How tall is Johnny Depp ?

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Johnny Depp height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American actor best known for his role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Other notable films he has starred in have been Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and Sleepy Hollow. One interviewer clearly thought he wasn't the 5ft 10 Depp has always got listed at (and was listed here at that height): "Its strange because although Johnny Depp is actually only 5' 7", he gives the illusion of being really tall.". Although he himself is quoted in the Spectator (5/10/94) as saying "I'm not the biggest guy in the world by any means -- I'm only five-foot-eleven"

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Damon says on 16/Apr/14
Watched Depp next to Jimmy Kimmel and looked two inches shorter, but his shoes looked like they had a thick sole
Annie says on 14/Apr/14
I saw him at MTV Movie Awards 2014 event yesterday and found out that he was taller than 5'8".
MASsacre says on 12/Apr/14
I have found this pic, that it could be the same day that he had the pic with Wiz Khalifa 'cause Johnny's clothes are the same....but look at his shoes! o.o
Click Here
Harold says on 10/Apr/14
Click Here

Saw a picture of him and 6'3 Wiz Khalifa, looks 5'10 there. I would say
5'9 barefoot
5'10 in footwear
Joanna says on 10/Apr/14
I saw him with his gf Amber at SXSW. Ok, I wasn't right next to him and he was wearing a hat, but I saw him standing next to Rick Linklater the director and Rick's max 5'8 and Depp was shorter.
the shredder says on 7/Apr/14
He is not 5'7 , that is height complex talking.
maybee says on 6/Apr/14
maybe he said "I'm only five-foot-seven" and the interviewer heard eleven
Meltdown says on 6/Apr/14
Johnny Depp is actually 5'8.75. He always wears 2.5 inch heels, so yes he is 5'11... at movie premieres! LOL
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 4/Apr/14
5'11" is above average, but not tall. 180 CM is like the 70th percetnile.
Felix says on 4/Apr/14
Allwn - If you're not intrested in discussing heights, this site is probably not for you. We are not intrested in who you fight either.
jamieorr4 says on 3/Apr/14
Heylo 5ft11 can be tall in the US really? im 5ft10.5 and I feel average and I live uk 5ft11 is average not tall
Allwn says on 31/Mar/14
What intelligent, sane person cares how tall a person is? I AM 6'2", 180 POUNDS. As a kid, I only lost one fight of many when I was 12. I lost it to a boy who didn't come up to my chest.I wouldn't lose to him again, but who cares? We are grown now. Are you? Today there are women boxers and wrestlers who can beat the living sh-t out of me and you. And I taught hand-to-hand combat in the Army as a lieutenant. I could probably kick the a-s of most of you children who think that height is the sign of a man and spend your lives on cell phones, ans making smart comments on the internet after watching TV all day and getting fat and stupid.And I am 72 years old. The last fight I had, after not hitting a man since I was 22 years old, was when a smart mouthed 57 year old laborer man who had sexually molested a crazy woman who was 34, causing her to try to commit suicide. I told hlm to leave the state because when she got out of the hospital, I would escort her to the police to swear out a warrant for his arrest. He then hit me then with a bar stool in a coffee shop, so I kicked his butt.No one wins a fight and guess what, children. if you get in a fight, somebody is going to jail and ity just might be you.Grow up! get a air. it takes more courage to turn the other cheek than it takes to hurt someone who is as stupid as you.
Nattynanth says on 31/Mar/14
I think johnny is between 173-176 cm.
James B says on 29/Mar/14
Looks 5'9
Abcdefg says on 28/Mar/14
Same as Richards, so 172-175 for Depp, but I think that he is 173cm. Look at photos with Richards, almost the same, or even Depp a little shorter.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Better picture with Shane MacGowan:
Click Here

I think that he is 172-174cm.

What do you think guys? And what do you think Rob?
the shredder says on 27/Mar/14
5'7 is a joke , even a thin 5'7 guy would not look his height , he is an average range guy thats slim that can look tall.
Felix says on 26/Mar/14
I don't know how tall Shane MacGowan is, but if the listning is right at 176-177cm. Johnny for sure isn't more than 173cm. But yeah, Johnny has tall proportions, not stocky as cruise, so he can give the impression of being taller than he is I think. In almost every photo he looks a half inch taller than Jerry Bruckheimer. He's 5'8, what do you say Rob? Met him?
MASsacre says on 25/Mar/14
I think that 170-173cm is right, he change his height too often as we can see with all these pics... But nobody give me his opinion about this pic with MacGowan, that is 176 cm.,d.Yms&psig=AFQjCNGD9X3N-zXinOtdvlw6DlR99EgnuQ&ust=1395867448701176
Heylo says on 24/Mar/14
"I'm not the biggest guy in the world by any means -- I'm only five-foot-eleven" ... LOL Not the biggest? 5'11 can be tall in the US, especially for his generation. Today it is slightly over average.

However, Depp to me often looks something between 5'8 and 5'9. Slim build and thick sole boots can make him 5'10-5'11 and that's probably his height at the awards and stuff but barefoot i would guess 173cm or something. In 21 Jump Street (in the 80s) he had these thick sole boots on and looked close to 5'11 in that tv-show while Brad Pitt was on the show at the same time and he looked like a natural 5'10-5'11 compared to Depp who needed boots to look like that.
Tim181 says on 23/Mar/14
That interviewer must have been high or something, Depp can't be only 5'7 and he definitely can't give illusion of being really tall at just 5'9.
Felix says on 22/Mar/14
I agree that he's not 5'7, and he's not a full 5'9. 174cm morning, 173cm day.
the shredder says on 21/Mar/14
He is not under 5'8.5
Felix says on 19/Mar/14
When Johnny played John Dillinger he was quoted saying: "And - get this - we're the same size!". John Dillinger is listed at 5'7.

