How tall is Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain's Height

5ft 9in (175.3 cm)

American singer and musician, best remembered for the band Nirvana. His posture may have contributed to him looking shorter than he was in mid 90's. He had scoliosis, spinal curvature which may have made him shorter than he was aged 18-20.

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Average Guess (26 Votes)
5ft 8.35in (173.6cm)
Spencer said on 18/Oct/17
173-74 cm
Danimal said on 17/Sep/17
He was nowhere near 5'9". Dave had easily 4" + on him.
Tunman said on 14/Sep/17
Kurt was measured 5'10 by the police in 1986 aged 19 and before developing his scoliosis.It's likely that in a shoe measurement he was near enough to 5'10 and Kurt was never known as someone wearing cowboy boots or trying to slip some lifts in his sneakers,later he made famous the Converse.So 5'9 seems really honest at worse a small fraction under it but no more
Capt. said on 12/Sep/17
I saw Nirvana play at the old 9:30 club in Wash D.C. right before they became big in the early '90's. Das Damen were opening for them, for what ever reason they weren't playing so hot that night and getting booed , I turned around just to look at the crowd and standing directly behind me was Kurt Cobain and to his right was Novoselic ( they weren't heckling the band playing ). I guess he saw my eyes widen and he nudged Krist and they walked away. In any case, I turned around and was staring directly into his face and I'm 5'7".
hardguy said on 7/Sep/17
slight more than eminem
Warren said on 11/Aug/17
Looks tall cause he's handsome
MJKoP said on 23/Jul/17
5'2 said on 13/Jul/17
I knew him as 5'7" when i was listening to his records

You can *hear* how tall someone is?!?! I thought he sounded at least 5'8"! :O

Kurt Cobain said on 16/Feb/17
Wasn't he 5'7

No. You were not.
5'2 said on 13/Jul/17
I knew him as 5'7" when i was listening to his records
Sonic said on 13/Jul/17
5ft 8-9inch seems right. I'm 5ft9in myself, but was 2-3cm shorter when I was 19. I'm 23 and I got another growth spurt putting me into kind-of average height (from 172-3 to 175cm). Most people have a mild scoliosis, your medical height is your arms spread out middle finger to middle finger (for me about 178cm). I may yet reach that total considering the surprising growth, but if I don't it could be because of a mild scoliosis in the back. So maybe Kurt had a medical height of 177cm even, but always appeared average height to me. So I don't think he was below 5ft 8 by his untimely death.
Jani said on 8/Jun/17
I would say that Kurt was more like around 173cm maybe 172cm even. There's a video where Eddie Vedder dances with Kurt and Kurt seems to be maybe an inch taller than 169-170cm range Eddie.
Average height and slim said on 29/May/17
173.5 cm
MJKoP said on 25/May/17
Jesse said on 29/Apr/17
Let's be real here, guys. Kurt was no taller than 5'9", if that.

Check out this pic (and many others). He has the proportions of a 5'8" dude, easily. Anyone who's 5'10" and skinny like him would have a much more "slender" looking build.

He looks EXACTLY like me, and I'm a skinny 5'8" guy with a bit of muscle.

Click Here

Is this an attempt at a joke? I've seen more convincing lookalikes at cosplay conventions. Mark Ballas is listed everywhere at 5'6".

Click Here
Headbanger said on 18/May/17

How tall is the girl of the left?
DirectorKrennic said on 2/May/17
I'll give him 5'7.5" tops. No more than that though.
Jesse said on 29/Apr/17
Let's be real here, guys. Kurt was no taller than 5'9", if that.

Check out this pic (and many others). He has the proportions of a 5'8" dude, easily. Anyone who's 5'10" and skinny like him would have a much more "slender" looking build.

He looks EXACTLY like me, and I'm a skinny 5'8" guy with a bit of muscle.

Click Here
ffs said on 26/Apr/17
here he is standing next to 6'1 layne staley. layne's slouching, but he doesn't look more than three inches taller than kurt, who always wore nearly barefoot chuck taylor's. He was at least 5'10 if he stood up straight.
I'mike said on 26/Mar/17
Tricky to pin down. He appears about 5'8" to me, but maybe with good posture he could be 5'9". I'll go with 5'8.5
John said on 15/Mar/17
He seemed 5'9" 1/2 to me.
Dave said on 2/Mar/17
I believe he was suppose to be 5'11 but RIP to him ( 1967-1994 ).
5'11 would've worked for him ( not 5'9 ).
Ian said on 23/Feb/17
I guess his scoliosis might have held him back a bit, maybe he would have been a solid 5'9" guy without it. I have scoliosis and can't help but wonder if I would be taller without it.
Jake said on 23/Feb/17
Meh, had the proportions of a weak 5'8" marginally below average height guy, but he does have a pretty long head which could give him a bit of a boost I guess. Either way I don't see him as 5'9" flat, pretty sure I'd edge him out height wise.
Me said on 17/Feb/17
I personally knew Kurt. He was around 6'1" tall or taller. I have seen him standing next to Tom Cruise who is much shorter. He had extremely long limbs and large hands. He also made up many false stories about himself for the public.
Kurt Cobain said on 16/Feb/17
Wasn't he 5'7
Me said on 23/Jan/17
I think he was somewhere from 69 inches to 70 inches in height .but with good posture he was a definant 5'9.5.dave had a good 3 inches taller.while Krist had a 9 to 10 inch difference.
Me said on 23/Jan/17
I think he was somewhere from 69 inches to 70 inches in height .but with good posture he was a definant 5'9.5.dave had a good 3 inches taller.while Krist had a 9 to 10 inch difference.
Abey P said on 19/Jan/17
5 ft 7 and could look smaller than this due to bad posture. Group had 4-5 inches on him. Courtney Love was taller than him and she's listed at 5 ft 8.5 on this site.
slurkapfson said on 19/Nov/16
Looked a solid 5'9,. Next to 6'0 Grohl, even with the his spinal problem he always looked around 3 inches shorter. My guess is 176cm, with the scoliosis AND he slouched. Courtney was 174cm, but even heels could be 5'10-5'11, making Kurt in his flats look almost 2 inches shorter. Add a cm I think.
Chio said on 29/Oct/16
Without scoliosis:5'8.5
With scoliosis:5'8
eee said on 22/Oct/16
5'8 with scoliosis and bad posture overall
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
5'9 still seems too high.
eoe said on 15/Oct/16
potential maximized height 5'9
actual height 5'8-8.5
David Welch said on 18/Sep/16
The police said Kurt Kobain had a leathal dose of heroin and was 5'9"" tall.. A dose that strong incapacitated his body, the shotgun was a very long barreled shotgun (look and see for yourself) He could not have been able to shot himself. He was too stoned and the gun too long. Someone must have helped him. When someone takes a leathal dose they immediately become unable to to stand or or have any command of basic motor skills. This story can't be true.
RZ said on 11/Aug/16
@Davey flannel, yeah? Maculay Culkin (5'6" / 168cm) would like a word with you Click Here

@charlie Not always, they're most likely barefoot here in the bathroom Click Here

...and Kurt with Flea (5'6-5'7) and Joe Perry (5'9) Click Here

I think Kurt is 175½ cm even just with a bad posture etc. Courtney Love is 174cm.
Davey flannel said on 19/Jul/16
If you think Kurt was under 5'9 you have no idea how to evaluate height. You can not have a lanky disposition and be under 5'9 no matter how skinny you are
charlie said on 10/Jul/16
I read before that he was 5 ft 7 now hes 5 ft 9. He looked shorter than average and his gfCourtney Love looked taller than he did. Kurt was 5 ft height.
charlie said on 10/Jul/16
I read before that he was 5 ft 7 now hes 5 ft 9. He looked shorter than average and his gfCourtney Love looked taller than he did. Kurt was 5 ft height.
Nobody said on 17/Jun/16
Police reports had him at 5'10 while his drivers license had him at 5'11! Kurt always wore Converse too.
RZ said on 1/Jun/16
Rob: Thank you for the quick reply! Haha, I agree. Fun at least!
RZ said on 30/May/16
Hi Rob,
look at this gif I cut and made

