How tall was DMX

DMX's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American rapper and actor, best remembered for Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds and Romeo Must Die.

How tall is  DMX
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is  DMX
DMX & Steven Seagal
Photo © / Paul Smith/Featureflash

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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 10.02in (177.9cm)
Benito said on 23/May/23
I drove a limo for a high profile magazine maybe 20-25 years ago. I met and chauffeured him around one night. He might be 5'6 5'7 the only way he was 5'10 would be if he was standing on a wooden box.
Mvk (182cm) said on 19/Jul/22
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
a Strong or a weak? I think first if more likely
Bryant A Walker said on 21/Oct/21
Always had on Boots I'd say 5"8'
viper said on 15/Sep/21
I think 5-10 is right

His height can be really all over the place though
MaximusPrime said on 12/Sep/21
Maybe 5’10.5??? I’m not gunna say 6 foot or 6’1 because that’s ridiculous but he looked more than just 5’10 like 5’10.5
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Apr/21
RIP, he was one of my favorite rappers growing up.
Bwk said on 9/Apr/21
He just passed away, RIP.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 9/Apr/21
"It's Dark and Hell is Hot", "Grand Champ" & "Flesh of my Flesh" is classic rap high-rated albums and DMX was one of the greatest rappers of all times!

It's Drugs and Depression is cold ...

R.I.P. Earl :(
Eric W Tam said on 9/Apr/21
He1ghtexpert49 said on 9/Apr/21
RIP , iconic voice and songs

here's him with 6'2 mark henry
Click Here
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
around 5ft9 if you ask me
Security said on 30/Jul/20
made him seen he was 5’8 but in person he’s way taller then me and I’m 510 he definitely 6’0 or maybe 6’1 for sure
pov said on 24/Jul/20
Always looked a 5”11 to me, maybe 5”10.5
Jaidien said on 26/Feb/20
Anthony Anderson is 5'10 and he looks an inch taller
Fullonmate said on 2/Feb/20
I think dmx needs an upgrade because a 5ft 9 listed Anthony Anderson is getting towered by around 2-3 inches in similar footwear Click Here
JeffJeff said on 22/Sep/19
Isn’t over 5’8”.
M58 said on 21/Mar/18
I’m still trying to figure out why Chris Rock appeared a few inches taller than X even with seemingly worse posture! He wears timbs a lot too! But I will admit, he can look near enough 5'10" at times...
Im 171CM said on 26/Dec/17
Always has Timbs on but I like X very genuine guy..
JJAK said on 31/Oct/17
One of the better actor rappers looks an average man long arms athletic build.
He measures up remarkably well onscreen with big guys like seagal, boots and some help id guess.
I dont buy anything less than 5 9 he is average overall or above average if your in the know.
Chris said on 13/Oct/17
His police report listed him as 6ft, looks 5'10 though
Ken said on 2/Oct/17
5ft 9 is bang on
Im 171CM said on 11/Sep/17
I'd say around 69in being he always has on Timb boots...
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
Looks 5'10 or near it just like Mike Tyson does
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 3/Jun/17
It is anywhere from 5'9 to 5'10.25, but its growth is almost impossible to appreciate since the DMX is constantly in thick shoe 3-4 cm (similar to Timberland).
Marc said on 15/Mar/17
Kat Williams seems to think he is around two I chest taller than himself who he claims to be 5ft5.
tim181 said on 20/Nov/16
Here Click Here with Method man and ll cool j he doesn't look under 5'10
dave510 said on 4/Oct/16
Honestly after doing extensive research, DMX may really only be 5'8"! Honestly!

Barely taller than 5'6" Ja Rule, a few inches shorter than 5'10" Chris Rock and even 5'4.5" Katt Williams said DMX was just 2 inches taller than himself!

Also, remember he wears timbs - which are known for adding height
John said on 13/Aug/16
no where near 5ft 11, hes in the 5ft 8-9 range, he doesnt look tall at all
Sonny Black said on 22/Jul/16
I've always thought DMX to be about 5'10, maybe 5'11 on the dot out of bed.
Frsh1 said on 5/Jul/16
This guy looks be 5-10 5-101/2 max. but he always wore boots that's why in Mugshots he listed at 6-0 it just that simple.
Jonesy said on 4/Apr/16
Concur with Mr. R... DMX has always looked in the 5'8" to 5'9" range.
Len said on 3/Apr/16
He looks around 5'8". Katt Williams was right, DMX is short.
Bill said on 12/Jan/16
DMX was billed at 6ft and 160 lbs on his arrest mugshot from 2013, here it is Click Here
Dr. Eazy said on 24/Nov/15
DMX is 6'0 tall and weighs 160lb look at his prison records he gained weight since then so now he is 172 lb and 6'0
Cantchooseaname said on 24/Nov/15
I'd say DMX is no taller than 5'7" and may very well likely be 5'6" or slightly under, he doesn't look that tall. He was some 3-4 inches shorter than 5'10" listed Chris Rock (who might actually be no taller than 5'9").

Click Here

Slightly taller than 5'6" listed Ja Rule (which some argue is 5'5" range)...but DMX is in timberlands, without them, he'd be no taller imo

Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 21/Nov/15
Anon said on 26/Oct/13
5'10'' is absurd. He looked only 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' Dr. Phil when they greeted each other on Dr. Phil's show.


