at a charity event, and he looks no taller than 6'1" with shoes on.
joeyb said on 26/Feb/05
Morgan next to Ben Affleck...i always thought Morgan was taller than 6 2...or maybe Ben is just shorter than 6 3?

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