Click Here

Kurt is walking just ahead of Dave they're wearing normal footwear all of them, Krist is barefoot I believe. What do you think? Years ago I asked his Aunt Mary about his height and she said 5'7"-5'8" (I still have that email)
Editor Rob: he still is a confusing guy to pin down, probably one of those I'm still not so sure on and could see arguments for 5ft 8 or 9.
Eric said on 12/Apr/16
I would say he was 5'9, but if he corrected his scoliosis he would have been more closer to 5'10 imo.
Danimal176 said on 24/Mar/16
Looks very tiny next to 6'0" Dave: Click Here

Here he looks taller: Click Here
sebs said on 24/Dec/15
I think he was around 5'9-5'10 at least in pics with Grohl
CMP72 said on 14/Nov/15
1991-I met Kurt Cobain outside a dallas, tx club. Same show where Kurt actually hit a security guy w/ his guitar and nearly tore the guy's ear off-chaos ensured. I spoke w/ Kurt in the alley of the club, smoking a cigarette. I was startled by his slight build and height. I can tell you for sure he was 5 6'-5 7'ish. In fact I'd say probably more on the 5 6' side. I am five foot eight and I was amazed that I was a good bit taller. He was a very kind, gentle and down to earth guy during the 10 minutes we spoke. He got me in the club for free.
Michael said on 1/Oct/15
5'6 and a half close to 5'7
max height prob 5'8
an anonymous peach said on 4/Sep/15
Hey Rob, I know this is besides the point but what band do prefer; Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains or Stone Temple Pilots?
[Editor Rob: don't listen much to any of them these days, but Alice in Chains/Nirvana.]
an anonymous peach said on 14/Aug/15
I think he was somewhere between 174 and 175cm. He was always about the same height as Courtney or a smidge taller. If she didn't have him murdered and he was still alive today, he would probably be closer to a flat 5ft 8.
Spencer said on 21/Jul/15
5'10 ish
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/15
Looked about 3in below Dave Grohl...
184 cm said on 17/Jun/15
@an anonymous peach

Mine says 5'10, because it was given when I was 16 and not done growing. Updating your height is a huge pain, haven't bothered.
an anonymous peach said on 4/Jun/15
Why does is his driving license state that he was 5' 7"?
@Westchesteryo said on 13/May/15
Hey Westchesteryo, in that scene there are parts where Courtney Love seems to edge out Kurt and parts where Kurt seems to edge out Courtney Love. To me it seemed like angles.

Regardless, this scene is good evidence(barefoot, multiple standing positions) that the two were very close in height. Nevertheless, even though at certain points Kurt seems taller, I can't give him the edge entirely due to so many scenes where, while standing in a different position, Courtney seems taller than him.
whats with all the hate? said on 10/May/15
174-175 for the most part. last years of his life perhaps 5'8 ish
whats with all the hate? said on 10/May/15
with that one photo with flea in 1992 vmas? about 174 ish i think
westchesteryo said on 9/May/15
In the new documentary there is a scene where he and love are in the bathroom. he is as tall if not slightly taller than her. in the 90s he was thought of as a short guy, i remember reading 5'7 but 5'9 to 5'10 standing straight seems about right.
fellow5'9er said on 6/May/15
He seemed to be about 5'8.5-9" with the scoliosis. In footage with Courtney he always looks about her height, but never does he look assuredly taller. So, unless you believe Courtney Love is 5'10-11", which most do not, then it's highly unlikely he was any taller than this listing. Moreover, in footage with Dave Grohl, who we know is a 6 footer, Kurt looks 5'9". Having a close friend that's 6feet, I can tell we have about the same height difference as Kurt and Dave do in pictures.

It's impossible to know how much his spinal curvature effected his height, but from his posture I can't guess he would be much more than 5'10" and change max without it. It doesn't seem to me like Kurt had a severe case of scoliosis, but I'm not a doctor and could be wrong on this.

Regardless, he was an incredibly thin man and this made him appear more lumbering than he was(until he stood next to someone who was actually tall). Most guys at 5'9" walk around at 150lbs or more, Kurt was probably more in the 130lb range. More than that, he was very sinewy, with a relatively muscular back; he kind of looked like a shrunken down version of those tall lanky body-typed people.
MJKoP said on 10/Apr/15
He was a good 5'10" WITH the scoliosis. So he would've been legitimately tall had he been normal/healthy. The short descriptions are total bull.
lelman said on 9/Apr/15
I think it's pretty clear most police reports either go by your license or ask you. It's rare you'll see a police report where the height isn't at least 1 inch above the persons actual height.

I think Kurt was about 5'9" in his prime. This coupled with his ridiculous posture and tall bandmates made him appear much shorter. I think the very least you could argue for him is a strong 5'8", but I think it's more likely he was a fraction above 5'9".
Mat 5'10 said on 3/Apr/15
Rob, you said that scoliosis made him shorter, so was 5'9 his peak height or 5'10?
[Editor Rob: it could have effected his posture, but I think his actual height was maybe still 5ft 9 range.]
Robert said on 20/Mar/15
Do you guys read? The man had scoliosis. It's entirely possible he could have been 5'9" peak.
Negative Creep said on 17/Mar/15
Sorry, but there is no chance Kurt was 5'10", 5'9" or even 5'8".
Flea (RHCP) is listed at 5'6" and he was VERY close to the same height as Kurt.
funny said on 16/Mar/15
I am absolutely certain that cobain not going to 5'9..isso is still too much for him ..
XMare said on 17/Jan/15
To "funny":

Not sure exactly what you are getting at, but Tracy obviously knew Kurt, and she thinks he was about 5"10 and 130lbs.
funny said on 17/Dec/14
Does anyone here could say exactly the true height of cobain..alguem who knew him personally or seila because each one tells a coisa..por please ???
176,2Tunman said on 21/Oct/14
Their daughter is by no means 5'9,she's no more than 5'4 and that's already optimistic.
Peter said on 8/Sep/14
Amaze said on 29/Aug/14
he has the same problem as me. scoliosis/ spinal curvature. it does shrink an inch or two in height. depends how serious it is. he has bad posture which I used to have but I do physiotherapy exercises and I stand at my tallest and best always.

he does look about 5'9 to me, and no doubt he's 5'10 with shoes on. his partner/wife Courtney was 174 or 5'8.5 slightly shorter. their daughter is listed at 5'9.

scoliosis really sucks, and kurt cobain had it. plus he was underweight and small for a 27 year old. barely scraping 130lbs at 5 9
Y said on 6/Aug/14
Looks around 5'8 - 5'8.5 he can also look shorter in other pics
Slimpo said on 7/Jun/14
Pause the video at 3:29 Click Here
i see almost 10-15 cm differences between grohl and cobain
Sam said on 5/Jun/14
I can't see Krist under 6'7" that promo, I think Barkley appears closer in height due to being closer to the camera. Barkley doesn't look under 6'5"-6'6" range considering he towers over Dave Grohl. Krist still looks close to 6'7" at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction. Cobain had terrible posture so it's hard to tell, but he could look close to 5'9" at times even with his curved back.
Noname said on 24/May/14
Anybody ever question Krist's height? He always gets 6'7", but he looks the same height as Charles Barkley in promos who is listed as 6'4.75....
Arch Stanton said on 7/May/14
Looks a tad shorter than Joe Perry who I always had at 5 ft 8 although we can't see footwear. Click Here

Click Here Joe Perry always looked a good inch shorter than Steve Tyler who is 5'9. 5'7.5" more likely than 5'9" IMO.
176,2Tunman said on 3/May/14
Yeah,his veryyyyyyy bad posture,he probably looked a good 2-2.5"shorter than he actually was.As I said the disease is terrible and the loss whether in posture or actual height is terrible as well.
KTS said on 3/May/14

"His very poor posture probably made many people see him shorter than he really is."

