How tall is Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder's Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American singer-songwriter, best known as the lead singer of Pearl Jam.


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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 6.82in (169.7cm)
meezemaker said on 1/Nov/18
by checking all which has been posted, he is short. this man look 166 cm, maybe 165cm.t still impressed by this genius singer.

Otherwise, Eddy never cheat about his height (wearing boot/heels), that can be also a reason looking a bit smaller than he is. 166-167 Maybe in fact.
Bradley said on 25/Aug/18
As listed '18.
HonestSlovene said on 5/Jan/18
@Monkey knees Sounds beleivable tbh.
Monkey knees said on 12/Dec/17
Eddie and mike mcready are both around the 5'7 mark. Jeff Ament is 5'11. Stone is a solid 6 footer. Matt Cameron is 6'2 out of bed. Tall guy. Work at the 02 in london, seen them many times
Height Sky said on 30/Sep/17
That classic awful posture of Cornell!
Height Sky said on 30/Sep/17
Click Here

Look this guys: Chris Cornell (RIP) and EddieVedder
ktask9 said on 20/Aug/17
what makes eddie appear shorter is his big forehead which makes him shorter from an eye to eye perspective. i have a 5'7" friend who met him and took pictures back stage and eddie was actually a little taller. maybe it was shoes but no way under 5'7".
Travis said on 7/Jul/17
Might you know the heights of Jerry Cantrell and the late Layne Stayley of Alice in Chains?
Jani said on 7/Jun/17
I think that Eddie is around 170cm but he could be a bit shorter. No less than 168cm though.
Sarah87 said on 24/May/17
Eddie is below 5ft7. I've seen him numerous times at concerts. His voice is phenomenal. I'm a solid 5ft10 and I noticed a significant height difference when I got an autograph from him. Always found him lion-like beautiful even though my friends unanimously preferred Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain. Cornell's voice was fascinating and listening to both of them-Cornell and Vedder-sing together was a massive treat. What a pity there was never a chance to get Mark Lanegan into that team. Anyway, since this is a height-guessing site, I'll just say what I think their heights appear to be. Here goes: Vedder-5ft6.5, Cobain-5f7.5, Cornell-6ft2.5, Lanegan-6ft2.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/16
I'll go with 5'6.5 I think as in fairness a lot of the time he's not exactly standing with Stallone posture.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/16
Well it's closer anyway I think, I wouldn't bet on him edging out big G though!
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
Click Here With Sean Penn. Consistently looks 5 ft 6 range, maybe 5'6.5 . I'm going with 5'6.25!
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
I could buy 5'6.5 at the most I think.
Editor Rob: 5ft 6.5 range is arguable...if G thought he was no less than 5ft 7 range, that would make sense for him to be weak 5ft 7.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
Rob, finally I disagree by over 0.5, no way is he a legit 5 ft 7! Click Here
169 is said on 20/Jul/16
watching the mtv vmas in 1992, I thought he was like 6ft on the stage. lol
truth said on 10/Jun/16
larseneffect said on 21/Dec/14
I can't decide if he's 169cm or 170cm 'cause he can look both heights at times but he's definitely nothing under that.
Most important thing is that When this man sings he's 7ft!
Jim said on 20/Oct/14
WITNess... That's Anthony not john. Learn the peppers man
charlie said on 9/Feb/14
i think 5'7'' is correct, same with kurt cobain, just watch pearl jam's "twenty"
MD said on 25/Jan/14
Oh, great, someone else who doesn't know there own height and is thus in no position to judge someone else's. lol
NiceStrat said on 24/Jan/14
BS Eddie is 5'7".....I'm 5'5-1/2" and tower over him.....I stood right next to him while he handed me a cassette tape back in the early '90's.......maybe he's grown since then. I'd say he's about 5-3.....
raindogs70 said on 5/Jan/14
Eddie's my height, 5'6". He's definitely not taller than me.
WItness said on 2/Nov/13
Churchil, you can't judge anyone's height with this angle. And Vedder looked taller than 5'8 Frusciante here...

Click Here

They look about the same height...

