How tall was Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor and dancer, best remembered for roles in films such as Top Hat, Holiday Inn, Funny Face, Swing Time, The Gay Divorcee, Royal Wedding, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs, The Notorious Landlady and Easter Parade.
I asked [Rita Hayworth] how tall she was as I stood alongside her. This was always an important item to me because if the lady happened to be about 5 feet 7 inches minus shoes and came up to the set with three-inch heels, she'd be just a bit above my 5 feet 9 ½ inches. As we stood there, both in flat heels, I was easily three inches taller, and I told her I hoped she didn't' wear very high heels with me. She said quietly that she didn't think she had to.

Astaire, Fred - Never Get Rich
Rita Hayworth and Cyd Charisse were probably a little tall for me -- I'm 5 feet 10, and by the time they got those high heels on...

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5ft 9.01in (175.3cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/23
I can never forget the scene from The Green Mile when the gentle giant John Coffey watches Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing so effortlessly and saying that they’re angels from Heaven as he wipes away tears.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually had the pleasure of seeing Fred at the pictures when I saw ‘Ghost Story’ with my height twin and great friend, Sue, back in 1981. We were always watching horror films round her house, and Sue’s Dad would often cover his eyes when the scenes got too revolting! In those days, not many people owned video players, so it was a real novelty to be able to sit and watch any movie you fancied. (1983)

Fred can have 5ft9. He’ll have been shorter in ‘Ghost Story’ but certainly looked at full height when he was at his agile, dancing best.
greg99 said on 17/Oct/22
Fred looked about 5'7.5" or less. Doesn't appear to be 5'9" or much much taller than 5'7" in anything I've seen him in. Looked about the same heights as Gene Kelly
Sinclair said on 19/Sep/22
Rob, could Keenan Wynn please get a page at 5’10.5”?

w/Astaire Click Here
w/Astaire Click Here
w/Astaire Click Here

Having played Disney’s signature villain, Alonzo Hawk, surely Wynn is worthy of a page. We have already established he was over 5’10” but under 5’11”.
Rich Paul said on 3/Aug/22
5-8 peak. By the time he was in his 70s he was 5-7. I’ve watched nearly every movie he was in. Also, Ann Miller mentioned Astaire was 5-8. If he was 5-9, he’d have looked taller. He was very thin which made him look taller. Heights on passports are fake. A friend who’s slightly over 5-10 has 6 feet on his. No one checks. Driver’s licenses are loaded with inflated heights.
Sandy C said on 31/Jul/22
Poor Fred in The Towering Inferno. On hearing that his beloved has been killed in the dreadful fire, he is presented with her tabby cat. Earlier on in the film, she expresses concern that her cat might be in the fire. 😢

On seeing the pet, brave Fred still manages a smile. It was then that I knew the movie was drawing to a close. 🐈

georgegershwin said on 24/Jul/22
@Kinpo 5'9½ Tall?! 😂
Pippo said on 28/Feb/22
"Fred was a man with strong personality, very elegant, tall, slender and charming: the first time I saw him was when I first came to Hollywood. I immediately thought he was a man to marry". - Valentina Cortese, 'Quanti sono i domani passati' (Autobiography). In his autobiography and documents 5'9.5: it is very accurate. A bit less than 180 cm (177). Not less: click here, with E. E Horton, about 6': Click Here In old age, possible a bit shrinking...but click here ('The Towering Inferno' set, 1974, he was 75!): in the centre, near William Holden (4th from the left, to whom 179 cm are attributed, surely during his youth) and Paul Newman (lift?): Click Here
Tall Sam said on 8/Dec/21
5’9.5” was possible especially for a morning height
Kinpo said on 5/Dec/21
On the Fred Astaire's passport (here, 24.3.1959: Click Here) is written 5'9½, such a document does not lie, the rest are absurd speculations, he was skinny and tall. He was wearing a toupee (look at the photo), but there is no doubt about his slender stature.
FomaFomic said on 2/Nov/21
Hello, Fred Astaire was slim and tall: 5'9.5 (176/177) as indicated on his official passport, that was published here: Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/20
The question is whether or not he measured 5'9.5 in shoes or if it was a legit morning measurement. He was one of those small framed guys you could probably think of as 5 ft 7 but Ive seen most of his films and really think he was about 5 ft 9. 174 is arguable.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/20
Fred Astaire was born 121 years ago to the day. What a lot he gave to the world of showbusiness!


