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6ft 3.87in (192.7cm)
Adam said on 28/Jul/17
Canson, Selleck is also quoted as having downplayed his height. On that point, we have reports of Selleck's height at 6ft7 (nonsense but nonetheless listed by his basketball team many moons ago), 6ft6 by Frank Bruno standing right next to him (nonsense again), 6ft5 (a newspaper claim, again nonsense). There are however close to a million references 😊 of Selleck standing at 6ft4. Selleck himself has mentioned this height in so many interviews that I stopped counting. Never seen or heard him claim 6ft3,5. If so, I refer you back to the first sentence above. As far as the evidence goes, Selleck's screenshot with Conan on stage, in my opinion, is the most convincing testimony of somebody claiming 6ft4 clearly edging Conan. Have a look on Youtube of another appearance of Selleck on Conan's show on 5/20/04. The same holds true when Selleck was already close to 60 years old.
Canson said on 27/Jul/17
@Adam: I remember Rising posted where Selleck claimed 6'3.5 once as well which he quoted so it's likely a truth. Selleck was taller than Conan by a bit so even if there was an advantage assuming boots and dress shoes it still likely puts Conan no more than maybe 6'3.5 but I'd still say with other celebs such as lithgow Kobe Charles Barkley Liam Neeson that he looks strong 6'3 (6'3.25) meaning 6'4" out of bed which makes perfect sense if he were measured earlier in the day he likely would be 6'3.5 or over which could've been rounded up to 6'4" or he could've rounded up. Likely his claim isn't a real lie per se it's a round up on his part on an earlier measurement. He just doesn't add up with other 6'4" guys who can really measure that height. Then again maybe he does claim his shoes since he mentioned 6'4/6'4 1/2 once and we know he was never that tall since he was clearly shorter than all of those guys none of which were ever 6'4.5 themselves
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/17
Rob has 6'4" claiming Billy Campbell listed at 6'3.25" and that looks accurate. It looks like he would be even with Conan.
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/17
There are times Conan has given me a taller impression (probably hair), but next to a lot of other celebrities, I think 6'3.25" is an accurate estimation. Conan next to a 5'5.5" listed Dave Franco looked tall, but not freakishly so. Compared to Jeremy Clarkson who is somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'5" today and Richard Hammond listed the same as Dave Franco, and Clarkson is head and shoulders above. Conan doesn't look that tall.
Adam said on 27/Jul/17
Rising, would you care to present us with proof of Selleck's "thick shoes" in the clip with Conan? I din't see it, try as I might.
Canson said on 26/Jul/17
Rising he was clearly shorter than Selleck
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
@Anonymous: I agree, it also seemed to me he was cut off during the "I'm 6-4, but I'm not." Conan had said seconds before to Selleck, "I'm about your height" so it was never stated by Conan that he was shorter. If he had wanted to say that, it would have made more sense for him to say "I'm a bit shorter than you" or "I'm almost as tall as you." The only thing I could see possibly interpreted as Conan believing Selleck to be taller is guessing him in a range of 6'4"-6'5" while Conan has never claimed to be 6'4" himself. Of course, this could be because Selleck had thick boots while Conan had dress shoes, so even if they were the same height barefoot, Selleck would appear a bit taller in their footwear. I'm convinced Conan's thought was that while Conan is similarly tall to Selleck, he's lanky, awkward, not good looking, smooth etc. That makes the most sense given the context preceding it with Conan comparing the two in high school, their success with women etc. Admittedly, neither of us can say beyond our own personal interpretation as we haven't had the opportunity to ask Conan, nor can we read minds so it remains conjecture.

Wow, the Padalecki video is a surprise. Conan does look taller, but does have a 1 cm or so footwear advantage. Just when I was starting to think he's under 6'4", I have to still consider 6'4" possible. But it's also true that Padalecki doesn't really straighten up so that's really similar to a reverse of the Selleck comparison in that now it's the man Conan is compared to who has less footwear and never straightens up. I definitely disagree that the Selleck video is better, though as Conan himself never straightens up when he's near Selleck and Selleck is closer to the camera the way it's positioned. If necessary, I can demonstrate this with an almost step by step post in stills of when they shake hands, but I'd rather avoid that as it'd be slightly more time consuming than I like on an entertainment site. And with the Hasselhoff video, I still don't see Hasselhoff taller in the video. Now it may very well be that the angle favors Conan, but it's impossible to say what the difference would be then with a neutral angle.

But I still do say that viewing the videos, Lithgow generally seemed taller and Conan guessing Neeson 6'5" does suggest he felt Liam is taller, but I haven't been able to view the full video where I can compare them yet. If it gets to the point where there's enough 6'4" guys taller than Conan then I could see him definitely below 6'4", much like I'm convinced Mario Lopez is under 5'9" from seeing him shorter than so many roughly 5'9" guys.

I do wholeheartedly agree with Tall in The Saddle about needing to view a number of pics and videos, but I think we have to apply this equally. The Selleck comparison is at least as flawed as the Hemsworth comparison due to posture and angle and in the Hasselhoff instance, like I said previously, if you can't tell Hasselhoff is taller from the top of their heads then I just can't see any way to use that as evidence he's taller. And I'm not necessarily saying he isn't, but if it's not evident from the top of their heads then an angle simply isn't that good and should be taken with a grain of salt since the top of your head is where height is measured. I suspect they're very close, but there is a good chance Conan never was a full 6'4" except in the morning while it's pretty much agreed Hoff was and may still be a legit 6'4".
Canson said on 25/Jul/17
Thanks Tall in the Saddle! I enjoy reading your posts as well. One thing with this site is pictures are used quite often and that being said they are not always used the right way meaning objectively. Can't count how many times a poster uses a pic with someone who is clearly favored etc to make that person taller generally
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Jul/17
@Canson -Thanks, I enjoy reading your appraisals. Hemsworh is tough for me also as he often wears minimal heel and he tends not to stand perfectly straight. If disingenuous, I could've offered a full length pic in which Hemsworth appears to have close to an inch on Goldblum but in the total scheme of things I don't think that could be right. I like to estimate given a number of pics/videos and over a number of reference points, I see little to choose between Liam and the older Goldblum. To be fair, most of the pics/vids I've seen of O'Brien and Goldblum go back about 10 years or so - in those pics/vids, Jeff, prob his early 50s at that time, definitely appeared clearly taller than O'Brien. I recently watched a video from 2016 and in this particular clip Conan "appears" to possibly have an edge on Goldblum or at least equal to Goldblum's height but again, the usual suspects such as angles, footwear, postures all come into play. I still feel Goldblum has held his height well but possibly, now in his early to mid 60s he's lost a touch of height - I'm not sure. He was certainly clearly taller than O'Brien going back a few years. I would be interested in people's opinions. This is the link to the clip:-

Click Here
Canson said on 24/Jul/17
@Tall in the Saddle: interesting comparisons! Very good ones too! I'm stumped on the Hemsworth comparison just because the pics are a bit inconclusive. Meaning he did appear taller at times than Conan in comparison with others or even with him. For peak estimates I think the 6'4.25 was Goldblum's peak and he'd be a morning 6'4.5 guy (2 or 3 hours out of bed). He could dip to 6'4 1/8 but I honestly can see him as a 6'5 out of bed too. To me Jeff looks an inch taller than Conan but for Hemsworth I've never been able to accurately gauge his height or his brothers honestly
Canson said on 24/Jul/17
@Anonymous: he clearly said I'm 6'4 but I'm not. He said it in response to Selleck being 6'4" and taller than him. I do agree Conan is not close to 6'2" and is def closer to 6'4" but 6'3.25 suits him well especially given he admitted he's taller than Selleck and Selleck has said to being 6'3.5 before and 6'4. I'd put him at 6'3.75 personally and Conan 1/2" shorter
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/Jul/17
@Canson - I note you view Goldblum as a strong 6'4" (I agree) - I'm guessing you mean at peak and I'm not sure at what height you might rate Goldblum in more recent times - imo, even into his early 60s, Jeff appears to have held on to the better part of his peak height (which might've actually been 6'4 & 1/2" at best). Goldblum's my strongest reference point for affording Liam Hemsworth being very close to if not 6'4" himself. There appears very little to choose between Hemsworth and Goldblum in terms of height based upon the many pics and several videos I've seen of the two together. So close in height it seems that depending on posture, angle etc, either one can hold the slightest edge over the other from pic to another. I've also compared how Hemsworth measures up to Goldblum as compared to how O'Brien did and Hemsworth appears a lot closer (if not equal) to Goldblum's height than O'Brien ever did.
Just curious on your thoughts as to this comparison. Thanks.
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/17
When Conan said "I'm 6'4" but I'm not..." it seemed like he got cut off from another thought. I'm not certain he meant to say that he wasn't actually 6'4", but that he wasn't something else. Like he was going to say "I'm 6'4" but I'm not as tall as you." Or "I'm 6'4" but I'm not hungry right now." (I'm pretty sure that last one isn't what would have been thinking though). But his inflection made me think it was some unfinished thought and not that he was confessing to be under 6'4". I do believe Conan is close to 6'4" than he is to 6'2" though.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 23/Jul/17
Neeson/Goldblum: 6'4.25"
Padalecki/Hasselhoff: 6'4"
Selleck/Lithgow: 6'3.75"
even said on 22/Jul/17
the Irish man is a strong 6'4" out of bed that's for sure .
Canson said on 22/Jul/17
@Tall In the Saddle: I agree with everything you said. Jared to me is legit 6'4" at least from looking at him. Also another poster about my height Bobby3342 (another strong 6'4" guy) met him and said he's a good 6'4" not a weak one. Said he couldn't see any difference with him. I don't question Jared as much but Conan always comes up short next to others and if Kobe and Barkley both appear that much taller (I know people who have met both). Barkley according to a close friend himself has seen him twice and he's 6'3" himself said it's maybe 1.5" difference and he's about the same size as I am (I'm a solid afternoon 194cm and fall to 6'4.25 some days at night). Another person said he's 6'4/6'5 as have his former teammates. This same person met Kobe and gave him "about 6'5" which corroborates a 6'4.75 being maybe his lowest. Kobe appears taller than Barkley in a pic last year. I used to think Kobe was my size because of how he appeared with Jordan (roughly my size 6'4.5 for him prob) and footwear can offset 1/2" diff but seeing more pics he is close enough to 195 even if he falls a bit under at night possibly. The thing that stands out with Conan is his insistence that the true 6'4"s are taller than that like him asking Selleck what are you 6'4/6'5? When selleck has also even claimed 6'3.5 before as well (maybe a downplay but maybe not). Conan conceded that selleck is taller than him as is lithgow but in the video with Conan and Jared the same can be said that it favors conan along with shoe advantage he had. I can agree with 184guy he's also said he's prob not a full 6'4" himself but that he's over a flat 6'3 (he estimated him 191.5-193). I'd prob go with he's 6'4" out of bed and 6'3.25 at his lowest (191cm). The thing here is that every 6'4" is not equal. Some claim shows some measure early morning at 6'3.5-.75 and round up then some like Hasselhoff and lithgow really look 6'4" at their lowest same with a guy like Goldblum who looks a bit stronger a 6'4" imho 193-193.7 prob
Canson said on 22/Jul/17
@Tall In the Saddle: I agree with everything you said. Jared to me is legit 6'4" at least from looking at him. Also another poster about my height Bobby3342 (another strong 6'4" guy) met him and said he's a good 6'4" not a weak one. Said he couldn't see any difference with him. I don't question Jared as much but Conan always comes up short next to others and if Kobe and Barkley both appear that much taller (I know people who have met both). Barkley according to a close friend himself has seen him twice and he's 6'3" himself said it's maybe 1.5" difference and he's about the same size as I am (I'm a solid afternoon 194cm and fall to 6'4.25 some days at night). Another person said he's 6'4/6'5 as have his former teammates. This same person met Kobe and gave him "about 6'5" which corroborates a 6'4.75 being maybe his lowest. Kobe appears taller than Barkley in a pic last year. I used to think Kobe was my size because of how he appeared with Jordan (roughly my size 6'4.5 for him prob) and footwear can offset 1/2" diff but seeing more pics he is close enough to 195 even if he falls a bit under at night possibly. The thing that stands out with Conan is his insistence that the true 6'4"s are taller than that like him asking Selleck what are you 6'4/6'5? When selleck has also even claimed 6'3.5 before as well (maybe a downplay but maybe not). Conan conceded that selleck is taller than him as is lithgow
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jul/17
@SJH - unfortunately I haven't seen a decent clip with Hemsworth and O'Brien standing together - If anyone could point me to same that would be great.
@184guy fair call on the footwear and Conan does appear taller but agree with Canson that Jared for the most part doesn't stand straight until the very end of the clip - if you freeze at that point it seems Jared might have the slightest edge though Conan himself isn't standing perfectly straight at that point. I will say if Jared is 6'4" (I haven't really see enough of that guy to estimate) that clip does lend itself to the argument that Conan is at least taller than 6'3" flat.
The angle of the clip with Lithgow and O'Brien might advantage Lithgow a bit but I think it still reflects Lithgow as clearly taller. Lithgow's claim of 6'4" is corroborated by pics of Lithgow alongside 6' 4 & 3/4" John Cleese with Cleese appearing to have near enough to a 1" advantage but certainly no more than that.
It's tough to find the perfect pic to proffer as evidence for any celeb - different pics of the same two celebs can often see them swapping honours as to who actually appears taller at any given time - angles, footwear, postures are never perfectly equal from one photo to the next.
Canson said on 20/Jul/17
@Anonymous: I don't necessarily know if insecure but maybe he is who knows. The one giveaway tho is that he always asks legit 6'4" guys and a Strong 6'5" like Wlad Klitechko and he inflates them before they come back at 6'4". I think tho in this case it could be a matter of different times of the day or that Conan measures under 6'4" like he alluded to saying he's 6'4 but he's not and that is a morning height for him. My opinion tho is he's a well proportioned or maybe not (his legs are longer than average) I'm a true 6'4" and change and only wear a 35ish inseam and his legs are prob a 38. A guy with longer legs at that size will appear to be a bit taller than he really is on screen. I can agree somewhat with 184guy but have to say that it's likely a morning height based on how he comes up with guys like Hoff Lithgow and Selleck and Haysbert and Neeson. Kobe Barkley look an easy 1.5-2" taller (I surmise 1.5 for Kobe maybe but a little less for Barkley probably). I'd give Kobe a 195cm guy who can prob dip a mm or two or 3 under at night or could still be bang on 194.95 at night to bring him 6'4.75 like his wife measured him whereas Barkley measured 6'4 5/8. Oddly one pic of Barkley and Conan they looked the exact same just about but the video shows Barkley a bigger advantage like 1.5"
Canson said on 20/Jul/17
Click Here
Canson said on 20/Jul/17
@184guy: it's hard to tell from the video with Jared's knees bent I would say they look around the same if he stands straight or maybe a hair taller. I do agree Conan has the footwear advantage tho. But with a better video or picture such as lithgow when he was on the show or selleck or Hasselhoff Conan is clearly shorter than all of them and they all look 6'4" I'd say Jared also looks 6'4 but the angle wasn't the same
184guy said on 20/Jul/17
Conan O'Brian and JARED Padalecki
Click Here
Conan looks taller, but Had a footwear advantage
And you guys claiming he is only 6'3 ....
Canson said on 19/Jul/17
@SJH: I can say maybe at a peak Conan 6'4 out of bed 6'3.25 at night but his hair is also very long so makes him taller. Barkley honestly tho measured 6'4 5/8 at the olympics so doubt 3/4 is his lowest maybe for Kobe but even he could prob dip another mm or so below
S.J.H said on 19/Jul/17
@Tall In The Saddle

