How tall is Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

American actor best known for roles in TV series American Horror Story, The Practice and films such as Olympus Has Fallen, Hardware, In the Line of Fire and The Campaign.

How tall is Dylan McDermott
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How tall is Dylan McDermott
Toni Collette and Dylan
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Average Guess (34 Votes)
5ft 11.82in (182.4cm)
Gavin v said on 30/Nov/23
Rob, is 6ft possible for Dylan? Can 5ft 11.5 be argued
Editor Rob
Feel he falls just shy of 6ft. I think into age 60 he held up well and didn't really shrink by anything noticeable.
M. Ira said on 19/Sep/23
5-11 flat. Thought he was taller till I saw him in "Hollywood" series.
Fakhrul said on 17/Mar/23
I think an accurate reading for Dylan would be about 5 ft 10.5 to 5 ft 11. If Will is 6 ft 3, then I think I see a 4 or 4 1/2 inch difference pretty much. Obviously not too far off what Dylan is listed as, still quite tall.
Hong said on 14/Aug/22
Click Here Here he is with 6ft.5 listed Jason Sudeikis.
Hong said on 14/Aug/22
Click Here If he's 5ft11.75 that makes Will Farrell 6ft5?
Abdul-DK said on 13/Jun/22
182.5 cm
Height Detective said on 6/Jun/22
Same as Tiger Woods, no more and certainly no less. Avg guess is just a bit too high, wouldn't peg him as more than 5'11.75 though I can certainly see him close to 6' right out of bed. A perfect height indeed.
Jawilder said on 27/Apr/22
Just watched clovehitch killer 😟. Dylan looks really good for his age. 5’11.75
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/22
Dylan is in mighty good shape, and it doesn’t take away from his height. either.

I’m watching him in the first AHS, later to be known as ‘Murder House’. There are overtones of other horrors intertwined within the plot, and the music is spot-on for the era it’s describing, ie ‘Age of Aquarius’ was played to describe the opening scene from 1968, which is correct.

Dylan plays Ben, a psychiatrist, who has Tate (Evan Peters) as a patient, describing what he’d like to do to his young daughter. 😕 Now he’s seeing a young, blonde girl who dreams that her legs are severed in a lift accident, ‘Omen II’ -style! She’s asking him what it’s like to live in the ‘Murder House’, which is even more distressing for him, and he learns from her that there have been tours of the place…..

Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
With Snoop Dogg:

Click Here
Hong said on 20/Oct/21
Click Here
asdfasdf said on 3/Apr/21
His face just screams "6ft", he has the quintessential Chad height.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Apr/21
I did say Josh Lucas play with number. Josh is 6'0 and just had that 5'11 1/2 downplay for fun. Dylan is 5'11 1/2 and Val Kilmer 5'11 3/4 peak.
BT said on 22/Feb/21
There were a few half decent scenes for comparison, but no great ones. A lot of movement, quick cuts and low angles. One where Josh was seemingly barefoot and Dylan in some kind of boot obivously had Dylan looking taller. They looked similar in most scenes going by eyelevel, but my impression was that Josh edged it rather than the other way around. Of course footwear is always the question and I can't remember a scene where theirs were clearly visible.

Overall Josh looks right at 5'11.5, but can also look closer to 6ft at times, even if he does claim "barely 5'11.5" himself. Dylan has appeared closer to 5'11 than 6ft on more than a few occasions like some have pointed out, with Will Ferrell and Jason Sudeikis in 'The Campaign' springs to mind. Josh nearer 181 cm than 182 would surprise me, Dylan maybe not so much, but both could of course be near 182 cm. I think their listings could arguably be switched though.
BT said on 18/Feb/21
@Rob: Have you seen Wonderland (2003)? I just caught it recently and thought he looked shorter than Josh Lucas at times, like here Click Here. And a couple of quite distorted event pics Click Here, Click Here. One with Matthew Perry: Click Here. I could see how he looks closer to 5'11-11.5 range at times.
Editor Rob
cant' remember much of that film, but it's interesting if Dylan sometimes seems to be edged out by Josh.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Dec/20
At 59 he was aging pretty well just like Keanu Reeves.
Jam Cherry said on 20/May/20
Who’s the woman with him anyway seems like he’s about 6’0” at 182.5 cm
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jan/20
Good looking duo! Females and males of all heights are good looking! 👌
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/20
In the last season of AHS that I saw, 'Apocalypse', two of the witches, including the delightful Emma Roberts, go back in time to 'Murder House', which is the first series. It is then that we find out exactly what has happened to the residents of said house, and Emma and the warlock lay the spirits to rest. Dylan's poor, wretched character is 'living' in his own personal hell, masturbating by the window, and nothing can appease his craving.

Emma, mature way beyond her years, doesn't laugh like a schoolgirl, but listens to him, and helps him make peace with himself - beautiful!