Fred Astaire
1899-1987 🕯️
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/19
Fred would have turned 120 today.

Loved him in 'Ghost Story', which I ordered the very day I commented on Fred in 2016, just before Christmas. It came that very night, and I watched it with my brother.

5ft9 peak, but noticeably less in the frightening 1981 tale, probably just over 5ft7.
Jtm said on 20/Dec/18
sorry but i will never believe 5'9 in a million years.
James Keffer said on 18/Dec/18
@diavolo Dirk Benedict was 5'11 peak and flat boots usually give about .5 so that'd put Astaire closer to 5'8.5. I'll give him 5'9.25 and 5'8.5 for later life.

For his peak: He looked 4.5 inches taller than Vera Ellen in flat boots when she was wearing dance shoes that looked like they'd give about 1.5 so that would put him at 5'9.

So he was 5'9 in his prime and 5'8.5 in his later years.
diavolo said on 27/Sep/18
Astaire wore boots with 3-inch heels in Battlestar Galatica and looked the same height as 5'10.5" Dirk Benedict, who wore flat boots. That'd put him at 5'7.5". Mind that he was 79 at the time, so he could be 5'8.5" or 5'9" in his youth.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/17
Definitely not 5ft 10 but near enough 5 ft 9. With Peter Laeford in Royal Wedding though he could look 5'8 range at times, which he can sometimes in other films. 5'8.5-5'9 is arguable I think.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/16
Talking about 'Ghost Story' earlier today made me want to see it! I found it on Amazon and it is on its way to my house right now!
I haven't seen it in years!
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/16
I found it incredibly entertaining that Fred starred in one of the most terrifying ghost stories ever: it was called simply 'Ghost Story' and I saw it at the pictures with my squeamish, horror-loving young friend, Sue!
I thought "that's rather a change of genre for Fred! What a lad! Good on him for that!"
He won my instant respect!
Heightwise, I know he wasn't unduly tall, certainly not in that film. I'll go with 5ft7.5 for later life and 5ft9.5 (a cross between what is written here and what he says he was) for his prime!
Tom said on 18/Aug/16
Astaire was around 5-7. No more. No less. 5-8 in shoes.
suzyq said on 14/Aug/16
You state that Ginger Rogers is 5' 4.5". The maximum height I've ever seen for her heels in the dance sequences is 2", maybe less.
Yet in every dance sequence there seems to be only .5" to 1" difference in their height.

5' 7" to 5' 7.5" max. If he was 5' 9" then Ginger must be nearly 5' 7".
robert Kornblum said on 3/Jan/16
His height is really not as important as his proportions. Head to torso to legs are perfect for a superb dancer.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/15
I think actually Astaire was a bit taller than Lemmon, but we never know what the footwear is like.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/15
Looked the same height at Jack Lemmon in The Notorious Landlady and was early 60s at the time. In fact in some scenes Fred could edge Lemmon out but I think it was Lemmon's posture.
weirdo said on 20/Aug/15
He was same height as Michael Jackson...
SissyBoy said on 31/Jul/15
I think one could surmise from conversations quoted between Astaire and Kelly. When they first noticed and both were considering Cid Charisse as a dance partner, Kelly is quoted as telling Fred that she was too tall for him, supposedly because Gene actually wanted to dance with her. Now that may have been an inside running joke between them, but I would take from that comment that they were very close to the same height, if in fact Fred was slightly taller which I question.
joel said on 12/Jul/15
Astaire and Kelly had a dance number together in Ziegfeld Follies of 1946. They were just about the same height.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Click Here Now Fred isn't leaning in that one and you can see Bing looks a bit taller.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Rob check out the height diff here! Click Here Not seen Holiday Inn for a while but the difference there is even more than in Blue Skies. Now I know Astaire's posture wasn't as good but still, you'[d never expect a 5'7.5 to look quite like that to a 5'10 in shoes kind of guy, lifts or not.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Rob can you add Swing Time, The Gay Divorcee, Royal Wedding, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs and The Notorious Landlady?