I remember someone post those camera advantage picture and video clip claim that Conan is much taller than Liam. I disagree with it and from my view of them i agree with you he is as tall as Conan but could be fraction lower. I don't think Liam beat out Conan and certainly they're not 0.75' apart that much just a big fraction max.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jul/17
@Canson - we're on the same page. As I stated in my last post, IMO Conan is 6'3" or a touch over but clearly WISHES to be viewed as 6'4". I still hold that Liam Hemsworth who does generally slink his posture is at least O'Brien's height if not taller (I believe taller) but understand others disagree with that particular comparison.
S.J.H said on 18/Jul/17
I can relate that Conan may have measure in the morning at 6'3.75" round up 6'4 and usually holding it solid 6'3.25" that added Charles Barkley and Kobe Bryant both would measure 6'5.25" in the morning and hold a strong 6'4.75" range
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
@Tall in the Saddle: I believe closer to 6'3" than 4
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Jul/17
6'3" or so is nothing to sneeze at but Conan would feel insecure when his self claimed "height" of 6'4" is often contradicted by legit 6'4" guests who are clearly taller than himself. Conan has an obvious height fixation. His guests clearly do not have the same fixation but they do hold clear conviction as to what their actual height is when it is addressed. The guests don't even mention their height until Conan asks and despite Conan's attempts to maintain his own status quo (6'4") and encourage his taller guests to inflate their heights above 6'4" (which is a direct acknowledgement by O'Brien himself that his guests are clearly taller), the guests remain true to what they know their actual heights to be - a rock solid and true 6'4".

Conan is 6'3" or a touch over but he appears to want to be that bit taller - and 6'4" seems to be the magic mark he aspires to.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jul/17

I doubt a 6'3"+ man like Conan would ever feel insecure about his height though.
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/17
@Canson I think there is still a lot of height competition and the attitude of taller being better or more impressive in the entertainment industry. I still don't understand why height is that important. If someone is significantly taller than me (I do know a 6'10" person and I come to just below his eyebrows. It's pretty neat.) or significantly shorter, it doesn't mean anything about the person. It's like what eye color a person has. It doesn't change who a person is. Some people might have different preferences according to eye color, but in the end, it doesn't really mean anything. It doesn't make Conan any less of anything to measure under 6'4". But he seems to feel insecure about it.
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@Joe: thanks! It's very true because Conan is edged by every 6'4" on his show. He always inflates the other person too that is truly 6'4". He said Selleck was 6'4/6'5 to him and when Selleck said "I'm 6'4" he asked Conan how tall he was before Conan said "I'm almost as tall as you"acknowledging he's shorter. Select also said he's 6'3.5 before too and that was earlier on in his career. (Rising Force provided the quote once). Maybe he's 6'3.75 or a full 6'4 but that still puts Conan tops 6'3.5 like others guess and let's face it 6'3.25 and 6'3.5 there is no difference between the two especially if he measures 6'3.25 at his lowest he would easily appear 6'3.5 to some since he'd be 6'4 out of bed. I don't necessarily call Conan a liar on his but when a legit 6'4" at his lowest like Lithgow or Hoff stands next to him it's prettt clear he's not as tall
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@Anonymous: to be fair tho if Conan measures 6'3.5 and sees 6'3.25 maybe a few hours later he is within reason since he measured it
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@Anonymous: yea I don't believe Rob ever met Conan. But he did meet Hoff. Conan more than likely rounded an early measurement but also has long hair. He said 6'4/6'4.5 once and also said he's 6'4 but he's not so could be an early measurement where he measured that sub 6'4 and rounded up which is also fair because really nobody is that specific outside of celbheights. That could also mean he's 6'3.25 just the same as .5 though at that stage. I agree Maybe he's over a flat 6'3 but He can be 6'3.25 at a low if he measured 6'3.5 earlier in the day Since we don't know when the others like Hoff were measured. That's my opinion at least but based on how he looked with Neeson or any of those guys or Kobe or Barkley appeared more 1.5" with the weak 6'5" guys like Barkley amen kobe and an inch with Neeson. 1/2-3/4 with Selleck. Hoff could look about the same or more but it wasn't the greatest angle. The other person to remember he measures with is Lithgow he is also taller when they were in front of each other. As stated earlier it could be a matter of those guys measuring a hair over which I doubt all of them did or a couple could be sub 6'4" as well. Rob met Hoff and he pegged him as 6'4" solid. But someone making a comment like the one made below yours where others are ignorant is very foolish because there is that unknown of when people were measured and at that point the poster is essentially inflating others just to make Conan 6'4 or clearly ignoring evidence or diminishing it
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/17
Tom Selleck saying both 6'3.5" and 6'4" probably means that he got measured both of those on different occasions. 6'3.5" might have been a low for him or a bad measurement, but the fact that he said that would lead a person to believe that he wouldn't be over 6'4". And I thought he looked a decent or perhaps a hair under 6'4" in his Magnum days. But that would put Conan at under 6'4". My personal guess for Conan would be 6'3.5" because he can look it often enough, and claiming 6'4" would be rounding rather than an outright upgrade. The fact the he has said 6'4.5" could be that he measured that in shoes which would put him at 6'3.5" or a hair over without the shoes. That's my view, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, if Rob met Conan and saw him as a full 6'4", I would accept it because he is a very good judge of height.
joe### said on 10/Jul/17
you are totally right
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
@Willes188: no offense but the statement you made about downplaying is ignorant. You don't know any of them and don't know when each is measured (time of the day). unless you can provide proof of those guys downplaying their heights then that statement does not work. You don't know when these people measured first of all. You could have a legit 6'4" in Hoff that measures exactly 6'4 at his lowest and Conan at 6'3.5 or 6'3.25. Selleck admitted to being the 6'4" and 6'3.5.
Willes188 said on 9/Jul/17
You are all very ignorant. I have provided more evidence towards 6'4+ for O'Brien over the last 3-4 years than you people have provided towards anything in your whole lifetimes. It's very easy for you to sit and speculate about Conan, and try to prove that he's under 6'4, if he looks 6'4 in comparison to 999 out of 1000 people you would argue that he's under 6'4 because he looked under it in 1 case. The cases where he looks under 6'4 either has to do with the other celeb being under listed and downplaying or that they have footwear advantage
184guy said on 9/Jul/17
To all saying that Conan is only 6'3-6'3.25 I suggest tô Check on the YT Conan With Zachary Levi . Zach is a legit 6'3 guy ( Rob met him in person and if antthing , he looked taller than Chris Hemsworth in a movie premiare ). Conan Had him by 2 inches but probably had at least 0.6 footwear advantage . That shows how he can look a legit 6'4 at times despite looking in fact shorter than Hasslehoff. He also looked taller than Liam Hemsworth who is a strong 6'3 guy . So In my opinion antthing in the 191.5 - 193 is possible .
Canson said on 9/Jul/17
@Micky: the thing is most people here don't wanna believe that. Instead the inflate guys like Selleck or Neeson to make Conan closer to 6'4. Trust me I believe you that he's max 6'3.25. People also don't understand that height varies. They think everyone measures the way we do here where we claim our lows. Most outside don't. They go to the doctor even in the morning and get a number and will round it up so won't add up with a legit 6'4" if he's 6'3.25 at his low
Micky said on 8/Jul/17
@Willies when I saw him in person in 2015, I got a 6-3.5 impression from him (without comparing footwear). This can be plus or minus a fraction but I would be shocked if he was over 6-4 or under 6-3.25. To me those are the upper and lower limits of what I can imagine. I am in the 6-3 range myself so I can judge it pretty accurately compared to most.
Canson said on 8/Jul/17
@Bugsy: Military heights are Morning. My cousin claims 6'4" and is 6'3 really (measures 6'3.25 ar night maybe less). I wholeheartedly agree Conan is nowhere near 6'4" especially with a legit 6'4" like Hasselhoff or "a possible full 6'4" in Selleck or stronger 6'4 (6'4.25" like Haysbert or Neeson
Bugsy said on 7/Jul/17
There's one thing I forgot in my earlier comment (4/Jul). The 6'3.25 friend I mentioned did NOT only CLAIM that height himself, he was measured at that height in the military. I also read that the listed heights here are afternoon/lowest heights? In that case Conan could even be a flat 6'3", I personally lose .75 inches in just 2 hours after waking up.

And Willes188: under 6'4" is not a joke. It has already been well established that Conan is definitely not taller than that. The debate that still remains is whether he's just a hair or a full inch shorter.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/17
@Canson Thank you for your interest in my situation. I wonder if any celebrities have something similar that could make judging their height difficult.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/17
The thing is, I drink copious amounts of water every day. I don't think I have an issue with being dehydrated. I may have issues with the spinal cord or vertebrae, as I've been to the hospital with back spasms. I have had numerous spasms over the years. But, I don't know for sure if it's related to my height loss. I have a 36.5" inseam, and that never changes. So my height loss is all in my back.
Willes188 said on 6/Jul/17
Everything under 6'4 is a joke for O'Brien
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Anonymous: that doesn't sound good. You may have a bad back problem that is affecting the spinal cord or vertebrae if you lose that much. I have back issues as well but even with them I typically still am within spec as far as what everyone else loses (usually right around 3/4" unless I go to the gym then it's 2.1 cm right after and usually jumps back to where it's only a solid 2cm if I sit for a while)Even at an absolute low I've lost like 2.6cm maybe 2.7) 193.1 or 193.2. That's odd to drop almost 2" from a normal low. Usually someone can drop it on their feet for a very substantial period of time another full cm possibly but that's extreme it if it's a full 3/8 of an inch meaning you would probably had to have been dehydrated in addition to being on your feet almost nonstop with no reprieve
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/17
I hadn't thought about this for a while because I thought it was all posture related, but after I became more interested in checking the past week or so thinking 6'2" was my highest, my height has continued to fluctuate even when trying to stay straight. My highest this week was 6'4" fully at 9:00 PM and my lowest was 6'2.25" at 5:00 PM on a different day.
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/17
Thank you very much for your input, Christian. I had a very strange experience this evening. I was with a friend who is a basketball player. He's 6'4" with a 6'7" wingspan. I had him help me with my measurement. I looked shorter than he did, and then I did a quick toe-touch and tried to straighten up and then I looked taller than he did, briefly. Later, I returned to looking shorter and he measured me at 6'3.5". I tried to stay as straight as possible. When I was 14-15, I measured just under 6'3" and my height seemed pretty consistent then next to my father who was the same height. Since I finished growing, I've gotten constant different afternoon barefoot measurements that go back and forth from shorter to taller; since I finished growing the tallest was 6'4.75" and the shortest since then was 6'1.5" I really don't know what's going on. I don't have a more-consistent height now it seems. My height seems to constantly change from one day to the next in comparison to people I know. Some days it almost looks like I tower over my father and some days he's a little taller than I am. I have a lot of health issues and terrible back pain, and even though I'm thin-ish, I'm horrendously out of shape from lack of exercise. Maybe all that contributes, I don't know.
Bugsy said on 4/Jul/17
Conan's tall all right, but not quite 6'4". I think what fools a lot of people is that in many (the overwhelming majority, actually) shots of him for example in the YouTube clips the other people are simply so much shorter.

