Height Challenge

The Height Challenge was a way of showing height comparisons between people of different heights standing and how tall they can look against a genuine 5ft 8 guy like Big Rob, with visual examples of height differences, like a 3 inches or 5 inch difference etc. Thanks to all who took part and all the volunteers.
All stadiometer measurements were 1/8th inch more than actual height, because the stadiometer has a 1/8th inch error...so when I measure 5ft 8.25 on stadiometer I am really 5ft 8 1/8th.

Challenger Thumbnail
Challenger 1

3 inch height difference
Challenger 2

5 inch height difference
Challenger 3

1.5 inch height difference
Challenger 4

5.5 inch height difference
Challenger 5


#5 In 2017
6 inch height difference
Challenger 6

4.5 inch height difference
Challenger 7

people same height
Challenger 8

Example of 5 inch height difference
Challenger 9

Example of 8 inch height difference
Challenger 10

Example of 4 inches height difference
Challenger 11

Example of 3 inches height difference
Challenger 12

Example of 1 inch height difference
Challenger 13


#13 In 2017
Example of 7 inches height difference
Challenger 14

Example of 1 inch height difference
Challenger 15

Example of 9 inches height difference

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spainmen192-3cm said on 31/Jan/23
Rob, do you know if Big Lewis has gained some height during this last year and its nowdays the full 6ft3?

And also I remembered that you said once that his dad is about 189cm, and also he has a 6ft4 brother right?
Editor Rob
His Father I believe lost a fraction by 54, Lewis might have hit 6ft 3 but I haven't measured him.
Ashutosh said on 12/Dec/22
What happened with challengeer 6 she looks little bit taller lol
Peter 180cm said on 29/Sep/22
Actually now that i observe it,Rob actually looks under 173cm with some of the challengers,like 171-172 range. Especially with challengers 8,10 and 15. Has anyone ever called you 5'7, Rob? You can give a shorter impression or just taller guys look even taller,maybe that's that.
Editor Rob
Jenny's taking the photos, so sometimes the top of my head could appear a fraction lower against the taller person's head.

This is due to the lens being several inches lower than 5ft 8 and the high point of my head being near 4 inches further away than the eyebrows/mouth of the taller person.
Leighton Tang said on 6/Aug/22
Hi Rob, if only 14% of people are over 6 foot, isn't it funny that all the male challengers except challenger 14 are 6 foot or over?
Andrea said on 19/May/22
Aren't the first two girls Big Al's sisters? Were you there and did you take some pics too, Rob?
Editor Rob
Yes, Big Al was there too.

I will see if I'm allowed to post the photo of Jenny/Al as somebody else was in it.
ChristianPerkins said on 17/May/22
How tall is the bride on the left of Jenny, accounting for footwear? I can't tell how much heel she has because her dress covered it.
Click Here
Editor Rob
She had a basic heel I believe, like 2.5-2.75 range. As we know, she is Same Height as myself.

Jenny would be near her 5ft 7 5/8th low and sneakers like barely half inch.
Leighton Tang said on 17/May/22
Hi Rob, are the challengers users of this website? If not, how did you get them to take photos and get measured?
Editor Rob
Here is a very recent photo (May 2022) of Jenny with 3 of the challengers, 2 girls in dresses have a heel.

Click Here

One is a Lawyer, one a Teacher and the other a supervisor.

Yes I knew most of them, friends & family.
Jackie Lee said on 12/May/22
Rob some of the women have their hair tied so how much height do you think that adds? They should have untied their hair for more accurate measurement.
MrTBlack said on 6/May/22
@Rob you should do someone who is planning on getting LL surgery and measuring them before and after the surgery! Could be an interesting result!
Editor Rob
I'd mentioned a link to an actor who is doing LL soon and I believe the documentary is on Netflix next year likely. That might be interesting.
Black Noir said on 2/May/22
Rob why is challenger 15 up on here if the man is tilting his head? That’s 10 inches right there
Editor Rob
He doesn't have a big head, if his eyes were raised a fraction his head would be barely even 9 inches.
Caleb 178.8cm said on 16/Apr/22
This is cool. I'd like to participate in a height challenge sometime.
Jackie Lee said on 23/Feb/22
Hey Rob when is the next challenge? Looking forward to play this.
Editor Rob
It's really become a one off.

