How tall is Elliot Page

Elliot Page's Height

5ft ½ in (153.7 cm)

Canadian actor, best known for roles in movies like Inception, Juno, Super, Whip It, Hard Candy, X-Men: The Last Stand and for TV series The Umbrella Academy. On Elliot's agency, they listed stats as: "Height: 5ft 2, Weight 105 pounds."

How tall is Elliot Page
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Playing Kitty Pride was awesome because I’m five foot one and I got to be a superhero and portray this young, very intelligent woman, and that’s kind of cool.
-- Uncut

How tall is Elliot Page
Marion Cotillard, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen
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Average Guess (49 Votes)
5ft 0.15in (152.8cm)
Steven Universe said on 20/Apr/24
@Jackie Lee
You're making it seem like Southeast Asians are all dwarves when they're really not. Unless your 4'11 friend met a lot of old Southeast Asian men with hunched backs, I find it hard to believe she's the same height as many men there when the average male height in Indonesia and Philippines is 165cm, 162cm respectively.

Youngsters there, like many other Asian youth are getting taller as well, catching up to the West in height. I'm a caucasian man of a respectable height of 1.84m or 6'0.6, and when I went to Indonesia with my friends (+- 5cm from my height) for a Uni exchange program, where we hung around a lot with the younger generations, we didn't exactly tower over them.
Ashen said on 28/Aug/23
@Miss Sandy Cowell, not sure if you know this yet but: HIS name is Elliot Page, he came out in 2020. and I think he and everyone else would love you to address him accordingly from now on :)
Jackie Lee said on 18/Nov/22
@Nik Ashton
Do you live in Asia? Especially southeast Asia because that's where the shortest Asians are. My friend is only 4'11 and she towered over some women in the Philippines and Indonesia! Many men were about her height or even shorter too 😢
Nik Ashton said on 17/Nov/22
@ Sandy Cowell - Round where I live I see guys who are 5’0” and under and this is cool.
Sandy C said on 25/Jul/22
I have yet to see 5ft1 guys round my way, Nik! I’d never forget it! I’ve seen two of 5ft4 - 4.5 in years.
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jul/22
@ Arch Stanton - There’s more than most people think, in every town there will be quite a few guys who are 5’1” or under.

Elliot is cool as Elliot and he was cool as Ellen, I know you agree.
Sandy C said on 24/Jul/22
As Ellen, Elliot was unbelievably cute. As Elliot, he still is!

5ft0.75. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸΌ
Chaoscontrol. said on 12/Dec/21
He looked tiny in the X-Men films back when he was a woman. I wonder if transitioning affected his height at all
Jean J. said on 10/Apr/21
Rob, how tall do you think T.J. McGibbon is ? She played the young version of his character in The Umbrella Academy, I’ve seen some of her recent photos and by the looks she seems to be taller than Elliot by now.

Click Here
Editor Rob
harder to tell as she has grew a bit by 15 now.

What I can tell you is that her online resume currently has her as 5ft 4 and 115 pounds.
Incognito324 said on 26/Mar/21
In beyond two souls i thought he was taller.
Nik J Ashton said on 4/Dec/20
@ vastlybetter566 - There are plenty of guys in the world shorter than him and this is cool.
Vat said on 2/Dec/20
He is 154cm...
Arch Stanton said on 2/Dec/20
"He/they" is very small, barely over 5ft. Hope I got the pronouns right! Not many adult men under 5'1. One of the best post 2000 performances in Juno! You can kind of see a little Johnny Depp/Woody Allen/Ben Shapiro in him, I can genuniely see it a bit, the important thing is they are who they are and make no excuses for it!!
vastlybetter566 said on 2/Dec/20
Now one of the shortest male celebrities on this site.
Jack182cm said on 2/Dec/20
5ft seems about right, quite a short man.
Allie said on 1/Dec/20
Just heard the news that Ellen is now known as "Elliot Page".

