How tall is Fabolous

Fabolous Height

5ft 11in (180.3 cm)

American rapper, known for songs such as "Into You" and "Can't Let You Go". He has claimed to be 5ft 11.

How tall is the rapper Fabolous
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Average Guess (12 Votes)
5ft 11.73in (182.2cm)
Beavis said on 12/Oct/17
Would love to see him, Chris Brown and PnB Rock stand next to each other.

5'11.75"- 6'0.25" for Fabolous
lex said on 8/Jun/17
Guys I don't know why Fab is listed this short
Look at him standing next to Meek who's at least a strong 6'2"
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And now here with Jeezy and T.I. who are standing both at 5'9"
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I'd say he could be 6'1" minimum.
Search for other pics where he's hanging with people about the 6'2"/6'3" range and they are not that much taller than him. Most of em seems barely taller
travis said on 15/Apr/17
he was never 5'10 to begin with
nick92 said on 31/Mar/17
if fabulous and chip met face to face fab would definately be taller thats why i dont think he's a 5ft11 flat
nick92 said on 15/Feb/17
rob its always confused me that whenever 50 cent and fab meet fab always edges him out but is listed lower than 50....honestly i think he should get atleast 181cm instead of 180cm
The Horse of FUNK said on 26/Oct/16
The guy is a legit 5'11". Might even be 5'11.25" - 5'11.5" and just rounds down to not sound awkward. Many people do it. Like some have mentioned, he has consistently claimed 5'11" multiple times. I seriously doubt a 6'0" or taller male would voluntarily downgrade their height, especially at that height range where every cm is important lol.

I think this is just a classic case of people underestimating what a legit 5'11" can look like. People see or hear the number 5 and immediately think shorty, mediocre, or something. 5'11" is still a solid and distinctly average to above average height in western countries.
Jus sayn said on 10/Jul/16
How come u list Jay Z at 6'1.5" then Fab at 5'11" cant see that differrence in any of their pics
Beavis said on 2/Apr/16
There's a pic of him and Steph Curry they damn near looked eye to eye. He's taller than Odell beckam Jr who is 5'11
ei said on 1/Aug/15
I'm somewhere between 6'0 & 6'1, I saw Fabolous walk right past me after a performance. He's no taller than 5'9, I'd say more like 5'7 or 5'8. Unless he shrunk just before I saw him.
Marlo said on 24/Jan/15
Fab is 6'1. I've seen him in person many times out in Brooklyn
TJE said on 24/Jan/15
Looks 5'10.75-5'11 to me.
Delloco said on 14/Nov/14
Fab has got to be 6'0 or 6'1. I saw a pic with him and Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) and Fab had at least an inch on him. I know Andy was def. 5'11 even.
Roger said on 21/Jan/14
ROB, why do you keep ignoring my messages?
[Editor Rob: I think they can both look very similar height, in some of the pics allen looks to have a wider stance, but he was supposed to have been measured at this height on the page...although he can look no more than 5ft 11 a fair amount.]
MD said on 6/Nov/13
I mean to say in my November 4th post: "Everyone knew that he was more around 5'10","
Roger said on 4/Nov/13

Please comment on the below. I think you should downgrade AI to 5'10 taking into consideration below pictures.
MD said on 4/Nov/13
I think for much of his career in the NBA Iverson was listed at 6'0". Everyone knew that he was more around 6'0", particularly now that folks know that most listed heights for basketball players are taken in shoes. The draft takes heights both in and out of shoes, but once they get on a team they are almost listed with their shoe heights (and sometimes even taller than that).
Roger said on 2/Nov/13
How is that possible that you have Fabolous and Allen Iverson both at 5'11 even though that Fab is at least an inch taller than AI. The pictures below clearly shows that. They were wearing the same shoes by the way Reebok Questions:

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Hov said on 2/Nov/12
He's less then a inch shorter than chris brown who's 6'0-6'1 so 5'11 is pretty accurate
skully said on 19/Dec/11
I'm telling you.. he is no taller than 5'10
Mike said on 23/Sep/11
No way! Rick ross is no more than 5'11!
J said on 30/Jul/11
I think 5'11.5 is a better estimate. I remember him saying in an interview a while back that he was 5'11.
Seymour said on 29/Jul/11
Fabolous is a true 5 11.. I'm 5 11 and when i met him he was exactly the same height as me. Downgrade needed.
skully said on 16/Jul/11
I was about to say the say thing Sully. Fab isn't over 5'10" 160.
Sully said on 1/Jul/11
This guy is not 6 ft.
He was on ESPN first take a while back, and was the shortest person of the group.
Skip Bayless himself is around 5'11 on a good day. Fab was shorter than him even though he had basketball shoes on.
Tony said on 31/May/11
THat tv show that was on mtv couple years ago that jazzy phae had the barber shop, They asked Fabulous on the show how tall he was, cause he liked basketball, fabulous himself said 5'11. 5'11 is fact
LG69 said on 18/Apr/11
@ "Gavin", not just rappers round up--most people do.
Yep said on 31/Mar/11
I met him after a concert at EKU, I'm 6'1 and he was just a little bit shorter then me so I say 5'11 to 6ft sounds right
Chris said on 11/Jan/11
looks 5'11 based on the pics
blopppp said on 15/Dec/10
i hate when people think they know everything this man is 6'0 tall
bill said on 4/Oct/07
he's claimed 5"11 on numerous occasions, i dont think someone would exaggerate shorter than what they really were.
bekrahhhh said on 25/Sep/07
fab is beautiful not matta how chippe his toof is or how tall he is...the nigga is tall as the picture of him standing by megan rochelle who is only 5'2''....he is waaaaaaaaaay taller than her...and im her height. the onlt nigga i know of that looks that big standin next to me IS 6'3'' and higher...he gotta be past 6 feet...i know that for a FACT! But ima just ask him when we get married. so its all good ill let yall know lata i guess...
mike said on 5/Sep/07
terrence is looks around 5'6 luda was on 106 today, and Luda's taller than him, also rocsi is only 5'2 and he's only like an inch taller that her when she wears heals his pretty short
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/07
i thought he was like 6'4 in those videos, he looks very tall. I wonder if they pay more to add those tricks to make them look taller. I can believe 5'11 now.
Ball-a-Hallic said on 7/Aug/07
he looked the same height as nick cannon on wild n out and nicks like 5'11 or 6'0
Aaron said on 29/Jul/07
Yeah, I just saw him next to Ne-yo. He about 6-2.
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/07
I always thought he wasn't that big. But if Tony Parker is 6'2 he looks like it also(after seeing their performance together).
Sammy said on 17/Jun/07
Fabolous does not look 5'11 at all guys.He looks to be about 6'2,6'3.I saw him on 106 n Park a few weeks ago and he was about 2,3 inches taller than the reported 6 feet male Terence.I keep seeing 5'11 on other websites but he looks very tall.
MASSIVE100 said on 16/Jun/07
I saw Fab about 3 years ago at the sound factory in NYC..whoever said he's 5'11 might have seen him from a distance. I can tell u he's definitely atleast 6'2..I myself is 5'8..but I played HS basketball and I have a good concept of height..he's atleast 6'2.
BigT said on 14/Jun/07
5'11.5" but can stretch it 2 just 6 ft i reckon
anthony said on 25/May/07
he's about 2 or 3 inches taller than Neyo in their new video where you can see full body and fabs in boots -- i say 5'10.5 to 5'11.5 is right
DAT DUDE said on 4/May/07
he 5'11 im 6'1 n i burned 1 down wit him b4, game like 6'1 or 2 snoop is only 6'3 ya dig wat im sayn ll cool j 5'11 2 South Philly 3T0
gramz said on 13/Apr/07
Wow... yall wildin... I saw on him on fulton street a while ago... he's deff like 6'2"/6'2.5" cuz I'm 5'11' and he was deff taller then me by more then an inch or two
thisismyparty69 said on 1/Dec/06
i met fab outside the 106 and park studios, and im about 6'4 and he was a lil shorter, so im pretty positive that he is about 6'3
Derek said on 6/Nov/06
His slim frame can make him look 6'1", but he's really 5'11".
smoke said on 28/Jun/06
I saw that episode of the shop. Fab is 5"11. Most of the guys in the shop are short any way apart from Van and the other tall black dude(his name escapes me lol).
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
yea he said 5"11, is that considered real tall tho? the dudes on the show were like "you look like you should be on a court somewhere" (basketball), then they asked how tall he was and were like "man you're taller than i expected"
cece said on 31/Mar/06
he said on mtv's the shop that he was 5'11... and how old is fab?? by the looks of that nypd shit it says he was born in `77 i always thought he was born in `79
Seminole Sport said on 9/Feb/06
I met Fab in Person and im 6'1.....he is taller then me.. i rep SLKing and he is like 6'3... yall fools is wild.. i will let yall fools know when i see him again....
Queenie said on 31/Dec/05
I know fabolous (John) he is about 5'11 to 6'0 and really skinny. He looks much taller on television but don't they all
Famalama said on 27/Dec/05
I always thought he was a lot taller, expected him to be the same as me, I'm 6'2, guess I was wrong
anonymous said on 25/Aug/05
fab definetely looks like hes 6"1-6"2, he was at Game(rapper's)album release party and he look like he could be only 1 at most 2 inches shorter then game who stands at 6"4.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/05
Back in 2001 when fab was promoting his debut album "Ghetto fablous" on hot 97, a girl got on the phone lines and saked how tall he was and he said i'm 5'11" ma.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 7/Jun/05
Yea I agree Fab's only 5'11 maybe 6'0 but I highly doubt it.
J. said on 30/Mar/05
Hate to do it but I have to disagree the 6'1" for this rapper. I always thought he was 6'3"-ish (judging from his onscreen appearance) but when those NYPD sheets listed him as 5'11", I had to look again and sure enough, looking at some pictures in a magazine of him and his 5 foot 7 mentor DJ Clue, I do think that Fabolous is 5'11". Maybe I'm crazy but Fab was DEFINTELY NOT 6 inches taller than Clue. He's lanky; wears XXXL clothing and gets shot from the bottom up which can make you think he's taller. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm agreeing with the NPYD sheet.

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