How tall is Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell's Height

5ft 10in (177.8 cm)

Irish actor best known for roles in Phone Booth, Total Recall, Minority Report, The Recruit and In Bruges. On the Jay Leno show Colin gave his vital statistics, saying he was "Five Ten, 165"

How tall is Colin Farrell
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Average Guess (45 Votes)
5ft 9.55in (176.7cm)
Truth said on 31/Aug/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/17
Does Colin edge Ewan McGregor by a fraction or is he just standing a bit better? Click Here Honestly, in this pic from the same event, Colin only looks about 4" taller than Woody Allen: Click Here Even if we gave Woody his peak height of 5'5", Colin is strangely only looking 176 cm or so there and Ewan appears to edge him, but Colin appears taller in this pic: Click Here I think Colin is taller than Ewan, but this video from a different event actually shows the opposite: Click Here

In general, I think Colin could be 177 cm max, but no taller and Ewan I'd say is 176 cm, but nothing over it. It's not another example of Colin looking very similar to guys around 5'9' like Jamie Foxx and Jared Leto or similar to a probable 5'9" and change guy like Woody Harrelson. I'm still convinced Colin is a 5'9.5" guy, but with the type of boots he often wears, he can pass for 5'10". I'm having trouble seeing a full 5'10", though because the bigger heels and thicker boots should have him looking 179-180 cm quite a bit and I don't really see that.
traq said on 2/Aug/17
wait if colin said that he was 5'10 does that mean he shrump
RisingForce said on 6/Jul/17
I've never been sold on Woody being a flat 5'9". Colin looked like he might edge out Foxx at the LA premiere if he stood straight, though they did admittedly look the same height at the UK premiere with similar posture and shoes. Colin was still shorter than Leno who was 5'10.25"-5'10.5" max in 2012: Click Here and this was in some healthy sized cowboy boots: Click Here Click Here That also suggests a full 5'10" is too high as he should have looked at least as tall as Leno with a minimum half inch footwear advantage. Big heels on that show have been the norm for Colin going back to at least 2003: Click Here Click Here

5'9" flat is too low, he's an easy 5'10" in the morning and likely a legit 5'9.5", imo.
burby said on 24/Jun/17
Same height as Foxx and Woody. Serious tip toeing with ladies in heels....he's 5'9".
Slim 181 cm said on 23/Jun/17
Anything less than 177 is a joke!
RisingForce said on 5/May/17
Colin looks pretty short here with 5'11" Donald Faison and 5'11.5" Zach Braff: Click Here Both are slouching, Colin is pushing down on their shoulders and potentially has more footwear as his jeans cover his shoes, yet he's still shorter than both. I'd think a legit 5'10" would look taller next to 2 men under 6 feet. Here's a still and promo pic from S.W.A.T. as well with Samuel L. Jackson: Click Here Click Here I can't completely rule out the full 5'10" afternoon, but I'm thinking Colin is more a 5'10" morning guy.
RisingForce said on 4/May/17
He actually looks the same height as Foxx at the UK premiere as I posted below, both in dress shoes. They look basically the same height at the LA premiere as well, but Colin looked to have looser posture there so I could buy him a half inch taller. Colin only looked 3/4" taller when he had thick boots and Foxx had sneakers: Click Here This was before Jamie's apparent late growth spurt. He was usually not looking taller than his 5'9" claim back then, as you could see with Bruce Willis who looked at least 2" taller and Tom Cruise, who in dress shoes with no more than 1" lift max, looked within 1 cm of Jamie. This adds up with how Colin looks with another 5'9" guy Jared Leto. They're basically the same height depending on whether Leto gets a 1/4" advantage from his boots to Colin's dress shoes or if he's losing a fraction more from his posture. Here, Bryan Cranston in Converse with loose posture actually edges out Colin standing straight in cowboy boots: Click Here Although other times Colin cowboy boots looks as tall as Cranston in dress shoes. I'd give Colin 5'10" morning, but if Jamie is 5'9" on the nose, I can't give Colin more than 5'9.5". He can often look from 5'9" to 5'10". I saw some of S.W.A.T. on TV recently and Samuel L. Jackson pretty much towered over Colin by at least 4", sometimes 5". The height variation is probably due to the fact that Colin often wears boots and at times favors cowboy boots and up to 2" Cuban heels plus you can find a few photos of him tip-toeing at premieres.
S.J.H said on 2/May/17
He doesn't look full inch taller than jamie foxx. If foxx is really 5'9 , he would be 5'9.75 max and even could be 5'9.5
RisingForce said on 8/Apr/17
Typically looks similar with 5'9" Jared Leto, but here Leto's boot should give him a fraction more so 5'9.5" seems spot on here: Click Here
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/17
I wouldn't be surprised, he could look very similar to Jamie Foxx who only claims 5'9". Here's a full shot in similar shoes at the UK premiere:
Click Here Same thing at the LA premiere with both in dress shoes again: Click Here Click Here Colin only looked noticeably taller by near an inch when he had a boot advantage to Jamie's sneakers, which adds up with Colin 5'9.5" barefoot to Jamie's 5'9". Foxx can look taller than 5'9", but also can look shorter. In reality, we can be pretty sure he's a legit 5'9", which makes him an ideal measuring stick for Colin, especially with multiple premieres and multiple full body shots in similar shoes as well as video. You can argue a full 5'10" for Colin, but then a 5'9.5" guy can easily look 5'10" with boots, which Colin often wears. There's a pretty narrow range you can argue with Colin since he claimed 5'10" and studio publicity always listed him at that making it his max, but he's also clearly not below 176 cm at any point.
Heylo said on 6/Apr/17
Surprised at the average guess. To me he always looked like a 177-178cm person just like the listing. He is very likeable in interviews, intelligent and humble, one of those ideal guys for any serious woman.
RisingForce said on 5/Apr/17
However 6'1" Brendan Gleeson can almost dwarf Colin: Click Here Part of it is Gleeson's large frame, but even Colin's head only looks an inch above Gleeson's eyes. Though if Gleeson was still more 6'1.5" there then Colin would still look a good 176 cm. In reality, that could only be his absolute low, imo.
RisingForce said on 1/Apr/17
Yeah, I'm sure Colin is at least 5'10" in the morning, but 5'9.5" midday would explain more why Colin looked almost identical in height to Jamie Foxx when both had similar shoes. I saw a but of Minority Report on TV a few days ago and Max Von Sydow who was around 6'2" range by that time did dwarf Colin.
Johan said on 25/Mar/17
RisingForce said on 19/Mar/17
Chris Pine looked 3 inches taller at the very least: Click Here Certainly their claims of 5'10" and 6' don't quite add up there, but it's funny that both are pretty honest and that's what happens when one rounds up a half inch and the other rounds down the same amount.

