How tall is A. J. Buckley

A. J. Buckley's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Irish-Canadian Actor best known for playing Adam Ross on CSI: New York, Sonny Quinn in SEAL Team and Ed Zeddmore (Ghostfacers) in Supernatural. On his imdbResume he had his weight down as "175 lbs".

A. J. Buckley at Rogue Events Convention Asylum 2 2008
5ft 8 Rob and A. J. (age 31) @ Rogue Events Asylum 2, May 2008

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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 8.04in (172.8cm)
M0825 said on 22/Jul/21
I’d make the case he’s probably a quarter inch taller than this listing. Here he is with David Boreanaz: Click Here

Crazy part is, if you look closely, I think he has the footwear advantage over AJ. Maybe it’d be a good to put this picture alongside the fan meet ones.
Liam k said on 18/Feb/21
You should add seal team
JohnMoore-162cm said on 12/Jun/20
Weak 5ft8
Jdubbz said on 23/Apr/20

Rob's eye level never seems below average in pics with celebs around his height. Maybe the fact that he has a short haircut and a longer eye to chin distance than eye to top of head is throwing me off, but visually it doesn't look below average at all. His eye level even seems to be the same or smaller than many of the shorter female celebrities.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/19
Rob's eye level is within average range, but it's not "average average". You can be slightly below average and still be considered within average range.
Andrea said on 21/Sep/19
Rob, your average eyelevel has always been one of the few certainties in my life... Is it true that it's actually below average, like Christian says? o.O
Editor Rob
it's within average range.

