How tall is Daniel Naprous

Daniel Naprous Height

6ft 5in (195.6 cm)

English Horse Master and Stuntman, who has worked on numerous films, including sharing the role of Darth Vader (with Spencer Wilding) in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
On the Grandprix-replay website, it once mentioned "Standing 6ft 4" tall, he is an inch or two shorter than the original Vader, David Prowse"
This photo was taken at Collectormania 24 in Birmingham, June 2017.

How tall is Daniel Naprous
5ft 8 Big Rob and Daniel

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Average Guess (21 Votes)
6ft 4.98in (195.5cm)
Jordan87 said on 12/Oct/17

Say Spencer Wilding is of Similar height as Daniel Here, and is 238 pounds as per his own admission, would you place Dan here at 220 lbs solid?
Editor Rob: he must be at least 220ish
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/Sep/17
If both Rob and Daniel had equal posture then I guess it's safe to say he's 195.5cm I used to think he was 194.5cm because Rob appeared like he had worse posture in the photo, but he said he didn't.
TheReel said on 10/Aug/17
Editor Rob: "all I can say is he stood very well for the 3 of us in that photoshoot"
Yeah thats what I thought you both look like you are dropping only one centimetre or so, so really your both standing as well as each other is what I meant. This is a textbook 6'5" guy in the picture looks just right around 9 inches with rob He does have a big noggin
TheReel said on 9/Aug/17
"looks 6'5 but its hard to tell cause robs posture is very loose"

No it's not. Why does everyone keep saying this nonsense on this thread? Daniel has his left leg forward bent at the knee, don't take my word for it though listen to Rob "I don't think I dropped anymore than him". If people have been following my comments over these years they would know I've been the main person here for letting people know they have to consider a persons posture. Daniel is a solid 6'5" for sure definitely not under 6'5", there's more chance of 6'5 1/4" than 6'4 3/4"
Editor Rob: all I can say is he stood very well for the 3 of us in that photoshoot.
bobbyh3342 said on 27/Jul/17
looks 6'5 but its hard to tell cause robs posture is very loose, Rob were you trying to match his posture? because your dropping some height.
Editor Rob: I don't think I dropped anymore than him and I felt he was standing pretty well for the 3 of us getting a photo
Jordan87 said on 16/Jul/17
Rob that's interesting I would have liked to see prowse and Daniel together. Prowse certainly had a thicker frame then Daniel that's for sure .
Editor Rob: yeah, I couldn't take photograph in the photo area after Prowse got up from his seat...they always say you can't take photos in these areas, and so I have to respect it.
Jordan87 said on 14/Jul/17

Made Sense b/c the Petrie Pic being back to back is good for a Comparison no doubt. I Notice Petrie has a pretty large head, especially compared to Naprous.
Editor Rob: yes Petrie has a bigger than average head.

It's a shame I couldn't take a photo of when Dave Prowse was standning beside Daniel, as it really would be surprising, thinking Prowse could have been near an inch taller 45 years ago than Daniel...
Jordan87 said on 13/Jul/17

Would you say you are dropping some height , Maybe 1/2" with straighter posture?
Editor Rob: a fraction maybe...I watched Daniel with the 2 people in front and he stood pretty tall.

I watched Alastair Petrie with the people in front and he was dropping 1-2 inches, hence I thought I should try to ask for a pose to get a better photo, I think that one turned out well too.