If somebody asks me to check their height, of course I'll measure them.
ChaosControl said on 2/Sep/21
Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 7.5-8 range

That’s exactly what I figured. 5’7.5-5’8. The topic came about cause I tend to underestimate people in person and thought he was 5’6
ChaosControl said on 31/Aug/21
Rob that 5’8 claiming cousin I mentioned looked about 1/2-3/4 of an inch shorter with me compared to you with Challenger #5 but as I’m slightly taller than Challenger 5 would that make him weak or flat 5’8? Is he claiming honestly or doing an unreasonable roundup?
Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 7.5-8 range
man 1 said on 20/Jul/21
How much do you think any athletic shoe (1inch or above) would compress with use over time.
Editor Rob
It can vary from a couple of mm to a cm in some cases in which the rubber really compresses a lot.

all depends on quality and durability of the soles. You asked about 720 - I haven't worn them enough for them to lose anything noticeable.

I cycle through a lot of footwear.
man 1 said on 19/Jul/21
Thank you Rob for answering. I wanted to tell that I was measuring my height myself with objects like a books(hard cover) but it was always coming around 172 so then I asked my father to measure it with the same object then it came just 5'8(just 172.7 or 172.8, according and also 5'8.5 lying down(I measured instantly after lying and also it was in the evening so I was always sitting so here should be no variation) and I also measured after just sleeping it came a just a little under 5'9 but well above 5'8.5.
Thank you
man 1 said on 18/Jul/21
Rob, please answer this, it would mean a lot

I was shocked when I measured myself today after quite a while ( I have just turned 19), according to my previous measurements I was always almost touching 5'8 but today after 5 to 6 months I measured 《flat 172 cm》 this was in the afternoon (i was almost always sitting or standing ) then in shock I measured myself lying on the floor like you showed in your video then I measured 《5'8.5》 after that I watched a YouTube video which said you are taller when you lie down but then in your video you are the same height in both the measurements. I also want some to tell I have developed a bad posture nowadays, so can I achieve my lying height like you in the video with better posture.(I don't know that if I grew taller or not but nowadays I feels taller than before with the same people, so it was really a shock measuring lesser in place of measuring more).

Please just answer this one, Rob
Editor Rob
maybe your back is under more stress. I would wait a week, maybe do some light stretches and then do another measurement and make sure to stand tall.
man 1 said on 13/Jul/21
21st is the average eye level of a 5'8 man from top of the head and my cheap shoes after 4 years of use have become flatter than even my flip flops. What do you think converse would measure after such a long time after use.
Editor Rob
the last pair I had for years that I was able to remeasure only lost 2mm. The rubber sole seemed to hold up surprisingly well
edward60304 said on 13/Jun/21
Hey Rob! I have discovered something interesting and I really wanna hear about your opinion on it. So my height is 176cm but the people who is taller than me (Ex:180cm up) they believe I am around 178cm or even taller. However, those who are shorter than me (Ex: 165cm or even below 160cm) they always strongly question my height and believe I am only around 170cm can’t be taller. So why is there a such phenomenon? Thank you
Editor Rob
in some cases, if you look up/down at people (and they also do this) then height differences can be reduced in terms of eyelevels.
edward60304 said on 10/Jun/21
Hey Rob! I am wondering that is the difference between 176cm and 178cm noticeable? And how about 176cm and 180cm? Thank you!
Editor Rob
sometimes 2cm isn't much, but the other person's eyes could be looking at middle of taller person's nose and with 4cm difference, maybe quite near the end of the taller person's nose.
Rem said on 21/Jan/21
Rob i measured a friend after playing a football match and after being awake for like 10 hours. He was bang on 177 (177.0mm). He claims 5'10. Isnt his claim a bit inflated?
Editor Rob
near mid-day he could be near 5ft 10, so I don't think too unreasonable.

I wouldn't issue him with a height fine 😎
Ludwig Wittgenstein said on 5/Jan/21
What is the typical distance between one's hairline and the top of the head?
Editor Rob
4cm / 1.5 inches...near 2 and over would be quite low, 1-1.25 a higher hairline.
J2Frenzy said on 7/Nov/20
If a guy who’s 5’7.5 at an extreme low comes up to my cheekbones while wearing 1.5 inch shoes, am I 6’2.5 like I think I am?
Editor Rob
Ultimately your own measurement is the best source.
Andrew Wayne Barnes said on 6/Oct/20
I'm a head and some inches taller than almost everyone I know. How tall am I?
Editor Rob
Well if you live in Lilliput, not very...