Exactly, nice find. Colin is 5'9.5" and Pine is 6'0.5".
John. said on 24/Mar/17
Saw him last night. Stood right next to him. No lifts. He is over 5-10.
RisingForce said on 19/Mar/17
Chris Pine looked 3 inches taller at the very least: Click Here Certainly their claims of 5'10" and 6' don't quite add up there, but it's funny that both are pretty honest and that's what happens when one rounds up a half inch and the other rounds down the same amount.
RisingForce said on 13/Mar/17
Here Colin is wearing boots with big heels with Woody Harrelson who is listed here at 5'9.5" and many think is 5'9": Click Here Click Here Colin is standing casually for the first pic, but Woody has flat shoes and is even more hunched for the second pic. I bet they're about the same height barefoot with good posture. All things considered, rounding up from 5'9.5" to 5'10" is completely normal He can look a bit taller because he's worn very large heels like this: Click Here and this is one occasion where he actually seemed to be wearing lifts to me, but more importantly, this looks like at least the second time I've seen him tip-toeing! Click Here He may be a bit more height conscious than I'd have thought.
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
His boots look a lot thicker than Bruce's shoes, but he really doesn't look over 5'9.5" with Willis to me: Click Here
RisingForce said on 7/Mar/17
Under 5'9" was always nonsense, but he's barely taller than Downey in his lifts: Click Here Click Here Click Here For reference, 5'10" Jude Law always looks taller next to Downey than Colin does and 176-177 cm Mel Gibson looks at least as tall.
Ramualdo said on 5/Mar/17
174 cm
RisingForce said on 23/Feb/17
I've long been convinced Farrell is 5'9.5", just like Matt Damon. His claim was about as honest as you could expect, merely a round up or a morning height. Both in dress shoes, he barely edges out legit 5'9" Jamie Foxx: Click Here Video of the event shows the same thing. They're close enough in height to look the same with Foxx's arm around his shoulder, but I'm sure Colin would be a fraction taller standing straight.
Realist said on 21/Feb/17
He's about 177-178 but the lifts made him look 180ish. He looked lean like 170 lbs in Fantastic Beasts.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Feb/17
One of my favourite Colin Farrell films is 'London Boulevard'. His character had a really nice depth to him, he didn't behave like a pussy and he was dependable and caring! I didn't blame Keira Knightley for exhibiting flirtatious behaviour next to him in his car!
5ft10 is about what I was expecting for this dude! I also liked him in 'Seven Psychopaths'. He spoke very highly of fellow actor Christopher Walken, saying that he'd never met or worked with anyone quite like him in his life and beaming all over his face as he said it! I liked that! I think it's good when younger actors can look up to older, more experienced ones and then admit to doing so!
Revisionist said on 20/Feb/17
This picture with McGregor is very good: Click Here

If McGregor is a solid 5'9.5, then Farrell edges him out and is at least 5'9.75."

I think that the reason why so many here believe that Colin's in the 175cm range is because he's not a strong 5'10 guy, but it's crazy to suggest that he's anything under 5'9."

Strong 5'9.75" for me, making his 5'10" claim very reasonable.
Victor Surratt said on 12/Feb/17
Strong 1.78 cm.
Balrog said on 1/Feb/17
5'9.5'' - 5'10'' is his range. Don't think his a lift wearer, he just use boots a lot.
park said on 30/Jan/17
He doesn't wear lifts haha. I don't know how people see that. He always looks the same height, even in boots and often looks a tad shorter than this listing
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
I think this listing is spot on but he really did look shorter in Horrible Bosses! Might have been done on purpose though to suit the character he was playing.
Get the feeling he may wear lifts a bit but 5'8 like others have said is WAY too low.
park said on 24/Jan/17
Without a doubt, the same height as me. Strong 177cm in the evening. Weak 178.
Fog5'11 said on 17/Jan/17
Looked like he was wearing lifts in Fantastic Beasts, but yeah about 5'10 suits him fine.
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Just watching minority report and he isn't the same height as Cruise, the fight scenes on the swinging platform, when they cut to side views he is noticeably taller and not with any footwear advantage. There's a lot of creative camera work to present same height but a couple of times when they properly match up the top of Cruise's head is around eyebrow height
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Just watching minority report and he isn't not the same height as Cruise, the fight scenes on the swinging platform, when they cut to side views he is noticeably taller and not with any footwear advantage. There's a lot of creative camera work to present same height but a couple of times when they properly match up the top of Cruise's head is around eyebrow height
Arch Stanton said on 14/Oct/16
He's not under 5 ft 9, but to me he has the frame of a typical strong 5'9 guy. I doubt his low is as high as 5'10.
Josh jeffords said on 11/Oct/16
Not even with hair and lifts is he 5 10.
He was the same as cruise in minority.
Is often towered by leading ladies not in heels.
He is an excellent actor and good looking just a small man.
Maybe 5 8.5 max average guys don't looks short.
Height catcher said on 6/Oct/16
I agree but 5'9 flat wont be a shock considering he wears boots and lifts for some roles lí­ke in total recall and true detective
Vibram said on 5/Oct/16
I have Colin at 176cm / 5ft9 1/4. Thats what he looked in Minority Report aged 25 when he was face to face with 170cm Tom Cruise, and again against 181cm Bruce Willis Click Here
Vibram said on 5/Oct/16
I have Colin at 176cm / 5ft9 1/4. Thats what he looked in Minority Report aged 25 when he was face to face with 170cm Tom Cruise, and again against 181cm Bruce Willis Click Here
Height catcher said on 5/Sep/16
Click Here
Height catcher said on 23/Aug/16
LookS 5'9 next to clooney in a pic I saw, rob how can I post the link of the pic? Thanks
Height catcher said on 15/Aug/16
Colin is 5'9, I dont see him as a full 5'10 , he lives on boots, and in true detective looked 5'10.05 but with the boots
GC said on 12/Aug/16
Rob, how do you explain that several years ago IMDB listed him as 5.8" Saw by this very same eyes. Couple of years laters I saw it and the information was changed! How do you explain that! I think you should re-evaluate him!
Editor Rob:

Celebheights = one person who decides.

Imdb = anybody who contributes trivia and content editors who read data and approve/dismiss changes to the trivia.

