How tall was Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins Height

5ft 4 ¼ (163.2 cm)

British Actor, best remembered for appearing in films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday, Hook, Mona Lisa, Super Mario Bros and Mermaids. He once mentioned "I'm 5 foot 6 and cubic, and I look like the back of a bus.", which at least was a bit more believable than what he claimed in the late 1970's: 5 feet 8 inches.

How tall is Bob Hoskins
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I'm 5-6 and have a 46-inch chest. I have an 18-inch neck and I weigh 13 stone (182 pounds).
-- Lansing State Journal, Aug 1986

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5ft 4.41in (163.6cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Sep/20
I remember watching 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' one Wednesday in the late nineties after a particularly lousy, 💩-filled week, and it really hit the spot! 😃👍

It's hardly the ideal film from which to judge Bob's height because all the other characters are cartoons, but it has a lush cast which includes Christopher Lloyd as the crook 'toon, who is after Roger to dunk him in a big bucket of liquid, which is the only way to destroy the little drawings, which are otherwise infallible - great fun!

You can see Bob's height perfectly well in 'The Long Good Friday' and Jimmy McGovern's 'The Street', in which he plays a brave landlord, so I've decided to go for 5ft4.5. This was one actor whose shortness did absolutely nothing to prevent him from playing the big, hard man parts.
Steven Widdicombe said on 15/Apr/20
5’3” max. I used to install those Helm rigs on Long Good Friday he was photographed against, and he wasn’t barefoot.
Editor Rob
There was a clip of Bob and Barry Norman who claimed a solid 6ft, he did seem quite short there. Certainly his 5ft 6 claim seems a bit hard to imagine.
Mr S said on 12/Oct/18
Hi Rob, hope you're well. Just to clarify, is 5'4 Hoskins peak height or do you think he was slightly higher in his prime?
Editor Rob
It's arguable he might have hit 5ft 4 and change, but I wouldn't go with 5ft 5-6.
Littlelee168cm said on 11/Aug/18
Rob do you reckon by the time he was in the film doomsday he may have shrunk to under 5ft 4 as he did look a lot shorter than rhona mitra
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he was much less than 5ft 4 by then.
Ian C. said on 2/Aug/18
And now, in the service of questionable taste, I want to inform everybody that can google up "Bob Hoskins nude," and get a few hits. Bob was a gifted guy, his height notwithstanding, and he wanted you to know. I'm kind of sorry I looked but the opportunity presented itself and I gave in.

This must be a short guy thing. There is probably a mathematical function correlating height to a compulsion to pose for photographs without wearing any pants, and it's an inverse correlation.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jul/18
I saw Bob in an episode of 'The Street' last night and it was absolutely brilliant! Bob played the part of a pub landlord called Paddy, who crosses the local drug dealer by banning his son for smoking in his pub's toilets. The hardened criminally-minded and much younger, taller and more threatening drug dealer wants him to scrap the ban the following day or he will beat him senseless, but Bob's landlord doesn't want to back down.

He does have the last laugh though, even though none of the locals but for Timothy Spall - who can't fight to save his life - want to muck in and defend him.

You don't get a really good opportunity to check out his height until the end, when, dirty deed done, all the cowardly locals reassemble in the pub. They are all taller than him, but he proves braver than the whole perishing lot of them!

I can believe 5ft4.25 for him, the year being 2009 and Bob sadly nearing the end of his life but he, in usual Hoskins fashion, didn't need a tall height to be a tough nut - ever!
Mr S said on 12/Apr/18
I think 5ft 4 is accurate, 5 ft 4.25 maximum. However Bob is proof that short stature is no big deal. He was a talented actor and very intimidating in the long Good Friday, despite being the shortest man in the film. Seemed a nice, genuine guy but as Sandy said not a man you would want to mess with!
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/17
This is one short guy that no one would have fancied getting on the wrong side of! I was of the opinion that he was 5ft6, though that was probably in his younger years.
Bob could turn his acting skills into any form of drama. He was smashing and comical in the very novel cartoon/real people production 'Roger Rabbit', imposing and frightening in 'The Long Good Friday' and sensitive and sweet (ish!) in 'Mona Lisa'.
Bob is the very best example of a shorter Englishman who commanded respect that I can think of at this moment in time. His legacy lives on in his films!
josh jeffords said on 5/Nov/16
Short but good actor had a great voice took command onscreen good or bad guy.
I would have bought 5. 5 maybe 6 short but doesnt appear that short thats smaller than the radcliffe kid.
Rip damn that Pneumonia sh!t will kill ya
John Cena said on 26/May/16
Fake: 170
Real: 162
Matthew190 said on 26/Aug/15
Hmm I could believe 5'4.5" for him in his day actually.
teej said on 1/May/14
5'4 seems accurate, short in stature, but he always had a dominant role, brilliant actor! R.I.P.
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/14
Agreed, RIP Bob. Loved him in The Long Good Friday in particular.
Ian C. said on 1/May/14
I was a big Bob fan. Hoskins never in any of his movies pretended to be tall. In The Long Good Friday, his character Harold Shand is meant to be shortest man in the movie, and a subtle comedic effect is produced in the way he dominates everybody else in the movie. The in-your-face confrontation with the tall smug Mafia guy in the second last scene wouldn't be nearly as compelling if Hoskins had not been so short.
JD183 said on 30/Apr/14
Had no idea he was a shorter fellow. Carried his height very well.