I believe you mean his "verayyyy bad posture"
176,2Tunman said on 2/May/14
Clearly he wouldn't have measured 5'6-7 at peak.Well he was more likely 5'9 than 10.With MJ,Tupac,Rourke being listed 2"over their true height we could question the police method of measurement but yeah no way 5" boost.Must still say that the 3 last documents are unlikely subsequent to a measurement,in those years he was certainly nearer to 5'8.
5'9 peak 5'10 in shoes and around 5'7.5-8in the last years.That's my conviction.
omelet said on 27/Apr/14

- Kurt's first girlfriend was asked on twitter about his height 2 months ago. She answered ABOUT 5'10''. She's known for being really sincere about anything Cobain related, the good and the bad. And they dated for 3 years (1987-1990). Click Here


- 1986: 5'10'' (Aberdeen Police Dept.) Click Here

- 1992: 5'11'' (WA state driver's license). If you inflate your height, you inflate one inch, not 5... Click Here

- 1993: 5'10'' (Seattle Police) Click Here

- 1994: 5'10'' (Missing Person Report) Click Here
Will173cm said on 21/Apr/14
I can't explain how blind some people are or seem to be. When I look at pics or footage of him it's pretty obvious to me that he was AT LEAST 5'8", I'm 5'8" myself and I know how I look on videos or pics.
Sometimes he can look shorter than 5'9" and that is true but it obvuously has to do with his scoliosis and his terrible posture
176,2Tunman said on 26/Mar/14
Interesting,but Grohl was the last member to join Nirvana,unlike Novoselic he didn't knew Kurt in his heyday.Trust me,it's very possible to even lose a large amount due to scoliosis.
One of my cousins who was 168 (nothing less than 167) at her peak (from 15 to 20-21)had scoliosis.When she was aged 21,her disease was still in its beginning and she didn't look under 167,however the disease got much worse,I was just shocked when I saw her after 3 years,aged 24,she was really no more than 163 maybe 163,5 tops,even standing tall.She definitely lost at least 4cm,I have absolutely no doubt.You should know what complications this disease involves,it's just unbelievable:bones become fragile,spine and back problems,serious risks of injuries,problems in feet (they can't support much strain),pain from successive operations,fractures,medecines and pills...I hope nobody will experience that,the pain is constant an unbearable according to her.Not surprising that Kurt was addict to heroin,it's pain killing.
I'm still sure he was near enough to 5'9 at his peak,whether he lost some height or just had terrible posture in the final years is hard to tell,sure he did look more 5'7 than 5'9 in 1993-4 though.
Bach said on 26/Mar/14
watch this video at 5:50, Click Here remember that Dave is 6ft 0in or 183 cm tall.
176,2Tunman said on 19/Feb/14
In reality, he would be roughly 3in shorter than Dave Grohl if he stood straight.Police reports had him at 5'10,so probably he was close to that mark in shoes.5'9 seems okay, I can't argue anything under 5'8.5 unless you want to speak of what he could look with his poor posture.5'6-7 are impossible with good posture.174-5 definitely,no more no less.
Happy birthday Kurt,you will always be alive in our hearts.
spasm said on 6/Feb/14
he was a little over five foot seven. could have reached 5'9" in thick soled boots maybe but not 5'9" bare feet-wise.
Cobainz said on 4/Feb/14
Click Here
same height as flea, who is 5,6-5,7
lelman said on 31/Jan/14
No shorter than 5'8", he just looked short Next to 6'0" Grohl and especially 6'7" Kris. I think 5'9" is pretty likely.
5'9 3/8"Tunman said on 30/Jan/14
Absolutely agree Lorne. I've recently watched Man On The Moon.Courtney seemed at least 4.5-5in shorter than Jim Carrey considering footwear which confirms her old 5'8.5 claim. Forget all these 5'10+ claims, they are just laughable.Standing with good posture Kurt may definitely look about the same as her.Before scoliosis he certainly looked 174-5 more than any other mark His very poor posture probably made many people see him shorter than he really is.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Nov/13
@Xeno, I'm not sure Vedder is really 5 ft 7 though, see him here with 5'8.5" Kelly Slater Click Here Vedder for me is more 5'5.5"-5'6". Kurt I always think of him as a 5 ft 7 range guy because of the fact he's most been called that and Grohl could look 4'-5 inches taller.
Jaded8 said on 20/Nov/13
He looked to be the same height as Johnny Depp is so 5ft 9 is very plausible
Xeno said on 8/Nov/13
1992 footage of Eddie Vedder (5'7) and Kurt Click Here Kurt's kind of hanging onto him when hugging so I'd say Kurt's 5'8 max.
Finally said on 25/Sep/13
It has finally been settled. Kurt Cobain's ex girlfriend of 3 years who he lived with for 3 years as well said on her twitter, Kurt was about 5'9/5'10. There is no reason to debate this anymore. He wasn't 5'6, 5'7 or 5'8 like many on here said. His own ex girlfriend would know.
Aerocobbler said on 15/Jul/13
Sean said on 6/Jul/13
Kurt is about 5ft10, he's actually taller than Axl who is 5ft8.5.
TheVerve180cm said on 20/Apr/13
5ft9-10 was average not short. His weird posture made people believe under 5ft9.
wall said on 6/Apr/13
He looked 5'9 during the late 80s but as his back problems increased, he would have gone down an inch. I would say he was 5'8 when he passed away. Dave grohl is 6ft max. Kurt was easily 3-4 inches shorter than dave.
Jas said on 21/Mar/13
5 feet 9
swiper said on 13/Feb/13
seems to have been around the same height as Bam Margera.
Nicole said on 8/Feb/13
Kurt was 5'9 or 5'10. Just check the police reports.
Nicole said on 6/Feb/13
Cobain had a weird build which made him look shorter than he was. He never looked that much shorter than fave, he looked around the same height as cl. I think he was 5'9, but 5'9 max.
nikki said on 17/Jan/13
everyone in nirvanas heyday knew kurt to be 5'7" and of a very weak thin build.
percy said on 17/Jan/13
krist 6'7" - 6'8"
dave 5'11" - 6'0
kurt 5'7" - 5'8"
boddah said on 13/Jan/13
i think 5'9 is plausible.
buddy said on 10/Jan/13
five feet seven
Speedqueen said on 9/Jan/13
* cobain, I meant. Bloody autocorrect! Yes, still sitting on 5'9.
Speedqueen said on 8/Jan/13
Heavier than heaven is full of lies and inaccuracies. Highly not recommended. If cobra in claims 5'9 ( actually 1986 police report has him at 5' of the many errors in this fiction) can't we just take his word for it? I think he really was around 5'9 - 5'10, but just of an unusual build/had a strange frame which made him appear shorter.
Speedqueen said on 8/Jan/13
Heavier than heaven is full of lies and inaccuracies. Highly not recommended. If cobra in claims 5'9 ( actually 1986 police report has him at 5' of the many errors in this fiction) can't we just take his word for it? I think he really was around 5'9 - 5'10, but just of an unusual build/had a strange frame which made him appear shorter.
Spencer said on 5/Jan/13
I think Dave Grohl is 6'0. Krist is 6'7 and Kurt was around 5'8
Tom said on 31/Dec/12
I would guess him to be around 5'8 given or taken half an inch,idk it's hard to say but one thing's for sure, he could appear a lot taller because he was really thin and skinny and he also had good proportions
Fact: I saw them live in 92'
Person said on 24/Dec/12
I've heard people who knew kurt say he was 5'3" in interveiws, and that his back got worse with age.
grenville said on 19/Dec/12
in the heavier than heaven book, it says when he was arrested for graffiti that he stated to police he was 135lb and 5'9" and in brackets ( )it says he exaggerated his height. it also says that when he was 12 years old he was "slightly shorter than average" so im guessing as an adult he would have been slightly shorter than average, (average being between 5'9-6'1) so 5'7" or 5'8" would be shortish, but by no means tiny. he looked easily atleast 3 inches shorter than 5'11"-6'0 drummer dave grohl.
Shaggster said on 17/Dec/12
he is between 5'7 though 5'10
nick said on 25/Nov/12
yes matt in that pic he does look almost 5 inches taller than chad. the top of chads head is at kurts eye level. krist makes almost anyone look tiny standing near him.
Matt said on 24/Nov/12
Sorry, Channing and Kurt Click Here
Matt said on 22/Nov/12
If Cobain really was only 5'7, then Novoselic is no taller than 6'4. There was not a ft difference between the two.
nick said on 21/Nov/12
he was only slightly taller than nirvana's first drummer chad channing (1988 - 1990) who stood just 5'6"
im guessing kurt was between 5'7.25" - 5'8.5" but no taller.
Avi said on 15/Nov/12
I agree on 5'9. He was little-ish..but he was no dwarf for chrissakes!
Krist said on 15/Nov/12
He was about 5'9. He was an MK Ultra victem and thats why he died. He went to rehab for heroine and must've gotten injected with a microchip.
Scheindling said on 13/Nov/12
5'10 1986 - Click Here 1993 5'10 - Click Here 5'9 1994 - Click Here
Scheindling said on 13/Nov/12
5' 9 Click Here 5'10 Click Here I have seen a set of fingerprints kurt took in 1993, these appear in the book 'who killed kurt cobain' he lists himself in these ones as 5'11 and 135lbs.
Scheindling said on 13/Nov/12
Vega, i have seen ALL his police reports and they have him listed from 5'9 to 5'11. Missing person report had him listed at 5'10, his very first police report dating from 1986 had him listed at 5'10. He claimed in an INTERVIEW from the set of the "come as you are" video that he was 5'10. Between 110 - 140lbs for anyone who is interested in how much he weighed. You have seen his drivers license vega? May i ask where?
Vega said on 29/Oct/12
That f ft nine is nonsense. Kurt himself said he was 5 ft 7. Kurdt Donald Cobain was five foot 7. Yes he had scoliosis which gave him bad posture...exp the song (Pennyroyal Tea). Kurts driving liscense says 5'7. Their is 0 doubt in my mine that 5 foot 7 was his height and I wish someone would correct the f"9 nonsense.
Amy Lee said on 3/Oct/12
Kurt did not have a bad back. Kurt was a couple inches shorter than Joe Elliott of Def Leppard. He worked on the Def Leppard roadcrew in 1983, why he used "it's better to burn out than fade away" for his fake suicide note Def Lep borrowed the lyrics from Neil Young. This is also why Kurt quoted Marilyn Monroe which Def Lep used an image of Marilyn for Photograph music vid "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not". Kurt was also taller than Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise. Kurt made many references to MJ even to Bubbles with his toy monkey collection.
