How tall is Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland's Height

6ft 4 ¾ (194.9 cm)

Norwegian professional footballer, who plays for Borussia Dortmund. He said when he was at Molde he started at "187 (cm) tall and I think 73 kilos or something. I left like 193 or something and almost 20 kilos up." In 2022 he was measured 195.2cm at Man City.

How tall is Erling Haaland
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Average Guess (146 Votes)
6ft 4.77in (195cm)
185.4cm Elais said on 16/Sep/23
Niklas Süle or Tyrone Mings height? Was thinking both dont appear under 6'4 1/2 imo I'd say both in the 194-195 zone, Mings gave a 6'4 3/4 impression. Almost 6'5.
185.4cm Elais said on 16/Sep/23
My guess he is on par with Zlatan. Haaland also has a bad posture on the pitch, can make him look slightly shorter. Both around 6'4 1/2 midday-afternoon. I'd put Van Dijk around there too.
JackSentinel01225 said on 7/Sep/23
1.95M, just under 6'5 he's a late bloomer
Rory said on 4/Sep/23
I'm not seeing Haaland near 6ft5 in this video with guys like Ramsdale,Stones and Odegaard. Looks more solid 6ft4 zone, which is the confusing thing because to me he doesn't look tall enough to get a 195.2 measurement barefoot, always looks a 193-4 type guy imo. I'd go 6ft4.5 for Haaland personally.

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Ben - 186cm said on 28/Aug/23

He clearly has Logan by at least a solid couple inches, he’s just way closer to the camera in the photos available Click Here
DOOM said on 26/Aug/23
Just saw him next to 6ft 2 Logan Paul. Haaland no more than 6ft 3.
stiggles said on 3/Jun/23
This fella is never any taller than 6ft 3 .. there are untold pics on the internet of himself with 5ft 10.5 Pep Guardiola. Haaland is never more than 3.5 - 4 inches taller in any of the pics.
so don't believe the the hype ..
oren metser said on 20/May/23
Just over 1.95m morning to midday
1.945m midday to afternoon
1.94m afternoon to evening
1.935m/1.93m - lowest he'd shrink to , depending on the intensity of physical activity. Seems about right the current listing on
pov said on 18/May/23
I’m not surprised why people are guessing him lower than he actually is. Haaland goes to show you how low’s need to be taken into account when assessing athletes heights, he was measured 195cm by man city (I saw the video, was legit) probably a morning measurement. So we can safely say he’s most likely around 194cm around afternoon time… yet on BT sport in post match interviews he’s at his absolute low at 193cm, that with his poor posture can make him look 192cm even, he looks barely taller than Ferdinand. So people this is why people assume as low as 6”4 flat and even 6”3.5. Same goes for Ronaldo, people guess him as 185cm, which is his absolute low, he’s 186cm mid day with moderate movement.

As for Haaland - He’s a legit 6”4. 194cm mid day.
joe### said on 14/May/23
6'4 flat
pov said on 20/Apr/23
It would be interesting to see him standing next to Ibra. I reckon Haaland slightly edges him by milimiters. Both are very strong 6”4’s
Nik Ashton said on 25/Mar/23
His brother and his sister are both really tall!
RoR said on 23/Mar/23
@orijinal haaland growed 1.95
Arch Stanton said on 22/Mar/23
I didn't think he looked near a big 6 ft 5 standing with Thierry and Carragher the other night. But he was slouching and further away from the camera.
Original said on 21/Mar/23
Looked 2-3cm shorter than Niklas Sule who is 196cm imo.

I think he 193-194cm then. 6'4.25" is my guess.
stiggles said on 18/Mar/23
Haaland is no taller than 6ft 3.. he always looks just about 5 inches taller than
5ft 10 Kevin De Bruyne.
Rory said on 18/Mar/23
When he was interviewed next to Ferdinand and Humphrys on BT he looked more solid 6ft4 than weak 6ft5 compared with those two, but, it was after the match so he was at his lowest. I still feel 6ft4.5 could be closer though.
RoR said on 10/Mar/23
@stiggles 1.95
stiggles said on 7/Mar/23
Haaland is 6ft 3.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/23
Rob, how tall do you think his dad is?

