How tall is Deji Olatunji

Deji Olatunji's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

English Youtube personality, known for his Comedy Shorts Gamer channel, which has over 9 million subscribers and 3 billion views.

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Height of Jake Paul
Jake Paul
5ft 10 ¾ (180 cm)
Height of  KSI
5ft 10 ¼ (178 cm)
Height of Logan Paul
Logan Paul
6ft 1 ½ (187 cm)
Height of  Jacksepticeye
5ft 8 (173 cm)

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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 6.88in (169.9cm)
John Mann said on 7/Nov/19
Looks 5’7
Bobby Shane said on 30/Oct/19
No Ksi is not 6’0 unless he’s wearing those elevator shoes
Justin Macho said on 29/Oct/19
I think hes like 5'6 - 5'6.5
bigmon said on 28/Oct/19
ksi is probaly 6'0 at max but deji is shorter than ksi by 3 to 2 inches maybe deji is 5'8 5'7
Bobby Shane said on 25/Oct/19
Deji and Jake both inflate their height by 3 inches sometimes Jake inflates it by 4 but I can see Deji at 5’8 on a good day
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 22/Oct/19
Looks 5"6
Lyonbeast_69 said on 29/Sep/19
He's 5'5 at Max.... And Kai is 5'9 at Max. ( See him standing next to Floyd Mayweather Sr. ) Who is btw 5'8 and a registered boxer so they can't enhanc their height , and also he's 64 ( you lose a few inches when you're that old ) but we're gonna cut Ksi some slack and say with his obnoxious hair , he manages 5'9 barely...
Lyonbeast_69 said on 29/Sep/19
He's 5'5 at Max.... And Kai is 5'9 at Max. ( See him standing next to Floyd Mayweather Sr. ) Who is btw 5'8 and a registered boxer so they can't enhanc their height , and also he's 64 ( you lose a few inches when you're that old ) but we're gonna cut Ksi some slack and say with his obnoxious hair , he manages 5'9 barely...
Kimblemur said on 4/Jun/19
5’6.5 - his claims of 5’10 are both hilarious and delusional
TheBat said on 13/Apr/19
Deji's lowest is possibly close to 5'6.75", and he's still nowhere near 5'9.5" or 5'10".
Josh payne said on 13/Mar/19
After seeing more I have got some updated heights for the main youtubers
Logan Paul:187cm or 6”1,3/4
Jake Paul:180.5cm or 5”11 he often looks 2.5 inches shorter than Logan
KSI:179cm or 5”10,1/2 looked 3inches shorter than Logan when in boxing flats at the end of the fight
Deji:170.5cm or 5”7 always looks almost 4 inches shorter than KSI
Rob tell me what you think of these
6feetIsaac said on 21/Feb/19
Deji is no where near ”5’9.5”, Hell not even 5’8, let alone 5’10, he even struggle’s to look a legit 5’7 guy, he is probably a 5’7 on a good day, maybe shrinks to ”5’6.9” during the day.
Deji is so delusional.
Connordee said on 2/Feb/19
Looks ur average 5'7 range guy alot shorter than JJ who's around 5'10 or a little over hard to tell.
TheBat said on 21/Oct/18
Just lol at Deji's 5'9.5" to 5'10"claim! I'm around 5'10" to 5'10.5" and if we did meet each other, he'd think I'm around 6'0". As for my guess, he gets a 5'7" from me. Maybe a 5'7.25" in the morning.
Shneeb said on 4/Oct/18
I thought Deji said he was 5'9 1/2 and on a good day 5'10"
Logan 6'2"
Jake 6'
KSI 6'
Deji 5'9 1/2
Glenn said on 8/Sep/18
I dunno why he claims 5’9 to be honest, because he is way shorter than JJ, I would see him at 5’7/5’7.25
Arthur! said on 31/Aug/18
Rob, this guy had the nerve to claim ''5'9.5 and 5'10 on a good day''. LOL. Please, bust his ass out. And he was complaining about Jake paul claiming 6'1 when he is worse.
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Aug/18
@ poop -