I actually have a decent comparison: I have a couple of pictures of me with a friend of mine who says he's 6'3.25. Incidentally he also has the kinda similar tall hairstyle that Conan has (which also fools a lot of people). The difference in height between me and this friend of mine looks VERY similar to the difference between Conan and the countless celebrities who are my height (6'0"). [By the way, Andy Richter is NOT 6'0.5" as he is listed here... at least not anymore. I saw him standing right next to Conan on the show a few days ago and I'd say he's probably very slightly below 6 ft. Conan's eye level was at the top of Andy's head].

I also have another friend who's 6'5.75" who of course REALLY dwarfs me, but Conan is definitely nowhere near that tall. In conclusion, Conan is 6'3.25, not more. Still tall like I said but we like to be precise don't we?
@6'1.5 said on 4/Jul/17
It is very tall, no less than 192 cm.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 3/Jul/17

You should claim the height that you measure most frequently. If the majority of your measurements are 6'4", then claiming 6'4" is best.
Micky said on 30/Jun/17
I would say he looked an honest 6'3.5", but I didn't look to compare footwear. So give or take a fraction. This was 2015.
Micky said on 30/Jun/17
I saw Conan in person 2 years ago. I am a tall guy of similar height to Conan so I can spot it well. He gave off an impression of being pretty close his stated 6'4" - but probably just a little less. I would be very surprised if he measured above 193 cm or below 191.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/17
I had someone else do it and they said 6'4". But, there are also days when I'm even shorter out of bed than I was the night before. Combined with intense back pain. I'm not sure what the cause is. I can tell by photos of myself with others of known height. My mother is 5'6.5" and there are times she comes up to my Adam's Apple and other times she's above my bottom lip. With me standing at my tallest and both of us without shoes. I really think the best height for me to claim is "over 6 foot" because I really don't know from one day to the next.
Canson said on 30/Jun/17
@Anonymous: at the doctor's office or gym maybe have someone do it a few diff times to see how much the measurements vary. Other thing you could do is mark off a line on the wall for inches or get a height sheet and use a mirror
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/Jun/17

If you do the tape measure/spray can method, you might want to measure your floor with a spirit level to see if the floor's perfectly level or not. Even the slightest tilt can alter your measurement significantly. I measured 6'5 3/8" afternoon in one room, but got only 6'5" in another, but I checked the floor of the second room and it wasn't level.
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
@Anonymous: love the Poster name!!!!!!! thsts weird you probably are a good 6'4 or a solid or hair under. You may want to have someone else or a couple others do it
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
I met Jimmy Kimmel in person and 100% sure he is 2cm off the listing in this site at 5'10.5 so Conan O'Brien who had like near 5' on Kimmel is guaranteed not over 191cm and probably always measure 192cm in the morning and rounded up saying 6'4 and old tales again he look solid 4cm lower than Charles Barkley who is not 6'6 but 6'4-5/8
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/17
Whoops, I messed up on my name. Sorry, I'm exhausted. I'm just anonymous because I'm not creative enough to come up with anything else.
@Canson said on 28/Jun/17
Yeah, my nurse deducted an inch and said 6'5". The funny thing is, I checked my self with a tape the other day just after noon and I was 6'4.25". Then, another day at same time, I was 6'3.5". Just yesterday, 6'2". I'm not sure what's going on. I used Rob's methods and put marks down and they are all over the place. I'm confused. No shoes every time and standing as straight as I can.
Canson said on 26/Jun/17
@Anonymous: I've only measured with shoes in basketball. The doctors office my wife and I went to once measured her in shoes tho as the nurse didn't bother to ask for them to come off. It was a morning appointment tho and she was measured 5'9 in sneakers. That probably would put her with 5'8 or a smidge more at that point (she's 5'7.75 after I measured her in the late afternoon). Think we had been up 2 hours or so at that point. I only have had one nurse say well you don't have to take your shoes off I'll deduct. I took them off anyway.
handsome guy said on 26/Jun/17
no more 189cm. he is smaller than alexander skarsguard.
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/17
@Canson: Exactly! I got 6'6" in shoes one time (way off but I don't know why). Possibly Conan is going off a shoe or bad measurement. But I think you have nailed the possibilities down quite astutely.
Canson said on 25/Jun/17
@Anonymous: I agree maybe that was the case and with all of his hair that is a possibility that it was the case. I think the other possibility would be that he was all along a guy 6'4" out of bed and 6'3.25 at night and maybe measures in between earlier in the day and is simply rounded up to 6'4" by whoever measured him. When he said 6'4-6'4.5 that's gotta be in shoes as he's never as tall as Hasselhoff or Lithgow which leads me to believe he's really more like 191cm which to many people can look 6'4" if you see 10 guys that size in a room im sure that 5 out of those 10 if measured earlier will round up or may have been rounded up By a doctor or nurse. If I were to go the doctor in the morning I would be given 6'5" whereas if I measure in the afternoon 6'4 since I dip under half at that stage to 3/8.
Balrog said on 23/Jun/17
I think he's a decent 6'4'' guy, if he's shorter is not by much...
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/17
@Canson: I just had a thought that maybe Conan got measured wrong and thinks he might be a different height. Sometimes doctors aren't that great at measurements. I had been told for years at different doctors that I'm 6'4" or 6'5" but the other day, I decided to check for myself. I whipped out a metric tape and put it to my head and I was exactly 188 cm or 6'2". Don't know how they could have been that wrong, but it happened. Nobody ever called me out on being less than 6'4", but, I'm really 6'2". Maybe something similar happened to Conan and he never checked it out himself? There's nothing wrong with any height, it's just a number. I'm surprised to find out I'm over 2 inches smaller than I was told and exactly 2 inches shorter than I self reported, but it doesn't really make any difference. Except I know my true height better now.
S.J.H said on 20/Jun/17
Liam hemsweorth is just modest 6'3 and conan is sure a little bit taller dead on 6'3-1/4 only those camera angle favor on conan to put him look 6'4 next to liam.
184guy said on 19/Jun/17
Im sorry but there is no way Liam is only 190 . His brother is arguably he falls to a Weaker range of 6'3 , but Liam himself is no less than a flat 6'3 . If you Take a look on him beside someone Like Josh Duhamel or Jeff Goldblum you Will see That 6'3-6'3.5 is possible . 6'4
However is madness
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jun/17
@Christian, Canson and Rising.

Good rationale, pics and video submissions to lend support to your opinion. Thanks. Just to be clear I don't need or want Liam to be taller than O'Brien but it's just something I have gleaned from viewing various pics of the two together, pics of them with other celebs and particularly pics/videos of them with Goldblum. IMO, Liam always looks either equal and sometimes a bit taller than Goldblum, worst case, maybe a smidge shorter - however, on the flipside, to me, Conan always looked clearly shorter than Goldblum. Bottom line, as they compare to Goldblum, Liam appears to stand taller than Conan.

If O'Brien is in fact taller than Liam and I could see that without reasonable question, that would be fine - and I am not dismissing the offered photos and video out of hand - they're worthy submissions and carry their weight in proportion. I will say that in the video, Conan does appear to stand a bit taller than Liam but, imo, it is Liam's posture that is obviously well compromised, posturing to embrace both Lawrence and O'Brien at either side and in fact leaning to his right to accommodate the shorter Lawrence. At the same time, I think Conan is assuming a pretty straight posture himself.
I'm not sure how to link photos or if it's sorted after post is submitted but here's a link to a small montage of photos with Liam and Conan which seem to indicate Liam to be taller - I say "seem to" because they are not full length, so there could be the usual x factors involved. I won't be an apologist for Hemsworth or try to suggest he is taller than what he actually is but I think his posture is generally less than ideal and when he straightens up from time to time it can make quite the difference. I also think Liam continued to grow beyond the accepted average age - even after hitting his 20s, Liam seemed to have gained a progressive and ultimately clear edge over his bro Chris but I notice more often than not that he still seems to slouch/tilt in toward Chris for photos - so that varying edge may have more to do with Liam standing properly straight or not. Chris, on the other hand, seems to stand very straight most of the time.
Anyway, here's the link which I hope takes you to the photos in question.
Click Here
Visitor said on 18/Jun/17
If he said "I'm about 6'4" but I'm not" that sounds like an admission that he might fall just short of the mark. Still I can't see him going any lower than 192.5 cm
RisingForce said on 18/Jun/17
That photo with Conan is one of the few decent full ones. Plus, Conan has noticeably worse posture. Here's another one taken from a straighter angle, but Conan is still taller with that slouch: Click Here And here's another: Click Here Conan is getting a camera advantage from being closer in that last one, but I still get the impression he was taller. Better yet, here's video showing Conan taller: Click Here (15 second mark)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/17
Liam Hemsworth could be anywhere in the 6ft3-3½ range but not quite a 6ft4 guy. Conan I'm gonna guess is closer to 6ft4 than 6ft3. But he's been consistently edged out by other real 6ft4 guys in the past like Goldblum, Neeson and Lithgow so he possibly falls into the 6ft3¾ zone.
Canson said on 18/Jun/17
@Tall in the Saddle: Liam's really 192/193? I would've had him around 190cm prob and Conan about 191 but maybe I'm wrong
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/Jun/17
@Tall In The Saddle

It's strange, because Liam usually looks 6'3" when standing next to everyone else.
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Jun/17

I can only reiterate, clearly taller than O'Brien and on par with Goldblum which puts Liam reasonably into the 6'3.75" to 6'4" range.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17
@Tall In The Saddle

Hemsworth at 6'4" is too high. No taller than 6'3".
Tall In The Saddle said on 15/Jun/17
Re shot of Hemsworth and O'Brien. I think Liam is still clearly taller when one appreciates and makes simple allowance for the angle of the shot. If that's not obvious to all from that particular photo there are several other, flat view shots of the pair which show Liam to be obviously taller than O'Brien by at least a good 1 inch.

As to Liam's height, he is on par with Jeff Goldblum (plenty of pics to support this). At whatever height you currently place Goldblum, he himself is also still clearly taller than O'Brien. If Goldblum has lost any height, I wouldn't say that it would be more than 1/4 inch and it's likely that Goldblum was 6'4 and 1/4" at his absolute peak. At worst I would peg Hemsworth at 6'3 and 3/4" but just as easily accept that he is in fact a full 6'4". As to O'Brien, he's somewhere between 6'3" and 6'3 and 1/4" with numerous cross references in support.
Canson said on 14/Jun/17
@Rising Force: Conan may be a hair taller but the angle magnifies him there making him appear taller than Liam. My guess is Liam is prob not a full 6'3. I'd go as high (based on how Conan looks with real 6'4s) as 6'3.25 like Christian had him. He's taller than Liam tho I agree
Matthew Robinson said on 14/Jun/17
RisingForce with another example of how Conan is obviously taller than just 6'3". There are several examples that show he isn't quite as tall as a full 6'4". He's a 192 cm guy to me, safely 6'3.5" - perhaps 6'3.75"at a push. You might say it's ridiculous to think you could spot the difference between 192 and 193 cm but when you see a trend of him repeatetly a tad shy of 193 cm guys and it's not due to posture or footwear, it becomes obvious.
RisingForce said on 14/Jun/17
Conan may be shorter than 6'4" guys, well, at least he did genuinely seem shorter than Lithgow to me, but he's taller than a 6'3" guy like Liam Hemsworth: Click Here Rob has Liam at 191 cm. I haven't looked enough to see if I agree with that or more a flat 6'3", but either way, it seems most regard Liam as at least 6'3".
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
@Arch: only problem there is that Conan is shorter than not only Hoff but was looking up at Selleck and Neeson. Now Neeson I see as my hehight in his prime maybe at worst 6'4-6'4.25. But Conan also acknowledges selleck is taller than him and said what are you 6'4/6'5 to selleck then selleck says 6'4" but has also claimed 6'3.5. I think he's between the two at his peak. I agree with SJH because Conan claimed 6'4-6'4.5 once that's definitely a show height and he has long hair as well. I agree with Christian tho maybe 6'3.25 peak and was a morning 192 who rounded his height up to 6'4". Problem is a lot of people may claim it meaning celebs but just be Morning rounded up too and we base off them. I can see Segal being taller than Conan too peak as well as Haysbert and lithgow for sure was in his show noticeably
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/17
On the contrary I don't think I've ever seen Conan look 6'3 flat, to me he generally looks 6'4.
Canson said on 9/Jun/17
@Matthew Robinson: I agree with Christian peak height was what he had him 6'3.25. He does look strong 6'3. Remember that Conan has long hair that makes him appear taller
184guy said on 9/Jun/17
Unless he uses lifts , he is over 6'3 even today
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17

I think he just get measure with shoe at 6'4-4.5 range and claim it like others doing it too, that is why we see it how the very first time kobe/charles barkley attend his show they easily look nearly 2' taller than conan. Absolute max he can be 6'3.25 and the hoff might be slightly weak 6'4 with conan or hoff had slightly less footwear.
Matthew Robinson said on 8/Jun/17
I disagree that he never looked over 6'3". Check him out next to Zachary Levi for example (Rob has met him and lists him at 6'3" - so certainly I think he's at minimum 6'2.5"). Conan definitely looked taller than 6'3" next to him.