I also remember reading somewhere that he tried John Dillingers old clothes.
ilromanspqr says on 19/Mar/14
Madam tussauds has him at about 5'7 max. Someone go check him out at the london location.
284327_ka says on 17/Mar/14
Damon, I agree with you. I think that Cruise is 170-171cm, And Depp is 173cm (+/- cm.
Damon says on 17/Mar/14
i think its funny a lot of people assume that Cruise is wearing lifts in the pictures, which he probably is. But, i don't hear any mention of Depp's shoes, which look like they have a good inch maybe more to them. I don't think those two are too far off in height
284327_ka says on 16/Mar/14
Damn... Guys, you're right. That's not De Niro. But... I still think that Johnny is more likely to be 173/174 than full 175cm. :)
Aldorf Hitmier says on 16/Mar/14
His height is quite easy to establish by simply looking at the opinion of experts on the matter......He is 5`7", 5`9", 5`10" and 5`11", all at the same time !!!
GUY says on 15/Mar/14
That's not De Niro it's Hunter S Thompson who was over 6ft
Felix says on 15/Mar/14
That's not Robert De Niro, that's Hunter S. Thompson. But I think you are right on Johnnys height, I always seen him as a 173cm guy. Remember the picture with Glenn, he was wearing boots said Glenn, and he was like 1-2 inch taller than Glenn with those on. 5'8 is probably spot on day height. 174cm morning height.
284327_ka says on 15/Mar/14
Well, I really think that Johnny is a bit smaller that 175cm, I mean He's about 174cm, 173cm, maybe even 172cm? I have some pics and Depp is: same as Richards ~~, shorter than De Niro(?), and i have one photo where Johnny seems to be about same height as Amber Heard(?), I don't know. What do you think Rob? Is 173cm, or 174cm possible for Depp? Other question: Do you think he lost much of his height, he's 50 already...?

Click Here - with K. Richards
Click Here - with De Niro
Click Here - with A. Heard
Koalized says on 2/Mar/14
@Arch Stanton
Do you really see 1.5 inches difference in height in that pics? 1.5 inches are 4 cm roughly...Depp and Cruise, considering the different hairstyle and the perspective , look almost the same height to me.
About the shoes: Cruise shoes looks clumpy, but Depp shoes are huge too (from outside the heels of Depp boots looks a lot thicker than the Cruise shoes, but who know inside...)
truth says on 2/Mar/14
true that Arch, Cruise is notorious for lifing Click Here
but I was looking at the full length pic showing shoes as well Click Here

Tom's shoes show his typical extra boost but Johnny Cool wears boots. I was looking at their knee, crotch and shoulder levels which all seem to be on the same line. Depp does look a bit taller like you said though but not by a full inch. What do you reckon?
divincodino92 says on 28/Feb/14
170, max!
Arch Stanton says on 28/Feb/14
Depends on the photo:

Click Here Looks about 1.5 inches taller here

Click Here Looks about the same height here

I think though you'd find that Depp is the taller guy.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Feb/14
Click Here

They don't look the same height to me truth at all, and Cruise's footwear looks clumpy. I honestly think he's a clear cut 5'9" er. Obviously 5'11" is silly, but I really think 5'9-5'9.5" would be far more likely than 5'7" or even 5'8".
Arch Stanton says on 28/Feb/14
Cruise often pulls off looking taller though Truth, I'm not convinced that he doesn't have a helping hand from his footwear on occasions. He actually looked 5'9 range next to J. Ross and J. Clarkson but who knows what's on his feet.
truth says on 27/Feb/14
Arch, I usually agree with you but boy, when you're wrong, you really swing for the fences! The pic where he's equal height with Tom Cruise tells it all. Either that or Cruise suddenly experienced a growth spurt in his fifties haha
Lorne says on 25/Feb/14
I doubt Armie is a true 6ft4.5, look at the mugshot... Shredder, I highly doubt 177cm, actually they're is better chance of Will at 6ft1.5 then Depp being 5ft9.5. I think 5ft8.75-5ft9.25 is arguable for Depp. But sub 174? Not a chance.
MASsacre says on 21/Feb/14
So I don't know how is possible that he looks so short than MacGowan(176 cm) in the pics that I found :
the shredder says on 18/Feb/14
Could even be 5'9.5 . Under 5'9 is bull. but he sure is not legit 5'10 let alone 5'11. Some people just love to downgrade , Like it is going to make them feel better.
[Editor Rob: I believe in something like sweeney todd he looked about 3 inches shorter than jamie campbell...and he is a typical 6 footer in person.]
the shredder says on 18/Feb/14
Him and Tom make Martin look like a kid and Martin Claims 5'7 , 5'8
Arch Stanton says on 17/Feb/14
Oh c'mon. He's not under 5'9". Click Here with 6''4.5" Armie Hammer.
Taras says on 14/Feb/14
Seriously Rob, have you seen those pictures of Depp with Tom Cruise. They have the EXACT same height. Now I don't know how to link pictures but if you search their names on g!o!o!g!l!e! it'll show up. I don't really have any reason to care about downgrading or upgrading Depp. I just want you to rethink this listing after looking at the above pictures. If you still have doubts, then I believe you. Thank you in advance
melika says on 13/Feb/14
Johnny Depp you are the center of my life you are the best .I love you i always think about you.
Dural says on 7/Feb/14
5'9" is already generous,5'8.5".
Meltdown says on 6/Feb/14
JD is 5ft 8.75in (174.5 cm)barefoot. I thought this was verified already!
the shredder says on 6/Feb/14
He can be 5'9.5.
176,2Tunman says on 6/Feb/14
Honestly,he looks very close to Bloom and doesn't seem that small next to Butler.Seems like he's definitely an average guy.He actually looks more 5'10 than 5'9 in most of his films but there is generally a moment at which he finally gives the impression of being only 5'9. So maybe his real height is the mark he appears the least.
Statham for instance always looked shorter, even in pics than Knepper whom Rob met and thought was 5'9. Still, DMEYER saw Statham and said he looked a legit 5'9 in person.
Rich Hall says on 3/Feb/14
Evidence is crystal clear on the Jerry Cruise Depp pic Click Here
Depp & Cruise wear equivalent Nasa Lift off 2 the Moon shoes with maybe .5 xtra inch to Captain Cruise.
Notice how both always sport suspicious footwear. When no "real" reference next to him, Johnny can look taller in his fetish boots thanks to his good proportions and relatively slim build. Cruise is no slob in the physique department but being an endomorph with wide hips and shortish limbs, dude looks shorts even when lifting
Sunneh says on 27/Jan/14
I believe he's 5'10
1.83.6 says on 21/Jan/14
Johnny Depp 1.77
Orlando Bloom 1.79
truth says on 21/Jan/14
Cnut the great says on 21/Jan/14
he looks taller than 5'7" in Gilbert Grape .. he looks 5'9" in that movie, unless he is wearing lifts. Guys who are 5'7" look short, and he really doesnt..
Samuel says on 19/Jan/14
I think he's closer to 5'8. 172-174 cm.
Brad says on 18/Jan/14
As listed. With Swift with JD in probably Keith Richards boots he lives in to TS heels it fits. Wonder why he lied saying 5' 11", I thought he didn't care about such things. Hey Johnny DHST's ghost looms at the WCT bro, I was just there.
jimmyjet says on 16/Jan/14
Ya i can add particular incite into this inquiry...i'm 5'8.75 hospital record no shoes, lifts, boots, whatever. Small frame people look taller period. Depp is a small frame person. so he may very well be 5'8.5 and call him self 5'11. I could hell his height right away if i could only stand next to him, with or without boots.
FM says on 16/Jan/14
I have a hard time believing this guy is 5'9". And his claim of 5'11" is ridiculous - maybe with boots on, yeah I could believe it, or 5'10.5" probably.

