How tall is Scarlett Johansson ?

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Scarlett Johansson height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in Ghost World, Lost in Translation, Lucy, The Prestige, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Black Dahlia, Match Point and the Marvel Universe playing Natasha Romanoff/The Black Widow. She has a twin brother and mentioned in the Scotland on Sunday, "I'm 5ft 4in and he's 6ft 3in", although in Style Magazine mentioned that "I'd like to be taller. I'm 5-foot-4 on a good day, and a couple extra inches would be nice". More recently she has now described herself as 5ft 3, in The Huffington Post: "my 5'3" frame" and Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "when you're 5-3"

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Skye says on 5/Jun/15
@crypto139 - Black Widow suppose to be 5'7. So yeah. There's that.
Skye says on 5/Jun/15
@crypto139 - Black Widow suppose to be 5'7. So yeah. There's that.
Jacques says on 23/May/15
5'2.75 for her. She is weak 5'3. She is considerably shorter than the Hulk (Banner).
Crypto139 says on 14/May/15
And she is supposed to be playing a character that is based on a 5 feet 6 japanese woman in the movie Ghost in the Shell! Though height of anime characters maybe stated as something but they really look a lot different than the writer states like the so called 187 or 6 feet 1.75 inch character in that manga is really giangantic, compared to all the other characters. I just hope that Ghost in the Shell is a good movie.
Huntie says on 27/Apr/15
@Brenda nobody cares how tall you are sis. Stay in school.
kristos says on 14/Apr/15
Brenda I bet you're a gargantuan. You're probably 5'double digits with football shoulders. I'm 6' and I really like Scarlett's "midget" size.
CASPER says on 7/Apr/15
I guess heels really make up for them.She looked little shorter than Robert Downey Jr in avengers.
Erica says on 13/Mar/15
Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown describes Scarlett as 5'2" in her book "Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules." I'm sure they've met.
grizz says on 5/Mar/15
@Brenda, easy now with name-calling. Would you feel comfortable if someone called you an ogre?
She's 1-2 inches shorter than the American average for women.
Brenda says on 3/Mar/15
She's a midget.But at least she has a very sexy body.I am way taller than her.My height is 182cm.I am a girl and 15 years old.I guest she is short,midget and sexy.Even when she is short she still has a good talent.Sorry scarlet for my tallness.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Dec/14
Rob can you add Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Scoop, The Black Dahlia and Match Point. Do you have a better photo? - looks a bit washed out here.
Captain America says on 6/Nov/14
5'1" the most
Emmett says on 15/Oct/14
Wierd that her brother is a foot taller than her, but he does actually look like he could be a legit 6'3 man when you see the two of them together. And they're twins too! He must have stolen all her tall genes when they were in the womb together. Anyone know how tall their parents are?
SAMMY DERRICK says on 5/Oct/14
In the movie LUCY,she is described as 25 blonde and medium height.5'3 in Far East Asia is average for a woman.
Sam says on 17/Sep/14
I'd say the rate that people are getting taller if any is slowing down compared to how it was since the 1950s. We have much more than they did and more or less what we need so can only go so far..
Jones says on 6/Sep/14
@ Sean 6' isn't average but it is still a very normal height.
Amaze says on 16/Jun/14
lol at 6' being average, 5'9 is lower average, 5'10 being higher average. 6' for a man is tall, sean your friend and my brother are same height yeah it's a good height

5'3 is average for a woman too but like 5'9 for a man, lower average. scarletts at a good height for a woman, not quite petite. her bro is like a foot taller than her lol. Adriano you been living in giant land? 6' is 3 inches over average.
Sean says on 28/May/14
6' definitely isn't average. I measured one of my friends at 6'0.5 and he's consistently one of the tallest people in the room wherever he goes, if not the tallest period.
Realist says on 10/May/14
@Adiaino You are living in a dream world if you think average in America is 6'0. Average is between 5'9-5'11. Scarlet is about 5'3 maybe a bit under 159. She looks about 2 inches shorter than legit 5'8 Joaquin Phoenix in Her premiers with 3-4 inches heels. He was in flats. Also her brother ain't 6'3 he is about 6'1.5 (186 cm).
Adiaino says on 6/Apr/14
Elijah you're wrong,Cillian was right.6' is the average height for an american male.It's not 5'9 or 5'10.
Sean says on 11/Mar/14
This is late to the conversation, but I agree with Lorne down there. Teenage guys especially can look taller than they are because they're usually pretty thin. I'm 17, and a lot of my friends are 5'10 range and claim six foot (one is 5'10 1/2 and claims 6'1, haha), and people believe them because they give off a tall impression. Btw, I know they're 5'10 range because I've measured them.
Sarah says on 16/Feb/14
5'3" is pretty close. She looks about this height on the Avengers.
kani says on 7/Feb/14
I think she is so beautiful, no matter how tall she is. I actually thought she was taller. She must have long legs! I'm only 5ft.2in. and I look shorter-short legs!
JeanE says on 13/Jan/14
Don't forget the other sex-bomb, Jean Harlow at 5'1". Watching her in the old movies, she commanded respect and owned the screen. Whatever your height, play up your strengths and carry yourself like "you have oil wells pumping in your backyard.". Scarlett is awesome.
sweetie says on 13/Jan/14
she is no taller than 5'
gavy says on 6/Jan/14
Scarlett is short 5'1 or 5'2 max. But she is d sexiest gal in Hollywood. Being shorter, she has a fantastic body.
liftwearer says on 20/Oct/13
I think this listing is pretty accurate. She usually looks a bit on the petite side in photos with other celebs. I also find her to be just very average in every way too. Height, weight, looks...well it's just my personal opinion. Kudos to her for making a name for herself in Hollywood.
Len says on 17/Sep/13
5'2" or 5'3".