He does however, consistently look a little shorter than legit 193 or 194 cm range guys. Liam Neeson and David Hasselhoff for example. Both are solidly 6'4", and both were slightly taller than Conan (perhaps 1 - 1.5 cm). Josh Homme - at 194 cm looked at minimum a half inch taller than Conan but I'd say realistically pretty close to a full inch than just a half. Kobe Bryant at 195 cm, looks 3 cm taller easy. All adds up to Conan at around 6'3.5" - perhaps 6'3.75" giving him all the benefit of that doubt. 6'3" flat is too low, unless he's shrunk within the past few years.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 7/Jun/17

I wouldn't call a 6'3.25" person claiming 6'4" as inflating. After all, he's 6'4" out of bed. Anything higher than your morning height is inflating, like when he claimed 6'4 1/2" once.
Canson said on 6/Jun/17
Agree with SJH. He's always inflated his height never looks over 6'3" honestly
Tall In The Saddle said on 5/Jun/17
Reading through a number of previous posts, IMO, Canson, via several posts, has consummately broken this down with the correct conclusions in terms of true height and the psychology behind Conan's attempted "inflations". I'm basically agreeing with and encapsulating those sentiments. O'Brien is not 6'4" as a number of clearly taller, self touted and stoically maintained 6'4" guests on his show have proven by the mere physical presence. That Conan wants to be accepted as at least 6'4", albeit false, is obvious - so much so, Conan has tried to suggest that several of his 6'4" are taller than their own, self proclaimed heights in order to maintain the preferred "status quo". Conan is selling but his guests, to a man, were not buying. That's refreshing. They didn't seem so nearly fixated on their own height (if at all) as Conan was but they showed absolute conviction behind and adherence to their true height.

Sorry, but I have to return to the back to back shot of Hoff and Conan - Hoff is clearly taller, if Conan is "higher" at any point in the frame of reference, it is simply due to the effect of the angle and height of the shot and the fact that Conan is closer to camera - the brain can easily and quickly adjust for same. The effect of the angle/height of the camera is somewhat negated at the exact point in space in which Hoff and Conan's backs contact, moving up from that Hoff's shoulders are clearly higher by at least 1 ".
To appreciate the skew factor, the set in the background which we would otherwise understand to be level shows a clear downward slope from right to left within the frame of reference - clearly favouring Conan both on the right and the foreground. Not to be dismissed out of hand is the fact that Hoff looks straight ahead, standing with full conviction while Conan clearly looks to the monitors to check and find that he is falling short which then gives him cause to do a last second tip toe and then quickly recedes from the comparison.
I'll add that Conan is also prone to focusing in how "tiny" some of his previous guests have been - commenting in particular on the larger than life action hero types such as Stallone etc. and musing how much smaller they are in real life. I think his address of these actors goes beyond trivial - it's meant to "squish" them down and maintain Conan's status as a clearly bigger man - when a guest of comparable or greater height attends the show Conan often comments on how "refreshing" it is to have a fellow big person on after playing host to a string of virtual munchkins. Looking at both ends of the spectrum (small guest to large) it's a tear down and build up process respectively.
Anyway, I agree that Lithgow is true 6'4" guy. There are number of pics of Lithgow and Cleese as solid evidence - Cleese is taller but there is barely an inch between them - which corroborates Cleese's self opined height of 6' 4 & 3/4" (Cleese - literally and comically a pedantic man). I remember first noting Lithgow in The World According to Garp and thinking yeah, he's a big dude all round. Since then however, it really isn't something that remains uppermost in mind, it's Lithgow's acting ability and real life persona that are by far his most transcendent qualities. The irony of Lithgow voicing the character of the laughably short Lord Farquaad in Shrek was hilarious.
S.J.H said on 5/Jun/17
My 6'5 youngest brother seem to look several inches taller than conan. I can easily spot height between 6'2-6'5 as it runs in my family (4 brothers). Conan is really not over 6'3 and almost 6'5 with that tall hair.
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
Selleck was taller than Conan. Conan was at best a strong 6'3" peak and has long hair and odd proportions. You can tell with every 6'4" guy edging him and he goes out of his way to give people an inch until they say it back now it's I'm 6'4 but I'm not. He's not.
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
Lithgow was a legit 6'4" that is for sure as was Hoff. Conan never was. But I will also say I've seen the other side where I saw John laroquette walk right past my parents and me in the airport. My father peak was a full 6'4" at his lowest maybe 1/8" over and he looked a hair taller when he walked past. He's more 194/195 guy than flat 193.
RisingForce said on 31/May/17
Now Lithgow in both 1997 and 2005 seems the clearest to me. In particular in 2005, Conan seems to stand tall and compare, but Lithgow seems a fair amount taller.
RisingForce said on 31/May/17
I didn't see an inch at all between Hoff and Conan, but I'll have to look up Lithgow. Lithgow still looked like he had to be very close to 6'4" or still that tall when he appeared on Dexter at age 63, he made everyone look short, including Keith Carradine who was definitely around 6'1", so I have no doubt Lithgow was 6'4". As for Selleck, I think he's just an honest guy when he comes to his height and used the exact figure a couples of times, but then rounds from a 1/2" to an inch other times. Selleck could look every bit of 6'4" to me, and I've seen him described as 6'5" in newspapers, but he could also definitely look under 6'4" at times.
Canson said on 30/May/17
@Rising Force: maybe he did I wasn't aware. He could've done I thinking 6'4" was too tall. But selleck doesn't look as tall as hoff or lithgow both of whom have Conan by a solid inch thereabouts
RisingForce said on 14/May/17
Tall in the Saddle, thanks, I appreciate it, but my point is only that we have to adjust and if we can't tell who is taller by the top of their heads then it's not ideal. If I had to guess who was taller regardless, I'd guess Hoff as he's still looking near 6'4" at age 60-61 with Rob and he didn't have much footwear with Conan, perhaps less than Conan did, but I think the two are very close, no more than a half inch tops, imo. As for Selleck, he claimed 6'3.5" in both 1981 and 1987, Canson, so why would he downgrade himself when there's no motive to do so? Selleck didn't look a legit 6'4" next to a 5'10" Patrick Swayze and he could look only a little taller than 6'2.5" Ted Danson. As for the clip, Selleck does genuinely seem taller than Conan to me, including eye level as I watch it again, but Adam mentioned Selleck looked down, but as soon as Conan reached out to shake his hand, he bent forward and never straightened up himself, plus he's away from the camera. I can see why some are convinced Selleck is taller, but I just wouldn't discount what a camera can do. If both men are 6'3.5" then Selleck would be taller anyway considering the thicker boot he was wearing, but I can't give Selleck any taller than 6'3 5/8" or 6'3 3/4" because he must have measured a fraction under 6'4" to give 6'3.5" as his height twice during a time period he was one of the top television stars. But how can we discount Conan looking clearly taller than Dolph Lundgren in 2009? Lundgren was still a bare minimum 6'3", very possibly 6'3.5" at the time as I've shown comparing Dolph to Terry Crews a year later as well as Hasselhoff 3 years later. I think Dolph had bad posture the entire time, but still, everyone who has seen the clip was convinced Conan was taller. Posture, angles and footwear collectively can all make pretty big differences, that's what this forum is for. I'm just not willing to conclude too much based on any one comparison that has a few variables, but as I said, watching it again, I do see it as a logical conclusion to draw that Selleck was taller, but not definitive.
Tall In The Saddle said on 14/May/17
Rising - thanks for supplying the pic of Hoff and Conan back to back. I respect your opinion but I still "see" Hoff standing clearly taller than Conan in that pic. No, the angle of that particular screenshot isn't ideal but I think our brains can reasonably adjust for same. The combination of lower angle and Conan closer to camera does allow for Conan's head to stand higher in that particular frame of reference - but I think it's obvious that the angle/proximity has caused that - it's not even an illusion because our brains generally allow and adjust for it and, at the least, we know that as we approach a more ideal frame of reference that is level with their heads and with Hoff and O'Brien equal distance from camera , Conan will progressively lose his "advantage" and the top of his head will become lower and lower. Also, note that their shoulders are pinned together so the effect of the camera height and angle is somewhat negated and Hoff's shoulders are still clearly higher. Anyway, just my opinion.
Matthew Robinson said on 13/May/17
The only thing definitive in the Selleck clip is when Conan implied he wasn't a legit 6'4" with his quote. "I'm about 6'4" but I'm not" typically means that he's measures a fraction under 6'4".
Adam said on 13/May/17
@Rising Force, there's nothing inconclusive about Selleck being right in Conan's face and looking down at him.
Canson said on 13/May/17
Selleck is taller than Conan. Conan admitted it. Selleck likely was a solid 6'4 peak no worse than 6'3.75. Conan is just not as tall as he claims to be never has been anything over maybe 191cm peak. He's a strong 6'3" peak maybe a flat 6'3 today or between 190.5-191
RisingForce said on 11/May/17
Doesn't mean the camera man knows an ideal angle to compare height and picked one. Remember, most people don't have the same interest in height and knowledge of the subject that we do. Here's a screenshot: Click Here The angle actually makes it look like Conan is taller going by the top of their heads, which you can see looking at where the frame cuts off. If it was more level and not on Conan's side we could tell more conclusively, but I'm certainly not seeing proof of Hasselhoff being taller. The Selleck comparison was much less conclusive because they didn't have good posture since there was bending for the handshake and again, they weren't equal distances from the camera. Selleck also looked to have boots which could give him an advantage as well. I don't rule out 6'3.5" for Conan, but no lower and I'm really not seeing the big deal in these clips.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/May/17
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. For height comparison which was the express purpose, the proximity, angle and assumed postures of Hoff and Conan standing back to back were very practical. Remember too, they could see themselves on the monitors, O'Brien himself saw Hoff's obvious advantage which gave Conan cause to get up on his toes. Hoff simply stayed planted. IMO, Selleck was obviously taller also. Again, enter Conan's own testimony - enquiring if Selleck was in fact 6'5" as opposed to Conan's own, self touted 6'4". I saw that both Hoff and Selleck were clearly taller and to affirm that perception, O'Brien's own words and actions indicated that he saw it that way also.
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
I don't believe Selleck was any taller than 6'3.5", since he said so himself at least twice during the 80s. I watched the Conan clip and I couldn't tell clearly their height as Conan bends a bit to greet him and shake hands and then the angle was too tricky as it showed Selleck from the back and Conan from the front, not at equal distances, plus Selleck looked to have a pretty thick boot when you see his shoes towards the end of the clip. Not a cowboy boot, but probably a bit more than Conan's dress shoes. But remember, Conan was taller than Dolph Lundgren back in 2009! And Dolph when he stood straight was still at the very least 6'3", possibly 6'3.5". To demonstrate this, look at Dolph in 2012 with David Hasselhoff, who Rob thought was still around 6'4" the following year: Click Here Click Here I just watched the video where he's back to back with Hasselhoff too and they look pretty similar to me and both have a bit of extra hair, but unfortunately a more direct angle would be better to settle it. At least Hasselhoff had shoes that wouldn't add much. But I don't see anything compelling enough to make me doubt Conan was 6'4". Not that I've looked at him enough to rule out a possible 192 cm range either.
Matthew Robinson said on 2/May/17
I think there's enough evidence to warrant at least knocking a quarter inch off this listing. Between his admission to Tom Selleck that he's about 6'4" but not, his admission that Liam Neeson was taller than him. Check him out next to an actual 6'4.5" guys like Dennis Hayesbert or Josh Homme, 6'4.75" guys like Kobe Bryant or Charles Barkley... You can see that a solid 6'4" looks a little bit of a reach. I think 6'3.5" - 6'3.75" range is a lot believable, perhaps he's shrunk a mite under this by now though.
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
@Adam: Conan has longer hair than Hoff and when they stood back to back was still shorter than him
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/17
I agree with you Canson! Having seen your post on the John Larroquette page, I will also say that after watching a bit of Night Court lately, I'm pretty sure Harry Anderson would be taller than Conan. If Harry wasn't a full 6'4", he was darn close. He was visibly taller than Vincent Schiavelli. And he looked 6'4" next to 5'9.5" Harold Gould. Conan doesn't look as tall as Harry.
Adam said on 25/Apr/17
If Conan is the yardstick for Hasselhoff and Selleck, there is no difference between the two. Why would Hasselhoff's apparent edge over Conan on stage be credible but Selleck's equally apparent edge not? The other clip of Conan with Selleck does not give the same clear perspective of the two face to face or shoulder to shoulder. The very best evidence is where they meet on stage, face to face and Selleck looking down to Conan. There was no incline, but if there was, the incline must have also benefitted Hasselhoff in his pic with Conan.
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@184guy: this is the video with pippen. Conans hair makes it tough to accurately gauge their difference

