How tall is Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy's Height

5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

Irish actor best known for roles in films such as 28 Days Later, Batman Begins, Inception, Cold Mountain, Red Eye, Breakfast on Pluto, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Red Lights and Sunshine. On his Spotlight Casting Resume he was listed as "Height: 5'9" (175cm)"

How tall is Cillian Murphy
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Average Guess (168 Votes)
5ft 7.57in (171.6cm)
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 14/Sep/23
He can pull off 5'8 in films but he is skinny so that helps you look taller.

Click Here

Looks 1.5 inches shorter than 5'9 Hardy. I'm going with 5'7.5. Rob, can you add Oppenheimer to his credits.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/23
Cillian makes the most of himself and his stature by wearing smart clothes.

Possibly a weak 5ft8, so I’m giving him 5ft7.75.
Abdul 5'10 said on 25/Aug/23
Looked 5’8 In Oppenheimer
Jackie Lee said on 10/May/23
He looked tall in 28 days later never knew he was only 5'7.75"
Griffith said on 9/Apr/23
Wow I thought he looked aleast 6ft in 28 days later...
Abdulrahman said on 28/Jan/23
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 12/Sep/22
I think he generally looks close to 5'8 but sometimes looks 5'7.5. He's gonna be 5'7.5-5'7.75 range
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 4/Sep/22
@Most Legit 6'3 that's because he's so cool, our brain simply can't think he looks UP to most dudes. But if you actually look carefully you realize he's indeed below average, shorter than his on-screen partner for example.
Most Legit 6'3 said on 1/Sep/22
I honestly thought that this guy would’ve been like 6’1. 5’7.5-5’8 looks about right fir him.
Tall Sam said on 26/Aug/22
5’6.5” is wildly low for Murphy. He’s a bit under average without being short IMO. There’s a lot stuff with him and Tom Hardy whose a solid and honest 5’9” and Murphy convinces me as a weak 5’8” guy near him: Click Here
Abdul-DK said on 9/Aug/22
Looked 5’8 in peaky.
Wehrmacht180 said on 29/Jul/22
170 cm
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jul/22
@ stiggles - I like your name!

5’6.5” ain’t tiny.
stiggles said on 24/Jul/22
Tiny Man.. 5ft 6.5
classic 5'1 lady said on 16/Jul/22
what he lacks in height he makes up for in brilliant personality and talent!
Shamarr said on 2/Jul/22
5’7 right for this guy. He’s not even 5’9 in his dreams
Valentin 007 said on 1/Jul/22
171 for me
Cold Water said on 18/Jun/22
175 cm
daworld said on 6/Jun/22
rob i need ur help to understand cillian's height bc is becoming completely unsolved i couldn't have a perfect guess. With Barry Kheogan they are exactly the same height, if there is a difference is nothing more than 0,5cm and it will be add to Cillian. Barry has a pic with Kumail Nanjiani where they are training and kumail is barefoot and barry has 2.7/3cm shoes and he still looks smaller by 1cm. Since Kumail is legit 5.8.5 (174cm) this will put Barry exactly 5'7 not even a mm more. The problem is, in pics barry and cillian are the same height i couldn't see a difference so cillian would be max 170.5cm. Seems solved the problem but it's not, why? Bc u Rob have a pic with Andrew Scott and he is listed as 172.7cm, and Andrew Scott with Cillian Murphy is taller but nothing more than half an inch, and this put Cillian as 171.5cm. 170.5cm or 171.5cm? btw, im talking about end of the day height, since ur lowest height is 173cm and andrew scott is basically only 0,5cm smaller than u and i am using that photo as a reference. Give me ur opinion Rob
Editor Rob
5ft 7.5 is probably the lowest I'd go for him.
Ante said on 3/May/22
Did you downgrade him Rob?
Editor Rob
I went with 3/4 over that old 7/8ths.
Liam S said on 22/Apr/22
looks a bit under 5'7
Heightist9999 said on 10/Apr/22
I smell a cheeky 0.3 cm downgrade somewhere :D
James G. said on 8/Apr/22
Hey, Rob - could you please do heights for some famous poker players? Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, etc? I think people would really like that. I know I would. Thanks!
BoobleGooble said on 15/Mar/22
Based on his proportions i thought he was 170cm
Cold Water said on 14/Mar/22
173 cm
microft said on 8/Mar/22
Paul Anderson looks quite a bit taller than him. I would say no more than 5'7 1/2 for Cillian. 5'8 flat in the morning perhaps.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 7/Mar/22
172cm fits him

Can’t wait for the next season of leaky blinders
Eagoal said on 4/Mar/22
In Red Lights, he was almost an inch shorter than a 69-year-old Robert De Niro. No more than 5’7/5’7.5 for Cillian
Jackie Lee said on 3/Mar/22
He looked same height as Sasha Luss in Anna
Daniel Lee said on 19/Feb/22
In 28 Days Later he looked 172-172.5 cm.
Helol said on 13/Feb/22
Here is Koeghan's profile by the way, if you want to prove that he's listed 5'7 (even though he seems to be the same height as Murphy):Click Here

It seems like either Koeghan needs an upgrade, or Murphy needs a downgrade.
heyo said on 17/Jan/22
hi rob, when u do your opinion about celebrities heights u do it flat, like without shoe advantage? for example, cillian is listed like a 5'8 guy, with shoes he will be probably 5'9 and 5'9 isn't small at all, and he doesn't look 5'9 in groups pics. But, if u are considering him a 5'8 with shoes, he is 5'7 flat, which seems a more legit height
Editor Rob
Although I wouldn't guess him a flat 5ft 7, I can see a case for 5ft 7.5 barefoot at times.
Ayu said on 6/Jan/22
Rob, What height do you think he wakes up at?
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5
Ayu said on 27/Dec/21
Rob, when you list someone’s height that accurate what time of the day do you expect them to get measured the same.
Editor Rob
Around lunchtime
Boots said on 28/Nov/21
Standing side by side, looked about an inch shorter than 5'8" Mark Rylance (who in turn looked an inch shorter than 5'9" Tom Hardy) so 5'7" is about right.
Ryan Power said on 22/Oct/21
I met him today. I'd guess about 5'7"ish to be honest.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21
He’s gotta be close to 5’8