Although in this photo with AJ I am looking straight ahead and the camera is a few inches below our eyelevel. The majority of the time I would look down a fraction towards the camera, which is why in those Mugshots I am basically giving myself a 10 inch head a lot of the time.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Sep/19
Then ask any poster here. Rob himself even mentioned that his eye level's 4.5"-4.6", not just 4.5", which is slightly below average for a man his height, even though there are some 5'8" guys who have much lower eye levels than him.
Andrea said on 14/Sep/19
Again, the average eyelevel is bang on 4.5 inches, Christian. And... I don't know how you got to that "good rule of thumb", but that's still average. Even for a 5'8 range man. That being said, it is true that the taller you are, the more chance you have to have a bigger eyelevel than average, hence why a 6'5 range man is more likely to have a bigger eyelevel than a 5'9 one.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Sep/19
It's slightly below average for a typical 5'8" man's head. Go ask anyone here and most will agree. The average eye level for a man is around 4.4" and the average height for a man (in the US and UK at least) is around 5'9". So that means the average 5'8" man is expected to have a 4.35" eye level. A good rule of thumb is to add/subtract around 0.05" for every inch taller/shorter to find out the average eye level for a man. So that means a 6'5" range man would have around a 4.8" eye level on average, and that makes sense, since mine is 4.75" and my eye level looks proportionally average.
Andrea said on 10/Sep/19
That's still an average eyelevel, Christian. Even for a 5'8 range man.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Sep/19
The average eye level for a 5'8" man isn't quite 4.5"-4.6" though. So I'm not wrong when I say that Rob has a below average eye level for his height.
Andrea said on 8/Sep/19
Christian, Rob's eyelevel is about 4.5 inches I think, so pretty much average, even for someone of his height. It is true that going by eyelevels, it looks like Rob would be at least a good 0.5 inch taller than him, but eyelevels aren't always indicative of height differences, as it depends on how long each of them is (and they can easily be altered by tilting your head down or up). Because of Buckley's hair, it's hard to say how long his eyelevel actually is, though it may well be lower than Rob's in the pic...
Canson said on 8/Sep/19
@Christian: yea Rob has him by a CM in the picture. Maybe it was consistent with others where a celeb looks shorter than him
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Sep/19
If he's the same height as Rob, then his eye level has to be unusually low. Rob has below average eye level for his height, yet Rob's is significantly higher than his.
Andrea said on 9/Aug/19
It all depends on where the top of his head really is there, Christian, though I don't think it'd be by much more than a fraction.
On SPN, from what I vaguely remember, he could certainly look under 5'8 with Jensen and Jared, but then again, he generally was in converse, I think...
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 6/Aug/19
Rob still edges him out by 1/4" at the very least. The most I can see him is 5'7 7/8", but I have him at roughly 5'7.75"
Editor Rob
There were times on CSI in which he looked shorter than 5ft 8 Gary Sinise, though I'm not sure they had the same footwear on.
Andrea said on 4/Aug/19
He has a lot of hair, which makes it harder to say where the top of his head is exactly, but I wouldn't say he looks much shorter than Rob here, Connor: Click Here
Csimpson6ft said on 1/Aug/19
@Rob the tallest i can see for him is 5'7.5 and thats a bit generous from me because im really struggling to see anything over 5'7.25 for him, to me he just doesnt look a legitimate 5'8er in those photos and he really does look shorter than you and Jenny unless you guys have more footwear than him, but for now i have to disagree with you on this one.
Csimpson6ft said on 31/Jul/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8 Assuming the footwear is the same then he looks no where near 5'8, i seriously cant even see him as a weak 5'8 guy either he looks a lot closer to 5'7 than 5'8, 5'7-5'7.25 range is more believeable than 5'7.5-5'7.75 and even Jenny is taller than him. Rob is easily an inch taller than A. J. he needs a downgrade.
Editor Rob
In person I feel he wasn't really much different than ourselves, I wouldn't go lower than the listing.
Tunman said on 15/Jul/18
Just trying to figure where the top of his head is,I wouldn't be surprised if there was up to 1/4"difference between them but no more.That would make A.J like 2mm under 5'8 at worst,fair enough to be listed at that mark.Actually he looked smaller than Sinise by an easy 1.25-1.5" in CSI but Gary is likely wearing lifts and A.J sneakers seemed like they wouldn't give much more than 0.75"
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
He does look 173 with you rob
Cameron said on 3/Sep/17
Rob appears to have a slight edge on him.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Sep/17
Weak 5'8" like 171.5-172cm range.
Lee said on 31/Aug/15
Looked barely taller than Kevin Connolly in Entourage thinking 5'6.5" to 5'7"
TheVerve181cm said on 17/Feb/13
Oops I meant on the right hehe ;)
TheVerve181cm said on 17/Feb/13
They are the same height, the guy on the left is 5ft7.5
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
rob is 173.2cm.. to the most accurate which i think again buckley could be 172.9cm-173.0cm. so flat 5'8 was absolutely right!
Hob said on 27/Jul/12
he had like 1-1.2cm lower eye level than rob but looking at tip of head not with hair he might be 5'7.9 nearer 5'8 so given 5'8 is pretty accurate.
the shredder said on 14/Jun/12
Rob , who is the other guy with Jenny ? looks 5'7.5
Editor Rob
travis wester
Physics Enemy said on 10/Nov/11
If you base it off Rob's 5' 8.25" then 5' 8" is fair. Good listing.
rob89 said on 14/Jun/11
Hmmm i really think Rob edges him out by a fraction here to be honest, only reason he looks the same height or a shade taller is because of his hair. I'd give him 172 cm, a little under 5'8.
Mathew said on 17/Feb/11
Looking again I can buy the full 5'8".
Big King said on 27/Jun/09
He looks 5'8.5"-5'9" on the first pic and he's also slightly taller than Jenny.
Sam said on 29/Mar/09
looks a little taller, maybe 174; but then again those tiny differences are hard because of shoes...
mozza said on 19/Mar/09
i hate to disagree with you rob but according to a height study women 5'3 and under are short women 5'4 to 5'5 are average women 5'6 to 5'8 are tall women 5'9 to 5'10 are tall women 5'11 or over are giant or large thats a fact from some university science book or some crap like that
158cm said on 28/Jan/09
Looks about 5'7 in the pic with Rob and about 5'8.75 with Jen and Travis.
Maribel said on 20/Nov/08
Looks more like 5-foot-7 and 1/2 max.
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/08
Hey raise some interesing points, about girls tending to like guys taller than them. I personally do as I myself am about 5ft I like a guy to be taller than me, despite me be tall myself! And for the record I think A.J Buckley looks exactly 5ft 8! Great actor!
Jlee said on 7/Oct/08
And if that happened do you think they would get turned off because she THOUGHT she was taller and has to be with a guy a tiny taller? if a girl is say 5 foot 9.5 and she wears heels to be taller than someone who is five eleven. do you think that she really thinks she is taller flatfoot? cuz some girls i know are horrible at heights. what I am saying is this. a girl wants the guy to be taller. but if she meets him at a dance club and he is an inch and half taller, do you think she got turned off cuz she forgot she was in heels and thought he was shorter? I am just wondering what goes through a girls mind when the guy must be taller than her and she forgot she wore platform shoes and he was much taller. I am five ten and 1/4 at night and when i go to the gentleman clubs on broadway in san francisco, I will have girls that are five foot four be taller than me. The ones that are my height REALLY tower over me by a lot. but then again they wear 8 and a half inch heels.
Jlee said on 7/Oct/08
I want your opinion on this rob. If a girl says the guy should be a little bit taller than them and they wear heels, let say they are wearing heels and are taller than the guy only because of the heels. and lets say the girl doesn't know who that he is taller than her. do you think she realizes that she is really taller only because she is wearing heels? and do you think they might mistake that the guy is short and forgot they are wearing heels and therefore got turned off even though they liked him? cuz some girls i know it seems like they forget they wear heels and how tall they really are. I always wondered about this issue rob.