Dr. Phil isn't 6'4".
MD said on 12/Nov/15
Where did 5'11" come from? Well, I'm sure it's because it's obvious that he's at least average height. Here he is with 5'9" Lance Bass:

Click Here

Now, he does have an advantage here with footwear and Lance's lean, but it appears to me that he's at least average height. 5'6" anything is absolutely ridiculous.
Cantchooseaname said on 9/Nov/15
According to Katt Williams, DMX is 5ft 6.5......and that's IF Katt is really 5ft 4.5 as listed here.

Where did this 5ft 11 listing for DMX come from? I haven't seen his height listed in any of his many Mugshots lol.
Sonny Black said on 31/Oct/15
5'10 at the most.
Joe said on 10/Oct/14
He's easily 6 inches shorter than MGK who claims 6'4". Which means he's possibly around 5'10".
Billy Dawg said on 17/Sep/14
Next to Chris Rock, he possibly can't be taller than 5'8"! What's your verdict on this one Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
in that one photo he can look a few inches shorter
jtm said on 20/May/14
he was listed 5'10 here before and that was still very generous.
tribbles said on 14/May/14
I stood next to him once and LOL that dude isn't a hair over 5'6". Does he seriously claim 5'11"?
Theodore said on 23/Feb/14
DMX looks nowhere near 5'11" on film. More like 5'8" or 5'9".

Has a loud voice, though.
MD said on 6/Nov/13
You are delusional if you think he's over 6'0", and I don't need to see any video.
Anon said on 3/Nov/13
MD, paused this video at 8:20:

Click Here

Unless DMX wears boot lifts, DMX is over 6 feet tall!
MD said on 30/Oct/13
Bull, Anon. That would make him 6'2". He's not even 6'2" in his thickest boots. He's closer to 5'10" than he is to 6'4". Get real.
Anon said on 26/Oct/13
5'10'' is absurd. He looked only 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' Dr. Phil when they greeted each other on Dr. Phil's show.
Idra said on 2/Aug/13
Katt Williams said DMX was two inches taller than [Katt] but that may have been for comedic effect. Surprised none of his Mugshots provide his height.
Ralph said on 28/Mar/13
I just saw DMX on sixth avenue. He was wearing timberlands and was about my height, putting him around 5' 9''.

He barked and yelled "WHAT?!" at me, by the way.
KC said on 1/Nov/12
I played pool with DMX at a Hollywood bar a few years back. He was wearing sneakers and stood the exact same height as me...5'10".
MR.HEIGHT said on 10/Feb/12
this guy wishes he was over 6'. doesnt even touch 5'11" with his lifts on. Hes a weak 5'8" outa bed
Zuke said on 13/Dec/11
He walked right past me the other day at the grocery store. I'm 5'8, he was maybe an inch or two taller than me in timberlands, me in regular tennis shoes.
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/11
DMX is 5-8. I talked with him for awhile at The Billboard Music Awards in Vegas several years ago.
Cj said on 27/Nov/11
I've heard from many people who have met him that hes actually pretty short. Like 5'8ish maybe a little taller but 5'11 is probably pushing it.
mateodelaghetto619 said on 25/Oct/11
lol Def Jam Vendetta puts him at 6'2 205
Street dreams said on 18/Oct/11
@linxz dmx the same height with aaliyah you're crazy man go see the video of "back in one piece" all their pictures together Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
jtm said on 3/Oct/11
why is he still listed at 5'11?
Tman said on 30/Sep/11
Maybe MR R was not bullsh*ting with his 5'8-9 sighting,in exit wounds he was described by Seagal's character as being 5'10
Tman said on 30/Sep/11
Rob Katt williams recons the guy is a little over 2 inches over him 2:38sec Click Here
Mike said on 23/Sep/11
This is all wrong! DMX stands about a solid 6ft to 6-1. I seen him in jail.
linxz said on 11/Sep/11
sorry but either the listing for Aaliyah is way off mark or for DMX here she performs with DMX and they are about the same height Click Here
Nate said on 16/Aug/11
I'm watching cradle 2 the grave right now. DMX has maybe 2 inches on jet li and he's wearing work boots. Even with Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson's undoubtedly exaggerated heights of 6'1"and 5'11, both actors range from significantly taller to towering over DMX.
Rief said on 26/Jun/11
Walked right past him in NJ and we were the same height. I'm a little over 5'11 but he was also wearing Timberlands. I'd say 5'10.5
TGreen said on 19/May/11
its the same with sports, a QB gets listed at 6 feet but you see him in person and they arent an inch over 5'9
Rob2 said on 29/Apr/11
This is one of the more comical listings on this website! He's most likely a tall 5'9 or at most a flat 5'10.
Burton said on 19/Apr/11
If his assessment was closer to 5ft 8, why dont just change it to 5ft 8? He´s most definetly NOT 5ft 11.
DMaN1528 said on 6/Apr/11
i would say 5foot8.5
Will said on 5/Mar/11
DMX is 5'10" tall.
Haze said on 30/Jan/11
I think 5'8.5 and no more.
murk said on 9/Jan/11
72 inches (6ft) according to his inmate information here:

Click Here
ferre said on 13/Dec/10
dmx 5ft8 no way is 5ft11 next to p.diddy Click Here
doubleww said on 15/Nov/10
I've had a chance to talk with him a few times at a mall here in AZ that I worked at. Even ate lunch with him. I'm 5-10. He had me by a 1/2 inch or so. So 5'11 is pretty acurate
dman1528 said on 8/Nov/10
katt williams acutally mad fun of height DMX is 5foot8
mike said on 1/Jun/09
i met him, he's 5'11 or so, he also had timbalands on. and im a low 6'3 or high 6'2..i also had running shoes on and he seemed 2 inches shorter than me.
ya boy said on 26/May/09
i saw dis vid, of dmx in prison nd he was gettin interviewed and after da interview he stood up and towered ova all da officers while in slippers,so yeah he luked pretty tall i doubt he's 5'9 maybe 6'0 at least (yes hes outta prison)
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
Katt Williams always jokes DMX is like 5'5", Katt's height
Doug said on 18/May/09
He looks 5'11-6' in my view, definately not short. DId anybody see Exit Wounds? Did anybody notice how the 6'6" bruiser blond beefy guy had a good 2 inches on Seagal who claims 6'5"?
josh said on 5/May/09
i saw the get wild video i dont think he was even in it
a-ron said on 2/Apr/09
iv alwayse heard he was short..and my friend and i met him after a concert im 5'9 n my budie is bout 5'10-5'11 and he was like juss bout the same height as me maybe a inch taller ..he was wearing tim's so idk if that had anything to do with it
zedrein said on 17/Mar/09
I wonder why DMX always has a reputation for being short? Everyone I've ever talked to that claims to have met him says he's short, like 5' 5"-5' 7"
John P said on 16/Mar/09
No way Dmx is 5'11, Glen your wrong. Just go to youtube and type in dmx and "get wild". He is side by side with allegedly 5'7 jadakiss and they are the exact same height. This guy is truly 5'9, if that.
glenn said on 7/Mar/09
dmx and ll do walk funny.
George said on 6/Mar/09
He walks kindof like LL Cool J meaning he's got really big lifts in his shoes. No way is he a legit 5'11 barefoot. I can buy 5'9 max barefoot and he can look 5'11-6'0 in his lifts.
Ctownboi said on 6/Mar/09
5'11"? dis guy tha same height as me. i thought he wuz at least 6'2"
glenn said on 14/Feb/09
he isnt 5-8,5-9 next to steven seagal who is 6-4.dmx looks 6ft next to him.i agree,dmx can look 5-9 even to me.until he stretches out.
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/09
He is about 5-8 or 5-9. There is no way that he is 5-11. Timb's don't give that much height maybe an inch or a little more. Nike ACG's might give more height than Timb's. Also some Timb's are bigger than others and can give more height. Depends on the style you get. Some people do look taller than others in certain footwear.
Joshua said on 7/Feb/09
He is 5.9 i saw him, i am 6ft and im much taller then him i dont think he is 5ft11 but 5ft 9
DUSTIN DELUCA said on 16/Jan/09
he's about 5'9. I dont like the guy at all. I think he's disrespectful and a complete waste of human life. I used to look up to him but now he isn't anything more then an a piece of crap. I'm challanging him to a mixed martial arts fight when he gets out of jail.
5'8 beast said on 2/Jan/09
he looks about 5'10/11 in timbs
glenn said on 13/Dec/08
he does look short.even to me in person.but then he stretches out.he has bizzare posture.relaxed hips with sort of a hunch back.
Jim said on 11/Dec/08
My friend met him on the street once when DMX was walking with his bodyguard. He told me that DMX looks like a little bulldog in his big chain because he's really short. I would be very surprised if DMX is really 5'11.
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
the smallest ll is,is 6-1.ive seen him 5-11ish to he is in the middle.i saw him in nike airs recently.he was 6-1.the smallest dmx can be if this timbs thing is true is buying timbs soon.i guess they have hidden lifts.
Viper said on 3/Dec/08
Those Timbs are utterly insane though. I saw a dude today trying them on in a shoe store. The guy was shorter than me by an inch and I swear he seemed taller than me when he put them on. No wonder LL Cool J looks taller than his 5-11 height a lot of the time.

I can buy 5-8 If its truly the Timbs, because even If it doesnt add as much height in reality in can still make you looks significantly taller.
glenn said on 3/Dec/08
another thing genius,is that dmx looked 6ft next to steven segal.he sure wasnt dwarfed by 5 to 8 inches.steven was 3,4 inches taller max.
glenn said on 2/Dec/08
i guess your calling robs listing ridiculous.this timbs thing is getting gives,what,a half inch extra? he isnt gonna look 5-11 cause of timbs.i agree or rather always thought he was 5-9 myself.but he isnt.
Brad said on 2/Dec/08
5' 11" is hilarious. Of course he wears Timbs.
Jay said on 1/Dec/08
DMX wears tims [timberlands] 24/7, and in his movies he does also. he even once made actors crouch down to seem shorter. DMX is around 5'7-5'8, shonnie in concert im sure he had tims on...that adds height
Shonnie said on 28/Nov/08
What 5'11 i seriously doubt it I swear when I saw him in concert he was about 5'8 or 5'9
glenn said on 30/Oct/08
and then stretch out to 5-11.
glenn said on 30/Oct/08
the crazy thing is he can look 5-9 even to my eyes.
Big King said on 30/Oct/08
well, 5'10" is ridiculous for dmx.
mike said on 15/Sep/08
i just met him yesterday, he was goin 2 miami from o'hare, ill send a pic when i can. he was pretty close to my height and im a high 6'2, but im pretty sure he was wearing boots, and i was leaning toward him more..there was still like an inch difference :D
anon said on 13/Sep/08
it could be that hes really 5'8 and just wears 3 inch shoes
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
The rapper DMX looks more 6 feet.
Marquis said on 26/Aug/08
there is no way the dude is 130 i would say about 5'8 150 i meet him at a club in new york in 96 and i was about 3 inches taller than him at 5'11
Carl said on 13/Aug/08
was in jail with X in phoenix. 5'7 130 very little dude. Katt Williams was right on point when he said he was 2 inches taller than him. Katt is pushin 5'5
Mr. R said on 28/Jul/08
I talked to him in Vegas, and he is 5-9 on a very good day.
jonny said on 27/Jul/08
"everytime i caught a buzz, i was thinkin about how short i was" ... always in timbs
Liz said on 4/Jul/08
I think he's pretty tall. Several articles have referred to his wife as tall, and you can see in this pic that she is, and he's even a good bit taller than her.