Eddie is a short guy, but nothing under 169/170cm IMO
Samuel said on 15/Oct/13
About 5'6.5 maybe.
cat said on 6/Oct/13
In my heart Eddie will always be 6'2" and singing to ME.
cat said on 6/Oct/13
Here I thought he was at least 6'1". If his wife is 5'10", how in the hell does she kiss him? My heart is broken. That's it.
churchil said on 3/Sep/13
downgrade now

Click Here

with 5'7 anthony kiedis and 5'9 woody harrelson
wiltonstilts said on 24/Apr/13
He's 5'7 ...
JD said on 30/Mar/13
No way he is 5'7, met him after a show and he was significantly shorter than my GF (5'8)
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/13
He's nearer 5 ft 6. Otherwise Kelly Slater is 5 ft 10.
Jojo said on 29/Jul/12
I met Eddie early in 2012. Stood right next to him and talked to him. I am 5'6". Eddie and I were pretty much eye to eye. So he is 5'6" - 5'7". Most definitely not taller than 5'7". I would say he is closer to 5'6".
Deana said on 14/Jun/12
This is for Greyson....the time you met Eddie Vedder, was that in Oklahoma City by chance? I swear my friend and I waited for hours before the concert and chatted with a kid Greyson. How funny. I was 18 that year and met him briefly, too. Oh memories!
Eddie's Girl said on 23/Dec/11
I met Eddie briefly after one of his shows. He was standing next to my sister, who's 5'7". My sister and Eddie were both wearing flat shoes and they were exactly the same height. From what I observed, Eddie is about 5'7". He's definitely not shorter than that. (Btw, Sean Penn is 5'10", not 5'8" like someone stated.)
Fretless said on 29/Oct/11
5'7, no less. The others of the band makes him more shorter. Jeff is 6'0 and Stone 6'1.
Martyr said on 23/Oct/11
Always looked 5'7 to me, compared to Mccready or Anthony Kiedis.
Now if he is 5'6, then Bono is like 5'3, when you watch the shoes he is wearing here:
Click Here
Danimal said on 20/Oct/11
greyson says on 15/Aug/11
I met Eddie Vedder on Nov 23 1993. I was 13yrs old. He was shorter than I. I'm not sure how tall I was then. But, as an adult, I've grown to 6' even.

Wow was that pointless if you don't know how tall you were.
Danimal said on 20/Oct/11
Dennis says on 20/Sep/11
You got to be kidding me, i thought he was around average height at least. It was killing me for a while when i saw Chris Cornell join Pearl Jam to do hunger strike, when Chris walked up to greet the guys he was standing over them and then when he stood next to Eddie i was like "wow is Chris a giant or is Eddie just a bit short?" I didn't see that coming.

Chris is very tall and Eddie is below average.
Derrick said on 19/Oct/11
He's about 5'6
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 26/Sep/11
Looking slightly less than 5'7 here with Sean Penn
Click Here

There are some other photographs of them together where the gap is less substantial. I suspect the chunky boots he's often sighted in.
Dennis said on 20/Sep/11
You got to be kidding me, i thought he was around average height at least. It was killing me for a while when i saw Chris Cornell join Pearl Jam to do hunger strike, when Chris walked up to greet the guys he was standing over them and then when he stood next to Eddie i was like "wow is Chris a giant or is Eddie just a bit short?" I didn't see that coming.
Greg the Midget said on 15/Sep/11
he is 5'6in.
ted said on 11/Sep/11
Just seems like he is tall in everything- guess no short man prob by getting huge with weights and carries himself normal with no big shoes- I know a dude that methim and said you don't even notice quickly because of the way he carries himself- remember when I just said that?
Edwin said on 10/Sep/11
So Eddie is around the same height as U2's Bono? A lot of people there list him as 5'4" - 5'5"
jake said on 30/Aug/11
5 ft 6.25 in (168 cm)
greyson said on 15/Aug/11
I met Eddie Vedder on Nov 23 1993. I was 13yrs old. He was shorter than I. I'm not sure how tall I was then. But, as an adult, I've grown to 6' even.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
I think it was Huntington Beach can't remember if they were in wetsuits or boardshorts, actually it might have been those wetsuit shorts I dunno.. But I remember looking at it and was very surprised how short Vedder was. I'd not noticed it previously.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Well as I said first time, the photo I saw of Vedder with Kelly SLater in wetsuits in a carpark near some Californian beach in one of my dad's surfer mags Slater looked easily 3 inches taller from what I recall. OK he may not be as low as 5'5" but he is definitely not 5'7". Otherwise Kelly Slater is pushing 5'10.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Click Here

You have Harper at 5'10". Looks about 4 inch difference to me accounting for posture/footwear.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Well, he isn't a legit 5'7" you must see that. Maybe 5'6" is more accurate.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Click Here

