How tall is Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Clueless, Blast from the Past, The Crush and as Batgirl in Batman & Robin.

How tall is Alicia Silverstone
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Alicia Silverstone
Kanye West and Alicia
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 4.9in (164.8cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Oct/20
Hey Rob! You clever boy, you! You FOUND THE MAGAZINE of which I spoke back in March - well done and thank you very much! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„

While I'm about it, it's time to wish Alicia a....

πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’ Happy 4️⃣4οΈβƒ£πŸ€th Birthday! πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‚

To the lovely Alicia Silverstone, who celebrates turning both the fours, 4️⃣4️⃣, today, the 4️⃣th of October! XX

Alicia gets the full 5ft5 as her Birthday guess.

Now I'm off to watch her dancing with Liv Tyler in the Aerosmith video for their hit single 'Crazy'! Bye for now, folks! πŸ˜πŸ‘‹

Leesheff85 said on 9/Sep/20
Shes a good 4 inches shorter than paul rudd and is brekin meyers height that's good enough reason to believe shes not over 5ft 5
The French Dude said on 19/Aug/20
@Leesheff85 This height is correct French dude. 5ft 5

I’m sorry but she is too tall to be only 5’5!, I’m sure that she’s at least 5’5.5!(166 cm) at her peak height! Miss Alicia have such a bad posture and still manage to look taller than a lots of actresses!she has to be minimum 5’5 1/2
The French Dude said on 18/Aug/20
So I’m 100% agree with Glenn!, she is something between 5’5 1/2 or the full 5’6?
Leesheff85 said on 18/Aug/20
This height is correct French dude. 5ft 5
The French Dude said on 17/Aug/20
Also found a picture of Alicia and 5’6 Elisa Donovan wearing heels from the same length and they looked the same height!
The French Dude said on 15/Aug/20
Also there’s a pic of 5’3 Drew Barrymore and Alicia, Alicia looked a good 4 inches taller than Drew, sadly there’s no pictures of the footwear they were wearing that day but something is for sure, Alicia is minimum a strong 5’5.
The French Dude said on 15/Aug/20
I’m back again!, I just did an Alicia Silverstone movie marathon and i’m 99% sure she’s a weak 5’6, something like 5’5.5 fits her perfectly at her peak height, in Movies like Clueless or True Crime looked like a strong 5’6 to me but in other movies like The Crush looked like a strong 5’5.
The French Dude said on 6/Aug/20
She gets that 5'6 for me(atleast when she was young she looked 5'6 to me, maybe she losed an inch now but when she was 14 until 29 she looked 5'6 to me, kinda tall and very pretty), she can look so tall a lot of times, i have seen her towering a lot of actresses, such a perfect woman.
Kennedy said on 23/Jul/20
She is 5’5, she looked so tall in clueless, in the iconic as if part she was wearing short shoes, almost flat( u can see it in beyond the scenes) and she looked taller than the boy and taller than Stacey which is a strong 5’4 for me, but I can see her being more than 5’6.5, she gets 5’5.5 or even 5’6 for me.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/20
I remember seeing a magazine cover from 1997 which had Christina Ricci (stooping!), Liv Tyler and Alicia adorning the front. Alicia was made to look TALLER than Liv, and she was SHOELESS! It's quite amazing how they can fiddle with the pictures!

She gets 5ft5 from me. πŸ˜πŸ’
Hannah BABY said on 28/Apr/19
When I watched Clueless, I do not have idea how tall people are from that movie. I thought Alicia is 5'8 / 5'9. She really looks tall. But compared to the Stacy, I think 166.4 cm is her height. 5ft 5 and little bit more.
Michael said on 9/Sep/15
5'4, she was at least 3 inches shorter than liv tyler in the aerosmith music video "Crazy"
ROJINA said on 7/Aug/14
@Joel-I would have assumed sge was close to YOUR height,or at least round about 5"7.
Joel said on 22/Jun/13
5'5 is about correct. Met her on a movie set in Detroit about 3 years ago. I'm 5'9 and she was about 4 inches shorter.
marios said on 22/Feb/09
there is one pic with alicia and neve campbell and neve is about one inch taller
sara said on 5/Aug/08
I just watched "Clueless" the other day. Stacy Dash looked 5'3 and Alicia looked 5'5-ish.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/08
stacey dash was taller than her in clueless and she is 5'5. so she might be 5'4
Aimie said on 30/May/08
I actually met Alicia at the Graduate backstage here in NYC.Wearing normal shoes (sneakers) she was a tad shorter than I, which is 5'6" tall. I reckon she must be 5'5" or 5'4", which is about average in the US, Australia and the UK.
glenn said on 15/May/08
she looked around my height i thought.then saw her months later in her heels and she was tiny.perplexing.
Vampiric said on 15/May/08
Seriously, she looks at least 5'7. I'm confused.
Charliemoto said on 18/Apr/08
5'5 is correct occasionally she can look tallish thanks to footware, she might be 5'5.5 on a good day but mostly 5'5.
rebecca said on 26/Nov/07
Click Here look at this pic with alex pettyfer, he 5'11 apparently and she was probally wearing heels
nick said on 30/Oct/07
glenn would tower over her if he stood straight, he is still taller with a serious knee bend along with a lean. I see her being 5'5 with 5'8 glenn
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/07
she did have some height on stacey dash in clueless, who is a solid 5'4. i think ms. silverstone may be 5'5.5, possibly just under the 5'6 mark. cute.
Franco said on 4/Jul/07
HAHAHAHAH GLENN!!!! you look like a crocodile there :D are you about to eat mrs Alicia? lol nice pic.