Mmm, Crosby looked to have the edge on Astaire in Blue Skies. The problem we have is that Astaire should have been about 5 ft 10 in shoes. Bing honestly looked about an inch taller in some scenes, about 2 cm I'd say. So Bing would have had to have been almost 5 ft 11 yet was only 5'7.5, Now you could see Bing's lifts but they were NOT giant ones, I reckon they'd have given him 2 inches, possibly a tad more but it doesn't figure. Was Astaire really only 5 ft 8 range? I'd thought he consistently looked 5'9 but seeing him with Bing I can't see it.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Rob can you add Swing Time, The Gay Divorcee, Royal Wedding, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs and The Notorious Landlady?

Mmm, Crosby looked to have the edge on Astaire in Blue Skies. The problem we have is that Astaire should have been about 5 ft 10 in shoes. Bing honestly looked about an inch taller in some scenes, about 2 cm I'd say. So Bing would have had to have been almost 5 ft 11 yet was only 5'7.5, Now you could see Bing's lifts but they were giant ones, I reckon they'd have given him 2 inches, possibly a tad more but it doesn't figure. Was Astaire really only 5 ft 8 range? I'd thought he consistently looked 5'9 but seeing him with Bing I can't see it.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Mar/15
He looked pretty old even in 1934!!
Arch Stanton said on 27/Mar/15
Rob can you add Swing Time, The Gay Divorcee, Royal Wedding, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs and The Notorious Landlady?

Watching the Gay Divorcee now. I don't know how people can see 5 ft 7, he always looks a fair bit taller than some of the shorter guys in the films. In my opinion he was a great example of a 5 ft 9 guy. Always possible he was in 5'8 range at lowest but he generally looked it, 5'10 probably his dress shoe measurement.
Mon said on 16/May/14
Enough of this 'he looks tall next to the bald guy' flummery. Kay Thompson, (the top cabaret performer of her era) was half an inch over 5'5''. Take a look at her and Astaire in Funny Face and tell me Astaire was over 5'8''.

Click Here
Mon said on 11/May/14
Cyd Charisse was 5'6'' according to her obituary, and it also is said Fred and Gene Kelly were both wary of her height. Kelly is listed here at 5ft 7.5in (elsewhere it says he was 5'7''). When he danced with Cyd in Singin' in the Rain she had quite high heels on. In different occasion impromptu shots from the 70's, Kelly actually looked taller than Astaire. Cyd wore what look like moderate heels in Band Wagon, and Fred wears a fedora and really substantially heeled shes are visible in stills of the dance sequence.