the shredder said on 30/Apr/14
RIP , Loved this guy. Rob , was 5 '5 possible peak?
[Editor Rob: 4.5 might have been]
Sam said on 30/Apr/14
So sad to hear of his passing. He was excellent in many films. Hoskins was basically a Cockney Edward G. Robinson, although a short guy, he was a badass.
Tommo said on 30/Apr/14
Great actor, RIP. Had no idea he was this little, never came across that way when he was playing cockney gangsters.
jordydecke said on 1/Jan/14
can look 6 foot at times.
Bakura said on 17/Jul/13
Rob, a peak height needs to be added. 5'4 nowadays, maybe, but he looked 5'5-5'6 range in his heyday for sure.
Maximus Meridius said on 4/Sep/11
Rob is it possible he was 5ft 6in when he was younger.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he looked that tall, but maybe he could have been over 5ft 4 peak]
Lenad said on 22/Feb/11
that 5'6 is a joke. I just watched heart condition and i personally think hes closer to 5'3. Look how short he looked in that movie!
Lenad said on 7/Apr/09
He looks 5ft4 or 5ft5. I'm also pretty certain he is a smoker. Listen to this guys voice!
BerryRed said on 22/Oct/08
Hoskins is a legit 5'6". True, he's shorter than Jet Li, but not by the full two inches that people are claiming, moreso by .5 (plus, he had bad posture in several scenes with Li in Danny the Dog). Li is slighty over 5'6".

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guyfrommars said on 10/Oct/08
Hoskins played 5'3" Kruschev in "Enemy at the Gates".
TiggerLover said on 13/Aug/08
He's not 5'6 because Jet li is 5'6 and jet was about 1 inch taller than him in the movie unleashed.I would say he was 5'4
Chris N. said on 15/May/08
When watching "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" you see Joanna Cassidy towering over Bob Hoskins. It could also be the heels that she wore in the movie.
sam said on 13/Aug/07
Is there a possibilty, Rob, that he was more 5'5" when younger and has shrunken to 5'5"? This may be a case that needs a peak height/current height listing...
Chris said on 1/Aug/07
i think 5'5, i just watched the long good friday and he is about the same height as helen mirren when wearing high heels.
Jason Donovan said on 27/Apr/07
I dont understand how he could be 5ft 6 after looking at him next to Jet Li who is 5'5-6 so I think 6ft 4 is right.
the shredder said on 31/May/06
rob, how come you never gave him a peak height? this guy can be more then 5'3-5'4 today.
tgri said on 28/Feb/06
rob, do you buy his clame of 5'6? i don't .. if you look at recents pics he looks 5'3ish .

[Editor Rob: no, he doesn't look 5ft 6, last film I saw of his was Danny the Dog, and the kind of 'slouching' jet li did look a little taller...]
ColinG said on 25/Jan/06
Hell, I'm confused too, Raymond! Are you sure you're talking about the same person? I don't know how many inches qualifies as "towering" over someone, but lets be stingy and say merely two. Assuming Mr H's true height is about five five, even my poor arithmetic says he'd have to be wearing SEVEN INCH lifts!! Are you suggesting he's borrowed some ultra high-heels from a drag artist?

[Editor Rob: probably mixing the guy's name up or having a laugh...check out unleashed to see how short hoskins is...even beside slouching jet li]
Raymond_u_k said on 21/Jan/06
I'm confused about Bob Hoskins' height stated here as 5ft 4.5 in. I have worked at Heathrow Airport and spoken to him on many occasions as he was boarding the aircraft, and he TOWERED above me and I am 5ft 10. Does he wear lifts even on holiday ? Well he wasn't on a box I can assure you.

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