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5ft 7.86in (172.4cm)
Legend said on 5/Feb/11
I can't believe I'm that much taller than her. It must be her proportions. She looks 5'9 on screen.
burby said on 27/Jan/11
5'8" is correct gentlemen.
TruebloodFan said on 24/Jan/11
5ft9 is a joke Brad. 5ft7 is what she is. 5ft7 and thin. Cruise is also 5ft7. they're the same height. in his 'munsters' Tom beats her easily, but when she's 5inch-heel'd, she's a 6ftish and Cruiser is 5ft10ish in his munsters. I say beat, because it seems that it's a competition in Hollywood. Who has bigger lifts/heels...
Brad said on 19/Jan/11
5' 9". Cruise wore mega munsters with her.
Eric said on 11/Jan/11
I really doubt that she is in that 5'7-5'9 range. coz in every image i saw her with tom cruise(5'6) in 5,6 inch stilettos she has has not been taller than him by 1 or 2 inches. i would definitely put her in that 5'6 range.
Shaun said on 1/Jan/11
I don't think I've ever seen anybody who looks as if they enjoy life as much as she does. She seems to have a tremendous amount of fun and very laid back. I think she'd be awesome company. Mm if she's 5'8" Cruise needs an upgrade...
lily said on 21/Dec/10
i find that she's 5'10 or 5'9
Audrey said on 18/Dec/10
So she is taller than tom cruise? This is not what I saw in the movie Knight and day...
walker said on 11/Dec/10
5 foot 9 and weighs about 135
Bon said on 8/Dec/10
More like 5'6, 5'7 absolute tops.
Chameleon said on 3/Dec/10
No, 5'8 sounds right lol.
Menino Bionico said on 30/Nov/10
seems most of all heigths here are not that correct. Cameron is an ex-model, she is taller than Ben, Cruise, Drew, Julia. Everybody knows models are ard 1.76-1.79cm. Cameron is ard 1.78-1.79 definetely.
ann said on 24/Nov/10
She´s taller than Julia Roberts (1-72) at My Best Friend's Wedding cameron ´s 1-75.
Hailey said on 13/Nov/10
I think 5'8 is spot on for Cameron, the main reason I say this is because in the Charlie's Angels movies when Diaz is next to Drew Barrymore, both barefoot..she's clearly taller but not gigantic and isn't Drew supposed to be really short? I'd always thought of Diaz as 5'10 but watching the movies really shows you that she's 5'9 maximum..she does have a very long and thin body though, naturally making her appear much taller than she really is.
Christine said on 1/Jul/09
Oh, I am 5.11 and my boyfriend is 6.4 (a gorgeous blond, blue eys..), I think we look really good and I never considered 5.7 is TALL for a girl! have plenty of high heels too:-)

PS: Although, it was difficult in high school as all boys were shorter then me..
Guess said on 5/Jun/09
I think that it's so much beautiful to be tall. To be 5.7 or 5.8 and up is so pretty for a women. Short, little people are like a child, come on. I'm 5.8 and I have never vanted to be shorter. And in America it's are many short people.
anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
I am not that short. I am 5 foot 10 and she is 5 foot 8.
Lauw said on 19/Apr/09
Well some countries in Europe definitely have a higher average when it comes to height. In Holland the average of women is 5.7 or 5.8. But then again dutch people or one of the tallest groups in the world. I think the North of Europe has a lot taller people than people in like Italy and Spain. So you can not compare the US to Europe, Europe heights vary a lot by country.
Lilia said on 14/Apr/09
She tower over almost evry one in charlies angels,when the three were dancing she was without shoes but still looking like way taller then Drew and Lucy.
she looks taller than guys too!
theman said on 11/Apr/09
sr Europe people taller than Americans? Avg is similar you dope. If you look for the tallest bunch you would find more in America, the average is similar due to the mix of races here. SO if you grab the 1000 tallest Americans vs the tallest 1000 Europeans, Americans would be taller.

Talller does not equal more beautiful that is just dumb. Just like a larger head does not equal smarter. If you look at who is listed as most beautiful people it is almost always men under 6' and same for women. Like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, etc.. Models serve a different purpose, which is to make clothing look better.
andrea said on 20/Mar/09
In response to a comment below, ive noticed that shorter guys (5'6/5'7) say a girl is tall if they are the same height so 5'5 or 5'6. Depends on the guy but to the individual the girl is tall or a GOOD height if she is 2-3 inches shorter no matter what is average height. When you get to be a really really tall guy like 6'4 or taller to them 5'11 is great because I've noticed that girls heights tend to be around the same like 5'4/5'5--not a lot of variation like what happens to guys
anonymous said on 20/Mar/09
She looks tall but i didnt know she was that tall. 5 foot 8. Nice eyes and face.
milissa said on 18/Mar/09
I just met her at LAX I am 5 3 and she is atleast 6 in taller then me
Amy said on 9/Mar/09
Interesting photo Debbie. Cam definitely looks about 3" shorter than Jude but it could be the angle.
Debbie said on 4/Mar/09
I think Cameron may be 5'7 look at her with Jude she appears to be in 4 inch heels and she still isn't taller than him.

