How tall is Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Height

5ft 2in (157.5 cm)

American actress best known for starring in tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in films such as Scooby Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions. She was happy to film The Grudge in Japan, commenting that in one scene "I'm 5 foot 3 inches and I'm the tallest one in an elevator". In Teen Celebrity magazine earlier in her career she mentioned "I'm okay with my body. It wouldn't be very nice in I had big boobs anyway because I'm 5'2"."

How tall is Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 2.28in (158.2cm)
Heightist said on 15/Oct/17
She looks 5'1.5-5'2" based on her frame and how she looks next to other people, particularly Freddie Prinze Jr. She has a petite person's face and build. I see lots of women her height around here, so I have a good feel for her height. I'd guess 5'1.75."
Morris said on 15/May/17
less tall than Seth Green (see pics). Now read what people tell when they met Seth Green.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jan/17
I was wearing the 'Buffy' nightie last night when I thought "Phwoar! What's that stench?"
One of my naughty cats had piddled on it, but it had dried! It was off like a shot!
😹👗🚽😹 🙅
Editor Rob: I don't even think Jenny has a buffy pyjama or nightgown, and she's a massive fan.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jan/17
@ Billy - Hi there! You don't mince your words, do you? Just say exactly what you mean! Lay all your cards on the table, no faffing about! 🃏🃏🃏 👏

Anyway, I have always been of the opinion that Sarah is 5ft3 and so I'm going to stick with it. She must have been mighty fit to play 'Buffy', and that sort of thing doesn't just go out of the window because you start a family! Ergo, I don't think she's lost any height at 39!
I have a 'Buffy' mug and a 'Buffy' nightie, which still fits me! Yes, I used to be something of a fan! 👸 👍🙆
Billy said on 13/Jan/17
Weird, I always thought she was tall for some reason. To me, she always had the face and body shape of a tall person. She looks like a tall woman stuck is a short woman's body. She's still so beautiful, height doesn't matter, still wanna bang her.
Marquis said on 3/Nov/16
She's looks 5'1.5", 5'2" at absolute most.

LOL'ing at her claiming 5'4" officially elsewhere.
Marquis said on 3/Nov/16
She's looks 5'1.5", 5'2" at absolute most.

LOL'ing at her claiming 5'4" officially elsewhere.
Claire said on 20/Mar/16
Sarah Michelke is 5'2".
Brad said on 17/Sep/15
5-2. Obviously on boxes in some close-ups.
jake said on 4/Jul/15
@6'1" Guy - I'd sure consider the likes of Hannigan and Dushku petite. It's a combo of slightly below-average height and being skinny.

They're just not big gals.
A6'1Guy said on 13/Jan/15
@Len I wouldn't consider 5'4.5 petite for a woman (Relative to me it would seem short though), that's in the average range for a woman. Average is neither petite nor tall. I'd consider (My opinion) 5'1.5 and down as petite for a woman, 5'2 to 5'3 as shortishaverage.
LT said on 23/Dec/14
Under 5'3" definitely. She made not many people can make Alyson Hannigan look tall.
blue said on 20/Dec/14
in Buffy's audio commentaries, someone says that she's less than 5ft3.
So i'd say between 5ft2 and 5ft3.
wishbone said on 15/Nov/14
Tenderly warming up to 5'3" Sarah. I'm comfortable with her at 5'3".
Wishbone said on 12/Jul/14
Sarah's 5'2". Slowly warming up to her,but I didn't watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer too much during its 8 year run.
Edy91 said on 15/May/14
Same than linda cardellini in scoobydoo 160 cm !
Thompson said on 11/Jan/14
5'1" or 5'2" gal who's still trying to claim 5'4" officially.

Stop it, Sarah. We all know you're tiny, but that's okay, good things can come in small packages.
Ted said on 27/Nov/13
5'1" or 5'1.5". And I doubt she weighs even 100 lbs, soaking wet.
I \\\'m a shortie so everyone is tall to me said on 24/Apr/13
Yeah I 'm 5"1' but in denial as well. I said 5"4' on my I.d. too. I have little man syndrome. But it 's cute when a woman is small, if you are a man people treat you like a child. Not fair!
Len said on 22/Apr/13
She's 5'2", absolute tops. And 5'1" wouldn't be shocking.