Imdb has changed thousands of entries because of celebheights. There are several visitors to this site who update imdb after information I post here, although even I am known to help them out on occasion :)

Just this moment I got the 2 year 5ft 9 listing of Jennifer Lawrence back to 5ft 7.5...of course now fans will submit attempts to get her back to 5ft 9...
Height catcher said on 25/May/16
NeedS a downgrade, 2 incesante taller tan degeneres in boots, he is 5'9 at best, 5'10 is too much for him, rob do you think he could be 5'9 tops?
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 20/May/16
Next to 6'2'' Adam Driver he looks either way taller or Adam Driver is way shorter
Height catcher said on 28/Apr/16
5'8 is too low for him I think , he always looks 5'9 to me, in the movie the lobster, he is barefoot and doesnt look 5' 10 at all, 5' 9 guy
Charlie said on 26/Apr/16
no way hes 5 foot 9. 5 foot 8 is better fitting for him.
Height catcher said on 26/Apr/16
Colin is 5'9, 5'10 barefoot for him is too high, he is 5'9 and looks 5'10 to 5'11 in his boots he always weard
Ramtin said on 5/Mar/16
5 11 fit him
Johno said on 25/Feb/16
But then again, he may not even reach 5'9.
Johno said on 25/Feb/16
Tim said on 2/Jan/16
I think Farrell is 5"10. Any discounting him his just pure vitriol (which I've never understood because he's a great actor and a very down to Earth person). Amongst co-stars like Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Cillian Murphy, Jared Leto, Ewan McGregor, Jamie Foxx, Sam Rockwell and Ben Wishaw he is undoubtedly taller. I challenge anyone to find a more accurate 5"10.
5'11" cat said on 1/Oct/15
5'10" in shoes or boots for him,. decent height since he works out he looks muscular/lean which might give him some height in movies.
Nick said on 22/Aug/15
In my opinion he's 5ft 9.75in (177 cm).
burby said on 15/Aug/15
Like Woody Harrelson, he's 5 feet 9.
184.3cm (Night) said on 29/Jul/15
@Arch Stanton

True 5'10 isnt big but usually a guy who is over 178cm doesnt look short like Colin sometimes does.
true velcoro said on 28/Jul/15
a friend of mind told she met farrell in las vegas, she is 5-11 and told me farrel was liek 2 or 3 inches shorter than her, she was not wearing heals, he must a be a strong 5-9
Axaros 177 cm night said on 5/Jul/15
In True Detective he wears elevator shoes
Shawn said on 29/Jun/15
He's wearing what look like cowboy boots on this season of True Detective, and still looks a good 7 inches shorter than Vince Vaughn. I'm guessing Colin is more in the strong 5'9" category, just don't see him hitting a full 5'10" when being measured.
Gregory Barbosa said on 29/Jun/15
Same height as me, 174cm. I met him at a charity event in Geneva. He wears lift. So do I. I quipped as to who wears the biggest lifts, he, me or my lady friend, he gave a wry half smile and walked away.
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Jun/15
no smaller than 5'9.5. could be anywhere in the 5'9.5-5'10 range.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/15
5 ft 10 isn't big though is it? I have Colin at 177cm.
184.3cm (Night) said on 12/Jun/15

You have seen him? Thats around what i think he would measure, he never strikes me as a big 5'10.
dmeyer said on 11/Jun/15
In person can look 5'9.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/15
I wouldn't rule out 5ft9¾ but 5ft9 flat or lower is out of the question.
Around 5ft10 is about right for Farrell.
jake said on 8/Jun/15
5'9" absolute tops, and 5'8.5" wouldn't be shocking at all.
5'11Stud said on 6/Jun/15
Click Here

Colin Farrell (sandals .5inches) and Adam Driver (6.25' ish)
Tolle said on 18/May/15
He is 5'10 flat
Hypado said on 10/May/15
Colin Farrell height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

Always looks this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/15
He's taller than Ewan McGregor
Adamz said on 20/Apr/15
met him. 5-10 is a legit claim.
184.3cm said on 8/Apr/15
Weak 5'10 same as Ewan 5'9.5"-5'9.75" range. Not a bad claim though most guys his height try for 5'11.
Dom said on 7/Apr/15
Legit 5'10 guy
Heylo said on 6/Apr/15
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I guess Rob's right. He looks 1-2cm or at times the exact same height as Ewan Mcgregor who's 177cm. Colin seems like a very honest and genuine dude in general when I've watched interviews so I wouldn't think he lied about his height. At most, rounding up like most people do anyway. 177-178cm for Colin.
Judd said on 29/Dec/14
I think he's for sure in the 5'10" range...i doubt he's shorter than 5'9.5-9.75"...
Tessa said on 22/Dec/14
Never mind the damned boots. They are most often flat- heeled and add no more height than a regular shoe. Come on fellas, get over it, he's gorgeous.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/14
Rob who do you think is taller Farrell or Matt Damon?
Sam said on 8/Dec/14
I thought he looked more 1-1.5 than a full 2 inches over Sam Rockwell. Despite their height loss, it looked like Tom Waits and definitely Christopher Walken were still taller than him as well. In general, though, I think he looks pretty close to the 5'10" mark. He should stick to Martin McDonaugh movies or comedies like Horrible Bosses, I find him kind of annoying in other films at times.
Mike Brazil 1.82 said on 2/Dec/14
1.78m with shoes 4cm of course. I think 1,74m barefoot. in horrible Bosses looks very small
Tessa said on 20/Nov/14
OK guys, he's Irish and they wear boots like we wear sneakers here. He's Hes clearly 5'10" or better, and like most males, most of his length is in his legs. When someone says he's 5 11" he corrects them and says 5'10". He's an honest guy. But what does exact height matter...he's freakin GORGEOUS!
dewno said on 16/Nov/14
classic example of a 5'10 guy, just looks shorter a lot
TJE said on 19/Oct/14
Nearer 5'10 than 5'9
krud said on 3/Oct/14
177 max
saccy said on 2/Oct/14
I Saw Him Once Very Closely At Airpot And BELIEVE ME He Is A Solid 5'10.
Mani said on 1/Jul/14
He is 5'9.5" (177 cm)
Mani said on 30/Jun/14
He's 5'9.5" or 177 cm
Sean said on 22/Jun/14
Looks consistently an inch taller next to 5'9" Jamie Foxx. Probably closer to 5'10" than 5'9".
cole said on 27/May/14
5'10 is a decent enough claim, but he looks like a 5'9.5 guy a lot - rounding up to his morning height of around 5'10 isn't bad compared to a lot of other hollywood claims - but never the less he should be listed 5'9.5. 6'0.5 Chris Pine has a good 3 inches on him: Click Here
Heylo said on 16/May/14
What does it take to get you downgrade someone? Colin Farrell is absolutely not 178cm. If he was he would look much taller on the big events which he never does. The photos with Jamie Foxx (listed as 5'9, he is probably 174 since Foxx himself said "i'm like 5'9" which means that he rounded up. I'm not sure of Farrells height but he is definitely under 178cm.
RisingForce said on 14/Apr/14
He really does look around his claim, or at worst, he's a half inch under and rounding up. Looks completely average and despite the big heeled boots he's sometimes worn and the tip-toeing photos, I don't think he's a lift guy.
Balrog said on 26/Mar/14
5'9.5" . A typical average guy who wears boots a lot
Kurtz Pull said on 21/Mar/14
Watching Total Recall right now on HBO. His upper body looks very short compare to his legs. In the anti-gravity scene where he escapes the bot-cops, there is a clear view of his footwear. Memory lapsed Hauser was standing tall on 2.5 inches hills. Who knows what he was wearing on the inside. And despite of that, listed 5'10.5" Bryan Cranston appeared a good 2 inches taller than him.
Collin has quick shutter fiery, intense eyes and a small feminine nose topped by oft-tormented brows but he doesn't even reach average height in reality. My guess is 5'8.25 for the dude. He also looked visibly shorter than 5'9" listed Jamie Fox in Miami Vice.
Heylo said on 17/Mar/14
I Also think he looks more 5'9 than 5'10. He can keep up with the 5'11 actors because he often uses these massive boots which will give him twice as much height. That's why he looks 5'11 with boots next to a legit 5'11 guy with dressing shoes (6ft).
James B said on 16/Mar/14
PJ said on 17/Feb/14
A hair over 5'9 for Colin, Rockwell a hair under 5'8 when I saw them in person.
divincodino92 said on 11/Feb/14
could be 173 Rob?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't bet on it]
Shawn said on 9/Feb/14
Think 5'9" range, not quite a full 5'10".