Click Here
alexa said on 27/Feb/09
Just watched there's something about mary...when Stiller is in chunky shoes (giving him about 1inch or so) and Diaz is in flats shes about half inch taller than him. Slouches very slightly in the end scene when they kiss to make them even. Just from that i would have guessed she was 5'8.5, so i spose 5'8 is a fair estimate for her.
J.J. said on 22/Feb/09
5'8" is tall for a woman & has always been. Any girl that measures 170cm is tall. 5'9" & up women get a lot of stares. 5'7"-5'8" girls get stares & comments as well but not quite often. But it's amazing because most 5'7"-5'8" girls are always living in flats.
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
At the Premiere for 'There's Something about Mary' she didn't look over 5ft8 and was over 10 years ago! Seems like only yesterday that I was staring into those beautiful blue eyes of hers while shaking her hand. The memories. She's still a tall woman.
Hugh said on 1/Feb/09
Where's the evidence of her being taller than 5ft8. She does have long legs which might give the illusion. She might however be 174cm.
lalas said on 31/Jan/09
Click Here she definitely looks taller than 5ft8 here!
Hugh said on 26/Jan/09
5ft8 is pretty tall for a women. Cameron is tall.
Hugh said on 26/Jan/09
5ft8 is pretty tall. Cameron is tall.
Jlee said on 22/Jan/09
Rob, do you think CAmeron is TALL? Glenn? also, how tall is a girl usually when guys start staring and saying wow she's a tall one!
Hugh said on 13/Jan/09
I've met her 4 times. She is 5ft8 exactly. Not a hair taller or shorter.
Ali said on 13/Jan/09
Cameron is wearing at least 3 inch heels at the Golden Globes and she's only 1"-1.5" taller than Mark. Check the footage
Hugh said on 12/Jan/09
Well, I don't Wahlberg is taller than 5ft7.5. I still think Cameron is 5ft8.
Big T said on 12/Jan/09
Unless she wasn't wearing heels at the Golden Globes, she is shorter than Mark Wahlberg..
Hugh said on 11/Jan/09
RJS in her heels se's probably 5ft9.5. In normal footwear she'd be about 3 inches taller than you.
r j s said on 11/Jan/09
i m 5'5" and i met her with her 4 inch heel. she was atleast head taller than me. so capturing photo was difficult. she laughed and bend upto my head level than i had taken pic with her. she is atleast 5'9.5".if u wanna see her pic with me, contact me on
Hugh said on 3/Jan/09
5ft8 exactly. Wonder what she was doing in London. I was there just a few days ago, myself.
Ali said on 3/Jan/09
Last night I walked into Cameron on Mount Street in Mayfair, London. I would say she is no taller than 5'7". She was wearing 3 inch heel boots. My husband is 6"2' and I am 5'3" so am aware of height differentials. She was definitely not as tall as my husband but quite a bit taller than me, because of the boots. Very narrow, boyish figure. Wish I had it!!
Anonymous21 said on 2/Jan/09
If her and Paris Hilton are tall and blonde. Then why are the supermodels now and days, like jessica stam and lily cole and lily donaldson, models. They seem shorter than Paris and Cameron AND they are registered as 5ft 10" or taller. HHMMM???
Hugh said on 21/Dec/08
Cameron is 5ft8 max.
anonymous said on 21/Dec/08
I dont think julia roberts is 5 foot 9. It was probably camera angles. She's 5 foot 8.
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
How could she be 5ft8 if she's the same height as Julia Roberts. 175cm is 5ft9 not 5ft8. But I think she's 5ft8 which is 173cm.
anonymous said on 27/Nov/08
In my best friends wedding she was same height as 175cm julia roberts. I would say 5 foot 8.
Hugh said on 19/Nov/08
She is 5ft8 no more, no less.
Josh said on 19/Nov/08
She does look 5'8
Hugh said on 12/Nov/08
Okay I have met this remarkable woman four times. First time at the premiere of There's Something About Mary, second time by chance in the Chateau Marmont with my sis and third time on the set of The Holiday and at the premiere of The Holiday. Each time she has consistantly appeared to be 5ft8 and no taller or shorter. I LOVE HER!
Hugh said on 6/Nov/08
I hate to say it but the girl of my dreams ain't 5ft9.
A said on 31/Oct/08
She's 5'9", not 5'8"!
Hugh said on 22/Oct/08
She was taller than Ben. But only by maybe 1cm or 2 at very most. 5ft8.
anonymous2 said on 21/Oct/08
she was same height as ben stiller in there's something about mary. I would say she's 5 foot 8 no taller. In some movies she looks tall.
Hugh said on 4/Oct/08
I think she's 5ft8 minus the heels. It's very sweet of her to pay tribute to her father. She's beautiful on the inside and outside.
Mr. R said on 3/Oct/08
I saw Cameron last night at the AFI salute. She is about 5-7 minus heels. She is GORGEOUS!
Hugh said on 26/Sep/08
Sure in heels Cameron can look 5ft11. But she never looked more than 5ft8 when I met her. I hope to meet her again. She is like THE sweetest thing ever.
Lenad said on 23/Sep/08
In The Mask when she had heels she was nearly as tall as Jim Carrey but Carrey looked 5'11 in that movie.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
Having met her in person she is 5ft8. No more, no less. Great gal though, great gal.
joe II said on 15/Sep/08
she was at least an inch taller than 5'6 toni collete in her shoes where toni was wearing heels and she wasn't
Hugh said on 5/Sep/08
No 5ft8 tops I've met her in person. She's a great girl though. Very Very beautiful. Julia i think might bew 5ft9.
katerina said on 4/Sep/08
I think she is brobably about 5,9,in My friend's wedding she looks much taller than Julia Roberts, as i know Julia is 5,8
Hugh said on 3/Sep/08
Maybe 5ft8.25.
Hugh said on 26/Aug/08
Beleive me she's 5ft8 MAX. She's still tall. Me and my sister met her in L.A. My sister is 5ft10 and she was at least 2 inches taller. She's a very sweet girl and I have a huge crush on her.
Richy said on 24/Aug/08
(To Yelena) model hight minimum 178 cm ? So you mean Heidi Klum could only work in a stripper club for 174 cm-people ? (cause thats her height...)
Gago said on 30/Jul/08
I met her in Santa Monica a few weeks back, very pleasant and pretty, but not as tall as they say, with heels looked 5'9.5, but they were about 2-2.5 inch heels.
Mr. R said on 30/Jul/08
I saw her one night in Hollywood after the Oscars. She walked right past me in two inch heels, and she was probably about 5-9. So I would guess about 5-7. (She is also much more beautiful in person!)
YeleNa said on 29/Jul/08
I logically think that she must be taller than 174,cause she was a model,and normal model height is minimum 178,Kate Moss is exeption...And she looks taller...
alisha said on 14/Jul/08
in charles angles when she is walking with dylan and alex she looks much taller.
She could easliy look 6 foot!!
This plus said on 2/Jul/08
i think she's closer to 5'9" in her prime, she's 5'9" no more no less
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
shes more like 5'8.5-5'9-shows next to the othr girls in the sweetest thing, and next to jude law and kate winslet in the holiday.
darren said on 23/Jun/08
obviously, she's at least an inch taller than Lake Bell in What Happens In Vegas.