I've seen 6ft1 listed and it seems legit from the few photos I've seen of him with Erling
Editor Rob
He could be near it.
SoS said on 7/Jan/23
Come on
1.95 guy
Cold Water said on 6/Jan/23
193 cm
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Jan/23
@Cold Water

Because he’s clearly a 6’5 guy.
Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
194-195cm he looks the same height just my friend. I think he’s 194-195cm depending of the day
SoS said on 13/Dec/22
1.95 man. what did you exaggerate
Cold Water said on 4/Dec/22
Pique measured 194.9 cm and he listed 193 cm in this web

Haaland measured 195.2 cm and he listed 194.9 cm in this web

Why Haaland listed 194.9 cm

I think 193.3 cm


Pique 194.9 and 193
Haaland 195.2 and 193.3
Emil said on 19/Nov/22
Crister rolando suwi said on 15/Nov/22
1.84? McTominay?


No lol. I was responding to 184guy2.

I said "McTominay is listed at 6'4..." haha
Crister rolando suwi said on 15/Nov/22
1.84? McTominay?
Emil said on 13/Nov/22

McTominay is listed at 6'4 so that's only 0.75 inches which I believe is true
Crister rolando suwi said on 17/Oct/22
camera angles vary
Haaland tilts his body forward there were times in yesterday's game where he stood up straight and stood very tall
184guy2 said on 15/Oct/22
This listing is way off
There's no way Haaland has 2 inches on McTominay
Unfortunely Rob won't downgrade him dispite the solid evidence
Crister rolando suwi said on 15/Oct/22

Mind Games mind games
184guy2 said on 14/Oct/22
Still don't think he is over 6'4 flat
How can he be listed almost 2in taller than McTominay ?? It's insane
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Crister rolando suwi said on 12/Oct/22
Taller than van dijk
IceCold1 said on 11/Oct/22
Suprised he measured 195. Thought he wasn't over 6'4 flat and doesn't look taller than VVD
Canson said on 11/Oct/22
Agree with eat sleep work hard
Crister rolando suwi said on 10/Oct/22
festus said on 8/Oct/22
He looks over 6’4 but not quite 195. Dont know how he managed to measure that tall
Eat Sleep Work Hard said on 3/Oct/22
Morning 196.2
Night 194.4
Coldice said on 30/Sep/22
195.2 cm - Morning
193.3 cm - Night
Eric W Tam said on 25/Sep/22
seems like everybody including Wiki thinks he's 6'5 now.
Maahin Chowdhury said on 17/Sep/22
Rob, do you think he’s slightly over 6’5 in the morning like 6’5 1/8? I’m guessing that he got measured in the afternoon so he should be around that in the morning. He’s probably 6’4 1/2 in the evening.
Editor Rob
It's likely out of bed he's 6ft 5 and a fraction
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/22
Erling is at least 26 cm taller than Messi and about 20 cm above average! He could regularly score two or three goals in a match!


Here’s to his 90th comment (that’s 30 hat-tricks)!
Andrey200 said on 29/Aug/22
194 range is a better listing I think
Eat Sleep Work Hard said on 28/Aug/22
It was noon during Erling's height measurement.
He said he went to the club kitchen and didn't have breakfast
Coldice said on 26/Aug/22
Morning height- 195.2 cm

