How tall is Mario

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5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

US Singer.

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5ft 11in (180.3cm)
truthteller25 said on 29/Dec/19
He is 5'11 atleast maybe a bit taller
Guess said on 6/Dec/19
I normally don't comment but Im surprised no one has figured out that there are 2 different Mario's being referred to in the comments. The singer, and the cartoon lol
Anna said on 1/Sep/17
He's actually 5'1", this is in accurate
KI said on 19/Jun/17
I agree with your first comment....Mario is 5'4"" or maybe 5'5 max.The Chew had ? Johansson on a couple of days ago and she is 5'3" . Mario was very close to her height. Men just don't like being short.
Jordan Cross said on 25/Jun/16
Ugh..........what the hell people?......Mario has been actually fully proven to be 5"4" ft tall, he was never 5"11" or 6"0" or more. Never. Just 5"4", Luigi has always been 5"9" ft tall, Wario is 5"8" ft tall, Peach is 5"10" or 5"11", and Bowser is 8"7" ft tall. Oh! Also Waluigi is 7"1" ft tall. So here's the real answer people.
Editor Rob: Wario is a known lift-wearer.
drk said on 4/Nov/12
Taller when he gets the mushroom of course.
Musician said on 20/Aug/11
Have worked a lot with him in the studio. At least 6'. Maybe 6'1".
apiven said on 10/May/08
in dancing with stars 2 weeks ago they had kenny mayne doing profile of everyone and they put up stats Mario was lsited as 5'11 with size 10.5 shoes... I fhe submitted 5'11 to show then thats the tallest he singer makes themselves smaller in r&b or hip hop
Viper said on 25/Apr/08
Mario looks 5-10 1/2 to me.
Bruce said on 23/Apr/08
I agree, this height listed for him is wrong and needs to be changed because he is actually 6'0.5", for one fact i know he is over six foot but not more than 6'1" though
Hannah said on 23/Apr/08
I know him by aquaintance and he is about 6'0.5" no taller than 6'1" though... and I work at Echo Studios (Grand Hustle Studios) and T.I. is 5'7"...hope this solves your on going suspicions of their height!
MD said on 2/Mar/08
I believe it was on Extra the other day but he was being interviewed (standing up) by Mario Lopez, and he wasn't any taller than him.
wtf? said on 24/Jan/08
on a trl show where mario appeared he was as tall as carson daly and carson is about 6ft 1 so i guess that this could probably be true
General Bison said on 11/Dec/07
Mario is 5ft 5 exactly. There's a 1/8 scale figure on Play-Asia that is 12cm tall.
mO said on 3/Aug/07
I think hes 6'1 with shoes one, so probably 6'0 without shoes. He looks tall on tv, so i can believe him.
Crystal said on 18/Jun/07
i was reading "Right On" and he said he was exactly 6 foot 1
MD said on 25/Jan/07
Yeah, Mario, Chingy, and Chris Brown are all around the same height with none of them being over 5'11"
Derek said on 24/Jan/07
Nice picture MD. That pretty much confirms Mario is 5'10 1/2", MAYBE 5'11".
mike said on 12/Jan/07
mario is 6.05, in freedom writers he towers ovr Swank
J. said on 10/Jan/07
This Dec. 2006 article in the Baltimore Sun describes him as '6 foot 1': Click Here
eric h said on 9/Jan/07
i was in the DC airport on 12/31 flying to New York. I stood next to this guy at a news stand at he is at least 6'0" probably closer to a legit 6'1". i am 5'9.5" although most my height would say a "legit" 5'10". anyways i was wearing normal running sneakers and he was in timberlands. i recognized his height immediately and thought he was a hoops player (he was wearing these ridiculous sunglasses inside as if he were Michael Jordan which probably attacted 10X the attention he would have been normally given.) But to the point my intial thought was 6"1 so to confirm i stumbled on this website. His Thanks
Derek said on 18/Dec/06
Mario is shorter than Tyrese, and Tyrese is listed at 5'11 1/4". There appears to be an inch difference, so Mario actually looks 5'10 1/4"- 5'10 1/2".
MD said on 2/Dec/06
Rob, what do you think of this one?
wrestling said on 12/Aug/06
next to channing tatum who is 6'-6'1" he looks 5'10"-5'11" tops
matthew said on 30/Jul/06
yehh , from looking at those pictures , he certainly doesnt look even 6 foot. hed be lucky if he had 2inches on Ryann Cabrera!!
D.J. said on 3/Jul/06
Looking at the photos with T.I. and Quddus, Mario is 5'11" tops, probably 5'10 1/2".
Viper652 said on 26/May/06
Wow, Quddus towers over Mario in that pic MD linked. Shoot Mario looks 5-8-5-9 there!!!.
smoke said on 23/May/06
Just because a dude says he is 6ft 1 does not mean he is. He could have been talking about his height in shoes or rounded his height up.
Height Detective said on 11/May/06
Click Here Mario and Tyrese
MD said on 18/Apr/06

Here you go:

1. Click Here

And, something even more telling, a photo with 6'1" Quddus. Even taking into account Mario's slight lean, he is not 6'0" by any strech:

2. Click Here

Mario is 5'10"-5'10.5" tops.
MD said on 17/Apr/06
He's not 6'0", again.

