How tall is Amy Acker

Amy Acker's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

American Actress, best known for playing Winifred/Illyria on TV series Angel, Root on Person of Interest, Kelly on Alias and Claire Dollhouse. In film she has appeared in Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing. She has mentioned her height before, saying "I'm like 5'8"

How tall is Amy Acker
5ft 8 Jenny and Amy

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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 7.05in (170.3cm)
josh b said on 4/Dec/22
Click Here
My photo with Amy
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 14/Mar/21
Highest I’d go for her
Sarah said on 17/Apr/20
She looked tall in person. 5’7 or a little above. She was very nice too :)
Nik said on 7/Nov/18
This is a nice picture of Jenny and Amy Acker! (autocorrect tried to change it to Ackerman!)
Henry Root said on 7/Nov/18
Comparing her with other actresses and actors she's a good 5'7" maybe as much as 5'8". I've no doubt she is as tall as, if not somewhat taller, than Charisma Carpenter. Comparing people on Angel requires making sure what type of shoes they are wearing, though, (Amy was usually in flats) because a lot of evening out was done with the use of heels and shifts.
Nik said on 6/Aug/18
I love her comment "I'm like 5'8"!
Just said on 29/Nov/16
In "Angel" I thought she's 5'8, but in Person of Interest she's more 5'7. In this pic above she has the worst posture ever.
Tipper said on 14/May/16
She is definitely 5-7 range. There was scene on POI where she was walking alongside Emerson wearing flats and he did look about 1-1.5 inches taller than her.
Rob: Is there a way to upload or attach pics?
NBAer said on 27/Mar/16
.Amy looks 166-167 with Jenny,and Jenny can actually drop nearer to 172 at her lowest,so Amy looks 166 range...Ofcourse she has a really loose posture in the pic,so she's probably 168/169cm,probably similar to Big G.I'd say she's 169cm,or 5'6.5 which is an ideal female height in my opinion.
Editor Rob
that was 10 years ago so she was 173cm for sure then.
Matthew said on 24/Jun/15
Really only an inch shorter?
Andrea said on 25/May/15
Lorne, i actually know her for Person Of Interest... She looks tallish there, 5'7-5'7.5 i thought was possible for her, certainly not a big 5'8 next to Jim Caviezel, though... With Jenny i'm not sure she looks over 5'6, but she must have worst posture, you can see it from the pic itself! On SPN she didn't look over 5'7 too, she looked near a full head shorter than Jared, but maybe she also got less posture? I should rewatch the episode... In any case, 5'7 seems fine for her! Btw, i have never watched Buffy... Actually i watched the first three episodes like two weeks ago but i didn't like it too much... Not sure if i'll keep watching it, also because it has a lot of season, i've seen...
Editor Rob
jenny thinks Amy was 6 months pregnant in that photo.
Lorne??? said on 18/May/15
Yeah Andrea , I thought she was close to 5'8 till I saw her with Ackles! I still though 5ft7.25-5 but she certainly doesn't look over 170cm here...

Wait, where have you seen her? I thought you didn't watch angel Buffy. I've only really sen her on stuff by Joss Whedon(like Dollhouse) and David Greenwalt(Grimm), and of course the one episode of Supernarural.

Rob, you Gould take the axe to the renaming Buffy cast, she pretty much knocks at least another cm off of everyone at 170cm.

And that DNny Dyer guy, I kno you met him, but there is simply no way he's even close to 5'2, I mean on Mad Men he looks a full foot shorter than Jon Hamm, and he was tiny on Leverage, the guy is 5'1 max...
Andrea said on 17/May/15
Yeah, nice photo and nice actress! Of course, she looks nowhere near 5'7 here but i actually thought the previous 5'7.5 listing wasn't impossible just from watching her in POI! But yeah 5'7 maybe fits her better and i wouldn't put her under it! Did you meet her too, Rob? She must have really bad posture here!
Editor Rob
never seen her. I think this is a 9 year old photo.
Lorne??? said on 17/May/15
Nice photo. But she looks 5'7 max, for sure.

I think it is time to downgrade to remaining buffyverse actors, specifically knocking a fraction from Charisma and Sarah Gellar, I mean I think Charisma looked 5ft5.5, but there is surely more than 4cm between the two.