but you might be over 6ft 8
joec said on 13/Sep/20
Rob, would you consider adding height charts to some of your pictures with the challengers, just to get an idea of how accurate a height chart is compared to an actual stadiometer measurement
JJJ75 said on 18/Jun/20
Rob, if I look into the hair of someone who is 5'7 then how tall am i?
Editor Rob
5ft 11 to 6ft is a possible range, though it's always best to measure your own height 👍
Kane99 said on 20/May/20
Thanks rob.
I know that I ask you many questions, but you are always very kind in answering me. thank you very much
Kane99 said on 18/May/20
Yes, but for sure there are a case of tall man not have a 5 inch eyelvel, like challenger 15 an example or curtly Ambrose..
I just wanted to say that it is not obvious that every tall person has a
5 inch eyelevel
Editor Rob
There is a greater chance of it, but yeah, there will be a decent proportion of tall guys with 4.5-4.75 too.

Here is Number 8 full head against stadiometer.
Kane99 said on 16/May/20
[Editor Rob: 4.5 inch is typical, the taller the average will increase a little, so it might be 4.5 around 5ft 9, but 6ft 3 could be 4.7 on average etc.
Is near 5 inch (12,5 cm) common for very tall guy or if you have a 5 inch eye level is very big ? Because I met various nba player in person and various tall man who take a photo together. I have near 4.5 inches eyelevel (11 cm) and no one of this gave me the impression who have a 5 inch eyelevel in person...
it would seem weird to me if were normal to have 5 inches, but even by reviewing the photos most do not seem to have the eye level so different from mine. I’m confused
Editor Rob
Remember sometimes in photos that a very tall person's head can sometimes appear slightly smaller than it is in reality, or if you photographed from the middle of the taller and shorter person's head...

It would be more common for 6ft 4+ men to have 5 inch eyelevel.
Andrea said on 14/May/20
So, Rob, was your father 5'10 or more 5'9.75 at peak?
Editor Rob
as I said in the past I remember checking family heights and he was near 5ft 10 (though this wasn't to the mm, like any celebheights measurments) and generally I'd have said from my perspective looked it.

However, he still goes with that 5ft 9.75 mark on the few times he mentioned height.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 15/Apr/20
Will there ever be future height guessing challenges, like 16+?
Editor Rob
I am not sure what the future holds, although video height challenges are far desirable.
But these immediate months are going to be a tough slog as ad rates are a bit 😨🙀
Guy1987 said on 12/Apr/20
So you don’t know how tall he might have been at peak? We’re talking about a 1” loss from peak?
Editor Rob
Yes, the one time I did measure him near his peak was around 5ft 10, but it was before mid-day.
He still goes with his army height of 5ft 9.75 though.
Guy87 said on 11/Apr/20
Rob how many inche did your father lost since his peak? How tall is now if he stretch up?
Editor Rob
I've only measured him a couple of times in last 10 years, back for the height challenge he managed almost 5ft 9 and then a few years later was down to 5ft 8.5. He is near 84 now and I would say comparing him to Jenny, he can look barely her height, but then I know his posture is worse than hers, I'd say he might still manage around 173 range.
shantanu said on 8/Apr/20
When i wake up in morning , my height is around 186.1 cm and when i go back to sleep it is 184.5 cm. What could be my actual height?
Editor Rob
I'd claim 185cm. Our height varies a bit from morning to night, and there's no universal agreement on what time to claim.

However, most people who get a physical or measurement at a hospital or GP surgery setting will have been up for a few hours.
Gaara said on 22/Feb/20
how do I know the height of a stranger if there is no mirror around me? (We have similar height)

If I have the same eye level as the stranger, may I be taller or shorter than the stranger? or we have SAME height?
Editor Rob
Roughly the same if you feel eyelevels are similar, but potentially a fraction taller or shorter as not all eyelevels are equal, there could be 1/4, 1/2 or some rarer instances, 3/4 to 1 inch difference.
TwelveTER said on 19/Jan/20
What difference in height can we expect if we measure a person with a thin head of hair and then re-measure him after completely shaving his head??
Editor Rob
It's not really going to have much effect, or any measurable effect. But when you don't push the bar down (to disperse/flatten hair) then maybe there is a small advantage. If you had braids/dreads or something like that, obviously it will add a fraction using a stadiometer
Xpac99 said on 20/Dec/19
Thanks rob. Honestly the challenger 15 looks huge in that pic with you and seems taller than guy like rory, but i understand he isn’t.. last question, is the challnger 15 taller than robert nairne in person?
Editor Rob
Not much difference in person, within same kind of range
Xpac99 said on 20/Dec/19
How is in your opinion the difference between the challengers 15 and rory mccann, if you imagine both face to face? Who can be taller?
Editor Rob
Challenger 15 actually has a bit worse posture in public, though last time I seen him, he was looking a typical 6ft 5 guy, but McCann generally can look a very big 6ft 5 in person, but not convinced he was near 6ft 6 though.
Seif said on 8/Dec/19
Hi rob, I have a friend who claims to be 162cm. I think he comes close to the bottom of my nose. What would that me make?
Editor Rob
Maybe 179 range
Xpac99 said on 4/Nov/19
The challenger 15 is about 196 cm. Considering your height, there are 23 cm between you 2. This guy seems to have a full head on you, but i don’t think his head is only 23 cm
Andrea said on 17/Jun/19
Have you met/measured them or just guessing, maybe from photos or the girls' words (in which case I'd take it with a large pinch of salt, as we've seen with the first girl)?
Editor Rob
3 would be guesses, others measured.
Corwy said on 5/Jun/19
how tall are the girls partners?
Editor Rob
Challenger 1 6ft 1-2 range.