Like her in most movies, but thought she was miscast as The Black Widow in the Marvel films.

The Black Widow is a tall, athletic, strong-looking Russian redhead. Scarlett's great, but she's none of those things.

She can act, though. Her interrogation scene with Loki in The Avengers was pretty good.
Lucy says on 31/Aug/13
I saw Scarlett J. at a Starbucks in Canmore, Alberta with Ryan Reynolds before they were married. I am 5'3 and Scarlett was 2-3 inches shorter than me and she was wearing flat shoes. I think she may be exaggerating her height by a couple of inches. Based on what I saw she is probably 5'1 or 5'2. Because she is most often seen in high heels she may seem taller.
SK says on 26/Aug/13
Lorne, I agree with what you wrote. I think so many people overestimate their height that we have a distorted idea of what's tall now. It's funny when people say 6' or 5'11" for a man isn't tall. Of course, it depends on the person's body type and proportions, but 5'11"-6' is still tall or above average height for a man in the U.S. and in most parts of the world. The reason why it doesn't seem that tall anymore is that (1) so many guys who are really 5'8"-5'10" inflate their height and claim to be 5'11"-6'; (2) people have gotten heavier over the years, which makes them look shorter; and (3) we're used to seeing more extremes now and tall people have just gotten taller. Plus, there's a difference between the true average height in a society vs. what you see out there in the streets. Just because you're surrounded by tall people doesn't mean those people are the average height. Where I work, I see plenty of very tall women who are at least 5'10" even in flat shoes, but I know those women are not the norm.
Sam says on 1/Jul/13
I saw her on-stage in A View From a Bridge. Although she can look really quite short, on stage she looked 5'4" range to me next to Liev Schreiber and the rest of the cast. However, she was wearing quite large-heeled shoes based on some of these photos, where Schreiber looks a solid head taller.
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Lorne says on 30/Jun/13
Well Europe is a different story, Truth177. Some parts average really is 5'11, should've thought of that! But they specifically said us. Average for women in us is 5'4-5'5, as you said. Average for men is NOT over 5'9.5 though, unless you talk about younger white men, where average really is around 179cm. In any case, 6ft in US is still tall, and anywhere 6ft is strong average, though in very few places is average 5'11+. For example, UK, all countries, average is less than 5'10. Sorry, but peoPle living us saying 5'10 is short are crazy. And I very rarely see women taller than me, which says something...
truth177cm says on 28/Jun/13
people who claim 6ft-6ft1 is average are just as deluded as people who claim 5ft8-9 is average.
truth177cm says on 28/Jun/13
nah Lorne, realistically speaking (where I am from though, Europe) about 30% of guys are 6ft and over, it is not around LOL. and average height for a male is 5ft10-11, female 5ft4-5ft5.
Lorne says on 28/Jun/13
Lol jf and cillian. Like most people, you overestimate height. Remember, most people claim to be an inch or 2 taller than they are, for various reasons. Some ppl really think they are that tall, others measure themselves in shoes, and some just lie. In reality, most people that claim to be 5'10 are really 5'8-5'9, and I have even seen a few 5'7-5'7.5 guys claim 5'10. And a lot of guys who are legitametly 6ft, claim to be 6'1-6'2. Point is, 6ft is tall, 88th percentile, I believe, so taller than 88% of the population. Just telling you, your ideas about height are warped. If you really think that over 70% of kids in your school are 6ft+, when statistictly well under 20% are, you are either delusional, or have no idea what a true 6 footer looks like.( Let alone a legit 6ft2, which is VERY tall, despite 6ft flat guys regularly claiming it)
Kate says on 30/May/13
She is beautiful, period. Who cares how tall she is...5'3 is perfect.
Mooplefoo says on 8/May/13
I am an high school Elijah and i do agree with Cillian. A vast majority of kids in my school are 6ft and above id say 70% of males are in my school. I'm 5'6 in public I dont feel too short but at school I'm one of the shorter kids. My dads 5'10 and in public he always seems perfectly average though.
JF says on 31/Mar/13
i am a guy and i am 5 feet why is it the guy has to be taller then the girl who cares as long as you love each other it should not matter who is tall or short. i get girl looking at me weird just being i am shorter then them who cares ppl come in all sizes it what is the inside that matter not the outside
JF says on 31/Mar/13
i am a guy and i am 5 feet why is it the guy has to be taller then the girl who cares as long as you love each other it should not matter who is tell her i get girl looking at me weird just being i am shorter then them who cares ppl come in all sizes it what in the in side that matter not the outside
JP says on 13/Mar/13
I thought she was taller. Very attractive though
Elijah says on 11/Mar/13
No it isn't Cillian. Average height is still a solid/strong 5'9" even for young people.
Cillian says on 17/Feb/13
Is 5'10" really average height for American men? Isn't that kinda short? Most kids these days are already at 6ft barely out of high school.
Cliff says on 14/Feb/13
I agree with Llama.

