How tall is Courtney Love

Courtney Love's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

American Singer/'Actress'. On the Rosie O'Donnell show she said ""About Five Foot Nine" but also has claimed 5ft 8.5 and mentioned her weight: "I was like 130lbs [9st 2lbs], but I'm 118lbs [8st 4lbs] and I'm 5ft 10ins"

How tall is Courtney Love
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5ft 9.15in (175.6cm)
Mimi said on 4/May/18
Seeing her head shot I thought she's like 5ft4-5ft5 but after I saw her interview with Craig Ferguson and she's almost as tall as him in heels I was very surprised. I guessed 5ft9 based from the video but I think 5ft8.5 or almost 5ft9 is fine
Fattie said on 22/Mar/18
Def a tall girl......
ANXIOUS ANDREW said on 12/Nov/17
MAYBE Five Foot Eleven?
ANDY said on 4/Oct/17
I Would Say That She Is 5'10.
lisa said on 10/Feb/17
I think she was taller than Kurt I'm guessing she is about 5'10
lisa said on 7/Sep/16
in kurt cobain's biography it said courtney love was 3 inches taller than him, but I don't know if I buy that.
Josh said on 7/Jun/16
@184 cm No, it's stretching it by 2.5 inches. 11 - 8.5 = 2.5, not 1.5.
184 cm said on 17/Jun/15
@ Steve It's stretching it by 1.5 inches if this listing is correct. Anyway, she always looked as tall or a little taller than Kurt. I buy 5'9 or 5'10 more than this listing. She's definitely tall.

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Steve said on 31/Mar/15
Courtney claimed once on the Howard Stern Show in New York a few years ago that she was 5ft 11ins, ??? That's really stretching the truth by about almost four inches lol
lizzy said on 25/Feb/15
I don't believe she is this short. she looks at least 5'10 to me.
BGee said on 29/Nov/14
Her 5'10 claim is ridiculous. She's just shy of 5'9 at the very most and even that's generous.
jtm said on 29/Sep/14
not sure if she is even 5'8. she was 2 inches shorter than honest 5'9 woody harrelson.
177cmGuy said on 28/Sep/14
Her very skinny built makes her look 175cm but I don't buy her 5'10 claim
lisa said on 14/Sep/14
she looks more 5'10 than 5'8
lisa said on 29/Aug/14
editor Rob: what do you mean by absolute disgrace?
[Editor Rob: it's an outrageous claim.]
lisa said on 23/Aug/14
courtney love said on facebook that she was 5'10 3/4 tall.
lisa said on 17/Aug/14
courtney love said on facebook she is 5'10 3/4" tall
[Editor Rob: that is an absolute disgrace!]
ghjkl said on 24/Dec/13
I think she is 5'8" at most. She is clearly shorter than 5'9" Michael Stipe.
Lida_Mantle said on 14/Jul/13
I agree with M. She actually said she is "five, eight and a half" or 5'8.5" or 1.74cm on Howard Stern back then. I think that this is her actual height, and she just "increases" this for advertising or so reasons. :/
Lynn said on 31/May/13
"M", that was in 1998 she was wrong. In 2011 she said she was 5'11' and I absolutely believe it because EVERYONE who meets her says "omg she is TALL!" 5 foot 8 is not that tall. It is just a few inches above average. She is without a doubt taller than that. She is constantly called an "amazon woman" and on some radio show people were saying they were surprised at how tall she was.
M said on 17/May/13
She said she was 5'8.5 on Howard Stern in 1998: 0:31:55 Click Here
Kelly said on 20/Sep/12
She is 5'11 she said so on Howard Stern. Plus look at her she is VERY tall and is always called an "amazon woman". Kurt was around her height but appeared shorter only because he had a hunched back from scoliosis.
happy said on 6/Aug/11
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5'9 Courtney and Kurt...Nuff said
Shaun said on 20/Feb/11
I'd have guessed 5''9" or 5'10". She looks pretty tall. She mostly looks a lot taller than Kurt but it might be the heels.
pat said on 11/Jan/11
When Courtney said she was over 6 ft she was being measured w/ heels for an animated video. In the video they show a fake id, and it says:
Height: 6'2 (with heels)

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So she's shorter than 6'2 xD
Catherine said on 29/Nov/08
I would say 5'9 or 5'10... here she is with 5'4 Janet Jackson, and she towers over her.

