How tall is Ryan Seacrest ?

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Ryan Seacrest height: 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

American tv host known for Idol. He said to CNN that he doesn't get bothered he's "5'9" and people call me short". Recently HollywoodLife claimed that he said "actually, I'm 5' 8" but my shoes tonight make me 5'8" and three quarters. I don't wear lifts, but one of the judges does. Guess who". On his own Twitter he also gave another height: "5'8.5".
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hey rob says on 21/May/15
seacrest is taller like he says he is (at 5'8 range), or bieber listing becomes a little questionable again...
Robby D says on 9/Feb/15
I watched the Red Carpet prior to the Grammy Awards 2015 and Pharrell Williams and Keith Urban were both 2 - 3ins taller than Ryan Seacrest and Williams wore flat sneaker style shoes. Rob, you have to downgrade Seacrest, he is 5'7" maximum, probably less from what I saw tonight.
Luigi says on 16/Jan/15
and what about harvey levin?
Tony says on 5/Sep/14
If you look at that photo with Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel is also there. Kimmel claims 6'1" but this site has him at 5'11.5". Based on Kimmel I don't see Seacrest at 5'8".
Robby D says on 21/Jul/14
The Exorcist. Interesting photo and if Ellen is 5'7" then based that photo I would say Ryan is about 5'7.5", however, I have my doubts about Ellen's height. She has claimed both 5'8" and 5'7.5" yet she looks more like 5'6" to 5'6.5" to me.
The Exorcist says on 23/Jun/14
He's very similar to (5'7" listed) Ellen.
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Broke says on 29/May/14
He has a small head. Is it under 9 inches maybe?
allyooped says on 27/May/14
what he lacks in stature is made up in cash...just saying.
Dracula says on 8/May/14
He's actually Kind of short. For an American guy. At least he's taller than Bruno Mars... What's his real height anyway?
Realist says on 10/Mar/14
Height after waking up 172. Night height 170-171.
MD says on 31/Jan/14
Saw some Grammy pics of Kendrick Lamar with Miguel and Pharrell. Pharrell looked a good three inches taller than Miguel, and Miguel looked a good two inches taller than Kendrick. The 5'6" listings you see on the internet for Kendrick are complete bunk, and another example of the two-inch rule. I always knew he wasn't 5'6". He never looked it.
ian says on 28/Jan/14
He towers over Kendrick Lamar.
MD says on 16/Jan/14
Anyone have any pictures of him at the Golden Globes red carpet? I had the program on, but mostly for background noise, so I didn't really notice him look particularly short. Maybe somewhere in between 5'7" flat and 5'7.5" might be a better listing.
Robby D says on 14/Jan/14
I agree entirely with leonari, Ryan Seacrest looked exactly the same height as Jonah Hill. In fact my wife, who never misses the golden globes could not help noticing how short he was and said, "Seacrest must be a midget, everyone towers over him." She never usually notices people's heights unless they are exceptionally tall or short!
leonari says on 12/Jan/14
Watching the red carpet at the globes. Seacrest doe not look a mm above 170. If that. Looked the same height as Jonah hill.
the shredder says on 22/Nov/13
I'd give him 5'8 if it was not for the 5'8 guy Rob met edging him out.
Dan says on 29/Sep/13
Looking through all the pics and vids makes me come to the conclusion that he's probably more likely to be 5'7"-5'7.25" barefoot.
Robby D says on 22/Sep/13
I believe him when he says he doesn't wear lifts but here's the deal. He said he was 5'8" barefoot and 5'8.75" in the shoes he was wearing on that particular night. Now he claims 5'8.5". I assume when he referred to the shoes he was wearing he meant, dress shoes. Now what dress shoes have only 1/2" or 3/4" heel? Even flat Converse are around 3/4". I saw him interviewing celebrities before the Emmy Awards tonight and again he looked up to all of them. Oddly enough the only one he seemed to be similar in height to was Michael Douglas who is listed at over 5'9".
Robby D says on 6/Aug/13
I always agreed with Leonari regarding Seacrest's height. I thought he was about 5'7" barefoot but well proportioned to give the impression he might be taller when seen alone. However, recently seeing him looking up at alomost every male and female he interviews, I am now thinking he might be nearer 5'6"- 5'6.5" barefoot. No disrespect to him intended but 5'8.5" is not that short and anyone of that height would not be looking up to everyone nor receiving the height jibes that he does.
leonari says on 26/Jul/13
Ryan on a Radio show claimed 5'8.5 and mentioned that figure several times. Never is he 5'8.5 barefoot. NEVER.
[Editor Rob: this girl Aubrey Cleland thought she was a little over 5ft 8 herself...doesn't give ryan's 5ft 8.5 claim much solidity!]
john says on 3/Apr/13
Rob, ether Jack Black needs an upgrade or Ryan seacrest needs a down grade. they look pretty much identical in height in this video when they stand up at 2:48 Click Here
[Editor Rob: ryan looks taller from what I just watched...and it's on a small screen, a 1 inch difference can look very small on a 5-inch video ;)]
Lll says on 21/Mar/13
Yeah, that was weird last night on idol.