At least 172.5cm
Chetsnut2003 said on 7/Jun/21
I think is a strong 5'7, 172 for cillian
shweta said on 28/May/21
172.6cm max
Lava said on 27/May/21
174-175 cm.
Lava said on 26/May/21
174 cm.
Badar said on 23/May/21
171 cm
Nik Ashton said on 16/Apr/21
His wife Yvonne McGuinness is listed as 5’7” online!
em97 said on 14/Apr/21
Yeah this listing is could be spot on looked can look quiet close to tom hardy so can’t probably be shorter than 5”8 or much shorter
Leesheff85 said on 13/Apr/21
He doesn't look 6. He's 44
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
They atractive man and atractiv e height!
slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
Somewhere between 171.5-172cm
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
171-172 range 👍
Jkiller said on 5/Jan/21
I take back my 172cm statement, he gives off a 5'7.25 impression (171cm).
Genau said on 22/Dec/20
he gave me a 5ft7.5 vibe in batman
Muff 5'7 1/2 " said on 18/Dec/20
A height this exact seems strange. . . I'm allegedly the exact same height as him (5'8¼" in the morning, 5'7½" in the night, averaging 5'7⅞". But it changes so much throughout the day, that it seems fruitless to have it down to eighths of an inch. I'd just give him 7.5 or 8 tbh.
stiggles said on 8/Dec/20
This wee fella is no more than 5ft 7..
TheBat said on 18/Nov/20

If he’s 2-3 inches taller then you then you’re not 5’6”.
Kenf said on 8/Nov/20
Met cillian in Dublin I'm 5ft 6in he was atleast 2 if not 3 inches taller then me no way he's 5ft 7in
Brian Fayle said on 21/Sep/20
i would say he is 5 8 1/8 , basically 5'8.. i stand at nearly 5'9 last measurement was like 27 y.o im 32 now.. based on his several roles ive seen him as and the listed heights of comparable actors.. he seems A BIT shorter than me. just about avg height for a white guy, least in the americas.. seems to be by and large 5'9 or 5'10 here across the board
joulou said on 17/Aug/20
Click Here

What do you think Big Rob? I'd say he looks 5'7 in this video next to 6'1 Craig Ferguson.
Editor Rob
anywhere in 5ft 7-8 range beside Craig
Steven1010 said on 15/Aug/20
Saw him, I’m 5’6 - 168cm, and we were at the same eye level.
He is a little bit under average height but not a dwarf, rather he is very nice and elegant.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 27/May/20
For me he looks 171.5 or 172 cm
Weak 5'8" said on 26/May/20
Shouldn't he be 5 foot 8? You have listed some weak 5 foot 7/ 5 foot 8 men as the whole number and not as a fraction. You said neymar (at his low), dips to 172.5 (you said this in a comment) yet he is listed at 5 foot 8. So cillian should be around there to (this is way too accurate/marginal to know). All the way to 5'7.75" should be listed as a weak 5'8" I believe.

I believe a weak 5'8" is the lowest you can be while still being considered low average. Agree??
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/20
🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Cillian! 🎈🎂🎁

Here's wishing Cillian Murphy, star of so many excellent movies, a terrific Birthday. He turns 4️⃣4️⃣ today!

Cillian gets 5ft7 and 7/8th. 😁👍🎊🎉

Nik said on 27/Apr/20
@ Beej - He wouldn't look short compared to me and a great segment of the population!
manofwar said on 29/Mar/20
Next to 5'9 flat Tom Hardy.
Click Here
Click Here

I'd say the 5'7 max estimate sounds a bit absurd given these photos, I'll give him a weak 5'8 on account of the fact that they're near eye level.
Stones said on 13/Mar/20
5’7 maxiumum
Obsessed With Height said on 22/Feb/20
Looks 5’7.5 to me (171.5)
Jkiller said on 20/Feb/20
Gives off a 172cm impression
herio said on 13/Oct/19
solid 5'7, same height as me.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
Same listing as Steven Yeun but look more 5'7 1/2.
Beej said on 21/Sep/19
5'7 Looks small in any photo stood next to anyone!
cool guy said on 29/Jul/19
looks a couple centimeters shorter than 175cm Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders so I'll give him almost 5'8 172cm.
Man said on 8/Jul/19
I think he is 175cm
Kimblemur said on 10/Apr/19
5’9 hahaha, 5’7 max
Jammes said on 25/Feb/19
Pretty much a weak 5'8
Avillax said on 5/Feb/19
I'm starting to watch Peaky Blinders. I thought the guy was 6'2. Until I saw him next to Sam Neil who I always thought was 5'8. Well, it turns Sam Neil is 6 and this guy is so short, how? Camera magic
Jefferson F. said on 2/Jan/19
He looks a bit smaller, i give him 5´7.
Dr JJ said on 18/Nov/18
Dragon Crest spot on..
Logan L Barringer said on 12/Aug/18
@Rob Tom Hardy who seems to be universally accepted as a classic 5'9" flat looks exactly one inch taller than Cillian when they stand up straight next to each other. Based on what I've seen 5'8" flat seems logical.
Killer said on 17/Jun/18
Met him in London a few months ago. I'm 5'10 any my eyes were level with his forehead. I'll give him a strong 5'7, low 5'8.
Alvaro said on 11/Jun/18
Rob, how much do you think Cillian Murphy weighs in Peaky Blinders
Editor Rob
He could be 155-60
Big lad said on 11/May/18
Me and my mother met him in 2015, I'm 5'9 (175.5) and he was eye level with me. 5'9 minimum
Josh Jeffords said on 28/Jan/18
Good listing love the stats math is universal and precision priceless.
The Shredder said on 25/Jan/18
I'm not going to lie , these 3/8 , 5/8 and 7/8 are starting to look way too precise LMAO. I personally miss the old lisings of .25 , 0.5 and .75

I agree they are good only if they have claimed or measured it , but it's just kind of silly looking and sounding to Me. This is just my opinion btw , so take it of a pinch of salt ;).
Editor Rob

For anybody who likes stats:

0.25 (¼) listings: 609
0.5 (½) listings: 379
0.75 (¾) listings: 106.

So 10.4% of entries on Celebheights are listed with conventional fractions.

Almost 90% of the entries are listed on whole inches.

As for fractions like 1/8ths.

4 are listed at ⅛ listings
7 at ⅜ listings
7 at ⅝ listings
8 at ⅞ listings

26 out of 10500 entries have been given 1/8th entries.

0.25% of entries is a relatively minuscule amount.