It is indeed rare to see a girl taller than 5'7" - even in los Angeels where I live. For example, the tallest girl in the office in which I work (we have about 60 employees) is around 5'7." Teh shortest around 5'0." The average is definitely between 5'4" - 5'5." It's actually rarer than most think to see a girl taller than 5'8."
Llama says on 27/Jan/13
@Joey "and btw 5'7 isnt tall for a woman...its like one would call a 5'11 man tall since men are about 4-5 inches taller than women in average..a 5'7 woman is slightly above average just like a 5'11 man is... weak 5'9 and above for women and weak 6'1 & above for men can be considered as tall"

The difference between 5'4" and 5'7" in practise is a lot. I'm a 5'8" girl and it is definitely tall out in the wild. If I wear heels, I'm bigger than most guys.

Also, for guys, anything even scraping 6' is tall. 6'2"+ is very tall. 6'4"+ is huge. Two inches may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to a person's height relative to average, it really makes a big difference. Try wearing four inch platforms, you'll see what I mean.
Ali says on 21/Jan/13
@Helen381 thats really good to hear that! Since Im 5'3"/5'4" :)
Balrog says on 11/Jan/13
For an average guy at 5'9''-5'10'' sure 5'3'' is perfect. But I prefer women 5'6'' or taller although that's not the most important thing.
Helen381 says on 11/Jan/13
I'm 5'3" & I was told by a male friend that its the perfect height for women, not too tall & not too short.
Helen381 says on 11/Jan/13
I'm 5'3" and I was told 5'3" is a perfect height for women, not too short & not too tall. 😊
Alexandra says on 29/Dec/12
I'm 5'3'' too and never lied about my height, even though in my country most women are taller than me. Men seem to look at overall features, I've always had very tall boyfriends that didn't care about me being short, but that's not the point. Yes, 1.60 is short, but I love being able to dress in anything and not look manly, or put on 6 inch heels shoes and feel amazing, hehe. Look at Scarlett, she's simply gorgeous!
Joey says on 19/Dec/12
5'3 sounds about right

and btw 5'7 isnt tall for a woman...its like one would call a 5'11 man tall since men are about 4-5 inches taller than women in average..a 5'7 woman is slightly above average just like a 5'11 man is... weak 5'9 and above for women and weak 6'1 & above for men can be considered as tall
rk says on 25/Nov/12
marla singer
i feel like if she was 5'3.5 then she wouldn't call herself 5'3 people always round up... she makes short look good thanks scarjo it helps the rest of us short girls
marla singer says on 3/Nov/12
She might be 5'3.5", she looks the same height as Mila Kunis who is 5'4"
Anna says on 6/Oct/12
She's 5'3. I am 5'7 and saw her on red carpet. She was my height on heels, I wore flats that day.
little sue says on 20/Aug/12
Lee, Marilyn Monroe was never short! she was about 5ft 5 which is a good average now. The average height for a female back in 1950 was 5ft 2 so Marilyn was on the short side of tall!
Lee says on 19/Aug/12
5-3 seems right. And yes, she does look a bit short in films. So what?

With women, that isn't really a negative. Guys get dinged for being short, but with women, hot is hot... doesn't matter if you're 5-3 or 5-10.

Yeah, yeah, I know... supermodels are tall. They have to be, because the clothes have to hang off them a certain way. But then look at Playboy playmates (or porn stars, if you must). They're all over the map, height-wise.

Biggest sex bomb of all-time? Marilyn Monroe. And she was short.
Emma says on 25/Jul/12
I never usually comment but I don't like the earlier comments talking about how being shorter is a negative thing. I'm 5'0 and I don't mind being that height. In fact, I think sometimes its an advantage.
Shannon says on 26/Jan/12
Cindy: Below average IS short. Keep in mind that average height for women (5'4'') is not very big to begin with. No, 5'5'' is not tall, but it`s also only slightly above average. Below average is pretty small, 5'3'' and under. I`m 5'2'' and I feel like I'm pretty short, despite being only 2 inches below average. 2 inches is a big difference when you're in the low fives. You just have to accept it. I find it a bit off-putting that you feel the need to so vehemently protest the use of the word short. I don`t mind it; I`m not insecure about being small. It`s not a bad thing.

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