I'd say 154cm seems right for him.
FiveEightJake said on 1/Dec/20
Rob, Ellen has officially come out as trans, could you please update his new name to Elliot Page, sincerely the PC brigade ;)

All jokes aside always liked this person, wish them all the best and hope they find happiness πŸ™‚
Kalind said on 1/Dec/20
Page came out as transgender/non-binary and now identifies as Elliot Page.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Feb/20
πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’ Happy Birthday Ellen! πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ

Hey, it's Birthday time for Ellen Page again, and this time, the dear little lady is turning all the threes, 3️⃣3️⃣, so 🎈 Many Happy Returns 🎈 to her! XXX

5ft1. πŸ‘©πŸŽπŸ˜πŸ‘

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/19
@ Gladstone - I feel a whole lot better now! XX πŸ˜‰
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jun/19
@ Gladstone - Are you being funny? That's ELAINE Page! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Granted, though, they're both small. Check out Ellen's 'Hard Candy'!

Sandy Cowell said on 21/Feb/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Ellen! πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚

Have a very Happy Birthday Ellen Page, actress of distinction.

Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
She's 5'1", a small lady. Ellen Page is 5'1" maximum.
Nik said on 5/Jan/18
@ Sandy Cowell

That's a really nice comment mate! Ellen really is a sweet girl and did you know that she enjoys surfing near where she lives in Los Angeles. i give Ellen 5'0.5" as a compromise between you and Rob, I can't say fairer than that!

I posted some comments on the General Heiight page a few days ago!