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glenn said on 18/May/08
rob is wrong.she is 5-10.which i never believed until i saw her in stockings 6 months ago.
anton said on 17/May/08
she seems taller.maybe because of her personality.
alex said on 9/May/08
met her a few years ago at tower records on Sunset Blvd. i'm 5'8" and she was taller. probably 5'9" but no taller than 5'10" she was wearing flat shoes
glenn said on 7/Jan/08
i saw courtney barefoot 2 weeks ago and she was indeed 5-9.5,5-10.i was surprised.all these years i thought she was 5-8,5-9.the thing is,i have a pic with her from 1994 and i think we are of similiar height.she had clogs too.
Robin said on 6/Jan/08
countey looked a bit taller then kurt. i'd say courtney is around 5'9-5'10 and kurt is around 5'9.
nimrod said on 2/Dec/07
she looks like she's around 5'9 to 5'10..she can't be shorter than that...Havent you seen her in her music videos and all?she looks huge,even when she performs live.
john said on 22/Nov/07
Courtney said on one of her internet blogs that she is 5'10.
Frank69 said on 22/Sep/07
I think Courtney Love is actually 5'6 or 55',according to this pic with Kate moss who is 5'6 Click Here can see Courtney is weraing massive hels,bigger tan Kate's.
Diego said on 26/Aug/07
Michael Stipe 5'9'' (175 cm) and Courtney Love 5'7'' (170 cm)
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Reborn said on 18/Mar/07
Death certificate's aren't the best unfortunately, Tupac was reported at 6ft and stuff(!)

Anyway, although this isn't the greatest proof here's an article which says 5 ft 9.5 about Courtney:

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disturbinggirl said on 16/Mar/07
kurt in deathh cerfificate appears 5 '10
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courtney looks a little bit taller than him in some pics
Michelle said on 3/Mar/07
I would just like to say that I love HOLE, and Courtney is lright. She's is probably no less than 5'7.5-5'8. But no taller than 5'10 tops, I'm talking bare feet here! She is quite tall for a woman!
Diego said on 28/Sep/06
Kurt 5'8'' (173 cm) and Courtney 5'9'' (170 cm)...
both in bad posture.

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Diego said on 24/Sep/06
Kurt is listed as 5'7'' but is taller because he has a bad posture.
For me Courtney is 5'7'' (170 cm) and Kurt 5'8'' (173 cm)...

Here, Kurt is an inch taller than Courtney, both are barefoot.
[5'8'' (173 cm) v.s 5'7'' (170 cm)]

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Here, Kurt is an inch shorter than Courtney, but he wears Converse Juck Purcell and she's in heels.
[5'9'' (175 cm) v.s 5'10'' (178 cm)]

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Anonymous said on 4/Aug/06
she has stated her height several times has being 5'7,5'8 and 5'9. She has done so much s*** in her time that she cant even remember her own height.
Aspisdistra said on 3/Aug/06
I stood right next to her after a show at Twisters in Richmond, Va. in '90 or '91, and she's slightly shorter than me (I'm 5'8") so she's about 5'7".
jasper said on 15/Jul/06
Courtney love could be 5'10 . Here she is with 5'11 rececca romijn.

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Jazzz said on 20/Jun/06
in some pictures, courtney appears to be taller. HOWEVER, i have some pictures in which kurt looks taller (only by a little bit), which probabaly means that kurt was a little taller or the same hieght, but courtney sometimes wore heels. thats the only logical explanation :]

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see for yourselves :]
jasper said on 17/Jun/06
here is proof that courtney love isnt anywhere near 5'10

here she is with 5'6 gwen stefani. they are about the same height.


here she is with 5'7 celine dion . they are about the same height.

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here she she is with 5'7 chloe sevingy . courtney is about an inch shorter
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here she is with 5'7 paris hilton.

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so courtney iy seems is between 5'6 and 5'7 .
jasper said on 16/Jun/06
Here is some photos of courtney with other celebs to show that she is not the 5'10 she says she is.

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here she is with 5'7 celine dion .They look about the same height

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here she is with 5'7 paris hilton.