With 5'10" Ben Harper. Looks about 4-5 inches difference, even without accounting for footwear, Vedder looks to have footwear advtange too in boots, Harper in sneakers. I'm pretty sure on this one Rob he is 5'5" range, 5'5.5" max.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he is 5ft 5, there's always a chance he wears big boots and is 5ft 6 though]
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Click Here

Looks similar range to Maradonna here. I really think 5'5.5" would be a much better estimate. He clearly does not have the proportions of a 5'7" guy!! Anyway I'll leave it to you to judge Rob.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
I agree with Steve he could be 5'5", I'd go with 5'5.5"
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
He looks 5'4" max in the beach photo with Slater but we'll'' give him benefit of the doubt and imagine there's a slope. But even if there was you can't argue he is anything above 5'6"!!!!
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Yeah I was right although the height difference was greater than I though. Rob please view Click Here
Kelly Jones is absolute max 5'9" more 5'8.5" as you have listed. Does he look anywhere near 5'7"? Even if there were some bizarre ditch in the beach there is no way he is anywhere near a legit 5'7". I think he is between 5'5" and 5'6". What do you think? If he was really 5'7" the difference between him and Kelly Slater would be minimal. Slater talls like a tall man next to him, much like Mark Wahlberg did next to Bieber
[Editor Rob: that's a tough photo to really say much on.]
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Not 5'7". 5'6" MAX and looks that height next to 5'8" Sean Penn. I remember seeing a picture of Vedder in board shorts with Kelly Slater in one of my old surfer mags and he made 5'9" MAX Slater look tall. Kelly Slater looked easily 3 inches taller.
Don said on 30/Jun/11
he may be short in stature but he has a BIG voice.
truth said on 4/Jun/11
legit short guy 5ft5 no more
Steven said on 1/Jun/11
There's no way Eddie is 5'7. Jim Morrison was 5'9 and was at least an inch taller than Robby Krieger and Eddie was a solid couple inches shorter than Krieger. He's gotta be 5'5
MsKitty said on 25/May/11
I think someone should just ask him how tall he is...He has never seemed to be a guy who is embarrassed about his height, and he never seems to wear height enhancing footwear. When I saw him live back in '04 he even joked about how short he is. I think that's great, and a real show of confidence for EdVed. Now I remember why I love him so...he is the real deal. :D
Jim said on 25/Mar/11
Eddie next to Sean Penn
Click Here
e said on 22/Feb/11
everyone is saying they stood right next to him and has different heights!
i think he looks real short 5'6 mabye max...i cant believe someone thinks he is 5'7 no way!
dan said on 16/Nov/10
if you are a smart truth seeking person you know height does not matter.short people are awsome and so are tall people.if you think a persons height is a gauge of their worth then you are missing what life is really about..
erica said on 7/Jul/09
cookie - mjk is 5"4" max.
Nicole said on 7/Jul/09
Anyone have a solid height for Mike McCready? He seems little too, but Layne Staley may have dwarved him, since Layne was 6' or 6'1
buby said on 5/Jun/09
just watched him on conan o'brien show. he jumped on the drum platform to look taller, after standing next to 6' plus conan. he is obviously insecure about his tiny stature.
jack pockman said on 29/May/09
quite frankly I am surprised at his height. I would've guessed a solid 5' 9
Eric said on 18/May/09
Haha, i was about to write the same thing Kelly. Well said.
Kelly said on 11/May/09
I stand 5'7". He was standing next to me (I produced a video for PJ.)and trust me, he is 5'7" but frankly WHO CARES? Why is this important. He is extremely talented and smart enough to still be alive. That's more than we can say for a lot of others. He's amazing at 5'7".
Cookie said on 7/May/09
How about Maynard James Keenan's height?The guy seems really short but you hardly ever see him so it's hard to tell.
Chris said on 30/Mar/09
Vedder is actually being honest about his height.
He's one of the few celebritys who's actually a nice guy in real life,and legitimatly humble.One of the few musicans not out to rip his fans off.
Great guy.
DMS said on 23/Dec/08
Jill isn't 5'10'', that's probably just her exaggerated 'model' height. She looks around the same height as Ed, maybe even smaller depeneding if she's wearing heels.

