How tall is Devon Larratt

Devon Larratt's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

Devon 'No Limits' Larratt is a Canadian professional Armwrestler. A 2016 article described him as "6-foot-4-inch, 225 pounds", although he has been described often as 6ft 5 too and said he was "Six Five if I really stand up"

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Average Guess (59 Votes)
6ft 4.58in (194.5cm)
Alex V. (5'10'') said on 25/Nov/23
An easy 6'5" IMO; go check next to Matt Mask at 15:30

Click Here
Mxxxxxxx47 said on 2/Apr/23
198cm. Ryan Bowen was recently confirmed to be 185.8cm barefoot, right here Click Here
This is Ryan and Devon next to each other, and this is with Devon’s poor posture Click Here
Jesica said on 19/Mar/23
6'4.5 tops
Powerliftig81 said on 25/Sep/22
How tall is the right guy? Click Here He claims 181cm but seems taller
Editor Rob
Would have guessed 6ft there, but maybe there is more height being lost than it appears with Devon.
Vincent Caleb said on 3/Jul/22
Vitaly and Devon
Click Here
Vincent Caleb said on 3/Jul/22
Hey Rob, how tall would you estimate armwrestler Vitaly Laletin is next to Larry?
Larry is a bit closer to the camera, has posture advantage, and about 0.2-0.3 footwear advantage.
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be near 6ft 7 with Larry.
Vincent Caleb said on 29/Jun/22
Best case is Devon is 195 and Levan weak 190
Vincent Caleb said on 29/Jun/22
Levan isn’t 192, he’s probably 189.
Dylan183cm said on 23/Jun/22
Hi Big Rob,
Click Here
In this short video Levan ask Devon how tall is he and he replied 195-197, Levan is suprised and said no i think more as Devon is clearly about 2inches taller.
I personaly think that Devon is 196-197cm and Levan is 191-192cm as he claimed multiple times (sometimes he round up to 193 6’4).
Okidoki said on 23/Jun/22
Actually, the video king of the table - heavy athletes. In that recent video, they are comparing each other standing side by side and Levan actually asks Devon how tall he is. He says around 6'5, 195 cm. You can check out Rob, both stand at their very tallest.
Okidoki said on 23/Jun/22
@Rob There is a video recently, the name of the video is Levan and Devon in the same room together.

In the start around the 0:35-0:40 mark, you can see Levan's footwear, also Devon's you can see not far off the end of the video. What would you say is the height difference and what is you're estimate for levan? They are having a supermatch soon, one of the greatest arm wrestling matches of all time.

I am personally rooting for Devon, as i really like the guy, both as an athlete and person.
Editor Rob
At the end seemed a couple of inches between them.
Shane Gray@ said on 5/Jun/22
@Jimmy that's clearly more than a 3 inch gap with Thor.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 14/Jan/22
weak 6'5, often seen as 6'4,5 ish guy, but i believe he's real close to 6'5 in stadiometre, because we rarely see him stands at his best stance with guys simillar height, his fellow canadian armwrestler, Matt Mask, who's a strong 6'5, often edge him out by even 1 inch, but again, they never take a photo where both stand side by side
Kidkai said on 6/Nov/21
Hey you have both Larrat and Charles Barkley at similar heights but in this video Barkley looks a solid 1- 1.5 Taller then Larrat. Click Here
Editor Rob
I think the angle and position made Devon look shorter
Johno said on 11/Oct/21
Pretty accurate listing.
Stalker China said on 21/Sep/21
"A 2016 article described him as "6-foot-4-inch, 225 pounds""
and the article said the exact cm which is 195, or 6'4.75
Click Here
MichaelMyers said on 20/Sep/21
6'5" easy.
Stalker China said on 19/Sep/21
@Canson That's for you, not for anyone else. you're the one who always put down everyone. So nope, Devon is 6'4.75 at least. Look at him beside thor, if your subjectivity said thor is 6'6 then it's up to you, but he looks legit 6'5 in the staredown
Kevoz said on 18/Sep/21
During the faceoff in the ring with equal footwear just before the fight, the difference now looked closer to 4 inches than 3 inches i'm guessing 9cm difference, devon at 194cm and thor at 203cm
Canson said on 17/Sep/21
Cansont said on 16/Sep/21
@Canson he is at the very least 6'4.5 , imo 6'4.75. but he could be 6'5 if he really try. look at this, Click Here. slouching thor maybe 6'7.5, then devon is 6'5

@Cansont: lol change your username. Jk. I have 6’4.5” for him like listed in some pics
Sv17 said on 17/Sep/21
Looks as tall or taller than Kiryll Sarychev in a recent picture
Cansont said on 17/Sep/21
@Canson with wiley devon look 6'5 maximum. he only managed to look fractions above 6'4, not quite make it to 6'5. so i think he's ALMOST 6'5 like he always claim, "I'm 6'5 when i really standing"
Jimmy said on 17/Sep/21
Rob, would you say there's a solid 3 inches of height difference in this picture?