Look at him in this pic with 5'7" Jerry Bruckheimer. Look at his shoes and Bruckheimer's shoes. Depp clearly has a bigger heel. If they had equal footwear, then I'd buy him at 5'9" but not with the heels he has on.

Click Here

I think he is 5'8" tops.
Seahawksfan says on 12/Jan/14
By Taylor Swift who is 5'9.5" on here:

Click Here

5'9" is completely believable for Depp. He probably weights 160 pounds as well.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Dec/13
He actually looks about this in Nightmare on Elm Street, 20-21 at the time.
John says on 28/Dec/13
He's 5'9.
Heather says on 27/Dec/13
If he's 5'7" then he's closer to my height ;)
Arthur says on 26/Dec/13
There is NO way he is 5ft9in. He looked barely an inch taller than Tom Cruise. He's 5ft8 range. You are height buddies Rob! :D
Arthur says on 26/Dec/13
There is NO way he is 5ft9in.
John says on 17/Dec/13
No, he said "I'm only 5'10"
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 14/Dec/13
John: Richards claimed 170 in his autobiography.
John says on 9/Dec/13
Anyway I find your thoughts that he's 5'7 so dull. He might be 5'8.. but definitely not 5'7. That would be crazy
Mnemonic says on 8/Dec/13
@ John
That day Johnny wore monster shoes. Check pic # 12.
John says on 7/Dec/13
With Keith Richards (now 5'8) he looks over 5'9
Click Here
Koalized says on 7/Dec/13
In the gallery of pics posted by MASsacre you can see a young (and still free from the massive star-system mechanics) Depp near a 5'9" Keith Richards. And Depp is shorter.
John says on 6/Dec/13
Sorry, Iggy Pop is 5'7.. 5'9 is okay
John says on 6/Dec/13
I've also seen a picture of him near Iggy Pop (5'5) and he's like 2 inches taller. So 5'9 is too much for him
MASsacre says on 5/Dec/13
I found these pics with Johnny and Shane MacGowan... Shane's height is 176 cm, and in these pics Johnny is wearing boots too.
Click Here
Click Here
Rosie says on 1/Dec/13
I've seen him couple of times at airports and he's not more than 5'7". His height should be downgraded to that. Both the times people near me whispered shockingly that he is actually so short in real life.
John says on 30/Nov/13
Michelle Obama is 5'11 and is a bit taller than Johnny. Considering that he's got tall shoes that makes him 5'9. I can't see how it's possible for him to be less than that.
Koalized says on 30/Nov/13
If you take a look at my post on 1 november, there is a pic of Depp next Burton during the same event. You can clearly see several inches of difference, and Depp has shoes advantage
John says on 29/Nov/13
I've seen a pic online where Tim and Johnny are with the Obama family (maybe it's the same pic you posted) and Tim looks 5'11. The point is that Johnny looks almost 5'11 there, so that still confuses me.. I can't figure out if he's 5'10 or 5'9
Lawrence says on 28/Nov/13
depp is a legit 5'9.5" he has angle advantage over bruck and cruz, he is taller than cruz. Cruz is 5. i want you to get a piece a paper and mark the length of all 3 men from head to were you think there bottom of their feet is really in their shoe, thats it... thats their height. Depp has 1.5-2" on bruck and cruz is roughly the same or 1"
Lawrence says on 28/Nov/13
JOhn, in that pic,Depp has 2" over him (you can calculate by the Depp's bottom of chin arriving at middle of Bruck's mouth which from the middle of mouth ot bottom of Bruck's chin is average 2" in humans) so add 2" of height to Bruck's height = 5'9.5" Now depp has no more than .5" insoles in those shoes so 5'9" for Depp and same with Cruz. but i think cruz is a smidge shorter at 5'8.5"
Koalized says on 27/Nov/13
John says on 26/Nov/13
Click Here

And here is the right pic everybody was looking for...

