How tall is Geena Davis

Geena Davis Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

American actress best known for roles in films like The Long Kiss Goodnight, Thelma & Louise, The Fly and Beetlejuice.
A couple of years ago, I said to hell with career is working. I'll admit I'm six feet tall. Now I've noticed the press saying I'm six feet two. I'm growing. In a few years I'll be six-four!
- Ladies Home Journal
Growing up I always wanted to be athletic, but I was one of those really tall, uncoordinated types. They always wanted me on the basketball team, but I wasn't too good. Track was my thing I did high jumps and hurdles on the girls' team. But it was hopeless if you were taller than everybody else...I had one date in high school. I lied about my height when I started modeling because, believe it or not, you can be considered too tall. I would wear high heels on job interviews so they wouldn't know my actual height. I said I was 5-foot-10. but I'm actually 6 feet tall.
The Chilliwack Progress, 1985

How tall is Geena Davis
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My height has never gotten in the way of my career because I have been working. But I'm sure there are things I haven't gotten because of my height. But it's been an asset to the things I have gotten. It's been one more interesting thing about the character. We used to do tall jokes on 'Buffalo Bill' and now we do them on 'Sara'.
-- 1985

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Average Guess (25 Votes)
5ft 11.89in (182.6cm)
Junior said on 17/Aug/17
Shes over 60 of age might have lost little of height so 5'11.5" now a shout. 6'0 peak.
sumdude said on 17/Jul/17
Might have touched 184 at some point or very close to it. Wasn't really towered by Chevy Chase back in the day in almost identical footwear in the movie Fletch. Probably somewhere between 181.5-182-182.5cm today. Likes to wear heels tho, so it's hard to find a picture to really guestimate her height.
Jp said on 25/Jun/17
Peak 183-184
Current 181-182
Charlie said on 24/Jun/17
Geena Davis 6'0? With heels maybe. Flat feet there is no way she is 6'. She was in a 1985 made for TV movie called Secret Weapons. She and Linda Hamilton were being trained as Russian Spies.Now there's a scene where all the females has to strip off all their clothes in a classroom. She was the same height as quite a few females in the movie. I was surprised. I watched the movie and i saw Geena not much taller than much of the females and about the same height as some of them. There are several scenes of Geena and Lind standing side by side. Linda Hamilton's hair comes to Geena's eyes. Geena is most likely 5'8 today.
Canson said on 6/Mar/17
5'11.5-6' in person she's tall for a woman
Jp said on 4/Feb/17
rob is that her Peak height or current height ?
Editor Rob: jp, it's peak, I haven't updated a current as I'd need to check again if she has lost something like 1/2 or 3/4 inch.
S.J.H said on 30/Jan/17
She should be 5'11.5 now since jeff goldblum had loss a little height. They're both in their 60s now
Tom said on 1/Jan/17
@Anon Baldwin is over 5'11" flat, plus I'm quite certain that he had higher footwear in the film too.
Anon said on 4/Nov/16
I doubt she was ever a six footer, In Beetlejuice, she was around the same height as Alec Baldwin who was 5-11 at the time. Today Geena looks no more than 5-10. Maybe it's her long arms cause many tall people have long arms.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/16
I just read the lady's comment that she has to say that she's 5ft10, as she 'wants to work!' Why should this be the case? How utterly ridiculous! Actors and actresses should be given their roles on account of their talent and a pretty girl like Geena shouldn't have to worry about her height for crying out loud! But I suppose that's how it works; there are short people parts and roles for tall people, whatever is called for. It would be a bit of a novelty to have a 5ft3 Batman!
Mark said on 21/Sep/16
Rob, is 185 cm in the morning possible?
Editor Rob: at her peak I'm sure she was near that figure out of bed.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Jul/16
You can see the Scottish/English ancestry but I'm surprised she hasn't got some sort of Russian Jewish, I noticed in Beetlejuice she has those broad sort of cheekbones you only get on people from Eastern Europe, like the Ukraine etc,
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jul/16
She has huge feet! Noticed in Beetlejuice, I'd guess at least US 12.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
One of the few honest ladies in Hollywood. Looked close to Jeff Goldblums height in heels so definitely around 6ft
Judd said on 11/May/15
Personally i wouldn't buy anything under 5'11.75", that's my first choice.
Currently I think she hasn't still lost anything. In my opinion she's in the 182-183 cms range...
Let's say 60% of chance is 182 cms and 40% is 183 cms, IMO
Ger said on 26/Apr/15
She is 6 ft tall, if not a tiny bit more. I know because three years ago I stood right behind her at check at the airport. I am 6 ft. We hat the same footwear and she seemed my height or slightly taller.
CDS said on 5/Mar/15
If memory serves correct, back in the '80s/early '90s she was listed as 5'10" in certain magazine articles, press releases, etc.. then upon becoming an action star around mid '90s working with then-hubbie, Renny Harlin, with "Cutthroat Island", "Long Kiss Goodnight", etc..she started being listed at 6'. I remember her on Larry King Live saying she was 6 foot. But it was also interesting that in a lot of those earlier roles, doing the more-romantic comedy films, she'd be wearing flats a lot of the time- in "Speechless" w/ Michael Keaton & I think in "Beetlejuice" (also with Keaton LOL). Then jump to mid-'90s and she's got the heels on most of the time. Well, I'm going to say she's more in the 5'11" range (6' in shoes). Stating height in shoes is generally more of a guy thing, yes, but some females do it too. If for anything, I don't see her quite as a full 6' barefoot due to her looking a tad shorter than 5'11" Alec Baldwin in "Beetlejuice", and 5'9" Keaton looking as tall as her in "Speechless" (even though she was in flats and he had on cowboy boots for most of the movie).
jasperwazup said on 18/Feb/15
Standing side by side Chevey Chase I would say Geena was 5'11'' minium. that's saying Chase is 6'3'' range in Fletch. Actually Geena with her hair has got to be 6'.5''-6'1''. Chase is mentioned in his basketball dream as 6'5'', 6'9'' with the afro. but 6'3'' range max next to 5'11''-5'11.5'' Davis
Mike said on 4/Dec/14
Peak: 6ft 0in 183 cm
Today: 5ft 11.25-11.5in 181-182 cm
Judd said on 18/Nov/14
olivia says on 15/Nov/14
Geena Davis is exactly 6 feet tall. I know, because I went to school with her and she was six feet then.