Click Here
Editor Rob
around 3 inch range that moment
oguz said on 16/Sep/21
He really does look 6'5" here with Hafthor Björnssön in my opinion:

Click Here
Cansont said on 16/Sep/21
@Canson he is at the very least 6'4.5 , imo 6'4.75. but he could be 6'5 if he really try. look at this, Click Here. slouching thor maybe 6'7.5, then devon is 6'5
Sv77 said on 16/Sep/21
Looks about 5-6 cm shorter than Hafthor on the staredown before the boxing match. If Thor is 2.02-2.03 he looks 1.96-1.97, a strong 6’5.
Canson said on 9/Sep/21
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 2/Apr/19
Again @Christian 6’5 3/8” you disregarded my earlier messages stating I was half an inch shorter when I met Devon I actually grew taller!, also I want to point out something to everyone who has gone to this page @rob. If Devon is as short as 6’3.5-6’4” why was Devon clearly an inch taller than Marcellus Wiley, a football player measured at 6’4 3/4” mid day! Because combine measurements are made between 1-5pm! You can look up the video and there is also a couple pictures out there!

Ah I love it. People trying to make people taller to make themselves taller. Wiley was listed at 6’4” his entire career and has claimed 6’4” and was maximum that. Not sure if it was a discrepancy but either way why would Rob list a guy at 6’4.5 if he’s 6’5.75?
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 7/Sep/21
@Canson yeah he's not 6'4 flat lol, but a very strong 6'4. i would say almost 6'5 , since barkley used boots and Devon only in sneakers, we can't tell their difference, and barkley had a huge camera angle advantage most of the time, if you took that from him, like the clip i gave, they look in simillar height even though charles in boots
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 4/Sep/21
Norway101 he looks 6'4 there, but he's around 6'4,5-6'5 imo, and if he's really pushing, he's 6'5
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 5/Jul/21
Agreed, to compare devon with Barkley based on 1 video which the angle of the video is pretty bias, sometimes barkley 3 inches taller or sometimes devon looks a bit taller, but this angle tell different (Click Here)
Editor Rob
the wide angle definitely is making him shorter there against Shaw/Barkley on the outside
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 4/Jul/21
Hey Rob

look at these update
Click Here
Still looks 6'4 to you?

he looks tall, if thor 6'7,5 devon's a solid 6'5 or at the very least 195 cm (Barkley/Jordan's height)
Editor Rob
he could pull off 6ft 5 there
Norway101 said on 6/Jun/21
Here he is with Norwegian strong man and hand wrestler Lars Rorbakken, who is 1.90m tall.

Click Here
vgno2 said on 7/Feb/21
are you serious?
I have seen the clip. Barkley is on the outside of the picture, closer to the camera and he is wearing some suscpect footwear. However Barkley is not 6'4.5 - he is a guy who lies about his height the other way, saying he is shorter than he is. Just type in Barkley with 6'3 Ben Affleck for instance, he looks like 6'7 ++, he looks extremely tall. Larrat is tall, but he has height in reserve/a relaxed posture. Because of that, he may appear shorter than he actually is.
calum macleod said on 4/Feb/21
if you watch the video with devon armwrestling shaq on TNT charles barkely is 6,4.5 feet devon looks max 6,2 probs 6,0 my guess and kenny is 5,10 and devon looks the same height as him sometimes
vgno2 said on 4/Jan/21
@Robert Stakston, jeg tror på det du sier. det ser ut som han bare har litt avslappet kroppsholdning, men egentlig er minimum 1.96 som du sier // I believe what you are saying, for me it just looks like Devon has a bit relaxed posture and has height in reserve. I truly believe he is around 6'5 or more when he stands up straight
Canson said on 3/Dec/20
@Robert: that would make his afternoon 6’4.75 which isn’t distinguishable from 6’4.5
Robert Stakston said on 30/Nov/20
I know Devon personaly, good friend of me. I am 6'5 myself. 196cm morning, aboute weak 195 in evenings. I can tell you guys 110% Devon is beetween 196-197. No joke. We even stood back to back at one competition. We where 100% the same. And i am not one of those who lie abou
t my own height. So yeah. He is not 194cm. Never
M M said on 11/Nov/20
He looked the full 6'5 with Gronkowski.
Saberwing said on 9/Nov/20
In a recent Youtube video Devon has Claimed 6'5 if he really stands up right