I've posted this pic before!! XD
In my opinion considering shoes advantage Depp looks shorter than 5'9'', in particular compared to Bruckheimer wearing regular shoes.

About the Tim Burton's pic: do you really see just half inch difference??
However take a look at my post on 1 November, Burton looks way shorter (more than 3 cm) than 185cm Obama.
John says on 26/Nov/13
Click Here

And here is the right pic everybody was looking for. Bruckheimer is 5'7.5 and Tom Cruise looks about 5'9 (if you look at the shoes you will notice they are the ones he used when with Cameron Diaz, with the extra lift). Johnny wears lifts and looks about 5'10. That means he's about 5'9
John says on 26/Nov/13
Click Here

With 5'11.5 Tim Burton he looks 5'11
Mathew says on 26/Nov/13
I can't see anything above the 5'8.5" - 5'9" range for Depp. He's not a tall man. His 5'11" quote is ridiculous.
Morgz says on 25/Nov/13
I met Johnny Depp years ago while he was filming Benny and Joon (probably 1992 or so). I doubt very seriously as a grown man he has gotten much taller since then. He is very short. I am 6' tall and he was way shorter than I am. I would guess the 5'7" referenced in the blurb above is accurate.
Koalized says on 24/Nov/13
Check my post on 21/Sep/13
Lawrence says on 23/Nov/13
Are you guys retarded?? Do you even know how much 2.5" lifts would be? the average shoe is about 1" you can stuff maybe .5" of insoles at most to make it 1.5" total but to say 2.5" lifts is hilarious! what kinda funny shoes does depp wear then? LoL or does he wear cowboy boots all the time with lifts in those? LoL. There is no such thing as a regular looking shoe with 2.5" lifts that would look retarded on Depp. Depp is no shorter than 5'9" and no taller than 5'9.5"
Bo Dimira says on 23/Nov/13
Depp is at least 5'9", probably taller. Just look at him standing next to Traci Lords at the Cry Baby reunion. Traci is 5'7" and is wearing high heels, Depp is still clearly several inches taller
John says on 22/Nov/13
@Koalized @Troy
I think you're right, he's not over 5'9. But I still think it's absurd to think he can be less than that..
the shredder says on 21/Nov/13
5'11 is as bad as 5'7.5 , I think no way under 5'8.5 or over 5'10.
Troy says on 19/Nov/13
John says on 10/Nov/13
Seriously guys, how can you think Johnny Depp is only 5'9? Come on, he's taller than that! Rob, I think you might add one inch here.. Definitely a 5'10 man

Because he wears a lift that's why he can look 5'10-11" most of the time.Just watch Pirates film then you'll see what i mean. Depp is 5'8.5" guy with a 1.5-2 inch lift to look 5'10-11" guy.
Koalized says on 18/Nov/13
take a look at some of the pictures i posted. I would like to see some pics of Depp looking taller of legit 5'8''-5'9'' guys (considering footwear), could you post some of them? or at least tell us where we can find that images, because 'till now I've found just pics of him looking shorter than 5'10'' guys and roughly the same height as 5'8''-5'9'' guys (wearing big boots)as you can see in my posts. Moreover in a couple of italian Depp's fansite (I'm italian) I found comments of different fans who met him saying they were shocked Depp was just a little bit over 5'7'' in person. Even in the comments of a video on youtube of Depp arriving in Ciampino (Rome airport)for the premiere of the Tourist you can read (if you understand italian) the same opinion by people that saw Depp at the arrival in the airport (one call him "nanetto" that means dwarf, and the average height of men in Italy is 5'9'')
John says on 15/Nov/13
@Nickname are you kidding?
You average and tall guys have no idea who short men really are. I don't think you had got a yardstick with you when you met him.. and honestly, I think you are wrong. Johnny Depp can't be less than 5'10. Look at him with all of the 5'8 and 5'9 guys and you'll see a big difference
Nickname says on 12/Nov/13
Johnny Depp is not a tall guy. I've stood next to him in person and he was a lot shorter than me (5' 11") he was around 5' 7" -5' 7.5" max.
John says on 10/Nov/13
Seriously guys, how can you think Johnny Depp is only 5'9? Come on, he's taller than that! Rob, I think you might add one inch here.. Definitely a 5'10 man
Troy says on 9/Nov/13
Rob says "ABOUT 5 ft 9"! that means Depp is not a full and strong 5'9". He is a true 5'8.5"-5'8.75" guy. I'd say that Depp is a solid 5'8.5" guy.
Yves says on 5/Nov/13
I guess he stands the same height as 5'10.
MD says on 5/Nov/13
How's he still listed at 5'9"?
Troy says on 5/Nov/13
Rob do you really think Depp is a strong 5'9" guy? Or you just rounded it to that because sometimes you may think that he's only 5'8"-5'8.5"?
[Editor Rob: I think about 5ft 9 is perfectly fair for him. I'd rule out 5ft 10 or 8]
77Stan says on 4/Nov/13
There IS difference if you compare Depp with short or taller guys, especially those short guys like Tom Cruise are often said to be wearing lifts. That means the result by comparing with short guys is not that reliable. But taller guys don't wear lifts as often as short guys. So, it is more accurate.