Click Here
Lola said on 10/Dec/08
Eddie's horse, um... er... wife, is 5'10". Eddie is around 5"8.
He's the perfect size for petite to normal-sized girls.
Phil said on 4/Dec/08
Saw Eddie right up next to me signing stuff in the Tweeter Center (Boston, MA) parking lot back in '03. Much shorter in person; seems larger than life on stage! Definitely somewhere around 5'7".
glenn said on 11/Nov/08
thats for damn sure.i couldve sworn this guy was 5-8 in the early 90s.he was 5-6 this summer.
Rhythmiche said on 11/Nov/08
The way everyone's stories are contradicting i think it's safe to say Eddie's height changes periodically.
Ned said on 4/Sep/08
It seems pretty funny to me to discuss someones hight for 3 years. As it matters. He is short and great.
Schnouzer Breath said on 10/Aug/08
He's about 5'6". About an inch taller than Roger Daltry at most, who is 5-5 tops.
Gigi said on 18/Jul/08
There is a gallery of photos of him and Jill standing next to Sean Penn and he and Penn appear to be the same height in each photo.
Gigi said on 18/Jul/08
If we could find out how tall his girlfriend/ model/mother of his children Jill McCormick is then that would be a good guide.
Steven said on 14/Jul/08
I saw him twice in person at the Who concert at UCLA two days ago, stood right in front of me signing stuff. When he stood up straight he was no taller than me. I swear to you he is not 5'7". No more than 5'6". He IS a lot smaller than you think.
Jamie said on 28/Jun/08
I'd like to see him fight Prince. I think Prince would whip him! Also, anyone who wishes to be 6': I'm 6' and I wish I was taller so...the grass is always greener. Just be happy you're, hopefully, healthy...and kick a tall guy in the shins for me.
mcfan said on 19/May/08
On the Who's concert he looks 5'7.
Mr. Shorty said on 22/Apr/08
Hey james maybe you're right. I'm 5'7" and so curious about celebs height. I hope I could still grow up to 5'9".
CW said on 15/Feb/08
Ha ha.. "... Vedder is from Denmark, so yeah it is Dutch.." LOL
From his you tube Pink interview)
beegirl said on 7/Jan/08
He's perfectly tiny. I met him and we were (wonderfully) eye to eye. I'm 5'4", but I had heels on that night.
chris175 said on 3/Dec/07
the more i think about it, he is not far from 5-8 barefoot, he is being very honest about his height here, great guy who made great music!
chris175 said on 18/Nov/07
hes a strong 5-7, he was around a lot of taller people in the grunge era like cantrell and cornell made him look smaller
ashton said on 20/Oct/07
He's smaller than 5'7". I met him on the beach. He's a right small bloke. Any short fellow can use risers and look taller. I hardly think it matters though. Has anyone picked up his CD? Between the solo CD and his songs with Pearl Jam, I'd say he's a bloody genius.
Lennie said on 14/Oct/07
I met Eddie and he's about 5ft 7. I'm only 5ft 3 inches and he was definitely taller than me.
Anthony said on 13/Aug/07
Met him at Niketown in Chicago several years back. He was buying shoes for a little kid. I shook his hand and spoke to him briefly. I am 5' 9" and was definitely looking down. Really tiny hands too. 5'6" or 5' 7" seems about right. Crazy blue eyes. Nice guy.
antron said on 1/Aug/07
I realize that this is not ideal for comparison BUT I think we can agree that EV is looking of a similar height as 5'7" Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day):
Click Here
Jon Doe said on 9/Jun/07
I find it funny how women always think a good looking guy is taller than they really are, I swear you see it everyday.Or if a guy spikes up his hair then a girl will come up to him and say "it makes you look taller" and the guy's response is "why the **** do I need to look taller?" coz it's stupid and height is overrated.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/07
I always thought that Ed was much taller. All the pictures that I have seen, seem to make him look much taller. That was a totaly shock to me. Even though he is not as tall as some of the others, he is still amazing, and makes being short look good!!!