Click Here go to 3:30
Editor Rob
one thing he did show there is that he has height in reserve when talking to Jujimufu, he may well manage to stretch up near 6ft 5 for a measurement.
Jkiller said on 20/Aug/20
After watching Devon with Larry Wheels and the crew, I believe he's closer to 6'5 than 6'4. 6'4.75 is probably a very accurate listing for him.
Black Fish 123 said on 15/Aug/20
With Larry Wheels: Click Here
Alir?za said on 20/Jun/20
I saw him two years ago. He is really very tall. 194 cm fit him but he could be 195-196 cm too.
Kailee said on 16/May/20
Devon seems he is 6’4 1/2 and C.Barkley is 6’5 1/2.
CD player said on 31/Mar/20
Hey Rob, how tall do you think his 17 year old son is? Around 6'2?
Click Here
Editor Rob
At least that range
Jkiller said on 3/Mar/20
6'4 and a half seems about right
Alex V. said on 16/Feb/20
So… the same goes with THAT photo of the Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Charles Barkley and Shaq…

The video below, is the prove how hard is, to guess someone's height by judging them with one photo or seeing them just once… Larrat seemed very short next to Barkley but as soon as the camera turned to another angle, it was just the opposite… Regards.
Alex V. said on 16/Feb/20
Angles complicate everything...

Click Here
Myself said on 30/Dec/19
lol, today I dreamt that Larrat was listed at 6'5 but Rob downgraded him to 6'4...that 6'5 though had a really "Oberst" feeling in the dream, so I probably was thinking about a downgrade for him and Larrat was just randomly involved, haha
Animus said on 16/Dec/19
They are recently describing him as 6'6" in the World Armwrestling League.
My name said on 3/Dec/19
Yeah, I would like to see Todd and John Brzenk.
John Lanier said on 21/Nov/19
Hey Rob, can you add Michael Todd to the website? He's a very big competitor and currently the World Arm-Wrestling league Champion. Big competition between him and Devon. Jerry Cadorette is also very prominent and is the runner up for champion. Both would be great additions to the website!
Sky Lord said on 1/Nov/19