Here he is with T.I. who has been downgraded to 5'8.5" (but, who's really no more than 5'7" in shoes if you go view the pictures over there, and read the recent New York Times article on him):

T.I. has the benefit of standing in front, but this still doesn't make Mario 6'0"

[Editor Rob: cache images on getty don't work, image number was 52040523 and the rds yahoo links don't work on here, terrible linking characters on yahoo's part, but try using tinyrul for the yahoo link, I vaguely remember mario/ti shot from before]
xaoxio said on 2/Apr/06
the more photos I see of this guy the more I have a feeling that he can really be a 6'0"-footer, if not marginally taller.
P.s. A big respect to Mr.Celebheights Editor Rob for his will and tries to be as an objective one as it is possible. But DO keep an eye on this guy Rob, ok?
MD said on 25/Mar/06
Come on, EDITOR ROB. Let's put this 6'0" to rest, already. Here is Mario with Ryan Cabrera (who's really closer to 5'7" than 5'8"). Anyway, the pictures have some weird angles, but as you can see, Mario is only marginally taller.

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

I'd give him 5'10.5" at the most. Add some shoes and he can look 6'0" or near that, but he's not.
Chris said on 11/Jan/06
I don't think he's even 6'0". His skinny appearance gives the impression he's taller. He never looks taller than 'average' in his videos which if he really was 6'0"-6'1", would be used to put thye spotlight on his height.
J. said on 28/Jul/05
I'm watching him opposite tallish, 6'2"- 6'3"-ish VJ AJ Calloway on BET's 106 & Park. He does look about 6'1" next to AJ but he has really crappy posture. He can make himself seem 5'11"-ish.
jae said on 5/Jul/05
hey i saw mario wen he was hea n syd wen his bakup dancer got me on stage yeh i rekon hes 6 ft but coz im like 5'8 n he was taller
mariolover said on 4/Jul/05
i know mario is 6 1 cause he was in vibe and said he was 6 1.
xaoxio said on 29/Jun/05
I guess, Rob, you can downgrade Mario, at least, to 5'11" mark.
There is another evidence that he's far, far away from 6'1" mark(
You can see Chingy and Mario standing together and if Chingy is a legit 5'10.5"-footer than Mario(who is a tad taller one)is 5'11". Both are in sneakers - you can check it for yourself. It has also been proved by photos of Lemar and Mario standing together(Lemar who is definitely in 181-182 area is about 2cm taller than Mario).
To be honest to the end I have to appoint you on the photos of Mario and Nick Cannon which are on the top of this page - it seems that Mario is taller than Nick but it's only cause Mario is considerably closer to the camera than Nick and camera angle is suitable for Mario, I guess.
And I've told you that Nick Cannon is not a legit 6'0"-footer in my opinion.
Though, that is you to decide but I can't see Mario being over 180cm and the recent photos show it.
Jenifo0 said on 14/Jun/05
Mario is definatley a tall guy! id say 6'1'' without a doubt. If you look at him in 'let me love you' vid, he looks well tall and because of it, his shoulders slouch and body does look quite drooped at some points. if you look at pics of him, as a lot of you have, you cannot rely on these AT ALL! pictures are taken at all sorts of different angles and are very deceiving as xaoxio pointed out. Why not believe wot the guy has sed? he has sed he is 6ft1 himself..."US Singer (Let Me Love You). Originally I thought he was just under 5ft 11. He has stated his height as 6ft 1" just go with that guys!
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/05
6'1?? you gotta be kidding me man. I once saw him having this interviw on the tv and someone asked him about his height and i remember him saying before he was like 5'7 or something. I know that he is still growing and certainly must have got taller but still you can not just grow over 6 inches like that concering his age is like 18 now.
Drew said on 1/Jun/05