Yeah i think she was a bit more than 6' after a long rest and an hair under in the evening.
If you prefer decimal system, about 182 cm at the end of the day, which is very close to 6' or 182,88 cm.
olivia said on 15/Nov/14
Geena Davis is exactly 6 feet tall. I know, because I went to school with her and she was six feet then.
Judd said on 10/Nov/14
Average Joe says on 26/Mar/13
No way she is 6ft, she is around 5'10-5'11 range peak. That would have made her 6'1 in heels.

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Can't see under 5'11.5" in any case! She always looked tall, with flat shoes she wasn't much distant from tall actors like Samuel L Jackson (6'2"), Bill Murray (6'1") and Hugh Laurie (6'2.5")!
I think anything between 5'11.5" and 6'0" is fair for her at peak! I think she was taller than a decent 5'11" but shorter than a decent 6'0.5-1"! "Almost 6'0" speaking Rob's language is fair!
Judd said on 8/Nov/14
Lebensdorf says on 18/Oct/14
In some photos with Goldblum, they looked the same height when she was wearing heels. I would say just a half inch short of 6 feet.

are you sure?

Click Here
Click Here
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most of those pics are taken in 1989-1990 so they were both at their peaks!
nevertheless i think Jeff Goldblum was a bit taller than a strong 6'4" i said before, an older friend of mine met him years ago and said he was very very tall (he thought 6'5"!).
I think Geena was a weak 6', like 5'11.75" but who could pass for a 6' lady so the listing seems enough fair for me!
Lebensdorf said on 18/Oct/14
In some photos with Goldblum, they looked the same height when she was wearing heels. I would say just a half inch short of 6 feet.
james said on 20/Sep/14
She wore shoes with very thin soles in bettlejuice..that was done on purpose so she wouldn't have an inch on 5'11 baldwin
mike said on 19/Jun/14
182 max atleast at peak.
tjonh said on 6/Jun/14
geena davies looks more or less than 6 feet or minimum 5'11 wanted a woman so high
tjonh said on 6/Jun/14
geena davies looks more or less than 6 feet or minimum 5'11 wanted a woman so high
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/14
In the barefoot scene in The Fly she definitely looks at least 6 ft next to Goldblum, can look 6'0.5" actually next to him.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/14
Barely shorter than Goldblum in heels in The Fly. She has such amazing chocolate brown eyes, I could get lost in them.
liftwearer said on 5/Nov/13
maybe a tad bit shorter now. but still a tall lady. She was quite stunning when she was very young and all the way to her 40s till she sort of seemed to let herself go. Just my opinion. 5 11 max.
truth said on 22/Sep/13
5ft11 max
Vivi said on 9/Aug/13
She's very tall. She towers over every women she is in a movie with and they almost aways have her in flats. She's usually the same height as the men or taller than some. You can tell they are choosey about her costars because of her height. I wonder if she would have had more movie roles if she was just a few inches shorter? She is a gorgeous woman. There' s no way she's shorter than 5'11".
NikkaRog said on 7/Aug/13
Michael Keaton and Gina Davis Stand in a fountain barefooted in the movie Speechless. She is clearly two inches shorter than him. Also theyre close throughout the movie like in a closet getting "close" and he is 5' !0"
avi said on 31/Mar/13
nope shorter than Baldwin in Beetlejuice so 5'11 tops probably less.
Average Joe said on 27/Mar/13