Challenger 3 5ft 9.5

Challenger 6 5ft 7-8

Challenger 7 6ft+

Challenger 11 6ft 2-3

Challenger 12.1 5ft 9-9.5
Challenger 12.2 5ft 7
Challenger 12.3 6ft 2
Ashlion said on 21/May/19
Rob where is the top of the the head of challenger's 9 of yours
Editor Rob
Just below my bottom lip
Connor G. said on 17/Feb/19
Hey, Rob! I recently discovered your blog and YouTube channel and have become obsessed! I think it's really cool! I was looking for your expertise/opinion. I wake up at 6' 3/16", am down to 6' 0" within an hour of waking, and typically have shrunk to 5' 11 11/16" by late afternoon/evening. If I lift weights, do rigorous physical activity or am up for more than 24 hours (I'm in the Army), my height can decline to as low as just above 5' 11 5/16". In your experience, is this normal? Is there any way for me to delay or reverse the decline in height throughout the day? Also, with this level of fluctuation in my daily height, is it reasonable for me to claim 6' flat, as I currently do? Some folks assume I'm a bit taller than I am, others shorter; probably distorted by the fact that I have broad shoulders, a relatively tall head and don't always stand up straight. What do you think?
Editor Rob
I think you are just about in the area to be able to say 6ft. You can understand the closer to 6ft (i.e. 5ft 11.5) the far greater the percentage of men in that range would want to round up. Since you're 3/8ths or close to that straight out of bed, about/almost 6ft might be a fair assessment.

Shrinkage on average is close to 2cm, so that seems what you vary by as well.
guru said on 10/Feb/19
is there pics of you and the girls in heels???
Editor Rob
Not really got any to hand.
Ashlion said on 5/Jan/19
Rob how tall is challenger 13 now.Is he about 6'4"??
Editor Rob
A fraction over 6ft 4.
CD said on 2/Jan/19
Hey Rob I have a question about the blue stadiometer. I have the same model (the Leicester) and it appears to only have a 1mm error at most. In fact the lines are smudged slightly around the 160cm mark which appears to cause the error as you can see here Click Here Anything under 160cm actually seems to be bang on but above 160cm it adds an extra mm. Does this sound possible or because it's the same model as yours does that mean it definitely has a 2mm error?
Editor Rob
I haven't looked at the blue stadiometer for ages, but this moment, I dragged it from the deep recesses of the kitchen cupboard to have a closer look at those marks and I think the tiny errors are in the joins.

Very small, but it accounts for 2mm or so: Click Here

On mine the 63 to 64 'inch' is 1mm too small.

The 43 to 44 inch is about 0.5mm too small.

The 23 to 24 inch is about 0.5mm too small.

All the other inch divisions out-with those 3 joins look properly marked.
Ashlion said on 30/Dec/18
Hey Rob just ask you where is your top of the head as compare to challenger 13 in photo
Editor Rob
When he was 6ft 3 3/8th I'd have been about top lip range.
James694 said on 18/Dec/18
If your dad was on celebheights would he get 5'8 3/4 or 5'9" currently I know you mentioned he was 5'10 peak but what would he get for his currently because on a stadiometer like that I got the same exact height as what he got and it's consistent with measuring tapes as well though i can measure 5'9 1/4 on it as well and measuring tapes during the same time of the day.
Editor Rob
The last time he was measured was a couple of years ago at 5ft 8.5 when he was going to turn 80...at 82 it is hard to tell his exact height because generally his posture isn't great, I would still expect him in 5ft 8.25-8.5 zone today.

