How tall is Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo's Height

6ft 1 ¾ (187.3 cm)

American TV presenter who presented Cuomo Prime Time on CNN. On twitter he mentioned his height and weight, saying "I am 6'2" 225" and "i am 6'3" in shoes". He also once described himself as "barely 6'2".

How tall is Chris Cuomo
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Average Guess (21 Votes)
6ft 1.19in (185.9cm)
Emil said on 22/Nov/22
Another American mentioning how tall they are in shoes lol I don't get it.

Everyone is taller in their shoes, it doesn't make any sense to mention it
Canson said on 10/Nov/22
@Editor Rob: how about a page for Don Lemon?

Looks anywhere from 5’10 to maybe just under 5’11 next to Cuomo

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
Could buy 5ft 11 range for him at times, he claims an even 6ft.
Canson said on 5/Dec/21
Cuomo is taller than Obama. He’s worst case a 6’1.5 guy maybe 6’1.5-.75 or up to 6’1.75 like Rob lists him.

@Editor Rob: By the way he’s off the air at CNN now
BM said on 30/Nov/21
He’s 5’10 in shoes. Stood next to him at fundraiser.
Dongofsong said on 2/Sep/21
Click Here

Here chris is with obama, consistently looking about.5 shorter. No way chris is 6.2
Longdong said on 2/Sep/21
6. 05 at very best
Canson said on 19/Aug/21
@Viper: if either guy has it is more than likely Andrew
viper said on 18/Aug/21
I doubt Andrew has shrunk any
David Tang said on 15/Aug/21
rob, how tal do yo think andrew cuomo was when he younger. when he was younger I think he looked near 6ft
Editor Rob
Andrew could have went from 6ft to 5ft 11 and change.
MikeWalsh said on 9/Aug/21
How can Chris Cuomo be over 6 foot when every photo with his brother Andrew has him clearly shorter, and Andrew Cuomo is listed as 5'11" and it seems correct?
Editor Rob
It's a bit of an ongoing joke of bending knees to make his elder brother taller.
Canson said on 17/Mar/21
@Editor Rob: maybe Don Lemon could be an add here

How much do you see between he and Cuomo?

Click Here

@Lawbay: Lemon is mid 50s so he may have lost a fraction. Cuomo’s worst case may be 6’1.5 but maybe .75”. Lemon is perhaps 5’10-5’11 maybe near 6’0” in shoes
Editor Rob
Compared to Cuomo, Lemon's claim of being "Six feet even" looks about as believable as Big G's 5ft 8 claim.

However if he means in shoes, maybe that would be more believable than 6ft barefeet.
Lawbay said on 16/Mar/21
Ah i see Rob
Okay so he is doing that weird crouching act. He is weird. Well then chis is 6'1 - 6'1.5" and andrew is probably a flat 6'. His brother is in big trouble these days. I seen a pic where don lemon looks 3.5" shorther than chris. Im guessing donny is 5'9.5"

Funny how always thought chris looks like a 5'9-5-10er by the look of his face. Boy was i wrong. And the face of andrew looks like that of a 6'2 man. Wow
Editor Rob
I am sure if somebody just looked at a few photos of him and his brother, since there's a fair few of Chris standing poor, they'd be left with the impression he's under 6ft. There was a video of Chris and Obama walking and talking posted before.
Lawbay11 said on 14/Mar/21
Looks tall because head is smaller but proprtioned. Long legs
Lawbay11 said on 14/Mar/21
Why would he duck in all photos for serious media stuff with his brother??? Nah. Hes just 3" shorter than andrew
Lawbay11 said on 14/Mar/21
Rob you are so wrong here. Andrew is 1" shorter than 6'1" Obama. Did you not see all the full body pics of chris and andrew together??? Chris is 3-3.5" shorter. You cannot say otherwise and dont give me that hes doing this croching trick. I do not see that in any of the pics. Chris cuomo is at best 5'9" which isnt short. Just not as tall as a 6' andrew
Editor Rob
Duhon said on 5/Mar/21
He apparently does some weird thing where he purposely ducks in his pictures with his brother. An inside joke or something.
Editor Rob
yeah, he sometimes bends his knees to make his brother taller.
Canson said on 2/Mar/21
He looks shorter in several pics with his brother but he’s not.

See this video with other CNN hosts. Looks 2” taller than Tapper.

Click Here
DM Walker said on 2/Mar/21
He looks shorter than his brother --Andrew-- in most pictures. Andrew's shorter than Obama.
Canson said on 20/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: I could buy 6’1.75 for him. Looks 2cm in some shots.
Canson said on 20/Jan/21
@Editor Rob: how much did you see with Barack Obama? He looks this listing (at least) imho
Editor Rob
I think 0.5 inch at least (from the footage I've seen of them together), I do think the 'barely 6'2' fits him
Canson said on 4/Nov/20
DiBlasio is closer to 6’6
Sonny Black said on 29/Jun/20
So Bill De Blasio says he’s 6’5, and when Andrew Cuomo stands next to De Blasio he looks to be about 6’2ish. When Chris Cuomo stands next to his 6’2ish brother he looks more like 5’11-6’0 tall.
I'm 6'3' said on 30/Apr/20
Looks just 6'1' to me not even 6'1' 1/2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/20
Yeah this mark is fair aswell. I wouldn't go under it though. Generally I think he's a guy who'd measure close to 6ft2
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Apr/20
Andrew's head and body belongs to a man much taller than he is. He's naturally a bigger framed guy than his brother Chris, only shorter.
viper said on 19/Apr/20
Wow, I was spot on with his barely 6-2 claim
Canson said on 17/Apr/20
@Rampage: I’d lean toward D-E range. But C isn’t out of the question. Any of the others are imho
Canson said on 17/Apr/20
Barely 6’2 could mean 6’1.75 or 6’1.5 if earlier in the day perhaps but not 5’9”
Matthew York said on 17/Apr/20
Rob how tall do you figure Andrew is? Google says 5'11, looks like he could be a strong range of that or close to 6' next to Obama:

Click Here

But if you look at pics with Chris he looks taller in nearly all of them:

Click Here

Click Here

So how can Chris actually be 6'2? Is it just the angle they're standing at?
Editor Rob
I believe Andrew was close to 6ft, maybe a bit under today.