Whenever someone computes a person's height by looking at him/her or comparing with someone else, I don't take it seriously. No nurse tells me how tall I'm by just a look at me, or taking a phone of me with another nurse. Hehehe.

The way I see it this site is for entertainment. Maybe good for promoting elevator shoes. Hehehe.
Troy says on 3/Nov/13
JYDE says on 26/Feb/13
Hospital records show Mr. Depp's height as being 5'7 & 1/2. If you don't believe it, do some research for yourselves!

Hospital records are almost correct but not 100% correct. If Depp was 5'7.5" in hospital then he must really be at exact 5'8.5" because in hospital height measurement is not accuratethat you need to add an inch for you to get your correct height. Am I right rob?
[Editor Rob: I've been measured at the hospital and both times 173cm, for me it was accurate.]
Troy says on 3/Nov/13
I compared Depp with tall guy while you compared him with short guys. Hehehe. Funny.

Yes you can compare him to taller guys like armie but there's no difference if you compare him to short or taller guys. My point here is that you should know how to compute the height of ones person. Do you know how yo compute by the way you look at it no matter if he's with short or taller guys?
Shanya says on 2/Nov/13
I've seen him wearing ordinary sneakers and shooting ( strange, I don't remmenber the movie) and he couldn't have been more than 5'7", atleast about an inch shorter than my father who's about 5'9". However, irrespctive of his height, he's an incredibly attractive man, really really handsome (even more so in person), nice and friendly to everyone around. A true movie star and one of the greatest sex symbols (deservingly so, imo)
Koalized says on 1/Nov/13
I think it's the right time for this post.
From the Halloween Party at the white house of some years ago:
here you can see the First Lady with worse posture and ballerina shoes still taller than Johnny Depp (who is wearing the Mad Hatter boots and has an impeccable posture). But the most interesting thing to notice is the height difference between Barack Obama and Tim Burton (Barack Obama is roughly 185cm, so Burton i think looks about 178-179 cm)
Click Here
And here you can see Johnny Depp next to Tim Burton during the same event:
Click Here
Depp doesn't look taller than 5'8''
77Stan says on 31/Oct/13
I compared Depp with tall guy while you compared him with short guys. Hehehe. Funny.
Meltdown says on 30/Oct/13
I thought we already established beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnny Depp is in fact precisely 5'8.75". Read the previous comments. The case is pretty clear.
Koalized says on 30/Oct/13
In these pics you can see Depp with his friend (and tattooist) Jonathan Shaw. It's hard to explain the height difference fluctuation through the years without elevator shoes (or at least lifts).
Here there is a gallery of pictures of the two men in the 90s:
Click Here
On the set of the film Pirates of the Caribbean:
Click Here
Click Here with special guest Patti Smith (who I met in Italy after a concert, and she's 5'5''-5'6'')
and finally the most recent (with the very special guest Iggy Pop!):
Click Here
RV says on 24/Oct/13
not much taller than 173 cm Noel Gallagher
Click Here
Troy says on 24/Oct/13
77Stan says on 22/Oct/13
Johnny Depp is 5'11"(182cm). You can see it by comparing him with Armie Hammer, who is 6'5"(196cm). - huh??? are you serious? can't you see the pictures post by koalized of him next to tom cruise and jerry bruckheimer?

tom cruise is 5'7" or 5'7.5" so as jerry who is 5'7" to 5'7.25" and depp was only an inch or an inch and half taller to both of them considering he has a larger heels by 1/3 according to rob.

Johnny Depp is either 5'8" or 5'8.5" max.
Koalized says on 22/Oct/13
Last link on the previous post doesn't work; dejavu.
Here it is (if it works ;)
Click Here
77Stan says on 22/Oct/13
Johnny Depp is 5'11"(182cm). You can see it by comparing him with Armie Hammer, who is 6'5"(196cm).
7Stan says on 22/Oct/13
Johnny Depp is 5'11"(182cm), taller than me(175cm). You can see this by comparing him with Armie Hammer, which is 6'5"(196cm).
7Stan says on 22/Oct/13
Johnny Depp is 5'11"(182cm), taller than me(175cm). You can see this by comparing him with Armie Hammer, which is 6'5"(196cm).
Koalized says on 19/Oct/13
From the motion picture Donnie Brasco:
Click Here
(Depp is wearing cowboy boots)
From the premiere:
Click Here
Depp was wearing his infamous boots:
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 17/Oct/13
Anybody who seriously thinks he's under 5 ft 9 see Donnie Brasco. A stronger case for 5 ft 10 than 5ft 8 IMO.Agreed with Troy though he's one of the tougest to nail height on, he's sort of one of those guys who is heightless isn't he, that height becomes irrelevant over him.I honestly think he looks 176-77 more than 173
Arch Stanton says on 17/Oct/13
LOL if he's 5'7" Pacino is near Pesci's height!! In Donnie Braco Depp looks between 3 and 4 inches taller than Pacino. He looks 5'9.5"
in the film.
lelman says on 17/Oct/13
Anywhere from 5'8" to 5'9.5" is a fair guess. Never seen the guy in person, but never looks under average in anything. Looked easily 3 inches taller than Pacino is Donnie Brasco.
Silent d says on 16/Oct/13
5 foot 9. 170cm is a bit short for him. Bodwaya eastwood and alpacino have range. Eastwood only plays grumpy old men now but in his prime he was killing it. Alpacino is a master of his craft. Freeman is a legend and bacon is underrated.
Koalized says on 11/Oct/13
Meltdown says on 10/Oct/13
We keep racing in circles here.

