How tall was Robin Williams

Robin Williams Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

American actor and comedian best remembered for films such as Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poet's Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Jumanji, Insomnia, Hook and Good Will Hunting. On TV he was well known for the sitcom Mork & Mindy.

How tall is Robin Williams
Robin (1951 - 2014) & Arnold Schwarzenegger @ 13th Annual Moving Picture Ball, 1998
Photo © / FeatureFlash
Listen, I'm five seven, I'm a little person. That's a midget.

How tall is Robin Williams
Elijah Wood and Robin in 2011
Photo by Joe Seer/

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Average Guess (63 Votes)
5ft 7.11in (170.5cm)
Davina Smith said on 10/Mar/23
Bruh what i thought he was taller im sad now :/
marcus said on 10/Feb/23
met him once, seemed to be thin and short
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Aug/22
Legitimately this height. Would've guessed him taller than this in Jumanji though, looked physically average height. Either way, not a bad height at all.
greg laflare said on 7/Jun/22
You be the judge Click Here
Shamarr said on 20/May/22
Solid 5’7 guy. Has longer legs to prove it, he could’ve definitely proved Tom cruises 5’7 claim wrong. If they stood together
dreus23 said on 19/May/22
Still looked 5'7 in that pic with Elijah Wood pushing 60
5'10 Dude said on 20/Jan/22
Robin Williams' at 5'7 for his peak height seems reasonable. He was just a bit on the short side. He was barely an inch taller than Billy Crystal in his prime. Later in life I believe that Robin Williams was probably a strong 5'6. Height certainly didn't stand in the way of his immense talent.
Tall Sam said on 11/Jan/22
In his prime Robin Williams actually looked pretty hearty for a 5’7” with thick arms, boxy shoulders and relatively powerful looking hands. It’s a point in Good Will Hunting that he is convincingly more powerful than Matt Damon’s character.
Jayk said on 9/Jan/22
5ft7 small statured ? really dude I even felt angus young was to big to be a little person by some inches, and he was 5ft2 and this guy I met was 5ft3 and he was to tall to be a little person. So not 5ft7.
Jackie Lee said on 13/Oct/21
Are you stupid? I'd say very short is like 155 cm or something for a guy
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21

Canson said on 22/Aug/21
@Editor Rob: how old was G when you measured him? You don’t typically lose height in your 30s. At least nothing major. Maybe 1/8” if anything
Editor Rob
Was almost 39. Yeah a small fraction by then for some men is possible. G was on the streets since 18 chasing after signatures...

also he was claiming disability benefits, so maybe he had some physical ailments that may well have caused him some postural issues.
Canson said on 19/Aug/21
@Editor Rob: 5’6.75-5’7? I thought you said G was 5’6 5/8? And wasn’t this a best case if he had laid down?
Editor Rob
at his low he measured that, but sometimes would likely been closer to 5ft 7, especially in 20's and early 30's.
177cm said on 17/Aug/21
He was definitely at least 5’7”. RIP Robin. We miss you.
Editor Rob
at peak yeah I doubt he was less in the late 70's early 80's, but did shrink a bit.
He ended up shorter than 5ft 6.75-7 Big G.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/21
There was always something special about Robin Williams. I've enjoyed all the films of his that I've seen and I thought he had a very kind face.

5ft7. 🕯️ XX
MaskDeMasque said on 11/Feb/21
5'7. It's weird how the media attack some people about their size like Tom cruise but leave others like robin alone. Maybe it's because he has worn massive lifts in the past but then again so has RDJ and he doesn't get mocked.
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Feb/21

Probably, some people don’t consider tall starting till 6’1” but I think flat 6’ is the start of tall
slim 6'1 said on 17/Jan/21
@sulu2020, average is 5’9”-5’10” above average is 5’11” and the start of tall is 6’
Sulu2020 said on 7/Jan/21
I think he is farther from average height than one who is 6ft ½ in or 6ft 1.
slim 6'1 said on 3/Jan/21
Flat 5’7”
Slim 6'1@ said on 22/Nov/20
Sorry lee for fighting you, I didn’t mean it

Rob please remove the fight messages from me, unnecessary now
Slim 6'1" said on 17/Nov/20
Robin wasn’t very short, just the top of short kinda short
170cm flat from me
Sinclair said on 2/Sep/20
Rob, could you please add Insomnia, Night at the Museum and Jumanji to Williams’ credits?

I’d put Williams at a solid 5’7”, he definitely edged out Al Pacino in Insomnia.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/20
Robin was born 69 years ago today.

RIP Robin Williams XXX 🕯️💐
21/7/51 - 11/8/14
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/20
Such a lovely guy! I somehow get the feeling that Robin was one of those tragic comedians who used his humour to cover up his depression. He should still be with us today, bless his heart.

5ft7.25 😉👍♥️
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/19
Today, Robin would have turned 68 years old. He may be gone, but never will he be forgotten.

RIP Robin XXX 🕯️

billionaireslayer said on 20/Mar/19
5'6 n half peak. Pierce Bronsan a believable 6'1 towered him in Mrs Doubtfire even when he was in heels, Mrs Doubtfire too funny, I always like them short fury and funny.
MJKoP said on 25/Nov/18
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Oct/18
In 'One Hour Photo', the Police have him chalked up as 5ft9. Definitely only with 2" heels in this excellent psychological thriller!

Yup, glad to see you corrected yourself! An infatuation with Charlize Theron is understandable, but a WALMART-type store "offering" a full day to develop disposable camera film most certainly is not! 😂

Did you know that Jack Nicholson was originally set to play 'Sy the Photo Guy'?