I like having the option of 1/8ths, but I'm not going to be using it Carte Blanche 😸
MJKoP said on 23/Jan/18
LOL, 5'7 and 7/8ths?!?!? Where are you getting this, Rob?? I can understand if a celeb gives a very specific height and it looks believable *or* if an athlete gets a barefoot laser measurement, but seriously???
Editor Rob
It's a weak 5ft 8 for Cillian, I think it suits him.
Monkey knees said on 10/Jan/18
5'7.5 id say. Definitely at least an inch shorter than Hardy on Peaky Blinders.
Easterwood 6'3 said on 29/Dec/17
He usually seems about a big 5'7. 5'7.5-5'7.75. He's a terrific actor, and I love his work, but that's the absolute most I can give him. And I get it, the roles he gets are usually meant to be confident, intimidating figures, so height's a bit of an obstacle for him. I get the incentive to lie. If he was six foot, he would be king of the world. Rob, what are the chances of you meeting him?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he's a guy who would appear at cons...saying that, I saw henry cavill started doing one in America, so you never know who might turn up in the future.
Jacob said on 23/Dec/17
He’s 41 years old doesn’t look it and Tom hardy and him are practically the same height range but Tom clearly edges him out I think Cillian Murphy is the best actor and most intimidating 5’8” man you’ll come across
Monkey knees said on 20/Dec/17
Just under 5'8.
Ed said on 21/Nov/17
5'7.5" enough said
MD said on 16/Nov/17
So, ignore Harry here in his ridiculous boots or lifts or whatever in the hell he's wearing, but looks how short he looks if you draw a line from 5'9ish Fionn Whitehead and Kenneth Branaugh:

Click Here

A flat 5'8" just seems like so much for him.
Brody said on 14/Nov/17
Met him on the subway platform in Brooklyn.He asked me for directions I work for MTA I am 5-8 he is 5-6 or 5-6 1/2 at the most.Real nice man very slim maybe 140 lbs at the most.
Slim 6' said on 5/Oct/17
Editor Rob
👍🏻 sometimes you can step over the line
Adey P said on 29/Aug/17
He's at least an inch shorter than brick house built Tom Hardy in Inception and Peaky Blinders so 5 ft 8 tops.
FrankBurns said on 10/Aug/17
Sam Neill is very significantly taller than Murphy in Peaky Blinders, to the point where he leans over to speak to him. I'd say Murphy is about 4 inches shorter, so I am giving him at 5'7''.
Aaron said on 3/Aug/17
Cillian Murphy, at the Heart of the Sea premiere he is similar to listed 5'7" Holland so Murphy can also be 171-172 cm max.
Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 26/Jul/17
Ok he's 5'8, but no more.
Jacob said on 24/Jul/17
I was checking to see if I had commented on his height Cillan Murphy has to be the most intimidating short man in Hollywood to me in peaky blinders even next to tom hardy and how he talks to the people he's got the leader vibe but I'd say he's exactly 5'8" I can understand the 5'9" listing he's got that look that can make him look taller and interesting too rob that you guess heights didn't know that but I believe there spot on!
Slim 182 cm said on 21/Jul/17
He's just 5'7.5 range, if that.His height was inflated to get film and TV roles. do you really think Nolan would cast a tom cruise height range guy to play a villain!!??
No. and in peaky blinders he looks more than inch shorter than 5'9 listed tom hardy.
Slim 181 cm said on 23/Jun/17
172 is likely.
Tom said on 27/May/17
"Editor Rob: Joaquin and Mark have a decent chance, but Mark is a big boot wearer, he's in 1.4-1.5 inch boots a fair amount of the time.

Cillian I think has a chance of being 172 more than 3."
Rob why did you then put Zac,Cillian at 173 if you think they are 172?
Editor Rob
there is a chance, it doesn't mean I decided yet to give him 172cm, sometimes I think 5ft 8 on the nose is ok, then other times I can understand 5ft 7.5 range as possible...
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
Yes, 5ft8 would seem very likely for Cillian! I've seen him in lots of things and therefore had many chances to compare him with a fair few others!
If I had to round him up or down, I would have to go downwards, but until I see the proof with my own eyes, he will get 5ft8! 📺 👀👀
Morris said on 25/May/17
between 165-172
Dr JJ said on 21/Apr/17
Hey, the camera lies. All of the time.

View number 1. (Scroll down a bit)
Click Here
View number 2. (The truth revealed)
Click Here
Bronte said on 7/Apr/17
In Peaky Blinders he doesn't look more than an inch shorter than Tom Hardy: Click Here
S.J.H said on 1/Apr/17
Look 169cm in PR photo
Revisionist said on 24/Feb/17
A true 172.5cm slim man will look average sometimes, but Cillian has always looked shorter than this to me. Throughout Inception, he always appeared well short of Hardy and JGL, but in the 2nd level dream scene with Leo, he actually looks average...because he was clearly wearing lifts for that scene, just like JGL was clearly wearing lifts for the "You've gotta dream a little bigger" scene where he was nearly eye to eye with Leo.

This GIF is hilarious: barely 5'7, not quite 5'8, and just shy of 5'9 trio in a row! Click Here
sa said on 16/Feb/17
he looks more like Elijah Wood guy than Tom hardy guy. Especially if you look at Inseption photos. I think 165cm is pretty right
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
Yep. Strongly feel like he is a, wakes up 5'8 goes to bed 5'7, kinda guy. Maybe even a high 5'7" in the morning.
Fantastic actor! Have been a fan for a long time.
Stalin said on 17/Jan/17
Who will ain in the stadiometer as a least 173, Cilian Murphy, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron or Mark Wahlberg
Editor Rob
Joaquin and Mark have a decent chance, but Mark is a big boot wearer, he's in 1.4-1.5 inch boots a fair amount of the time.