Richkid, as far as him "losing his looks", he's going to be 38 this year. While 38 isn't old, you can't expect him to still look like he's 25 anymore. Looks good for his age.
176,2Tunman said on 7/Feb/14
A hair taller than Ewan McGregor who is probably somewhere between 5'9 and 5'9.5 I would give Farrell 5'9.5-10.
lelman said on 22/Jan/14
@Rich with Sam Rockwell he looks 5'10" to me, there are a few you could cherry pick to make him look 5'8" or 5'9", but that's just normal. People fluctuate heights in photographs.

I can't see a picture of him with Justin Long on that link. He still looks 5'10" in most of those pics.

They probably wanted to make TC look taller in Minority Report, for all you know he was stood on a box in that photo. Not really good evidence.

As for the tip toe picture, again doesn't prove anything except he's insecure, which many 5'10" guys are.

He's 5'9.5"-5'10".
richkid123 said on 9/Jan/14
I just saw Farrell at A Starbucks in Hollywood. He looked pretty average height. 5'10"ish. He is losing his looks btw.
Rich Hall said on 8/Jan/14
Ok, there's too many pics floating on the web showing he's 5'9" max:
Here next to Sam Rockwell: Click Here
compare with Justin Long Click Here
opposite Tom Cruise: Click Here
practicing Ballet: Click Here

Unlike a buffed up Brad Pitt in Troy, he looked pint size pit bull short in Alexander. 5'9" max but most likely 5'8.5 imo
MD said on 30/Dec/13
Definitely more in the 5'9" range than the 5'10" range.
MetalKid said on 28/Dec/13
Always looked in the 5'9" range to me. I hated the Total Recall remake, by the way.
elblanco said on 24/Dec/13
On Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus he stands next to Lily Cole - supposedly, a 180cm/6 feet girl - and looks much smaller. Maybe she's wearing high heels, but it definitely looks at least 3 inches/5 cm smaller
johnmcc said on 17/Dec/13
Looked slightly taller than an inch or so maybe. Looked really small next to the other guests. I guessed 5'9 flat.
lol93 said on 4/Dec/13
Rob I am very curious to what do you think about this footwear Colin Farrell frequently wears
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

How much height they add in your opinion?They look a little thicker than normal dress shoes
Also how those shoes are called?Any brand name?Thanks!
[Editor Rob: not sure on brand or anything, but they should give near to 1.6 inch]
Greg said on 1/Dec/13
Just watching him on Graham Norton now. He appears slightly taller than Norton. Would have thought 5'9" based on that.
Ted said on 26/Nov/13
Looks 5-9 in every film of him I've seen, and 5-8 would not be a shock.
luca said on 26/Oct/13
colin and me go to the same yoga class so I see him very often and barefeet, I m 5f10 1/2 and next to me he is at least 2 inch shorter. I would say he is no more than 1M75
Rhonda said on 20/Oct/13
Looks 5ft8-9 next to 6ft Tom Hanks.
Click Here
cole said on 8/Oct/13
Click Here

This is why I wouldn't use movie footage blindly to judge someones height.
cole said on 1/Oct/13
@RisingForce: McGregor's dropping posture in that pic with Farrell, and Farrell stands sideways. It's difficult to tell because of the hair, but still at the most I'd say they are about the same height, 176-177 cm range.

He looks a strong 5'9 or so with Chris Pine and Edward Norton for example, and the same with most other celebs that I have seen him with, when not wearing his boots.

Rob I think you should at least lower him to 5'9.75.
john b said on 24/Sep/13
Just watching Hearts War to night which stars Bruce Willis and Mr Farrell, Collin is a good 2 inches shorter then Bruce or a little bit more, if I remember Bruce is listed as 5'11'' so Collin really most be 5, 9 tops...
RisingForce said on 21/Sep/13
The difference between Colin and Ewan McGregor(listed 5'9.5" here) is about the same as the difference between Jamie Foxx who claims 5'9". Click Here

