How tall was Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy's Height

5ft 2 ½ (158.8 cm)

American actress, best remembered for roles in films such as 8 Mile, Clueless and Girl, Interrupted. She told when asked what she'd change about herself, "I'd want to be really tall for a day. That's kind of a superficial thing. I'm five-foot-three" and also once said "I like being carried. I'm 5 foot 3 inches and I've always been the littlest one in class".

How tall is Brittany Murphy
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5ft 2.17in (157.9cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Oct/20
I've checked out Amazon and they are out of stock with many of Brittany's movies, unfortunately.

I did notice, however, that there's a BARGAIN-PRICED 'Phoenix' DVD, which is an excellent film in its own right. It stars Angelica Houston and Ray Liotta - as well as Brittany, of course. It's well worth buying. Pinky promise! ๐Ÿ˜
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Oct/20
Having just been talking about Brittany on our new star, Thad Luckinbill's, page, I thought I'd trot over to Britt's page and pay her a visit, so to speak.

Nearly all Brittany's films had the feel-good factor, even comedy horror 'Cherry Falls', in which Brittany plays Michael Biehn's daughter. There are exceptions though, the most obvious being 'Girl Interrupted', and 'The Dead Girl' which, although it had its comical moments, was ultimately sad, especially as it kind of spookily predicted Brittany's tragic future, or lack thereof. ๐Ÿ˜ฟ

I haven't seen all her movies yet, so it's time to jot down some notes and have a look at what Amazon and eBay have to offer. One of her films hadn't been released at the time of her passing, and I'd like a copy of that.

Always open and honest about her height, the young lady didn't mind being a shortie, so I have no doubt in believing 5ft3 for the best part of her day and 5ft2.5 at night, so 5ft2.5 it'll be! ๐Ÿ—ณ๏ธ


RIP Brittany XXXXX
K.A 188 said on 19/Jul/19
I remember her from a movie i watched some years ago,i can't remember the name of the film but she had red hair then and was very beautiful.
khaled taban said on 27/May/19
I think she was barely 5'2" (Ofc not 5'5")
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/19
@ Sidney - I saw the programme which showed her death certificate and I remember that they had her down as 5ft5, which I didn't believe at all. I grew to find her films totally endearing, so I have all except one I think. No way was she 5ft5. She was outspoken about her shortness - and it didn't bother her one jot!

She also had a cracking singing voice and sang professionally.

Cheers Sidney!

Sidney said on 31/Dec/18
This is a bit morbid, but here it goes. Her autopsy report estimated 5โ€™5โ€, but postmortem usually makes you taller since youโ€™ve been lying down. I think it adds a similar height to that of sleeping, which is around 2โ€ at most. I think sheโ€™s 5โ€™3โ€. While on the topic, her weight is also estimated at 115lbs by the coroner. Click Here (Page 3 under External Examination)
Bilbo Baggins said on 29/Dec/18
She looked about 5' 1"-to-5' 2" to me during her life. About the same height as Lady Gaga or Shakira (who are each approx. 5' 1"). Small girl, with a lovely, sunny personality. I think her father could be correct about her being murdered (whatever the motive may have been)... Rest In Peace.
ann barron said on 6/Apr/17
She was small and dainty god rest her
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Oct/16
I would loved to have been friends with Brittany. As she didn't mind being short, maybe she could have convinced me that being regularly pushed out of a queue or getting almost tripped over when someone is walking backwards is fun!
But seriously, I have accumulated a large selection of her films, which embrace many, many genres, from serious and brilliant dramas, through to comedies and horrors. I find her a very likeable girl in her films and I enjoy seeing her interviewed on the DVD 'extras'. I really would have loved to have met her! (I've read about her.)
Another shining and beautiful star taken away far too soon.
Shine McShay said on 7/May/15
I don't think she's 5'5". Probably 5'2", my favorite height and I've dated lots of 5'2" 5'3" girls. 115lbs I think more like 105 tops.
MJKoP said on 18/Apr/15
Her official autopsy listed her as 5'5" and 115 lbs.
sam said on 24/Nov/11
She was 5'2. Theenforcer - shut your stupid mouth
theenforcer22 said on 16/Sep/11
She's -6ft now
RoyalInbox said on 16/Jun/11
I always thought she was 5'1". I still think she was 5'1".
Luke said on 8/Apr/11
"not a chance that she weighed as much as 115 as has been reported somewhere"