This is because the most of the posts here contain just words without any proof, this is the difference between philosophy and science. After 2000 years of philosophical discussions people in the middle age thought that the Earth was flat while a simple trigonometric demostration made by a greek mathematician (Eratosthenes) centuries before Christ and based on simple evidences proved that it is spherical. But talking is so keep on.
Meltdown says on 10/Oct/13
We keep racing in circles here. Matthew and Mathew are both right. Depp is 5'8.75 mid-day. If you want to know his morning height, add half an inch. End of day height, subtract a quarter inch. Still can't do math? Fine! I'll do it for you, but just this once.

Morning height: 5'9.25
Mid-day: 5'8.75
Night-time: 5'8.5
Night-time with 2.5 inch heels: 5'11

Claiming 5'9 is best. DONE!
BigBen says on 9/Oct/13
Just 172-173
Adamz says on 5/Oct/13
saw him in LA; could be 173 to 176 not sure.
Mathew says on 1/Oct/13
Weak 5'9" guy. I'd go with 174 - 175 cm, leaning towards 175.
Troy says on 27/Sep/13
Rob what can you say on height difference of Johnny and Tom including their footwears based of what Koalized just posted? Is this the right time to downgrade Johnny Depp?
Samuel says on 23/Sep/13
I watched these pics here below .. and Johnny is wearing shoes with a 1 1/2 inch-heel (i guess if i'm not blind)
He might be around 174-175 cm (about 5'9), but 172 cm is also possible i think. A weak 5'8 for him, maybe. Peak - 175 cm.
Koalized says on 22/Sep/13
The 5th link doesn't work, it linked to a photo when the Bardem shoes were shown. Like in this one Click Here
Koalized says on 22/Sep/13
Rob, did you receive my last comment?
Koalized says on 21/Sep/13
Some pics of interest:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Troy says on 18/Sep/13
Johnny is 5'8"-5'8.5" but more likely 5'8.5". He really never look exact 5'9" and to his frame too. 5'8.5" is the height of Johnny that's why rob has him at 5'9" and sometimes can easily look 5'10-11" with big heels on and also most of the time people see him as 5'7-8" because the truth is Johnny Depp is 5'8.5"! Am i right rob?
Troy says on 18/Sep/13
Johnny's height is really hard to tell because in the series 21 jumpstreet he really look tall next to Peter Deluise and Peter himself is 6'1" so i guess Johnny was around 5'11" in that series but now i can see him only atleast 5'8" in the movies i saw him recently. And most of you people here see him only at 5'7"?? Rob what do you think of this?
denter says on 16/Sep/13
i never saw over 5-8.5 (174 cm) for him ever but even solid 5-8 looks right to me
nagaden says on 10/Sep/13
Was next to him while shopping at American Rag in SF. He's around 5'6" maybe 5'7". My g-friend at the time is 5'3" and she was as tall with heels. His handprint at Planet Hollywood is also tiny. Small guy.
Alice says on 31/Aug/13
I saw him while they were shooting The Lone Ranger in Arizona. I'm 5'6 and he wasn't a lot taller than me, wearing shoes. I think 5'7 sounds right, maybe 5'8. More than that is being too generous.
f says on 29/Aug/13
he can't be more than 5-8 without shoes..he was only an inch taller than cruise and they were side by side
Koalized says on 28/Aug/13
There is just a magazine old of 20 years ( when Depp was not yet a star,and a greatest part of his fans was teenager girls that prefer tall guy) that quotes these words by Depp, and this quote would be silly even if Depp is 5'9". For what we know that quote should be partially wrong (newspapers often have mistakes in their articles) or totally invented!
Sain\\\'t says on 23/Aug/13
I dont think he would claim 5'11" if he wasn't atleast 5'9" or a less likely 5'10" at his very possible tallest or with shoes. He would just look silly. I think 5'9" is very fair.
Cal92 says on 22/Aug/13
He came to UC Berkeley to speak and I'm 5'9.5 barefoot. He was a lot shorter than me. 5'7 max.
IndroB says on 12/Aug/13
Sorry, I met Depp in Rome (he was there to promote "The Tourist"). I passed right by him. I am 5'10.5'' and was wearing sneakers.
He is very attractive, very polite (he actually waved to me first; he saw I was staring at him, trying to figure out whether I wasn't mistaken; I wasn't), but I got to say, he's nowhere near 5'9''. Not even close.
He was wearing boots and still, he was considerably shorter.
I'd put him at 5'7'', 5'8'' max. Quite talented too.
Tomfc says on 4/Aug/13
He honestly looks about 5'10" here standing next to 6'1" director Gore Verbinsky and 6'4" Army Hammer (I can't see Hammer as 6'5" but who knows?):
Click Here
(scroll down the page) greg right he seems at least 178 maybe 179-181 range rob does he wears lifts or he is around 179 range?
Tomfc says on 4/Aug/13
He honestly looks about 5'10" here standing next to 6'1" director Gore Verbinsky and 6'4" Army Hammer (I can't see Hammer as 6'5" but who knows?):
Click Here
(scroll down the page) greg right he seems at least 178 maybe 179-181 range rob does he wears lifts or he is around 179 range?
cole says on 31/Jul/13
greg says on 22/Jul/13
He honestly looks about 5'10" here standing next to 6'1" director Gore Verbinsky and 6'4" Army Hammer (I can't see Hammer as 6'5" but who knows?):
Click Here
(scroll down the page)