go figure that one out
Hugh said on 12/Jun/08
I've met her plenty of times she's 5ft8 tops.
obehi said on 7/Jun/08
I'm for sure Diaz is 5-9. I saw her in what happens in vegas premier and she was looking as tall as me. I'm 5-11. She was on a lil bit of heels.
Hugh said on 25/May/08
No taller than 5ft8.
C. said on 20/May/08
There is no way she is 5'10" and 6'1" is just insane. She's 5'8" tops, although I think she's nothing under 5'7" 1/2.
Brah said on 20/May/08
She is not 5'10" to 6'1". Why do you keep overestimating every female on this website.
Ashton Kutcher makes her look short.
Realme2008 said on 15/May/08
Yeah, he really does. At the end of the movie they both barefoot on the beach, and she is standing on her tippy toes to kiss him. 5'8" is a good listing for her.
Brah said on 15/May/08
5'8" is a good listing for her. In her latest movie with Ashton Kutcher (listed 6'2.5" here), when they are both in flat footwear, he does towers over her by around 6.5 inches throughout the whole movie.
Guest said on 15/May/08
According to an old modeling card where her height and other measurements are listed, she is 5'9. The card is from when she was younger, possibly from her teenage years or early twenties. I think she is taller than 5'8.
Agnes said on 9/May/08
I read in an interview with her that she was 184 cm tall
Bj25492008 said on 30/Apr/08
Yeah, J.Lee goes on a lot celebity height listings commmenting on every celebrity and saying how celebrities are so much taller than they actually are. Said Jennifer Aniston looked 6'2" in heels, and was tall!!! Enough said. lol.
Viper said on 30/Apr/08
"She's an easy 6 footer, a no brainer,"

Are you insane?
Hugh said on 17/Apr/08
5ft8 tops. In heels proably 5ft10. It's really sad the way her father passed away.
jess said on 13/Apr/08
I used to think she was 5'9 or 10, but I realized an inch is a very small thing, and is not hard to make her height look increased, and according to everything else 5'8 seems right to me. But still a small chance she could be 5'9.
Matt said on 1/Apr/08
she is at least 2 inches taller than Ian McGregor in A Less Ordinary Life (1997) and she was wearing short is no less than 5'9''
Random Person said on 24/Mar/08
Wasn't she more or less the same height as Toni Collete in In Her Shoes? 5'7" seems to make more sense. Tom Cruise was slightly taller than her in Vanilla Sky even when she was in pretty big heels. Lifts were definetly involved but...Cruise didn't look above 5'10" in any scene in that movie.
brapp said on 13/Mar/08
say 172cm in the morning i think
Mattiew_- said on 27/Jan/08
Doesn't look 5'8 next to Jude Law in the Holiday ...
Wallace said on 6/Jan/08
Sometimes she looks this at least this tall and sometimes less. Pics can be confusing. Next to Gisele Bundchen (who is 5'10.5" according to this site) she is at least two inches shorter. They are both wearing heels but Diaz is wearing platforms that make up at least 1.5 - 2 inches on Gisele. That would make her around 5' 7". I doubt she is that short cuz her legs are soooo long. Maybe Gisele needs an upgrade? I don't know.
jezoxx said on 26/Dec/07
thats weird because in charlies angels, the three 'angels' looked around the same height i swear and lucy lui is 5ft 1.75in
Alex said on 18/Dec/07
Cameron is at least 5'8.
Havana said on 7/Dec/07
My friend friend is 5ft 8.5, and Diaz gives a much taller appearence than her, as well as many of my other friends of relative height.
I think she is closer to 175 cm.
Valeri said on 24/Nov/07
oh,and banderas must be in agony there,trying to squueze 5'11 with those lifts hes obviously wearing. what height is he? 5'9?
Valeri said on 24/Nov/07
timberlake is about 5'11'75 and wearing 0.5inches max of footwear making him 6'0.25 and Diaz with 4inch heels,which give 3.25 inches is 5'11.25,and thats what oyu see, 1 inch of difference there.NOT 2 inches,but only 1 INCH. Cameron DIaz is for sure 5'8 ,NO LESS.
Valeri said on 24/Nov/07
Click Here - this is the reality
Tina said on 10/Nov/07
I met her once while visiting a Friend in California, stood right next to her, I asked my friend how much taller was I then her. she said we were the same height, and both of us had on flat sandles. she has to be taller then 5'8 cause I'm 5 '10. You cant go by what kind of shoes she is wearing how can you measure what size heel she is wearing. She tall and beautiful. Also she was a model, very rare that a real model is under 5'10.
Ashton Ayres said on 29/Oct/07
wow, this is actually a lot shorter than i thought she was. everyone always comments on how friggin TALL and willowy she is, but 5'8'' is amazingly tall- it's above average (more than me, I'm 5'6 and a 1/2"), but still...they all act as if she 5'11''
Evanna said on 20/Sep/07
Anonymous, in that picture Cameron is slouching, the angle is not straight and Myers might be wearing lifts. I've seen pictures of the two where Cam looks a lot taller than him.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/07
Check out the pic of her with mike myers on his page of this site. She is only fractionally taller than him and she is in heels. He is 5'7, so she can only be around 5'5 - 5'6. When you look at her in the pics with 5'9 Jared Leto she is clearly at least 3 inches shorter. She is a fine looking woman! Cool, funny and gorgeous!
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
I think Cameron is no taller than 5-8, and could be as short as 5-7.
Franco said on 10/Aug/07
Cameron looks very tall even with lowish heels.