And if you think the 5'9" booking in that movie is unrealistic, know that he was listed as 5'11" in 'Hook'!

Williams' fate hit me harder than any other celebrity death - even that of Michael Jackson, who I'm a pretty big fan of(hence my username).

And it's always great reading your posts, Sandy! I'll try to catch you in 'Sookie's Den'! 🙂
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Oct/18
In 'One Hour Photo', the Police have him chalked up as 5ft9. Definitely only with 2" heels in this excellent psychological thriller!
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Oct/18
I got the name of that film well and truly wrong - and its co-star! It is 'One Hour Photo' and the co-star is Connie Nielson, NOT Charlize Theron. Well, they're similarly tall girls! 😜
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Oct/18
I have just walked into a film called 'License to Wed', and had every intention of turning it off in favour of a DVD until I saw that Robin Williams is in it!

It has a couple of revolting-looking, but hilarious mechanical babies in it, which pass gas, pee in people's faces and have blue excrement! What fun it must have been to know Robin; it's such a shame that he suffered from depression, bless his soul.

He looks no more than 5ft7 in this 2007 film. His smiling face makes my day every time I see it, and like many funnymen, he didn't need to be tall. He could do serious films every bit as well as comedy, however, and I was particularly awestruck by the one he made with Charlize Theron called, I think, 24 Hour Photo, in which he has an unhealthy obsession with Charlize and her perfect family life, duplicating photographs of hers while he is working as a photo developer. He is popular with the customers and has an outwardly respectably appearance and, of course, job. He keeps collages of his obsessions on a wall in his home. Yes, I think it's high time I see this film again! Everyone I've shown it too has been most impressed.

I will give this legend of a man 5ft7, and, Zach Hull, I don't half miss him too. 😿 You took the words right out of my mouth!
Zach Hull said on 7/Sep/18
Robin Williams was a funny actor. I miss him.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 25/Aug/18
Here's a 5'8" claim from him from the recent biography by Dave Itzkoff:

"Robin had never been depicted in [a billboard], and it ate at him. “They’re fifty feet tall and I’m only five foot eight ... I’m nothing.”"

I think 5'7" is probably the best listing for him though. At times when he was younger he could look anywhere from 5'6.75" to 5'7.25"
Mister lennon said on 15/Aug/18
Peak 171-172
Last days 169-170
Chase said on 12/Aug/18
5’7.25 is possible but 171.5 is a stretch
5ft10hero said on 15/Apr/18
I thought he was 5ft6.5
Some Guy said on 30/Mar/18
I think he looked shorter in Good Morning, Vietnam. 6'2 Forest Whitaker absolutely towered him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Feb/18
Robin was much more than just 2" shorter than 5'9" Kurt Russell in The Best of Times, which was made when both men were 34 years old. I'd say it was more like a 3"-4" difference depending on the scene, but Robin looked absolutely no taller next to Kurt than Martin Short did in Captain Ron.
Gracian said on 3/Feb/18
Rob, his autopsy says 5'8":
Click Here
Editor Rob
It shows you that sometimes they don't even bother with accuracy. If Williams was 5ft 8 at the time of his death, you'd be upgrading every celebrity by 2 inches.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 15/Jan/18
A think very short is 166 and under...
Peter175 said on 30/Nov/17
169 is not very short. LOL maybe in the Netherlands but here in the states it can even look normal/average range.
Tom said on 11/Nov/17
Take a look at the photos with Tom Cruise back in the eighties. The same height
Shredder said on 8/Nov/17
5'6.5 wasn't impossible at his peak , but at times he can seem easily 5'7 to 5'8.
randomuser said on 6/Nov/17
@Slim No way the average height in 3rd world countries is 5'7.5. Even in Western Countries the average was proven to be only 5'8.5 so there's no way malnourished countries in could be almost as high
Ben said on 27/Oct/17
Slim, saying 5'7" is very short for a man, which is only 2 inches below average height, is like saying 5'11" is very tall considering it's 2 above average. Think about that one.
lee168cm said on 10/Oct/17
Slim quit your hating 5'7 is only two inches below average in the US and not much more in the UK stop being a troll
mister_lennon said on 1/Oct/17
in mork and mindy, he looked a litle bit taller tan 5´8 ron Howard. but it could be a screen impression or maybe a footwear issue, yes.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
Lee168cm said on 28/Sep/17
Ha in what world is 5'7 very short for a man the world of the basketball players? Or male supermodels most of which are way above average height keep dreaming
Screw you. 5'6.5" is short for a man living in a western country, even in third world countries average is 5'7"-5'7.75".
Lee168cm said on 28/Sep/17
Ha in what world is 5'7 very short for a man the world of the basketball players? Or male supermodels most of which are way above average height keep dreaming
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Sep/17
@Slim: It's a reference to the former poster here Glenn who measured below 5'7" yet insisted he was 5'8".

@MJKoP: Thanks, there ya go. Williams may have been closer to 5'7", but he wasn't old. Certainly not old enough to lose 2" without some medical explanation.

@Mister lennon: Then it must have been footwear or Williams giving a taller impression on screen back then. It'd typically be safe to assume he was at his peak height or very close to it in the 90's and he was looking somewhere in the 5'6"-5'7" range.