My favourite of the stories she and the warlock encounter is perhaps that of Frances Conroy, who is reunited with her mother, for whom she carried out a mercy killing many years back.

Dylan gets 5ft11.75. 😁👍
TheBat said on 11/Oct/19
Good listing, definitely almost 6'0".
Nik said on 3/Aug/19
He does look nearly 6'0"!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Aug/19
⭐ 'Mercy' the movie, starring the nearly 6ft Dylan, is actually based on a short story by Stephen King.

That marvellous series, AHS, has triggered a personal interest in many of its stars, in the very same way that 'Boardwalk Empire' did for me over a year ago! 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jul/19
I have just ordered a film of Dylan's called 'Mercy'. It looks scarily interesting and if his performance in AHS is anything to go by, it'll be well worth a watch. 😲👍📺

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/19
How fantastic to see that 'American Horror Story' has been given its own section! Wonderful stuff, Rob!

I'm beginning to feel a touch sorry for this guy, whose whole life is falling apart since moving into THAT HOUSE - a house where the dead join the living and visit you incessantly after they've 'gone'!

Dylan plays the part of Dr Harmon. His wife is expecting twins, and only one of them is his! The other belongs to a ghost! 👻

I found him written up as 6ft the other day, but 5ft11.75 is bloody close enough!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Jun/18
More i look at him i see 182cm legitmate not under it. So 5'11 5/8 if he wasn't losing height yet.
berta said on 20/Nov/17
if he is only 182 then clint eastwood was only 188 cm back then at an age where he could have lost max 2-3 cm since peak. si i guess 6 foot 3 for clints peak is about right now
James B said on 9/Nov/17
Rob why did you downgrade him? If Eastwood was not far off 6'3 in 1992 I'd say he looked a big 6ft in comparison
Editor Rob
overall I thought just under six foot was believable.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17
Timothy Olyphant will edge him out a little, like 5'11.5-5'11.75" a shout. He may not be over 182cm.
James B said on 13/Jul/17
Rob he looks the same sought height range as David beckham in my opinion
josh jeffords said on 21/Nov/16
He usually looks about 6 ft can look a tall or a weak 6er.
He did look under sized with clint who was well over 50 at the time..
He might be a weak 6 fter who is measured by his hair like cage.
King of the hill 91 said on 7/Nov/16
Rob do you see under 5 11 for him whats the hiest and lowest you would put him mate 181 cm maybe 181 .5
S.J.H said on 6/Nov/16
I agree with rampage he look nothing to goes up 182cm he should be just 5'11.5 (181.6cm) range
jervis said on 30/Aug/16
Check out pics of him with Morgan Freeman he is at least 3 inches shorter. This guy is max 5ft11.
Marianito10 said on 26/Jun/16
He isn't the same height as Clint Eastwood, found a photo of both in 2007... Or did Eastwood shrunk even more in 9 years?
Unbelievable, he is almost 10 years younger than my grandad and he looks like that... I want to know the secret for the future!
Rollo Tomasi said on 24/May/16
He look like the typical hero type
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/16
"Dylan McDermott's height is 5ft 11½in (181.6cm)"
jervis said on 12/Mar/16
Google him with Will Farrell and you will see Farrell is at least 4inches taller.If Farrell is 6f3 McDermott is max 5ft11.Also in in the line of fire Clint looked max 3 inches taller than him,making Clint max 6ft2 aged 61.McDermott is not 6ft,if he is then Farrell is 6ft4 or 6ft5 .
James B said on 30/Aug/15
LOL he looks exactly the same as did in line of fire.

He puts keanu reeves to shame in terms of being immortal :-)
kevin said on 3/Jun/15
next to a aging eastwood in In the Line of Fire hes easy 4 inches smaller... i doubt hes full 6ft
Hypado said on 18/Feb/15
Dylan McDermott height: 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

Like Christian Bale, Chris Evans and Nicolas Cage, a weak 183 cm - 6ft.
cole said on 15/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Alright. I guess I haven't seen him enough then, because based on what I've seen I'd put him nearer 181.
In the pic with "unidentified hottie" I'd have guessed him near 6ft purely based on stature, but how a person looks alone in a photo (or in this case, with "height unknown") is never good enough. Better watch some more McDermott films...
Editor Rob
182 is a good possibility, 181 I'm not sure he'd be just that low.
cole said on 13/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Haha yeah! But seriously though, what's the lowest you'd argue for Dylan?
Editor Rob
wouldn't argue much under 6ft maybe 182
Darren510 said on 12/Oct/14
5'11.5 to 6'0.