Colin definitely looks his claim if Ewan's listing is accurate. Though it does make me wonder again if Jamie Foxx is actually a fraction over 5'9". In fact, Jamie might have measured up slightly better next to Colin than Ewan does when Colin wasn't wearing boots.
Emily said on 15/Sep/13
From pics with Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale in Berlin, he is about 1" taller than both of them while these ladies wear 3" or more heels. If he is less than 5'8", Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale are less than 5'5". So, 5'9" seems reasonable.
Click Here
Chris said on 15/Sep/13
What is it about this guy that makes him look taller than 5'10? I see other actors in this height vicinity like Rockmond Dunbar who look significantly shorter on pictures.
Mikels said on 5/Sep/13
Shawn said on 4/Sep/13
I'd give him 5'9". A good example of a legitimate 5'10" actor is Peter Facinelli, who you can find on the site pictured with Rob. Farrell never looks quite as tall as Facinelli does to me.
Goose said on 20/Aug/13
Why do so many posters ascertain a height by comparing it to another actors heigh which is an extremely poor way of estimating height. How do you know the actor your comparing him to is the correct height either as most listed celeb heights are way off? The most accurate celeb estimates on this board are based on first-hand posters who have been near to and or next to the celebrity in question as I've seen those celebrities myself and can testify to their accuracy.
romanspqr said on 18/Aug/13
I really think he's no more than 5'9. I can see 5'8-ish too. He's very lean and can look taller but even when he wears his boots with massive heels he never looks more than 5'11. Can someone explain, real quick, how to post pics? Thanks.
avi said on 22/Jul/13
yeah looks his claim maybe .25 less but this is accurate.
cole said on 13/Jul/13
Rob, didn't you use to have him at 5'9.75? I think he looks more 5'9.5 range.
[Editor Rob: close or 5ft 10 I think is fair for him]
mistwalker said on 10/Jul/13
Cruise wear massive lifts
John said on 4/Jul/13
Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell does seem the same height in Minority Report
david said on 24/Jun/13
I would say a solid 5ft9.75 guy just a shade below 5ft 10
Lady gogo said on 23/Jun/13
I saw him last year, i was standing near him. I'm 1.75,he was just 1 inch taller than me. I think 176cm max.
cole said on 17/Jun/13
He's 5'9.5 at best, doesn't have a 5'10+ stature.
mistwalker said on 15/Jun/13
I think he's legit 5'9.5 without shoes and with regular shoes he may be 5'10.
dmeyer. said on 13/Jun/13
all of those who claim they've seen him 5'6" with shoes on are liars mayube without shoes in the pool he is 5'7 but he likes to wear boots like J.Depp and his hair touches the cloud so fully clothes he is 5'9 no questions asked
Frankie said on 8/Jun/13
Yes. Colin is 5'9. No more ...
MaskDeMasque said on 5/Jun/13

lol 5'7. He's 5'9 minimum.
Kyle said on 1/Jun/13
same height as Kiefer whos around 5'8 Click Here
Forest Whitaker towers over him Click Here
Colin is 5'9 max
penguinboy25 said on 31/May/13
This looks pretty accurate if Gabriel Macht is 6'0. This guy looked around 2 inches shorter than Macht in the Recruit, so 5'10 is probably his maximum of course we don't always know film angles and footwear..
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/13
I swear he always looked 5 ft 6 tops next to Sally in Coronation Street!
MaskDeMasque said on 20/May/13

I agree. I also saw total recall and thought he looked 177cm.
ang said on 2/May/13
I was at a sushi bar that ferrell. Was dining at. He sat about five feet away from. He is only about 5'7" at most. Also he has a very small frame and build. I was surprised. I'm only 5'2".
Linebacker28 said on 20/Apr/13
Saw Total Recall the other night. He looked 5'9.5" solid throughout the film, so the 5'10" claim seems pretty genuine. Not a bloated estimate most celebs give anyway.
Balrog said on 18/Feb/13
I remember him looking solid 3 cm taller than Renner in SWAT. That would put him at 5'9.5''. Still around 5'10''.
Joey said on 4/Feb/13
he is 176cm maybe 177cm on a good day..average height in the us, but here in germany he'd be below average :D
John said on 19/Jan/13
Rob have you seen "Cassandra's Dream"? There seems to be more than a 1 cm difference between Farrell and Ewan Mcgregor in that film
refresh said on 15/Jan/13
i am 176-175cm barefoot,in regular shoes i am 178 + my hair up and there you go just like 180cm! imagine with lifts and good body? see my point? 175-176cm:)
GC said on 11/Jan/13
I went to the database 3 years ago and the page said he is 5'8 then I went to the page in 2010 and I was surprised!!! They changed it to 5'10.. Make your own conclusions. Why his own agency would say 5'8 and then change to 5'10. It seems obvious for me.
Balrog said on 9/Jan/13
He's clearly slouching with Al Pacino. Farrell does looks around 5'10'' maybe a little bit under 176-178 range.
Steven said on 9/Jan/13
spot on with Ewan McGregor: Click Here
leonari said on 8/Jan/13
Wow. Many posters here are either delusional or plain blind. Oh yeah and very jealous of this guy. He looks 5'10 everywhere. It's really sad and pathetic that so many who have no clue about height come here and post their BS. And how on earth is 5'10 on the short side? Please...
Trey said on 6/Jan/13
He's always to be seen incowboyboots, making me doubt 5'10. 5'9.5?
dacascos said on 22/Dec/12
he's 5ft10
Sonny said on 20/Dec/12
Click Here
maximum 173-175
Sonny said on 20/Dec/12
Click Here

173-175 maximum for Colin
Sonny said on 20/Dec/12
Click Here
173-175 max
lol93 said on 9/Dec/12
Not 177cm but 178 out of bed I think he could be his height
Joey said on 1/Dec/12
i'd buy 177cm in the morning a strong 5'9 at daytime
MaskDeMasque said on 19/Nov/12
5'7??! Come on, he's at least 5'9
B said on 3/Nov/12
5'9 or so in Seven Psychopaths. Sam Rockwell is around 5'8 and Farrell usually had two inches on him, but Farrell wore cowboy boots throughout the film which gave him a noticeable advantage most likely, so 5'9 or even slightly under is probably right.
accurate said on 3/Nov/12
I was right behind him at LAX in the security line. No shoes for either of us.
Colin is no more than 5'7" in bare feet.
refresh said on 24/Oct/12
ahahaha:) 178cm?! MAYBE with his lifts and his hair up:) if you think this guy taller then 173cm barefoot then look at the sky for pink elephants:)
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/12
I'm convinced Colin and Jamie Foxx are virtually the same height. I don't think Jamie is 5'10", but he can look it, so lifts are possible. I'd go with 5'9.5" midday/evening for Colin, and perhaps 5'9.5" for Jamie, though I'll give him 176 cm like Rob mentioned. But legit 5'10" is certainly possible for Colin. He can look pretty tall, then again, he wears boots a lot and a few times wore giant heels.
RisingForce said on 24/Sep/12
I don't have any problem with you at all, Shredder. Sorry if you interpreted it that way. For what it's worth, you're one of the best posters here, imo.
RisingForce said on 22/Sep/12
Shredder, don't forget that Glenn went by morning height. Rob has said he lists celebrities at their height around lunchtime, so a 5'10" listing would make Colin about 5'10.5". And while Glenn's estimate was 5'11", he did say 5'10" was possible, he just guessed taller. So as usual, the stuff with Glenn is exaggerated, but that's all I'll say on that subject since I don't want things to get sidetracked.
RisingForce said on 22/Sep/12
Rob, in this premiere video and full body shot pics when Colin and Jamie Foxx were both in dress shoes, they really look the same height. So if you were to make a change, would it be upgrading Foxx to 5'9.5", downgrading Colin to 5'9.5" or putting them both at that height?

