How tall is Winona Ryder ?

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Winona Ryder's Height is 5ft 2.5in (159 cm)

American actress best known for roles in films like Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Dracula, Girl Interrupted, Alien Resurrection and Little Women. She commented in Total Film magazine, saying "Somehow, when they first approached me [about Alien Resurrection], I thought they wanted me to replace Ripley. All I could think was, 'No way. You can't have me at the helm. Me? I'm 5 feet 4 inches tall. Hello!!!".

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Comment on the Height of Winona Ryder

Sam said on 23/Nov/15
She's the only celeb I fell for that had short hair, even Keira Knightley didn't do that for me. Sure women like a man with some height, but I can't think of any like-minded guy that is going to care unless maybe he runs a modelling agency. Other than that I don't think any woman that is height concerned should have much to worry about, at least as far as a mans opinion goes.
Libertariandude said on 7/Oct/15
@Sam I couldn't agree more. Who in their right mind would say Winona is not a gorgeous, very attractive lady, just because she's under the modeling standard of 165 cm of height?
Sam said on 15/Mar/15
When you're attractive and female, height doesn't really matter unless you're looking to model. I know everyone has their preferences, but I can't see any red blooded male out there giving a hoot.
wishbone said on 29/Oct/14
While only a modest fan of 5'3" Winona,she's sweet and pretty,like petite women usually are. Winona does look smaller tan other 5'3" women,but she's calm and comfortable at just 105 pounds. Loved her best in Beetlejuice,one of my 4'10" friend Joanie's favorite movies. (Like me,Joanie generally loves small women,but as Katnip always said,"That sounds logical," since Joanie's only 4'10". Surprisingly,Joanie loves many other small women I love!)
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jun/14
More like it!
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
Yeah I doubt she'd be much over 100 pounds.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
Aniston also looked minimum 2 inches taller than her.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
Rob it's very difficult to only see a 3-3'5 difference with Jolie in Girl Interrupted. In similar footwear I think it looked nearer 5 inches. Perhaps 5'2.5" would be a better shout?
[Editor Rob: yeah I think that is probably a fairer shout for her]
littlesue said on 28/May/14
I would say Christinna Ricca is about 4ft 11.5 which would make Winola about 5ft 2
K said on 25/May/14
Oh, btw, I saw her on Oprah's show when I was a girl and the 5'8 Oprah was more than five inches taller than Winona. She even commented on how tiny the actress looked in person. Let's "downgrade" her to 5'2 for the sake of accuracy. :)
G-MANN said on 25/May/14
If Winona is only 5 foot 1 or 2, then that would make Christina Ricci (who always claims 5'1") under 5 feet tall: Click Here
K said on 19/May/14
I'd agree with that. She's probably 5'1-5'2 and 95-105 pounds.
tiny said on 19/May/14
Winona Ryder is what you can call small & cute. She is only 5'2" and weighs about 100lbs
littlesue said on 14/May/14
I always think about 5ft 2 Arch, like you say tiny frame
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/14
5'9 Leto dwarfed her in Girl. In Friends also wasn't she 2-3 inches shorter than Aniston?
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/14
Sue what do you reckon? She looks 5'2" tops to me. Small frame.
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/14
Rob can you add Girl Interrupted? Looks 5'2" max in Girl Interrupted, looks about 5 inches shorter than Jolie.
Heightgirl said on 5/Feb/14
I think K is right about Winona who actually may be 5f2 or a bit under. I saw a pic of her standing beside 5f4 Bebe Neuwirth and she was more than 2 inches shorter Click Here
K said on 24/Jun/13
She aged very well. Her delicate frame might have helped in that department but I doubt she's 5'3. 5'2 is more like it.
PR said on 9/Jun/13
One of great thing about Winona is that she never ever have any nude/naked scene in of her any film. If any, please confirm the name. She is really a beautiful, intelligent actress. She have beautiful expressive eyes, she has very good facial expression. I don't know how she is in her personal life, but in film she is very nice and kind person. Very Good.
David said on 11/May/13
What a very gorgeous girl Winona Ryder is. Her height is perfect nothing wrong being 5ft 3 for a special brilliant looking girl.She's a great actress and her films are pretty interesting indeed.I am the same age as Winona 41 well 2 and a half months older.She has great beauty and i am a big fan of her and of her films.
Lee said on 29/Jul/07
There is no way Winona is 5'4" or even 5'3". I would say 5'1" or 5'2" at most. Just like many women who pose for Playboy list their weight as 10 or 15 lbs lighter, many short actresses add inches to their height. It is very common.
Kim said on 23/Jul/07
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she actually is 5'2. She's tiny from head to toe and she must be very easy to lift as well. Whoopi Goldberg easily carried her in Girl, Interrupted.
Dow Jones said on 21/Jul/07
I don't know if 'towering' is the right word, but Aniston is at least 2" taller than Ryder
Click Here
Bug Blast said on 17/Jul/07
This little woman is absolutely tiny. I doubt she's even 5'2". I've seen so many pictures of her with other people who absolutely dwarf her.
Kim said on 31/May/07
Well, Leo, in that case, Winona might be even shorter than I thought. She could be as short as 5'1 without shoes.
leonari said on 30/May/07
Oprah is NOT 5'8"!!!! Never!!! 5'7" max but really she is a full 5'6"
Kim said on 30/May/07
Yeah, I've always thought she was around 5'2 too. I saw her on Oprah and Oprah, who's 5'8, looked huge next to her. She even said that Winona was tiny. It was like "oh, you're so TINY!" I doubt she would've said that if Winona was around 5'4, especially since she looked to be at least six inches shorter than Oprah.
val said on 19/May/07
i completely agree with anonymous, she and natalie portman do look alike. they're both goergous and so cool without even trying. they look like the kind of girls that can out wit you and make you feel stupid because they're so smart. i love winona's fashion sense and honestly to me she looks around 5'2.
Brad said on 4/May/07
5' 2" solid. Richard Gere owned her by lots of inches even after wearing giant shoes.
Scarlet said on 11/Apr/07
Winona is 1.5-2 inches shorter than 5'5.5 Angelina in Girl Interupted. 5'4 is about right or the 5'3.5 listed here.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
I would love to see Winona in a movie with Natalie Portman where they play sisters. They resemble each other and are both so lovely. Yes, I think Winona is less than 5'3. A good movie to see this, "Little Women". She has many scenes with Claire Danes who I don't think was fully grown when the movie was made and Danes is a little bit taller. Danes is listed at 65.5 inches which seems correct.
Crys said on 29/Mar/07
She is not 5'4".she looks shorter than me and i'm 5'3".I would say she's 5'2" the most.
Gib said on 14/Mar/07
Jennifer Aniston was three/four inches over her in that Friends episode.
glenn said on 11/Mar/07
i agree.5-2 or so.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/07
She doesn't look 5'4" at all to me. She looks shorter than average. I agree with the posters saying 5' or 5'1.
G-MANN said on 13/Jan/07
She's has described herself as being just about 5'4" if she stands totally straight, though she says she often slouches. Her rather slender frame makes her look more stretched out. I reckon it's fair enough to call her 5'4", she's closer to that height than 5'3". I seen her standing next to Martin Scorsese (who directed her in The Age of Innocence and is about 5'3") and she looks about an inch taller, and next to Reese Witherspoon (5'2") and she's about 2 inches taller than her.
Sonia said on 7/Jan/07
No way on earth she is over 5' 1in. in Autumn in New York she wears 5" platforms in every scene and still 4" shorter than 5' 10 in Richard Gere
Jen said on 11/Nov/06
She is dead on 5' having seen her come in store many times
Jen said on 17/Oct/06