I certainly dropped more height with Carlos Valdes, Ricky Hatton and Christian that day, than in this shot with Daniel.
Jordan87 said on 6/Jul/17

Yes Mr. Anderson is what Made Empire's fighting scenes special. He was a fencing champion who moved well considering he was fighting with a big clunky suit on. In the Suit he appeared tall enough next to Hamil. 6'1 + 2" Heels, now add the helmet which is at least an Inch.
Steven said on 29/Jun/17
Funny that everyone doesn't recall that Vader was played by former Olympic fencer Bob Anderson during the duel scenes in Empire & Jedi. Bob said in an interview he was 6'1" and he didn't have the build of Prowse either, but her wore lifts that were 2 to 3 inches thick. It was still easy to tower over Hamill who was about 5'7".
Steven said on 29/Jun/17
Funny that everyone doesn't recall that Vader was played by former Olympic fencer Bob Anderson during the duel scenes in Empire & Jedi. Bob said in an interview he was 6'1" and he didn't have the build of Prowse either, but her wore lifts that were 2 to 3 inches thick. It was still easy to tower over Hamill who was about 5'7".
Jordan87 said on 23/Jun/17

That 4 was supposed to be a 5. I mentioned 6'5 in the post after. I still think David would be taller than Naprous in his hey day.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 20/Jun/17

I could make a case for Prowse being 6'5", but your previous 6'4" guess was just too low.
Jordan87 said on 18/Jun/17

I think prowse is certainly the most imposing out of the three but sometimes I doubt he was over 6'5". Guy def lost height but at times I doubt his 6'6" claims.

Prowse however was a non- steroid athlete and strong as all hell on his heyday. I Feel bad for him now he doesn't appear to be doing well.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 16/Jun/17

Wilding and Prowse were both about 6'5.5" peak.
Jordan87 said on 15/Jun/17
Christian- 6'5-3/8 ,

I agree with you on robs posture being the weaker of the two. Yes , it is too precise . Arguing on someone being 6'4 3/4 and 6'4 5/8 based of a picture is a waste of time in my opinion since something that close can be affected by posture or the time of day.

A weak 6'5 of course makes more sense. If you straighten rob out to match Daniels posture , Daniel doesn't make the 6'5" anymore that is clear as day.

The point ? He is still a tall mofo and I thought the darth Vader scenes were good In rogue one. Dave prowse ( 1st Brit to deadlift 700 pounds) was a bit thicker than Daniel and Spencer's. Still all around the same height range for the Vader actors.

Wilding : 6'5
Naprous: 6'4.5
Prowse ( 6'4 when he was younger)
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17

6'4.63" means 6'4 5/8". I was just making a rough estimate. I've seen some users who use 8th inch guesses, not only me. A true precise guess would be going as far as 16th of an inch. If my guess was too precise for you, I'll just go ahead and say that Naprous is a weak 6'5".
ma said on 13/Jun/17
Legit 6 ft 5 Christian 196.5
Jordan87 said on 13/Jun/17
Christian-196.5cm ( 6'5 3/8),

Dude....How in the blue hell are you calculating his height down to 6'4.63? I agree He is likely not taller than you are, but Jesus Christ with the precise Guesses already lol.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/17
Rob, is it possible that he actually claimed 6ft4?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure...
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 12/Jun/17
6'4.75" afternoon, 6'4.63" before bed. People who are saying that Naprous is 6'5.25" or 6'5.5" don't realize how tall a true 6'5.25"-6'5.5" looks next to a 5'8" person.
Dimitris said on 10/Jun/17
Taller than Joe Manganiello up close Rob?
Editor Rob: both seemed within same range, but Joe did have a little bit more so the odds are someone like Daniel might measure a bit taller.
Bard said on 10/Jun/17
Does look 6'5 here.
184guy said on 9/Jun/17
@Rob I Was comparing his height chart With AJ and they doesn't look different , even including AJ 0.3in advantage over you. Did AJ looked 2 cms taller in person ???
Editor Rob: Joshua is taller in person.