Deji gets 5ft7!
Greg said on 27/Aug/18
@bradjennings There’s no way jake is 5’11.25” at most he’s a weak/almost 5’11 guy probably something like 5’10.5” noon his 5’11 announcement was most likely a round up despite him previously claiming 6’1-6’2 let’s not forget he first said 5’10 at age 15.
poop said on 26/Aug/18
Announced at 5'10" before the fight. I give him 5'7". A 5'8" claim or maybe 5'9" max would make some sense but 5'10" no chance. I'm a bit over 5'10" and look a lot taller than him proportion wise. But then again everyone thinks I'm 6'0".
Ar0nTang0 said on 26/Aug/18
Honestly he seems 5'7 range, most likely weak 5'7. Its funny how he calls Jake out for height inflation while also inflating his own height by a good 2-2.5 inches.
Sean5 said on 26/Aug/18
In the match title live they listed Deji at 5'10.... lost faith in humanity, even Joe Weller mentions he's shorter than he is and Joe claimed 5'9
Matt99 said on 25/Aug/18
Deji was listed at 5’10 before the actual fight...5’10??!!! I even cringed at Joe Wellers 5’9 claim. I mean he’s not far off but he’s a strong 5’8 really. Deji for me is 5’7 flat, good listing!
jonas said on 25/Aug/18
This guy Made Buffer Say 5"9 and a half. He is 5"7 om google.
Luis W said on 24/Aug/18
I know a lot about height due to the fact that I’ve been watching MMA and Boxing for a long time. At one point, I literally used to be obsessed about heigh (especially since I am only 5’8.5 inches tall). I would bet my whole house that DEJI is maximum 5’7 inches tall, but in all the videos/photos of him, he honestly looks even shorter, about 5’6.5 inches tall. Unless he has terrible posture, wears really flat shoes, and has a midget arm reach, that’s the only way he could ever be even 5’8.
John L. said on 24/Aug/18
In the boxing weigh in they said that Deji is 5'9.5"


Click Here
Brad Jennings said on 17/Aug/18
My guess for all 4 fighters:

Deji - 170cm (5'7")
Jake - 181cm (5'11")
KSI - 178cm (5'10")
Logan - 186cm (6'1" )

I think 187 is too much for Logan if KSI is 178, what do you think Rob?

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Greg dolinski said on 16/Aug/18
Declan deji is more like 5,7 flat and jake i think is around 5,10 to 5,11
Declan Mclean said on 14/Aug/18
Deji and Jake paul are hypocrites! Deji exposes Jake for not being 6 feet 2 which i agree with, but then deji says in the same video that he's a good 5.9 and just about 5,10 in the morning. seriously it's laughable, they are both putting crazy heights upon themselves, they know nothing about height.
Deji is 5,7.5. and jake i would say is a clean good 5,9.5 in my opinion.
Stfugokys said on 12/Aug/18
Deji looks like a short 5'7 1/2. KSI is 5'11. Deji looks 3 1/2 inches shorter than him. Deji was even shorter when he started YouTube because he was still growing. Same goes for KSI.
Greg dolinski said on 2/Aug/18
Jonas deji said 5'9 5'9,5
jonas said on 1/Aug/18
Deji didnt inflate his height 3 inches like Jake. He claimed 5"9 flat the other is a joke om the video. The other is joke in the video "on a good day" and laughs. But 5"9 is still 2" inflated.
Greg dolinski said on 21/Jul/18
Declan key word SHE SAID maybe she is 5'2 so that would make deji 5'6 5'7. I just cant see him at 5'8 rob what do you think is the height of the f2 guys billy and jezza ? I think they are around 5'7 5'8 ithink flat 5'8 there is a video on yt with deji and f2 and the f2 guys looked taller then deji.
Declan Mclean said on 20/Jul/18
I talked to someone who met Deji, i saw a video of the person meeting him, she said she is 5.3, and was just under Deji's noes, which if we do the math, deji must be 5.8 maybe 5,7.5
Declan Mclean said on 20/Jul/18
I talked to someone who met Deji, i saw a video of the person meeting him, she said she is 5.3, and was just under Deji's noes, which if we do the math, deji must be 5.8 maybe 5,7.5
Mel said on 19/Jul/18
Rob what do you think of the shoes of Jake and Deji?
Jake: Click Here
Deji: Click Here
Editor Rob
Jake probably slightly less than Deji
Mls5 said on 18/Jul/18
Another faceoff with Deji and Jake. This time Jake looks to be wearing flatter shoes but I can't tell.