Ackerman aged well, for sure.
Sam said on 14/May/15
Nice photo! What is her footwear though, she doesn't appear anywhere near 5'7" with Jenny there?
Editor Rob
jenny always wore sneakers, I am sure amy is in certainly no more and possibly a thinner sneaker/sandal.
Ted said on 4/Jan/14
I'd believe 5'7" for her. 5'5" Charisma Carpenter made her look a bit taller than she really was.
Sarah said on 1/Dec/13
Thanks for updating her listing, Rob. I think that Amy is 5'7 or 5'7.5". Better shot of her from Person of Interest: Click Here
She is about the same height as Michael Emerson (5'8.5"), but she has heels on.
She looks slim and taller than she is. Lovely actress.
Sarah said on 9/Oct/13
I would guess about 5'7" for Amy. I found a picture of the cast on twitter, and it looks like she is the same height (in heels) as Michael Emerson . It could just be a bad angle, but I would put her at 5'7" and him at 5'9" based on that shot. What do you think, Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
she can look 5ft 7 at times yeah, her poses in photos I think a lot of the time are quite loose and she drops height.
Lorne! said on 7/Apr/13
Her id on Angel also said 5ft7. Granted, 5ft8 is possible but I think 171-172 more likely, doesnt really look a full 5ft8 with guys like David B and Jensen Ackles. Downgrade?
Sam said on 10/Feb/12
Her character was just described as 5'7" and 120 pounds on Grimm just now. She looks great BTW
Isa said on 20/Feb/11
Met lovely Amy and she is way taller than me. I am a little more than 5 ft 3 in, we were both wearing flat shoes and I had to look up for her. 5 ft 8 in for Amy seems correct, as my best friend is of the same height, and they both seemed of the same height to me. My photo with her wouldn't help as she was sitting down, being pregnant. No way she is 5 ft 5 in like someone said, my hubby is of that size and I don't have to look up at him. She is above 5 ft 7 in without doubt.
Victorian said on 3/Jul/09
Been watching Angel lately. She's hard to pin down heightwise, at least for me. When standing next to Wesley (Alexis Denisof) she appears to be three inch shorter, though in scenes with Gunn (August J Richards) 5-8 suddenly seems plausible. Scenes with Angel and Spike make me think that she's 5-7, while scenes with most other women make her look 5-8ish.

I think that she's 5-7 at least, and that the 5-8 look stems more from different postures as that look appeared to infrequent to me. 5-7
Marllon said on 23/Mar/09
Her character Fred on Angel was listed at 5'7" in a missing persons paper with her information.
Jukie said on 1/Apr/08
I had my pic taken with her at a convention. I'm 5 foot 7 and she was at least 2 inches shorter
me said on 29/Nov/07
She is taller than Charisma. Cordelia even calls Fred tall.
passerby said on 2/Oct/07
you're missing the point, Samantha. its the fun of getting the accurate number without measuring... so relax
Samantha said on 4/Aug/07
Everyone should get off celebs heights. They know their own heights and there's heaps of theories on the web. Who knows what to believe (except the stars themselves.
You can't really compare height by guessing because they'll average out on different numbers. In some pics (or shows/eps) they might look shorter or taller (or the same size) and another pic or film snippit might prove an other theory or height and also, woman do often wear (high) heals. So there's no sure way of knowing (again, except for the people themselves).
Alan said on 11/Aug/06
This would have to mean that she is taller than fellow Angel investigator Charisma Carpenter. Which I don't see. N/o.
don said on 2/May/06
well im watching the last season of angel right now, amy is wearing 3 inch heels and shes an inch shorter then james marsters (5'9) so say hes wearing 2 inch lifts..which he prolly is that makes him 5'11..which makes her 5'10 in 3 inch heels so maybe 5'7.5?
Slay said on 3/Mar/06
I've met Amy Acker and I had my picture taken with her. I'm 5 ft 7in and she looks a couple of inches shorter than me in the pic although she's not standing totally straight. I reckon she's about 5 ft 6in

Editor Rob
why not show the pic, or at least if you don't want anyone to see it, show me it ;-)
quitecute said on 2/Feb/06
i think shes almost 5'8 but not on the dot. maybe 5'7 and a half. oh well, she aint that famous, alot of people dont kno who shre is so its not like its a big celebrity scandal
Anshelm said on 2/Feb/06
Well, now after some more old episodes, she's beginning to look as tall as she said. The episode I had just seen before my previous comment was "Double or Nothing" (3.18), I think.
Anshelm said on 19/Jan/06
I've been recently seeing some old Angel episodes on the TV and I'm beginning to think more like 168–170 cm/5'6"–5'7". Looked almost a head shorter – maybe 23 cm/9" – than J. A. Richards, and maybe 15 cm/9" shorter than D. Boreanaz. So far I've failed to compare her next to C. Carpenter, which should bring more light to this case. Dunno, 170+ cm isn't out of the question, and that often seems to translate to 5'8"...

Of course, when someone seems to be "wrog height" in a TV show, it's often intentional :/
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/05
I know Amy Acker. She's 5'5". What is this 5'8" stuff?

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