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Lindsay Davenport is 6'2, Lisa Leslie is 6'4-6'5. No way is Geena 6ft, she is in the 5'10-5'11 range.
Average Joe said on 26/Mar/13
No way she is 6ft, she is around 5'10-5'11 range peak. That would have made her 6'1 in heels.

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Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Well if she is a full 6' a case could be made for Goldblum being a cm or two higher than 6'4" in his prime. She was still noticeably shorter than him in heels.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
6 foot. Why would they say 6 foot 2? She is really tall.
Jon said on 13/Feb/12
No she got be 5'11 now because as u get older u shrink.
B said on 5/Feb/12
@Sal U have no idea what ur talking about If Anne Hathaway is 90lbs I´d be less than 70lbs and shes quite tall also I´d say about 132lbs. Btw Uma Thurman is Geena Davis´ height and height doesnt equal being stronger and whats so great about being able to beat so up esp if ur a woman
winston said on 9/Jan/12
Peak: 5 ft 11.5 in/182 cm
Today: 5 ft 11.25 in/181 cm
Sam said on 7/Dec/11
She looks about 6 feet, not more, with Dustin Hoffman in both Tootsie and Hero. It's a funny contrast considering that she has a solid half foot over him but, for a little man with a big ego, Hoffman never seemed to care that much about appearing small in stature.
Kashfia said on 4/Dec/11
Taylor Momsen is really 6'0" (183cm) in her bare feet and I am not joking. Taylor Momsen and Geena Davis are exactly the same height in their bare feet.
Kashfia said on 4/Dec/11
Taylor Momsen is really 6'0" (183cm) in her bare feet and I am not joking. Taylor Momsen and Geena Davis are exactly the same height in their bare feet.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
shes 181cm
umer said on 26/Sep/11
i m boy and my height is 6 ft but i was woory about my overheight now after knowing the height of geena my woory is finished
Sal said on 9/Jul/11
Geena is older now but a 21 year old Geena Davis after a good night's sleep would be at least 6'1" if not more. She's a true Amazon. BTW, she could easily beat up Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Mila Jovovich or any of today's starlets who star in action movies. Geena Davis beating up people seems a lot more believable than say 90lbs Anne Hathaway beating up people in Get Smart. If Anne tried to fight her way out of a paper bag, she'd fracture her fists by punching the paper bag.
RICHARD said on 21/May/11
I'd say 6ft is good for her.Watch "Quick Change' and you'll see she's about 1 inch under Bill Murray,and she's in flat shoes,and about 4 inches under Randy Quaid,as well.Tall woman,no doubt.
lisa said on 18/May/11
mari that is not a fact. what you described is not true for all people I have always loved that I am short and I have heard other people saying the same thing.
Jules said on 30/Apr/11
I'm a 5'11" woman, so I believe GD is 6'0" or at least was in her 20's. Trust me, when you're freakishly tall, you don't inflate your height! Fewer than 3% of women are over 5'9" statistically...that's all I mean by freakish :). Please you tall girls don't worry, just stand tall and proud, and if high heels are in style, wear them. Flats look ridiculous with some dresses.
Jenna said on 28/Apr/11
from personal experience its not often that women round up their height, being over 6 ft myself, id be more likely to round it down... Im sure shes 6', men tend to round up, women down ;)
Johan Cruyff said on 9/Apr/11
Geena Davis's heights are:

Morning (out of bed)= 6' (1.83 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 5'11.6" (1.82 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 5'11.25" (181 m)

I think she's tall like Brigitte Nielsen! I think when se said to be 6' se probably add something to her really measurement because maybe don't know people are shortest in the night, but i think there're large possibilities in the morning she could be 6 feet!
Mari said on 17/Dec/10
I am a 5'9" woman in my thirties. I have loved being tall my whole life! In school boys may not have the confidence to go out with girls taller than them yet but wait until your in your twenties. Being tall is so awesome! Clothes look so terrific on women with long legs. If your a glamorous tall woman all heads turn to look when you enter a room. Men who are confident have no problem with going out with tall ladies. If a man doesn't have the self confidence to ask you out then he surely isn't someone you would want to date. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a man. One last thing it's a fact that in the business world taller women and men have the edge for being hired and getting promotions over the shorter people. The taller the better. It may not be fair but it's true.I have read this in numerous articles and have experienced it. Height is an advantage and it is a fact!
E said on 28/Nov/10
shes a good solid inch to an inch and a half shorter than hugh laurie in stuart little she also wears 1 inch heels during most the movie... i would say she is under 6 feet but rounds up a little like most people...shes most likely 5'11.5" but just says shes a six footer... makes sense
lex said on 26/Nov/10
Wow I can't believe some people have the audacity to speak harshly of other peoples heights when its something you are born with. There are beautiful women at every height! I am 5'9.5 and think there are positives and negatives to every height. Is it true that guys are intimidated by height? Most guys I know go for short girls at my school not tall.
AKK said on 8/Oct/07
Just read back what I previously posted, and it looks kind of like I'm being mean. I'm not, not intentionally, at least. I just don't want you all to be suffering from back and foot problems down the line. :)

PS. If you think 5'6 is too tall, it's not. Eliza Dushku is supposedly that height. I thought Jane Kaczmarak was like 6', but surprise, she's only about an inch below me. So yeah, some people are bigger than I expected, some are smaller.
Franco said on 8/Oct/07
GEENA is no less than 186cm , its very easy to see in the movie FLETCH next to Chavy Chase, she got 1.5cm shoes and he got about 2 or 2.5cm shoes the difference is really small.

picture 1 Click Here

picture 2 Click Here

Geena is 186cm minimum.