Click Here
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@184 guy: agree on Vaughan. I think peak weak 6'5 probably taller than me peak but today he's 6'4" ish. Hoff it's thought to get the read. I would've said 193 at his low. You make great points. I also noticed with conan on occasion as well as Letterman they both have stood on an incline when greeting guests. But letterman more than Conan. I saw pippen with Conan too and looked 4" imho maybe 3.5. I don't believe pippen at his peak was 6'7.5 (he was an entire inch shorter than Malone was) I do think he was about full 6'7" tho (worst maybe 6'6.75) so Conan would be around 192 when that was shot (when pippen ripped the celtics jacket off of him). I have never been able to tell pippen because he could look taller at times but he has had 2 major back and some knee surgies
Canson said on 21/Apr/17
@Anonymous: I agree. I'm a hair under 194 at my lowest normally (Not extreme low tho). Neeson I believe in his prime if I stood next to him we wouldn't be able to tell who was taller but Conan prime 192 is even pushing it imho. SJH is right most of the time imho (he guesses logically based on how he sees people) and here he is right as are you sure As is Bobby3342 and Christian. My honest opinion is he was 191-192 peak and is 191 today tops. But if he's any lower it's between 190.5-191. He may not be as low as 6'3 and is a strong 6'3" probably. His hair can fool people. But with this site (I along with Bobby) have said this many times people generally take a claim someone they respect gives and assumes it's their true low height and then bell curves everyone else around them meaning makes other people taller. Hence Conan may only be 192 morning height and round up to 6'4 meaning he isn't even that full 6'4 a couple hours out of bed I don't believe Conan has lost significant height personally and if he did it's maybe 1/4". Now some people here will say you can use whatever you measure however if that's the case they shouldn't be using wools and pictures to compare others then. But When I say 191-192 that is 6'3.5ish or slightly less since 6'3.5 isn't quite 192.
184guy said on 21/Apr/17
I found the whole video of Joe Manganiello on Conan
You can see him beside Conan:

Click Here
And here Conan and Kobe:
Click Here

I believe both man had the same amount on Conan,about 3 cms.
184guy said on 21/Apr/17
@Canson , actually I said that he looked about the same as Selleck, in 1998. One thing that I have noticed is that when someone goes to the show,they generally put the cam nearer the guest and Conan stands a bit Further away to Greet.I Would say he looked shorter than Hassle but this one could have been potentially taller than 6'4 since he still looked every bit of 6'4 With Rob in a old age, including a slightly leaning. Conan also looked about the same as Vince Vaughn who could have been a weak 6'5 and now a flat 6'4er.He still could be 192 since he looked about 1-1.25 shorter than 195 Joe Manganiello.
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/17
Hmm, I think you may be right. Hasselhoff could sometimes give off a taller impression. But, I just saw him looking pretty much the same height as David Ogden Stires in a Perry Mason episode. I think Stires may have been close to 6'4" at his peak (he looked 6'4" next to John Matuszak and he had a significant footware disadvantage), but certainly not over. That puts Hasselhoff at a respectable 6'4", but not as tall as Neeson.
S.J.H said on 21/Apr/17
@Canson said on 19/Apr/17
Hasselhoff was 193. Conan at absolute best was 192 prime

Yeah and i even think conan is only 6'3 flat since 2009 the video i posted kobe on his show. Is possible he claim 194cm with shoes and 191cm barefoot he didn't care about the time he measure but was down to 6'3 afternoon and i would rule out 190cm min with kobe and barkley unless he had less heel on them. I've never see andy richter look 9cm shorter than conan before at most 8cm or right at 3 inches even he claim to loss half inch at 6'0.5. Richter may not be what he claim 6'1 peak , honestly he doesn't look that tall as i have a real 6'1 brother and richter look more like my 6'0 my cousin range and might be 5'11.75 now that makes a 6'3 conan , actors like liam hemsworth may not be as well as think because conan edge him out like a 1/4 or fraction. Hemsworth is more like 6'2.5-.75 def not 0.75 under conan , conan sustain at 6'2.75-6'3 and i have see couples of picture he look max 3cm shorter than a current vince vaughn who struggle to look over 6'4 nowadays
Canson said on 20/Apr/17
@Anonymous: maybe hoff was over but not sure. I'd go 192 for Hoff today in pics. He never struck me as being as tall prime as Neeson
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/17
@Canson: I could see Hasselhoff at a hair over 6'4" at peak and 6'4" now. But, completely agreed on Conan. I could see Liam, Goldblum, and Hasselhoff between 6'4" and 6'4.5" at peak. They all could have been over 6'4" a little bit, or 6'4", but no less. Conan, 6'3.5" possibly peak. Tom Selleck 6'4" peak and 6'3" now.
Canson said on 19/Apr/17
Hasselhoff was 193. Conan at absolute best was 192 prime
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i think you can see in that clip with david hasselhoff back to bakc even if the angle is weird it seems pretty clear that hasselhoff is taller. i can see hasselhoff as 194 and conan barely 193 maybe? conan over 193 is hard to believe when he was shorter than liam neeson and jeff goldblum with atleast half inch 10 years back.
Canson said on 18/Apr/17
@SJH: agreed. At most 6'3.25.
S.J.H said on 18/Apr/17
Click Here 0:40 , 0:41 , 0:42 clearly see Howard Stern look 2 inches taller than Conan O'Brien. Conan is 6'3 not more. Stern is probably 6'5.25 peak and 6'5 since few years back
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/17
@Canson: That's a nice, balanced way to view it. I have trouble in a lot of cars myself though, at 6'3.75". (Was a stronger 6'4" before but I've got a dowager type of thing going on.) My problem is that I'm all legs and not much torso. Also, I have short arms. So, I have to put the seat all the way back for my legs and then my arms are completely extended to hold the wheel. And they way they design seats these days is extremely uncomfortable on my back. There is definitely enough space for me in vehicles, but still not comfortable. Trucks and old cars are much better.
Canson said on 17/Apr/17
@Anonymous: I don't begrudge him either. I don't view height as a characteristic against that should degrade or judge someone it's a number to me nothing more. My only thing with Conan is he inflates others like Wlad or Neeson or even Selleck to make himself taller which is the only issue I have. I don't think that is cool at all esp after someone who is telling the truth has already claimed their real height and you're going behind them making them taller in an insincere way. Another thing he does is he exaggerates himself like saying he's too tall to fit in a 7 series Beamer etc. I drive a 5 series at 6'4-6'4.5 and it's comfy for me. I have also had a 350Z before (it was a bit tight but not terribly). I still fit. Also my 6'6" friend drives a 7 series himself and doesn't even drive with the seat full reclined as it's more than enough room for him. And when I say he's 6'6" he's a good 6'6" maybe dropping here and there to 6'5 7/8 at night after a long day. Others he's bang on 6'6" on a normal day at his low (6'6 3/4 out of bed).
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/17
@Canson Exactly! I did believe Conan at 6'4" until seeing him with Tom Selleck. If Conan was a solid 6'4"-6'4.5" as he claimed, he should have looked taller than Selleck, but he looked noticeably smaller. Then, I started to notice that Conan didn't look fully 6'4" next to other tall guys. I don't begrudge him the 6'4" claim if he's got a little change over 6'3", but he once actually said "I'm 6'4.5" in my bare feet." That shows that he is very height conscious and wants to be taller.
Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon said on 16/Apr/17
Strong 6ft3, he should be downgraded.
Canson said on 15/Apr/17
Agreed Anonomyous. He looks like most other strong 6'3" guys or weak 6'4" who measure in the AM. He also said he's 6'4-6'4.5. I don't know if that's with hair or if that's with shoes on. My guess prime he "may have been 6'3.5 like 184guy also said is a possibility. But I come from the other end of it and say I don't see him being any higher than that whereas most people put him weak 6'4 peak (6'3.5-.75). I have seen him next to a guy like Kobe Bryant who is 6'4.75 and that's a good 1.5" diff so yea maybe Conan was 6'3.5 peak and lost a 1/4" and is 6'3.25 now. He never looked as tall as Hasselhoff or Lithgow or Haysbert imho. But 184guy made a strong point. In different angles he may have looked as tall as Lithgow. Lithgow is older so maybe he lost some but in that same breath I could see a peak Lithgow a hair over 6'4 maybe
Blake said on 14/Apr/17
Rob, if when they measured Jake Gyllenhaal on Conan if they invited you down to the show measure him would you have done it? I know its an unrealistic situation
Editor Rob: I'd give anybody a proper measurement...even with a tape measure and ruler like the one I showed with jenny...of course there ends the mystery ;)

but to be fair, imagine The Rock, Stallone or Tom Cruise ever agreeing to even anything like a conan measurement!
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/17
@Canson: I think your estimate/observation may be right on the money. Conan definitely looked more like 6'3" tops than 6'4" next to all the other 6'4" guys you mentioned. And he looked nowhere near 6'4" next to Rhett from YouTube who I think is a genuine 6'7". Maybe it could be argued that Conan is a strong 6'3" and pushed 6'4" at his peak. But I also think he can pull off 6'4" because a lot of 5'5"-5'9" guys seem to pad their heights. But with tall guys in his height range, Conan is close but not quite 6'4".
Canson said on 13/Apr/17
@184 guy: it's hard to tell with them. Like you mentioned sometimes it's tough to see a difference with him and another 6'4" or 6'3 guy. I agree stern is 6'5 klitexhko prob 6'5-6'5.25. Conans hair makes it tough to tell sometimes as well. I'd go 191 range maybe and maybe close to 192 peak. He doesn't look like he's lost much height as his posture is still better than a guy like neeson who has lost height. Neeson I totally believe was 6'4.25 prime (193-194) as listed and I always thought he was strong 6'3 more so than a weak 6'4"
184guy said on 12/Apr/17
@Canson sorry but a guy Like Howard stern and Wlad when were in the show were not 2 inches taller than Conan. More Like 3cms, Max 4cms.Thats why I believe If Conan is not 6'4,at worst 192 range. He Was noticiably taller than Goldblum and William Hemsworth recently and they both áre today strong 6'3 guys,no less than 191.He looked a lot taller Like 2inches taller than Zachary Levy in the show (Conan Had about 0.7inches of footwear advantage) and Rob met Zach and belivied That he Was a proper 6'3 guy.But I agree, he looked shorter than Hasslehoff and ,in a video shorter than Selleck but in another That I post below almost identical,Hard to say Who Was taller. I just can see him as low as 190,5
Canson said on 12/Apr/17
@Nick: agreed on this one! He's never been a legit 6'4. Strong 6'3" prime maybe 6'3" flat today
Nick said on 11/Apr/17
I strongly believe that Conan is more like 190/1cm flat and 193cm in shows and with that hair of his. Also is very lean can no more than 80kg. Makes him look taller.
S.J.H said on 6/Apr/17
1995 clip pause at 0:05-0:06 conan back to back with david hasselhoff. An odd angle conan was closer to the camera for the advantage.

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
Him being 6'3.75 or 6'4 prime would imply that the slew of 6'4" guys like Lithgow and Neeson and Haysbert and Hasselhoff are all downplaying it then. haysbert Lithgow and hoff are legit 193 prime while Neeson is my height 193.5-194 range. Conan was 191-192 absolute most prime more like 191 and is 190.5 today (solid 6'3"). His hair is the only way he'd see 6'4" barefoot
Sonny Black said on 4/Apr/17
Judging by pics I've seen of him with people I know, I've got him pegged at 6'3.5.
shiva 181 cms said on 3/Apr/17
Conan o'brien's
Peak height
6'4.5 (194cms) out of bed
6'3.75(192cms) before bed

Current height
6'4.25(193.5cms) out of bed
6'3.5(191-192cms) before bed

He's likely lost a fraction at 54
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@SJH agreed 190.5 without shoes or hair tops
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@Rampage: LOL no prob! Yea I could see it being noticeable to some but not all. And I love Conan as an entertainer so not putting him down. He just never appeared to be 6'4" to me. Long list of real 6'4" guys like Haysbert Hasselhoff Neeson (closer to my height of 6'4.33) Lithgow and Selleck have edged him
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
Lol the only way he can be 194cm is with his black leather shoes on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/17
Haha thanks Canson...It would be hardly a noticeable difference though if he we met though!
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
@Rampage: I buy 192 tops peak in his 20s but 194 is a stretch but that's my opinion based on how he's always looked. I don't think he's lost much height tho but that's all my honest opinion. I feel you would comfortably edge him out by 2cm today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/17
Rob, which is more likely for him at peak 192cm or 194cm?
Canson said on 17/Mar/17
@Tall in the Saddle: I agree.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Mar/17
Hi Canson - if people inflate their height it doesn't really worry me - or more to the point, people like celebs who I am not actually acquainted with. Otherwise, it's just a case of calling it as you see it. It's not even an anal thing, it's just noticeable when someone's listed or self touted height doesn't hold up in the overall scheme of things. Obviously on this one I am very much on the same page as you re Conan's height - we believe what we believe but ultimately it's just an opinion now matter how confident we feel - certainly this forum indicates that there are a number of people who beg to differ - as is their right and it gives rise for an excuse for some fun discussion - though I do respect the fact that this site has proven itself to be a legit source for a number of celebs true height (or close enough to) - a number of height myths having been busted. For that, the forum isn't just fun but it is also productive/progressive.