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here she is with 5'6 gwen stefani. She looks about an inch taller

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here she is with 5'5 susan surandon and rose mcgowan

here she is with 5'7 chloe sevingy . She looks about an inch shorter.
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So from these pics it is clear that courtney is between 5'6 and 5'7 .

Glenn said on 15/May/06
Yeah,I do george,but Ive been to busy to dig it out.itll be worth the wait.
george said on 14/May/06
have you got pic of courtney glenn?.
Glenn said on 6/May/06
Yeah,come to think of it she was slightly taller.she could be 5-9.
george said on 5/May/06
glenn you 5'8 yeah ?. was courtney taller than you when you met her ?.
Glenn said on 3/May/06
Not yet on pic.Paris might be 5-6.5, 5-7.
george said on 3/May/06
glenn have you got thatpic of courtney?.
george said on 2/May/06
Check ou the pics of courtney love with 5'8 paris hilton she looks a bit taller than 5'8 hilton , but i dont know what sized heels they are wearing

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Glenn said on 1/May/06
In the old HOLE days,it was no heels.then when she became an actress,it was more heels.I have a photo coming.
george said on 29/Apr/06
was courtney in heels glenn when you met her?.
Glenn said on 29/Apr/06
You seem to forget,I met both.and kurt was,5-8, 5-9 with a serious in his youth 5-10 or more is for sure, as Doris has witnessed.
Chris said on 29/Apr/06
Hello guys! I met Courtney Love back on the Celebrity Skin tour in 1999. I'm a 6'0 tall male and when I met Courtney she was in a pink bra with a satin pink skirt and barefoot. She is a bit taller than 5'9 but not 5'11. I would guess her 5'10, she was VERY tall and very nice at that(surprisingly). Kurt Cobain was no where near being 5'10 at all. If you look at the photos of the couple in the 1992 MTV Music Awards Kurt is visibly a lot shorter than Courtney and Rupaul towers over them both. Kurt was probably around 5'7 1/2. Kurt could in no way be 5'9 or 5'10 because as I said, I met Courtney and compared her height to mine. It would be impossible for Kurt to be that height, he was a small guy....
Glenn said on 29/Apr/06
Never saw the 2 of them together.courtney is 5-8 or 5-9.streched out,Kurt was probably an inch or 2 taller.
george said on 28/Apr/06
glenn is courtney love taller than kurt ?.
UNK said on 27/Apr/06
@george - Cobain was always listed at 5'7"/5'8". We are started to see some evidence that he may have been taller than that. Maybe in the 5'9"/5'10" range. Certianly not 5'11"/6'0".

One of my biggest problems with listing Kurt over 5'8", is that Love always appeared taller than him.

[Editor Rob: probably the back problems he had might have played a part?]
george said on 27/Apr/06
if kurt cobain is 5'11 or 6 foot then how come 5'10 courtney love was always a couple of inches taller than him ?.
george said on 26/Apr/06
was courtney taller than kurt.
jimbo said on 28/Mar/06
glenn courtney is listed as 5'10 everywhere, is she not 5'10 ?.
jimbo said on 24/Mar/06
in wireimages there is a picture of love standing barefoot with 5'8 molly ringwald and love looks about 3 inches shorter than ringwald although ringwald appears to be wearing high heels but the picture is too small to make out the heel height . even if ringwald is in heels she shouldnt tower over 5'10 love that much .
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
glenn what height is courtney ? .
The_Dude said on 25/Aug/05
Is there are a full size picture of that photo?.So we can take a look at their shoes.

Maybe Janet is wearing some high heels.Who knows.

[Editor Rob: they're closer in height from another angle. Can't see shoes though, but I'm leaving courtney at 5ft 9 which is what she has said she is...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
Yes, on the Rosie O'Donnel show she stated she was "About Five Foot Nine"
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/05
Love says herself that she is about 5'9 but people who have met her say she is anywhere between 5'7 and 5'10 . I reckon she is 5'9 now and was 5'10 in her youth because people shrink an inch by the time they get to 40 . I saw her in a photo with 5'11 nicole kidman and looked only an inch shorter . Also a friend of kurt cobains told me that cobain was 5'7 and when in flat shoes love was about 3 inches taller than cobain .

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