take a look for yourself.
diana said on 30/Sep/07
i think girls who are tall should be happy with themselves
the only reason people give tall girls grief is because they're taller than guys and a lot of them prob. want short girls to make them feel better about themselves so you should embrace your cousin is 6'0 tall and she has no problem with it
diana said on 30/Sep/07
i think girls who are tall should be happy with themselves
the only reason people give tall girls grief is because they're taller than guys and a lot of them prob. want short girls to make them feel better about themselves so you should embrace your cousin is 6'0 tall and she has no problem with it
AKK said on 14/Sep/07
I'll be honest. I like my tall women without heels. With heels, it mostly looks like overkill(to say nothing of pushing an already high Centre of Gravity even higher, to possibly unsafe levels). Leave them to the 5'0" women who need them just to be able to scrape their men's chins. ;)
Lisy said on 9/Sep/07
WOW!!! Im so glad that Im not the only tall girl around :) Im 6'1 and I hate my height but there is nothing I can really do about it. I guess I just need to accept my height for what it is and be happy because life is to short to always worry about what other might think. I love wearing high heels but feel way to tall in them. Im trying to be more positive about my height by not looking at it as a bad thing. Thanks to all of you that are so positive to us girls that are tall it really helps alot. :)
Bea said on 4/Sep/07
hey susan, i´m 185 too and 18 years old, and i know how it is to be tall at your age. I suffered too, I didn´t like it. But I don´t care anymore. you just have to wait, when you´ll be my age you´ll probably be happy with your height and with a handsome and tall boy as boyfriend (or short boy, that doesn´t matter, believe me!! )
mary said on 31/Aug/07
um, susan you should be proud of your height. tallness is better than short. Im 5'10 and love it. Embrace who you are and love yourself. Most guys like tall girls and I know i girl 6'2 and had plenty of boyfriends. Your gonna be alright.
christina said on 29/Aug/07
i wanna ask u a question: is it ok that at my age(i am 16) to be 5ft 6 tall?..i'd really like to know u're opinion..cuz i'm a little bit surprised cuz some persons told me that i am too tall for my age,some that i am too short..and now i don't know what to think...thanks
Xerxes said on 26/Aug/07
Did you consider the possibility that susan is a faker and might be messing with ur head to get these sympathies? By no means am I trying to insult anyone here, but I'm not ze politik, so tell me how do i wirt like this. Besides, geena davis doesnt give a crap about height as stated by the above quote, so if u really are the person you say you are, stop taking birth control pills - that's like mowing grass with your TV
Bad Radio said on 24/Aug/07
susan why are you ashamed of being tall??!! SCREW EVERYONE ELSE AND THEIR INSECURITIES !
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/07
is there a possibility she is over 6 ft
Cobra said on 13/Aug/07
Hm, I am male, 20 years old and a shade over 6ft1. I don`t care about the height girls have, expect I wouldn`t stand it that she is taller than me (or max 0,5", then I can wear my cowboy boots and be 6ft3 ;) ), which is practically never the case because of my own height.
I know this is kinda silly, but it is how it is.
@ Susan, don`t worry, many girls stop growing with 15. Hey, long legs are sexy!
They say to you you should be a model because you are tall and pretty so how can you be distressed by your own body?
And still, you are 1 cm shorter than me so no reason to worry about ;)
gaby said on 12/Aug/07
ohh..i forgot to say that i am 17 years old..
gaby said on 12/Aug/07
susan,i am from romania sunt cam in aceeasi situatie k tine..fostu meu pr mi-a zis sa ne desp pt k eu sunt prea am zis k pica cerul pe mn..k lui nu-i plc fetele asa inalte..ce idiot..{my ex-boyfriend told me that we should break up cuz i'm too tall..even if he's taller than me..i am 168 cm and he is 178cm..and he said he likes shorter girls,not like me that tall and that i should go to a doctor..i felt bad on the moment but then i realized he is an idiot..and after telling it to him..i felt much better..women are women..girls are girls:shorter,taller or medium...damn some people are stupid..} te pup susan:*>:D<..
susan(zsuzsi) said on 31/Jul/07
hey arnie...thanx for that>:D<
Arnie said on 30/Jul/07
Hello Susan, you should find a big guy who likes tall women. Trust me, there are guys like me around here somewhere. :) Hungarian women are the prettiest women on earth, at least in Europe. ;)
susan(zsuzsi) said on 23/Jul/07
hello!!!I'm a 15year old girl from romania,but my nationality is cannot imagine how happy i am to find this site.i just bumped into 185 cm high and as most people here i hate to be tall.i know i schouldnt but i cant stand it.i often cry because of this.i know its the age o 14 i went to a doctor and had some tests.eventually he prescribed me ...:))...birth control pills(i think thats the word), to control i dont know what hormons.i took the pills for one year but i was still growing.then i was 180 tall.i know i schould be ashame but i often pray to God not to grow anymore.i'm really ashamed of that.and i dont wear heels at all.i can just hope not to grow anymore.i know its stupid but sometimes im sad because i think i wont find myself a boyfriend...i had boyfriends till now but now im taller ...its true that a lot of people say i schould be a model cus im tall and pretty but they dont cheer me up with it...oh sory i think im getting really boring..i just hope someone will understand me here...thank you for the opportunitie to wtir here
Jewel said on 16/Jul/07
Sandra you are so smart,

its no point, i think a woman is only ideal if she is like 4.10 inches or 5.00, the rest of us could be out of place for somebody. i have heard guys say women over 5.8 should not wear heels! how silly is that?