Cillian I think has a chance of being 172 more than 3.
James Corbyn said on 12/Jan/17
This guy is not 5'9" what a joke he's 5'7"-5'7.5" max im sick of 5'7"ers claiming 5'9" and 5'9ers claiming 5'11" or 6'0" really skewes things out of proportion. People consistenly think im 5'10" when in fact im 5'8", bcs of this form of blatant lying
Nick1.76 said on 5/Jan/17
Met him at Twin Tower memorial this summer. He was wearing converse and seemed to be an inch taller than my 14 year old brother (who was 5'6" then). I'd say he's about 171-172cm range.
josh jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
Guy is a hell of an actor but very short small guy.
Around average folk it is not as noticable but around 6 ft plus he looks like a kid..
Very impressive how powerful his screen performances can be, especially as a villian.
sal said on 7/Oct/16
a good inch shorter than 5'8 depp.
S.J.H said on 27/Sep/16
He was listed 5'7 way back before exist. I think the 5'7 listing is right
Harley said on 11/Jul/16
Met him on a train station in New York.I am 5-8 he is 5-6 and at most 150lbs.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jun/16
172cm I think would be more accurate
James said on 26/May/16
He's not 5'8". 5'7" max but probably 5'6". I find it amusing that he auditioned for Batman, given his short stature.
Andrew said on 14/Jan/16
Re-posting this comment for a bit of sanity on this board.I'm always so amazed at people's perceptions of the famous. Hollywood is a business and like all businesses they have their interests to protect. Hollyweird is SHORT !!! The 3-inch rule has been around since forever and it's contractual that people keep it that way!

"StellaB said on 9/Apr/13
You guys are all way off. He's closer to 5'2". My sister used to be in the entertainment industry and has met him. She is 5"7' and he barely comes up to her neck. Cillian stands on boxes for his scene work. Most male Hollywood actors are between 5'6" and 5'8" and she estimates him at 5'2" at the most. He's the same height as Neve Campbell - they played the male/female versions of each other in a play in London. Neve Campbell says she's 5'5" on some websites and 5'7" in others, but that is also false. She's an ex-ballerina and is super short (~5"). The stuff they post online is all made up! On the whole, Hollywood is incredibly short."
P-Dawg said on 19/Jul/15
I stood next to him at a bar at a Grizzly Bear gig a few years ago and was surprised at how short he is. I'm 5'8" on a good day and I had at least an inch or two over him. He's 5'7" max.
Andrea said on 13/Jun/15
He looks taller on tv than in photos... I've seen him in Peaky Blinders and he looks solid average there but looking at photos outside the site he really can look short range with other guys! He really can look 5'6-5'7 in some photos! Rob, are you sure he would be 5'8 or near it?
Editor Rob
at times with loose stance he looks 5ft 7, but at worst I'd say he would be 5ft 7.5, 172 range is a possibility.
an anonymous peach said on 8/Jun/15
He is on of the tallest looking 5ft 8 guys along with Joaquin Pheonix. He can really give off a 5ft 10 impression (or even more) in standalone shots
Ed said on 8/Apr/15
Judging by the pics posted; especially with Tim Roth, I don't think he is 5'8". My guess is 5'7" - 5'7.5" range.
Mark said on 27/Feb/15
@Lyrics: Yeah I agree.
Lyrics said on 26/Feb/15
People who are just slightly taller than another will think the other is way shorter. Perception things. For example I think my mom is like a head shorter but she's only like two inches shorter. She looks like she's barely at my head, but still, only like a tiny bit... So yea
Emmanuelle said on 29/Nov/14
Met him in Dublin, once, very briefly. Beautiful man, and the eyes are even more outstanding in real life. 5'8" sounds about right to me (5'11.5"); he has the presence to seem quite a bit taller. I certainly didn't feel overly tall around him. One of the nicest people I've ever encountered, ngl.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and films like Inception, Cold Mountain, Red Eye, Breakfast on Pluto, The Wind That Shakes the Barley and Sunshine.
Editor Rob
all good films, except not seen Breakfast on Pluto yet...I actually enjoyed one other he was in, the Red Lights film.
Ai said on 17/Oct/14
5'8 he stood taller than 5'7 Annabelle Wallis, Tim Roth and Keira knightly - might've been taller in his younger years bc I recalled him being taller than Jonathan Jackson (who was 5'8)
Judy said on 25/Jul/14
I met Cillian in Galway, he is taller than my sister (170 cm) but shorter than me (174 cm). He's 172-173 cm, I'd say. No more but not less.
Heylo said on 11/May/14
He seems 172cm in my opinion. It doesn't suit him to be that height. I always imagined him being average since he often looks average in movies. In Batman Begins for instance i wouldn't put him at 5'8 if i were to guess..
MD said on 26/Feb/14
Perhaps, not a flat 5'7", but he's not 5'8", either. With 5'7" Tim Roth:

Click Here

Click Here
Balrog said on 24/Feb/14
He looks no more than 5'7"
alfonso said on 10/Dec/13
he's 5.5 - 5.6 ft look at the pic with joseph levitt (5'8ft') youl notice a 3 ft diff
Dr JJ said on 1/Dec/13
Roth may have been 5' 7" in his youth - peak height - though I doubt it. No more than 5' 6" and Murphy is basically the same height. So 5' 6" for Murphy as I've always said.
MD said on 30/Oct/13

With 5'7" Tim Roth:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He simply doesn't have a full inch on Tim.
Dr JJ said on 26/Oct/13
However tall Dylan Moran is, the fact remains that Murphy is 5'6".
bukowski said on 20/Oct/13
rod what do you think for the irish actor Dylan Moran? looks about 5ft 10"ish next to Bill baily
Editor Rob
I'll add him at his claim, I'm not sure he's only 5ft 10.
Viper said on 19/Sep/13
Wow, he actually looks as short as 5'5 in that inception group pic. 5'8 is way, WAY off.
Viper said on 19/Sep/13
StellaB says on 9/Apr/13
You guys are all way off. He's closer to 5'2". My sister used to be in the entertainment industry and has met him. She is 5"7' and he barely comes up to her neck. Cillian stands on boxes for his scene work.