I agree, he looks 5'10 range there, at least in those boots. I wouldn't bet on him being shorter than 5'9.
kal says on 29/Jul/13
i think 5'8 is just about right! does give the impression he is 5'10 though not more. if u look at alot of his movies always wearing cowboy boots which makes him taller anyway they all look shorter in real life..downey jr, vam damme, bpitt etc. all look much smaller in real life.
Nick Of time says on 25/Jul/13
I stood right next to Johnny Depp when I worked as an extra on the movie
"Nick of Time" and I'm 5'9" and clearly was taller than him by an inch.
Johnny Depp is 5'8".
Meltdown says on 24/Jul/13
I was actually on a FB page for one of the top Johnny Depp fan pages on the internet and the woman running it argued with me that Johnny was 5'11. She was very serious about it. Just another reminder to stay away from his fans who are delusional whack jobs and need professional help.
greg says on 22/Jul/13
He honestly looks about 5'10" here standing next to 6'1" director Gore Verbinsky and 6'4" Army Hammer (I can't see Hammer as 6'5" but who knows?):
Click Here
(scroll down the page)
romanspqr says on 21/Jul/13
5'9 sounds about right. Sometimes gives a 5'10 impression. Yes he does wear boots but not the military/hiking type with huge soles/heels. He likes those vintage looking ones that have modest heel. Sure he could slip a lift inside. I've sorted thru tons of pics. I have not seen him in elevators.
romanspqr says on 21/Jul/13
5'9 sounds about right. Sometimes gives a 5'10 impression. Yes he does wear boots but not the military/hiking type with huge soles/heels. He likes those vintage looking ones that have modest heel. Sure he could slip a lift inside. I've sorted thru tons of pics. I have not seen him in elevators.
bodwaya says on 17/Jul/13
5 foot 11 mikey rourke has 2 inches on in in once upon time mexico.Depp pitt clooney are all bad actors who r lucky for there looks. Actors like dustin hoffman is not considerd a heartthrob yet he is a top notch actor and has to work hard to get where he is
JB says on 6/Jul/13
I think he's closer to 5'8" than 5'9". But his claim was 5'11" at some point? wow, it's normal to lie about your height by an inch or so, everybody does it. But I'm 5'8" and would never even consider trying to get away with saying I'm 5'11". That's just too much of a height difference.
bobo says on 3/Jul/13
met him in NYC in an wife is 5'5" without heels...she was wearing heels and looking a bit down at Johnny. He's no where close to 5'9" claimed. Great actor though and nice fellow.
Linebacker28 says on 1/Jul/13
After seeing several of his films, I couldn't agree more with this listing. Always appeared squarely average in height to my eye, but that's really peanuts compared to everything else he has. He's the embodiment of "cool" and an amazing actor.
JB says on 30/Jun/13
He's the same height as keith richards. Keith is 5'8" or 5'8.5"
Olivia says on 26/Jun/13
I met Johnny Depp at a premiere and he was barely taller than me with boots on. I'm 5'9, so I guess that would put him around 5'8.5-5'8.75 flatfooted...I don't think he's quite 5'9, but pretty close.
Koalized says on 25/Jun/13
Bruckeimer is wearing italian shoes mocassini, with almost not heel at all, Depp is wearing cowboy boots and the instep of the shoes of both Depp and Cruise looks too much angled for the heels of their shoes.
Koalized says on 25/Jun/13
Interesting new pics of Depp with Tom Cruise, both wearing large shoes, and Bruckeimer, normal shoes. I don't think that without the shoes advantages Depp can be taller that Bruckeimer. What do you think, Rob?
[Editor Rob: he might have 1cm thicker heel than jerry, cruise's actual heel part looks a little less than depp, but as said, it is always possible to fit something in boots and not really tell.]
Silent d says on 22/Jun/13
Towered by armie hammer. I remember in platoon, he was the same height as his friend charlie sheen. There was also a photo with him and nicolas cage. He was a little shorter. Maybe 2 inches and a bit. 5 foot 9.
Mathew says on 17/Jun/13
I'd have him somewhere in the 174 - 175 cm range. 5'8.5" - 5'8.75". Doesn't quite pull off the full 5'9".
bodwaya says on 17/Jun/13
he was towered by 6 foot bale in public emenimes by 3 inches. % foot 9 nothing more
Richie Rich says on 13/Jun/13
What Chris posted. 5'7.5" for Depp. He always wears boots. Never seen him in sneakers or regular shoes.
Check his arm and torso length next to Ricky Gervais. They're the same. Only difference come from the shoes.
Meltdown says on 5/Jun/13
Matthew says on 21/Apr/13

Hey Matthew, that is VERY believable. I hope you can share the measurements. Remember people, this is likely his mid-day height so he is probably closer to 5ft 9.25in first thing in the morning.
Koalized says on 30/May/13
Chris you are welcome! Finally someone else that support his own opinion with some documents(and my and your conclusions are almost the same...maybe it is just coincidence...)
Emil says on 23/May/13
I dont think Depp is insecure about his height at all. I just believe he is mistaken about his height
Chris says on 22/May/13
Same as Cruise at 5' 7.75'' (172 cm) Barefoot and 5' 9.5'' (176 cm) in Boots. He looks 5' 7'' in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (in tennis shoes) and in the beach scene in Pirates 1 (barefoot with Keira Knightley).