no less than 172 and no more than 175cm

i vote 174cm
ras said on 3/Aug/07
Click Here
Click Here
in those pics you posted in Jude Law's page of Cameron Diaz with Kate Winslet, Cameron looks like she could be 5 ft 9, probably 5 ft 8.5. Probably taller heels? Look at her eyebrows level and compare it to 5 ft 6.25 Kate Winslet.
Chance said on 23/Jul/07
I have never seen Cameron but I have stood next to JT anh is short. Maybe 5'8" or 5' 9" so she has to be shorter as in all the pics together he is taller than her
heeeeee said on 21/Jul/07
she's beautiful. i always thought of her as 175cm. can b so misleading
titch said on 19/Jul/07
i wouldn't question cams height i would question justins. if you look at her in photo with uma, who is maybe 6'2 in heels there is a much bigger height difference than between her and JT. and she is bending slightly in JT photo.
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Justin is closer to the camera so yea not the best angle either. I'd be suprised if she was as low as 5'7 though. 5'8 bare minimum I'd say she is but 5'9 I think could be more right.
Annonymous said on 18/Jun/07
hey "Annonymous" that pic is definitely not the best angle
Annonymous said on 13/Jun/07
Here: Click Here
Even if Justin is 6.1" she is 2" shorter minus 3" heals that would bring her to...5.7"???
Should you downgrade her an inch Rob? Many of us seem to think so.
Annonymous said on 13/Jun/07
Has anyone seen the pictures of her standing next to Antonio Banderas (listed 5.81/2)? The ones where is wearing a short sparkly- black halter top dress. She had at least 3" shoes on and she looks shorter than Banderas. I am totally confused. Could she be around 5.7" with long legs?
MarkMark said on 2/Jun/07
Saw her on Ellen. Both were wearing flats. See seemed barely taller than Ellen. I would put her at 5'8".
Crissy said on 1/Jun/07
yeah I thought she was 5'9? Because she is way taller then all of her CA co-stars
Alex said on 31/May/07
This girl is clearly well above average for a female. She's 5'8 at the very least but I think 5'9 is more accurate though.
Kathryn said on 26/May/07
and @ hobieluv83: jared leto has tall boots on and i wouldnt be confused if there are lifts within the shoes. and cameron only wears flip flops. and that would make him easily 5'11''. i say she´s 5'7.5'' to 5'8.5'' but no taller or smaller.
Kathryn said on 26/May/07
@ bam: this photo was taken on a beach and he is standing higher than her. its no wonder that she´s easily 3 inches smaller than him then. =)
glenn said on 22/May/07
one encounter isnt enough.she is known as one of the worst actually.
Sam said on 22/May/07
I met her in New York and asked her height. She said '' she was 5'9,5 ''
I must to say, she is very beautiful, nice and natural! Not at all snobbish like some of these Hollywood Stars!
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
Really beautiful and tall too. This girl is a princess she's so beautiful. I actually taugh she was like 5'9" or so. I would like to meet her in person.
bam said on 17/May/07
Click Here
looking 2 inches shorter than jared leto barefoot. I though she was at least 5'9.
But she may very easily be 5'7 on the dot. Do u think it's time for a downgrade Rob?
kampioen said on 8/May/07
some other picturs with a taller girl, gisele bundchen.
Click Here
Click Here
Drew said on 30/Apr/07
Click Here

She is slightly taller than 5'7" Michael Myers here. I say 171-172cm.
matt dallas said on 25/Apr/07
i did interview her and we were exactly the same height, btw, im 5'9.5" and she was wearing flat
Bob said on 9/Apr/07
no, she's not over 5'10", you're not nearly 5'10", maybe 5'6"?
kampioen said on 3/Apr/07
Here are some piucs of Cameron with a taller girl, Uma thurman.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brad said on 2/Apr/07
Probably lies about her height to get casting favor. I'm sure she is taller than 5' 8". I've seen early model photos and she's really tall.
Hannie said on 1/Apr/07
Hey people, could someone post pics of Cameron Diaz next to girls taller than her?
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
she is 5'10 coz once i met her when she was wearing a four inch heel and she was a half foot taller than me and i am 5'8
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/07
OK, here are two pictures were you can see she's eye to eye with Gwyneth Paltrow, definitely not the best quality, but it's all I could get.
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/07
she over 5'10". I met her once and i'm nearly 5'10" and she was taller than me.
makr said on 12/Mar/07
she sucks!
Christy said on 18/Feb/07
I think shes a little taller than that coz i saw her in a movie the other day and she was taller than most of the men
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/07
Lol, hobiieluv83 it might have something to do with the fact that he's in boots, and she is in scandals. Boots makes you taller, and scandals really don't! Mystery solved!
hobieluv83 said on 4/Feb/07
Maybe she's 5'9", but if Jared Leto is 5'9" why does she look so much shorter than him in this picture? Albeit he has about an inch or so on the soles of his shoes, but that would make her only 5'8 max. Click Here
Michael said on 1/Feb/07
Saw her in Hawaii a few yrs back. I saw her on the beach and in bare feet, she was the same height as me. I'm 5'9 and 1/2.
Glitter1 said on 15/Jan/07
Scarlet said on 13/Jan/07
She is 2 inches more than Lindsay Lohan at a party yesterday
Pavli said on 8/Jan/07
I just saw her at the london The Holiday premier and she looked taller then me and I'm 5'7. I would guess her about 5'9.
anonymous said on 27/Dec/06
5'9-def. she is very tall and beautiful. in that pic below with ryan seacrest, she is only shorter than him-he's about 5'9-b/c he wears lifts in his shoes for tv! all short men do that on television! can u guys please start giving these people their true height credit????
A Girl said on 10/Dec/06
I have to agree with some of the comments about shorter (as in average tall) girls being deemed 'very tall' because of body proportions. I'm 5'7'' and people often think that I am 5'9" or so, I've been told I'm 'very tall'/'a giant' and I almost always wear flats. When I do wear normal-women shoes (2"-3" heels) people, even that know me, are suddenly blown away by my height.