Click Here

Jake Paul: "How's the weather down there?"
Trix said on 8/Jul/18
Rob the only Reason jake called him 5'8 so he can claim 6'1 jake himself knows he mosly 169 or 170, could jake hit 181 -182 mark? Im178 myself when i measure on wall iget near 180 mark
Editor Rob
Well he had to try to make his own claim somewhat believable, but he should have said 5ft 9 for Deji, as there really was nowhere near 5 inches between them.
Trix said on 8/Jul/18
Its funny that he claims 5'9.5 5 10 when hes 3 inches shorter than his 178m brother
Sean95 said on 1/Jul/18
He claimed to be 5'9.5 and Jake to only be 5'10-5'11 but Ksi to be 6', even though Jake is taller than Ksi! I find it funny he found Jake's listing on here but avoided his own because he'd realise he's no better than Jake with his claim
Cnut said on 1/Jul/18
I am around 176-177cm and I towered over him.
Alex Williams said on 1/Jul/18
You should add his height claim of “5’9.5, 5’10 on a good day” it’s absolutely ridiculous 😂 I’m surprised he called jake Paul out for inflating his height when he did the same thing
John L said on 30/Jun/18
@Matt99 I think its really delusion. People will keep telling themselves they are a certain height and then start to believe it
Editor Rob
That's true...I added a quote by John Mills to his page and he said the same thing.

He nearly started believing he was 5ft 8.5 as he lied about it...instead of the 5ft 7 he is.
Matt99 said on 30/Jun/18
“5’8!!!! 5’8!!!” Wow Jake is actually giving him an inch upgrade how thoughtful 😂 I just don’t get how you’d lie or not know your height.
Matt99 said on 29/Jun/18
It’s actually amazing how people inflate their height, I really hope he knows he’s 5’7 at best and not be delusional about being 5’9 rob.
Mel said on 28/Jun/18
Thing is, if he claims to be 5’9.5/5’10, Jake can easily claim 6’1 lol.
Editor Rob
Unless Jake is wearing lifts. I heard they sell them in Walmart.
Greg dolinski said on 27/Jun/18
He said again that hes 5'9 5'10 and also said ksi is 6. I dont think hes taller than 5'7
MrMoose said on 27/Jun/18
LOL Deji visited celebheights in his latest video, (3:50) to look up Jake's real height, too bad he didn't check out his own page :P Click Here
John L said on 27/Jun/18
Deji just put out a new video today where he featured Jake Paul's CelebHeight page:

Click Here

Almost the entire video is about Jake Paul and his height

Deji: "I'm gonna say (Jake Paul) is about 5'11...5'10. Cuz I'm 5'9...5'9.5.....on a good day I'm 5'10"

Deji: "So long story short....I'm about 5'9.5/5'10....Jake Paul is around 5'11....Logan is probably 6'2"
Editor Rob
These guys should get an official height measurement before their fight!
6'2_inshallah said on 25/Jun/18
Looks a solid 4 inches shorter than his brother or me at least 5’6.25 max
Mel said on 25/Jun/18
Is his “5’9.5/5’10” claim going to be add in the description? Cause its quite funny that he claims 3 inches above his actual height. This is like a 175 guy claiming 183. LOL
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 24/Jun/18
Rob, do you think that this is the most ridiculous claim ever? Deji who's 5'7 claiming 5'9.5/5'10? Click Here 17:06
Do you think that he's delusional? he was measured wrong? or he's just straight up lying? cause claiming 3 inches above your height is ridiculous.
Editor Rob
Could be's an excuse people use when they enhance achievements or physicalness but realise they are BSing.