Jane Doe said on 26/Dec/17
I have several friends who measure 5’1” or so and don’t seem disproportionately small like Ellen. I also have a friend who is 4’10” and she is TINY! Ellen strikes me like that. 4’11” guess as that is the lowest option available!!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jan/17
Ah, bless! She looks like a sweet little girl in this photo! Love her! πŸ‡πŸ’–πŸ°
(5ft on the dot).
Aaron said on 24/Jan/17
Looks 5 foot flat
6'7'' said on 19/Jan/17
Well she is very tiny probably around 5'0''.She is like 7 inches below by shoulder level.
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 14/Jan/17
Now way she is 5'1''.Definitely below 5'0''.She looks so tiny despite wearing heels.
Giorgi said on 3/Dec/16
Man, she looks really short. 155 cm isn't very short for a woman. I think she is shorter. Leo must be six feet in shoes here and a bit loose as well, so I guess he has about 22-24 cm over her. Also, it's hard to tell but she must be wearing at least 10 cm heels so my calculation puts her down to 151-152 cm range at best.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Oct/16
I find it hard to believe Ellen Page is even 5ft1, but who cares? She's brilliant!
I found her 'Juno' character irresistible and almost as funny as 'the Crimson Bolt' in 'Super', but what really threw me was her portrayal of a 14-year-old vengeful genius in the film 'Hard Candy'. It was perhaps, all the more shocking because she's so small, yet Patrick Wilson's character was out-witted by Ellen's at every opportunity! This made for compelling viewing and, coupled with 'Juno', turned me into an avid admirer of hers!
Sean73 said on 10/Jun/16
My guess is five foot flat and 96lbs. I've seen stills of her standing next to 62" Kate Mara, and Page appears to be 2" inches shorter. It's from a two minute parody of True Detectives called, Tiny Detectives.
el said on 4/Apr/16
i'm guessing she's under 150cm or exactly 150cm. vanessa hudgens is 155cm and she still looks her age, while ellen appears like a 12 year old. idk tho
Nev said on 27/Feb/16
In the movie Juno Ellen appeared 2 inches shorter than 5'3 Olivia Thirlby and around 7 inches shorter than 5'8 Jennifer Garner. Many people have commented that Ellen is too short but she can always increase her height with heels, but a tall woman cannot reduce her height. I am sure in Hollywood most men prefer to work with shorter women as it makes them look much larger on screen. Anyway regardless of her height, Ellen makes up for size with her talents as an actress.
Sam said on 12/Nov/15
Seemed like she struggled to be in the same frame at times with Rainn Wilson in Super. Her character is pretty unsettling in her sexuality toward the lead, she's pretty but her size & build suggest a much younger girl, so you don't want to see her acting like that!
Bird said on 19/Jan/15
She lookes even smaller because she is so thin. Also, I'm 5' or 154cm and I can tell you being this short in a western country of tall people is incredibly inconvenient. Everything is too big. Not just in height but in scale. I hate complaining about something like this but on a personal lever it is very difficult. You are rarely taken seriously because you look like a child. Imagine that..
Arch Stanton said on 6/Oct/14
Looks 5' flat in Juno.
blue said on 3/Oct/14
Hi rob, how much do you think she weight on the photo above?
105 lbs for 5ft1?
Editor Rob
barely 100 pounds
AnaS said on 14/Aug/14
I meant watched, not saw. Lost in translation...
AnaS said on 14/Aug/14
I saw Juno a few days ago. I thought that Michael Cera was at least a 6 footer and I am quite surprised too see that he's listed at only 5'8.5". I think that he height difference was higher han that. She looks so tiny, I would say that she's 5'0" max and Cera is probably a tiny bit taller. Just my opiniΓ³n.
deadhead said on 6/Jun/14
Woman on this website are soooo shallow lol. how have to be a certain height in order to get your approval. silly woman.
jj said on 8/May/14
She is shorter like 4'10
K said on 17/Feb/14
Editor Rob is very good at guessing heights but I wouldn't be surprised if she's 4'11 to 5'.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Feb/14
Yeah what I guessed, in fact I could buy 5'0 range too, make Di Caprio look a six footer in Inception.
Randomgirl said on 14/Oct/13
It's funny because people say I look so much like her and I carry myself like her too, yet I am between 5'5 and 5'6. She looks 5'0 to 5'1 I don't think shorter than that.
cassieQ said on 27/Sep/13
I think she's under 150cm
Tordis said on 20/Aug/13
@paciugo: It often has to do with proportions. Women with shorter limbs, shorter fingers, bigger head (cute proportions) often appear petite or at least shorter at first sight. They don't necessarily need to be petite by height. (Very) curvy women often get their curves noticed before their height, so they often appear not so petite than they are. Sometimes being very skinny also lets a woman look taller (especially if she has long arms and legs), but mostly it adds to the petite look.