He has one brother who is 71, he looks between 5ft 7-8 today but like his brother his posture isn't great so could still be nearer 5ft 8. A photo of his brother beside Jenny and myself Click Here
184guy2 said on 25/Oct/18

Could you put the 2018 update of HC 10 ?
Redwing said on 6/Oct/18
Hey rob, where does the man on the far left come up to on challenger 13s dad? And is he 168 cm?
Editor Rob
The last time I measured him (a few years ago) on the blue stadiometer he was around 5ft 7.
I don't know Challenger 13's parents.
Gabi said on 7/Sep/18
rob, my friend ask me a thing and i dont know how to answer. if i have a upper lip dead at 5 ft 8.5, what should be his height? i think that be my height (6 ft 3.5)
Editor Rob
You would expect somewhere from 6ft 3 to 4 range, but it can of course depend on how big or small the person's head is.
Rory said on 2/Sep/18
Rob, if you were to advice the plumber on what height to claim would you say "nearly 6ft2" ?
Editor Rob
he said he was measured 6ft 2 before that challenge, so he was surprised he came in so low, but I think 'almost 6ft 2' is ok for someone like that to claim.
Myself said on 19/Aug/18
Rob, i read that Challenger 13 has actually grown to 6'4.25? How old was he when these photos were taken, and at what age did you see him reach 6'4?
Editor Rob
Whereas the other challenger #10 was around same age, he didn't really gain anything but #13 by age 19 did seem taller...nowadays he's near 24 although haven't seen him since that get together photo as he moved away.
Myself said on 7/Jul/18
Rob, How old are challengers 5 and 13?
Editor Rob
Now they are age 50 and 23.
hide ardana said on 3/Jul/18
how far 2 inch difference in photo?between 5foot 8 and 5foot10
Editor Rob
The 5ft 8 might be looking very end of nose into moustache area, but it varies because not all eyelevels are the same.
tree said on 20/Jun/18
Rob what is chalengers 15 eyelevel?
Editor Rob
In the 4.5 inch range from what I remember
Canson said on 12/Jun/18
@Rob: Challenger 15 is very much on the heavy side Rob. What do you think his out of bed height would be? 6’6.25?
Editor Rob
He might top 6ft 6 a little out of bed, but I don't think he ever did an out of bed measurement. I've not seen him for a couple of years though, but last time he still seemed similar height and weight
TRent said on 22/May/18
@Rob, guys sorry I was incorrect with measurement, actually 5'6" might come more to my chin, to make sure once and for all Ive used a seca stadiometer, turned out 6'3.75/6'4" shall I go with 6'4"?
Editor Rob
5ft 6 at chin certainly puts your head size within the expected range :) Of nearly 6ft 4...
Zampo said on 20/May/18

I was sliding towards the latter initially, "a usually gigantic head" because I think it would very hard to get the measurement of your mouth level wrong, Its not like eye-level where you could tilt your head upwards/downwards by up to 2 cm hence should be relatively straightforward.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 18/May/18

Either you're measuring very incorrectly or you have an abnormally gigantic head if that's the case.
Zampo said on 18/May/18
Hmmm...my upper lip is about 5'4.6, I assume this would roughly yield a six footer?
Editor Rob
That's the kind of range you'd expect for a six footer.
TRent said on 17/May/18
@Rob thank you Rob, I've actually measured 6'3.5 or a hair under 6'4" at times is that possible?

I've measured facing the wall.
Editor Rob
If you had 9.5 inches from top of head to top lip, that would be 99.999999th percentile for head size.
TRent said on 15/May/18
@Rob, just wondering if 5'6" comes roughly to my upper lip level how tall could I be?
Editor Rob
At least 6ft 1 range, and maybe even close to 6ft 1.5-2 zone.
Rem said on 2/May/18
Rob, i measured my cousin at 172.5 cms with the tape measure, around 10 pm. Should he claim 5'8 (173 cm)?
Editor Rob
Tell your cousin that Rob from CelebHeights gives him an official 5ft 8 seal of approval 😺
184guy said on 17/Apr/18
Rob , nowdays in person the HC 13 is still shorter than Joe Manganiello ? He looks massive in the 2017 photo , but had á little bit more footwear
Editor Rob
Joe with poorer posture in person can come across like a 6ft 4 guy, but when he stands tall he's much nearer 6ft 5, taller than HC 13, who is of similar range to Colin Salmon.
Andrea said on 13/Apr/18
Rob, apart from the 189 guy, do you think that all the challengers were around their normal low here or some of them might still dip a bit under those measurements?
One more thing, do you think the camera is adding a fraction to the plumber? I know he was measured at 186.6 (186.8 with the old stadiometer that added a couple of mms), but to be honest, I still wouldn't have guessed him any less than 187-8 next to you...
Editor Rob
Mostly within 1/8th of their low, none of them were morning or lunch, we done them late afternoon through evening so I would be near my low.