She's on the left:
Click Here
obehi said on 7/Jun/08
dmx is always on tims, so that will put him like 5-9.5
Sid said on 14/May/08
billlllly says on 2/Aug/07
wanna no y he can look 5,9 coz theres a thing use gangstas do and thats bend ow knees wen we walk and stand i do it heaps its to look less intimedatingthen wen they leest excpect it bam ur big

[Editor Rob: lol, that sounds pretty mad.

I used to be in a gang myself back in the day. Called ourselves the ENS....or Elite Ninja Squad.]

Rob, that guys comment is very true.
glenn said on 25/Apr/08
he looked 6ft,6-1 next to seagal.sometime seagal can look 6-5 in the right footwear too.
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
well,im not going to comment on that.use your imagination on how i feel.but dmx fools me even in front of my face.i still thought he was 5-9ish until i saw the pics.
glenn said on 19/Apr/08
im here to squash myths.
glenn said on 17/Apr/08
possible james.
glenn said on 16/Apr/08
busta is 6-1 tops.i also thought he was taller. james-both pics are taken 5 minutes apart.yes timbs in both.
10-Birds said on 15/Apr/08
Well i thought he's taller than Busta Rhymes , cuz in the song (Touch it Remix) he looked taller than busta , or am i wrong?

BTW i guess Busta is like 6.4 (194 CM).
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/08
how could dmx be 5'8 when he's clearly at least 3 1/2" taller *than glenn, so why say he's 5'8!!!?????????
benz08 said on 12/Apr/08
he is 5'8 without shoes on and timbs and men's shoes period can add 1to 3 inches
glenn said on 7/Apr/08
thank you seem to be the nas/dmx/rap expert here.rob ban those losers.
glenn said on 6/Apr/08
mummy,your full of ****.next time rob,get rid of this loser.
A-Bomb said on 6/Apr/08
Did anybody actually take the time to factcheck what Jan said? I just listened to both those songs and then listened to them again this time reading the lyrics. He never says anything remotely along those lines. Jan's post should be deleted. So DMX is not 5'8" "as he raps" cuz he's never rapped it, at least not on those two songs and no other songs I can find. Both Mummy and Jan are imposters sorry
Mummy said on 6/Apr/08
I've met DMX, he's as he raps: 5' 8". Glenn is 5' 6.5" at night, DMX is in Timbs. Fits
glenn said on 5/Apr/08
its not the first time i heard 5-8 in a rhymes better i guess.nas rhymes 5-8 also.didnt we discuss this? and nas is 5-10.
Viper said on 4/Apr/08
Whoa, now that really makes it interesting. I cant see him as the lifts wearing guy either. But that clashes with Mr.R's 5-8 sighting for him as well. But why would a suppossed 5-11 guy say hes 5-8 in his songs?
dmeyer said on 4/Apr/08
i alwais new he was about 5 ft11
Jan from Harlem said on 4/Apr/08
OK the DMX album "Year of the Dog" has a track titled "It's Personal"
DMX clearly, CLEARLY, says "castrate my body, I stand 5 foot 8."
Then on the track "Walk these dogs" he clearly, CLEARLY, says "on a walk in the dark see my face on a wanted sign, 5'8'' black man, i better jet out before i catch a life.."

