How tall is Seth Green ?

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Seth Green height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)

American Actor known for appearing on tv shows like Buffy, Robot Chicken and films like Austin Powers, The Italian Job. In his own words, when asked 'How tall are you', he says: "I'm not 5'5". How's that?", or "I'm probably small enough to fit into places that other people couldn't".. Indeed in E-Online chat he admitted that, "I'm five-four. Hey, Rene Russo walked in a ditch when she filmed Freejack with Emilio Estevez. The great thing about this business is it's not about how you look, it's how they can make you look". In earlier interview in The South Florida Sun (10/4/94) Seth mentioned a lower height, saying "I would be Three inches taller. I'm 5 feet 3 and I cant reach tall cabinets."

How tall is Seth Green
Seth with Candace Bailey
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Kenny said on 22/Aug/15
Looks atleast 5'4 to me. I don't know what you guys are talking about.
Magic said on 17/Jun/15
maybe 5ft1-5ft2 he near Macaulay Culkin was 4-5 inches more short
matt said on 6/Sep/14
He should trade agents with Vince Vaughn, who at 6'5" is tall for his comedic roles.
Lebensdorf said on 15/Aug/14
He is very well proportioned. Standing alone, without frames of reference, you would think that he is average height. I was shocked when I found out how short he really is.
Charlie said on 26/May/14
Seth Green is short and a wonderful guy!
person said on 24/Apr/14
5'1/5'2 I would say
slappy said on 15/Apr/14
i'm 5'7 and i have had plenty of fun with the ladies. and todd tell your mom i said hi. she loves the short guys that you say are chumps. LOL
JoJo said on 10/Mar/14
I would say 5'3" is pretty accurate. I stood next to him in line waiting to use a restroom and my eyes were about even with the top of his head, I am 5'6".

And about the idiot Todd, I guarantee he was beat up by a short guy hence his anger towards them. One thing I have learned in life. When betting on a fight, always always put money on the smaller guy.
Hola said on 17/Nov/13
Not to imply anything wrong with that
Hola said on 17/Nov/13
No way he is 5'4 like someone claims on here. Michael J fox Doesnt even give off this short an impression. 5'3 is on the money, if not below.
Dirk said on 13/Nov/13
Mark Wahlberg towers over him in the Italian job and he's arguably 5'7 flat, Green has to be more like 5'2.
cd said on 13/Nov/13
A useful trick to know when guessing people's height is how they might round up or down. Consider that if he was measured at 5'3.25 he'd claim 5'3. Then he might have been measured slightly differently at 5'3.5 and decided to round up to 5'4. Of course, on the other hand, someone might say one thing and the next time they might decide to lie.
cd said on 13/Nov/13
I agree he is taller than 5'3 flat. Considering he's claimed both 5'3 and 5'4, he's probably 5'3.5. Probably got measured near one of them and then another time got measured a bit different.
HomeBoy said on 11/Oct/13
He's actually 5'4. Compare him to Alyson Hannigan on Buffy And The Vampire Slayer. Seth never looks tall really but either way he's still handsome.
cd said on 6/Sep/13
He doesn't sound like he knows much about his own height, first saying he's "not" 5'5, then claiming 5'4 and 5'3. He's probably 5'3 and a half and nearly 5'5 in lifts.
Balrog said on 14/Aug/13
Honestly he looked 5'2" in the Italian Job. Wahlberg and Statham towered this guy.
John said on 26/Jul/13
This is a great height for a father, because it makes your relationship with your children much easier.
The fact that your are same eyelevel as your boy or girl enables you to get into a very specially deep relationship with him or her, at a time of his/her life when height is really important for them.
5'3" (1,60m) was my height when I was turning 11, and that helped me to develop a unique relationship with my elder brother (who was same height) and my father who was just two inches taller.
I think from my own experience that a tall boy from a short family becomes responsible much earlier, because he is taken for an adult at an early age, he feels as an adult man much earlier, he gets older friends that treat him just as one of them, he dresses up like an adult, because men's clothes are the ones which fit him (at 11 I loved to put on all my father's and my brother's clothes, but not shoes because my father's and my brother's shoe sizes were 5 and 6 and mine was already 9).
I'll always remember how I enjoyed to stand and walk by them, especially on special occasions.
I think it is a special advantage that we tall and very tall men will never experience, because we tend to look too intimidating for children. Even if they like and admire us the relationship tends to be built up on different terms.
JP said on 19/Jul/13
I guess that Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Tom Cruise, Luke Perry, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson and Steve McQueen are all chumps. Right Todd.
JayC said on 13/Jun/13
He's 5'3" with shoes.
Selena said on 22/May/13
Todd youre being silly, look at Seth's beautiful wife. Have you ever dated? Been outside your mom's basement?
Tall enough said on 21/Mar/13
Todd, your an idiot. Tom Cruise is only 5'7'' and I am sure he has you beat in every catagory. So keep your stupid oppinions to yourself.
Party said on 18/Mar/13
His wife Clare Grant is like 5'7 so 5'4 sounds right for Seth.
Joe said on 6/Mar/13
He's 5'4 not 5'3.
Len said on 9/Feb/13
@Todd - Grow up.

Said as a guy who's over 5'10" and still thinks you're being a dweeb.
\"Shorty\" said on 2/Jan/13
Todd, you are seriously wrong here. I'm 5 feet 8 and I have a lovely beautiful girlfriend. It's not true that all women want a tall guy.
lillea said on 4/Nov/12
Im short as well. I think he shows confidence about who he is and who he's become. So what if he's 5'3".. So what if he was 4' Even.. Height doesn't make you who you are. He's hilarious, attractive, and good at what he does. I've never met him personally, but my opinion of him would not be marked by the way he added up against a height chart. Just sayin!
katie said on 2/Nov/12
im 5'1 and would love to meet him he is my fav actor and he is awsome i cant belive he is that tall i thought he was also 5'1
Todd said on 2/Nov/12
Anyone under 5'10" is a chump as far as I'm concerned. Women don't like shorties hehe
fdpc said on 24/Aug/12
I just met Seth Green in Orlando, he was in Islands of Adventure shopping around. He`s very short, I would say 5 feet 1 inch barefoot.
Bobsly said on 20/Aug/12
DAMN IT. Still taller than me.
frankie cranberry said on 14/Jun/12
If you watch his guest host spot on wwe raw, he is shown without camera trickery in the middle of the ring, and you can see that he is tiny, I'd say about 3 foot 4 inches.
Maximus Meridius said on 4/Jun/12
Rob is it rare for men too be under 5ft 7in these days it's rare too see men under 5ft 7in since there isn't many men under 5ft 7in the most common heights for men these days is between 5ft 7in and 5ft 9in i don't see many men under 5ft 7in men under 5ft 7in are rare even in public.

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