She's probably somewhere around 5'7". It's just an inch. She falls into the 'average tall' category by most evidences.
glow said on 6/Dec/06
dstrzdr - that is probably because those heels must be at least 6 inches high!

anonymous- googling heights doesn't guarantee an accurate listing. in most other places faith hill is listed at 5'8" and gwyneth paltrow on this site is listed at 5'9"!
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/06
When you google her height, it says 5'10", the same as Faith Hill and Gweneth Palthrow. She looks that height, I'm that height too so I'd say she is.
dstrzdr said on 4/Dec/06
now, i am not sure, found this... ellen towers over cameron in her heels...
Click Here
dstrzdr said on 4/Dec/06
taller than kate winslet, 174cm i guess
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/06
I agree that the secrest pics prove she is closer to 5'6" 5'7".
Leung said on 7/Nov/06
Anonymous, you must be mistaken because Ryan Seacrest is a diminutive man and would never tower over Cameron Diaz. Those pictures you posted only show Heigl towering over Seacrest.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/06
I modeled with a MAnhattan agency for two years before deciding on college instead and I know that print/editorial it's okay to be 5'6.5" and up, there was a lot of that at my agency (NEXT models). Runway clients prefer 5'8" to 5'11". Very few 5'8" girls get runway gigs before they establish a name and are recognizeable, but after they are, a five eight girl can walk anything she wants. Really, they fudge a lot on cards but clients have to get a real measure for fittings. Ask any model, you have your card numbers and your real numbers. I was 5'8" and my card read 5'9", I measured 35-24-34 but was actually 35-25.5-35. Yes, models are tall, generally, but Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and many others (which I saw in person) are not even 5'8". So....
And I met Cameron Diaz years ago. 5'7".
Lisa said on 27/Oct/06
Anonymous, she IS taller than 5'6 or even 5'7, I met her in Manhattan in 1998 and she was wearing very similar clothing that I was wearing and we talked and when we kissed goodbye, she looked down at me I am a little bit over 5'6 by the way
Matteo said on 27/Oct/06
I saw Cameron Diaz after the Rag and Bone show in Manhattan, sans JT and working the dark hair, and she is definitely 5'8- no more, no less. The girl that said runway/fashion/editorial models are 5'6 to 5'8 is just trying to make herself feel better because she can't pretend that they're fat or ugly. 5'8 is the minimum height req. for any good agency in Manhattan except for Wilhelmina which does occasionally make an exception for VERY special shorter (5'7) girls. And even though a 5'8 girl might get an agency she will have a harder time getting work, 5'9-5'11 is really the preference (5'11-6'3 for boys). Those shorter girls end up in commercial work, not fashion. Why would they want a girl that doesn't fit the sample size! The clothes are made and chosen for the photo before the girl is, that's why the height and other measurements deviate so little. I've worked as a hairstylist's assistant during New York's fashion week for two years running now, and ALL the ladies (minus Kate Moss) are a minimum of 5'9. The best hope for shorter girls that want to get with a major agency is to apply in cities far from the major fashion centers and accept commercial and catalogue work.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/06
I am 5'8" and when I bumped into her I was about two inches taller too. I know she isn't 5'8" or taller. Not sure what though. Seemed a really lanky 5'6.5".
jaime said on 15/Oct/06
i'm 177 (5'9 1/2), and i bumped into cameron diaz in manhattan while shopping. we were both wearing flats, and she was about an inch and a half shorter than i am- putting her at 5'8. she is really thin, so that's probably why she looks taller when there is no reliable point of reference. to the anonymous girl that said runway models aren't 5'9-5'11. in my experience, they are. shorter girls may get signed to an agency, but they generally get "commercial" work. runway and high fashion work almost exclusively goes to girls between 5'9 and 5'11, with a few notable exceptions- ie kate moss. the agencys do fudge girls' stats a little, but they also keep a list of their real measurements so they don't send an inappropriate girl to a demanding client. anyways, any girl that doesn't measure up to the stats they're seeking will refused at the go-see, unless she's got something really special.
Come on said on 13/Oct/06
I Just saw up close Cameron at a JT. concert in LA, she is tall and thin, 5'9 with flats on. Everyone was comenting on her model height.
Emma W said on 24/Sep/06
wow... Ryan Seacrest is pictured taller than her! Than he's defintely not as short as everyone says he is!
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
I would say she is 5 81/2" or 5 9", She looks definitly taller than 5 7". She also has very large feet, which tells me she would be taller than 5' 7".
alicem said on 9/Sep/06
no way she is max 5-6
Juice said on 11/Aug/06
YEP, she is 5'7". Not tall enough over Toni Colette to be 5'8". Anyway, I heard some friends who met her say that she is about 5'6".
Downgrade to 5'7".
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/06
Well, she is maybe an inch taller than James lipton, who is the exact same height as Dustin Hoffman, who is 5'5.5" at max. Watch the episodes of In the Actors Studio. She is 5'6.5", 5'7" TOPS.
christine said on 27/Jul/06
If Cameron is under 5'9" then Drew and Lucy must be downgraded to like
5'1" -5'2". They are so much shorter than Cameron. Even with 3 inch heels, Lucy Liu is only upto Cameron's shoulders.
Miriam Nicolei said on 21/Jul/06
I believe that Cameron Diaz is a tall and a beautiful woman too. But what can I say? I am 1.83 cm!!!
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
Shorter than Nelly:
Click Here