so maybe he's wearing lifts. I just don't think DMX would wear lifts though. I have never met DMX, or seen him, but just watch the video with him and 50 cent and see he is almost a half foot shorter. Seriously.
JackieTreehorn said on 2/Apr/08
i thought he says he's 5-8 in one of his songs
C. said on 11/Feb/08
...I could have sworn he was like, 5'9". But here he looks 5'11", possibly a weak 6'. Craziness.
glenn said on 11/Jan/08
thats for sure.
Austrian said on 11/Jan/08
well hes taller than tupac
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
mr-r also said some other head scratchers besides this least this one i could see why.
Viper said on 9/Jan/08
Mr R. is a good judge of height overall. Notice that Glenn thought he was as short as 5-9.
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/08
mr r says 5'8 for dmx ,so maybe dmx had 6 in lifts ,mr r can,t judge height obviously
glenn said on 16/Dec/07
i swore the guy was 5-9 myself alot times.until he staightened out.5-11 it is.someone here says 6ft,and thats not crazy because he can look that next 6-3ish steven seagal.
FO514 said on 15/Dec/07
X usually looks at least 6' but he always wears Timbs so that adds like an inch
anon said on 16/Nov/07
Im 5 ft 8 and i saw dmx at a concert i was the front row and dmx is 5 ft 9-10. He is definantly not 5 ft 8.
miles smiles said on 28/Sep/07
It's not just Kat Williams...DMX is kind of notorious for being short to average. A friend of mine from Brooklyn who's stood by him swears he's 5-8. But the proof that he's not short are the above photos with Glenn. If he has 2.5 inch lifts in his Timberlands, he could gain about 4 inches, but that seems ridiculous. Glenn, is DMX a serious lift candidate, or is it his retractable spine voodoo alone?
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
i understand what you mean leonari.cant say i dont get it,cause i thought he was 5-9ish myself.turns out he is 5-11ish.yes,possibly a bit taller than 5-11.i never understood how he looked 6ft next to seagal.until i developed my pics,only then did i realise.i kinda noticed something fishy with the posture going up and then down.i thought i was imagining it.he defeats himself with his posture.
leonari said on 21/Sep/07
Man this guy gets a lot of crap for being short when he is actually quite tall at least in my books 5'11"" is tallish rather than shortish. Even friends of mine often said man this DMX is short. Yesterday I saw a Standup by comedian KAT WILLIAMS where he goes "that n***** is 2 inches taller than me" he is my height. which is ridiculous (and not funny) since this guy is like 5'4 or 5'5" max.
glenn said on 21/Sep/07
furthermore he walks with a strange hunch.weird posture.
glenn said on 21/Sep/07
dmx is 2 inches taller than 5-10 nas in belly and a few inches shorter than 6-3 to 6-5(depending on footwear)steven seagal.dmx never looks as short as i do next to seagal in my pic.alot of men stretch out their posture and gain 2 inches.skinny or fat.i have 5-11 friends i swear are 5-9.
Viper said on 20/Sep/07
Mr R, Glenn says that this guy has a retractable spine and that he looked 5-9 to him originally. Plus he sure does look 5-11 easy in these picture.
Mr. R said on 20/Sep/07
I showed a dvd in my class the other day of Katt Williams, the pimpcat comedian. From 2002, he says that when he moved to LA, he discovered that most of Hollywood was fake. His example was DMX, and he noted that DMX was short and "was my height." Later he said that DMX was about two inches taller than him. Katt is listed at 5-5, which may be even streching it a bit. Therefore, according to Katt, DMX must be about 5-7 to 5-8, which supports my eyewitness account from 1999. I can't explain the pictures where he looks so much taller. (Maybe its the Timberlands!) But I stand by my account!
James said on 18/Aug/07
In his films looks 5ft10 in these pictures looks 6ft
billlllly said on 2/Aug/07
wanna no y he can look 5,9 coz theres a thing use gangstas do and thats bend ow knees wen we walk and stand i do it heaps its to look less intimedatingthen wen they leest excpect it bam ur big

Editor Rob
lol, that sounds pretty mad.

I used to be in a gang myself back in the day. Called ourselves the ENS....or Elite Ninja Squad.
Austrian said on 30/Jul/07
definately not below 180 / 5'11 if you ask me
glenn said on 25/Jul/07
for sure are correct.
dmeyer said on 24/Jul/07
hey glenn if he can look 5'9 then he is the stallone of the rappers
glenn said on 23/Jul/07
i agree dmeyer.but he can mysteriously look 5-9 too.
dmeyer said on 22/Jul/07
can look 6 ft with steven seagal and almost as tall as 185 washington so 6 ft but he can look the same as 178 arquette so is 182 like 5'11.5 possible for him rob
Brad said on 13/Jul/07
Hey Mr. R didja see him in Vegas a few nights ago?
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/07
DMX wears Timbaland boots all the time though...they probably give an extra 1.5-2 inches so he is prbably 5'9 or 5'8.75
Mr. R said on 10/Jun/07
Was I drunk that night in Vegas? Not EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS!! I stand by my 5-8 eyewitness account, but don't know how to explain Glenn's pic.
Sean John said on 6/May/07
DMX looks about 6'0 to me
Brad said on 25/Apr/07
I think Busta looks like he n Flav smoked 5 pounds of chee chee.
glenn said on 25/Apr/07
a least dmx is down to earth with me.snoop is ok.busta is another story.
Brad said on 24/Apr/07
My father grew up in Yonkers...yer either real good or real bad there.DMX is a baddy. Snoop smokes too much cheeba & Busta doesn't have much between his ears cept some truck anchor pieces hanging off it he paid too much for....he's an Ace Frehley sideways.
glenn said on 24/Apr/07
i have that album on vinyl.yeah,whats up with dmx,snoop and busta always in trouble?
Brad said on 23/Apr/07
Guy needs a driver...gets too many tickets.
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
DMX's first album, Its Dark and Hell is Hot is a rap classic.
Brad said on 21/Apr/07
Wears cool bling. I'd put him on the point if NY vs. LA starts up again. Yonkahs (New Yawk talk) and big dogs on big chains equals: tough.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
Though you cannot trust Mugshots with 100 percent certainty. They could have measured with shoes on or just told their own height. But DMX does look 5-11 minimum to me now.
glenn said on 20/Apr/07
at least they got this one right.nas is another me.
Brad said on 20/Apr/07
NYPD arrest record has him listed at 5' 11". He looks it. Yonkers rules!
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
A lot of people saw this guy as 5-7-5-8 in pictures as well as in person. I cant figure it out at all. I mean he only looked 5-7 with Mark Wahlberg in that one picture. Yet this dude looks over 6-0 in the picture on the left.
glenn said on 19/Apr/07
he looks near 6ft around seagal.
The Horse of FUNK said on 18/Apr/07
Apparently this guy has the ability to stretch his spinal chord out to 6' and retract it to 5'7". lol I like Viper's 5'7" estimates though, I've always pegged him as a bit extreme and ridiculous.
glenn said on 18/Apr/07
he is so mysterious;he even looks 5-9 to me in the flesh,until he stretches his spine out.
dmeyer said on 18/Apr/07
i alwais new dmx wasnt under 5'10. to 5'10.5 since he wasnt that mush dworfed by seagal wish is hard
zazaz said on 18/Apr/07
Well, on the left image, DMX looks even five inches taller then Glenn. On the right image, DMX looks three inches taller then Glenn. I'd say that DMX is at 5' 11" or even 6' in height.