Editor Rob
some girls will find it hard to judge, and yes I'm sure some who in heels are say 2 inches taller might think a guy 2 inches shorter is shorter, when they might be equal.
Jlee said on 6/Oct/08
rob, now that you mentioned that she is your girlfriend, that brings up an interesting point. Ok, I always thought for the most part girls are into guys taller than them. Now, did jenny know she was half inch taller than you before you measured each other? and is she ok that? I'm not trying to get in your business I just want to know for the sake of heights. I want your opinion on this rob. If a girl says the guy should be a little bit taller than them and they wear heels, let say they are wearing heels and are taller than the guy only because of the heels. and lets say the girl doesn't know who that he is taller than her. do you think she realizes that she is really taller only because she is wearing heels? and do you think they might mistake that the guy is short and forgot they are wearing heels and therefore got turned off even though they liked him? cuz some girls i know it seems like they forget they wear heels and how tall they really are. I always wondered about this issue rob.

Editor Rob
Jenny thought we were the same height, before she knew I ran this site she asked my height and I said exactly 5ft 8. She *liked* the fact we are very close...

if we were exactly same height she would still see slightly taller since her eyelevel is shorter than mine.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/08
I still say he has lifts in his hair.
Lmeister said on 3/Oct/08
Travis Wester doesn't look like 5ft8 here. Maybe 5ft7???
Jlee said on 2/Oct/08
rob you say jenny is not VERY tall. How tall is very tall for a girl?

Editor Rob
I'd call a women over 5ft 10 very tall.
Jlee said on 2/Oct/08
Rob, can jenny pass for five ten? i mean would most people know? does she look five ten?

Editor Rob
nah, not really. She has a pair of reebock classics or a kind of boot both give near 1.25 inches. When she wears them she can look like a 5ft 9er, but then a lot of the time she's wearing 0.5-0.6 inch sneakers and she's just like a 5ft 8er.
Jlee said on 2/Oct/08
rob, who is jenny again? and who is that guy on the right? is he taller than jenny or no? from the homepage, i thought aj looked taller than jenny. Wow! for a guy that is shorter than her, he has one big head! Hey, rob have you ever met a girl who's eye is higher than you, but you are taller cuz you had the bigger head? I mean isn't that weird if you are taller than the girl but she is the one that looks down at you? how does that work in a relationship?

Editor Rob
tricky shot, I think he is a bit nearer than Jenny and that hairstyle is really huge. Jenny usually has about 1/3 inch of hair like myself, that guy's got about 2 inches sticking up.

She's my girlfriend. I met her in June 2007, funnily we had gone to earlier sci-fi conventions and hadn't met, but we are from the same town.
miko said on 30/Sep/08
I bet Jenny can get close to 6"0 in big heels Rob?

Editor Rob
with a platform heel maybe, she has size 5uk so not big feet. She never wears heels, the only time she said she has was at a wedding and also of course when she put a pair on for a few photos with me.
Jlee said on 26/Sep/08
Rob, when people ask jenny how tall she is, does she say five eight, or five nine? Would you consider her a super tall girl? When you measure her compared to yourself, can you tell that she's taller?

Editor Rob
she will usually say 5ft 8 and drop the 1/2 inch. Although I give her into trouble for doing such a thing ;)

She's tall, not very tall.

I have actually done a few more evening measurements and she can be closer to 5ft 8.4 at 9pm.
Captain Spaulding said on 26/Sep/08
Hes in CSI New York. It looks like he has lifts on, but not in his shoes tho, in his hair.
miko said on 25/Sep/08
Hair makes him deceivingly taller than he is.

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