Night height- 193.3
Erim said on 24/Aug/22
Haaland was measured when he was just transferred to Manchester City and they announced his height is 195.2.
Okidoki said on 16/Aug/22
I also am not sure he is taller than Van Dijk either. Doesn't look taller in pictures either.
Okidoki said on 16/Aug/22
Are you sure he's taller than Zlatan even now, Rob?
Editor Rob
Maybe, but also they could well be so close it's hard to spot the difference.
siuuu said on 14/Aug/22
If city measured him at 195.2 after being out of bed for at least a few hours then he’s 195 minimum
Rory said on 11/Aug/22
Yh I'm struggling to see him this tall. With Jack Grealish after the City-West Ham game he only looked 4-5 inches taller and Grealish is 5ft11 if he's lucky. I think 195.2 could be 2 hrs out of bed range, I'd give him 6ft4.5,same as Ibra.
Imjnz795 said on 7/Aug/22
Hey Rob. Would 196.2 be Haaland’s morning height and 193.7 be his low at bedtime?
Editor Rob
He could still fall to that 193.5-4 range by evening.
Gladstone Screwer said on 7/Aug/22
Just watching him at West Ham, he looks extremely tall. At his Man City medical, he was 195.2cm, which I think is 6’5” ?

Looks a top player.
Eat Sleep Work Hard said on 5/Aug/22
Kostj said on 2/Aug/22
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Haaland looks shorter than Matip
185.4cm said on 1/Aug/22
@Original138 In that 2nd photo they are literally like height twins.
Original138 said on 31/Jul/22
Him and Van Dijk appear quite close in height, im not really convinced he's taller.

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Eat Sleep Streak said on 31/Jul/22
Haaland has lost weight, he doesn't look as big as he used to
Kostj said on 29/Jul/22
Jdubbz and pique also measured 6'4 3/4" (194.9 cm) and 194.5 cm, but he's definitely not that tall, and if haaland was really 6'4.75" Van dijk was easily a full 6'5" and Dan-Axel Zagadou is at least 6'6"
Jdubbz said on 28/Jul/22
@Younes he was measured professionally at 6’4 3/4”, so definitely more than just 1.93m.
Younes 6'2"1/8 said on 24/Jul/22
1.93 m, 6 foot 4 inches no more no less
Original said on 23/Jul/22
Sule is taller than him if I remember well. Sule must be around 6'6 then if Haaland is 6'4.75.
Kdnsk said on 9/Jul/22
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jul/22
It’s so interesting that Erling was surprised by the measurement at his Manchester City medical, he must have been measured erling in the morning! He was born in Leeds and he supports Leeds, his Dad Alf-Inge Haaland played for Leeds too!
Matt99 said on 5/Jul/22
Rob Kalvin Philips measured 179cm at his Man City medical and the guy pushed it down but I don’t think it was ALL the way down as his hair was in the way, I can buy 5’9.5-10 for Philips.
Editor Rob
Busting a gut looked to give a fraction extra, raised eyelevel maybe 1/8th, question is was it flattening his hair?
Harder to tell the last part, but 179 is a slightly generous measurement.
Eat Sleep Streak said on 5/Jul/22
Erling Haaland is truly a beast
1.95 cm tall
a burly demolition machine
Being able to run so fast
Being a long range shooter
Andrey200 said on 4/Jul/22
6’4 ½ may well be more accurate, not sure though. Could he hold 6’4 ⅝ - ¾? Maybe he is in the 195 range for a solid part of the day, 194.5 toward his low.
185.4cm said on 3/Jul/22
Zlatan's height twin probably. I'd say 6'4 1/2 (194.3cm) for him in the afternoon, as i'm not sure how early in the day 195.2cm was measured or how long he'd been up out from bed. But he's a solid 6'4 1/2 . What a height for a top top striker.
Ajax 175.6cm said on 30/Jun/22
His head was not in Frankfurt Plane, also we don't know at which time he got measured 195.2cm. Old listing of 6ft 4.25 was much better.
Daniel Lee said on 20/Jun/22
@Rob i thought he is 6'4 flat because he has looked 6'4"-6'4.25" in 2020-2021
Eat Sleep Streak said on 19/Jun/22
6ft5 strong man
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jun/22
Unusual looking lad, like a cross between Peter Schmeicel and Jade Goody. Not much like his dad, except the very blond hair. I read 6 ft 4, taller than I thought.
5'8 boy said on 15/Jun/22
Rob, do you think he grew or just Manchester City got a more accurate measurement?
Editor Rob
At age 20 he might have put on a last cm.
Andrey200 said on 15/Jun/22
Fine listing, he had probably been up for a few hours at the point of measurement, and not right out of bed, had probably walked around a fair bit.
Noam said on 14/Jun/22
To be fair - he was measured in the morning (and not after a flight..).
Parker said on 14/Jun/22
Go to 4 mins on the video to see Haalands suprise at growing another centimeter.
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Parker said on 14/Jun/22
Measured at the Man City medical at 195.2 after a flight from Barcelona, so had been up several hours. He commented that he had grown another cm. Reference inside City on youtube
Harry017 said on 14/Jun/22
Click Here
Erling Haaland 195.2 cm
May 25th, 2022
Age 21 years 11 months
Manchester City body measurments
Wu said on 14/Jun/22
He’s 195.2cm according to doctors stadiometer in the latest Man City Haaland video
Editor Rob
Did he say oh my god as being surprised?
Tea (cold) said on 26/May/22
Haaland taller than zlatan Erling is never 193 cm
Daniel Lee said on 21/May/22
Haaland 193 cm
Virgil VD 194 cm
Zlatan 194.3 cm
OMG moments said on 2/May/22
Most of the time 1.95 6ft5 stopped
Nuts & nut said on 22/Apr/22
Looks like the best strong 194.5 cm
Nuts & nutbutters said on 13/Feb/22
1.94 giant idol
Wehrmacht180 said on 22/Jan/22
193 cm sure
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Nov/21
Ah! He's got Scandinavian colouring and a name to match. 👱‍♂️👌