Wearing flats, Audrey Hepburn appeared quite as tall as Fred in a still of them when walking arm in arm under the Eiffel tower from Funny Face. She also appeared very close to his height in the dance sequences wearing what look like ballet slippers. I can't see how Fred Astaire could have been over a flat 5'8''.
Robby D said on 16/Jan/14
I watched a documentary about Fred Astaire and they said he preferred Ginger Rogers to his previous dancing partner as she was not too tall being as Fred stood only 5'8" himself.
Sam said on 13/Dec/13
I do believe he was close to 5'9", it could be he was claimed in height in shoes. He never seemed particularly height conscience.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/13
Did that guy ever look young LOL? He looks pretty much the same in Holiday Inn (1942) as he did in the 50s! He's like a cross between Graham Norton, Henry Kelly and Taylor from the Foo Fighters LOL.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Oct/13
Yeah 5'9" and 130-35 pounds looks about right. Not quite as skinny as a young Sinatra but not far off.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Oct/13
This looks spot on in Funny Face, he has been 2 and 3 inches on Audrey Hepburn, both in similar footwear. It was a myth that Astaire was 5'7". He was 5'9". I'll try to watch some of his others over the next week, been a while since I last saw them.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jul/13
Thanks. Never seen Royal Wedding where he walks up the walls and ceiling or Daddy Long Legs?
Editor Rob
maybe as a kid but can't remember
Knowitall said on 29/Jul/13
Astaire was five seven.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/13
My mistake, Lawford appears a little later on. No idea who those others are but I think that guy looked near 6'5" next to Fred Astaire don't you?
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/13
Rob see 7 minutes -10 here . He looks tallish compared to the bald guy and out in the hall he looks really short. How does does that guy look to you Rob? He look around 6'5 in comparison to Fred doesn't he at 8:12 and then 9:52 looks maybe 6'4" next to apparent 6' Peter Lawford.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/13
Rob can you update his films with say something like US actor from films like Holiday Inn, Yolanda and The Thief, Royal Wedding, The Belle of New York, Daddy Long Legs and Funny Face?
Editor Rob
I'll add a few, some of those I've never seen. I actually bought a Fred/Ginger boxset for my Mum a decade ago...
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jul/13
Excellent guess, never looked a real 5'10. Watching Royal Wedding now and I'd guess him at 5'9" and 135 pounds.
Mon said on 13/Mar/13
At beginning of the 'Dancing in The Dark' scene walking with 5ft 6.5in Cyd who is in ballet slippers he doesn't look what listed height plus one inch heel(ie 3.5 inches) taller than her her. Unless Astaire wore special shoes to make him look shorter he was slightly under listed height. But still a lot taller than I'd thought.
angelpeter said on 16/Dec/12
It was after seeing Astaires dinner suit at the museum of the moving image in London It surprised me how short he was. I am 5`9`` so there is no way he could be that height. I reckon he was somewhere around 5`6`` to 5`7``
JM9 said on 13/Jan/12
5'9 looks too much for him based on proportions, although he was noticeably taller than Ginger Rogers in heels (not shorter). I'd guess 5'7.5 or 5'8.
Matt said on 21/Nov/11
5'9" is accurate. He always seemed taller because of his skinny physique. Tallest 5'9" man on the earth?!
Eli said on 1/Sep/11
He was 5'9". I think i'm 5'10" or 5'11"
Poindexter said on 25/Apr/11
Astaire is my idol, for his culchah, grace, athleticism, and other values. I just finished watching him in 'Carefree', and when Ginger is in low heels (2-3"), she's about 2" taller than he is. If he's over 5'6", I'll eat my hat.

I'm 5'5". You know what it means to me that my idol is my size? Hm?
Jacob said on 9/Apr/11
No disrespect to the tall guys, but Astaire was way too coordinated to be much over 5'7" or so. Great dancers, like Olympic gymnasts, tend to have a fairly low centre of gravity. We've all got our strengths. Remeber though, if Muggsy Bogues can make it into the NBA there may be a 7' tall guy gunning for the Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. If so, he'd certainly get my support!
Will said on 3/Feb/11
Fred Astaire was 5'7 1/2". I doubt that Astaire was really over 5'9".
RisingForce said on 7/May/09
In his book he claimed 5-9 1/2!

"This was always an important item to me because if the lady happened to be about five feet seven minus shoes and came up on the set with three-inch heels, she'd be just a bit above my five feet nine and one half."