I posted a 60 year old Robin not much taller than 5'5" Elijah Wood, but the same is true for a 55 year old Robin: Click Here Click Here

I'm not saying Robin was never taller than that, but how much height would he lose by 55? Or by his 40s in the pic I posted below where Arnold towers Robin by 7" in 1998? Coupled with Robin's own claims of 5'7" and then 5'6" and I just can't see the possibility he was anything over 5'7". I don't think he was less than 5'6.5"-5'7" range, though as he was clearly taller than 5'6" Henry Winkler.
Slim said on 27/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Sep/17
He was never a weak 5'8". If he was ever 5'8", he'd be a "G 5'8".
Is this a reference to visitor @G5'11"?

robin was a very short man, maybe 169 at evening.
Mister lennon said on 7/Sep/17
Althougth a strong 5'7 is possible too.
Mister lennon said on 7/Sep/17
In first works like mork and mindy or popeye or the world acording garp,) he looked in the 5'8 range. Maybe a weak one, but 5'8.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Sep/17
He was never a weak 5'8". If he was ever 5'8", he'd be a "G 5'8".
Spencer said on 19/Aug/17
I think he was 174 morning when he was young. Maybe a hair under 5'8 most of the day.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Aug/17
It really surprises me people think he was taller than 5'7" after he admitted it, or even close to 5'8". I'm pretty sure Williams even said he was 5'6" towards the end of his life. Arnold had a good 7" on him back in 1998: Click Here If Arnold was 186-187 cm range at that time then Williams was about 169 cm, which is bad news for Matt Damon.

Here's Robin at 60 years old with 5'5" Elijah Wood: Click Here Click Here

Looked like a 5'6" guy at 60, no? How many 60 year olds lose 1.5"-2"? 5'7" is the most I can buy him ever being barefoot.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Jul/17
Maybe as tall as a weak 5'7" peak - around 169-169.5 cm - and a flat 5'6" in his 50s when you see him not looking much taller than Elijah Wood and Michael J. Fox or see him with Ben Stiller, Elton John, a shrunken John Travolta or when he guest starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
Jani said on 25/Jun/17
Robin Williams was about an inch shorter than Ben Stiller in the Night at the Museum films. In an old picture with Steven Spielberg Robin looks about the same height. I would say that 171cm (5'7.5") peak and later years 166cm (5'4.25").
mister_lennon said on 27/Apr/17
Desagree. In his first movies, he looked in the 173-174 range. A weak 173 is possible too.
RichardSpain said on 26/Apr/17
Excellent and great actor, very friendly too. I think he never was taller than 172 cm in peak and 171cm in his last days before his death.

Robin: thanks for the moments you gave us at the cinema . Rest in peace!
mister_lennon said on 27/Feb/17
i think that he was more 5´8. 173-174 peak. 171-172 in his last days.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Feb/17
I don't think Robin was the sort of person to lie about his height, so I'll go with 5ft7.
One of our loveliest, funniest actors, he was capable of playing serious and comedy roles equally well. I thought the film 'One Hour Photo' was fantastic and my boyfriend had me watch 'Bicentennial Man' on Christmas Day of 2014. I loved it!
I've just been looking through some of the comments below and noticed that on the programme 'Autopsy', Robin was written up as 5ft8. This is not the first time 'Autopsy' have put a questionable height for someone. Brittany Murphy was a full 2 inches taller according to the upsetting and intrusive documentary series, which can get a bit too much for me sometimes.

RIP Robin xxx
John Cena said on 9/May/16
5'5(165 cm). Peak was 5'7.5(171 cm).
Sam said on 17/Oct/15
Looks 5'6 in films. Why Rob?
Editor Rob
he could look 5ft 6 and 7 range, I think he'd lost height by 60's.
Eric said on 24/Aug/15
I met him 2 years ago and he was about 5'7. I'm 5'8 and was a bit shorter than me.
5'8" guy said on 24/Aug/15
5'8" with shoes on. In awakenings he and Deniro are similar in height. By 1 inch for De niro. 5"7" barefoot. Spot on Glenn.
Steve85 said on 13/Aug/15
Autopsy says 5'08''.
MJKoP said on 13/Aug/15
5'8" according to his autopsy.
thekillingjoke said on 10/Jul/15
5'7 seems about right for Williams. He looked a couple inches taller than Nathan Lane in The Birdcage, and about an inch or two shorter than Kenneth Branagh in Hamlet.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jun/15
matt says on 15/Aug/14
Rob, What is your favorite Film of Robin Williams? , superb talented actor May he rip, I think he hovered around the 170 range maybe tad more peak.
[Editor Rob: I liked him actually more in the serious roles like Good will hunting, insomnia, dead poets, one hour photo.]

Yes, Good Willing Hunting, but for me I think my favourite might be Awakenings. Patch Adams too I thought was a very underrated film and not sure why the critics hated it so much. He was on top of his game in Good Morning Vietnam, a classic too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/15
I was always stunned by his lesser stature. His very larger than life personality always added to the illusion of more height.