Probably 5'8.5" in shoes.
tim says on 16/Mar/13
I think he might be almost 5'8" in the morning, but after that he goes down to a firm 5'7"
mo says on 15/Mar/13
ryan seacrest is a little hollywood guy. 5'-7" on a good day (with shoes) if you watch him on AI he is shorter than anyone on the show, with
Anonymous says on 7/Mar/13
He's short. ALl I know. I'm like 6'1" maybe. or above 6'
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/13
", I'm 5' 8" but my shoes tonight make me 5'8" and three quarters. " Mmm so he's claiming 5 ft 8 barefeet, rounding up then isn't he.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/13
5'8.5" I believe him, in shoes. He was probably measured around 174 in shoes and rounded up to claim 5 ft 9, much like Tom Cruise. I actually think they are genuine about it but they imply that's their barefoot height, most Americans claim shoe height.
LeeLee says on 30/Jan/13
He looks about 5'7.5"-at most 5'8"
Mathew says on 11/Oct/12
5'7.5" is pretty fair for Seacrest. It was always obvious he wasn't 5'9".
Shaun says on 5/Sep/12
He looks the same height as Tom Cruise. 5'7.5 looks right.
matt678 says on 17/Aug/12
5 foot 7 or 5 foot 8 is correct
Ka says on 12/Aug/12
leonari: sure thing! This guys is as listed. I don't understand why he claimed a bunch of different height, especially when he revealed his real height, then fudge it up again. He isn't short, even at barely 5'8. I'm 5'8 flat and I would think twice at claiming morning height or big rounding up
leonari says on 11/Aug/12
Ka: I totally agree!!!
Marc says on 10/Aug/12
i herd bo bice is 5ft9 and next to secrest they dont look like they have a big height difference
Ka says on 9/Aug/12
I swear, when this guy stands alone, he can appears 5'9-5'10, good proportion, slim, small and short head, and good fitting clothes. Optical illusion though, as 5'8.25 Trevino got him a little bit
Robby D says on 1/Aug/12
During the Olympics in London, Seacrest was standing alongside Al Roker who also claims to be 5'8" and they looked the same size. Needless to say Roker is another one who people believe exaggerates his height.
Mathew says on 31/Jul/12
the shredder says on 30/Jul/12
5'7.5 is better , taller then an honest 5'7 MCavoy and it fits his 5'8.5 , 5'8.75 in shoes !

I'm willing to believe up to 5'7.5", but I don't think he is more. If he is 5'7.5", yes he would hit 5'8.5" - 5'8.75" in normal shoes.
Mathew says on 29/Jul/12
He's always seemed 5'7" to me. I can buy 5'7.5" max.
Jacob says on 1/Feb/12
I saw him in tennis shoes at the AI auditions. I was about 2.5 inches taller than him and I am a legit 5'8.75 before bed at night.
MD says on 30/Jan/12
Why would you post that? Seems like a waste and spam.
Silent d says on 29/Jan/12

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