Anyway, I say since Conan speaks so much about height I think it would be fitting that he actually had himself properly measured (in his socks) on his show just as he did with Jake Gyllenhaal who was good enough to bite the bullet - and Jake I think came out 1/2" under what he thought himself to be (the measuring wasn't done in perfect seriousness and Gyllenhaal could've straightened up some more for extra legit height).
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
@Tall in the Saddle: If Conan is 6'4" or over it means that every legit 6'4" here and 6'5" is downplaying their own height by a full inch which I know isn't true. And mad props to Cleese for being exact. Sure some would say he should round which I would if that were my lowest or if that close but being around his height (6'4") I totally get it. It's nothing once you're 6'0 maybe 6'2" or over and just becomes ego at that point when someone tells you you have to claim a certain height or its so that you do it to allow the insecure guys who need to inflate themselves for their own security. He could say he's 6'4 or 6'5 truthfully wouldn't make a difference
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
@tall in the Saddle: Cleese looked a legit 195 in his prime and Lithgow a good 193. Which says what you did about Conan's height as it doesn't add up. I doubt Reeve was quite as tall more like 191/192. Maybe a morning measurer. Conan tho always goes out of his way to bring up height and I think he assumes everyone else lies and inflated too like he does. I mean Liam (thought he wa 6'5") wlad (he thought 6'6/6'7) (selleck-6'4/6'5). He inflates others making himself believe his own lie. And unfortunately it has trickled down to this site. I have seen that one too many times than I care to mention in real life and I'm sure you have as well. It frustrates me as well because Im not with all of that and just don't see the value in lying about anything personally much less something like height which is verifiable. Personally even people who measure themselves in the morning and claiming it (if they do it knowingly) are kinda skirting the system in my honest opinion if they know that they are shorter later in the day. I guess most don't know this but the ones who do and then inflate others are the ones i can't stand
Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Mar/17
Canson - No prob. As you have well detailed, too many passive testimonies from guests whose own visible stature and self described height make a uniform argument against 6'4".

Everyone should be as pedantic as John Cleese - supplying an exact 6' 4 & 3/4". Lol. Wouldn't have begrudged the man a round up by 1/4" to 6'5" but it is Mr Cleese after all. A word smith and on point - often, the very essence of his humor. Funny guy. Lithgow carried his own 6'4" height against Cleese's nearly 6'5" without a qualm re either man's height. I wonder if there are any side by side pics of John Cleese and fellow Brit Christopher Lee avail? They should look virtually identical in height.
Anson said on 8/Mar/17
Looks a bit over 6'4.
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Tall in the Saddle: thank you for thinking objectively and not just worshipping and buying into his claim. It's refreshing to hear someone admit he's not what he claims as he doesn't look a proper 6'4 next to anyone mentioned here like Haysbert Neeson Mangianello Selleck Goldblum Hoff Lithgow and the list continues. Instead it's that these other guys are 6'4 1/2 and 6'5 and the old adage that Charles Barkley and Kobe Bryant are 6'5-6'6. and him standing on his tip toes next to Hoff or being shorter than selleck or Lithgow along with what you mentioned below: he goes out of his way to ask others around his height how tall they are and normally inflates them to make himself 6'4. To Selleck (who may have not even been a full 6'4) "what are you 6'4/6'5"? Or Neeson "what are you 6'5"?
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Mar/17
Adam - Yes, Hasselhoff had the clear edge.

Point of interest - when Lithgow guested, Conan observed him to be a "large man" and given same, "refreshing" to have him on as compared to other "smaller" guests. Lithgow politely reciprocated the "compliment" though Lithgow himself was the taller of the two.

Conan went on to say the most of his other celebrity guests are so much smaller, so much so, that he has to cradle them like babies (jokingly mimicking same as he spoke).

When Wilt Chamberlain guested, Conan said something along similar lines - about not being used to having someone so tall and so much taller than himself because all his other guests are usually so much smaller than (Conan) himself.

Suffice to say, and it's not an insult, but I do think Conan somewhat likes the idea of being part of an exclusive big man's club - and why not?. Conan is notably tall but I don't think he quite make it into the 6'4" club from what I've seen.
Blake said on 1/Mar/17
Maybe you leave him at 6 ft 4 peak and now 6 ft 3.75?
Editor Rob: Blake, I like to leave it till say half inch has been lost, the 1/4 inch differences from peak/current I'm not so sure of listing those...
Adam said on 26/Feb/17
In 1998 David Hasselhoff was Conan's guest and when he appeared on stage the two of them actually went back to back to determine who is tallest. I will try to make a screen grab to post here. Hasselhoff clearly and convincingly edged Conan so that Conan proceeded to stand on his toes trying to reach the same height as Hasselhoff.
Canson said on 25/Feb/17
@Rey: it's not interesting because Conan lies about his height just like Tall in the Saddle said. Funny when all the legit "6'4" guys edge him in height and he still claims 6'4". That's the world we live in. Nobody is ever not as tall as they claim the person next to them is always taller than they claim to be
Canson said on 25/Feb/17
@Danimal: check out Robert Broome's pics next to Penn. Penn is 6'5 and one person even said he stood on his tippies. Conan prime maybe was 6'3.5. He has long hair which may have been accounted for. He always makes other 6'4" guys 6'4/6'5 or 6'5 just to make himself 6'4 when they say themselves they are 6'4.

@Tall in the Saddle: I agree. 6'3-6'3.5 maximum prime I'd lean closer to 6'3 and maybe 6'4 out of bed and probably was measured early. People automatically assume when someone claims a height that it's barefoot and at their lowest when most likely it's not
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Feb/17
I've seen enough guests self described as 6'4" to know that Conan wasn't ever 6'4".

Conan refers to own height as 6'4" often enough. Other tall celebs are not so inclined to focus in on or flag wave their own height but they will say how tall they are IF they are asked - and curiously, Conan has asked more than a few of his guests (who clearly edge him) if they are taller than they are popularly believed to be. It's also refreshing to hear those same guests forgo what might be compelling bait and stick exactly to the height they know themselves to be.

I've seen pics of Selleck and Goldblum close enough together to say they're basically equal in height and they both appeared to have the same height advantage over Conan. Same with Hasselhoff. True blue 6'4" guys. Conan isn't/wasn't. I would be confident if you put Lithgow, Selleck, Hasselhoff and Goldblum together you would see them basically the same height with negligible differences across the group. If I could throw in a prime Vincent Price he would also measure up acceptably the same. Further, take any one of that group and they will carry the perception of their 6'4" successfully when measured relative to other celebs - "worst" case scenario for them would be a suggested inflation of their height - because they appeared to stand taller than a celeb who has in fact inflated their own height.

IMO, guys like a Selleck, Goldblum and Co are a minority group. Not just for the fact that they are on the high end of tall but because they stand exactly as advertised and as tall as they are properly prepared to admit to. For mine, they present themselves as extremely reliable "yardsticks" against which other celebs might be compared.

An interesting question is does Conan really believe he is 6'4". Generally we have others measure us and maybe that's the height he was told. Maybe not. At any rate, with more than a few popularly listed 6'4" guests edging him, Conan would have to question the truth of his own height or at least understand that viewers have twigged that he clearly isn't a true 6'4". I saw a post where someone said that Conan edged Goldblum in more recent times. I've not seen the pics but is there any chance that Conan has since found cause to elevate himself to at least the height to which he himself has said (for the longest time) he is?

Just sticking to the dedicated subject of this site. As an entertainer I absolutely love O'Brien. Funny as shigoogle and compellingly crazy. Mad as a cut snake.
Danimal said on 22/Feb/17
Conan in his PRIME next to 6'6"-6'7" Penn Jillette
Click Here
Danimal said on 22/Feb/17
To all those claiming that Conan was less than 6'4" in his prime (he's in his 50's now). Here he is with a couple of inches on Dolph Lundgren a few years ago (2009):
Click Here
Click Here
Rey said on 22/Feb/17
Interesting that 6'4" Tom Brady had more than an inch on Conan.
Nl said on 11/Feb/17
Look at James White NFL player for the Pats, in his latest youtube post. If Jame White is at 5' 10'', then this guy is at least 6' 5'' (probs James Wjite is about 5' 6'' - 5' 8'' range) what do u think Rob...
Editor Rob: James White is 5ft 9 1/8th, so he's really just about 5ft 9 say at lunch/afternoon...I don't think Conan looked more than 7 inches taller.
Giorgi said on 5/Feb/17
Rob, do you think he is underweight?
Editor Rob: he doesn't seem it.
Mathew Robinson said on 3/Feb/17
The episode where he interviewed Michael Phelps years ago is peculiar. Rob has Conan at 6'4" and Phelps at 6'2.5" - but I remember them looking roughly the same height. Certainly didn't see an inch and a half difference.
Canson said on 25/Jan/17
@S.J.H: I can see that 193-194 out of bed prime 191-192 at his lowest. He has always had long hair. My guess is he's always been a solid or strong 6'3 without hair. But yes I agree with you S.J.H with most of what you said. It's funny how when we discuss Conan's height here it's "oh Conan said he's 6'4 or 6'4.5" but when Charles Barkley or Howard stern or others on Barkley's behalf it's always oh now they are taller they are downplaying it. That's complete bull****. And it's always oh well Selleck must be over 6'4 he's listed prime at 6'4 and some say he was 6'3.75 on his page prime or Liam was 6'4.5 or 6'5 he's 6'4.25 on his page. I just don't get why making a celeb taller correlates with making them a better person or what not. What does height have to do with respect and a person in general? It's a characteristic not a quality. You are what you are
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17

More specific is conan had his 6'4.25 in his 20s, 30s in the morning and look more 6'3.75 and pushing lower at 6'3.5 nowadays then makes sense he look 1.5" shorter than kobe bryant, charles barkley and atually he look 191cm with them if he had fractionally less footwear the most he can be 6'3.5
Canson said on 24/Jan/17
@Willes189: some advice. say you think Danimal is right not he is. You've never met Conan and the only way you arrive at your 6'4-6'4.25 is by saying other 6'4 guys "downplay" their height because you want Conan in your mind to be 6'4 whether he is or not even tho he admitted he was not. He never looks it with lithgow or neeson or Selleck
Canson said on 24/Jan/17
@Danimal: look at the video with Selleck posted below. Conan clearly says I'm 6'4 but I'm not. Also look at the video with Lithgow. BoTh are 6'4 and taller than Conan as was Neeson who was 6'4.25 like Rob has him listed. So no possibility of Conan being 6'4-6'4.25 maybe 6'3.5-.75 if he were lucky. This is also assuming rob has their heights at their lowest which a lot of these are not. I can see all of the others being 6'4 that were mentioned but not him.
Willes189 said on 23/Jan/17
Danimal is spot on, Conan was 6'4-6'4.25 in his peak
Canson said on 23/Jan/17
No Danimal. He was shorter than Selleck was and select was 6'4 and same with neeson who is 6'4.25. And shorter than Charles Barkley and Kobe by a good inch to inch and a half. Barkley is 6'4.5-.75. I know more than one person who has met him and can prove it along with the way has has been classified by teammates of his as such.
Danimal said on 22/Jan/17
Conan with 6'4"-6'5" Bill Oreilly

Click Here
Danimal said on 22/Jan/17
Conan next to 6'6"-6'7" Teller in the late 90's. He was easily 6'4"-6'4.5" at that time.

Click Here
Danimal said on 22/Jan/17
Canson said on 19/Jan/17
Agree with you 123: he's a 6'3" guy whereas Kobe is near 6'5 (195cm/6'4.75)

Wrong. He was easily 6'4" if not 6'4.5" in the 90's and beyond. In recent years he does appear shorter. He might have dipped under 6'4" today, but to claim he's only 6'3" is FALSE. He had noticeable height on Dolph Lundgren several years ago when Dolph was still close to 6'3" at the time.