Editor Rob
don't forget they're not standing that great, and has ballerina slippers on...but I've still not forgotten about taking her down 1cm though
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
Saw her on in the Actor's Studio with James Lipton. She was his height in one inch heels (flats with tiny heel). Here is a picture of James Lipton with the 5'10 Richard Gere: Click Here

I think she is 5'6".
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/06
Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
That picture with Nelly is misleading. In other pics, where the whole body shows, she is a tad shorter. Cameron is 5'7".
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/06
If Nelly is 5'8", Cameron Diaz needs to be down to 5'7" 5'7.5" by now. She is clearly not 5'8.5".
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/06
All this stuff about runway models being 5'9" is such a hoax. That's what the industry says to make their world seem more unattainable. The tallest models are around 5'9-11". Most models are around 5'6-5'8" in reality. I modeled for an agency called NEXT when I was 15/16 and back then I was only 5'7" but they listed me at 5'8.5" or even 5'9" depending on the client. My card said 5'8.5". I was in the majority group for height too. Now I am really 5'8.5" and most people think I am 5'10" OR TALLER! It's just strange. Oh, and Cameron Diaz is about 5'6" 5'7" in real life.
5'10chick said on 11/Jun/06
she looks 5'7 but I never really looked at her and thought she was tall
Anonymous said on 24/May/06
She is 5'7" tops. I agree. I really think that if we all met her and measured her, we would find 5'6.5".
Sarah said on 24/May/06
Well in this movie (in her shoes), they are both wearing heels, and she looks the same height as Toni Collette.

Click Here

5'7.5 tops
Erika said on 6/May/06
i happen to have went to high school with a model who did runway work. her faceshot card said she was 5'9" but in reality she was shorter than me as well. i am in fact 5'8" although people insist i am 5'10" and up (people who are shorter than me). i would love for the shorter-than-me Ms. Diaz to be 5'8" but alas she is not.
nicole said on 5/May/06
she was a runaway model, then you must be 5´9
Sim said on 24/Apr/06
Did anyone see the movie ''A life less ordinary''? In this one, she's about 1.5 inch taller than his co-star McGregor who's listed at 5ft10 on this site. If she's wearing 3'' heels, and assuming that Ewan is REALLY 5ft10 then she must be 5'8''1/2.
kampioen said on 16/Apr/06
I saw the Kid's choice awards 2006 program. Cameron was on stage with Nelly. She was wearing flats and still was a little bit (1 cm?) taller than Nelly. So 5ft8.5 may be correct?
Click Here
Floyd said on 15/Apr/06
Hey Kampioen, very good pic. Where did you fimd it?
Looks like Cameron being short. What do you say ROB?
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/06
Cameron Diaz is the same height as Gwyneth Paltrow and Faith Hill too. So they all need at least an inch of Downgrade!
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/06
WOW! That one with JUDE LAW is great too!!! I happen to know that he isn't more than 5'9.5" so she must be 5'6". !!! It's amazing what body proprtions can do to height illusion!
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/06
WOW! That one with Shalom and Gena is really good. She's 5'6.5".
kampioen said on 11/Apr/06
Here's a nice picture to compare Geena Davis, Liv Tyler and Cameron Diaz.
Click Here
jasna said on 21/Mar/06
ok,i have recently seen her in a photo with 1.80cm jude law,both in sneakers both standing up straight,AND HE FREAKEN TOWERED OVER HER.SO I THINK SHE SHOULD BE DOWN GRADED TO 1.71CM.BUT EVEN THAT COULD BE GENEROUS,HE WAS SOOOO MUCH TALLER
sebastian said on 20/Mar/06
downgrade her and jared leto
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/06
Please, I really did have a cigarette with her in 2001. She is 5'6".
Lena said on 6/Mar/06
if this site is claiming that cameron is 5foot8 then lucy liu and drew barrymore must be frigin shrimp!! in the charliez angels movies if u look close lucy looks alomst a foot shorter than cameron. cameron also claims to be 5 foot 10 in every other source ive read.
mia said on 23/Feb/06
If Cameron is 5´8" then Jude Law must be freakishly tall. He looks about 4-5 inches taller than her on that pic. I´m not sure about his height, though. I know he has a reputation for being short (I really don´t see why) though I always thought he looks pretty tall, but 6´1" sounds a bit too much, so I´d also say Cameron looks like 5´7".
Sarah said on 15/Feb/06,19884,1159376_16,00.html
check out this picture of Cameron and Jude Law. If Jude's height listing here is correct-he's listed at 5'11''- than Cameron clearly can not possibly be 5'8.5'' I'd give her 5'7'' tops.
wtf said on 12/Feb/06
look at this pic

if Cameron Diaz is 1.74 , George would be 1.80-1.82 , Penelope would be about the same hight as Cameron (dont know what they all wearing) , and Tom cruise would look like a 1.75-1.78...

but when Tom is 5'7 (172cm).. why he is taller than Cameron.. and if Penelope is 5'4 why she looks taller than Cameron...