Most short actresses (and short women, for that matter) add 2 or 3 inches to their height. I am short myself, so I am not discriminating. Of course, it doesn't matter how tall she is.
patricia pz said on 27/Sep/06
she was kind of jennifer love hewitt height range.. only 158..and weight about 95pounds(43kg)..short lovely beauty!!
sam said on 20/Sep/06
Thinking about it rationally, if she says 5'4 that's probably what she actually is. It's not like she needs to say she's taller.
jake said on 5/Sep/06
Actually some shots in Reality Bites show Winona looking a bit taller. Hard to tell you could be right.
Jen said on 4/Sep/06
When Winona did Reality Bites with Janeane Garofalo, they looked about the same height, and Garofalo has said that she is 5' 1" tall. Therefore, I would say Winona is only 5' 1" or 5' 2".
Sam said on 20/Jul/06
This is a tricky one because she can have a deminutive frame that makes her appear smaller all around. Plus, she isn't one for elevated heels. In actuality though, 5'4 sounds about right.
guru said on 5/Jun/06
jennifer aniston towered over her in friends
anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
yes i agree she's no taller than 5.1 or 5ft.2 as seen her against petite actresses and she's no taller than they are...Most girls are fully grown at the age of 16.
tgri said on 13/Feb/06
maybe shes 5'4 now , but when she was 16 theres no way she was over about 5'1. if you ever watch beetlejuice the actor jeff jones is listed at 6'4 and from someones shoulder to to top of the head is like a foot . winona only came to the mid of jeff's arms which would have made her 5'1 max at that time .

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