shane said on 21/Sep/12
5'8 seems like a good solid estimate seeing as most people who knew him said he was about 5 7 and most pictures we would say 5 9. 5 8 is the final verdict. Change this rob. No one here can evet know his real height so lets just say the comfortable consensus.
berto said on 14/Sep/12
that would make you as tall as the empire state building poison
Poison said on 30/Aug/12
Hey could any of yalls answer this question - I am female at a height ranging from 180 - 185 cm and I am 16, how tall will that make me at 18?
Alex said on 23/Aug/12
Kurt was 5 ft 8.5 in (174 cm)
Dave is 5 ft 11.25 in (181 cm)(I met him and he was 6 ft but with regular shoes on so he's not a genuine 6 footer flatwise)
Krist is clearly 6 ft 7 in (201 cm) he 'nearly' had a full head on Kurt
fan said on 6/Aug/12
I read in a biography that he was 163 cm, but it's wrong. So he was 173 cm
phineas said on 4/Aug/12
isn't that statue in aberdeen made as his height....5'6"
I would think his hometown would have had his height right. he was tiny
melvin said on 14/Jun/12
rob, would you agree he was your height, give or take a fraction of an inch? i dont believe he was under 5'7" but i cant see how he could be 5'9" or above, so somewhere between 5.7 and 5.9 but closer to 5.8
Jeremy said on 9/Jun/12
i met Kurt, iam 5'7.5 maybe 5'8 and he was just about as tall as me maybe be a smidge taller. he is no taller than 5'8.5. i know everyone wants to think hes taller but he just isnt
MD said on 14/Feb/12
I don't get how every places on the web has him at 5'7" if he was really 5'9". The only other height I've ever seen is 5'10", but it's a sole source and it was a missing persons document where heights are usually estimates because they are given by families.
Alexander said on 9/Feb/12
with good posture he may have been 5'9. Grohl is definitely 6'0 and has at least 4-5 inches on cobain.
lisa said on 27/Jan/12
LaKristyAnn: I don't think pictures are a very good thing to judge height by.
sometimes they are able to show roughly a person's height but not very accurately
Michael said on 25/Jan/12
Kurt was a couple of inches shorter than Dave Grohl... I met Dave a couple years ago, I am 5'11" and he is at least 5'9" which would make Kurt about 5'7". I remember the obit. in the news paper back in 1994 when he died that listed Kurt's height and weight to be: 5'7" 147lbs.
Kurt said on 24/Dec/11
Well considering Dave is 6'0, 5'9/5'10 and about 140lbs would be considered "little and quiet" sorry to break the news to ya. Just cuz your of average height doesnt mean you can't still be little. I'm 5'6 but honestly most people guess my height as a little taller than that cuz I'm huskier at 180lbs. Just an observation I'd like to share. Kurt wasn't short. He was defiantly little though.
Id said on 28/Oct/11
Explain how Dave Grohl, says "Kurt was little and quiet" in this video at 6m 14s Click Here you don't say that about a 175-178cm guy which is presented on this site. He also mention before Kurt how Novoselic was like "6'8".
devon said on 17/Oct/11
the top of a 5'7" persons head is normally round about where a six footers eyes are and thats about where kurt did come up to on dave, judging by pictures. one thing is certain- he wasn't as small as angus young and no where as tall as joey ramone.
Gus said on 15/Oct/11
This height seems to be right. I buy 177 cm MIN - 179 cm MAX.
Jonas said on 15/Oct/11
Taken from the mugshot, he could be 5'11 with a good posture
Amy Lee said on 10/Oct/11
The pictures of Kurt and others were staged and he was 6'1" tall. He did not have a bad back, but quite limber as we worked out together and went swimming together. Kurt and I were very close until right before April 5, 1994. The March 4th '94 incident in Rome was on my mother's birthday. Kurt and Courtney say they met on my birthday of Jan 12th, which they knew each other for many years before this. Sid & Nancy was Kurt's brainchild. I am not only Boddah, but the fictous story about "Down Syndrome Girl" is about me.
Amy Lee said on 10/Oct/11
The pictures of Kurt and others were staged and he was 6'1" tall. He did not have a bad back, but quite limber as we worked out together and went swimming together. Kurt and I were very close until right before April 5, 1994. The March 4th '94 incident in Rome was on my mother's birthday. Kurt and Courtney say they met on my birthday of Jan 12th, which they knew each other for many years before this. Sid & Nancy was Kurt's brainchild. I am not only Boddah, but the fictous story about "Down Syndrome Girl" is about me.
devon said on 30/Sep/11
6'1" lol no way. he was always known to have appeared like a child compared to krist. at 6'1" you wouldnt be dwalfed by krist the way kurt was with or without back slouching or whatever. kurt himself thought he was 169cm which is under 5'7" but it would have been an estimate probarly. look at the pic with flea if flea is 5'6" then kurt looks 5'7.5"
Amy Lee said on 28/Sep/11
Kurt and I were close friends for many years having met in 1983. We worked on many songs together including for Evanescence. I am 5'4" and Kurt was around 6'-1". Michael Jackson was a few inches shorter than Kurt and Joe Elliott of Def Leppard was a couple of inches taller than Kurt being around 6'-3" or 4". Kurt was a roadie on the Rock Till You Drop tour in 1983. Kurt makes many references to knowing Def Leppard and Michael Jackson in his published journal with ficitious stories and to me "at peace ami, you're a good one". He started calling me his imaginary friend Boddah after I made up the song Imaginary performed by Evanescence.
Moke said on 27/Sep/11
with 5'6 Flea: Click Here
Ground seems uneven though.
kurt said on 26/Sep/11
kurt 5'7"
dave 6'0
krist 6'7" there was exactly one foot between kurt and krist.
lorne said on 16/Sep/11
The pic that SanJuanPuertoRico is unreliable, as is many pics.He likely had already lost a touch of height by the time he died due to scoliosis, and his posture was horrible. Just look at his mugshot below.From front you would THINK that he is standing straight, but the same pic from the side shows his horrible posture.
The simple truth is that he was 5ft9.Could you argue he was only 174cm? Yes.You could also argue he was closer to 176cm between ages 18-20.Believe me. I was A HUGE Nirvana fan, this guy is in the 5ft9 range.No, he certainly wasn't 5'10, but he wasn't 5'7-5'8 either.Just awful posture. Just looking at him with his wife will show you he wasn't any shorter...(Which makes me wonder if she really is 5'9 or not, but that's neither here nor there)...
Emily said on 7/Sep/11
Guys he looked REALLY short because he was standing next to Krist who is 6 foot 8.
nirvAnA said on 6/Aug/11
5'10" a joke. the police dept measure people with there shoes on. almost every sourse says he was 5'7" strong possibilty he was closer to 5'8"
Liz said on 3/Aug/11
alice:he certainly DID have scoliosis I have a book on him that not only says it, they actually show one of his x-rays.
dIsCharGer said on 8/Jul/11
@WTFC: lol, pls look here Click Here and stop at 0:48 exactly. enjoy.
dIsCharGer said on 8/Jul/11
@sanjuanpuertorico: look here Click Here
and see kurt standing next to flea. kurt is max 1inch taller than flea.
if flea is 5.6 kurt is 5.7
this is a proof.
SAM said on 20/Jun/11
Mathew said on 16/Jun/11
I think 5'8.5" wouldn't be far from the truth and due to his bad posture b/c of the scoliosis he walked around like a 5'7" guy.
WTFC said on 6/Jun/11
Guys allot of Short People like Kurt lol and it looks like allot of people just wanna have something in common with him. he is 5"8 the San Juan Guy from Puerto rico like 4 comments below me just proves it... so Deal with it Wannabe's
Mathew said on 20/May/11
lol @ Courtney love being 5'10", almost 5'11". She's 5'9".
Casey said on 4/May/11
He was 5'8 guys. This whole '5'10' is just ridiculous. All celebs appear taller or say they are taller then they are. It's just how it's always been. He was truly 5'8. Get over it.
George1984 said on 26/Apr/11
I think he was almost 5"10" but he had terrible posture
SanJuanPuertoRico said on 18/Apr/11
I don't know how anbody could say he was 5'10. Or even 5'9. Just look at this picture right here: Click Here He is obviously standing upright and Flea is leaning back slightly so Flea is appearing about half an inch shorter than he really is. If Flea is looking 'bout 5'5.5 here than Cobain is about 5 ft. 8 or maybe just under.
Terry said on 18/Apr/11
He is Cobain's exact bull****: 5 ft. 7.75. Just under 5'8. I think people thought he was taller than he was because a) he was extremely skinny and b) he did wear lifts after he got famous.
Miguel said on 17/Apr/11
I agree with Johnathan on this one. If you look at the video you can see Cobain and Grohl were slouching about the same all the way through and Grohl still appears to be about 4 to 5 inches taller than him. I'd say Cobain was about 5'8 no taller than that.
Wabb said on 15/Apr/11
People are so ****ing stupid. If he was 5"10, which he obviously wasn't, then why is he at least three inches shorter than Dave on every single pic? Grohl is six feet dead on. Kurt was not 5"10.
MemphisP said on 14/Apr/11
Johnathan is right. He looks 5' 8'' is the vid for sure.
Johnathan said on 12/Apr/11
Okay, look at this vid Rob. And freeze it at 2:53. You can see that Cobain most likely isn't wearing anything in his shoes and neither is Grohl. And if Cobain isn't 5'7-5'8 then we are all just imagining our heights.
Click Here
Ross said on 10/Apr/11
I think 5'9 is probably what his height truely was WITH good posture. Im sure there were times he looked 5'8 or so because of his scoliosis and back issues. But, man I swear, there are some pics of him and even a youtube video of him next to 6'0 Dave ( when they won best new artist in 92) that honestly make him look 5'10 ...but 5'9 is probably right on.
# said on 9/Apr/11
1986: Kurt is arrested. Height: 5'10
1994: Missing Person Report. Height: 5'10