I think Cameron is 170..
Tj said on 7/Feb/06
Regarding this picture-
Her arms are clearly longer. If you look at the lenght of her legs from knees to foot compared to his, she also has longer legs. Finally, look at Mike's shoes and where his ankles are. It looks like Mike is shopping for sneakers at the same store Brad Pitt goes to.
Alex said on 31/Jan/06
I saw "Theres something about Mary" yesterday on TV and a part where Cameron is barefoot or with slippers on and appears at least 5'8, under 5'8 is impossible for her. But she could possibly be 5'9 though.
Anna said on 20/Jan/06
Cameron Diaz is 5' 9". Amanda Bynes is around 5' 7.5"-5' 8" and Cameron was an inch to an inch and a half taller than Amanda, probably closer to 1.5".
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/06
Okay, Toni C. is 5'6" and Cameron is 5'7" tops.
anonymous said on 12/Jan/06
Cameron is taller than Toni, but only by about an inch or so. I think Cameron is 5' 8", although a lot of sites list her as being 5' 9".
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
"Hi! We are Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. We are the same height!" Both 5'6.5" if you ask me.

Shoe shots: and

Once again, Cameron is proven to be the SAME height as Toni Collette. At least downgrade to 5'7.5, I mean please.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
Mike's pic with Drew Berrymore: Drew is under 5'4", around 5'3" is much closer. I do think Cammie comes out to 5'7" max considering all evidence.
MOON said on 8/Jan/06
She is definitly no more than 5'7", but she is on the tall side.
Many pics with Toni Collette, Jessica Alba and Mike Myers do confirm she is between 5'6.5" and 5'7.
She is definitely not 5'8.
SH said on 3/Jan/06
The lady is a sure 5'7'' possibly 5'8''. I do not know what the problem is as she is by no means short. Pics of her with Justin, Jonathan Ross and the other Angels really do show her to be shorther than than she would like to portray. She is very slim, wears heels and gets pictured next to short people all the time, it is easy for someone like Cameron to add a couple of inches.
Cobra said on 24/Dec/05
More about weight... but to fudge your weight is easier than your height.
If I would fudge that I would downgrade my weight about 5 pounds instead of adding an inch.
SH said on 23/Dec/05
I do not even think she is 5'8.5'', She was on the Jonathan Ross a couple of week ago and she was wearing really big heels (at least 4'' and may be 5''). Even with these heels Jonathan still stood well above her(around 4") and he claims to be 6'1.5'', which may not be true because 6'3'' Boris Becker looks much bigger than Ross on "The Think its all over".
I think Diaz is more like 5'7'' which is still a good heigh for a female.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
Good lord. She is 5'7" tops. I'm sory. :: Can we return to the following image:
"JP says on 19/Jun/05
Rob, I think you forgot to include the picture of Diaz and Wilmer.
Additionally, how tall is Rebeca Romijn cause Cameron looked quite much shorter than her in Trippin (both wearing sketchers) and just a little taller (maybe an inche or less) than 5'5.5" Eva Mendes (both barefoot). You can see this on MTV site too.

[Editor Rob: yeah forgot the link, Wilmer Valderamma Cameron Diaz]"

Betel said on 29/Nov/05
I believe Drew Barrymore would be 170 in those heels next to barefoot Diaz if she is around 162 barefoot. The heels look very big but would not give more than 8cm in height (around 3 inches) although they may be 5 inches high.

Therefore, Cameron must be over 5'7" and looks close to the estimate given. Then again maybe Drew is shorter than 5'4" which is more than likely.
mcfan said on 27/Nov/05
I originally thought Cameron Diaz was 5'9 from "There's Something About Mary." However, having looked at the film again, I noticed what I thought were flat shoes at first were really 2-inch heels. I would say she's 5'8 - 5'8.25.
~Nate~ said on 23/Nov/05
6'4 in heels 6'5 in heels? Ok we all know this is not true! LOL She would tower justina nd in heels shes still shorter! LOL
Julian said on 23/Nov/05
Cameron Diaz is close to six feet tall. And with five to six inch heels, I say she is about six four, six five
ii said on 20/Nov/05
Sorry. I thought she was 5'61/2" or 5'7".
CHLOEE said on 15/Nov/05
ii said on 14/Nov/05
Sorry. I am 5'8" with really long legs and people often think I'm 5'10". But I'm not.
And Cameron is under 5'8" because I met her (and talked with her long enough to take it in).
lily said on 14/Nov/05
shes 5'9 check out the premiere pictures of her for "in her shoes" check out her black pants--shes definately 5'9 with those long legs!!
DANY said on 12/Nov/05
Beautiful and skinny, 5'6.5" (169cm. )in my opinion.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/05
after all the evidence ive seen cameron diaz is not 5'8 but really between 5'6-5'7 editor after what everybody has been saying why is her height still 5'8.5???? clearly she is not that tall and should be downgraded
Chloee said on 7/Nov/05
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
Friend hung out with Cameron in Memphis TN last month. He said she was shorter than his 5'8" girlfriend (who is really closer to 5'7"). He said Timberlake was rediculously short. (this guy is 5'10" ish)
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
I met and chatted with Cameron when she was filming Any Given Sunday. I do not exaggerate my height, which is 5'7.75", 5'8" in flats. Cameron was just a tad shorter than me. My 5'5" sister was only an inch shorter. She is not 5'9" but she is lanky and pretty tall. In all reality I would only tell God that she is 5'6.5".
Kazuya said on 16/Oct/05
Saw her at the Toronto film festival. She was wearing 3 inch heels and was about 2 inches shorter than me (6'2 in shoes). A friend of mine commented on how tall she was.