Anyone with a brain knows Lil' Eddie Mueller is short. Yeah, he looks good if you find tiny men who don't bathe attractive.
Robert said on 29/May/07
I met him last week. I'm 5'8-3/4". I'd say he was 5'7" without shoes.
Diogeneze said on 20/May/07
probably not much of anything over 5-6...
Bern said on 15/May/07
I know his father in law, and he tells me he is the tiniest guy, I would say the five four/five five is quite reasonable.
Hillery said on 15/May/07
Has always looked about 5-6.5 to 5-7 tops to me. He is not much taller than his idol Roger Daltrey, who is widely known to be about 5-5 tops. If you see a pic of him with a Telecaster it's a good gauge, as those are not big guitars but seem so on him.
Markus said on 7/May/07
It's in Holland at the Pinkpop festival. The presenter of that interview is called Jan Douwe Kroeske and well known here, especially because he's 2 meters (6'7") tall. He totally dwarves Vedder.
mitch said on 1/May/07
go to Click Here and search under "Pearl Jam Pink pop Interview". you will see EV next to jeff. if jeff is 5'11'' EV is around 5'6-5'8.
Markus said on 30/Apr/07
BTW, Mike Mc Cready looks about the same height, maybe a little shorter ?
He looked half a head shorter than Layne Staley in Mad Season. Layne was about 5'11 or 6' I've heard.
Markus said on 30/Apr/07
I bought this Pearl Jam biography 10 years ago, where Eddie is making a joke wanting to beat up Paul Simon, he says something like it wouldn't be a big deal since Paul Simon is so short. Simon is what, 5'2" or something ? Wouldn't make sense Eddie saying this if he's only 5'3" himself ! I'll go with the 5'7".
Meg said on 19/Apr/07
I always thought that Ed was much taller. All the pictures that I have seen, seem to make him look much taller. That was a totaly shock to me. Even though he is not as tall as some of the others, he is still amazing, and makes being short look good!!!
Brad said on 17/Apr/07
EV is 5' 7" or 8", Jeff is around 5' 11".Never met others. Both times I met EV he was with Johnny Ramone. They were good buds. Movie memorabilia collectors. Johnny loved "House On Haunted Hill".
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
jeff says in the lost dog cover that he is 5`11
Martin said on 10/Apr/07
How about the other guys? Jeff and Stone. I always wanted to know Jeff's height.
I think Jeff is 6'0 maybe close to 6'1, Stone 5,11 or 6'0
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
Glenn: If you have seen him recently: How tall is he?
glenn said on 13/Mar/07
he isnt smaller than 5-7.anything less is utter bull.saw him a few hours ago.
mitch said on 12/Mar/07
think about it - the short man's complex. it makes sence.
Bieler said on 6/Mar/07
Met him backstage at a concert when VS. was hitting it big. I can guarantee he is not taller then 5'4", he may even be shorter. He stood eye to eye with my buddy who is 5'3". Jeff looked like he might be 5'8" as well as the lead singer for Urge Overkill.
Polska said on 28/Dec/06
Vedder's good friends and hockey all star, Chris Chelios, stating that Eddie is 5'4" in an interview with ESPN from Dec 26th, 2006:

Q: So, you've been friends since you were teenagers?

A: Not exactly. Like 25 years ago, he moved to Seattle and I moved to Moose Jaw, and we never spoke again for more than 10 years. Then, one night, he is out with Dennis Rodman in Chicago at a restaurant, and we're staring at each other, and he says "I know you," and I said, "What's your name?" He says "Eddie," and I say "I think I know you from San Diego." He didn't know me as Chris Chelios the hockey player, and even at the restaurant, I didn't realize he was Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. I am a Pearl Jam fan, but his hair was different and I never imagined Eddie Vedder being that small. He's probably about 5-foot-4. So, one of the security guards comes up and says, "That's Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam." I was like, "Jesus, now I remember, we worked at the gas station across the street from each other." It was really a crazy situation how we met after all those years of not talking.