Have you seen his mugshot? His posture is painful to the eyes!
Photo of both reports + mugshot: Click Here
Jordan said on 8/Apr/11
You guys really need to watch "the year punk broke" it's a documentary about Nirvana and Sonic Youth's european tour in August 1991. There, you'll get a really good sense of how tall Kurt was. He was about 5'7-5'8.
Bk said on 6/Apr/11
So when did Cobain become 5 ft. 9? Oh, excuse me, 5'10? Everyboyd here wants to suggest he was 5'10 at least or 5'9 yet everyone whoever knew him including his family always said he was no taller than 5'8. People can only judge his height by his pictures which is unreliable when people who knew him said he was 5'7'-5'8 INLCUDING HIMSELF! Face it guys. Cobain was about 5'7 maybe a little taller so to be fair he should be listed at 5'8. Period.
Josh said on 2/Apr/11
I'm a huge fan of him and I have been for a long time. With all do respect, I think he was about 5.7 without straightening up his back and about 5.8 to about 5.9 when he did straighten his back.
# said on 1/Apr/11
In this picture, Kurts and Dave's shoulders are the same height but Kurt's head is looking down. If Dave Grohl is 6 ft then Cobain is 5ft 10in at least, which is what every legal document lists.

Click Here
Kurt said on 29/Mar/11
I've been a huge fan for a long time and I think the 5'10 mark sounds about right for him. At least 5'9. I would list him at 5'9.5 or a flat 5'10. Anyone who says this guy is any shorter is probablly shorter themselves and have wishful thinking that just maybe they're as tall as someone as great as cobain. Get over it!!!!
Huge Jack said on 11/Mar/11
My Brother met him in Brazil in 93 he said he was like 5 "9,5" i think you should upgrade him
NO said on 22/Feb/11
Courtney is 5'10. Standing together they are the same height. Courtney said he was 5'10 in her missing persons form. He was 5'10 get over it. Period.
TyleR7 said on 21/Feb/11
No he wasn't 5' 10. He was 5'9''. Yes he did slouch(back problems), but still not 5' 10. perry IS 5'9, flea IS 5'6. LaKristyAnn is right about evertt true saying he was 5' 8'', who hung out with kurt a lot. He is a biographer, why would he say he is 5' 8 if he didn't appear shorting than the norm. Courtney is 5' 10 almost 5'11, and there are pics which make her look taller and some with the same height, but there are more pics of dave and kurt together, in which kurt looks a legit 5'9. Dave even said he was small, watch the youtube vid i posted earlier.

Click Here
Pic of kurt said on 20/Feb/11
This pic pretty much shows just how badly he hunched over

Click Here

THIS is why there is so much confusion. He was 5'10 but easily took several inches off of his height because of his scoliosis
You're an idiot said on 18/Feb/11
Courtney IS 5'10 pushing 5'11. She didn't "lie" about anything. So now the people who knew him in real life at "lying" about his height, but you're basing your "info" on a PICTURE!