I think the camera does sometimes add a fraction or reduce it - in the plumber's case a fraction. It would look slightly different if you raised the camera to 173cm high.

Incidentally, I was going through an old card and found a photo we also took from back then of myself with Jenny's Mum:
Click Here.

Her Mother is almost 70 and 5ft 1.5, she said in her youth she was 5ft 2, so she only lost half inch or so by nearly 70...
Jose said on 2/Sep/12
Hi, Rob. I have a question regarding something that has been really bugging me about my height. It appears that when I wake up first thing in the morning, I am about 187.9cm ( Very close to 6'2" ) but at night when I am about to go to bed I am just a notch at 183.9-184cm ( Slightly over 6 feet, like the challenger number 10 ), and I know this by a fact because I have measure myself with a cart box on top of my head and against a wall while looking straight in front of a big mirror ( To make sure I am not making any error at all! ), and with a pencil or a pen I have marked my correct height. And my question is why am I loosing that much height! It is clearly that my height fluctuates by about 3.9cm of height from morning to night. Something very unusual from what I can see by the members comments. Could it be due to my very large frame? Because thanks to this uniqueness of mine, people have always guess my height at 6'3"-6'4" (There has been only this one lady that guessed my height correctly at 6'1"; I mean, I guess I can get away by claiming 6'1" or even 6'2" considering that I am about that height when I wake up ), or maybe it has something to due with me still growing????? I am 24 years old by the way ( Just to mention, one of my ants has told me that I am still growing because she says that men don't stop growing until they are 25-27 years of age, and it could be quite true because I have grown from when I was 21 to now, that I am 24, about 3 centimeters! )

Anyways, sorry for making my question to long, lol. Hope you can answer it! Thanks! :).
Editor Rob
some people have longer spines and will lose more from waking to evening. If you are younger the water content of your discs are going to be better than when you are older, so you might find 25 years later you don't shrink as much from morning to night as you did in your younger years because the water content of the discs reduces a bit over time.
Connor said on 1/Sep/12
Rob are the height challengers some of the users from the site you have measured?, I would like it if you could measure me!, by the stadiometer or the tape.
Editor Rob
some of them of course visit the site, although more 'now and again' and the family height challengers know about but don't really visit it.
Connor said on 31/Aug/12
Hey Rob if you ever did another height challenge I would volunteer and take part!, but unfortunately I live in Rossington.
Editor Rob
yeah I'm sure there'd be no shortage of volunteer from this site :)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 20/Aug/12
Rob, are you gonna do a new height challenge? I'd really like to do that, it's passed about 7 months from the last challenge :(
Editor Rob
unfortunately I don't have the time to do it now
Ajax said on 30/Jul/12
Well if challenger 15 is a hair over 6'5" then, all those guys who told me they were 6'5" aren't because he's clearly taller than them!
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
challenge 15 guy was atually not a full head taller than rob. he obviously tilt up his lower chin by 0.7-0.8" up. by relax down hes head looking straight he would look like pushing a head taller than rob.
BigT said on 25/Jul/12
I am 179,6 cm after a good 4-5 hours, 180,5 cm morning height, 178,7 cm before bed. In converse shoes most people think I am a solid 183 cm because of my impeccable posture.
Ajax said on 9/Jun/12
Hey Rob,

Have you thought about getting a scale with a height rod mounted to it because they are more
Traditional or at least in America?
Editor Rob
attached to a wall? I wouldn't do that, a portable one is better - can be shoved into a cupboard or loft.
Ajax said on 5/Jun/12