I'm still can't believe he's gone though.
5'9.5'' said on 27/Apr/15
Consistently looked taller than a flat 5'7'' in his younger days, he likely just rounded down from 5'7.75'' but of course in his later days age, alcohol and his numerous health problems caused a more than average height loss likely putting him around 5'6.5''
Danimal said on 28/Feb/15
Was close to 5'8" at his peak. Was clearly taller than a 5'7" Billy Crystal in the 1980's. Both men lost height in their 60's.
the shredder said on 28/Feb/15
It is possible he was closer to 5 '8
jamie179cm said on 1/Dec/14
the guy was 5ft6 celebrity lie about there height but still rip he was funny guy who will be missed he died the same year as my mum):
Anon said on 7/Oct/14
He was taller than Billy Crystal, maybe 5'8" in his prime.
The shredder said on 21/Aug/14
Rob was 5'7 to 5'8 possible in his prime?
Lorne said on 19/Aug/14
I don't think he was less than 170cm, he was a guy who didn't hold military posture or anything.
mike said on 18/Aug/14
Robin Williams height: 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)
R.I.P. one of the greatest Actors of all time. He will will truly be missed...
Andrea said on 16/Aug/14
Yeah, shredder... Just search Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve images: there's noway there were 9 inches between them! I'd say more 7-8 at most! There are recent pictures with Brandon Routh, a real solid 189 guy, who makes him look no more than 5'6 but of course he shrunk during last years...
the shredder said on 16/Aug/14
He claimed 5'8 on one of the tonight shows , but also the 5'7 on top and a few years ago joke saying he is 5'6.
the shredder said on 16/Aug/14
Reeve was Shorter than 6'3.5 Chevy Chase , Reeve was 6'2.75
Andrea said on 15/Aug/14
If Reeve was really near 6'4, Robin was between 5'8 and 5'9, no less!
matt said on 15/Aug/14
Rob, What is your favorite Film of Robin Williams? , superb talented actor May he rip, I think he hovered around the 170 range maybe tad more peak.
Editor Rob
I liked him actually more in the serious roles like Good will hunting, insomnia, dead poets, one hour photo.
lee said on 15/Aug/14
He was 170cm- 5'7, He Probably was 5'6 in his later years- May he RIP, enjoyed him as an actor- I enjoyed Dead Poets scoiety but he had a load of great films
Arch Stanton said on 14/Aug/14
Never 5 ft 8 Callum, consistently looked in that 169-170 sort of range.
JAMES said on 14/Aug/14
Did Robin ever claim 5'8, I thought he could have been about that in his prime but a strong 5'7 might be more accurate who knows, What was his favourite film for you guys- I always love Good Will Hunting and Mrs Doubtfire they were good, I even watched Jack again the other day, Great actor, RIP
Lorne said on 13/Aug/14
Unbelievable. RIP, Robin.
Nikie said on 13/Aug/14
R.i.p Mr Robin ! And i'm sure he is 1.69 cm about 1.70 cm
Bishop said on 13/Aug/14
R.I.P. Great actor and comedian.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Aug/14
I'll be having a Robin Williams film fest over the next few days. He lit up so many faces and made a lot of people happy is the irony in all of this.
Sam said on 13/Aug/14
So sad...I know a bit about how low you can get, tough that one of the most loved celebs couldn't see his way out.
callum said on 13/Aug/14
Rob, What do yu think is the most Robin Williams could have been 5ft 8 in his younger days or just the 5ft7, He might have been 5ft6 range in his later years,

Rip Robin, a great actor,
177cmGuy said on 13/Aug/14
5'7 RIP Robin and thanks for the laughs.
Magic Nature said on 13/Aug/14
I am so sad....he was such wonderful actor....there was such warmth in his personality I loved so much!Rest in peace...we going to miss you so much!
the shredder said on 13/Aug/14
yea this was sad. I will miss him.
yanet2011 said on 13/Aug/14
Your always made me laugh , thank you . Rip
spider said on 12/Aug/14
rest in peace, great man
Hugzz said on 12/Aug/14
RIP Robin Williams, a little bit of me has died today. We all loved you. I hope you have found peace.
the shredder said on 12/Aug/14
RIP man , peak 5'7.5 .
new guy said on 12/Aug/14
Rest in piece
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/14
Noo, another legend lost in 2014. RIP.
truth said on 12/Aug/14
170cm peak, now before death he was 169cm.
truth said on 12/Aug/14
reast in peace! ... he was a good actor.
R.I.P. Robin WIlliams said on 12/Aug/14
Why? He's 5'7", he said so, it's not an honor to change his height, only in the eyes of an insecure person.
MarcoH said on 12/Aug/14
Rest in Peace and thanks for most of your touching films.
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/14
Everyone in Hollywood is just devastated by his death.
The Exorcist said on 12/Aug/14
Always looked like a textbook 5'7"er to me. Short, but not standout short! Huge personality...he will be missed! :(

MrZ said on 12/Aug/14
RIP Robin Williams! Please update his height to 5'8 to honor his death. :/
Shawn said on 11/Aug/14
RIP Robin.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 11/Aug/14
R.I.P Robin Williams
197cm said on 11/Aug/14
R.I.P Legend.
cole said on 11/Aug/14
So sad to hear about him passing away. R.I.P Robin.
sean5 said on 11/Aug/14
RIP great actor, always will remember him in mrs Doubtfire
the shredder said on 4/Jul/14
He is taller than Sean Astin around 01 , He was still 5'7 to about then. He looks 5'6 now.
Adamz said on 2/Jul/14
i think 170cm peak is generous. possibly 169 PEAK MORNING.
the shredder said on 23/Jun/14
The Master , He claimed 5'7 , 5'8 and 5'6 , He most likely was 5'7.5 in 80's and 90's.
the shredder said on 19/Jun/14
Was watching Hook 1991 on Netflix a few days ago and notice that his ID had Peter Banning at 5'11 172 lbs lol. Shows that you can't judge height listings in movies because it is based on the character , not the Actor.
the shredder said on 7/Jun/14
Strangly seem 5 '8 in awakenings
the shredder said on 5/Jun/14
He claim 5'6 and 5'7 and and 5'8. 5 '8 is too much , 5'7.5 Maybe peak ,
Realist said on 2/Jun/14
Rob, whatever his height is one thing i must say he is probably the most convincing comedian since Chaplin. He knows how to comment. But not as sarcastic as Chaplin. I really like this guy and id say 171 cm minimum peak. He always looked low average to me. With Robert Sean Leonard and Ethan Hawke he didnt look very shot either.
Realist said on 23/May/14
Rob his current height needs an upgrade to about 5'6.5, his peak was more 171.5.
Great comedian, one of the greatest since Chaplin in my opinion.
@Richie: DeNiro was probably 5'8.5 in his peak and 5'8 now.
the shredder said on 4/Dec/13
Rob , how tall does the Actor Dante Basco appear with him and Hoffman? I say 5'4 there , he was in his teens there.