GET OVER IT! HE WAS 5'10 AND HAS THE DOCUMENTS TO PROVE IT!! Courtney filled out the forms stating he was 5'10, and they are the SAME HEIGHT.

And no she didn't "lie" about her own height. She is known for being a big amazon woman. Howard Stern who is about 6'4 said she was a "tall amazon woman". She is nearly 5'11. It is a fact. Get over it.
LaKristyAnn said on 17/Feb/11
Jakob's picture proves he wasn't 5' 10''. He looks about 5'6 to 5' 7 there, but he wasn't that short. He definitley had a slouch/bad posture(pennyroyal tea lyric.And YES we can estimate height based on pictures, plus Courtney said a lot of crap thats not true. I say 5' 8'' which is also what Everett True wrote in his biography of him.
SunnyJo said on 16/Feb/11
List him at 5'8 Rob. That was his real height.
Wrog said on 15/Feb/11
Woops- Meant to say kurts police report and missing persons report put him at 5'10, not 5'11...typo
Wrog said on 15/Feb/11
Nurfherder- You are ridiculous. You're basing this based on what you think you see from a PICTURE. The FACTS are against you

Fact- Courtney is almost 5'11, not 5'9 like you claimed. She even said on Howard Stern she is just under 5'11

Fact- Kurts police record AND missing persons record listed him at 5'11. Cortney was the one who filed the missing persons report- she'd know his height more than you

Watch any piece of footage where Courtney and Kurt are together. In HEELS she looks only slightly taller than him when he is wearing converse. Without heels she is the same height as he is. She is nearly 5'11. If Kurt were "5'6/5'7", Courtney would have been TOWERING over him in heels. She never towered over him, not even in heels (which would have put her over 6 feet tall).
PollyFMolly said on 13/Feb/11
Exactly Righto Clarkento! tho her slight bit taller than he. as some that is her hair & shoes in photos makn her seem appearing lots taller. tho she just is, a big sized stature of physique woman.
~ Happy Valentines Day to My Beloved Kurt!XX
Nurfherder said on 13/Feb/11
This is stupid. It's obvious by looking at pictures of Kurt and his band or even videos when he was there you could see he was only about 5'7-5'8. Courtney is 5'9 and you can tell when they walk together she's about an inch taller than here. You can see when he stand next to Novoselic he's about 1 foot taller than him, Grohl is about 4-5 inches taller than him in his videos. Channing, who was 5'5 looked about 2-3 inches shorter than him. Plus, everyone who's ever written about or knew him will tell you that he was around 5'7-5'8. He was accused of being little all the time. Somebody who was around 5'10 would not be accused of being little. Police records always get people's heights wrong. I'm 5'11 and they listed me as being 6'1 when I got arrested. Point is, there is no video or photographic evidence that suggest he was 5'10 or around that. CLEARLY, he was 5'7 or 5'8. Rob, wouldn't you agree?
Clarkento said on 13/Feb/11
i meant you shouldnt downgrade him, i suck speaking english
Clarkento said on 13/Feb/11
5"10" in the morning maybe 5"9.25" at night, you should downgrade him romb, i know he had horrible posture but there are lot of pictures with kurt and courtney that proves they were at the same height
PollyFMolly said on 12/Feb/11
Well, being I sit here just rottn away,bcoz he left me to deal in this way,Nothn better to do tonight than blog old cred. tho my words posted are likely to be dissed anyway.> So here it is from an insider source, & other than C.L.- so, like it or not, Kurts height from my memories. I am 5'7 & he was taller than I. Whenever we both had our converse sneakers on, or, if when I barefoot & my memories recall as him being taller than me & he closer to 5'10. Ive always had it in my head he was just tad under 5'10" & that was coz at once upon a long time ago we had measured each other naked, from head to head, toe to toe,& even compared our noses for size comparisons - Yes Kurt slouched,& would slouch himself down, he'd done slouching in style.
Kurt could be quite the wizard in life,it was just depending on his chosen demeanor at any given moment>he'd slouch it down, to play up himself more meak or co he was stoned, or other times he would straighten his posture up quite well & he did that whenever he was feeln cocky ahole proud. well, Whenever I'd look into his eyes he was taller than I, but not so tall that I ever had to look way up far in order meet his eyes. we both skinny & both w/bad posture issues,even tho his naked shoulders were broad. So u want make h comparisons, professional photos can appear decieving based on many factors. ck out casual taken photos are best to compare with. like look at his height next to Dylan Carlson or & w/ Chads/ It was Chad who was like 5'7. Kurt was, as I can remember best, nearer 5'10(.) Dave Grohl was about aprox 1" more in H than Kurt>I recall that from when we would all walk around together & my being around all those mentioned guys along w/ kurt many times. Go compare Kurts 'H'. with that of bud Mark Arm of Mudhoney in casual photo taken of them at a party together side by side both in converse. ok, So,Now.., if u want to talk about kurts Cock size.., than I can fill u in on tne facts of that & u wont be abe to debate it, & theres only Me & CL.& Dylan.., & whomever else he is F'ing as of today, wherever it is that Kurts Wizarding himself around at;)
NeotriXX said on 12/Feb/11
Rob,what made you downgrade Cobain's height?

[Editor Rob: looking at more of him and his band mates, I agree he doesn't really look over this mark]
You idiots said on 11/Feb/11
What is left to debate?! You guys are basing your "info" on people who claimed to have "seen him in person". But not basing it on FACTS. The FACTS are: On his missing persons report he was listed as 5'10". COURTNEY was the one who put his height down at 5'10" since she was the one who was looking for him when he was missing. A person who KNEW Kurt had to say he was 5'10" on that report. FACT:His police record also listed him at 5'10". FACT: He and Courtney photographed side by side look to be the SAME height. Courtney is 5'10" amazon woman.

The bottom line is, Kurt was a very thin, frail looking man with scoliosis. He was 5'10" but due to his scoliosis he appeared MUCH shorter since it causes your spine to curve. He was still small by all means considering his weight and frame, but hie HEIGHT read 5'10". PERIOD. It is absurd to base this on what you THINK he would have looked like in person, or what some BS artist claims when they "saw him in person". Base it on facts.
lin said on 11/Feb/11
People are so stupid. He was 5'10". It says it on his police record when he was arrested as well as the missing persons record that was filed. And look at the pic of when he and Courtney got married! They are THE SAME HEIGHT and she is 5'10"!!
Schmiddy said on 7/Feb/11
He was 5'7.5 guys. I know this for a fact.
TyleR7 said on 3/Feb/11
I agree with everyone saying he was 5'7-5'8, everyone else needs to check out this video. Dave clearly says he was little and quiet and holds his hand out to show how little he was. Dave is probably 6' so judging by the vid he's about 5'8 Click Here
Antony said on 3/Feb/11
Okay, that picture by Jakob proves it. I'm convinced. Just look at how much taller Grohl was than him. He was easily 5'7 and doesn't appear any taller than that. Grohl has about 5 inches on him. That's about right.
Smithy said on 2/Feb/11
I'll tell you right now. There is a enough picture evidence of him standing next to Grohl and Grohl is probably 5'11 to 6'0. Cobain EASILY looks about 4 to 5 inches shorter than him, no less than four. Which would make him somewhere in between 5'7 or 5'8. Plus I've seen him in real life and that's what I'd guess. 5'9 1/2 is ridiculous. This height needs to be changed by about 2 inches shorter. It's obvious he wasn't that tall. There really is no point in even arguing it.
AF said on 31/Jan/11
Ok, I've been in touch with his Aunt (Mari) about this and have written proof from her that he was 5'8 max. I'm more than happily to provide this.
A response would be great regarding this matter...
Alice said on 21/Jan/11
Cobain never had scoliosis.
Johnny said on 14/Jan/11
Sorry Brad. I saw Cobain a number of times in real life and on more than 1 occasion. I've stood within two feet of the guy at a bar one time and I'm telling you right now he was only about 5'7. Maybe he could push 5'8. But if I really had to say I'd say he was probably 5'7.5 but that's just a guess. The point is, he was small.
Brad said on 13/Jan/11
5' 9". Big slouch. Had a 5' 5" night young G by 4" with ease.
pat said on 11/Jan/11
You people dont take seriously Kurt's bad posture. Thats the reason why in some pictures he's taller than Courtney, in others shorter. You have to compare pictures with his spine straight.