I think confidence is a big thing, really, i have seen women wear heels, even tall, and make it soooo good looking, kind of magazine cover like, then i have seen selfconcsious women do it.

general rule for wearing heels, you must be slim, and keep your figure well, dont be fat. even if your big, if you make yourself pretty that should be ok, just dont look like a tall woman trying to hide her height!
Sandra said on 14/Jul/07
Tall1, you can wear high heels if you feel comfortable in them. If not, better opt for lower heels. With more comfortable heels you will feel better and walk straight. There are much smaller women than you who do not wear heels as well because they are afraid they might look too tall. I do not understand why so many tall, thin a beautiful women have such problems to accept their height. It has much to do with people making remarks about their tall figures, but these tall women do not realize that a lot of such remarks are not meant badly. My suggestion to you is following: you are 6' so walk straight and proud. Wear lower heels (up to 2") so you feel good and at ease.
TALL1 said on 9/Jul/07
i'm about 5'11 or 6'0 feet tall and sometimes i'm self conscious about it. And i love high heel shoes but-when ever i where them i get nervous taht people think i'm weird or too tall!! what do you think? do any of you where high heels?
msn87 said on 11/Jun/07
the shocking fact is that there are more alien big girls around than one expects. i knew a girl once during boarding school, she was nearly as tall as me if she stood straight up. of cause around that time i wasn't a obsessed height-freak here on celebheights. at that time(2003)i was 6'1. today it creeps me out a little sometimes, cause she probably has grown a little since like me. oh, what the heck...
msn87 said on 10/Jun/07
you're right, it's not o.k to say things like that but 6'4 that's just so not charming. i wouldn't say i have a complex, but when women are taller than me it's just not right. Davis height can go on but not taller.

[Editor Rob: speaking of geena, a recentish article 'put' 6ft 1 in her mouth:

"I was the tallest girl in my class (6-foot-1) and I felt very uncoordinated"]
love2btall said on 10/Jun/07
msn87 you are always saying "gross" and "disgusting" about tall women. Why don't you grow up? It is so obvious you have a complex. Plenty of men prefer taller women. Either you are a short man or a short woman. Get over it.
msn87 said on 8/Jun/07
are you 6'4?...gross. of cause you're told that you're beautiful, because the ones who told you that, are obviously scared and fear for their lives; you might accidently crush them, woman!
me said on 8/Jun/07
but your like done growing julia?...
TallLady said on 8/May/07
Hey "Cute," I'm 6'4" inches tall and I'm told that I am beautiful. I don't feel like a gieant, just that there are a lot of small minded (pun intended) people out there that I have to contend with! And how tall are you?????
Julia said on 21/Apr/07
I think geen should be proud of her height!!
my mom is about 6 feet tall also..
and my dad is 6'3, i am 15 and i am 5'5.5 already, so i am going to be tall..
i think that tall people are usually seen as generally more friendly people,. not that short people aren't, i jusyt thihnk that tall women should be proud, there's enough tall men out there for the tall women!
cute said on 20/Apr/07
of course she would domwgrade herself.. it's sometimes pretty to be tall.. but 6ft 0 in??? taller than many guyes...or same height... i understand why she would domwgrade herself... she must feel like a giant.... average height for males in U.S.A is 177...
ttujtyjgjgh said on 27/Feb/07
Really? She would downplay her height? Most attribute "tall" to wonderful adjectives like "leggy" and "svelte," which she certainly earned in "Earth Girls..."
MilNEMGaL said on 25/Feb/07
dmeyer- Back in the 50's they actually built a 12" ditch for Sophia Loren (5'10") to walk next to her co-star, - Alan Ladd- who was about 5'6", I think. Hollywood productions have come a long way since then. Who doesn't think Robert Redford (the shortest "5'10" I've ever seen!) didn't look tall in the saddle in Butch Cassidy? Frankly, he's more like 5'8". I stood right next to him and I am 5'11". All I can say is if he is 5'10", I'm 6'2"!!
Smoke and mirrors..........smoke and mirrors!!
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/07
I am 5'5" and have been told that I should be a model all my life. Do you think there is any chance for me? I am thin about 105 lb. not grossly thin though. I have hazel, big eyes. 34A size, 0 dress.?
dmeyer said on 31/Dec/06
to me she could be a 6 feet evening and 6'0.75 185 cm morning was she the same or taller than hanks in the movie they did together i didnt see it
sleuth said on 2/Dec/06
In "Transylvania 6-5000" Davis does scenes with Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., and Michael Richards. She looks 5'11" or 6'
Editor Rob said on 8/Sep/06
Back in 1984 "I always put on my resume that I'm 5-10 because I want to work"
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
I think she is "only" 5'10", because in the pic with sarah jessica parker she looks seven inches taller.
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
she might be 184 cm
Frank2 said on 18/May/06
Geena is about 6'. I once stood behind her at the ATM machine across the street from Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank. She wore funky shoes with one-inch heels and was about an inch taller than me.