Click Here
Editor Rob
he certainly doesn't look more than 5ft 4 there, but in teens probably grew some more yeah.
Mike T said on 28/Oct/13
Perhaps 172 at peak, Rob?
richie said on 17/Oct/13
Robin Williams is 5ft 8in,he was an inch shorter than DeNiro in Awakenings.

Robin Williams is 5ft 8in, he was an inch shorter than DeNiro in The Awakenings.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 31/Aug/13
Rob is there a chance robin williams was 5ft 8in in his younger days 5ft 7in could be his height now he needs an upgrade i'm pretty sure he was more 5ft 8in than 5ft 7in when he was younger now in his later years he is at least 5ft 7in.
Editor Rob
I think he can look just 5ft 6 last few years
taller than Robin said on 18/Aug/13
I met Robin at the MGM in Las Vegas I stand 5.6 on a good day, I was taller than him.
Hannon Amos said on 4/Jul/13
I doubt he was ever over 5'7". The real-life Patch Adams(who has met Williams) is listed as 6'5" and once quipped that Robin was a foot shorter than himself.
marcus said on 22/May/13
He made fun of me at close range once - not a pleasant experience - 5'7" seems right
R4v3nh34rt said on 15/May/13
wow this has changed quite recently. He's always been listed at 5'8". Is this only based on the interview? May he be incorrect?
butterfly said on 16/Apr/13
i belive he speak english movies in 1990 but vanessa's broken feet and i got of glee you want play my games i want my feet get better vanessa is how tall are you i'm 5.3 or 5.2 i love you robin williams come my brithday23 party is vanessa you want have sex to night with me we are have fun at house

love vanessa
Hullywood 1.75.5m said on 31/Jan/13
Looked 1.73.5 next to your 1.75m Robert de Niro in a movie that called, i belive, Awaking, in english. Movie was filming in 1990. I think de Niro is taller then 1.75m.
RCA said on 27/Jan/13
He is no taller than 5' 3". I met him and stood next to hiim during the filming of The Fisher King. He had sneakers on, like keys.
miko said on 18/Jan/13
Rob, I've just seen a picture of him with 'The G' and he's looking under 5'6 today.

Editor Rob
let's not give G visitors ;)
juju said on 13/Jan/13
hes claimed 5 foot 6 back in 2009. even when he was younger he was shorter than 5 foot 7ish steven spielberg in the early 90s. i think hes always been in the 5 foot 6 range.
gaz said on 10/Jan/13
I would say 5'7ish his taller than Billy crystal in every picture i have have seen of them togther and his listed on ehre as 5'6.5 Click Here
the shredder said on 14/Jun/12
A weak 5'7 at best at peak , Watch Popeye .
Hob said on 13/Jun/12
he look 5'7 in shoe so 5'5.5 barefoot and look 5'5 walking with a little hunch.
ratboy said on 25/Jan/12
saw robin several times walking around SF. He was just about the same height as me... 5'7"
Sandeep said on 22/Jan/12
I m 5 6, Dont understand whats wrong in that....!! Who said 6' is ideal...or so.
courtney said on 18/Jan/12
Robin Williams is about 5'5 to 5'6 if you ever watched Mrs. Doubtfire when he was standing next to Sally field who is 5'3 Robin Williams is only about 2 or 3 inches taller than her.
steven said on 15/Jan/12
matt damon is not 5'9, 5'8 and change. robbin william is 5'5.75-5'6 right listing now.
Shaiyakeisky said on 6/Jan/12
I believe around 5'6.. Go see good will hunting.. Matt Damon 5'9 .
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
I heard people describe him as a tiny hairy man. Next to pierce brosnan he looks 168cm. In old dogs, much shorter than 183cm john travolta. 5 foot 6 is accurate.
Will W. said on 13/Sep/11
No way he is taller than 5'6". One, watch his Oscar acceptance speech. Before he leaves the stage, he hugs Billy Crystal, and Crystal is taller than Williams. Two, I've met Billy Crystal at Yankee Stadium. I'm 5'6". Crystal was MAYBE half an inch taller than I am.
Balthier said on 8/Sep/11
"John says on 30/Jul/11
@Aaron What? 6'5 is reeeeeeeally tall, kinda too tall! There is no way you can think RW is 6'10? - He doesn't look that tall in films!
I'm guessing you are 5'5 and not 6'5 since you want to be taller, and the same goes for RW's height."

AF said on 31/Aug/11
Claims 5'8" in this interview Click Here - I doubt it.
tell-em said on 2/Aug/11
robin williams has claimed 5'6". he was probably a weak 5'7" peak.
littlesue said on 1/Aug/11
That would be his characters height not necessary his own,
Dan said on 31/Jul/11
Robin Williams is 5ft 8-9...In One Hour Photo, his characters height appears on a card at the start of the film which lists him as 5 9.
John said on 30/Jul/11
@Aaron What? 6'5 is reeeeeeeally tall, kinda too tall! There is no way you can think RW is 6'10? - He doesn't look that tall in films!
I'm guessing you are 5'5 and not 6'5 since you want to be taller, and the same goes for RW's height.
Jack said on 20/Jul/11
Robins is 5'5.5'' to 5'6'' max
Aaron said on 19/Apr/11
I'm 6'5", and I'm sad I'm not taller. I'm not as tall as I should be. Stupid childhood malnourishment.