Click Here
Matt said on 16/Dec/06
I completely agree with 5'7'', pushing 5'8''. A claim of anything less is just ridiculous.
Glenn said on 26/Oct/06
He is 5-7,no smaller.Im surprised he isnt 5-8.
Iddy said on 18/Sep/06
Eddie once mentioned in one of his shows that he is 5 foot 7 inches. If you go to Red Mosquito and search under concert chronology type in 5 foot 7 and it will take you to that concert date. This comes out of Eddie's own sexy mouth.
Crazy Lunatic said on 13/Sep/06
hey, you say Michael Stipe from R.E.M is 5'9, and i have a picture with him and Eddie Vedder, and they look like they have the same height! how 170cm?
Viper652 said on 10/Sep/06
Looks tallaer then just 5-6. I think he is 5-7.
The Octagon said on 9/Sep/06
Friend met him and has pictures with him. He's 5'7" and EV is slightly taller so 5'8" is about right. Plus he has 2"+ on Estevez in 1994 SNL. See Click Here to see SNL 1994 rehersal.
Afonso said on 8/Sep/06
This height has to be changed as soon as you can. this guy is 165 cm max.! 5'7 its a ridiculous height for eddie vedder. 165 cm
Evie said on 23/Aug/06
There is no way that he is 5'1 or 5'3! I am 5'2 and he looked a lot taller than me. He is about 5'7.
Christina said on 14/Aug/06
I met Eddie and then girlfriend Beth about 9 years ago at a little place called no life records in LA Hoovercraft was playing a free show. Listen im 5"1 and we were nearly eye to eye. He was a nice guy.
Viper652 said on 7/Aug/06
You must be a lot shorter then you think you are eel.
Glenn said on 7/Aug/06
No way.thats bull.5-8 tops.
eel said on 6/Aug/06
okay, you guys have no idea what you're talking about. I met him a few years back and he was maybe only an inch shorter than I am if that and I'm almost 5'11". I would say he is about 5'10" unless he was wearing lifts.
anonymous said on 31/Jul/06
met him once- i'm 5'3 and we pretty much looked eye-to-eye
kay said on 30/Jul/06
I saw Liam finn at the water rats pub and he really is short. may be even 5'5"
Gordon said on 26/Jul/06
Didnt literlay meet eddie but i got to stand next to him fora couple of secs.. i was supriised to see how short he was.. im 6'2''
anon said on 15/Jul/06
met eddie at the 1st tibetan freedom concert. i am 5'8 and he was a few inches shorter than me...and i slouch. 5'5" max.
FreakScener said on 5/Jul/06
I met Eddie like 2 years ago and I'm 5'5 and my friend is 5'7, he was the same height as my freind, therefore, 5'7 :D
_claudio_25 said on 29/Jun/06
I met eddie las november 27 in Ezeiza airport (buenos aires, argentina) and he was nice and like mimsy says " down to the earth"'s was so gently. well, I'am 5,6 and def. 5,7
evie said on 4/Jun/06
I was quite close to him at Lollapalooza in 92 after crowd surfing and being lifted to the stage and he looked about 5'6" to 5'8". I just saw them in concert the other night. I had pretty good seats and I would say about 5'7" to 5'8". I have a slim guy friend who is 5'5" and I see the diff in height so I would say he probably not under 5'7" and not past 5'8". Probably 5'7".
mimsy said on 30/May/06
i met eddie last thursday night....i always thought he was 5'6 but had on platforms he was definatly 5'7...he was so nice and down to earth , he came to an after party in cambridge after jammin a few tunes with theo epstien at our local bar....eddie is jesus...not that he is god...hes is just kind and sweet and such a spiritual vibe and effected everyone around so still feeling great from being aruond him....
Gigantism C said on 11/May/06
Yeah. Frankly I was disappointed that celebheights marks Robert Plant at 5'11'', but I think this is right. He may push 5'8''. I like to think he is taller than Tom Cruise, but he has never looked tall or large to me. He's broad though in his shoulders and his voice is big. f***in great band!
Ro said on 25/Apr/06
I saw Eddie Vedder at an Izumi records party and I was shorter than him, and I am 5'6 about right. still a legend, also liam finn was there he is pretty short
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/06
Saw him at an SNL party....def. 5'7
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
which book is that? I am more and more confident that hes around 170 cm. Ive seen some concert photos, and hes a bit shorter than the other guys in the band. (except mccready)
cendrin rovini said on 17/Mar/06
...i don't think he looks tall, got a book bout this band and he looks like 165cm to me...
trueheight said on 13/Mar/06
No this is might accurate, though I'd say 5'8 even. Watch 'singles' in which eddie is in his surf cargo shorts, he looks quite average, if not below
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/06
Just checked with tha fan forum.....and I suppose the fans will know. They all said 5.7, maybe even smaller. so I guess its hes true height. even though he looks taller
iris said on 3/Feb/06
SHOCK....this guy looks taller by far... I had him at 5´11 or 6´0! I agree with Anonymous: he must be taller...!
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/06
he must be taller.....!
Mike said on 19/Oct/05
Met him in '92 at Lollapalooza. I'm 6'0 and was shocked at how I dwarfed him. 5'6... 5'7 tops.
Tuan said on 2/Oct/05
Remember that leaner looking guys can appear slightly taller.
Timbo said on 2/Oct/05
Being from Seattle. I've met him on several occasions. He's 5'5.5".
McFan said on 14/Sep/05
He's taller than Daltrey by an inch in "Isle of Wight." It's difficult to peg this guy down to height, but 5'7 is close even though his posture can make him look much smaller.
absolution said on 28/Aug/05
no.. really?
everyone who is talented and get famous is shorter than seems on photos and tv...
poeple would never say he´s 5ft7.
big surprise for me.
anyway, where did you see that he´s 5ft7?

CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup: "I [5ft 3] also met Eddie Vedder at the same show, and can testify that he's about 5'5""

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