Look here, Kurt is about an inch shorter than Courtney but she was wearing 2.5/3 inches heels. Courtney is listed as 5'9, so Kurt was 5'10.

Click Here

When Kurt was arrested at 19 he was listed as 5'10. Do you think police would list him 4/5 inches taller like some of you claim? Every official source says 5'10.

@efrain: 177cms=5feet 9.5inches (177,5cms=5feet 10inches)
mr. error said on 11/Jan/11
kurt cobain was 5'7 - 5'8 max! in the deadlatter is he 5'10 jeehh but this is the heights of his deadboddy a deadbodddy can 10cm taller when he dead is my mother is nurse and tell me that : Click Here
h51465 said on 5/Dec/10
I have to agree with Johnny on this. I met him in real life and I'm 5'10 and I was looking down on him. My estimate of him would be a guy that is somewhere around 5'7, 5'8...but def. no bigger than 5'8.
Johnny said on 4/Dec/10
This is ridiculous. We would watch him in Seattle when he still played in bars and he was really small. He looked about 5'7 and from what I understand everybody around during his heyday knew him to be 5'7 also. It seems to me that he became 5'9 1/2 about 4 years ago which is what? 12 years after his death? Come on, he was 5'7. This needs to be changed.
Gamble said on 24/Nov/10
He smoked pot as a kid, didn't eat healthy, and rarely excercised. Kurt Cobain was a little guy and from I understand from people who knew him he was in between 5'7 or 5'8, no shorter or less. This def needs to be changed.
Dr. Wu said on 9/Oct/07
Well I think the general consensus is that Kurt was around 5'8 (possibly a 5'10 affected by scoliosis, but that's being generous considering early nirvana pictures). The editor of this site is obviously a biased fan.
Stench said on 8/Oct/07
Just seen this video
Is Grohl taller than 6'? He look taller than that next to Novoselic
Click Here
Stench said on 8/Oct/07
Yeah Kurt was at least 5'8 but it sounds strange how people constantly underestimate his height. Even in the biography supervised by C. Love ("Heavier than Heaven") where he is often described as very small, tiny, short . Maybe there's something in there to make believe Courtney is taller than she really is?
I don't consider 5'8 short but maybe the fact that he was so freakishly skinny and always next to the giant Novoselic could bring people to think he was tinier than he really was
miles smiles said on 3/Oct/07
Yeah, there's this myth that Kurt was really short (like Beck or even Angus Young.) Krist is a freakin' giant, and Dave is tall and lanky. Kurt usually wore Chuck Taylor's, too, and obviously could care less about his height.
tom cruise said on 2/Oct/07
it kinda pisses me off when people call kurt short, all the people around him were kinda freakishly tall (courtney 5-10) krist 6-7
breed said on 2/Oct/07
ok guys look at that
Click Here
breed said on 2/Oct/07
Click Here

look the video at 1:43 cobain and grohl both standing, kurt seems to be much shorter than grohl
miles smiles said on 8/Sep/07
I stood next to Kurt in early '91(?)...right before Nevermind broke. I think they were opening for The Melvins, belive it or not. I'm about 5-11, and he seemed about two inches shorter. I think he was wearing his trusty Chuck's, too, which only add half an inch or so. Sweet, ethereal, Brilliant, and fragile guy....
Roflo Lauren said on 5/Sep/07
All right, let's get one things straight: Kurt always wore sneakers, mostly Converse All-Stars. Those type of shoes will add about .5 inches to a persons height. Lots of times, Krist and Dave wore boots. Krist almost always wore boots, and his height is far too much greater than Dave or Kurt's to even compare them.

Most boots will add anywhere from .75 inches, to 2 inches to a persons height.

In photos with both Dave and Kurt wearing similar sneakers, you can see that Dave is about 3-4 inches taller than Kurt. With Dave being 6 feet tall, this would put Kurt at about 5'8 or 5'9. His weight was probably around 115-120 during the final years of his life.

It's safe to assume that Kurt was around 5'8.5 tall.

I am 5'9, and weigh 117 pounds. My body looks very, very close to Kurt's.

Also, the fact that Kurt hardly ever stood up straight makes him appear shorter in photos.
Diego said on 26/Aug/07
Come on Glenn, come on!
Diego said on 20/Aug/07
Kurt = Dave's height - 10cm
Courtney = Kurt's height - 3cm
Courtney appears taller than Kurt because is always in heels but...
Dave 183cm, Kurt 173cm, Courtney 170cm (barefoot on the beach!).
Click Here
Diego said on 19/Aug/07
If Dave Grohl is 6'... Kurt Cobain is 5'8' and Courtney Love is 5'7''.
The celebrities always have the vice to increase their height of 4 or 5 cm.
So, don't look Click Here m d
Shortish Scottish said on 1/Aug/07
Kurt Cobain is just under 5'8" . FACT! a well known one at that. H e was 5'9" with boots on tho yeah.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
19.and then 21.
Slh said on 29/Jul/07
hey glenn how old you were to the left in the photo?
glenn said on 30/Jun/07
i read in a magazine the same thing.he was 5-10 though in reality.or at least 5-9.
michael said on 29/Jun/07
i read in a bio he was about 5'6' to 5'7'
captain howdy said on 18/Jun/07
kurt was 5'10. its on i m d b
breed said on 12/Jun/07
yeah if grohl is 6, cobain is 5'7-5'8
malibu said on 11/Jun/07
ih this video that breed sent cobain is not 5ft9
maybe max 5ft8.5
breed said on 9/Jun/07
look at this

Click Here

definitely Kurt Cobain maximum height 1,70 cm (5'7) no more
snrub said on 20/May/07
Thanks for clarifying breed. Its hard to compare anyone's height with Krist's
Breed said on 16/May/07
Jon Doe, at 2:38 kurt is ahead, dave is behind. dave looks a giant compared to kurt. and they were both standing on the same floor. Snrub was talking about that, obviously not about Krist
rollabluntcallitaftermath said on 15/May/07
glenn, how old were you when these pics were taken? 18?
CORRECTION: Novoselic is 6'7 thank you very much :P
rollabluntcallitaftermath said on 15/May/07
glenn, how old were you when these pics were taken? 18?
Novoselic is 6'7 thank you very much :P
Jon Doe said on 15/May/07
Snurb that's not Dave, that's the bassist Krist, and Krist is like 6 foot 8, he's ****ing huge you can't compare Kurt and Krist in height.
Random Person said on 5/May/07
Huh, seems to me I read in one of his biographies as having "a small 5'6 frame". Seems to me Kurt had said himself that he was 5'7 before too. Though in those pics with Glenn it pretty much shows that Kurt was indeed a 5'9 - 5'10 guy. He had the worst posture though so no doubt in my mind that he could appear much shorter. Oh and Dana, Courtney is nowhere near 6 foot. It's debateable if she is even 5'9 (which is what she is listed as here).
snrub said on 5/May/07
No i was 5 when he died. I hadn't read your comment saying 5'10"
glenn said on 3/May/07
you met him snrub?
UNK said on 3/May/07
i agree with not being too generous with posture. You can't say "well, if his spine was straighter.." because guess what? his spine wasn't straighter, so what he stands at his what his height is.