Erling Haaland gets (WOW!) 6ft4.25. Tall even for his part of the world.
GET wider said on 13/Oct/21
1.93 1.94 ok
recapa said on 13/Sep/21
193-193.5 range is fair for him.
Obsidian 6'2" said on 4/Sep/21
Solid 193cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/21
Solid 6ft4 is likelier than weak
Wickedest96 said on 20/Jun/21
Big dude
Seahawk said on 27/May/21
He's a giant on the field
recapa said on 22/May/21
an example of a super legit 6ft4 person .193-193.5cm before bed and 195.195.5cm out of bed.
6e said on 3/May/21
Hi Rob,Take a look at these photos of Haaland with 5 10 to 5 11 listed Marco Reus.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

How much of a height difference is there between them ?
It looks to be around 4 inches.That puts haaland in the 6 3 range.
Could Haaland only be in the 6 3 range ?
Editor Rob
There's going to be photos he looks 6ft 3-4, but overall around 6ft 4 seems likelier from what I've seen up till now.
Matthew Lean said on 30/Apr/21
Rob can you pls add tyler cameron?
David Donatus said on 23/Apr/21
I think he'd measure as tall as Canson, maybe an 1/8 less which isn't noticeable. Van Dijk should be listed as taller.
5'8 boy said on 21/Apr/21
Rob, how tall would say Bayern player Alphonso Davies is? 5'11"?
Editor Rob
can seem near 180cm
Emperorgram said on 21/Apr/21
For a 6'4 guy he's really fast ⚡⚡⚡
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 20/Apr/21
What a great new listig. I would love to see Haaland next to his idol, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Could be exactly the same height. Considering the fact that Haaland had his spurt late, it's possible that he grew after his measurements at 19-20y, something like 1cm is possible. 194cm is a fair listing.
houss said on 15/Apr/21
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Apr/21
I think a solid 194cm van dijk would minimally edge him out

Good call rob now add lingard and timo Werner
How can someone be interested about lingard's height !
Cj said on 13/Apr/21
In his documentary the coach said he came at 16 and left and 18 and grew 8cm in between that time
RJT said on 13/Apr/21
I was his height or even 1cm taller at flat 6'2 (188cm) when I was 16 or 17 but then only grew tiny bit like 1.5cm or 5/8"after that...