She does wear very high heels/boots sometimes to try to disguise the fact though.

VERY petite gal, even amongst the cast of mostly short gals they had on Buffy (Hannigan, Dushku, Benz, Caulfield).
Jen said on 9/Apr/13
She's 5 ft 1 at most.
Hullywood 1.75.5m said on 13/Nov/12
No way, Nicolas Brandon was a full head taller in a scene on "buffy". And she was wearing heels.
Len said on 19/Aug/12
@shemp... LOL at SMG for claiming that, 5-4 is laughable for her.

She's 5-2 at most. And dear god, on Buffy she made petite girls like Eliza Dushku and Allyson Hannigan look almost like Amazons standing next to her.
Silent d said on 7/Jan/12
She has big boobs anyway. What is the problem? Se was hot but now she is freakisly skinny. Still hot though. I can buy 5 foot 2 but she looks really short.
shemp said on 18/Nov/11
Here's a article where she's claiming 5'4. Click Here
max said on 23/Oct/11
met her in person 5'2 would be right iwouldn't argue 5'1 all i know she was so small in both height and weight i just wanted to hug her like a baby lol she was so cute and tiny
John said on 12/Oct/11
This is typical Hollywood, add 2 inches to your actual height, so if she is stated as being 5'4" she is really 5'2".
David said on 17/Sep/11
Looking at this photo of the Buffy cast she's standing next to Seth Green, who on this site is generously listed at 5'3," and they're almost eye to eye. But she's wearing at least 4 inch heels, so my guess is she's way shorter than 5'2." Click Here
Kyle said on 15/Sep/11
Her character's driver licence in the first episode of "Ringer" claims 5-4 but she's nowhere close to that height.
mv said on 31/May/11
If you compare her to freddie prinze jr., who is 6'1'', she looks at least a full foot shorter than he is.
gregory lehmann said on 12/May/11
Sarah is cute,but she is rather skinny,just 95 pounds,but she's comfortable with her weight,but because she's so skinny,some of the slacks she wears are cut below her waistline,but she's pretty and sweet!
gregory lehmann said on 10/May/11
A cute actress who looks and feels 5'2." She's fun to watch!
megan said on 23/Apr/11
she's 5'1!!
Guidette617 said on 7/Apr/11
She looks exactly 5.2''. I'm 5'2" & she looks the same height as me. She is very skinny which makes her look 5'3"ish but still small.
craigyboy said on 19/Mar/11
She is 5ft 2 the exact same as my ex,but alot prettier! Lol
Kayla said on 31/Jan/11
I`m 5`1" and I am 12 but she is probably like 5`2" because she looks a little taller than me because i have seen tons of movies with her in them shes my favorite actress and she has inspired me to want to go into acting and someday i would ABSOLUTLY love to meet her :)
Charles said on 6/Jan/11
She's probably more like 5'1", given how short she looked next to other cast members on Buffy.
George said on 13/Oct/07
No way is she 5'3". I'm 5'10", so I obviously towered over her, but my friend, who's 5'4" was at least 2 inches taller, maybe 3. She's 5'2" tops, maybe 5'1.5". Very friendly though.
any said on 29/Sep/07
well, could be 5'3''. but maybe she's 5'2.5'', who knows. but never she's 5'2'', that's too small for her, i guess...
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
she's so tiny and cute! def more of 5'2 i think. met her a few times, once in 99, another time around 02. very petite. pretty. sweet.
emilyjade said on 18/Aug/07
watch the first epsiode of season four of buffy. when she slays the vampire and she's standing on the couch. she's short, around 5'2''. i'm around the same height :)
lizzy said on 26/Jul/07
oh, yes, she is 5'3''. saw her on an event show and in heels she was quite an inch shorter than me..5'8'' this could be right..
glenn said on 20/Jul/07
i guess i have to agree on blond.this is the only time i ever saw her.she sneaks out of her hotel.
Anonymous said on 19/Jul/07
glenn-have u seen her blonde in person?
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/07
i prefer sarah blonde, though, how bout u, glenn?
glenn said on 13/Jul/07
me too.
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
true. both very pretty, lovely ladies. big fan of both.
glenn said on 13/Jul/07
its possible.sarah probably had more superior footwear than shannon.
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
she appears more of 5'2-ish, but i guess looks can be deceiving...glenn, i think shannen is smaller than her pal sarah in person, since you're saying sarah is more 5'3, and shannen is listed at 5'2.5, but i think she's a tad under that, what do u think?
Dow Jones said on 12/Jul/07
I think it is important to keep in mind that downgrading and upgrading is a more serious issue with shorter people. 1" is bigger as a percentage of height when dealing with someone near 5' than someone near 6'. As an extreme example, Mini Me is 2'8". A dwarf that is 3'2" is gigantic in comparison because 4" is hugh down there! But the difference between Shaq at 7' and Brad Garett at 6'8" is way less noticeable.
Kathryn said on 12/Jul/07
and was this photo taken on the 2005 CFDA Fashion Awards? cool...=)
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
rob lists what he wants.and he is usually usually right too.dicaprio pulled a fast one on me though.yeah,for my taste,sarah is 5-3.
Kathryn said on 8/Jul/07