I never realized Williams was so short. Always took him for a 6'10" man.
kenny said on 14/Apr/11
I'm 5 ft 8, i'm sad that I'am not taller, but as they say great things come in small packages. For example Robin Williams one of the greatest comedian ever, it will be a sad day when he DIES.
Spence said on 15/Mar/11
To be really honest I don't think he was ever much more than 5'6.5
me said on 13/Feb/11
He was an inch taller than the fonz on happy days. I guess he doesn't drink milk?
Larry said on 30/Dec/10
@ Bon- agreed. And with age now maybe in the high 5 5 range
Bon said on 30/Dec/10
most likely in the 5'6 - 5'7 range at peak, now probably a fraction under.
zane said on 29/Dec/10
Just watching birdcage hes the same height as Nathan lane , how tall is he ?
jb said on 15/Nov/10
@ a
As you can see talent is not debated on this site, merely height, nobody is arguing the man hasn't got talent
Romero said on 29/Jun/09
I was about to say that! He looks a good few inches taller than Pacino in Insomnia, which made me think he was quite tall but in fact he wasn't when I met him as a kid he wasn't much taller than me then....
Danny said on 10/Jun/09
McLovin... I think you mean Pacino, DeNiro was not in Insomnia. It's well known by now that Pacino is at best 5ft 6 and most probably 5ft 5. I'll accept 5ft 6.75 for Williams.
McLovin said on 28/May/09
He's taller than de niro in their film Insomnia. But I guess aging has affected his height.
dan said on 14/May/09
Was in New York two years ago when I saw Robin walk a couple feet in front of me from an SUV to his trailer (shoot for Old Dogs) I am 5'9 and he looked 5'5 at best. Could buy the 5'6.
fictitious fair said on 25/Apr/09
in one hour photo they wrote he was 5'9 which is a big lie i ran quickly here to find out what his real height is..i was right i said he's probably 168 ..170 at max.......
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
not helpful at all,cause as others here agree,he looked near 5-8 prime.he shrunk.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
he's 5-6 now.and i look more than an inch on him 2 years ago.i could swear 2 inches.he was 5-7 or more in his prime.or morning.
TELLEM said on 22/Apr/09
wow. 5'6, doesn't really look it, he looks taller. but this height explains why hes shorter than 5'7-5'7.5 eminem. but peak height was probably 5'7. hes only 57 years old though.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Peak height I'm pretty sure he was 5'7.5". At last a short Hollywood actor who is honest about his real height.
Lozzer said on 7/Apr/09
Alex.... Wow thats a significant height admittance! Helpful for this site and rather honest of the guy!
Alex said on 7/Apr/09
Click Here

"I'm 5'6"
Rusty said on 1/Mar/09
I saw Dead Poets Society and before even looking up his height on here, he looked like a 5'8" guy.
glenn said on 8/Dec/08
he shrunk.he seemed 5-8 in the early 90s.i have a full body pic from last year where he looks 5-6 next to me.
sam said on 7/Dec/08
I doubt at his age he shrunk that much, maybe slightly.... anyway he was problably always this short
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
In his younger days, he was definitely taller. His peak height was 5'9" as is attested to in the comments by those who knew him.
Even today, he's 5'9" when he wears certain shoes. The 5'7" measurement is without shoes.
- Jay
first time said on 28/Nov/08
I met Paul Guilfoyle in a London Pub and i'm a tiny bit taller than him. i'm just under 5.8.
In caddilac man, Paul Guilfoyle was taller than Robin Williams by about 1 inch.
I'm guessing Robin would be just under 5.7
Tom said on 26/Nov/08
I just met Robin Williams last night after one of his shows and had my picture taken with him. I'm exactly 5'7" and we were the exact same height standing side-by-side. We were also wearing the same type of running shoe, so that didn't affect the height comparison.
TELLEM said on 24/Nov/08
robin williams looked 1-2 inches shorter than 5'7 eminem in em's bio "the way i am" that i was looking at yesterday. he could be under 5'7
me said on 17/Nov/08
guessing he has lost atlest 2 cms or so?
Matt Syzk said on 3/Nov/08
Williams being only 5'3" is laughable. He's definately 5'7", the height listed is accurate.
Roger Field said on 10/Aug/08
I was photographed with Robin Williams in Munich in 1983 (two photos of us were posted on this collumn but seem to have been taken down). I am about 5'9'' without shoes and Robin was the same height as me, which is evident in the photos. I was Robin's lighting double (because we are the same height) in "Moscow on the Hudson" which was released in 1984. Roger Field
Daii said on 29/Jul/08
If Glenn says he was 5'8 in his earlier days then hes probably lost at least an inch now, so he is about 5'7 or maybe 5'6.5 ....