hmm, she does look in the 165cm are maybe even 166cm
carla said on 11/Jun/07
Saw her in...what was it? Oh yeah, Stormbreaker. Was much shorter than Alex Pettyfer, who's listed at 6"2.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Some people are just not photographic for whatever reason.
Austrian said on 22/May/07
always surprising how shockingly bad Alicia Silverstone can look in photos sometimes
pipoy said on 22/May/07
what the...what the hell happened to the hotness?
Kathryn said on 8/Apr/07
well.....alicia looks a bit taller than 5'5''. even on this photo. Glenn is not standing straight but even if he would, his sholders wouldnΒ΄t be very much over hers. so i think sheΒ΄s 5'6.5'' (169 cm), max. = 5'7'' (170 cm). because even in clueless she was taller than all the girls. cmon, u guys.this girl really looks about doesnΒ΄t look 5'5'' ! she looks about 2 inches or 1.5 inch smaller than Glenn. look at her closely!
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/07
i think she is 5'5...never understood why she got listed as 5'9! her bulid looks like that of a 5'5-ish woman. very cute
Camsha said on 29/Jan/07
Stacey Dash is 5'4" and Alicia was about a couple inches taller that would make her about 5'6".
dmeyer said on 14/Sep/06
she came to my store today she looked between 5 feet 4 or 5 foot 5 i didnt pay atention
rose said on 10/Sep/06
she is looking 5-4
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
She hasnt posed since 1994 for anyone I know.people were livid and jealous.I felt guilty posting it cause I didnt want to decieve words to her were true and she was very interested in what I had to say.I think she is hotter this way.
Haylie said on 22/Jul/06
Straaaaaaaaange! This girl has to be the most baffling, everyone who has met her seems to have a different etimate! Maybe she projects a 'tall image', she has to teach me how to do that lol! She looks pretty without make-up on in this pic too!
Glenn said on 19/Jul/06
Talk about confusion! I couldve sworn she was 5-9 when we were talking!then when I got the pic developed,it was HUH?
Haylie said on 18/Jul/06
Great pic Glenn! You say 5'6, maybe she looks shorter on camera. I keep coming back to her because sometimes she looks tiny and others fairly tall. Such confusion lol!
2834 said on 29/Jun/06
in 'Clueless' she looks really tall, but she probably has 3" heels on, and one of her lines is "i want to be 5'10" like cindy crawford"
J. said on 28/Jun/06
Wow, Glenn caught her without makeup!
cluedin said on 23/Jun/06
Glenn, I'm sorry, I usually agree with you but...I spent the whole weekend with her at a wedding in SF (even followed her to the ladies room because I'm a loser) and she is definitely under 5'5. I'm 5'5.25, and she was noticeably shorter. I was very surprised at her height, with tall heels on. But people always think I'm 5'6 or 5'7 so I can see how it happens!
Glenn said on 8/Jun/06
Photo coming.5-6.
Brittany said on 8/Jun/06
I always thought Alicia looked pretty tall... i reckon she looks about 5'6 myself. even without heels.
Breana said on 2/Jun/06
In Blast from the Past, 6'3" Brendan Fraser TOWERED over her even when she was wearing huge stiletto heels. So she probably is average height, aroun 5'4-5".
Haylie said on 8/Apr/06
Oh and about the Clueless thing she did look a lot taller than Brittany because Brittany mostly wore flats or 1-2 inch heels to suit her character whereas Alicia wore 3-4 inch heels. There is a good scene where they are excercising in trainers and there is only about 1.5 or 2 inches between them.
Haylie said on 7/Apr/06
Wow heights for Alicia are all over the place I just searched Google- 5ft 2, 5ft 4, 5ft 5, 5ft 6 . . . . . and 5ft 9(?) I've been watching her new TV show Miss Match and IMO she is either 5ft 4 or 5ft 5 about average (ALWAYS in heels on the show so she can't be that tall)
S said on 31/Mar/06
I thought she looked about 3 inches taller than Brittany Murphy in Clueless, maybe different shoes.
cluedin said on 12/Feb/06
i actually went to a wedding in sf, she was there
she's about 5'4, maybe 5'4.5. Looks thinner than you would expect in person, and prettier than i expected too.
heightfan said on 24/Jan/06
ON Ellen today with 4 inch heels and Ellen in her usual sneakers, was close to 3 inched taller. IMO that would put her just below 5'5"
jonny5 said on 28/Dec/05
Sophie Okonedo is alot taller prob about 4 or 5 inch and shes 5ft8 on this site. so yes alicia 5ft5 but Sophie Okonedo prob 5ft9or 10
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Sep/05
Pat Verducci, True Crime director said: "Alicia is between 5 foot 5 and 5 foot 6 inches tall. I think she's a pretty amazing actress, that's why I cast her as the lead in "True Crime"
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/05
In the movie, "Excess Baggage," Benicio Del Toro is rummaging through Alicia Silverstone's belongings and he stumbles upon her license. Her license has her down for 5'2".
PersianBoy1979 said on 19/Jun/05
I said earlier that I guess Alicia Silverstone is 5'7 I take that back, Lets give her 5'5. Iam 6'2 (188cm) she must be 9 inches shorter than me.
mrsorange said on 25/Mar/05
I don't think she's 5'9 like a lot of these sites say. There's no way. In "Clueless" when we see her standing next to super-short Brittany Murphy she barely looks any taller. I'd put her at 5'5 tops.

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