Click Here

no way do i believe that.
RisingForce said on 10/Apr/09
There is no way he was 5'9". More like 5'7".
SQ said on 11/Mar/09
I just watched The Belle of New York and noticed that Vera Ellen, who supposedly was about
5'4", was wearing flats when dancing with Fred--which is what inspired me to find this site.
leonari said on 21/Nov/08
I also thik Rob has a bit too high. He had an incredibly thin frame and great proportions with long legs that he wore even higher (like Van Damme) which created the illusion of 5'9". You really think he was that tall ROB??
Jacob64 said on 10/Nov/08
I'd agree that Astaire was no taller than 5"7". Even that seems a bit of a stretch...
Frank2 said on 16/Aug/08
Astaire was 5 inches shorter than 6' Jerome Cowan in SHALL WE DANCE.
RR2 said on 9/Aug/08
Check out Fred and Gene's "Babbitt and Bromide" dance on youtube. Gene's shoes were built up (esp. obvious in the 3rd segment when he "falls"), but not Fred's. Fred was definitely taller than Gene. Also when he and Cyd Charisse were strolling in Central Park in the beginning of the "Dancing in the Dark" number, he looked considerably taller than Charisse.
sf said on 2/Aug/08
Agree. Rob - ya gotta go with the evidence! 5'7".
Frank2 said on 2/Aug/08
In his prime Astaire was about 5'7". Same as Frank Sinatra. Same as Gene Kelly. When Astaire got to be an old man I saw him and he was closer to 5'5".
Sam Troy said on 1/Jun/08
In his autobiography, he says he is 5' 9
RG said on 8/Jan/07
Bimg Crosby used "lifts" in his shoes and had heels that looked like part of the shoes. Fred Astaire was 5ft 9in tall. One loses height as one gets older.
Glenn said on 1/Sep/06
Really? Bing was that short? his nephew,Robbin Crosby,deceased metal guitar player from RATT was 6-5.if it wasnt his nephew,he was a relative either way.
jimw said on 29/Aug/06
I've been a classic film buff for a long time,and a big Fred Astaire fan.(I dance alot also).Fred aways seemed to me, to be what he's usually listed at,about 5 ft 9(when younger).A few inches taller than Bing.Bing's shoes always looked built up.But ,not Fred's.Fred also looked taller than Gene Kelly,by about an inch or more.
Dottie Thompson said on 20/Jul/06
One comment below stated, " a film with Astaire and Frank Sinatra together, notice they're about the same height which is 5'7"." I don't believe Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra ever were in a film together.
kramer said on 16/Apr/06
looks like he's going to keep the extra 2 inches on here regardless of the facts :-)

Editor Rob
I haven't got around to seeing any old shaky legs films for a while, so he's on my 'to check' list, I've got a boxset of old astaire films sitting here, maybe I'll dig em out soon enough...
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
I met Astaire when he was doing a TV series with Robert Wagner (I forget the name) and he looked more like 5'6" by then. In the early eighties when I attended a special black tie concert given by Frank Sinatra at the Universal Amphitheater I saw Astaire once again and he had lost perhaps another inch and was no more than about 5'5". I worked with Cyd Charisse back in 1982 when she appeared on an episode of The Fall Guy. Cyd was about 5'6" at that time. She still had great legs!!!
Frank said on 16/Mar/06
In the RKO films he did with Edward Everett Horton such as Top Hat, Fred was about three inches shorter. Horton was no more than 5'10". Horton is much shorter than Cary Grant in Holiday. And the next time you watch a film with Astair and Frank Sinatra together, notice they're about the same height which is 5'7".
sf said on 4/Mar/06
Yea, I gotta go with the others, here. Now, everything I've read has him at 5'8" or 5'9", but in some of his movies he looks much smaller than this. I was watching the movie, Royal Wedding (I think?),and he is dwarfed by Peter Lawford who was supposed to be around 6'0". Seriously, it's the first time I wondered just how short Fred Astaire was. I would have guessed in the 5'6" to 5'7" range, at least by the movie.
Frank2 said on 4/Mar/06
Astair was five-seven.
kramer said on 28/Dec/05
was watching a progam where sid charise says she was 5ft 6.5inches and had to wear ballet shoes when dancing with astaire as she was taller than him in normal shoes. SHe says he was 5ft 7.

Editor Rob
the quote's on ann miller's page...looked like ann to me, not cyd ;)

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