He looks a decent height dressed as Mrs Doubtfire, but hes wearing heeled shoes, although he looks a lot shorter than Pierce Brosnan (6'1) in it. Probably 5'9 with the heels
Tim said on 23/Jul/08
Glen's ancient - no offense ;) but yes It has been stated in People magazine about odd couples Robin Williams is 5'8 during the Mork and Mindy series.
Guido G. said on 25/May/08
5'8, Glenn?? Never! He looks a good inch shorter than you and seems to stand up straight, and by the way: He said 5'7 for himself, WHY should he downgrade himself???
glenn said on 25/May/08
he was 5-8 next to me in the early 90s.and in mork and mindy.
Guido G. said on 24/May/08
He kinda looks 5'6ish beside Glenn, but i honestly think he is in the lower 5'7 range, maybe 5'6.5 or so
footballed28 said on 24/May/08
no he does not look 2 inches shorter than inch max (his chin is not even a full inch lower than Glenn's)...and honestly, Glenn is also a bit closer to the camera...and we still cant rule out the possibility of them standing on uneven I still say he is no smaller than 5'7 1/2
thekiddd said on 24/May/08
Glenn, how can he be 5'8" when he said he was 5'7"? Unless of course, he is calling this height as his current height oppose to his peak height. I'm not saying your wrong, but it is very rare that celebs say they are shorter than their actual height.
Realme2008 said on 23/May/08
Yeah, in the picture where he is standing next to 5'8" Glenn, he looks 5'6". He also does not appear to be slouching. 5'6!!
glenn said on 23/May/08
that was a recent movie,so you must be,that was sharp.
footballed28 said on 23/May/08
now he is 5'7? haha...give me a break...something is not right in that picture...either he was sloching or was standing at a lower ground....he was nearly as tall as Robert De Nero when they stood side by side in that one movie (forgot the name) and if De Nero is 5'10 or even 5'9, then he is gotta be 5'8 1/2 in his prime and just under 5'8 now...he isnt even that old, how could he have lost 2 inches? We cant see a full view to judge his height in that picture...can we?
Guido G. said on 22/May/08
How can this (175cm?) Roger be 175cm if he's shorter than Robin???
glenn said on 22/May/08
5-8 peak.5-6 now.thats the truth.take it from someone who saw him 20 years.
Anonymous said on 22/May/08
I agree with the post below, 5'6 peak and now with age around 5'5
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
now ben ignored my post.
Chloe said on 21/Apr/08
I met Robin Williams while he was working on a film.. I'm 5'8 and he was shorter than me.
Ben said on 21/Apr/08
I think 5'7 still. He doesn't look like he lost much height.
glenn said on 21/Apr/08
charliemotto-did you just ignore my post?
Charliemoto said on 21/Apr/08
i re-read the quote above "HE SAID HE WAS 5'7"....surely 5'7.5 in One Hour Photo with very common walking sport shoes he looks close to 5'9 so he's just being modest for sure, he's a great person that as far as i know could care less about Lifts and other trickery, he's proud of his height :)

definetely need an upgrade to 172 if there's any justice in this world.
Charliemoto said on 19/Apr/08
one of the greatest actors of our time (in my opinion)

and to be perfectly honest i always thought he was never above 172cm, i recon his early days his true height was 172cm and then around the late 90's he looked 170-171cm and now he looks 169-170cm.

the most noticeble change is in the movie PATCH ADAMS where he looks spot on 5'7 barefoot (5'8 in shoes) earlier movies he did look slightly taller like 5'8.5-5'9 occasionally.

i think he should be Upgraded to 172cm and beneath it should add CURRENT HEIGHT = 169 or 170cm .....whatever fits, either goes well for him.

glenn said on 19/Apr/08
5-6 now for sure.i couldve sworn he was 5-8 peak.he shrunk.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/08
I think his peak height was around 5'6, now with advancing age he is no more than 5'5 barefoot.
Danimal said on 9/Feb/08
Another man who has succumbed to shrinkage with age.
Danimal said on 9/Feb/08
Another man who has succumbed to shrinkish with age.
anonamous said on 9/Feb/08
rw is soo cool. hes funny
steve said on 8/Feb/08
I heard him say 5'8" He's about an inch taller than Billy Crystal. Who's 5'7".
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
he looked 5-6 to me last summer and i have the pic to prove it.i was shocked.not much room to put it on top i see.
leonari said on 10/Jan/08
Glenn: Any chance he is a tad below 5'7" ????
Scott B said on 10/Jan/08
I agree with Glenn. Williams is 5'7.
Stuart said on 7/Dec/07
we are both the same height and i'm 5' 7"
kenneth said on 17/Nov/07
he looks 18~19cm shorter than 6ft3john krasinski in LICENSE TO WED.. I guess that guy is more like 6ft2.5(189cm) most.. and robin looks 170cm with no doubt..
Mr. T said on 13/Oct/07
MD, cameras can do a lot. See here:

Click Here

Williams has a clear inch on Crystal in that picture, even with the hair excluded.
Franco said on 4/Aug/07
here's the DEFINITIVE picture of robin's william height (dont pay attention much to the height listing next to him)

Click Here

please someone look at this and tell me?

he looks 173 with shoes.
MD said on 7/Jul/07
With Ben Stiller (still given 5'-6.75", here, for some reason):

Click Here

With Billy Crystal given 5'6.5", here;

Click Here

Click Here

With Spike Lee, given 5'5.5", here:

Click Here

Robin isn't a fully 5'7".
Franco said on 6/Jul/07
Robin is 170cm max possibly 169cm
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
mandy is 5-10.robin is 5-7.
max said on 9/Jun/07
If Mandy Moore is 5'8" then Williams is 5'3" She dwarfs him on the MTV awards
Hmmm said on 12/May/07
Y'know that film where he plays a creepy ass Kodak employee? There's a brief scene listing his character's stats - the height was 5'10. Yeah, right. : P
Franco said on 20/Apr/07
Click Here

full body.
Franco said on 17/Apr/07
ok here it is, found it.

the 2nd pic walking next to his friend, ROBIN is nearer to the camera and with shoes. looks 5'8 to me WITH shoes.

Click Here

let me know.
Franco said on 17/Apr/07
i just watched PATCH ADAMS and there are lots and lots of full body scenes, he is wearing FLATS most of the time and also barefoot.

i swear none of the shots he looked anywhere 5'9, he looked 5'8 with shoes.