Camera illusion
Yuval said on 1/Nov/19
Why he seemed so small next to Charles Barkley?
Animus said on 19/Oct/19
He's 270lbs (122kg) at the moment, as per a video he did with Juji and Tom posted on YouTube.
Canson said on 25/Aug/19
@Christian: agreed. Watt actually does look close to his. I wouldn’t go much off 196cm and Manning prob a solid 6’5”. What’s odd is that Watt looks taller than Manning in their Papa John’s commercial but that’s possibly the camera angle and larger head Watt has
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Aug/19
There are a few who actually do look around their measured heights like Antonio Brown, peak Peyton Manning and arguably JJ Watt. But a good rule of thumb for athletes is to deduct at least 3/8" from their measured heights.
Canson said on 20/Aug/19
Christian 6’5 3/8 is absolutely correct in that it’s about an hour after waking. The NBA actually appears to be even earlier like within 30-45 minutes perhaps. Marcellus Wiley was only listed 6’4” when he played not 6’5”. As far as comparisons, Jason witten measured 6’5.75 at the combine then 6’5” flat at his Pro Day so it obviously isn’t a late measurement yet Witten chose 6’6” even tho he was a tight end and Wiley was a Defensive End where you do see 6’5 DE’s out there
Canson said on 20/Aug/19
Christian 6’5 3/8 is absolutely correct in that it’s about an hour after waking. The NBA actually appears to be even earlier like within 30-45 minutes perhaps. Marcellus Wiley was only listed 6’4” when he played not 6’5”. As far as comparisons, Jason witten measured 6’5.75 at the combine then 6’5” flat at his Pro Day so it obviously isn’t a late measurement.
Myself said on 19/Aug/19
Taller than Kirill Sarychev, as seen in some recent videos. I could buy 194.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Aug/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
That's incorrect. Combine measurements take place early in the morning, usually around an hour after the players get out of bed.
Space said on 3/Jun/19
Larratt is 6’4.5” max. Barkley is 6’5.25” range.
Yuval said on 20/May/19
Shorter then Barkley and much shorter then Shaq..
Lafferty said on 3/May/19
Devon looks 6ft5in.
Nik said on 9/Apr/19
Interesting job!
Canson said on 7/Apr/19
@Myself: I think Rob’s previous listing for Barkley was better than the current. At least 6’4.75 may have been a measurement he would’ve gotten like 5 hours out of bed if 6’4 5/8 was his low. But that’s “if”. He may very well have dipped below 5/8
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 2/Apr/19
Again @Christian 6’5 3/8” you disregarded my earlier messages stating I was half an inch shorter when I met Devon I actually grew taller!, also I want to point out something to everyone who has gone to this page @rob. If Devon is as short as 6’3.5-6’4” why was Devon clearly an inch taller than Marcellus Wiley, a football player measured at 6’4 3/4” mid day! Because combine measurements are made between 1-5pm! You can look up the video and there is also a couple pictures out there!
Canson said on 25/Mar/19
@Christian 6’5 3/8: Well said!
Myself said on 25/Mar/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8"
Yep, totally agree, aswell as the fact that he just stated that his eyelevel is kinda low, while Devon's probably normal.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
So not only does your evening height fluctuate, but your out of bed height does as well? And you've admitted yourself that you wake up at 6'6"-6'6.25" and drop 1.25"-1.5" at your extreme low, so that means you're sub-6'5" at your extreme low. Yet your normal low's 6'5.75"? Extreme lows and normal lows shouldn't be an inch variance for anyone, that's absurd. I don't mean any offense, but you're sounding pretty dishonest right now. You consider yourself to be 6'5.75", so that could explain why you thought Devon Larratt was 6'5" when you claimed to have met him. It could mean that you're actually somewhere around 6'4.75" and Devon's 6'4" (the height he was intially listed here by Rob before he was bumped up to 6'4.5")
Canson said on 22/Mar/19
@Christian: yea you and I both lose 3/4-2 cm. You’re an inch taller than me and we lose the same. There’s no way he only loses that little. I could see the 1.25” loss as an extreme low tho If he dipped 3/4” at a normal low since he has a long torso but 1.25 is a lot. Rob at 5’8 loses more
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
I'm not illiterate. Sorry, but one's buying your claim that you only drop 1/4"-1/2" at your normal low and drop 1.25"-1.5" at your peak low. That's way too big of a variance between a normal low and an extreme low. Plus a 6'5" 400+ lb man dropping only 1/4"-1/2" throughout the day is unrealistic. I'm only 225 lbs and I drop around 3/4".
Canson said on 21/Mar/19
Rob has never measured a full 5’9 let alone over the mark. He’s also never measured under 5’8, Christian Almost 6’6”. He has been consistent in the 5’8 7/8 being his peak out of bed and currrnt 5’8.75 and 5’8 1/8 at a normal low or a mm over which is where he is now. He’s said before that his extreme low is maybe a mm or so over 5’8”.
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 21/Mar/19
@Christian 6’5 3/8”
So you disregard my absolute low message every time, and never actually acknowledge my messages relating to why I could be that short at times. If that’s the case, then you must absolutely agree that rob is 5’7” because at a low he has measured that on camera! He has also measured above 5’9 before if I’m not mistaken.
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 21/Mar/19
Again I said that’s my absolute low. Are you illiterate? I know my real height it’s 6’5 3/4” I don’t normally see under that 99% of the time!
Canson said on 20/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6’6”: even at an extreme low, I only have ever lost maybe 2.6 or 2.7. I got down to 193.1 and don’t remember if I was 195.8 or 195.7. But typically I’m only 195.7 out of bed and 193.6-.7 at a low after I hit the gym and extreme low is usually 193.1 or 193.2. It comes out to a full inch and that’s with a combination of lifting and standing on my feet for hours afterward. But for site purposes, I claim my normal low which is 193.8 if we go off CM and 6’4.25 if we are talking inches/feet. However, some use the 5 hour standard which may put me at 6’4 3/8 (194cm flat). In real life outside of here, I only claim 6’4” on all documents and conversation. Only if I have to get specific do I go with 6’4.25 or 6’4-6’4.5 and that’s if I can tell another person is maybe weak 6’3 or weak 6’4 weak 6’5 etc claiming the full number and I edge them by half inch or so.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
Since you claim to wake up at 6'6"-6'6.25" and lose between 1.25"-1.5", then that means your low would be around 6'4.5"-6'5". Your "Almost 6'6" name's misleading.
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 19/Mar/19
@canson again that peak low is between a 1.25-1.5 inch drop, and I told you what I measured at my worst. On my feet for near 14 hours, and going into 25 reps of squats and dead’s @over 600lbs. I then measured myself at that low, but I don’t normally drop that low.
and @Christian 6’5 3/8” I have a long torso.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
Do you have a long or short torso?