looks way shorter than grohl there. i have a hard time with him over 5'9"
snrub said on 3/May/07
I think this listing is too high, from any photo or video I've seen of him, he seems slightly smaller than this, maybe 5' 8".
This is nirvana on Jonathon Ross Click Here . Take a close look at 2:38 as Grohl is following Kurt through the door. There's a fairly big difference in height, even considering Kurt's posture (and dave's isn't great either).
Your height is how far your head is from your feet, I don't think we should be too generous here with posture
dana said on 30/Apr/07
kurt had a big enough bone frame, just that he had hardly anything covering those bones!!! there's a good mugshot on the web, google it-- it shows him from the side, in a police mugshot from (Aberdeen I guess) getting arrested. His spinal curvature is obvious there, quite a hunch. He used to paint himself as a skeleton, because, he really was one! Zero biceps, more like popeye forearms from playing guitar. Might have been several inches taller if he wasn't so bent. oh and isn't courtney around 6 foot?
hard said on 7/Apr/07
he was 5' 9, glenn is only 1 inch shorter than kurt in pics.
n/a said on 23/Mar/07
in heavier than heaven there are several references to his height, one being that kurt HIMSELF, said he was 5'9, but the author writes that he was exagerating his height much like he does with a lot of other facts. another reference was that courtney had 3 inches on him, and in earlier shows he wore 4 inch heals to enhance stage presence. kurt was also down to aprox 100lbs, you would have to be fairly short to weigh that without looking completely unhealthy while kurt didnt look that unhealthy on camera as far as we could tell.
mht03 said on 18/Mar/07
I think he was probably around 5'9" or so, but it varied due to his back problems/slouching.

Bleh, the actually numbers are irrelevant, Kurt looked small and short regardless. There are people who are probably actually shorter than him who look more proportional and taller.

And I think the point we're missing here is this : Kurt's small stature greatly adds to his power as "the little angry underdog against the machine" vibe he gave off.. why people so identify with him as a fighter for society's rejects... because he was one as well.. someone who did not fit in with society's macho standards for how a straight male should be.
Breed said on 18/Mar/07
Lightning if your friend is 173-175 and dave is 5-7 cm taller than Dave is about 180.
As you thought 5'11 (180)
Lightning said on 16/Mar/07
I've always thought that Dave was about 5'11 (180cm), a friend of mine who met him at a concert said that he was about 5-7cm taller than her (She's 173cm tall and her shoes that day made her 175cm)
Alex said on 15/Mar/07
Breed, in almost all those pics the essential element is perspective, and position in relation to the camera. Based on that, and considering Dave's height as a given 6 ft., I'd say Kurt was about 5'8"
Breed said on 14/Mar/07
look at these picture

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

they all show that kurt was very much shorter than grohl
trueheight said on 13/Mar/07
AdamCheb - that site is a joke. The Rivers guy is 5'6.5 but Kurt Cobain was around 5'10
Albi said on 13/Mar/07
Oh sorry. I see Dave is the white guy. The big guy is Barkley. Ok, then I'd put Kurt on 5'9", probably 5'9.5".
Albi said on 13/Mar/07
I dont understand. Did you guys see the same pics as I did? There is a full-head difference between Cobain and the black big guy. My head is 23cm, so its obvious he is a biiig guy, not 6ft.
As for the little black guy, there is half-head difference between him and Cobain. So it not easily 5 inches, its [at most] 5 inches. Which puts Kurt at about 5'8".
AdamCheb said on 13/Mar/07
but rivers is only listed as 5'6.5"

Click Here
trueheight said on 13/Mar/07
In order to limit the debate a bit,

Reborn, your 2nd pic w/ Farley - we can categorically conclude that Cobain is AT LEAST 5'8, dissavowing all the 5'7 claims. Meanwhile, the great deal of evidence points to Cobain being substantially more than 5'8, more like 5'10
trueheight said on 13/Mar/07
Reborn - Great pics! However, they do more to prove that Kurt was indeed 5'10

kurt never looks more than 2.5 inches shorter than Dave. And no, that's not military posture - scoliosis is nothing to scoff about - its a serious condition.

That "short man" - is 5'3 Mugsey Bogues - shorters NBA player ever. He's wearing 1.5in designer dress shoes, Kurt again in his .5in Vans. In the two latter pics with the fair angles, Kurt appears easily 5in taller than Bogues, who is in strict military posture throughout. That's 5'3 plus 6in, plus 1in discrepancy in heels. Comes to 5'10

And he appears 8in shorter than 6'5 Charles Barkely who is also wearing 1.5in designer shoes. That's 6'5 minus 8in, but plus the 1in discrepancy in heels. comes to 5'10

Lastly, On your second photo - the man standing to the far left is the late great 5'8 Chris Farley wearing 1in sneakers. Kurt appears AT THE VERY LEAST 2in taller than Farley, who actually comes of looking like a midget.

Again, very good and revealing pics.

Lastly, there isn't any actual evidence on this site or anywhere else that Dave was actually 6ft - he may have been 6'1 for all we know
trueheight said on 13/Mar/07
Glenn's photo and anecdotal evidence are conclusive in my book. There are photos w/ Chad who was 5'5 - Kurt towered over him and quite a few w/ Dave in which Cobain appeared 2in shorter max - look for the photos I posted a while back. Also, as seen in many band pics, Kurt had insanely long legs and arms - It makes sense that a 5'10 or even 5'11 man would appear shorter due to spine curvature. For those who think he's 5'7 - looking at his limbs, he would appear to be alien-like - and in fact he does in many photos. For any true - even topical Nirvana fan, one would know that Kurt suffered from both scoliosis and sever stomach cramps in his later life - but would impede severely on posture. Last point, Kurt was never seen in shoes outside of his Chuck Taylors or Vans, both only with only .5in heels. Glenn - you are so luck to have met this person; his life was very very tragic but also beautiful
Brad said on 12/Mar/07
Short looking 5' 10".
Tally Ho said on 12/Mar/07
In those pics from SNL below, Curt appears to be about 8 inches under Barkely's heighth. That "little guy" on the other side might be Muggsy Boggues. And Dave Growel looks like the lady that used to groom my doggie, LOL! Do the math friends, I is ignorent of it.
spiderknut said on 11/Mar/07
a friend's boyfriend saw him in Newport TJs club,watching hole in 91,and he said he was his height-5 ft 7.
Reborn said on 7/Mar/07
I don't see why Dave say "Kurt was -little- and quiet about a 5'9-5'10 guy" even if he had a bad slouch or whatever.

I'm personally putting Kurt at 5 ft 8.5 max. but that's pretty impressive as well, seeing as _he was a bit shorter than Courtney_ his wife. I think she even mentioned that Frances his daughter were soon going to catch up with her dad's height or slightly taller. I'm going to search for this comment. (1½ish year old statement)

On the 01/23/1993 Rio Concert he's next to Flea (the short guy in RHCP) in Red Hot Chili Peppers on the stage talking to him for quite some time and Kurt is about 1.5 inches taller at max than him.

Here are some screens of 1991 and 1993 Saturday Night Live, where Kurt is next to Dave (Who's apparently 6ft?)

SNL1991 - Screen 01
Click Here

SNL1993 - Screen 01
Click Here

SNL1993 - Screen 02
Click Here

SNL1993 - Screen 03
Click Here
glenn said on 6/Mar/07
stick with that lexi.i have photo proof and i met him many times.he was around 5-10.maybe a little under.
lexischapman said on 5/Mar/07
many ppl say his height is 5''7 but u guyz say its 5''9.5. i'm going with 5''7
glenn said on 18/Feb/07
i forgot you guys met him.he was also described at 5-10 in a police report.which is closer to the truth.he had a bad slouch that made him 5-8.
Matt said on 17/Feb/07
No way is he 5'9 1/2. Glenn is slouching slightly it seems. Kurt was a 5'7 even, he was not THAT big.

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