Geez, nothing but rumors about this woman, nothing is for sure, even her height, did she actually ever exist?
What you're saying, that the authorities lie about her measurements? They could lie about what they found in her blood, or even about gunshot wounds in her body, but why lying on height and weight? For the public not to be sure of anything?
TR said on 4/Apr/11
according to this is she is 65 inches Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/11
I saw an interview with the woman who directed Brittany in "Tribute" and she said that Brittany would wear high heeled shoes inside the work boots that her character was wearing, so that she could seem taller.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/11
According to Click Here
Brittany Murphy had a "diminutive 5-foot-2 stature".
Neil said on 20/Apr/09
She looks to me like 5' to 5'1". 5'3" definitely seems to be an exaggeration.
kayla said on 7/Aug/08
i think she's shorter than 5'2". i saw her on 8 mile with eminem(listed 5'8 here but i think he's 5'7") and she's about on eminem's nose while she's already in 4" high heels.i'll give her 5foot.
Taylor said on 24/Aug/07
Yea I knew Brittany Murphy couldn't be too tall because she's so little. Very petite girl. I'd say she's no taller than 5'2 but I doubt she's 5'3.
Aiden said on 10/Jul/07
wow... i just finished watching 'Uptown Girls' and i thought she was at least.... 5'6... can't believe she's only 5'2..!
joe said on 10/May/07
come on no way is she bigger than 5.2 ! In just married Ashton .K (whos 6.2) towers way way over her, even with 4 inch boots !
scott said on 24/Mar/07
i was an extra for her movie with michael douglas, "don't way a word". this girl is TINY. i'd thought she was a teen because she was so little. she is not taller than 5ft for sure without heels
Beauty said on 17/Jan/07
At first brittany is standing in front of the picture with holly.. which makes holly taller.. if the were standing besides each other.. and secondly you don't see their heels... so you don't know if either of them are wearing heels..or perhaps.. if brittanys heels are taller than holly's..
find another pictures my friend.. you couldn't caunt on that one...
MMS said on 13/Oct/06
Check this out she looks 1" taller than Holly...Click Here
MMS said on 11/Oct/06
Ok, in the picture from "MM" the heel on the shoes looks like a "kitten" heel which is like 1" to 1/2" so she could be a full 5'3" and Gleen did meet her and he said she is 5'3". :)

MM said on 27/Aug/06
Brittany Murphy (2" heel) and Queen Latifah (5'9" with sneakers)
Click Here
She definitely not a 5'3"
Nat said on 22/Jun/06
Maybe 5'3"ish with heels on? Her body looks too tiny for 5'3" barefoot. I'm 5'3" and my best friend is 5'8". The difference between Glenn (5'8") and Brittany is much more noticeable that my friend and I.
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
sweet girl!
CoolJ said on 18/Jan/06
Glenn is big pimping.

5'3 always looked too big for her...

Glenn said on 17/Jan/06
does this one look faked too lawrence? she was 5-3.
theheightguru said on 13/Nov/05
Forgive me Editor Rob,
I seem to have ADD, because I keep forgetting to post the pictures I find that support my claims, lol. Here is one pic with Kathy Bates:{68d49a87-bf3e-4779-8683-0fcc7d68b8a2}
Here is another pic at the same event: link
This pic also leads me to question Rashida Jones' height. I think Kathy Bates is a legitimate 5'3, which leads me to wonder how Rashida and Brittany are also 5'3, when I am fairly certain that both of them are wearing heels, and Kathy usually doesn't. Too bad I don't have a pic of Kathy's feet.
theheightguru said on 12/Nov/05
Here she is with Kathy Bates, who is listed here at 5'3. Granted, it isn't a full length shot, but Brittany appears to be standing straight while Kathy is leaning back. If Brittany is a legitimate 5'3, why does she look the same height as Kathy in that pic? I'm pretty sure Brittany isn't wearing flats...
gladrunn said on 25/Oct/05
I can say for sure she's at least 5'3: once i met her at a party, i was with my mom, who is 5'2, and, even if my mom weared 3 inches heels and brittany taller ones, she towered my mother by at least 5 inches
CoolJ said on 7/Sep/05
Judging from J's pic, 5'3 does seem mighty generous. I'm thinking 5'2ish at the most.
mcfan said on 7/Sep/05
Weren't her and Holly Hunter (5'2) the same height?
J. said on 6/Sep/05
More evidence (bored at the desk ...):
I've met Keyshawn and I noticed that he was not as big as he's always said to be. Like 6'3" max and that's the height that the Ourlads site has him too. (Note: when I met him back in '00, he was listed as 6'5"). With that in mind, here's a good pic:
And here's her heels:
I could be wrong but those are looking in the 4 inch range. Please Rob, tell me what you think. I think I'm unto something here with this girl ...
J. said on 6/Sep/05
Ehh ...5'3" seems mighty generous:
smoothadora said on 13/Aug/05
but have you seen her in the film "Spun"? she is wearing highish heels throughout but she looks as though she'd be taller than 5'3.

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