I'm 5 ft 2 btw and I love being tiny, although finding clothes can sometimes be a little tough because although I'm slender, I'm curvy. Ellen Page has a more boyish figure, maybe she finds it easier.
K said on 31/May/13
I'm 5'3" and I find my height to be inconvenient! I think the world is made for taller people, at least where I am from, the U.S. People comment how short I am all the time even though I'm an inch below average. I can't imagine being shorter. Being too tall would also be convenient. I wouldn't want to be a woman and over 5'8" personally.... 5'6" would be nice
little sue said on 30/May/13
Why inconvienient?? its only 3 inches below average height as opposed to yourself being 6 inches. At least she has material to cut off trousers, I see that many tall women wearing trousers flapping round their ankles because their legs are that long
Ariel said on 28/May/13
Wow, I could not imagine being that height. I am 5'10, my brother is 6'5, my boyfriend is 6'6, and my uncle is 6'9. Don't get me wrong, she is as cute as anything, but still 5'1 must get inconvenient ...
Rich said on 23/Mar/13
Height does not matter at all unless the guy is incredibly insecure.
Alexandra said on 7/Mar/13
@angar: Are you in giants school? :)) 5'10" for a woman is too much, unless she's like a supermodel. And you're 6'4'? Geez :)) 5'6'' is perfect for a woman! I am 5'3'''and a bit on the short side, but then again I don't like my men to be taller than 5'11''max!
paciugo said on 24/Feb/13
there's a picture of her standing next to Drew Barrymore, same level on the ground, same posture, same footwear and they look the same height. but on the red carpet with heels Barrymore looks taller than her. how is that possible? higher shoes?
angar said on 25/Jan/13
@Kitty Kate
are you in The Smurfs school?
how is 5'6'' tall and how are all the guys at your scholl shorter?
i am 21 and 6'4'' and my gfriend is 5'10''
i guess you must be under 13
Sam said on 23/Jan/13
Unsurprisingly, she looks roughly child-sized next to Alexander Skarsgard:
Click Here
Danny said on 2/Jan/13
She is 5'0 and not a centimeter over that. Marion is wearing 3 1/2 inch heels and appears about 2 inches shorter than the 5'11 which would make her actual height 5'6. DiCaprio. Ellen is wearing 3 1/2 inch heels and appears about 8-9 inches shorter that Leo which would out her at 5'2-5'3 with the heels on. That means she is 5'0 at best, more likely just 4'11.
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
She is tiny. I think she was shorter than drew barrymore. 5 foot.
Sam said on 29/Dec/11
I think Rob's listing is roughly accurate. There's no way she's over 5'1" and was towered over by Anna Paquin, who is not tall
laudanum said on 11/Dec/11
I'm 5'4 and I love it. I was called all sorts of names because of my height - and I'm not even that small :/ I used to hate being petite but I don't anymore. Tall or short - why does it matter? WE DID NOT CHOOSE TO LOOK THE WAY WE DO!
toby said on 26/Nov/11
lord almighty shes small, thought she was 5'2
luigi said on 19/Nov/11
@Saskia Milana ok we agree.but tall is nice also
Saskia Milana said on 9/Nov/11
5'1 is exactly my height, and to put it frankly, short and simple. It ****ing rules being petite, anyone agree?? I think Ellen Page is an amazing young actress, I have worked with her before and she is super talented. She has a good body and is not afraid of what others think. I weigh about 45kgs and am 5'1, honestly there is nothing wrong with being short. Who else agrees with me? X
Milena said on 21/Sep/11
She's got my same height, i met her this august 2011, so she's 1.55m (5.1 i think...), i love her, she's an amazing and talented actress, nobody should care about heights anyway when talking about talented actress like her ad talents in general!
emina said on 4/Sep/11
@dear rob,forum rules are that rude or harsh comments should be deleted etc.
please be fair and delete @Flip comment please.this side has never been friendly with tall women,but this is way too ridiculous.i know plenty of gyus who would like tall monsters like perta nemkova-adriana lima-ana ivanovic-mandy moore-stacy keilber-charlize theron
Flipisdumb said on 31/Jul/11
Height should not be a primary concern for anyone, personality should. (@Flip)
004 said on 13/Jun/11
Monica, what the hell are we supposed to talk about on a page called In fact, what are you doing here?
human said on 8/Mar/11
Uh, athletic build? Since when? Last I checked she was skin and bones. I guess you haven't seen all her films..
tall N proud said on 22/Feb/11
I would say 5'-5'1" is pretty accurate. She definitely is small, with an athletic build. Gorgeous though.