Premiere video Click Here

Premiere pics Click Here Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: foxx as has been talked about in the past, could be a guy who is a fraction over 5ft 9 but just said 5ft 9, like 176 range. Farrell I think is pretty near 5ft 10]
RisingForce said on 8/Sep/12
Rob, Colin's 5'10" claim is at the start of this video after the advertisement.

Click Here

I thought I had posted this, but I guess I forgot.
[Editor Rob: ah right, I can add it now at the top thanks...and he gave his weight which is good!]
Shorty said on 3/Sep/12
I have been face to face with him, I'm 5'2" and he was only a very few inches taller. The only way he's 5' 10 is with 6" lifts. Or maybe small stilts.
frenchie said on 1/Sep/12
he looks shorter
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/12
In person he looked 177cm but 178cm is possible
lol93 said on 18/Aug/12
Rob you have to add that he said he is 5'10 in jay leno.He was a little shorter from jay leno by 1 cm and he had bigger shoes so 177cm weak 5'10 guy
Woland said on 16/Aug/12
SAK says on 12/Feb/12
This guy feels short, see his shoes here Click Here

His body proportions reminds me of Stallones, I think Farrels height is between 5'8.5" and 5'9.5"
dd said on 5/Aug/12
i stood right next to him outside the Marquee club in NYC years ago and he was NOT taller than me and I'm 5'8". Honestly he is about 5'6". And there is nothing to be ashamed about being that height. I mean the guy has a gorgeous face.
CL said on 3/Aug/12
worked on a film with colin. spent a week standing next to him with shoes, without shoes, barefoot, etc...he's 5'10". nice guy, too.
Del said on 2/Aug/12
He was on Leno like a week ago. He said he was 5'10" & 165 lbs.
BigT said on 30/Jul/12
5´10" in shoes. 176 cm is closer.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Jul/12
he doesn't have the proportions of a 5'10 guy. 176-177 i think.
John said on 28/Jul/12
He was on Leno last night...when he walked out, he was about a half inch shorter than 5'11 Leno, but he was also wearing cowboy boots with lifts. Halfway through the interview he referred to himself as "5 foot 10 and 165 pounds." The guy below me pointed out the same interview, but I'd say the boots were making him about 5'10.5 against Leno, so he's probably if not 5'10 then very strong 5'9...
indian fact machine said on 27/Jul/12
replied to jay leno in tonight show last night that he was 5 ft 10 but was wearing some massive boots and looked more of a 5ft9er rather than 5 ft10er..
Marcus said on 15/Jun/12
Did you upgrade him recently Rob? Wasn't he listed at 177
[Editor Rob: he's been this mark for a good while ]
Batri said on 14/Jun/12
I stood next to this little guy in a coffee house in Atwater village. I'm 6' and he is way shorter than me even in his cowboy boots and jewelry. He's no more than 5'6". I might add that he couldn't stop checking himself out in the mirror as he waited for his coffee.
SAK said on 12/Feb/12
This guy feels short, see his shoes here Click Here

I am thinking, he is 5ft9/176cm
tracy said on 6/Feb/12
in miami vice jamie foxx 5-9 looked 1/2 inches taller than him imo

i say high 5-8 low 5-9 and looks taller due to low weight & good structure
avi said on 29/Jan/12
weak 5'10 more likely 5'9.5ish
Chris said on 17/Jan/12
Farrell looks almost two inches shorter than Willis in Hart's War. And with Renner in SWAT looked less than two inches taller. Doesn't seems to be a full 5'10. 5'9.5 for him (177 cms).
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
5 foot 10.
Godred said on 14/Dec/11
@gui - maybe in boots, no chance barefoot.
gui said on 11/Dec/11
I met Collin at Breentwood Bar and Grill in L.A and a think he is 1,80 cm
Silent d said on 8/Dec/11
5 foot 10.
Godred said on 7/Dec/11
Adamz said on 21/Nov/11
Dude i am 174cm mid-day. Colin is over 70 inches.
Shaun said on 14/Nov/11
Five nine and a half I'd guess
Adamz said on 13/Nov/11
I actually met Colin at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel and stood less than 5 feet away while my boss talked to him for a good 3 minutes. He is at least half an inch taller than this and could be a solid 5'11". i was sure to take note of his shoes and they were not suspect.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/11
At the upper end of 5ft9, but not quite 5ft10. Between 177cm-178cm

"Colin Farell height: 5 ft 9.75 in (177cm)"
Eddie said on 2/Nov/11
No way in hell this guy is under 5'10, i'm 5'9 and he definitly looks taller than me on the beach pics
Rob G said on 27/Oct/11
5'9.5", perhaps a fraction less.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 22/Oct/11
If he's 5'10", he's a very small one. Looked diminutive in Horrible Bosses.
klem said on 29/Sep/11
On some "women's top hollywod guys" website he is listed as a bit short, quoting:"...Colin may a be a little on the short side for some women but he has a lovely toned body with definition in all the right places..."