If hes 5'2 then thats really bad news for Bruno Mars. Bruno might just be 4'5 then :)
Viper said on 19/Sep/13
Its amazing how much taller he can look in movies. I mean he might be as short as 5'6 yet he can look even a bit tallish in a certain scene, amazing.
ddi said on 15/Sep/13
Taller than I expected in Dublin Airport (talking to Dylan Moran). Maybe 5'8 range. Maybe slightly taller! He is slight though. I wouldn't be amazed if he was 5'9. It was a few years ago, can't be sure but was definitely surprised he wasn't shorter.
jam said on 21/Aug/13
Standing next to Batman cast I would say he is 5'6.
Dr JJ said on 12/Jun/13
Rob, could you have a look at this height again - there are consistent first-hand reports of Murphy being 5' 6" at best. He clearly isn't his listed 5' 8".
Emil said on 13/May/13
Looks 5'7
Berna said on 26/Apr/13
Pretty accurate, either 5'8 or 5'9.
StellaB said on 9/Apr/13
You guys are all way off. He's closer to 5'2". My sister used to be in the entertainment industry and has met him. She is 5"7' and he barely comes up to her neck. Cillian stands on boxes for his scene work. Most male Hollywood actors are between 5'6" and 5'8" and she estimates him at 5'2" at the most. He's the same height as Neve Campbell - they played the male/female versions of each other in a play in London. Neve Campbell says she's 5'5" on some websites and 5'7" in others, but that is also false. She's an ex-ballerina and is super short (~5"). The stuff they post online is all made up! On the whole, Hollywood is incredible short.
Byron T. said on 24/Mar/13
Looks 5'6'', not 5'8'' next to Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Nenninn said on 23/Mar/13
174 perhaps
halfer said on 23/Mar/13
i work in winnipeg where he is currently shooting a movie i'm 5'7 and a half and ran into him at my store the other day and there was a noticeable height difference between us both. i'd say he is 5'5 to 5'6 range, no lying.
71 inches said on 19/Feb/13
i dont get y u all fight over 0.5 ,0.25 etc ,even if a 5 11 guy says 6 ft then hes not an imposter , maybe if he lies about 2-3 inches or more then he is
Mikey T said on 17/Feb/13
5'7" but I hear he claims 5'9"
Balrog said on 12/Jan/13
I thought he was 5'7'' or under.
Will said on 29/Dec/12
Hey Rob, Is Cillian Murphy still 5ft 8in after all these years?
TWINGO said on 24/Dec/12
As a matter of fact, in this comentted foto, Cillian is not a the same level of Tom Hardy and Gordon, note that his foot is far from the wall, so his level is low than the other actors. Even so, he looks a bit shorter than 173 cm, maybe 170/ 171.
Dmeyer said on 16/Dec/12
This Guy looks 170-1cm tops near DiCaprio in movie like Time out looks 5'6 when by himself , you need to downgrade him the Guy is Max 5'7.25 and 5'7 flat is more likely
Jack said on 3/Dec/12
5'7".No way 5'8"
Dr JJ said on 17/Nov/12
He's 5' 6". And very slight. His proportions are pretty good, so without a point of reference it is difficult to say how tall he is. Most people who have seen him in real life and are not very different to him heightwise have him at 5' 6"
jean said on 12/Nov/12
Click Here

He is towered by 5'9 tom hardy and joseph gordon
ai said on 10/Nov/12
realize every other site listed him as 5'9...5'6 is a bit a stretch, considering the fact that only the people with actual PICTURES or celebrities are the one standing next to him, and he looks about 5'9. In On the Edge and 28 Days later, Cillian was taller than Jonathan Jackson and Naomi Harris who are both 5'8. He also stood taller than Elizabeth Olsen and theyre both barefoot, I believe shes listed as 5'7
EndDiddlyaism said on 9/Nov/12
I am 5'7", met Cillian in Galway after Misterman last year, he is 5'6", FACT, it's not often that I am taller than somebody in Ireland!!! BTW his performance in Misterman is outstanding
ai said on 9/Nov/12
at least 5'8.5, just saw Red Lights, he stood taller than Elizabeth Olsen (both barefoot) and he stood taller than Robert Deniro
Tyler said on 26/Sep/12
Thank you Ai! He isn't under 5'8", I personally think he's 5'8.5".
Maximus Meridius said on 23/Aug/12
Rob is 5ft 9in barefoot possible for him he has been listed as 5ft 9in in the past i thought he was 5ft 9in barefoot rather than 5ft 8in barefoot he needs too be upgraded.
Dr JJ said on 19/Aug/12
Tyler, Murphy has ankle boots with thick soles in those shots. To my mind, ankle boots with suit in the red carpet equals lifts. The only reason for those sorts of boots, a la Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise is to conceal lifts. Cillian is 5' 6". Which is nothing to be ashamed about, he's an actor not a basketball player.
KN said on 9/Aug/12
Click Here the link is this.
KN said on 9/Aug/12
Click Here Guys. Try this.
5'6 is very well possible.
CarrickONeal said on 30/Jul/12
It is quite all right, Tyler, you tried-hence, be not down trodden. Regardless of height: Cillian Murphy is in possession of one of the most luminous and photogenic faces ever seen. Further, what a gifted actor he continually proves himself to be. Still, impossible to see him as below 173cm- Notice him in numerous other stills, as well as in his films. It is possible he may be completely unconcerned with height, for his carriage is ever-changing and remarkably versatile. In many stills he seems to almost diminish into himself, as if to void himself of space. It is a very endearing quality and skill,
portraying a rather humble mannerism; I find it prominent in many of his stills. However, in others, he portrays height and commands great space-with seemingly little effort. The camera loves this man, perhaps it is the confidence of being an 'Irish' man-yes, this I think it to be. As such, it is all good-as he unwittingly conveys himself to be nigh 193cm.
Interesting supposition on here regarding 'owning' one who may be less tall than another. Find it difficult to believe Mr. Murphy believes himself to be owned by anyone at Peace to all~
Tyler said on 25/Jul/12
@DrJJ Riiiiiight. There's WITHOUT A DOUBT 3.5 inches of difference between him and JGL. *rolls eyes*

Click Here
Click Here
Dr JJ said on 12/Jun/12
Tyler. We have all seen celebs tiptoeing in photo shoots, knowing full weel that for head and chest shoots nobody will seecwhat's going on. Comparison shoots have to be full length with feet visible. All the people who have seen him in real life are estimating 5' 6". If you want to prove his height with photos, you have to get full length with feet shots. Shoulders and head prooves nothing.
Tim said on 11/Jun/12
I can help here. I went to uni with him in cork
I'm five-seven on the dot and he's an inch/2 inches taller then me.
Mrs Puff said on 13/Feb/12
Saw him in Covent Garden two years ago. He is TINY, built like a teenage boy. Five six tops and I'm being generous. I could see clean over the top of his head. Same with James McAvoy; seen him twice and he's a similar build and height to Murphy.
Tyler said on 28/Jan/12