so, sarah will be listed at 5'3''?;)..well, 5'3'' is her true height. maybe she´s 5'2.5'' but i think 5'3'' is really accurate. look at her and husband Freddie Prinze jr. who´s 6'1'', i high heels she´s 15 cm smaller than him.
PS: and maybe in that teen magazine she was not even 20 and so she maybe grew one inch.
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
shannen i met many times from 1992 to 1996.never posed with me.actually hung out with her once and she still turned me she is very nice and poses up a storm.when im not around.she gives a smaller appearence to me for some reason than sarah.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
thank you, glenn. and she's supposedly best friends with shannen doherty, who is also listed as 5'2-5'3. did u ever meet shannen? i wonder if she's very small in person as well. she sure looks it!
glenn said on 3/Jul/07
closer to 5-3.she was sweet to me.i heard otherwise too.but thats i think with autograph dealers and papparazi.all i asked for was a photo with her.she likes fans.though i heard conflicting stories with that too.maybe i got lucky cause nobody was around.she doesnt like crowds of people waiting for her.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
glenn, more of 5'2 or 5'3? and, i'm curious to know if she was sweet. i've heard mixed things. big fan, so please, let me know!
runt said on 30/Jun/07
With 5-5.5 Neve Cambpell
Click Here
dafunman said on 28/Jun/07
she works out at my gym in Westwood a few days a week...5'3
Kathryn said on 19/May/07
well, but i saw her heels and she was slightly smaller than me and i am slightly taller than 5'7''. so she was 5'7'' with high heels and high heels have 5 inch heels. that made her 5'7'' which made her slightly smaller than me and i am slightly taller than 5'7'', got it?=)
Cpt. Crunch said on 17/May/07
When you say someone looks 5 ft 3 because "she just looks that way", i think it matters who is saying it. A person in the 5 ft 1 to 5 ft 5 range could probably judge that better than a 5 ft 7.5 person. I know guys who all have said I look 5-11 but those guys are treetoppers. My friends who are close to me in height have me pegged at 5-9 tops--I'm just skinny.
Kathryn said on 18/Mar/07
I would say 5'3'' (160 cm) because she just looks that way. And I met her at a after-show party last year. I am 5'7.5''(171 cm)and she was in 4-5 heels a bit smaller than me and I wore Sneakers. So...5'3'' is obvious. There´s no making her smaller.
Glitter1 said on 15/Jan/07
heightfan said on 16/Nov/06
I was watching I Know What You Did Last Summer and noticed through almost the entire move SMG was weaing heels and JLH was wearing Keds sneakers and there was no difference. There was a scene when SMG was also wearing sneakers and a hat (she just got her hair chopped off) and JLH was a coulple of inches taller.
sunbeame said on 11/Nov/06
Sorry ment to say that when i stood next to her waxwork we were exactly the same height. I had a slight platform in my shoe so maybe she was 1/2 an inch to an inch taller than me. That would bring her to 5 ft 2 absolute maximum.
sunbeame said on 10/Nov/06
Ok i went to Madame Tussauds a few months back, and had my picture taken with her waxwork. I don't know how accurate they're ment to be but i'm only barely 5ft 1!!! Her wax work was super tiny.
Henry said on 18/Oct/06
ok, check this out Click Here
and this, Click Here
I think is obvious.---5'2"---- that´s all.
Gonzalo said on 11/Oct/06
Show some respect, Brad. English is not mother tongue for many of us, so we make mistakes here and there. I would like to see many of you speaking or writing in other languages. We will share laughs
Brad said on 11/Oct/06
"Bear foot". Now bears have big feet. "Bare" ones don't. What's "falts to stil"? Sounds like a Yugoslavian wine machine. She's itty-bitty.
little minx said on 2/Oct/06
to anonymous i see your point but i think the fact that smg is wearin heels and u cant even see am feet proves you cannot judge height in footwear it would have to be bear foot to be a fair judge as heels vary from falts to stil!
Brad said on 15/Aug/06
"Bending a lot"? Probably a whole lot, she's 5' 2" and Lucci cool.
Glenn said on 11/Jun/06
5-2.Im bending alot.
RentGirl said on 10/Jun/06
Has Glen said anything about her height?
messedaroundchic said on 17/May/06
she looks short in trainers im a bit taller than her & im just under 5"3 i'd say 5"2
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
She's 5'2". Here she is with 5'4" Alanis Morissette. She looks 2" shorter.
Click Here
Serene said on 13/Feb/06
Sarah can't be 5'3"..she is shorter than 5'3" I think..maybe 5'2.25"..?
arua said on 25/Dec/05
Hi! It seems a bit too small, but I was watching some buffy extras last week and at a certain moment joss weddon said speaking abour the Riley caracter "he looks so tall because sarah is not even 5'2".
Just thought you would find it interesting
sam said on 15/Dec/05
does anyone know if the heights on the IMBD thing are officialy confirmed or not cz they seem to be contradicting with what the the heights that the celebs say they are.
sunbeame said on 2/Dec/05
I think she could be more 5'2 judging by the photo of her next to Kelly Ripa.
heightgirl said on 14/Sep/05
Here is Sarah standing next to 5'3 Kelly Ripa, both wearing heels. So I'd have to say the 5'2.5 height is perfect.