So now 178 cm is on the short site in women's eyes?
Plump said on 9/Sep/11
I would say 1,75. He's got the build of a guy that tall.
MR. HEIGHT said on 6/Sep/11
hes 5' 7.75" barefoot. 5' 9.75" to 5' 10" with footwear
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Aug/11
looks max 10 cms shorter than Samuel L. Jackson but again Samuel today is 185 max! So Colin must be around 175!
Adamz said on 17/Aug/11
Not by much. This is accurate within a quarter inch and that quarter inch couuld go either way, lower or higher. Rob Paul nailed it because he's pro.
James said on 16/Aug/11
Could be lower than this
lol93 said on 9/Aug/11
colin next to 5ft9 jamie foxx he looks the same(same shoes)Click Here 175 maximum or jamie is taller than 5ft9 wich can be true
Brad2 said on 7/Aug/11
I worked on a film set with Colin Farrel. I'm 5'10 and he's definitely shorter than I am. Standing next to him I would have guessed he was about 5'7 to 5'8, which is about average for guys.
clown said on 28/Jul/11
stood next to him at comic-con this weekend. I'm 5'11 in my 1" sneaks, and he was just about dead level with me. Didn't see the make of his shoe but he was definitely sporting a heel. I would put him sub-5'10" but not as low as 5'9"
5'8.56784 said on 28/Jul/11
I think this guy is a skinny 5'10. There's no way Donald Sutherland has more than 2 inches over him in those pics, Donald might be slouching a bit, but he's wearing dress shoes, and Farrell has at most an advantage of 2", so 5'10 flat.
Shaun said on 20/Jul/11
Click Here

If you look at the length of his calfs, quite short. He does not look like a legitimate 5'10" man to me. I think 5'9" is more accurate barefoot. Might be near 5'10" out of bed perhaps. What do you think Rob, is there a possibility he is 5'9"? He did look at least 5'10" next to Bieber but he tends to wear thick heeled shoes.
Shaun said on 20/Jul/11
Click Here

Thats the picture of him with the emaciated build. Difficult to tell because of the shocking weight loss at that moment, looks about 5'9" based on proportions, hard to tell though.
Shaun said on 20/Jul/11
Mmm, I saw a picture of him a few weeks ago barefoot next to his car and he really did not look 5'10". I also saw pics of him on the beach during his extreme weight loss and he didn't look 5'10", maybe 5'9". Must say though that next to Bieber recently he easily looked 5'10".
dmeyer said on 19/Jul/11
rob in the pics wwith sturgess and sutherland he has 1.5 in heels and defenetly lifts considering the foot pose
DrJJ said on 15/Jul/11
I´ve identified the vehicle. Lincoln Navigator 2009 model. Height 78.3 inches.In the picture it has sunk a couple of inches, probably around 3 inches, in the gravel (because of its massive curb weight). Farrell hasn`t sunk much himself (possibly 0.5 inches) but is definitely just wearing socks.However, his weight is on the front foot which would give him an inch or so of extra height because of pelvis tilt (try this yourself, it really works). So the net height of the vehicle is 75 inches. Farrell is a good 6 inches lower than the SUV giving him a good 5´9". With pelvis tilt taken into account, Farrell is bang on the money 5 feet 8 inches. It is what he looks. He has always looked around 5´8" especially in his Ballykissangel days when he wasn´t a star, didn´t wear lifts nor have special camera angles etc..
DrJJ said on 14/Jul/11
In todays Mail Online there is a bit about him filming the Total Recall remake. He is pictured showing his youngest son around and putting him in a 4x4 vehicle which I can't identify ( maybe someone else can). If only we knew the height of the vehicle we would know his height. He is significantly lower than the vehicle in flat sneakers, indeed he is not as tall as the door of this vehicle. I will try to identify it. Please take a look and see if you recognise the model.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/11
Looks more 5ft9 range in S.W.A.T next to 188cm Samuel L. Jackson and
187cm LL Cool J...

My verdict is that he's 5ft9.5(177cm)
TruebloodFan said on 23/Jun/11
@John says on 2/Jun/11
According to Madame Tussaud's in London, all of the wax replicas are to scale, 1:1. My 5' 7" mother is taller than the Colin Farrell effigy, so my best guess is 5'5"... at best.
he isn't much taller than Tom Cruise and it's a common fact Cruise didn't wear lifts in 'Minority Report'. ~5'9 is a decent estimate.
Dmeyer said on 22/Jun/11
I met Colin with m'y 5 ft 7.5 friend and m'e 5 ft 11.5 hé noticable taller than him and noticable shorter than so 5 ft 9.75-10
Shaun said on 22/Jun/11
5'9.5" barefoot minimum
Shaun said on 22/Jun/11
Looks 5'11" next to Justin Bieber.
Cranberries (17m, 193.75-191.25) said on 21/Jun/11
5'9" max. Has a bad height complex, and as a result very frequently wears lifts (large ones) and has impeccable posture. Looking no more than 5'9" with 5'11" Jim Sturgess...
Click Here

Also looks 5'9" at best with 6'3" Gavin O'Connor.
Also, the Donald Sutherland pics prove nothing. Sutherland is an old man with terrible posture and a footware disadvantage.

Farrell also doesn't look strikingly larger than Woody Allen, even though Farrell has a footware advantage. I know, bad angle... but Woody Allen is tiny!
Click Here
ACG said on 16/Jun/11
John says on 2/Jun/11
According to Madame Tussaud's in London, all of the wax replicas are to scale, 1:1. My 5' 7" mother is taller than the Colin Farrell effigy, so my best guess is 5'5"... at best.

Impossible....utterly impossible. I'd bet the farm that even the wax statue is well over 5'7". No offense, but your mother is sorely mistaken.
John said on 2/Jun/11
According to Madame Tussaud's in London, all of the wax replicas are to scale, 1:1. My 5' 7" mother is taller than the Colin Farrell effigy, so my best guess is 5'5"... at best.
me said on 27/May/11
i know this is about heights but all i can think is - HOT!! please post more pics and i promise to study them intently- to figure out his height naturally!
Marc L said on 26/May/11
After looking at that video of him on Ellen in big cowboy boots. I'd say he's no taller then 5'8 barefoot
tell-em said on 13/May/11
lol . paul haggis isn't 6'0" . yet you ignore my proof of paul haggis looking around 5'11". colin is 5'9".
ACG said on 3/May/11
Those Donald Sutherland pics prove Farrell is the 5'11" that Glenn claimed for him. Don was 6'4" peak, ffs.
Derek d said on 24/Apr/11
somebody says on 10/Jan/11
here are BAREFOOT pictures of farrell together with 5,9 peter gallagher and 6`paul haggis

Click Here

Click Here

looks about a more than solid 1 inch taller than gallagher and about 2 inches shorter than haggis
5`10 is definatley fair for him, I doubt that a height concious 5´8 guy would take off his shoes and stand side by side to a 6´guy and get pictures taken