Check that out. If Qaddus is 6'1", I'd say Mario is not more than 5'11". In the picture he's slouching,. but still it's quite obvious that he's shorter than Qaddus by at least 2 inches. (btw this is my first comment here...I thought I was the only person obsessed with heights haha)
Smoke said on 16/Apr/05
Maybe Ricky Martin was weary his favorite heals in this great pic that Rob provided, or maybe, just maybe, Mario isn't really 6'1" like so many people do say. Again, I've met Quddus, who is at best 6'1" on the dot, and Mario looked visibly shorter in their pics together. Even though Ricky doesn't look it beside Will Smith, and he does wear chunky heals at times, I still think he's a solid 183-184 cm, and he does look taller than Mario here.
lil D said on 10/Apr/05
I dont think that Mario is that tall coz when he hugged me @ trl he wasnt much taller than me!!! Im not 5ft 11
xaoxio said on 29/Mar/05
ok compare Derek Luke(real 5'11")
And please DO consider that Mario is closer to camera.
No comments.
J. said on 28/Mar/05
Okey doke, here, that Trick/Cannon picture wasn't a good one as Trick has a baseball cap plopped on top of his height and Cannon is looking down. Cannon does look a solid 6 feet everytime I see him. He's pretty thin which can give the impression of him being over six feet. Yet, that picture of Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z just proves that Pharell is truly 5'8". In that picture, Pharrell is exactly 5 inches shorter than 6'1" Jay-Z. If you question this, just make a mark at where Pharrell comes up to on Jay-Z in that pic. Take a measuring stick and measure where he comes up to on your head and you'll get the height. He's exactly 68 inches. And Alex R. doesn't look close to 6'3". I think he's more six one.
Smoke said on 27/Mar/05
I saw the shot of Mario with Quddus, now I've met Quddus and he can't be any taller than 185 cm. I haven't met Mario, but he certainly didn't quite look Quddus' height...I'll agree though that other factors could have played in Mario not looking Quddus' height. But I can say, I'm 185 cm and Quddus definately isn't taller than this...what can I draw from this? Mario doesn't look 6'1" next to Quddus, so he's 185 cm at best.
Ricardo said on 27/Mar/05
Hmmm he does look 6'1"...
J. said on 23/Mar/05
Well, xaoxio, I have seen Mario in person, around January of this year at our local radio station. And he really did look 6'1". I was somewhat surprised at how tall he was. And I think Rob, the editor, has a point, in that in some of the pictures where he seems shorter, there are some funky little angles going on and he's clearly slouching in one. But rest assure, Mario really is 6'1". I saw it with my own eyes. He's one of the few who appears to be honest about his height.
xaoxio said on 22/Mar/05
You know have a recent look at Mario photos. Man it's me or a magic (you'd better say the perfect angle of camera for Mario) but if you look at the photo with the same persons (Nick Cannon and Mario) from the same party(Mario and Nick)- photo which proves that Mario is lower than Nick Cannon about 3-5cm;interesting ha? Okey let's have a look at another recent pictures - another photo (Mario and Quddus 6ft1). Another, the best photo,with Quddus (Quddus and Mario). Mario is lower than Quddus about 8cm. And another recent picture (Mario and Big Boi)- rapper Big Boi who's about 5'7" is lower than Mario about 7cm.Don't forget people there are recent pictures of Mario. All photos are recent. So Rob it seems to me that Mario is really about 5'10". I do wait for your correcting this data. P.S. How can man say that he is 6'1" if he's struggling to reach 5'10-5'11"?

[CelebHeights Rob: here's my take, and remember it's only my humble opinion :) Photo 1, I see barely any difference between the tip of their heads (ignore their eye levels and consider Cannon's cap). Also Mario has a subtle forward lean as he checks out that hula chick. The first Quddus and Mario picture is better - Quddus is marginally closer to the camera, so you must take this into account. The difference only in my view really that big. Similarly with Big Boi, the framing of the shot is slightly lower and 'big' boi is closer to the camera. When you frame a shot looking up at actors you can tend to de-emphasize the height differences. This is one of techniques used on films to make shorter guys look taller - put them closer to the lens and have a slight upward tilt. Here is a quick botched together example I do to show the effect. This is only my opinion...sometimes photos/dvd aren't nearly as good as personal encounters, which is why sometimes a guy can go from looking 5ft 8 to 6ft in pictures]
xaoxio said on 22/Mar/05
MrCelebHeights Editor can I ask why have you upgraded him? When and where does he say so? And it seems to me the first figure has been absolutely right.I'll be really pleased if you answer on my questions.Thank you.

[CelebHeights Rob: I didn't realise how young the guy was so the pictures of him at a tennis event from a few years ago showed Mario looking just about 5ft 10.5. Mario said he is 6ft 1 and here's a recent pic that might suggest He's close to that. A late growth surge?]

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