Cudmore is a big inch taller than Naprous, before considering he had 0.4 worse footwear.
ma said on 9/Jun/17
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)

Also Napron is not in a perfect posture... he looks relaxed with shoulders and neck...If Rob and this guy would stay in military posture I believe that the difference between them would be the same as shown in this pic
Editor Rob: Daniel is standing quite tall, I watched him with the 2 guys before me and he barely dropped anything.
Csimpson 6ft said on 9/Jun/17
I strongly disagree with the 6ft 4.75 estimates on here that hes getting, judging by the height chart he might be a bit over 6ft 5 but because he is tilting his head slightly he looks bang on the 6ft 5 mark, i can definitely see him being a strong 6ft 5 guy since Rob is 5ft 8 1/8th so 6ft 5 1/8th is possible, it does look like a solid 9 inches between Rob and Daniel to me.
Sam said on 9/Jun/17
I'd say he's a stronger 6'5"er than many of the actors who actually claim that height.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 9/Jun/17

You're forgetting the fact that Rob has looser posture. You can't make an estimation on someone's height without considering posture and footwear (in this case, probably no footwear advantage because Rob didn't mention anything about it)
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jun/17
Alright maybe not "easily" 6'5" in the way that Klitshcko and Stern are but can't believe some people think he's shorter!
Andrea said on 9/Jun/17
That's a good idea, Arch! Hopefully, people will stop saying he looks 6'4.5 now!
The top of his head seems right around the 6'5 mark so he does look right around 9 inches taller, as I said. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Plus, if you consider that Rob is ALWAYS over 5'8 and 5'8 1/8 at his absolute worst, you could say he looks more a fraction over 6'5 than just 6'5 flat...
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jun/17
He's easily 6'5, if anything, stood his best I could buy 6'5.25.
ma said on 9/Jun/17
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)

This guy is taller than 6 ft 4.5 or 6 ft 4.75. He is taller than Manganiello considering the height chart ( Manganiello is close to 6 ft 5 thanks to his hair and this guy is bald and reaches 6 ft 5).
Judging on this pic, and considering Rob as a solid 5 ft 8, this guy looks a solid 6 ft 5 in the worst case ( even 6ft 5.25 or 6 ft 5.5 are probable for him). I think that this guy height would be very similar with Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) (if this is his lower height).
If he got listed at 194-195 cm he would be the most underrated height on this site.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/17
Rob, what are the chances of 194cm?
Editor Rob: 195-6 zone seemed much more believable than 194.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/17
Rob can you put up the height chart like on the Manganiello page or there is a reason not to?
Editor Rob: yes, I'll put one up for him.
Danimal said on 8/Jun/17
Could easily pass for 6'6". Shocked that he was given a 6'4" on that Grand Prix website. He would match David Prowse at his peak. He also looks way older than a mere 39! I'm 39 and this guy easily looks to be in his early 50's.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/17
Oh c'mon he looks a comfortable 6'5 here as Andrea and Connor say. More chance of 6'5.25 than 6'4.5. Kristian Nairn must have serious health issues if he's shrinking that much!!!
Andrea said on 8/Jun/17
Yeah, Rob. This looks like a textbook example of a 9 inches difference (no less than that).
You could even say that he looks more 6'5.25, considering that you yourself are more 5'8.25 than just 5'8! One of the few celebrities that look as tall as listed with you. In fact, I was expecting a 6'5.5-6'6 listing... ๐Ÿ˜
Editor Rob: he's no taller than the 6ft 5 1/8th guy I measured, although has a better posture than that challenger in person when standing and walking about...

Kristian Nairn was really barely even taller than Naprous at that event, but as I've mentioned, Nairn is now bent forward with his backside sticking out and looks miles away from 6ft 9 when walking about...
184guy said on 7/Jun/17
@Rob,could you add the height chart in the pic ?
Canson said on 7/Jun/17
I agree with Christian more 6'4.5 194-194.5cm he's not solid 6'4" tho
Csimpson 6ft said on 7/Jun/17
He does look a good 6ft 5 guy with you Rob, definitely one of your best listings by far, yeah i am very suprised aswell that hes only 39! like arch said he really does look more like in his 50s, especially since his hair is grey! Unless he dyed it...
Matthew Robinson said on 7/Jun/17
Does this guy claim 6'4"? I guess he could be the kind of guy who measures 6'4.5" in the p.m. hours. I fan's dry 6'4" flat with Rob. He basically looks right around 6'5" although thinking of Rob next to challenger 15, I could see where this guy could be 6'4.5" as well - and if the 6'4" came from him I'd suspect it could mean 6'4" and change.
Editor Rob: in Horse competition he might have been called 6ft 4, but I'd be surprised.
joe### said on 7/Jun/17
184guy said on 7/Jun/17
@Rob , How he stack up with a guy Like Rory , Joe or Mantle ?
Editor Rob: Mantle today I think is around 6ft 5, Joe (with a bit more footwear) looked near 6ft 5, but Clive Russell 4 years ago standing tall looked over 6ft 5.