I have to say though, I've been reading back on previous comments on this page. And honestly, after the age of 15 who cares about heights. I'm a 5'10" woman and I'm proud to be tall & leggy. I've had insecurities about it (especially seeing as my best friend is just on 5'3") but life goes on.

There are far more important things for me to worry about than my height. And I don't need some 6'5" guy to make me feel feminine.... as a matter of fact I haven't dated a guy over 6'1". I have also dated women and they have been anywhere from 4'11" to 5'8".

So to REALITY CHECK, I think it's about time you got a reality check and realised that beautiful women come in ALL shapes and sizes, and plenty of us aren't nearly as shallow as you!
hey i know that guy said on 4/Feb/11
i don't think she is over 5 foot flat. she is really tiny, i bet she weighs 90 pounds. and she has no hips, no curves, she basically has the body of a 12 year old. it's a little strange to be honest but hey, nothing wrong with that it's part of her uniqueness. she is still quite attractive and charismatic. not to mention very intelligent and talented.
LouieGM said on 3/Feb/11
She does look really tiny next to 6'2 Rainn Wilson.
alex said on 31/Dec/10
She's same height as my friend and my friend is 5'2 1/2. She's basically normal height. She just looks tiny because shes got a small build. Very pretty woman.
8 said on 29/Dec/10
I agree with this height she always looks very short. I think in general a woman's height shouldnt be a huge problem. My gf and i are both the same height (5'9) and it works out great. I've also been with a girl who's 4'10 and it was great as well. Height is definitely not the most important thing in a woman.
PB said on 22/Dec/10
my last girlfriend was 5'0. my girlfriend who i have now been dating for three years 5 months is 5'11. i have no preferences. it's what's inside that counts :)
Marie said on 2/Nov/10
no ones talking about ellen page.. anyways, id say shes 5ft the most. she looks really short like consider 5'1 girls like vanessa hudgens and you could tell vanessa doesnt look thaat short. and reality check is mean, i know both short girls who are super hot and tall girls that are hot.
5 11 girl said on 2/Nov/10
I don't mean to be rude but all of yous who say men prefer petite (or in english, SMALL girls) are completely ridiculous! Seriously,I am loads taller than my mates and bullies call me 'Lanky.' See, kids will always find something horrible to say about you even if you were the most beautiful person in the world. But am I really going to listen to them and all you people who are posting comments making out being tall's bad and that men don't like them?? I don't think so! Nice people I've met take one look at me and say 'career as a model, definitely.' I'm not being big-headed, everyone has good things about themselves. Can you not say anything good about yourself without being 'big-headed?' I don't know if you're all Christians but I am and God gave us bodies with the height we will grow to, some will be tall, some short but it's about PERSONALITY. Girls, do not listen to boys who say 'Oh my perfect girl HAS to be blonde AND 5 ft 9' No no no NO you boys won't get very far in the world with your love lives if you decide what your girlfriend has to look like. How you treat others will last for ever and that cannot be taken away from you. i cannot undestand how a 6 2 man would date a 4 9 girl.are you looking for a women or a daughter???
i prefer 100000 times a 5 8 tall man but MAN than a 6 5 kid who is looking for a daughter
ol these pple saying that tall men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.My man likes that m tall more than anything, he sed it was my height that captured his attention firstly (he is tall and m tall),His friends or teammates (plays basketball) ol date women generally tall women. I hav always attracted tall men (short men as well).ol my ex bf are tall. m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE GO FOR PEOPLE THAT 'DO IT' FOR THEM.COULD BE TALL OR SHORT.
so please lets not start a 'tall v short' war because god is not a fool to have made people in different heights.
6 4 guy said on 31/Oct/10
Reality check is Annoying as crapp and i would kill to date a 5 10 or 5 11 girl
i am sure Reality check is Annoying as crapp is a 4 10 girl
hey ;) said on 26/Jun/09
she says herself that she is 5ft 1 :)
JD said on 23/Apr/09
I'd say 5'1.5, she looks a bit short but it could be because she's not trying to look tall like everyone else.
and eb, think about how silly that comment is. there are literally trillions of web pages, you can probably find one that isn't about height discussion if you find it so annoying.
Ellen said on 8/Feb/09
I saw her today at the mall.
She's very very tiny and pretty short, about 5'1 and like 95lbs
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
I'd like to see her stand next to Rachel Bilson. Wonder who is taller...
phitcha said on 30/Sep/08
im 5 ft 1 and 92.5 pounds,
everyone thinks im some kind of dwarf
Rezzonico said on 12/Sep/08
she looks more in the 5 ft. range, about the same height of Christina Ricci. I can see also a close physical resemblance with Christina, similar infantile facial features. she seems nonetheless an interesting actress quite distant from Hollywood mainstream.
Yaspaa said on 21/Jul/08
She's in flats but is SOOO not 5'3
anon said on 5/Jul/08
shes about 5'3 actually... in meeting her she was the same height as me and im 5'3...
Zee said on 17/Jun/08
on this site it says that Drew Barrymore is 5'4'' and here are two pictures where Ellen looks the same height as Drew:

Click Here
Click Here

Ellen is wearing converse, if Drew is wearing heels than Ellen should be taller than 5'4''
Missy said on 25/May/08
That sounds about right - looked about 5 feet in X-Men.
Jane said on 16/May/08
I would give her 5 ft 1. Just because you weigh 105 over 5 feet doesn't mean you would be anorexic looking. 5 ft 1 is tiny even to someone who's not even 5 feet tall. She is skinny though, but no more than 5 ft one.
Jess said on 4/May/08
im 5 feet and 110 pounds.. i dont think that's fat but there are people on here saying their 5'2 100 pounds lol.. am i fat or is that normal?
Lebensdorf said on 23/Apr/08
Really, I think she is no more than 4'11.75'' - 5'0'' even. No more.

Come on, she looks positively minuscule.
July Adele said on 17/Apr/08
I'm 5'2" and 96lbs. So I don't think that's rubbish at all. She's probably tinier than that. She seems to be much tinier than me.
anonymous said on 27/Mar/08
shes 5'1, it said on Ok! magazine
Jacky said on 23/Mar/08
I just watched her in Juno. I'm exactly 5'1" and always like to find actresses who are exactly my height because they always look so much taller on screen. Buy I am pretty sure she's less that 5'1". I'd say 5ft at the most, maybe shorter. I think she's adorable.
mary said on 14/Mar/08
well, i'm 5'6 and 130. :D my hubby is 5'11 and 200. in 'hard candy' and in the premiere pix, she looks like she's 12 or 13! but is 16 or 17.

btw, i have hair like she had in that film, so she looks like my younder near-clone. ^^
Jenn said on 1/Mar/08
Uh, I'm 22, 4'10 and about 106 lbs...and I am tiny (size 0 to size 2). It depends on how you wear your weight.
Astrid said on 26/Feb/08
Well there's your proof; straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. Maybe a 5'1" upgrade is in order.