That's one of the reasons why I'm skeptical of Christian Almost 6'6"'s claims. It's not adding up. Maybe he's either mismeasuring himself, or he's miscalculating the time of day.
Canson said on 9/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6’6”: the thing is if your core were that strong, you wouldn’t be losing 1.5” even at an extreme low at the size you are. The max would probably be around an inch. Even then you’d prob still be 6’5.5 midday like Christian 6’5 3/8
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 8/Mar/19
@Christian 6’5 3/8”
That’s fair, I am able to prove my height and my height loss. I work from home, and I workout at night, so that might change why my midday height loss is not as bad, or it could be how strong my core and how good my posture is, idk. Regardless I was defending the fact that I believe Devon is at least 6’5” that’s my opinion.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
Losing only 3/8" after being up for 3-4 hours, at a weight of 400+ pounds, is unrealistic and unbelievable. Heavier people tend to lose height a bit quicker. The average person loses that amount of height in only an hour out of bed. Sorry if I may sound a bit distrusting, but there are a lot of people who lie and make stories up on the Internet, so often I'm cautious on who and what to believe.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6'6"
Something's not adding up. Someone who wakes at 6'6"-6'6.25" shouldn't be 6'5.75" by noon, especially someone who's 400+ pounds. I wake at 6'6 1/8", which is around the same as you claim to have, but I'm about 6'5.5" by noon, and I'm only 225lbs. I'm not necessarily accusing you of lying and making it all up, but you're not really convincing me either.
Canson said on 5/Mar/19
@Christian Almost 6’6”: if you wake up 6’6 to 6’6.25 and dip to 6’4.75 that is a bit odd. Your average would not be 6’5.75 either. With those stats (assuming you are what you claim out of bed), you would be the same as Christian 6’5 3/8 which would make you no more than 6’5.5 midday. Even then it’s a lot If you drop to 6’4.75 at an extreme low. to see a full inch taller at your midday height even if the former is an extreme low is a lot. Even people who lose more than the norm at an extreme low only lose about a CM more. Are you sure you measured correctly? The other Christian even wakes up the same as you and he comes to 6’5” at an extreme low like he mentioned
Myself said on 4/Mar/19
I think you should come up with something more believable though.
Myself said on 3/Mar/19
The thing is that in the video with Hafthor he didn't look about 4 cm above his eyelevel imo, like a person your height should.
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 2/Mar/19
@Canson and @Christian 6’5 3/8”
When I say I am almost 6’6” I genuinely mean that, and I don’t measure in shoes. I just turned 22, I’m 405 lbs and not super duper fat, (very large frame) but still growing (recently grew half an inch). I measure straight in the morning between 6’6” and 6’6.25 I do workout pretty consistently and on my low after 10-14 hours on my feet, and a heavy day of squats/dead’s which I do together, and I do once a week I’ve seen 6’4”.75, but that does not reflect my everyday normal of 6’5.75 by mid day. I can tell you I wear small converse shoes, and flip flops, growing up in Florida that was and is pretty normal for me. To be fair when I wrote my message Devon was listed at 6’4” even, and people were voting him at under 6’3.5! Even though the comments said otherwise @6’4”
If I reflect on my meeting with him, he probably had 0.25 sneaker on me, and I was half an inch shorter back then, so I was about 6’5.25 So I honestly could never see him under 6’5! (My opinion)
Ps. Btw I do have one pair of big boy sneakers, and when I wear it out I do occasionally bump some door frames with either my head or hair. Being somewhere in the 6’7 range with them.
TheA said on 28/Feb/19
Larratt looks 192. His 195 (or even 6'6 sometimes!) WAL listing is ridiculous. He looks much shorter than that next to Thor or Barkley. He is almost same height than the NBA show hosts who are listed 6'3.
Nik said on 28/Feb/19
It's interesting that he was described as being 6'4" in an article! 💪!
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Christian 6’5 3/8 and Myself: could be in shoes and also see where he said “Early to Mid Day” averaging 6’5 3/4. I doubt even in the shoes that he would be much taller than Christian would be barefoot. Maybe 1/8” or so Meaning he would come out around my height of 6’4.25-.3 barefoot if he’s measuring in shoes. Maybe 6’4.25-.5 which coincidentally is where I feel that Larratt would fall. No wonder they’re the same height lol. I doubt a guy like Larratt would downplay his height. From what I’ve seen of him he has good posture as well
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Feb/19
That's not a bad weight at 6'4". According to the BMI chart you're overweight, but I wouldn't mind attention to the BMI system. It's BS.