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Tyler said on 26/Jan/12
Whatever Marianne. From everything I've seen, he's certainly not under 5'8".
Marianne said on 25/Jan/12
Tyler, when you stand next to him I'll give you the benefit of your five foot eight, but he's not. My husband's shoes are flat leather. I said you can give him an inch for the shoes if you'd like but the shoes are pretty much flat. I've just looked at the heel and it's barely anything. It certainly doesn't make him noticably taller when he puts them on. I'm not sure why you're so solid on your number because there are many, many people who have actually stood shoulder to shoulder with him and they disagree entirely. Joe, would've got a picture only the theatre managers told us we weren't allowed to take them. Wouldn't have had the nerve to ask, most likely, but he's not five foot eight. Like I said, I'd say he's barely five seven if I'm being honest.
Tyler said on 10/Jan/12
You say your husband was wearing 1" shoes, and had 3 OR 4 inches on him? That makes Cillian 5'8". You're husband is 5'11" in shoes, and Cillian was in shoes with no heel, that means there's a 3" difference between them. 11 - 3 = 8.
Joe said on 9/Jan/12
Marianne, it's a shame you have no proof to back up your claims. It's likely he could be under 5'8 as you say but there is no proof.
Marianne said on 8/Jan/12
Well they need a downgrade, then, Tyler. I was wearing flat shoes and so was Mr Murphy. I reached his nose. Now are you telling me that the distance between his nose and the top of his head is 7 inches? It's not. When I say my husband owned him, he had at least three or four inches on him. He was wearing flat leather shoes, give him say an inch due to the shoes, if that. You're looking at photographs where you can't tell the angle, the proper shoes of the celebrities and whether or not they're standing properly upright. I stood right next to him. So did my husband. I'd say he's 5'7 at best. And that's being generous.
Joe said on 8/Jan/12
Pics are in the post then, Jill? No proof from anyone on here so far. Rob, you need to get him!!
Tyler said on 6/Jan/12
Marianne, if he truly is under 5'8", then a whole bunch of other actors are in need of a serious downgrade as well. You said he was wearing shoes with no heel. What about your husband? And how badly did he "own him height wise" exactly?
Marianne said on 3/Jan/12
Tyler, what about the people who have stood next to him as I have? I can say without a shadow of a doubt he's not 5 foot 8. I would lay my life on that. My husband is 5ft 10 and he absolutely owned him, height wise. Absolutely. He now refers to him as a hobbit.
Tyler said on 31/Dec/11
Rob, you should scroll through here. It has a lot of photos that show that Cillian is taller than listed. Click Here
Marianne said on 28/Dec/11
Saw him after Misterman. I'm 5 foot 1 inch and I came up to his nose. Not sure how many inches between nose and top of head but it is certainly not 7 or 8. I was wearing Converse. He had sone kind of boots, no heel.
Tyler said on 21/Dec/11
@Theresa What shoes were you guys wearing?
Theresa said on 20/Dec/11
He walked into my store and as he passed me by I definitely had at least 2+ inches on him (looking down versus looking in the eye). I'm 5'9 for sure. I put him at 5'6 tops.
jen01 said on 9/Dec/11
@jill, please do share:)
unknown said on 8/Dec/11
@Jill: Show us those pix pls ;o)
Jill said on 7/Dec/11
Met him in July after a production of "Misterman." I'm 5'2... he's not much more than 5'3. Maybe 5'4. Have pictures to prove it.
Tyler said on 27/Nov/11
Rob, please look here:

Click Here
Click Here

Their shoes:
Click Here
Click Here

And proof that Rachel McAdams is at least 5'5": Click Here She's in 1" sneakers, he's in 1" work boots, and she's slouching (don't believe me, watch The Notebook). C'mon, Rob. I've done enough to prove Cillian is a strong 5'8"/weak 5'9". Could you reconsider his given height?
Adamz said on 21/Nov/11
Not taller than 175cm, but at least the 173 he is listed at.
Tyler said on 6/Nov/11
@DrJJ I was looking at Seyfried. You say Cillian was only 2" taller than her in 3" heels, yet Justin only has 4" on Cillian. Which means he is 6" taller than her in heels, but take away the one inch to his shoes, and that puts Justin at 5'10", yet he is listed at nearly 6'0" on here. Maybe Seyfried is taller than people think?
DrJJ said on 4/Nov/11
Tyler, the point of reference in these pictures should be Seyfried, and she is definitely putting Murphy in the sub 5' 7" range. I would be happy with 5' 6.5", would even give him 5' 7" at full stretch, but I cannot see taller. Not because of these pictures per se, but because I've been stood next to him in real life and I was taller. My average height barefoot is 174cm, I could have been a bit taller as I'd not long been out of the swimming pool after 1.5 hours training. I was wearing a pair of Loake shoes with about 2.5cm, so let's say 177cm all in all. He was wearing trendy shoes with a low heel, bit less than mine. I was noticeably taller. I would say barefoot I have a couple of inches on him.
Tyler said on 3/Nov/11
@DrJJ @Rob Perhaps Justin was wearing lifts? It just seems unlikely that he'd be under 5'8". I've shown a lot of proof showing he's closer to 5'9". It seems more likely that Justin wears lifts since he's claiming 6'1" left and right, and everyone seems to say otherwise. Cillian definitely doesn't look under 5'8" here: Click Here
DrJJ said on 1/Nov/11
Rob, I think you have to reconsider this one. Please look at the premiere pictures of In Time. He is clearly 5" shorter than Justin Timberlake, believed to be 5'11". More tellingly, he only has 1.5"-2" on Amanda Seyfried who has a 2"-2.5" heel advantage. She is listed at 5'2" on this site. That puts Murphy at 5' 6.5" tops. You cannot have it both ways Rob. Either Murphy is a good bit shorter than you say or both Timberlake and Seyfried are a couple of inches taller. Whichever way around it is, somebody needs their entry adjusted. ps I knew my proof would come along sooner or later..
Editor Rob
I'd say he looks about 4 inches shorter than Justin, not sure I can see 5.

between the 2 of them, he could look 172cm.
Tyler said on 27/Oct/11
And, one more thing, he never looked more than two inches shorter than Tom Hardy in Inception, even with his hairdo. Look: Click Here
Tyler said on 14/Oct/11
Ok, well what about the first photo with them in the elevator? Her shoes gave her a 2"+ boost, while Cillian's shoes only gave him like an inch. While he's closer to the camera, her head is raised. If she truly is 5'9", that means she's 5'11" or perhaps 5'11.5" (which I doubt) in those shoes. And if Cillian was only 5'8" than he would be 5'9" in those dress shoes, which means there should be a 2" difference between them, but if her head wasn't raised, I'd assume there would only be an inch difference. I'm just asking since you don't think he's 5'9", how would you explain it Rob?
Tyler said on 13/Oct/11
So what do you think Rob? Perhaps 5'8.5"?
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 8 range is still my guess, I would not say 5ft 9 or 5ft 7
Tyler said on 12/Oct/11
Click Here
Click Here
Katie Holmes' shoes in both pictures: Click Here