Yeah. I think on most people who are inexperienced in height guessing, you can get away with 2". 3" will eliminate their belief but, 2" is easy to fool someone. People think I'm 6'4" and I'm only 6'2"!
Alex said on 8/Feb/12
XYZ, I am 6'0-6'0 1/8 at my low and I am often guessed at 6'1 and even 6'2 sometimes. Maybe my build can give a taller impression is why. I also tend to have pretty good posture
xyz.reg(185.4cms-186.9cms) said on 2/Feb/12
@rob If a legit 6ft 5 can be guessed 6ft 6-7 even 6ft 8..then a 6ft guy could also be guessed 1-2in more than his height depending on his physique.
Editor Rob

with good posture a true 6ft man could easily fool a good proportion of people into thinking they are 6ft 1.
johno said on 1/Feb/12
johno says on 19/Jan/12
I guess challenger 15 really humbled alot of people. A 6'5 is simply enormous so all these speculated 6'4-6'5 or there abouts candidates need to be downgraded ie vince vaughn, jeff goldblum, hasselhoff, the rock, jeremy clarkson, lennox lewis, vitali klitschko etc Only klitschko would compare to this guy. Rob hardly reaches his chin :-S and a true 6'4 wouldn't be much shorter .

robs already pointed out on big shows page that the way the shot was taken makes him look 1 inch taller because in truth rob "should" have reached his chin Click Here in a comparison challenger 13 Click Here would come out more than ~1.5 inches shorter even though he was measured 191.7cm

As i stated earlier, robs head would reach his chin, with his head around 9 - 9.5 inches would equate to a 6'5 range fella. A 6'4 would be around the lower lip. In any angle, this guy could give off a strong 6'6 impression easily like any other 6'5 guy.
Connor said on 1/Feb/12
Hey rob, i am new to this site im just wondering is the tape measure just as accurate as the stadiometer because i used your method with the aresol can and pencil and i measure above 6ft 183.2cm which is two mm or lines over, do you think this is correct? sorry about the repeated questions its just that i wondering why there not appearing answer if you have time
Connor said on 28/Jan/12
Hey rob i went to the gym and I measured myself on the stadiometer 183.8cm two lines below 184 is this correct? if so how tall am i in feet and inches? hope this makes sense answer if you can, like your website
Editor Rob
as I said you are about 6ft and 1/3rd inch
Alex said on 26/Jan/12
Also the fact that his head is titled up some can make him appear a bit taller than he really is too. It threw it off some which many thought he was 6'6 range. Honestly I didn't think he was anything under 6'5.5
Vegas said on 25/Jan/12
johno says on 19/Jan/12
I guess challenger 15 really humbled alot of people. A 6'5 is simply enormous so all these speculated 6'4-6'5 or there abouts candidates need to be downgraded ie vince vaughn, jeff goldblum, hasselhoff, the rock, jeremy clarkson, lennox lewis, vitali klitschko etc Only klitschko would compare to this guy. Rob hardly reaches his chin :-S and a true 6'4 wouldn't be much shorter .

robs already pointed out on big shows page that the way the shot was taken makes him look 1 inch taller because in truth rob "should" have reached his chin Click Here in a comparison challenger 13 Click Here would come out more than ~1.5 inches shorter even though he was measured 191.7cm
johno said on 19/Jan/12
and oh, he seems like he weight 390 - 400 ilbs
johno said on 19/Jan/12
I guess challenger 15 really humbled alot of people. A 6'5 is simply enormous so all these speculated 6'4-6'5 or there abouts candidates need to be downgraded ie vince vaughn, jeff goldblum, hasselhoff, the rock, jeremy clarkson, lennox lewis, vitali klitschko etc Only klitschko would compare to this guy. Rob hardly reaches his chin :-S and a true 6'4 wouldn't be much shorter ...
Alex said on 18/Jan/12
With the 2mm error this guy would be right on 6'5 1/8 at his low. 6'5.5 could have def been his later morning height after being up for 3-4 hrs which would result in a 6'6 out of bed height I believe.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Jan/12
So he's been honest because he surely measures 6'5.5 at some part of the day. You think that this mark is his low? Do you agree that if he would this height at his low, he's gotta be over 6'6 in the morning, a little but over?
Editor Rob
yes, he could have been measured near 6ft 5.5 say 11am and drops to 6ft 5.1 at his lowest. Being 6ft 6 in the morning is very likely aswell.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Jan/12
How tall he thought to be, Rob? 6'6?
Editor Rob
he said he had been measured at the gym about 6ft 5.5 earlier than the time I measured him.
Alex said on 15/Jan/12
Vegas, I'd say hes no lower than 370lb range and could be like 400-410lbs. When someone is that big its tough to call their exact weight
Josh (170-12) said on 14/Jan/12
Rob, did you ask the people how tall they were/thought they were before you measured them? I'd be interested to see the difference if you did
Editor Rob
a few I already knew, some I didn't know what they thought about their height.