Editor Rob
its funny reading this thread from the bottom 2005
ed said on 14/Mar/07
DMX and Bill Duke:
Click Here
MD said on 25/Feb/07
Rob, you can delete that old photo, if you'd like. I don't really see it helping, and on second thought could be really misleading not knowing the ground level.

But, since the old Getty links got deleted, I would like you to post these:

With 5'7.5" Pauly Shore

Click Here

With 5'10" David Arquette

Click Here
MD said on 24/Feb/07
A strange photo, but Mark Wahlberg, who, even in his best lifts can only look 5'9.5" with DMX back in 2001:

Click Here

We can't see their feet but they HAVE to be on different levels, but it really doesn't look it.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/07
No worries Rob.I emailed you not knowing you replied.what gets me is this genius has the time to post that.meaning he is stupid,jealous,or has no life.or all.yeah,Walhberg was on to me.thats why he wore lifts.these celebs tell you jerkoff,huh? you know them? funny,theyre on to me but my camera is on fire! never rests buddy! and I have another part time job,2 girlfriends,friends and multiple hobbies,yet my camera keeps catching images of celebs.gee,they are ON to me.Clint Eastwood and Lauren Bacall in 2 weeks,not to mention scores others.RACK,RACK,RACK.and the photos stack.let me show you what a man that needs to be on meds can say hello.I DARE you.and size me up and or bring the tape a kiss for you honey, :-o.
Glenn said on 16/Jan/07
Amen to that anonymous.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
Plus when you take film pics, unless you expose them yourself, the guys at the photomat may keep copies.
Glenn said on 15/Jan/07
Thats also true Rob.
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/07
i agree rob one times i had a nap at 8 to 10 pm so i was at night 5'11.5 and i looked the same height a 6 ft friend of mind who was up since 6 am
Glenn said on 14/Jan/07
Im very rarely at a doctors office.does the average person go monthly? or should I go for the site? not trying to be a dick,but realise your request can be silly.however,now that I have a great working digital,and if a girl sleeps over,Ill have her hold tape the tape measure for cant promise anytime soon.well,maybe today funny enough.most peoples true height will never be the summer,I wake around 2pm.sometime ealier.every other time its 3:30 to 4:30.hit the bed between 7am and 8am.

Editor Rob
your ditching the old film cameras?

your 5 hours behind here, but I do notice many times you seem to be up very late, hence, you'd be rising later in the day.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/07
"Do I have time for this nonsense"?
Well apparently Glenn, you have time to take 1000's of pics and be on this forum, so 1 more pic
at your dr's office isn't insane. Listen, I'm not trying to be mean, you seem like a cool guy.
It's just with all this controversy on height, if we know your height for sure (not saying your lying)
then that will clear some things up.

(But somethings, like Brad Pitt's true height will never be clear)
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/07
i think glenn is betwwen 5'7.5 and 5'8 he looks only 4 inches shorter than ford who was aleast 6 ft then also he looks taller than beyonce similar height with leto since he is 171 at night and 173 morning so he is average 172 cm 5'6 dont make sens for glenn more like 5'7.5 the real height is the one at 2 pm 5'11.75 is my morning height but i claim 5'11 glenn i do believe you are about 172 and you look easy 173 in some pics maybe because of 1.5 in heels

Editor Rob
I think its been mentioned if you are waking up 6-7 hours later - correct me if wrong but Glenn might not rise till afternoon? - then the 7-8am risers will be at lowest point at night, but those rising later might not yet be...just something to consider.

I know one day at an event they had a photo op scheduled for 11am, I had been up driving and walking for 11 hours solid, so was lowest height, but the celebrity might have had 1/4 inch advantage on me...
Glenn said on 13/Jan/07
First off,do I have a height chart in my house? 2nd,do I have time for nonsense? 3rd,why should I?,4th,one must be blind if they cant tell from the 1000 or is it 1200 pics up.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/07

If you are "5'8" as you so claim, how about a barefoot picture of yourself next to a height chart?
You've taken 100's of pics of yourself, why not 1 more and prove to the world you're right?

Editor Rob
ask yourself if in the majority of pics if glenn appears like 5ft 8 or not? Taller than dennis hopper, robin williams etc?