Her shoes give her a good 2-3 inch boost, and Cillian was in normal dress shoes. She appears to have only an inch on him in both pictures. Thoughts Rob? I always thought he was a strong 5'8" or weak 5'9".
Editor Rob
I don't think he is 5ft 9 but looks in 5ft 8 range more than 5ft 7 or 9
jtm said on 1/Oct/11
5'8 is still very generous.
Tyler said on 29/Sep/11
6'0" James Frain with 6'1.5" Colin Firth: Click Here
Cillian Murphy with James Frain: Click Here

Thoughts Rob? I think Cillian needs an upgrade to 5'8.5" and James Frain needs a downgrade to 5'11.5", or Cillian can just be upgraded to 5'9".
Editor Rob
182 could be nearer for frain, I need to look more of him
Zach said on 15/Sep/11
Refreshing to see a relatively short guy at ease with his height and not resorting to ridiculous heels.
fuzzblaster said on 13/Sep/11
He's four inches shorter than DiCaprio. 5'7.5" is the correct number for the Scarecrow.
Tyler said on 9/Sep/11
Next to 6'0" James Frain: Click Here
DrJJ said on 28/Aug/11
Lol. Then I must be 5'10", because I saw him again recently, and I owned him ..
Tyler said on 30/Jun/11
Definitely no more than 5'9".
sara said on 13/Jun/11
There are plenty of tall irishmen actors- Peter O'toole, Brendan Gleeson,Edward Norton, but then I guess some irsh are really short like say the Culkins family
Tyler said on 12/Jun/11
Ace, I just want you to know that my Mom's side of the family is 100% Irish, and all the guys are over 6'1". My grandfather and Uncle at 6'2", and my other uncle at 6'1". And my mom and aunt are both 5'8", which I consider tall for a chick. My grandmom is the only short one, at 5'2". But I get what you're saying. The only tall Irish celebrities I know of are Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan at 6'4" and 6'1.5".
sara said on 7/Jun/11
5'8 sounds right, he was about an inch taller than Jamie Bell in Retreat
jared said on 4/Jun/11
He looks small, but he's taller than Naomi Harris(5'8), Jonathan Jackson (5'8),Robert Deniro(who probably shrank I'm guessing), Keira Knightley (5'7), Susan Sarandon (5'6), and he stood at least 4 -5 inches taller than Rachel Mcadams(5'4). So I'm guessing 5'8.5 - 5'9.
bausse said on 1/Jun/11
no way in hell is he 5'6, but he's not 5'8 either. probably around 5'7.5
Ace said on 21/May/11
I don't have much input for this, except that it would make since if he were "shorter," like everyone saying he is by saying he's 5'6" since he's Irish. Irishmen are not known for their height.
Adamz said on 5/May/11
Mr. R, Do you have input on this one?
Mmm said on 4/May/11
5ft6 for sure. he barely has 4" over Lucy Liu in Watching the Detectives. You can do a simple google search to find plenty of pictures from the film to confirm it and you can clearly see they are both wearing sneakers all the time.
TheVerve180 said on 31/Mar/11
he is lucky if he is 5ft8, looks 5ft7, even 5ft6.75 tops to me.
Will said on 29/Mar/11
Cillian Murphy is 5'8 1/2" max.
AdamRyan said on 26/Feb/11
I don't care how height is, but what i know that his face look like Tom welling and tyson ritter.... abt his height maybe 5'8 not more than that or less...tq
DrJJ said on 20/Feb/11
What actors of 5'7" or 5'8" is he taller than? Are they actually the height they claim? I spent 2 years measuring peoples heights, weights etc.. Day in day out. For official statutory medicals. I've seen Cillian Murphy in real life, he was 1 foot away. I also know what somebody who is 5'8" or 5'7" or 6'0" looks like. He was 5'6". Tops. Lets see how tall he is when (and if) pictured with Rob.
qw said on 17/Feb/11
Its more reasonable that he's above 5'8, considering the fact that he's taller than every other actors who are 5'7 or 5'8.
jen said on 11/Feb/11
saw cillian at the inception premiere in la, he's 5'9, I'm quite sure, considering the fact that I'm 5'7.5 and he stood taller than me. Ill post the pic soon
DrJJ said on 1/Feb/11
The difference between 5'5" and 5'7" is 5'6" - which is Cillian's height. Which, in the context of this thread, is indeed significant.
Ai said on 29/Jan/11
DrJJ theres a significant difference between 5'7 and 5'5
PM said on 22/Jan/11
Sorry for the late response, but yes absolutely true. He was waiting for someone at the bar, and I got rather geekily excited for having spotted him. I'm pretty sure I'm 5'8" and was genuinely surprised by his short stature. He's 5'7.5" absolute tops if I'm being generous - love his work.
DrJJ said on 17/Jan/11
Terminator mode, they call it!
The Big T is 6'5"....... So to him 5'6", 5'8" ..... Its all such a long way down he just can't make a decent estimate. Plus he doesn't want a fellow Irishman dissed on the web. Ddi's picture post just about confirms 5'6" for Murphy when you compare him to the rest of the cast and cross reference their stats on this site ( either that or Murphy is the only one who didn't stand on the step during the photo!!!)
GWV said on 17/Jan/11
Wow DrJJ, you're still going strong! Lol! So the accounts by The Big T and ddi are not unbiased estimates? You disregarded them so easily.

If you're that convinced the guy is 5' 6", nothing anyone says will change your mind.