Click Here
Click Here
Johan said on 22/Jan/17
An aged Selleck is still taller. In the sketch they are standing next to one another and Tom is leaning and still looking down at him. Its not that much difference though looks about 0.5 inch.
Dejavu said on 20/Jan/17
The thing is he is definitely not shorter than Mchale.
Canson said on 19/Jan/17
Agree with you 123: he's a 6'3" guy whereas Kobe is near 6'5 (195cm/6'4.75)
S.J.H said on 17/Jan/17
@Dejavu said on 14/Jan/17

Conan is closer to the camera and if you look close up of them they look eye to eye and shoulder level are the same. It's hard to say if mchale is same height as conan is taller
Dejavu said on 14/Jan/17
In this clip, I thought Conan had the edge on Mchale. Click Here
grizz said on 11/Jan/17
@DefinitelyNotCC, thank god i'm not the only weirdo wondering that XD that dude is built like a mountain.
He can look like a weak 6'2 with Conan with great posture.
184guy said on 7/Jan/17
Here he looks about the same height as Selleck,(despite being with more distance from the camera)
Click Here
6'4 is about right
DefinitelyNotCC said on 5/Jan/17
Click Here rob the german guy who is well built, how tall do you think he is?
Editor Rob: CC, that guy could be 6ft 1-2 range but his posture at times looked worse than Conan's, a tricky one...
123 said on 4/Jan/17
The reel is right thats NOT 1 inch its clearly more also Conan Obrien was AT least 1 inch shorter than Tyler Perry when he came on, Conan gives legit six-four guys a bad name he's just six-three and lanky that's all
Canson said on 31/Dec/16
@Christian: I see my first comment didn't come through. I don't think he's under 6'3 flat 190.5 hence 190-191. I unfortunately don't sip the Kool Aid or try to "honor" a celeb by making them a certain height just because I "want him or her to be". Not saying you do that because you don't. But most people because he is Conan say he's that or even with Tom selleck they conveniently drop him to 6'3.75 to make him "near 6'4" and make Selleck or whoever else taller. I'm sure you being 6'5 are told you are 6'7 or 6'6" often. Now shorter guys may like that but me personally I hate when people lie about their height. But that's just me. I hate having the debate because someone else doesn't measure up and then conveniently inflating the taller person to make their claim believable
Canson said on 30/Dec/16
@Christian: I'd also say that I can see Bobby and Rampage and me all edging him out by at least 2cm, me nearer 3. I see you and Mid 190s being a good 5cm taller (at least).
Canson said on 30/Dec/16
@Christian: not 190 flat prime. I don't believe he was ever under 6'3" prime. 190-191 as mentioned. More specifically 190.5. I think he's a solid 6'3 today. Maybe peak 191-192. You know me. I don't sip on the "admiration for my idol, inflate people" Kool Aid that most fanboys do. Even when the proof is in the pudding and someone like Lithgow or Selleck edge him out and it's clear he isn't 6'4, it becomes "well he must be 6'3.75" and the other guy is a fraction over 6'4" just to conveniently make him 6'4. People don't think for a second that he may have had an early morning measurement and rounded up or measured in shoes. Remember he has said 6'4.5 before which I would need oxygen to revive me from the laughter. But on a morning measurement, Same thing with my 6'3 friend who claims 6'4 where he's 1/8-1/4" taller than another friend who is 190.4 at his lowest and claims 6'3. One is 6'3 flat essentially the other about 6'3.17 and two different claims because one wakes at or near 6'4 and was either measured early or improperly. Bobby said it best on Neeson's page that a peak Conan is 6'2.75-6'3.25. I'd go the latter. I'd say in his prime he woke up to 6'4 (193) and went to bed 191. People don't look at his eye level with guys like Lithgow or Selleck only his hair. Also don't know when he was measured. Based on how he looks with guys who we can verify easier like Kobe Barkley Etc and guys who look their height Neeson Lithgow Selleck Haysbert Mangianello, he doesn't even come close to 6'4.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Dec/16
Canson said on 28/Dec/16
@Thereel: I'm not disagreeing. He does look significantly taller than Conan. I was saying that it speaks more to Conan's height than Kobe's as most people who have met Kobe have described him at "weak 6'5" around 195 cm. I could even go 194.5-195 at his lowest. My opinion is that Conan is lower than he is listed more like 190-191


Are you really sure Conan's only 190?
Canson said on 28/Dec/16
Another 6'4 guy (who really is 6'4) in John Lithgow that edges Conan out. Losing count now so that's Selleck Haysbert Neeson and their have been more. It's more than likely Conan "really" is 6'3" not 6'4" like he claims

Click Here
Canson said on 28/Dec/16
@Thereel: I'm not disagreeing. He does look significantly taller than Conan. I was saying that it speaks more to Conan's height than Kobe's as most people who have met Kobe have described him at "weak 6'5" around 195 cm. I could even go 194.5-195 at his lowest. My opinion is that Conan is lower than he is listed more like 190-191
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 28/Dec/16
Editor Rob: Kobe could look 4cm taller at times than Conan


If Kobe can look 4cm taller than Conan, then Conan is not a legit 193cm guy, because there's no way that Kobe's as tall as 197cm. Conan should only be about 6ft3.25-6ft3.5, so I would recommend a downgrade.
Thereel said on 28/Dec/16
you don't understand canson Physically Kobe clearly looked different you could just look at there proportions and tell that they were not the same thing, and then there was the actual physical height difference (a good two inches), funny how everyone conviently ignored Kobe being so much tall the first time around in 2009 This is the second time Conan has looked significantly shorter than kobe in 2012
Editor Rob: Kobe could look 4cm taller at times than Conan
Canson said on 27/Dec/16
@Thereel: it could be camera angle but that's speaking more to 3-4". I agree with you that Kobe has at least 1.5 maybe 2. Conan is 190-191, Kobe 194.5-195cm both barefoot.
Thereel said on 27/Dec/16
Kobe was also two inches taller make of that what you will and don't give me that rubbish about camera angle blah blah blah blah it was two inches and we could see it in the difference between there proportions, Kobe body proportions looked quite different too Conan's, and at times even it really looked 3-4 inches over Conan that Kobe had when Conan started doing the splits with his legs kind off thing
Canson said on 21/Dec/16
@Phil: it's plain obvious and Conan admitted "I'm almost as tall as you".
Dejavu said on 20/Dec/16
He looked taller than Liam hemsworth
Phil said on 19/Dec/16
Adam, i saw it and i have no reason to believe conan is shorter
Adam said on 18/Dec/16
Phil, Selleck is actually looking down to Conan. If you don't believe the picture, have a look at the video on Youtube.
phil said on 17/Dec/16
to all the people saying conan looked shorter than Neeson and Selleck, do you even take into consideration the camera angle?! Conan has always been further from the camera, both on his old show and his new show.
Conan said on 16/Dec/16
@Grizz: I agree with what you said. I think him saying "I'm 6'4" but I'm not" sums it up for him. Think he knows he's 6'3" without shoes or hair. He's very tall range the start of it but most 6'3" range guys barefoot can fit in almost any vehicle no issue. I'm 6'4 and change and I have a friend 196.4 cm (strong 6'5) that fits almost any vehicle as well even if not the most comfortable but he doesn't exaggerate it. But I have another friend who is about two inches shorter than him and an inch or so shorter than me and is at most 6'3-6'3.5 and 270-280 lbs or so and heavy and always says "I'm 6'4 and can't fit in my Car very well anymore" "oh I get my head hitting the roof (his roof is higher than mine in my car btw) or it's not wide enough and he drives a Camry which is a decent size. He claims he needs a SUV because he "thinks" He may have grown lol. No he didn't grow 6'3 still but heavier. Love when people exaggerate how tall they are and think that no one else is as tall as them or deals with the issues tall people deal with. Sorry but after at legitimately 6'4 and change I still have friends and close friends other than the 6'5" one mentioned that are taller than me talking 6'6, almost 6'7 and even a 6'7 and change. Those guys have every reason to complain lol
grizz said on 15/Dec/16
He's very much aware of his height. When he did a tour around Germany, he entered BMW i8 and pretended that it's a very difficult task (given his height). I mean, I get that for super-old tiny cars like Fiat 500, but i8 is a car which even 6'7 guys can sit and drive comfortably.
Canson said on 8/Dec/16
@Mathewrobinson: I agree with you 100%. I also agree that I think at least prime he may have woken to 193 6'4 solid or near it. Today maybe still but I can't see above maybe 191 at night at most 6'3.25. I was just saying and it wasn't directed at you at all, that people here once the quote "I'm 6'4 but I'm not" and the view of him in front of Selleck where he's clearly and noticeably taller people are backing down to 6'3.75 to still "conveniently" make Conan near 6'4. Or it's "Well Tom Selleck must be 6'4.25 or 6'4.5" or Neeson must be "at least 6'4.5" and it's always to make someone else taller I don't actually believe that some people believe the fluff that they post lol. It's like making people taller makes them a better person, actor, athlete, etc when it has no bearing whatsoever
berta said on 7/Dec/16
i think conan almost everytime on his show looks a good 193 guy. sometimes he even looks to be 193,5 only times he looked shorter is with tom selleck ,liam neeson and jeff goldblum. but i think all those guys could have been 194. tom seeleck looks 192-193 when walking but besides talla guys in the 190 cm range he is always good amout taller. ( in peak) i would say all those guys was just a little over 6 foot 4 conan is more chance of being excactly 193 but not shorter
Canson said on 6/Dec/16
Skarsgard would edge Conan out. That's not even a question. Conan with hair and shoes is 6'5". hes 6'3-6'3.5 barefoot.Just like Charles Barkley now having claimed 6'4 6'4.5 6'4-6'5 and "I am 6'4 but I'm not". But nobody says anything about conan doing it because he's "making himself taller" not "the perception that he's downgrading himself to sell a book". 6'3 range is how he looks with guys like Tom Selleck. Come on! Nobody could sit here hand over heart and say he looks only 1/4" shorter than Selleck does. Most people are in denial but it looks like close to and inch if you look at their eye levels aren't that close and the fact Conan has more hair. We wouldn't even be able to see 1/4" difference if that were all it were. Get real. And no Selleck is not "6'4 and change" because that is always the next go to when someone's favorite celeb is not as tall as they claim or as they want them to be. He said he's 6'4"
Sammy Derrick said on 4/Dec/16
Click Here
In this interview with fellow tall man Alexander Skargarrd he asks Conan how tall he is..And he says 6'4 or a bit taller 6'6 with hair'
Alex says he's a bit shorter.
Dylan said on 29/Nov/16
Everyone everywhere exaggerates their height. I'm 6'2 1/2 and I'm the tallest person almost everywhere I go. I'm 5 or 6 inches taller than a lot of people who claim to be 6'. Everyone says I must be 6'4 or 5 but I'm like no you're just not as tall as you say you are. Conan, from what I can tell, is probably about my height a little taller MAYBE.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 25/Nov/16
@Canson - I think we're pretty close on our view of Conan's height. I think if we're talking evening time measurement I think 6'3.5"-ish is a pretty good guess and I could even see dipping under that at the end of a very long day. But earlier in the day I think he'd be almost 6'4".
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
Mathew: I agree he hasn't lost any height. It's just that people here try so hard to make certain celebs a certain height (Conan is an example of that). I mean, two very subtle cues are the shots with Neeson where Conan is clearly shorter and calls Neeson 6'5, then Selleck is clearly 1/2"-1" taller yet now it has gone from Conan is 6'4 to Conan must be 6'3.75. I honestly believe he was measured in the morning and was rounded up to 6'4 and that he's no more than 6'3.25 at night tops.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 23/Nov/16
Canson said on 18/Nov/16
@Mathewrobinson190: I agree and 6'3.5 was likely conan's lowest at his peak.he has good posture so he may still be a strong 6'3 today like 6'3-6'3.5 range but his hair had to have been taken into account to get him anywhere near 6'4. When I see his actual eye level compared to Neeson or Selleck or Haysbert, it's a difference. Meaning too much for him to be 6'3.75 and selleck only 6'4. That's at least 1/2-3/4" difference


I view a peak height of 6'3.75" as plausible if not likely, but 6'4"+ I also regard as unlikely. 6'3.5" could also be what his height is/was too. Right around that 3.5" - 3.75" zone. I don't think he's lost much height, possibly a small fraction. He's still over a flat 6'3", but he's not a proper 6'4" nor has he ever been imo.
Canson said on 18/Nov/16
@Mathewrobinson190: I agree and 6'3.5 was likely conan's lowest at his peak.he has good posture so he may still be a strong 6'3 today like 6'3-6'3.5 range but his hair had to have been taken into account to get him anywhere near 6'4. When I see his actual eye level compared to Neeson or Selleck or Haysbert, it's a difference. Meaning too much for him to be 6'3.75 and selleck only 6'4. That's at least 1/2-3/4" difference
Dejavu said on 16/Nov/16
Ryan Reynolds had more footwear than Conan in that video. I think barefoot he is comfortably 2 inches taller
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 15/Nov/16
Ryan Reynolds is around 187 cm, Conan is around 192 cm.
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
Not even 1.5" taller

Click Here
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
No. Ryan Reynolds only look 3cm shorter than Conan close up. If Conan is 6'4 then Reynolds is 6'2.75
Dejavu said on 10/Nov/16
Conan is 6'4. He looked his height next to Ryan Reynolds.
Borats Chicken said on 9/Nov/16
Rob, possible he could be those 6'3.75 then a full 6'4?
S.J.H said on 8/Nov/16
If people wanted to believe conan o'brien 6'4.5 claimed then check him out with 6'5 vince vaughn see how he look a full inch shorter and yet vince vaughn had a downgrade from rob recently at 6'4.5 and how could they be half inch listed differently where vince vaughn taller than conan by an inch?