Tricky to do full length pic with height tape on your own.
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
Thanks for backing me on that Legend.prooves Im not 5-6.even though DMX truly gives the illusion of 5-9.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
I went through that too shredder! you should post this in the Sly page.
the shredder said on 8/Jan/07
I have a friend that claimed 5'11 and i always thought he was no more then 5'8 or 5'9 ... but when I took a pic standing next to him , he proved me wrong because he looked no shorter then 5'10 in the pic ! i peg my friend at 5'10.5 on the dot !!! ... also , I have a cusin that only claims 5'8 and I swear hes no shorter then 5'9 ! even in pics with me he looks 5'9 - 5'10 range , although never claimed over 5'8 flat ! I also saw them barefoot countless times !
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/07
5'11 make sens since he looked a lidl shorter than tom arnold who is 6 ft 1 i met him
Andy said on 4/Jan/07
no way DMX is 5'11, i'm 5'11 and i live a few doors down from him and have seen him a few times, hes no more than 5'9 tops, unless he has a ridiciulous hunch
Derek said on 17/Dec/06
Seagal is really 6'3" dmeyer. 5'10" minimum for DMX, maybe 5'10 1/2". Looks a little under 5'11".
dmeyer said on 16/Dec/06
5'11 is possible since he didnt look to short near 6 feet 4 seagal
Lucky Luciano said on 7/Dec/06
DMX must still have a bounce house in Teaneck. I see him all the time. It's funny because alot of women think he is Mekhi Phifer. He doesn't respond well to that.
Mike said on 4/Dec/06
Woah DMX is like LL Cool J, im confused. For DMX i heard 5'9 and 6'1 nothign inbetween, but the Glenn pics put him inbetween those heights. 5'11 is the inbwteen heights of 5'9 and 6'1 though
Glenn said on 2/Dec/06
What do you look like Phil? try taking as many photos as I do,in high pressure situations.youll have all kinds of looks Einstein.

Editor Rob
i deleted that little comment
LuckyLuciano said on 29/Nov/06
5'8" is right he MUST be wearing lifts and Timberland s***kickers. I see him ALL THE TIME at Sunny Delights Bakery in Englewood NJ and a chinese buffet in Teaneck across the street from the armory and around town. Always looks high as hell and smells like weed. That pic is baffling^^^^^.
Glenn said on 22/Oct/06
I know Smoke.
Smoke said on 20/Oct/06
I am not being funny but he looks like he is 5"11 -6ft in the pics above.
Glenn said on 18/Oct/06
One of the mysterys of my life! swore he was 5-9,5-10.I have to ask him.
Alex said on 17/Oct/06
Like Viper said he looks 6'0 on the left, 5'11 on the right but I've heard of 5'9-5'10 listings of this guy. I am unsure about him.
Glenn said on 12/Oct/06
Hojos was there 4 years ago.could still be.
Brad said on 12/Oct/06
Looks 6' tall. He's from Yonkers. I wonder if that Howard Johnson's is still there next to the Cross County Shopping Center. My $ is still at the harness track there.
Glenn said on 10/Oct/06
I always thought he was 5-9.
Diverse said on 6/Oct/06
i thought he was shorter. like 5'7"... saw a picture of him getting arrested and he looked small. possibly the cops arresting him were like 6'2"... also because the comedian katt williams (who is very short, around 5'4"), was joking about how DMX was only a couple inches taller than him.
Viper652 said on 6/Sep/06
He looks 6-0 on the left, more 5-11 on the right.
JK said on 6/Sep/06
looks Definetley 6ft, if Glenn is 5'8'' that is. coz he has 4 inches on Glenn.
dmeyer said on 5/Sep/06
even if they are 1.4 they arent elevators since most people wear 1 to 1.25 that add only 0.25 to 0.5 inches

Editor Rob
yes, not huge, I'm just saying what I found a pair to give. I don't think Glenn is in less than 1 inch trainers these days, so they might be very close in footwear?

It becomes noticeable advantage when the other person is in something like a converse or racing thin shoes like hugh jackman wears a fair bit, then you've got a nearly 1 inch advantage
JK said on 5/Sep/06
Louie, if he had 4 inches on Glenn that would make him 6'0'', coz Glenn says that he is 5'8''
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/06
he looks 4 inches on glenn possibly 5'11 also alwais wearing 1.3 inches tim boots so no elevator he wears them open

Editor Rob
I finally borrowed a pair of larger heeled timberlands and done the old barefoot, then 'in shoes' measurement with them. I did measure as giving around 1.4ish inches advantage over barefoot, the insole wasn't that thick either...
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/06
thanks rob i think he is aleast that since he didnt look too short near nearly 6 ft 5 seagal
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
A true perplex.
JK said on 3/Sep/06
Yeah he could be a 6 footer, but by looking at the pic on the left he does look 5'11'' - 6'0''.
Viper652 said on 31/Aug/06
The picture on the left still amazes me. You would think DMX is a solid 6 footer.
Glenn said on 28/Aug/06
Seriously Rob,5-11.this guy could even be more.but like I said a million times before,I have friends that appear 5-9 that stretch out to 5-11.
JK said on 18/Aug/06
Rob i think you should upgrade him to 5'11''
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
Id say the picture evidence you have provided overrides any 5-8-5-9 estimate. Could he be wearing lifts? I think its possible, But, If the guy only wears Timberlands everywhere he goes I think he probably does not. Just my opinion.
Glenn said on 17/Aug/06
Yeah but with Mr R,there was other short claims too.such as myself seeing 5-9.
D.J. said on 17/Aug/06
DMX looks at the very least, 5'11". Time to upgrade him.
JK said on 17/Aug/06
Rob, why does it say above ''5ft 8 Glenn beside BMX''?? BMX??
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
I meant that he can look a totally different height in one picture to another. Glenn said the same thing as well.
Jay said on 16/Aug/06
In the opening of DMX's video "Party Up" it shows a profile of him as the bank robbery suspect and it lists his height as 6'1" and weight as 190lbs.
JK said on 16/Aug/06
Rob I think you should upgrade him by an inch. Viper, i didn't get what you meant by a shapeshifter.
Viper652 said on 16/Aug/06
You know, Im actually beleiving that 5-11 more and more. Maybe Mr. R was having a hallucination when he saw DMX at 5-8 tops jk :) This guy is a total shapeshifter though.
Viper652 said on 16/Aug/06
What is bizarre is DMX looks taller next to Glenn than Colin Farrel, and Glenn thought Colin looked 5-11 and DMX 5-9-5-10 in person.
J. said on 15/Aug/06
DMX was always listed and described as 5'11", since the release of his first album. I never thought he was any shorter until Mr. R's claim. So, maybe X is 5'11" after all. He does have bad posture and a slim frame ...does this give a shorter-than-5'11" impression???