The current estimate listed on the site seems fair.
DrJJ said on 17/Jan/11
Just watched Inception. Tom Hardy is noticably taller Murphy. Now go to the Tom Hardy thread on this site. More proof of CM's diminuitive stature/height.
jen said on 15/Jan/11
No Keiko isn't 5'5 but that doesn't make Cillian Murphy 5'5, I'm guessing he's at least 5'8, considering the fact that she is 5'4 and 3/4 in that picture
ACG said on 7/Jan/11
Keiko says on 31/Dec/10
G7490-I saw Cillian in person and have a pic with him, I believe my friend sinless posted it on before, I am almost 164cm, Cillian is by no chance 170cm, I'm guessing he is at least 173cm but I'm quite sure he's taller, hope that helps =)

Then you're NOT 5'5"- HA! I was right!!!!
DrJJ said on 1/Jan/11
That picture is baloney! The height difference is around 15cm in that image making Murphy 179cm, which he clearly cannot be when seen in comparison to Dicaprio et al. If you look carefully two things can be noted. Firstly, we cannot see their feet, it is not a full length body shot, so is inherently worthless for comparative analysis. He could be standing on something. Or, which is the second point of note, she could be flexing her knees, thereby lowering her height significantly (and thereby boosting his). She is clearly a fan of his. Look closely at the bottom edge of the pic and the angle of her thighs. She is crouching down. This is a trick shot!
Keiko said on 31/Dec/10
G7490-I saw Cillian in person and have a pic with him, I believe my friend sinless posted it on before, I am almost 164cm, Cillian is by no chance 170cm, I'm guessing he is at least 173cm but I'm quite sure he's taller, hope that helps =)
DrJJ said on 26/Dec/10
At last! Somebody prepared to give an unbiased estimate. Spot on PM, he really is shockingly small in real life is he not? The problem with this site isthat it is jam packed with fans and public relations reps who try to distort what is being said on the threads.
I think the last picture link posted says it all. He is a good 5-6 inches shorter than Dicaprio, probably more, but we'll let him off with an inch or so for slouching and position a bit forward in the line up. Still cannot be more than 5'6". How much more evidence is needed? For Rob to be pictured with him? Maybe that is the only way!
G7490 said on 20/Dec/10
"PM" is that true? Are you sure about your own height?
If this guy is right so there won't be anymore doubts of Cillian's height, and probably he will be at 5'7" or 5'7.5"
MICH said on 19/Dec/10
Click Here
Visit the above gallery and see Cillian's pictures with Joseph Gordon-levitt and Leo. That explains it all.. I think 5'8 is about it .
PM said on 14/Dec/10
I stood near him at a Grizzly Bear gig and was surprised at how short he was. I'm 5'8" and I was definitely taller than him
chester said on 12/Dec/10
5'6 is stretching it too much, he's clearly taller than 5'5 Rachel Mcadams and he looks almost as tall as 5'10 Joseph G. Levitt in Inception. 5'8-5'9 sound accurate
DrJJ said on 12/Dec/10
Look at bk's post from 9 July. The pic with Dicaprio et al. He's clearly 6 inches shorter. 5'6" tops. Probably less.
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/10
looks 5'9 in inception next to 6 foot dicaprio, only because of his hair style tho, id say hes a good 5'8.
mandy said on 17/Nov/10
59 I'm quite sure, he looks nearly the same height as 5'10 Jonathan Rhyes Meyer and he's taller than 57 Ro0ert Deniro in their new movie premiere photo
kenneth said on 14/Nov/10
Not quite sure how tall he is, but he's by no chance 5'6, he's taller than Keira Knightley who I've met in person, she looked about 5'10 but she was in heels making her at least 5'7.
DrJJ said on 31/Oct/10
Yes, I agree, which is why is why I'm surprised. Since, height appears to be so important in the world of the silver screen, I think we should have random height checks just like athletes have dope checks. And btw, "anonymous", how hard is it to tap in a few leyters and give yourself a uset name?
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/10
But then there are others here who have seen him in real life and said that he's 5'8 or 5'9.
DrJJ said on 28/Oct/10
More concete evidence needed in this one I think. My main point of reference on Cilian Murphy is not my projected height for him from the Sanada pics, but rather having walked past him on a quiet backstreet in London. I can't believe my estimation of another person's height, a person who is in my presence, who's reflection I can see along with my own in an office window (mirror finish, plate glass, minimal distortion if any) is so so wrong. This is someone who is clearly shorter than me from what I saw. I started to doubt my own height, so I got several colleagues to measure me at work to make sure I wasn't a good bit taller than I thought. But no, came back ad 173.5cm every time on every piece of apparatus in the health centre. Maybe I'm wrong, but I cannot see how at the moment. 5'6" Cilian Murphy!
JL said on 1/Jul/09
lol i saw him yesterday at a bar at camden. he's definetly not 5'9 because im 5'10
and hes upto my eye brow.
ACG said on 22/Jun/09
Many people who see him swear by 5'6 tops.

I just don't get it....he always looks so much taller. Look at him near Colin Farrell, for example.
Saskia said on 21/Jun/09
I saw him in Covent Garden on Friday 19th June and almost fainted! I'm five nine and could see clean over the top of his head. He is tiny and slim, looks like a teenage boy in person. There is no way he is over five six!
flash_of_eden said on 4/Jun/09
Looks more 5'9" in Watching the Detectives, he's quite a bit taller than (basically) 5'2" Lucy Liu.
Josh.J said on 3/Jun/09
Click Here

does look rather short with 5'11 jason issacs. 5'7~5'8 seems right.
Bunny said on 10/Feb/09
5"8 or 5"9 seems right, when I saw him in red eye I thought he looked like a jerk but now I'm watching 28 days later and he is quite the cutie
MacDaddy said on 21/Dec/08
he is average height doesnt look tall or short in any of his movies
KDK said on 18/Dec/08
i'm watching "watching the detectives" and he's much taller than Lucy Liu but she's all of 5ft, right? he still looks small, he's so cute.
Ash said on 21/Oct/08
i dont care how short he is!! he got talent and pretty blue eyes!! i love him.
Jose said on 9/Sep/08
im really unsure of this guy. does he wear lifts? many people say as short as 5'6 but in films he can look 5'9 with change. someone needs to get a photo!
KDK said on 19/Aug/08
Glenn, I'm still waiting for the picture. You know, some movies he looks so small and others he doesn't look that small. He's so mysterious w/those BLUE BLUE eyes. Who cares really, he's an amazing actor.
Lindsay said on 3/Aug/08
I love how you say toward I don't think that you tower over some one until they come up to your mouth or lower. If they are above mouth then you are just taller then them, but do not tower. Someone who is 5'10 does not tower over someone who is 5'6 because they still come up above there mouth. For example someone who is 5'8 is not toward over by someone unless they person is like 6'2+.
littlelamb said on 19/Jul/08
Any time I have seen him in a movie, I can't help but notice how short his arms are. His proportions look itsy bitsy. I place him at 5'6"-5'7".

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