Click Here
Click Here
MaskDeMasque says on 17/May/13

5'8.75 is possible for Depp. Thats the lowest i can see him though.
BRUTAL says on 13/May/13
Clearly in the 5ft 8 to 5ft 9 range. Normal height, nothing remarkable about Johnny in that regard. His charisma, charm and talent on the other hand are all excellent.
Cornor says on 13/May/13
Met depp some weeks back he's 5'8 not more or less than that.
Anon says on 12/May/13

Would be nice if you showed your evidence.
Juicey says on 6/May/13
Depp is same height ass joe rogan so whatever height rogan is that's the same as depp
Dman1528 says on 27/Apr/13
Depp is 5foot8 to 5foot8.5 max
I \'m a shortie so everyone is tall to me says on 24/Apr/13
I don 't think most people know their height, so he may not be lying he just might really think that. I was shocked when I measured myself and found out I was several inches shorter than I thought
Matthew says on 21/Apr/13
I work with stylists all day long who tailor custom pieces for celebrities. Recently I met Johnny Depp. A leather designer from Los Angeles was doing a jacket for him. So I have all of Johnny's measurements on file (bicepts, arm, front, shoulder measurements, etc) as well as his height. I can tell you for a fact that he is 5ft 8.75in. Thought I'd share this with you as I was surprised, I thought he'd be taller.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 12/Mar/13
He looks 3 inches taller than Gervais. That's 1 due to lifts. All factors taken into consideration = 5'9
Jack says on 12/Mar/13
5'9'5"(177 cm)..
Koalized says on 12/Mar/13
Click Here and Depp wears boots; 5'8'' for him.
Cjhipster says on 11/Mar/13
I heard that he was 5.foot7
bakel says on 6/Mar/13
Wonder why he looks 5ft10+ with Gervais...
howie says on 3/Mar/13
Ricky Gervais is 5 ft 7 and is 4 inch shorter than JD in the Globes vid :-Click Here
Koalized says on 27/Feb/13
My little pony Princess met mister Depp, she's just 5 ft and she said Depp was her height. Really tired of that useless post.
(s)ain\\\'t says on 26/Feb/13
My Dad met Jhonny Depp. My Dad is on average 5'11" and he said Jhonny Depp was his height.
JYDE says on 26/Feb/13
Hospital records show Mr. Depp's height as being 5'7 & 1/2. If you don't believe it, do some research for yourselves!
Koalized says on 24/Feb/13
First of all is very difficult to compare height with the precision of the centimeter, and it's even more difficult to find out the height of a person with an hat.
Moreover Timothy Hutton does not look 6ft at all near to Travolta.
R.V.J. says on 20/Feb/13
He's atleast 5'9" nothing below that. Here's Johnny Depp with 6ft Timothy Hutton. He looks 5'10" to me.
Click Here
Wipeout says on 20/Feb/13
My best guess is he is 5'9.25 in the morning and 5'8.5 at night, since we fluctuate about 3/4 of an inch throughout the day. 5'9 is about dead-on. Otherwise 5'8.75 mid-day.
??? says on 16/Feb/13
Guys last time I was on here months ago it said 5'8 I swear lol....why do they keep changing heights
[Editor Rob: it's not changed for years, you must be looking at another site.]
Arch Stanton says on 9/Feb/13
Looks more 5'10" than 5'8". I think he's a solid 5'9"
BONNI says on 6/Feb/13
I met him years ago. I'm 5'10", was wearing 2" heels and was at least 5" taller than he was.
Matheuscore says on 27/Jan/13
Something between 5'8~5'9.
Koalized says on 26/Jan/13
Abbs says on 24/Jan/13
I've met him on several occasions and stood next to him at premieres in the past; he's definitely 5'10".

During premieres stars wear lifts.
Excelsior says on 25/Jan/13
The best answer is probably between 5'7" and 5'8" because of the movie Donnie Brasco. Pacino is short, like 5'5" short, and Depp looked a couple of inches taller than him throughout that movie (some scenes they looked identical, other scenes you can tell Depp is taller). I don't think either of them wore lifts and that movie.
Abbs says on 24/Jan/13
I've met him on several occasions and stood next to him at premieres in the past; he's definitely 5'10".
Pic says on 13/Jan/13
Donny, can you share the picture you took?
Donny says on 12/Jan/13
My daughter and I met him last night at a Benefit for Autism in Texas and he is only 5'7" at best... I'm 5"11 and you can see that I'm 3 to 4 inches taller in the pic we took with him ~
Amy says on 5/Jan/13
I had the privelage of meeting him in person, and I can assure you.. He is only about 5'7"!
(S)ain\'t says on 2/Jan/13
He is at least 5'9" in my opinion. Probably 5'10"
Bogie says on 27/Dec/12
Shredder, Depp wears lifts. I don't know if you recall, but he wasn't that much taller than 5'6,5'' Glenn in both shots he took with him.
bodwaya says on 8/Nov/12
pitt is bad at accents he may play weird roles but he plays then the same . same voice same inflections. He gets off by his looks.he hasnt gotten any better with age either.His roles should go to ryan gosling an actor considerd a heartthorb yet can actualy act
MaskDeMasque says on 7/Nov/12

i agree that clooney doesn't have much range but pitt? i think he does serious roles and strange roles well.Check out 12 monkeys, he's brilliant in that.
Koalized says on 6/Nov/12
First of all: Hi Rob :)
I'm still wondering why all the fans that met Depp attest (on almost-official fansites) him as being less than 5'9'' tall... I've posted in the past a lot of these reports, recently I've found a video posted by italian fans with Depp arriving in Ciampino's Airport in Rome, and in the comments you can read that some of them were surprised that Depp in person is "so short" (the average height for males in Italy is 5'8.5''). If someone is interested in that video, just google "DEPP ROMA CIAMPINO".
bodwaya says on 6/Nov/12
well silent d i dont care for pacino or eastwood(escpecially eastwood) those actors got no range.freeman and bacon r good actors.Alotugh i think bacon is underated and sadley dosent get the credit he deserves. freeman was good in shawhsank and bacon got no noms mystic river.depp was 2 inches shorter then 5 foot 11 geofrey rush
Koalized says on 5/Nov/12
Where did my last comment go?
[Editor Rob: submit it again if it doesn't appear.]
Silent d says on 4/Nov/12
Where's al pacino, morgan freeman, clint eastwood and kevin bacon? 175cm.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

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