Gene is unfair ain't it
Canson said on 12/Apr/21
Easily 6’4.25”. His proportions can make him look even taller
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Apr/21
And add Emile Heskey and adibayo akinfenwa
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Apr/21
I think a solid 194cm van dijk would minimally edge him out

Good call rob now add lingard and timo Werner
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 9/Apr/21
193 cm max
176.5 said on 9/Apr/21
@Bang8501 Zagadou looks exactly 4cm taller in all photos. 6'3 3/4 may be more suitable for Haaland
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Apr/21
Haaland is 6’4” flat at worst, not under.
Dark said on 6/Apr/21
Rob do you have any idea about Marco verratti, I think he is 167 to 168?
Editor Rob
he can look roughly that zone
ajax509 said on 6/Apr/21
@Myself impressive!
Dom5'11.5 said on 6/Apr/21
No debate here, defintely the full 6'4, a beast on the field
Slim 6'1.5 said on 6/Apr/21
Big boy, similar height to van dijk
Ricky84q said on 5/Apr/21
How much can he grow now at 20? Maybe 1 inch or so?
Myself said on 5/Apr/21
You want to say that he is tip toeing in these too?
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Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He consistently looks more than an inch taller. Based on that i have a hard time seeing Erling even at 6'4 flat, unless Zagadou is taller than 196 cm of course.
ajax509 said on 5/Apr/21
@Bang8501 Zagadou is tip toeing and listed over 6ft 5 flat with 196cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/21
@mark thompson: lol, he does actually like a lanky version of Jessie

minimum 6ft4 definitely, this listing is fair
Bang8501 said on 4/Apr/21
With 6'5 listed Dan-Axel Zagadou
Click Here
He is 6'4 flat at best.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Apr/21
He’s VERY tall for a Norwegian!
David Donatus said on 3/Apr/21
He's been long overdue. It's great to see he has a listing here now.
mark thompson said on 2/Apr/21
looks like a stretched out jesse plemons imo, as for height id say 6’4 1/4 is fair
184guy2 said on 2/Apr/21
With 6'3 Hummels
Click Here
I don't think he is over 6'4 , 6'4flat at most
miko said on 2/Apr/21
I suppose given he's 20, a final growth spurt isn't impossible, but would be detrimental to his career.
Blake said on 2/Apr/21
Rob, it’s funny that the best players of the world seem 6 inches apart mbappe haaland is similar difference to Ronaldo Messi aswell.
Editor Rob
One thing all the top players like that have is good pace in addition to the skills and goalscoring...erling is surprisingly quick on the pitch.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Apr/21
With his pale colouring and very tall height, he l👀ks Scandinavian, there's no denying it!

Comfort said on 2/Apr/21
Solid 6'4 guy for sure
Marcos511 said on 1/Apr/21
Finally a page for him, nice! :)

Always felt that is very tall, sometimes give 6'5 impression but the list looks good.
OriginalAnon said on 1/Apr/21
193/194cm . He is a better player than his father, but that wouldn't be hard. Anybody would be happy to have him at their club, I would imagine.
recapa said on 1/Apr/21
6ft4 1/4-3/8 (193.5-194cm)
Vincent Caleb said on 1/Apr/21
Finally! Haaland is the best! Who do you think would have the edge between Haaland and Van Dijk? I say the latter of the two for sure.
Editor Rob
Van Dijk has pulled off near 6ft 5 at times, I think Erling seems fully grown now and generally a big 6ft 4 guy on the pitch
Tajaun said on 1/Apr/21
Thanks for adding him Rob!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/21
That's an impressive growth spurt and weight gain, which, judging by the look of him, is lean muscle mass.

6ft4.25. ⚽💪😄
recapa said on 1/Apr/21 added him.yeah,the listing looks perfect .193.5-194cm range.

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