[Editor Rob: gellar cannot decide her height. I begin to think 5ft 2 looks more correct from seeing a few buffy reruns with hannigan/benson]
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Aug/05
In RollingStone, "Most actresses are all, give or take, the same size - we're all between five-two and five-five, and between 95 and 125 pounds"
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Aug/05
In one of the interviews where she says 5ft 3, fellow co-star of Swan's Crossing/All My Children Shane McDermott said 'I'm 5ft 9'
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
She's consistantly inconsistant: "I'm naturally thin, and people forget that I'm only 5ft 2".
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
Here's another quote from movieline (unless transcripted wrongly) where she can't seem to decide if she's 5ft 2 or 3 ;) "I'm a little person, and to see this five-foot-two, 100-pound blonde girl kicking ass is exciting"
McFan said on 13/Jul/05
She is in no way 5'3. At the most 5'2.
CelebHeights Editor said on 14/Jun/05
Hmm, in 2002 she didn't sound as thought she knows exactly: "Eh...maybe like 5' 3"
Gigy said on 11/Jun/05
It only logical that Michelle. T would tower over Sarah M.G, cos Michelle is 5'7/170 cm and Sarah M.G only 5'2/159 cm... That´s like 11 cm difference in height, and the odd thing is, on Buffy you didn´t notice it all that much! Sure Sarah still looked sharter but not that much shorter! I guess they had her stand on boxes (like Kristin Kreuk on ´Smallville´), especially when she was standing next to David B.
ChickKick said on 20/May/05
I've met her before, she's 5'3. Besides, if she said she was 5'2 several years ago, couldn't she have grown by now?

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