There's delusional height enhancement...people who say a height often enough they start beleiving it. 'Big G Syndrome' is how I'd define height delusion.
John L said on 24/Jun/18
Deji just put out a video where he talks about his height compared to Jake Paul and tries to pass himself off as 5'10....

Click Here
"He (Jake Paul) says he is 6'1" and I'm apparently 5'8"....First of all I'm 5'9.5....5'10 and you can see that when we go face to face"

Click Here
"How is that 5'8?...he (Jake Paul) is 6'1"....5'8" does that make sense? Look at the height difference. If I'm 5'8" I'm a big a** 5'8"

More fake height inflation lol......I don't get why so many men try to inflate their height by 2 to 3 inches.
m h said on 24/Jun/18
He claimed to be 5 ft 9 and a half to 5ft 10 in his most recent video and he felt insulted that he was called 5 8 lol
John L said on 23/Jun/18
I can't find many pictures of him standing next to people where I can see what kind of shoes they are wearing but trying to gauge his height based off videos it appears he is anywhere from 3 to 4 inches shorter than his brother KSI. He also appears 3 inches shorter than Jake Paul at the press conference.

5'7" seems reasonable

Click Here

Apparently he claimed 5'10 in a stream
Greg dolinski said on 21/Jun/18
He looks 5'6 5'7 rob if out of bed i am 171cm or a bit more you think i could say that i am 170 as my real height ? Just before bed i am like 169.5
Editor Rob
I think it's very reasonable to claim 170cm.

You might in fact turn out to be a height twin of Deji.
Jak said on 21/Jun/18
Still looks less. 5'6.5" imo
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jun/18
His 5'10" claim is insanity. Rob, you might wanna add his claim in the description.
khaled taban said on 21/Jun/18
He isn't 5'10" or even 5'7" !
6'2_inshallah said on 20/Jun/18
Weak 5’6
;) said on 20/Jun/18
Yes jake said he was 5'8 he really needs to stop being so delusional i mean he's brother is obviously taller than him and he is 6'1
Louis W said on 20/Jun/18
Looks similar frame to 5’7 maywether, I would give him 5’7 for sure but not 5’8, Looked a solid 3” smaller than jake paul and Jake is 5’10-11
Mel said on 20/Jun/18
He actually claimed 5’10 in one of his fortnite streams on twitch LOL
Tirth said on 20/Jun/18
Deji looked 3.5 inches shorter than jake paul in the press conference
So I will give him around 5'7
bigd said on 20/Jun/18
uhh... he looks really short. definetly shorter than his claim of 5'10. hey rob do since you're the pro in this height guessing and listing business, though it has no relation, do you have any good tips that helps grow taller?im 16 so i can stil grow. :)
Editor Rob
Any youngster should follow the 3 main areas: getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals and keeping up exercise.
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 20/Jun/18
Lol perfect, i just thought about his height, looks about right.
Rob, what do you think about Miniminter? he looks around 6'2
Editor Rob
I think Mini might be shy of his claim.
saltyfish said on 19/Jun/18
He looked really tiny next to Jake Paul. I could even see him at 5'6.5.

Jake was trying to insult him by calling him 5'8, he was actually giving him an extra couple of cm's. Probably to legitimize his 6'1 claim LOL
Youtube123 said on 19/Jun/18
Robb, how tall do you think Vikstar123 is? He has claimed to 5 ft 8 but I don't buy it.
Editor Rob
Vikstar doesn't look 5ft 8, but how much under it I'm not sure. I suppose if I add Miniminter I should add Vik too!
Matt99 said on 19/Jun/18
5’7 is good for him! Never looked his 5’8-9 claim.
Zak said on 19/Jun/18
Wow significantly shorter than his brother, unlucky. Same height disparity applies to the Paul brothers oddly enough.

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