Editor Rob
whilst I agree with a number of R's claims, I find some of them to be underestimated. Actually, I hope Mr R is alright, not heard from him in a while :-/
MD said on 15/Aug/06
What I do know is that he's always, always in Timberlands. I was just flipping through the channels a few days ago and he was on some personal reality show where the camera followed him around. He went to a shoe store and bought like 11 pairs of Timberlands. That was it in terms of shoes.
Glenn said on 15/Aug/06
It is my white sneakers with near 2 inch soles.we might have to change this guy to 5-11.
Glenn said on 15/Aug/06
There is tall DMX sightings coming through.maybe he is TRULY 5-11.its this kind of shapeshifting creature that had me wondering if Mel Gibson was telling the truth of his 5-11 claim.and maybe Depp is 5-10.maybe Sly is 5-10.Colin is 5-11,etc,etc.well we know Mel is most likely no bigger than 5-9.but these other height chameleans are shifting without the help of lifts and heels.
JK said on 15/Aug/06
he looks a solid 5'11'' man, and the pictures show the truth

Editor Rob
the truth is on glenn's face, *shock and awe*...glenn you remember what shoes you had on? there is some pics out there where he does look legit 5ft 11er
Jake said on 15/Aug/06
What? This doesn't make sense. How is he that tall next to Glenn?
Viper652 said on 15/Aug/06
Comparing these pictures with the pic of DMX with 5-7 Wahlberg is truly baffling. He gives Sly Stallone a run for his money.
DudeX said on 14/Aug/06
Glenn is 5'6'' IMO :P J/K
carl j said on 14/Aug/06
DMX has gotta be at least 5'11. I met him face to face once in NY and im 6'1.5 exactly he was wearing regular shoes and was almost as tall as me i was actuly suprised. he couldnt have been more than an inch shorter than me witch would make him about 6ft and his shoes add's like and inch so i would say 5'11 barefoot . .. no way hes 5'8 just look at him in the pic with glenn.
Viper652 said on 14/Aug/06
The guy actually looks more 6-0 in the pic to the left which is totally shocking. I mean, he looks taller there next to Glenn than the supposed 6-2-6-3 Bernie Mac!!! I guess its because he is closer to the camera. Ive never seen him look that tall before. Does look more 5-11 in the pic to the right where they are closer together. I cant explain it.
Anonymity said on 14/Aug/06
DMX is not 5'10". I worked for a television company 6 years ago and saw DMX, even stood next to him. I'm 5'11", and he's about 2 inches taller than me, putting him at about 6'1". It's true, he was in Timberland boots when I saw him; at that time, he clearly stood around 6'1".
Viper652 said on 14/Aug/06
He has to be wearing massive lifts. How do you explain him looking of similar height to Wahlberg in this picture? Click Here
JK said on 14/Aug/06
Dmx looks 5'11.5'' to me in the pic at on the left, i always thought he was 5'10''.
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
he looks taller than farrell compare to you
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
he looks 3 inches on glenn maybe 4 so 5 11 maybe
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
Finally got 2 photos with him 3 weeks ago.he is one those short looking weak 5-10s.I thought he was near my height when I saw him until I stood next to him.Tupac was a 5-9 guy that would give a 5-10,5-11 impression to his heels.
dmeyer said on 3/Aug/06
he didnt look that small near seagal he is aleast 5 10
Viper652 said on 24/Jun/06
Apparently you didnt see my last comment MD :)
J. said on 24/Jun/06
One thing that I can say about DMX is that he's never out of his Timberlands. Never seen this guy in sneakers.
MD said on 23/Jun/06
Nope, he's not 5'7". Viper, you're estimates are always so extreme, and I though I was bad.
Viper652 said on 23/Jun/06
He clearly is no taller then 5-9. Hes either around 5-8 1/2 to 5-9 Max. I originally thought he looked at least 5-10 in movies.
Glenn said on 23/Jun/06
Thank you Viper.
Viper652 said on 22/Jun/06
He looks the same as 5-7 Wahlberg in that one pic.
Glenn said on 22/Jun/06
He is 5-9.I was ironically in court with him once.yeah,I know he looks 6ft on least mr R backs my claim.its not until you actually meet these people,that you can try to gauge some truth.
7 said on 21/Jun/06
rob DMX is not closer 2 5ft 8in hes like 5ft 10in to 5ft 11in

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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