Editor Rob
I've encoutered at least 7 celebrity women in person who have stated their height and I know they were rounding up. I think a lot of smaller women might just round up a little.
Editor Rob said on 15/Feb/08
Ellen herself said, described in mirror paper: "It was lot of fun being a 5ft 1 in superhero"
Astrid said on 7/Feb/08
I've read a lot of articles and interviews with her lately, and I keep seeing her described as "just over 5ft" or "5'1".

Except for in this article: Click Here
"Most film stars are smaller than you imagine them to be, but Page really is tiny - under 5ft, and although now nearly 21, she is still very young looking, with big brown eyes, an enormous smile, very even teeth and a button nose."

After seeing maybe a dozen 5'1" predictions out there, I think Celebheight's current estimate is pretty accurate.
shanie said on 23/Jan/08
i am 5"1 - 5"1 and i weigh 110lbs you can see she's tiny, i think she just looks under 5ft because she's got such a tiny frame, lucky girl...who cares anyway?
xox said on 22/Jan/08
yeah she seems so little next to michael cera. yeah 5' to 5'1 seems right
Blah said on 18/Jan/08
Dear, Cliff. :P
I'm 5'0" and weigh 100lbs, and have a little extra baggage. 105lbs is very reasonable, so I doubt she's lying about that.
Real said on 16/Jan/08
I guess shorter women claiming 5'2 is kind of like shorter men claiming 5'7.
But yeah, I just watched Juno and she can't be much more than 5'. There are several scenes with her walking down the hallway and everyone towers over her.
Sonnydalrite said on 28/Dec/07
She is so short! Im 5 yrs younger than her and I've already passed her up. But she's an amazing actress and one of my all time heroes.
Alrighty Then said on 9/Nov/07
Ah in response to "Ellen says on 24/Dec/06" specifically said "I actually am 5ft2 and 105lbs, but people tell me all the time they think I'm under 5 ft." You kept referring to yourself, yet on your "Ellen says on 31/Dec/06" response you said you are not Ellen Page. If your not her then why the hell would u originally post what your height is with a username of Ellen...stop smokin crack
Gazel said on 31/Dec/06
hehe, well no harm done. It was a bit confusing, I mean by the fact that you described your height and weight as listed above. But back to the topic, I guess, they think of Ellen (the other one) short 'cause she usually doesn't wear high heels or shoes that will increase her height and is often photographed or filmed from angles that further make people believe shes small.
Ellen said on 31/Dec/06
Ha ha... No, this isn't Ellen Page. I am an actress, but not Ellen Page. I didn't even think that might be confusing.
Gazel said on 28/Dec/06
Can I understand that the last post was written by Ellen Page herself? I think it's the first time an actor has commented on their height here, but then again I only come to this site once in a while. Anyways, I really don't pay that much attention to her height as I do her performances on the movies she's done, which I think it's very good, she's a great actress.
Ellen said on 24/Dec/06
Hmmm.... I actually am 5ft2 and 105lbs, but people tell me all the time they think I'm under 5 ft. I think when someone's under 5ft4 or 5 and they're very thin/flat chested everyone's minds just think they're shorter or something because I know my exact height and agents absolutely do not list the wrong height on anything related to the agency because it is bad marketing and clients will refuse to work with someone who lies about their clients.
Cliff said on 22/Sep/06
I agree Rob.

She barely passes Anna Paquin's shoulders. 5ft2 is impossible. I always find it funny how most women uner 5ft2 always claim they're this height. I worked with a girl who was clearly 4ft10/4ft11, yet she always insisted she was 5ft2. Ellen's weight listing is also dubious - even at 5ft2.
anon said on 13/Jun/06
I agree. She's absolutely Tiny.

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