I don't why people are ignoring these photos. Probably some of the best evidence to close the case of a celebs height. I've never thought more than 5'9 for Colin but he looks to be 1 inch taller than 5'9 Peter Gallagher and 2 inches shorter than the 6 footer. This discussion is pretty much done if you ask me, great pictures.
Somebody said on 21/Apr/11
Look for pictures of Farrell together with Carson daly. Farrell in those 5 cm Herpes Boots Looks about 8 cm shorter than 6'1 daly in sneakers. My guess is 175-177. Would make Most Sense to me. He is quite skinny in Most Movies, but He Never really looked Short oder tall in them, no matter if Short pacino or tall ll cool j were the Co-Stars
somebody said on 20/Apr/11
the pictures are taken from a trl-show. farrell was wearing heels with about 5 cm heel (cowboy boots)
Jamie Fox's Dad said on 26/Mar/11
There's no way CF is taller than Jamie Fox. I'm watching Miami Vice now and he's the same height as JF at the most. He really looks less.
TruebloodFan said on 4/Mar/11
@Rob G says on 20/Feb/11
He's around 5'9" mark, listing here is generous.

yep, indeed. this guy is one of my favorite actors though. he's an excellent actor.
Rob G said on 20/Feb/11
He's around 5'9" mark, listing here is generous.
Franco said on 14/Feb/11
Hahahahha 6'3 with lift should be a joke, this guy is 5'8 flat
tell-em said on 7/Feb/11
nah, hes 5'9". 5'10" is ridiculous
Sam said on 7/Feb/11
Yeah, those shoes do appear...interesting
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/11
in this pic you can clearly see that farrell is lifted, but they are no monsters
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

in my opinion, he can´t be under 5´10.
it´s obvious that sutherland is slouching, but you have to remember that he is 6´3 in dress shoes and farrell isn´t dwarfed at all.

in this event, he is wearing lifts as well (look at the steep of his shoes compared to the shoes of the other guys). again, no monsters.
Click Here

wearing them, he is same height as jim sturgess (listet here as 6')
Click Here
Rich said on 5/Feb/11
@somebody: Getty images wouldn't load for some reason, but I think I found the same photo of them together on google. Donald looks to have 3 inches on him don't u think? If farrell's 5-10, in the pic he'd have to be gaining 2 inches from his footwear and donald would be wearing normal dress shoes...Do u think he's 5-10 then?
somebody said on 4/Feb/11
take a look at and look for recent pictures of him.
there a new pics of farrell together with donald sutherland (6'2) and he looks an easy 6' wearing lifts on them (granted that farrell encounterd elevators these days)
Bon_ said on 3/Feb/11
tell-em, would you care to explain it again? it must be a darn good explanation.
tell-em said on 31/Jan/11
i don't have to explain to any moron anything, because i already explained once. lol. read the posts, and the ones before me.
Rich said on 30/Jan/11
I'd say 5ft9.5. He looked pretty tallish on the grahame norton show. The only thing that I think that is wierd with his height is someone who is 5ft9.5/5ft10 could pull off 6ft with the right footwear/lifts but I've never rely seen him stand as tall as that (yet he is known to wear lifts and large footwear) but who knows I don't always pay attention or see him much at red carpet events. Still, first thing in the morning I wouldn't say he stands shorter than 5ft9.5 because he could drop to 5ft9 late afternoon
Rich said on 30/Jan/11
I'd say 5ft9.5. He looked pretty tallish on the grahame norton show. The only thing that I think that is wierd with his height is someone who is 5ft9.5/5ft10 could pull off 6ft with the right footwear/lifts but I've never rely seen him stand as tall as that (yet he is known to wear lifts and large footwear) but who knows I don't always pay attention or see him much at red carpet events. Still first thing in the morning I wouldn't say he stands shorter than 5ft9.5 because he could drop to 5ft9 late afternoon
Bon_ said on 29/Jan/11
why lol, he offered half million dollars as an old man that he'd measure at least 5'9?
I wonder would Farrell, Cruise, Redford, Brosnan and other shorties claiming nonsensical heights have the courage to do the same thing?

And you better explain to me where is Colin Farrell on the pictures down here, you little burglar.
Bon_ said on 24/Jan/11
wtf tell-em where is Colin on these pictures? Or is he disguised as a woman? lol
tell-em said on 20/Jan/11
he looks about 1.5 inches shorter than haggis. haggis isn't even 6'0". hes more 5'10.5". check this out: over 1 inch(1.5) shorter than 6'0" terrence howard:Click Here

looks 5'10.5 next to 5'8" ludacris Click Here

lookin 5'10ish next to 5'7.5-5'8" don cheadle Click Here Click Here

same height as 5'10-5'10.5 matt dillon - Click Here

6'0" is a farce. hes a strong 5'10" and colin farrell is at most 5'9".
Rob G said on 17/Jan/11
To me he looks 5'9.5" in these pictures.

Though, he's wearing a hat, so it's hard to tell.
Steven Haver said on 17/Jan/11
Hi Colin, I think your height is just fine! Colin, you look great wearing Cowboy-Boot's!
somebody said on 10/Jan/11
here are BAREFOOT pictures of farrell together with 5,9 peter gallagher and 6`paul haggis

Click Here

Click Here

looks about a more than solid 1 inch taller than gallagher and about 2 inches shorter than haggis
5`10 is definatley fair for him, I doubt that a height concious 5´8 guy would take off his shoes and stand side by side to a 6´guy and get pictures taken
Bon said on 7/Jan/11
There is a pic on the bottom of this page where actually Colin's imposter is being photographed together with Bruce Willis, and noone noticed it lol.
Rob G said on 5/Jan/11
That tip-toeing picture really exposes his height-complex. No way he's a full 5'10".
Shaun said on 28/Dec/10
Farrell looks 5'9" to me. But 5'6.5" for Cruise is ridiculous. He's not under 5'7".
Bon said on 27/Dec/10
no more than 5'9
TruebloodFan said on 17/Dec/10
lmao at this 5ft10 Rob. Farrell is 5ft9 flat. He isn't short, but clearly finds himself as such with the funny tip toes. And ye, he was cast for Minority Report for a reason.
mkdoc said on 1/Dec/10
Check out the video of collin teaching ellen degeneres how to dance on her show. They are side by side and he is barely taller than her even with his boots. No way he is taller than 5'8".
James said on 21/Nov/10
Mr. R said on 17/Nov/10
The tip toe thing is the same thing that happened to me a few weeks ago with Eric Roberts. He did all that he could to keep my from dwarfing him. (Yes, I will learn to scan it and send it to you soon!)
wyatt said on 15/Nov/10
lol @ the tip-toeing, bet he is embarrassed about that. His wife is like 5'6 or something, so in heels wouldn't be much smaller than him. But he is really going all out with the tip toeing, ballerina ****. Its not like he is just raising his heels slightly.
Brad said on 8/Nov/10
Funny shot. He's 5' 9".

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