In this pic does not look anything under 6ft
cole said on 12/Oct/14
Nice update to his page, does him more justice. Who's he with in the pic Rob?
Editor Rob
not sure,but she looked pretty!
cole said on 11/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Could you add 'American Horror Story', 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'The Campaign' at the top? And maybe have another look at his height when you get a chance. At least he doesn't look a 6 footer to me next to Ferrell and Galifianakis.
cole said on 1/Jun/14
Looks 4 inches shorter than Will Ferrell in some shots, and that shower scene in 'The Campaign'... I mean unless it was fudged in some way I can't see him a whole lot over 180-181 cm range. I'm not saying he's definitely a flat 5'11 guy, but I'm having a hard time believing he's a legit 6 footer. At least to me he's never appeared that tall.
Afg said on 21/May/14
In films like "the campaing" and "the perks of being wallflower" he looks like a 5 ft 11 guy.
Angel9 said on 27/Oct/13
He was clearly about an inch shorter than Cole Hauser in Olympus has fallen.
cole said on 8/Aug/13
@James: Exactly. In The Campaign, in the "shower-scene" with a presumably barefoot Will Ferrell, Dylan walked into the shower in a full suit, most likely in dress shoes, and still looked about 3-4 inches shorter than Will. Will was closer to the camera, so it should about make up for the footwear of Dylan. I think 5'11 is more his range. I haven't seen much of his other stuff though, so I can't be sure.
James said on 22/Jun/13
@Cole Couldn't agree more, definetly looks more like a 5ft 11 guy than 6ft after watching The Campaign.
cole said on 11/Jun/13
He was a tad shorter than Jason Sudeikis in The Campaign, who is most definitely NOT 6'1, as he is nowhere near as tall as Bill Hader, who IS a legit 6'1. He comes across as a solid 5'11 guy to me (Jason), 180-182 cm range, and McDermott was a good 1-2 cm shorter in that particular film.
gsbr said on 21/Mar/13
On the Olympus Has Fallen website, McDermott's character is listed as 6'0". However, the site also says Aaron Eckhart's character is 6'0".
Balrog said on 26/Jan/13
He had easily 4in if not more over John Heard in Edison. 6 foot would be my rough guess but I haven't seen a lot of him.
gsbr said on 13/Oct/12
Near the end of The Campaign trailer, he's standing next to the 6'1'' Jason Sudeikis and Sudeikis looks an inch taller. So I'd say McDermott is 183 cm.
Len said on 13/Sep/12
Looks 5'11". Nothing wrong with that.
Jake: 1.82 m--1.83 m--1.84 m said on 28/Jul/12
He looks a strong 183 cm (6' 0") in American Horror Story.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 24/Nov/11
Here's a legit 6'
Carpenter said on 14/Aug/11
Just watched In the Line of Fire and thought that he looked substantially smaller than Clint Eastwood. Don't see how he could be 6'.
James said on 17/Jul/11
looked around this with then 6'3 Clint Eastwood in the Line of Fire.
Maxwell said on 17/Dec/08
I think 6'0 is a little too generous, but only just a little.

Siestadude below has obviously not been his best friend in the 20+ years they've known each other. ^_^
Vibram said on 6/Nov/08
Looked 3" below Eastwood in In The Line Of Fire (1993). 6ft is too generous; more like 5ft11/180cm or even 5ft10.75 179cm. Eastwood was 62yo and 6ft2 back then (1.75 inch below his peak).
howie day said on 11/Aug/08
van der beek had an inch on him in the movie texas rangers..I think dermont its more like 5'11.05
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/08
that is wrong. Ive seen him before this guy is def taller than 5'10 barefoot can give immpresion of being a modest 6'1 with footwear
siestadude said on 27/Feb/08
Howdy! I shouldn't do this but what the hell! I just found this site. I have known Dylan for 20+ years. No lifts! It's the boots - lol. Very, Very skinny? One helluva understatement - lol! TAnyway...Dylan is 5'9 maybe 5'9 1/2 after he sees the chiropractor. So, if you think hes bigger(check his boots), know jack about height.
snap said on 16/May/07
5-11 maybe, I'm watching the messengers asw, he's def. not over 6ft
Height Tracker said on 19/Dec/06
Clint Eastwood looked at least 3 inches taller than him in "In the Line of Fire" which was made in 1991. Not sure about lifts for McDermott though.
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/05
I dunno guys, here's Dylan looking a little taller than the 6'2" Ashton Kutcher:
Mr. R said on 27/Jun/05
My experience with Dylan puts him just over 5-10. I saw him at an actor's event, and he walked right past me, and was at least an inch shorter. He was also very, very skinny!
RR said on 27/Jun/05
Well, I sold him a video once and he was my height or a little taller and I'm 5'6". I don't know if he's wearing lifts or what in that picture he is probably 5'8"-5'9" at the most. Super nice guy too, needed to buy a video of a movie he starred in and had never seen.
Viper652 said on 15/Jun/05
This guy looks no more then 5-10 from seeing him in Pics. His height needs to be changed
Mr. R said on 5/Apr/05
I saw Dylan at an actor's event 2 years ago. He is about 5'10.5". He walked right past me and was at least an inch shorter.

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