[Editor Rob: is that the tallest ever actress you've seen then? Ever seen bridgette or sigourney?]
laura bennet said on 17/May/06
i say, the taller the better.
Sue said on 18/Mar/06
You know she's really tall just by looking at her legs. They go on forever.
Brett said on 14/Feb/06
Yeh, I dunno, she just looked scary big at the Golden Globes, Dwarfing all and Sundry. Plus I mean she is easily taller then Sutherland in heels, and He was like 6'3" at his peak, im sure less nowadays, but still she looked like she was 6'3" or so.
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
Also, If she was that much taller in heels then Julian Mcmahan, Julian might be struggling with 6-0, which is hard to beleive. I beleive he is really 6-1.5
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
TO is 6-2 measured combine height Brett.
Brett said on 12/Feb/06
haha but in those pics Rob she looks under 6'0", so how can their be such fluctuations in her height.
D.K said on 11/Feb/06
Stood next to Geena davis when she was shooting Angie I says. Iam six feet. She was an inch or two shorter.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/06
true, but she really looked comfortably bigger, and my god she looked huge at the golden globes, she was noticably taller then Julian Mcmahon, whoes like 6'2.5" isnt he?
Brett said on 20/Jan/06
I think Geena Davis could even be more then 6'0", I mean she is taller then Donald Sutherland whoes meant to be 6'3", and no doubt she was in heels, but still, I think she could be 6'1". I feel sorry for women that big and tall, its rather scary and unattractive

[Editor Rob: possibly...although Sutherland can look shorter with posture at his age?]
Raz said on 12/Jan/06
Just read an article about her fiancé from the time she spent in Sweden as a foreign exchange student. In the article, he refers to her height as being 183 cm at the time. This was in 1974.
Here's the article (in Swedish):,2789,761235,00.html
Anshelm said on 18/Oct/05
She looked only slightly – maybe an inch, but not two – taller than Jay Leno, and she was wearing heels. So this would make her probably the shorter of the two, and I'd put Leno at c. 178 cm/5'10". But before this I always thought she looked the 183 cm/6' she should be. This calls for further investigation...

Didn't they say she was 5'10" in Thelma & Louise? Havent seen the pic in a while, but I have a pretty good memory (recited 2,146 decimals of the pi once). And it was a movie line anyway – hardly the best source of information.
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/05
in thelma and louise when the cops give her description they say 5'11
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/05
Marty, of course Heidi Klum is tall, lol...she's a supermodel
average supermodel height is probably 5-10 to 5-11 -- the record for the shortest supermodel ever was 5-7 (a dwarf by supermodel standards)
Living Shoe Lift said on 4/Jun/05
In America, Geena's height is quite exceptional, since she's 6 cm's ABOVE average male height (177 cm).
Marty said on 27/May/05
No reason to hide your height Greena.
I'm from Holland and women are realy tall here. 6' is no exception for girls! I know women who are even taller than myself (187cm) over 6'2", about 190cm.

But most men are taller here too. I know quite some guys who are about 6'6" (200cm). I think my height is about the normal height here while I read somewhere that the normal height for men is about 175cm.

People are getting taller and taller and Greena is one of the first taller female celeberties. There will follow more. Heidi Klum is pretty tall too. And the one that plays Peggy in married with children is real tall too, I think.

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