Diaz was definitely in the 5'9 area.
dan said on 6/Oct/05
I saw her once on SoBe when I was like 15 and like she was no more than 5'6'' or 7'', because she was in flip flops and definately like that height. I was shocked to see her so tall on google search. Well, there you have it.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/05
She needs to be officially dongraded to 5'7" (and I still think that's generous).
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/05
the difference between collete and diaz is about 2inches seeing that cameron is about an inch taller and if you look closly colletes heels are a tad bit bigger then diazs' i would put cameron no shorter then 5'7 but no bigger then 5'9, my estimate is just touching 5'8
MJM said on 3/Sep/05
I've just seen a picture of Cameron next to Toni Collette and they seem to have almost the same height, maybe Cameron a tad over. I do not know how tall Toni is but I think no more than 5'7.
Any of you could say something on Collette's height?
JP said on 23/Aug/05
Rob: According to your last two comments, what could we say: she is 5'7? There are many people agreeing that she is tall but not as tall as 5'8". Do we need a closer inside?
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup, "I saw Cameron Diaz once at a press thing. I'm six feet tall and I felt we were looking eye to eye" - note this guy went on to say he was 10 feet away from her...
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From EOnline Sightings: "She was very pretty and much shorter than I imagined. Only about 5'7 and very skinny"
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/05
It's a weird camera angle, so Cameron really looks tiny, but she isn't. She's a solid 5' 8'', I think.
Mr. V said on 16/Aug/05
Is she really tiny?
FLOYD said on 25/Jul/05
Same height as Jessica Alba in Trippin.
170 cm at most.
McFan said on 11/Jul/05
"There's Something About Mary"...I don't think there's any doubt she's at least 5'9.
Brenda said on 10/Jul/05
Well, in that picture they are almost the same height, posture favoring Cameron Diaz, and no difference in shoes. One of their listed heights must be wrong.
Tybor said on 7/Jul/05
I think like Famke janssen, Diaz doesn't always get full credit from her height due to the fact she often wears very flat shoes while everyone else is in sky high heels. I think she is a solid 5'8 because she looks several inches taller than christina applegate in that movie they were in. That last pic of Diaz reminds me of the X-men pick of Famke, berry, and Hu, where Famke is in very flat shoes and still has a good advantage over the other two.
Miss N said on 7/Jul/05
Cameron is a tall girl- substantially taller than most a-list ladies. There is a scene in 'something about Mary' -when she is kissing Ben Stiller (just before he gets "hooked".- It's a full body shot so you can guage the height with the footwear. I'd put her 2 inches taller than Stiller (listed as 5ft 7). That makes her +- 5ft9 . Bare in mind that she was a model- there's no way she's 5 ft6.
KLAU said on 1/Jul/05
She's clearly shorter than Mike Myers (both in tennis shoes). She can't be even 5'7". Rob I think you should consider downgrade her. It is impossible she is 5'9".
Mr. R said on 27/Jun/05
I saw Cameron after the Oscars last year, and she wlaked right past me. If she is 5-9, she should have been nearly looking me in the eye. Even with her high heels, she was at least 2 inches shorter. I say she's 5-7, and Justin is between 5-11 and 6-0.
Mr. X said on 26/Jun/05
Great job in providing photos you guys. I don't know what to make of this. There are some interesting photos out there, the only problem is that Cameron does where sandals alot. Among all the photos I've seen of her about 90% of them seem to say she is 5'9". Go to Mike Myers name and take a look at the photo celebheights editor provided, that's one of them. I've even seen photos of her at golden globes and oscars ceremonies where she seems to be the same height as Gwyneth Paltow. Plus magazines would have "best dressed" photographs at those events and you could see that their heels are the same size.
kampioen said on 26/Jun/05
I think Camron isreallysmaller.In Head abovewater she's the same height (both on sneakers) as Harvey Keitel, who's 5'7,5. So I guess Cameron is 171-172 cm
Hani said on 21/Jun/05
great picture michele!!!!!!!
she aint 5'9 or 5'8 she is 5'7
JUSTMATT said on 21/Jun/05
I repeat you that Cameron is no more than 168 cm
Michele said on 21/Jun/05
This pic is a good one and clarifies everything. Both are straight, very close to each other and wearing sports shoes. Cameron looks shorter than 5'7" Mike Myers.
Jen said on 20/Jun/05
Its difficult to tell the height difference at that event cos sometimes Fallon looks quite a bit taller than Cameron..

but then there doesnt seem to be much difference between them sometimes..
Barton said on 13/Jun/05
After having looked at all the pictures and comments, I agree with most of you Cameron has been mistaken for 175cm /5'9" because she is very thin and wears very high heels most of times as she has recognized several times.
She really is 169 cm / 5'6.5".

Hani said on 11/Jun/05
i dont think she is that tall,i bilieve she is 5'7 because she is no less than 3-4 inches shorter tha justin timberlake and he is no more than 5'11,5.
Michele said on 7/Jun/05
JS she is wearing low heels in that picture (check the site) but any way she looks shorter than Mike Myers and Antonio Banderas and much shorter than Eddie Murphy.
Michele said on 6/Jun/05
Thanks Mr. X
So what is your point on Cameron Diaz height. I think she is close to 169 cm. There are some other movies she's done, like My Best Firend's Wedding in which she appears shorter or of the same height as Julia Roberts (170 cm). In the scenes Cameron is wearing heels and Julia is in training shoes, and I don't think possible the same trick as Vanilla Sky could be used in this case because both are tall women.
Michele said on 1/Jun/05
Big difference in the pic. Cameron is one of the girls whom people think very tall cause she's very skinny. Although she is tall, she has been continously mistaken for (very tall) 5'9"/5'10", but she really is no more than 5'7, as I said 169 cm is very close to her height.
Michele said on 29/May/05
JP 5'10" definitely not Rob's explanation is pretty good or maybe she does not like to appear next to tall women
You can see her shorter than 5'8"little Tom in Vanilla Sky
Rob in the Pic ypu sent Ryan is 5'9" at most so Cameron is 5'7" at most in 0.5 inch heels?
JUSTMATT said on 24/Apr/05
truth said on 16/Apr/05
cameron diaz is 5'8" because i met her and she was wearing tennis shoes and she was the same height as my friend and she is 5'8". She looks taller because she is really thin.
Mr R said on 14/Feb/05
I saw her after the Oscars one night - and she was definitely on the tall side - she passed me in heels, and I think that she was about 5'10". My guess is 5'8.5"

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