Vince Vaughn 6'4.5 (peak 6'4.75)
Conan O'Brien 6'3.5 (peak 6'4)
Andy Ritchter 6'0.5 (peak 6'0.75)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Nov/16
Solid 6ft4 in the 90's. Today can look a bit shorter...
Grant said on 28/Oct/16
Rob, Conan is a legit 6'4"?
Editor Rob: I think he was...whether he has now lost a fraction? It is very possible.
Wipeout said on 25/Oct/16
I'm going to say 6'4.75 peak morning height/6'4 late afternoon. Now about a half inch shorter.
Arthur said on 23/Oct/16
Rob look at the comment Danimal left on May 10th this year. He has a link in which Connan claims ''6'4-6'4.5''. How come you didn't add it ?

I suppose that means he measured 6'4.25
Editor Rob: I've added the other mention at the top now.
S.J.H said on 20/Oct/16
"He also mentioned once "I'm about Six-Four...but I'm not"." Obviously this statement goes with 6'3.75 a peak and 6'3.5 now. If he is 6'4 we have seem him with recent vince vaughn looking an easy inch lower isn't it? Liev schreiber i met at 6'2.5 and the youtube clip he look max 1.25" shorter than conan. 6'3.5 now for a downgrade. Maybe rob should think about this
Levi said on 12/Oct/16
He looks really tall here, might be the angle.
Click Here
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 11/Oct/16
Danimal said on 5/Oct/16

Conan has mentioned many times that he's 6'4"-6'4.5". NO WAY was he ever under a full 6'4". It's ridiculous that people are claiming 6'3" for him now. I mean come on.


He's also admitted to being just under 6'4" too, and I think it was an honest admission. "I'm about 6'4", but I'm not". Sums up Conan's height well. He's not as low as 6'3" as some are saying, but he's not as high as 6'4"+ either. 6'3.75" is a very good estimate IMO, 6'3.5" is possible too. I'm convinced that's his range.
Canson said on 6/Oct/16
@Johan: absolutely correct. To his credit maybe he was measured early morning prime and got low192 cm range and rounded up. Nonetheless people on the site when he clearly is still 1/2-1" shorter than true 6'4 guys make him 6'3.75 just to make him near 6'4 at his lowest. Bobby3342 said it perfectly. He was around maybe 6'3.25 at his lowest of course in his prime never more
Canson said on 6/Oct/16
Well Danimal: Charles Barkley also along with many of his teammates have claimed 6'4 range for him but you insist he downplays his height even as a power forward not to mention others have met him and said the same. So why are we believing Conan's 6'4/6'4.5 verbal claim (even tho he's clearly less than that with guys like Neeson and Selleck) but don't believe Barkley's even though others call him that?
Danimal said on 5/Oct/16
S.J.H said on 5/Sep/16
On my generosity i"ll say conan 6'3.5 now and 6'3.75 peak. At peak we have see some 6'4 guest really taller than him like liam neeson , tom selleck , jeff goldblum , david hasselhoff etc

Jeff Goldblum used to state that he was 6'4.5" and Liam Neeson was taller than a flat 6'4". Stop trying to lower Conan's height.
Danimal said on 5/Oct/16
Xhavier said on 7/Sep/16
Check out this video from an interview with him and Tom Selleck: Click Here

Between 6 min and 6 min and 30 seconds, the height question occurs: Conan asks: "How tall are you 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in?", Tom replies: "I'm 6ft 4in. How tall are you?" Conan replies: "I'm about your height, I'm 6ft 4in, but I'm not". This is an interview from 1998, so this could suggest 6ft 3.5in as a peak.
Editor Rob: I'll mention that at the top thanks, it's either one of two, he measured a fraction under or over.

It might be more like 6ft 3.75 which makes sense.

Conan has mentioned many times that he's 6'4"-6'4.5". NO WAY was he ever under a full 6'4". It's ridiculous that people are claiming 6'3" for him now. I mean come on.
Streichs said on 4/Oct/16
Have a look at this screenshot where Conan meets Tom Selleck on stage. He later asks Selleck if Selleck is 6ft4 or 6ft5.

Click Here
Streichs said on 4/Oct/16
Have a look at this screenshot where Conan meets Tom Selleck on stage. He later asks Selleck if Selleck is 6ft4 or 6ft5.

Click Here
Johan said on 4/Oct/16
Yeah again with Selleck, 6'4" ? 6'5"?

Tom stays truthful which puts him on the spot.

6'4" but not..hmm , fraction downgrade Rob? Thats now several 6'4" guys on tape who are taller even to Conan.
Canson said on 3/Oct/16
@S.J.H: you said it perfectly! He's 6'3.25ish. If that's what he is that's it
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
Charles barkley edge out conan o'brien by an easy 1.5" face to face not 0.75-1" , 6'3.25 sounds more likely his real height but i'm giving 6'3.5 now and 6'3.75 peak for generousity and respect for his long run talk show
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 24/Sep/16
Conan was always just a bit under the full 6'4". "I'm about Six-Four...but I'm not" sums up his height. Liam Neeson was taller by a solid half inch, Josh Homme by maybe about 3/4", Charles Barkley was taller by a solid inch for sure. I'd list Conan at 6'3.75" if I was Rob.
what!!!?!!! said on 21/Sep/16
most likely neeson is at most only 0.3 / 1 cm taller than Conan, no more.
shiva 181 cms said on 14/Sep/16
Neeson is about half inch taller and he might really be a 194 type guy (6'4.25) in his peak this makes sense that Conan is 192(6'3.75) in his peak and his "but I'm not" claim he might have really measured 192 and made that claim
Adam said on 14/Sep/16
Xhavier, at exactly 24 seconds into that youtube clip when Conan faces Selleck eye to eye, the latter seems to have a clear edge.
Willes189 said on 11/Sep/16
Conan is insecure about his height, don't take that comment serious..
Canson said on 10/Sep/16
@Mike: he was taller and Conan acknowledged it himself. An inch don't know but 2 full cm at least
Mike said on 9/Sep/16
Neeson was never 1 inch taller than Conan...
Canson said on 8/Sep/16
Xhavier: 6'3.5 (192) peak is legit. Don't see him any taller.
Canson said on 7/Sep/16
@Willes189: you love making people taller than they are and want people to be. Liam Neeson had close to an inch on him and was 6'4. No he didn't downplay his height like you say. I agree with Bobby3342. Conan peak may have been 6'4 out of bed 6'3.25 but nothing more
Xhavier said on 7/Sep/16
Check out this video from an interview with him and Tom Selleck: Click Here

Between 6 min and 6 min and 30 seconds, the height question occurs: Conan asks: "How tall are you 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in?", Tom replies: "I'm 6ft 4in. How tall are you?" Conan replies: "I'm about your height, I'm 6ft 4in, but I'm not". This is an interview from 1998, so this could suggest 6ft 3.5in as a peak.
Editor Rob: I'll mention that at the top thanks, it's either one of two, he measured a fraction under or over.

It might be more like 6ft 3.75 which makes sense.
Willes189 said on 6/Sep/16
Agreed, 6'4-6'4.25 at peak, and like 6'3.8 today
S.J.H said on 5/Sep/16
On my generosity i"ll say conan 6'3.5 now and 6'3.75 peak. At peak we have see some 6'4 guest really taller than him like liam neeson , tom selleck , jeff goldblum , david hasselhoff etc
Willes189 said on 5/Sep/16
Rob, can you give an update on your opinion in Conan's case? What do you think he measured at in his peak? And do you think that he has lost some height by know in his 50s?
Editor Rob: I think there was a chance he was a solid 6ft 4 and now just under, a small fraction.

His 10 and change size head doesn't help him visually look as tall as some 6ft 4 guys can.
Canson said on 3/Sep/16
Willes189: You started this whole thing. Yes, let's both stop lashing out. Yes you are entitled to your opinion so don't lash out at someone because they don't agree with you. You are a very good height at 6'2. That's a great height to be honest so no I wasnt attaking that aspect. But don't make false statements or assumptions like Conan is a Confirmed 6'4. He wasn't measured on his show and there is no proof other than what everyone else claims or he claims. You take whatever he says and use that claim and are adjusting everyone else to make the math work. Kinda funny how Charles Barkley is said by other players (he actually says he is 6'5 most of the time) to be 6'4 range, not to mention I know people who have met him in addition that say he is my height. Yet, you still say Oh he's downplaying it because he makes Conan not 6'4 like you want him to be. Honestly, I can care less what height anyone is because height doesn't define a person. However, the statements you make out of your mouth, you make it sound like it does "Why downgrade Paul Walker, it's disrespectful" "a 6'4.5 guy is lying saying he's 6'4 and he needs to claim the 1/2" Why is that? Why does anyone have to claim a half inch? They can round down or up if they please.

Also "Gwen Christie should be given 6'3.5". Think it's fair to say in Hollywood that most people measure in and claim shoes. That's what really throws it off. I wouldn't doubt Conan being that height in shoes or even with his hair. However, judging how Dennis Haysbert, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Liam neeson, and Joe M have made him look, I think its safer to say he isn't what he claims. And don't make rules for what someone must claim all because you want them to be taller. Honestly, outside of this site, if I didn't know any better (me personally), I measure 196 out of bed. If I went to the doctor after an hour i'd be 195 and wouldn't know the difference so yes id prob say 6'5. Just happens all my appointments ive had even before have been at least 2-3 hours out and ive been 6'4.5 so don't need to round up esp when I fall 1/8" below to a flat 194 (not 193). So you are generalizing that Conan would be that at his lowest when in reality he could've been 6'3.75 an hour out of bed and rounded up. Many people assume these are lows when they aren't even and in some cases shoe heights.
TJE said on 3/Sep/16

Add a half inch to all the inseam lengths and you're on the money.
Johan said on 3/Sep/16
shiva 181 cms said on 29/Aug/16
Conan o'brien's height is (6'3.75) peak and (6'3.4)
He is not as tall as 6'4.5 or as low as 6'3
Here's a video of liam H AND conanClick Here

Damn that forehead is killing me. What a huge head he has never noticed that until lately. Maybe around 6'3.5" as he WAS shorter than Neeson. ( can't believe people are arguing about two men agreeing one is taller on film...)
Willes189 said on 2/Sep/16
What i was saying before my phone died, is that i'm allowed to share my opinions, and i'm pretty good at it, i've been doing it since i was a kid
Willes189 said on 2/Sep/16
Canson(193cm at lowest)

I'm not talking about Neeson.. And stop trying to tell
everyone false information about my height. I'm 190.5 OOB and 188.8 before bed, i just happend to get measured 100% right this time, so i changed my name from Willes190 to Willes189, not a big deal.. And stop raging on me like a 15yo going through puberty, i'm alowed
Canson said on 2/Sep/16
Willes 189/Pucko: since you are the same person (you pretty much admitted it in the General Heights section) oh and you all are the same height as well. You just said Liam was 194.5 and that he downplays it on his page now you say he's 191.5. Conan in his prime was not as tall as Liam. You are just proving less and less credible with every post you make
Xhavier said on 1/Sep/16
In seeing the comments about the long legs, here is some statistical date regarding average pant leg inseam and height:

Male Height Average Pants Inseam
5ft 0in 26.0 in
5ft 1in 26.5 in
5ft 2in 27.0 in
5ft 3in 27.5 in
5ft 4in 28.0 in
5ft 5in 28.5 in
5ft 6in 29.0 in
5ft 7in 29.5 in
5ft 8in 30.0 in
5ft 9in 30.5 in
5ft 10in 31.0 in
5ft 11in 31.5 in
6ft 0in 32.0 in
6ft 1in 32.5 in
6ft 2in 33.0 in
6ft 3in 33.5 in
6ft 4in 34.0 in
6ft 5in 34.5 in
6ft 6in 35.0 in
6ft 7in 35.5 in
6ft 8in 36.0 in
6ft 9in 36.5 in
6ft 10in 37.0 in
6ft 11in 37.5 in
7ft 0in 38.0 in
7ft 1in 38.5 in
7ft 2in 39.0 in
7ft 3in 39.5 in
7ft 4in 40.0 in
7ft 5in 40.5 in
7ft 6in 41.0 in
7ft 7in 41.5 in
7ft 8in 42.0 in
7ft 9in 42.5 in
7ft 10in 43.0 in
7ft 11in 43.5 in
8ft 0in 44.0 in
Canson said on 1/Sep/16
@Willes189: you obviously didn't watch the episode when Liam was on his show and Conan admitted he was taller. "You must be 6'5, Liam" "no I am 6'4 and a wee bit". You're a complete tool Willes 189.
Canson said on 1/Sep/16
@Willes 189: or the guy who has the creepy obsession with upgrading claiming every celeb over 6'4 downgrades himself. "Well Berta, you're friend is likely taller than he is". You're a damn joke and nobody here takes any of your downgrading comments seriously. You probably have a small wiener and fantasize about others being taller just for effect inside of you
Willes189 said on 31/Aug/16
Taller then solid 191.5cm Liam, and taller then 192cm Goldblum, Conan is very tall, and a genius, just like Stern.

Canson. Says the guy who has a creepy obsesion downgrading celebritys his own height due to lack of confidence..

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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