Chris jokes a fair bit with Andrew by bending his knees to make Andrew look huge, just a bit of family banter.
MD said on 16/Apr/20
Stop being ridiculous.
Samuel Clemens said on 14/Apr/20
Chris is 5'9-10ish"
Andrew is 6'

here's are pics of them together

Click Here

Click Here

and a pic of Andrew with Barack Obama who is 6ft 1 and 179.9 pounds (in shoes/clothes). According to his White House medical report.

Click Here

Click Here
MD said on 13/Apr/20

Here's another reference to his height. Back last year he mentioned that he was "barely 6'2"" in a talk of President Trump exaggerating his height:

Click Here

I'm thinking that he might be slightly shorter than your current listing.
Editor Rob
Yeah, it was mentioned on here in Feb 2019 by another poster. I think if somebody does come out with "barely", if honest they may well have measured very close to 6ft 2, but just under it. 6ft 1.75 might be a fit for that 'barely 6'2'.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/20
Rob, which of these is likely?

A) 191cm/189cm
B) 190.5cm/188.5cm
C) 190cm/188cm
D) 189.5cm/187.5cm
E) 189cm/187cm
F) 188.5cm/186.5cm
Editor Rob
C-D is likely
viper said on 2/Apr/20
He might be 187cm
viper said on 2/Apr/20
He just claimed he was 230 on CNN and has lost 13 pounds in 3 days.

Hope he gets better
Shock said on 25/Mar/20
Must be a family joke/tradition. Maybe 5'11.5"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/20
He’s pretty buff, I reckon is body fat is close to 10%
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 20/Mar/20
Shock, Chris is quite clearly taller than Andrew. You can even see at that event Andrew was going up on his tiptoes. Click Here
Shock said on 18/Mar/20
I just happened to see this guy listed 6'2", which I thought was a stretch, and upon further research, it looks like he is possibly as short as 5'10.5" He is about 2" or more shorter than Andrew Cuomo, who is about an inch shorter than Obama. It also puts Anderson Cooper at somewhere more like 5'8".

Click Here - Andrew with Chris
Click Here - Obama with Andrew
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
He may have more muscle than the average guy, but I can't imagine Cuomo looking like a bodybuilder if he takes his shirt off.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/19
It’s muscle in his case
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Sep/19
I wouldn't call a 6'2" 225 guy fat, but it's not a thin weight either. It's considered overweight by the BMI chart, but the BMI system is BS, especially if you have any significant amount of muscle.
Canson said on 6/Sep/19
@Christian and Viper:

I agree. And It Could’ve been a combination of both. Maybe he has lost weight but it could also be his body composition. 225 for a 6’2” guy is a lot but if he’s built then it may not look as big. I could see something like 210 like Viper said being realistic
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
His 225 claim could've been when he was fatter.
viper said on 4/Sep/19
He can look 6-2 physically so yeah it's not a bad guess even though he's under it.
viper said on 4/Sep/19
If he's over 210 I'd be surprised.

Hell, maybe he is. Weight is weird sometimes
viper said on 4/Sep/19
Looks 186cm, maybe 187
Mickie said on 13/Aug/19
Yeah I don't believe the 225 thing. At least height wise he is probably just rounding up 6'1" and change. The weight thing seems pretty made up.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/19
I think Strahans those rare tall guys who likes to bigger shoes at times to look even more imposing...I know it sounds crazy because he doesn’t need to...but I saw recent photos of him looking over 1in taller than Howie Long
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jun/19
6'1 and 205 claiming 6'2 and 225. Strahan is only 6'4 and had him by 3". Click Here
Mickie said on 6/Apr/19
He does look closer to 6'1" with Strahan.
Mickie said on 24/Feb/19
Yeah - the Strahan pic again makes me he's under 6'2". But I'd say close enough to round to it, 187 range.
Mickie said on 21/Feb/19
Cuomo described himself recently as barely 6'2" Click Here

"Cuomo told his viewers that “despite a terrible diet,” the president is “reportedly in good health.” He did, however, insist that there was “something weird” about Trump’s height. He showed two photos of himself interviewing the president from the 2016 election and pointed out to his viewers that he himself is “barely 6’2”."

This seems to imply 6'2" flat is possible, but it also also could be something a 6'1.75" guy would say.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 17/Jan/19
I can buy a bit under this with Calvin Johnson and Michael Strahan Click Here Click Here
Easterwood 6'3 said on 17/Jan/19
Seeing just his face and upperbody on camera, I would have guessed he was in the 5'8 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/19
I suppose 6ft3 in shoes could imply a tad under this at worst.

But 6ft2 is a reasonable guess
Greg99 said on 16/Jan/19
As Mickie said, taller than you might think seeing him on CNN - based on other pics I've seen does look around 6'2" and (unusually for a celeb) seems to be honest in his own comments about his height.
Mickie said on 15/Jan/19
I believe he's more like 6'1.5"-ish than the full 6'2". Either way, taller than you might think just seeing him sitting in front of a camera.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Jan/19
Look a tap under 6'2.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jan/19
Chris seems very specific about the statistics that matter on Celebheights, and as Rob agrees with the 6ft2, then so will I! 😊👍

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