You claimed 6'5 3/4" but I almost guarantee that's in shoes.
berta said on 25/Feb/19
good update usually looks over 6 foot 4 flat
Myself said on 23/Feb/19
Stop measuring in shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/19
6ft4½ is fair. Can look both 6ft4 and 6ft5 at times
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/19
Christian, I’m 232lbs at the moment.
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 23/Feb/19
Awesome! you upgraded him to 6'4.5
It seems more reasonable for him.
Myself said on 22/Feb/19
I think that's the highest he could be at.
Phoonerism said on 22/Feb/19
Here's a picture I took with Devon 2 years ago
Click Here
Long time lurker here love your website, just stumbled upon this, and I can 100% say that Devon is at least 6'5.5" out of bed if not a wee bit more, met him a couple of years ago, I am about 6 foot and 1/2 in the morning, and the picture it was only an hour out of bed, so not sure about height loss, but I am 160 lbs. I can 100% assure you that anything under 6'5" is a serious downgrade to him! What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Well when someone did ask me back in December Hafthor-Julius-Bjornsson-48697.html">On Hafthor page I thought 6ft 4.5, I think I should go with that figure.
Raz said on 22/Feb/19
I’ve never seen him look below 6ft5
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 22/Feb/19
I’ve met Devon, he is actually a lot taller than people think, and even he downplays his height, he usually also hunches over a lot. If you take a moment to actually look at at a few pictures of Devon with people you already given heights for on here, you would see that he’s closer to 6’6 than he is 6’5”
Click Here Check out this picture with Michael Bisping which you’ve listed at 6’1” or 6’.5? In this picture with Michael having a more favorable frontward angle on Devon in the picture, the top of Michael’s head with hair barely reaches half way up on devon’s Nose, Devon I would say has between a 10-10.5 inch head, so Michael is 40-45% up his head. I don’t think Devon is 6’6.5 but I’ve met the guy and he was exactly my height, where I average early to mid day around 6’5 and 3/4th’s. I think Devon needs at least a 1.5 inch upgrade, and Bisping needs a 0.5 inch downgrade.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Feb/19
Most 6'4" 225lb guys give a taller impression. Him being described as 6'5" isn't a surprise. Btw, how much do you weigh at 6'4" yourself? I remember you mentioning that you get 6'5" guesses a lot.
Myself said on 20/Feb/19
I'm not sure he is above 6'4 though.
Easterwood 6'3 said on 20/Feb/19
Probably about right. Always looks tall, even among other pro armwrestlers. Seemed tiny next to Hafthor, though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/19
Gives a much taller impression than 6ft4
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 19/Feb/19
Rob, is 6'4.5 possible? or at least 6'4.25? I always thought he was well above 6'4.
Editor Rob
There is a chance of a strong 6ft 4
KeyboardDude1 said on 19/Feb/19
Yeah, definitely more 6ft 4 than 5. Maybe even a little bit below that but this is still fine.
Editor Rob
I thought at times maybe he can pull off over 6ft 4, but overall from looking I think maybe 6ft 4 range is ok.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/19
A professional armwrestler? I didn't know there was any such thing!

When I was 22, I beat a couple of younger guys, both 5ft10, at a public armwrestle! It goes to show you don't HAVE to be tall! My 5ft7.25 boyfriend beat two huge, well-built brothers of 6ft1 and 6ft3 at the same sport! They weren't very pleased at all! They were the local 'heavies' in every single way!

This fella, Devon, can have 6ft4.

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