Cudmore (with nearly 1/2 inch less footwear than me) is a big inch taller up close than 6ft 5 guys like Naprous.
Jordan87 said on 7/Jun/17
Rob is losing a bit of height with his posture. Daniel Certainly is not under the 6'4" Listing his gets. Like I said Earlier he seems just as tall as Spencer Wilding.
Aza said on 7/Jun/17
Looks a good 6'5 to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/17
6ft4 flat is too low. Could be a fraction under 6ft5 though
Sam said on 7/Jun/17
He did a good job cutting an intimidating figure in Rogue One and unmasked he has the look more so than Spencer of a villain rather than a thuggish henchman (no offense!).
184guy said on 7/Jun/17
@Rob, did he looked similar in person tรด Joe ?
Nik said on 7/Jun/17
@ Arch Stanton

I see what you mean.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/17
It might be one of those cases where he's embarrassed to say 6'5, Jamie Theakston for instance thinks of it as freak height. Yeah if anything you could believe 6'5.5 more than 6'4. In fact he looks similar in the photo to that Scottish actor Rob has at 6'5.5.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 7/Jun/17
Rob has bad posture, so not a solid 6'5", but 6'4.5" or 6'4.75" is possible. SJH's 6'4" estimate is too low though. He looks the same height as Manganiello does next to Rob, and Manganiello's 194.5cm, so Naprous is 194.5 as well.
World Citizen said on 7/Jun/17
A classic example of a legit 6 ft 5 guy.
phil said on 7/Jun/17
id say hes a bit over 8 inches taller than rob, id give 6"4 1/4 6"4 1/2
Tunman said on 6/Jun/17
If anything this guy could push 6'5.5 if we assume his head is near 10".The 6'4 description is strange.I'm assuming the pic gives him advantage
S.J.H said on 6/Jun/17
Rob dropping height. Sticking in neck and a slight slouch. Daniel Naprous is 6'4-6'4.5
Nik said on 6/Jun/17
He looks mega tall!
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jun/17
Is he really only 39!!! Younger than you Rob! He looks almost old enough to be my father! Honestly thought about 50.
Editor Rob: I've no idea what age Daniel is...there are sometimes a few dodgy ages out there, like Robin Atkin Downes who is listed age 40, but is a few years older in reality...

I did see Horse Site mentioning him at 6ft 4 before getting a photo with Daniel, but he looked more 6ft 5.

There was a post by the Collectormania organiser Jason Joiner Here, who seemed to suggest that Naprous was actually Vader in most of the final scenes in film.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jun/17
6 ft 5 was my first guess when I saw the height difference in the small image. Definitely taller than 6'4. Big guy, nice shirt too.
Jordan87 said on 6/Jun/17
Wow Rob, Nice Pic.

He looks at least near Spencer Wilding in height.
Andrea said on 6/Jun/17
Wow Rob, you have this guy at 6'5 and he does look right around 6'5 with you. I'm impressed!
I could even buy a solid 6'5, based on the picture. This IS how a 5'8 guy should look next to a 6'5 one...
Unless you're dropping more height than him, of course...

Editor Rob: yes, I would say Daniel was right about 6ft 5 that day, it would be a worthy addition to the height challenge.

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