Robin Williams (who i adore as an actor) imho was 5'7 and today is 5'6

there's no way around it. if i can post a pic of Patch Adams i will. :)

so 5'6 TODAY ......5'7 Prime. ;)
radio_man said on 2/Apr/07
I think he's 5'6..i think he's struggling to get in the 5'7 mark like preistley
leonari said on 15/Feb/07
ROB:LOTS OF PEOPLE ENJOYED this site! yOu are doing a fantastic job! This my friend is the number one site in the world when it comes to heights of celebrities! I think thats a great accomplishment and you can be really proud. Even people who are not interested in height unike me make reference to it. you re the man! and so is glenn. his pics are priceless! keep up the great work and don t sell it under a million :-)
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/07
If Roger is 5-9, then surely Robin has shrunk 2 inches?
And Editor would you ever consider selling this site?

Editor Rob
huh, you offering, 100 quid and its yours ;) !
nah, I remember one time last year thinking when I reached 5,000 heights I would pack my bags and sell, but 2.5 years is the longest I've actively maintained a website with near enough daily involvement, bar a 7-week detour and the site is reasonably big, well...for a niche its ok.
I hope the site still gives a bit of enjoyment to people. I'm sure there are some who would like to run this joint, but the thing is though, when you operate websites for a living motivation can be a big killer, its oh so easy to become lethargic and lose complete interest in topics. It happens...
Anthony said on 12/Feb/07
Robin has always looked 5'6 at the most to me.
Andy said on 2/Feb/07
The picture with the comedian who claims to be 6'3" is very telling.I would say he's 5'4" or 5'5" at most.There is no reason for a 6'3" comedian to lie about his height.
Incidentally,many celebs have doubles who even sometimes do promos for them.I saw Williams double who looks about 5'9".Could explain some of the odd sightings for example Chuckycheese who claims to have spoken to him on the street in Singapore for a half hour ???
peter papageorgiou said on 26/Jan/07
I am 5'6" and I worked with Robin Williams on Awakenings back in NY. He's my height guys..
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/07
Robin is a max 5-6 barefoot and 5-7 in shoes. The pictures with Elijah Wood show Williams's real height. not very tall!
the shredder said on 30/Dec/06
Rob , something i can tell you this that Williams is NOT any taller then Ben Stiller nowdays ! actually looked a bit shorter in there new movie ! ... 5'7 or under . maybe never was 5'8 ?

Editor Rob
a chance of 1cm having been lost.
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/06
In the comic relief show on tv where he hosted with Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg, he was an inch taller (at the most) than Whoopi. I don't think Whoopi had on heels. Whoopi is listed every where at 5'5" or 5'5.5".
Brad said on 6/Dec/06
5' 7". How Chevy Chase & Mork got through the late seventies is a mystery. Those guys partied very hard.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
looks 2" taller than elijah wood at "Happy Feet" premier So 5'8" it is.
Height Tracker said on 1/Nov/06
Roger, I'm pretty sure you mismeasured yourself. You're probably barely scraping 5'8", not just under 5'9".
Drooperdoo said on 11/Oct/06
Williams is clearly 5'7''. He appeared that tall, too, next to Henry Winkler, who is 5'6'' in that first "Happy Days" episode when Mork shows up in Fonzi's world.
Snakeman said on 11/Oct/06
Click Here

Here is a pic of him and a comedian that claims to be 6'3" in his myspace
kene said on 16/Sep/06
194tim robbins was a head towers Robin Williams.. 170 might be a perfect ans..
AJ said on 18/Aug/06
Glenn looks pretty short too...I'd say 5'7.5"

Editor Rob
wait till you see glenn towering over susan sarandon ;-)
Mickey said on 19/Jul/06
met him in san francisco. he had just about an inch on me. (I'm 5' 6").
Matt said on 10/Jul/06
Well, don't forget Williams is wearing a cap, so he only looks shorter because his forehead is cut off. 5'7- 5'8 sounds right to me though.
DP said on 1/Jul/06
Robin Williams has never ever lied about his height. I remember when he mentioned on a show one time that he's "a wee little man at 5'7" ".
sitegod said on 21/Apr/06
nah 5'8 was my guess but I'd say 5'7 was a fair height for him... specially whilst watching the the Dead Poets Society
zadeh79 said on 3/Apr/06
If Glenn is 5'8" on the nose, then williams might be in the 5'6 range. You have to consider that Glenn is leaning over a bit.
trueheight said on 3/Apr/06
that's cuz all the rest of'em are tallish; the shortest Drew Carrey is 5'10
Mondo said on 2/Mar/06
There is a "whos line is it anyways" online now with him in it. He looks 5' 3.
Mr. R said on 8/Feb/06
During Mork and Mindy days, he was 5-8. When I saw him after the Oscars in 2000, he was definitely closer to 5-7.
tgri said on 7/Feb/06
he looked about 5'6 in popeye . on the other hand.. i have seen him look 5'9ish in some movies. i say 5'6.5 to 5'8 is pretty fair and honest. i have heard people say 5'10/5'11 which is so unreal.
Shane said on 6/Feb/06
In Jumanji, he looks 5 foot 8 if not taller standing beside 5'7.5 Bonnie Hunt, he looks over an inch taller than her, and his legs don't look short to me.

Editor Rob
outwith the film I'd say both are 5ft 7 range, the 1/2 inch for her maybe too much...
CoolJ said on 6/Feb/06
Glenn is slouching.. Williams is 5'6.5 - 5'7
Dominic said on 5/Feb/06
He looks about 5"7 to 5"7.5 beside Glenn.
JR said on 2/Feb/06
Robin and Glenn look the same height in this photo. So, 5'7 to 5'8 must be accurate. I would have guessed 5'6, but that may be because of his weight. Robin seems taller than Billy Crystal, who probably stands at 5'5.

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