but people like say #8 did think he was 6ft 2 range, #13 thought he was 6ft 4 before getting measured, #2 thought he was 6ft 2, #5 said 6ft 1-2 although from speaking to his partner I think #5 has claimed more than what he said to me :)
Vegas said on 14/Jan/12
rob any idea what challenger 15 weighs??
Editor Rob
I never asked him.
Shaun said on 14/Jan/12
So we now have Lillo Thomas, "Steve", Sam, Kyle and Brad as legit 6'5" ers..... Right.....
Alex said on 13/Jan/12
Lilo, aren't you like 6'5.5 yourself?
Alex said on 13/Jan/12
Triplescrew, I am happy to be joint winners in 1st place. I honestly didn't think I'd be 1st or 2nd since I was behind you by over 10 points by challenge 12-13 but I pulled some big points at the end
Vegas said on 13/Jan/12
ANDREA[ITA] says on 13/Jan/12
Rob, he actually isnt neither 196 because you gotta take off 2 mm for the stadiometer! He's actually 195.95 so just a smidge over 6'5 (195.58)! This shows that a legit 6'5 can look enormous!

also shows that tim robbins was certainly not downgrading himself after all...

personally i think alot of heights on this site need to reassessed, many of the taller wrestlers especially have to come down now, hulk hogan nearly an inch taller than this guy e.g, many of the celebs i have stood next to and taken photos with i would no longer be confident they are as tall as i thought
Alex said on 13/Jan/12
And in reality this guy would be 6'5.1-6'5.2 range with the 2mm error.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Jan/12
Rob, he actually isnt neither 196 because you gotta take off 2 mm for the stadiometer! He's actually 195.95 so just a smidge over 6'5 (195.58)! This shows that a legit 6'5 can look enormous! Am i right? No way that a guy like Armie Hammer is this tall!
Editor Rob
#15 would likely be taller than armie, who is a hollywood 6ft 5, he could be half inch shy of 6ft 5.
Alex said on 12/Jan/12
Triplescrew, yea Rob looked to be a full head shorter than this guy I thought and I assumed this guy's head was 9.5-10 inches
Ikbob said on 12/Jan/12
Rob, what was your guess before measuring him?
Editor Rob
I didn't think he looked as tall as 6ft 6, I thought he is somewhere in 6ft 5-5.5 range.
Shaun said on 12/Jan/12
Is Sam LAN Jiao's new name or do we have another 6'5" guy?
Editor Rob
Lillo Thomas said on 12/Jan/12
At first I thought he was 6-5 to 6-5.5 but the more I looked the pics he Give an 6-6 impression . In the pics he can pass easily as a 6-6 guy.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Jan/12
Rob, did he appear shorter than Daniel Cudmore? Cudmore must have looked almost 1.5 inches taller (if you consider he had shoe disadvantage) than this guy, if he really is 6'7!
Editor Rob
he looked a bit shorter than Cudmore, on seeing #15 he looked in that 6ft 5-5.5 zone, Cudmore looked in the 6ft 6-6.5 zone (without then adding in footwear disadvantage)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Jan/12
Rob, i dont know why but my comment didnt appear! it doesnt matter anyway because i thought i would have said 197.8... this suprised me because he really didnt look under 197! and he actually doesnt neither reach the 6'5.25 mark (which is 196.215)...
Triplescrew said on 12/Jan/12
Alex says on 12/Jan/12
So Rob, we have a tie between me and Triplescrew. Are you just going to leave us as co winners or throw in a bonus challenge to break the tie?
[Editor Rob: I think leaving joint winners is fair, I don't have any other challenges left now.]


Co-winners seems pretty cool, cause we both had ups and downs but ended up with the same score haha.

And I am also amazed at this guys height, without the camera angles #13 and #15 would look very close in height in person.
Theman said on 12/Jan/12
wow I am amazed this man is only 6 foot 5. so hes around only 4 cm taller than the 6 foot 3 guy who was close to 192cm. He looks at least 4 inches taller how strange. I did think he was maybe a little shorter than my 200cm guess but only by about 2cm at most very surprising.
Triplescrew said on 12/Jan/12

Yeah my guess was based on the fact that your had came slightly below what was visible of his chin.
Stiffelio said on 12/Jan/12
I think challenge 15 was the one we, on average, were the farthest off from the true height. Right, Rob? I am happy with my overall ranking: I'm 9th in total points eventhough I forgot to guess on a couple of occasions.
Editor Rob
apart from the kid in 14, which was harder to guess.

but before posting this I thought the average would have been 6ft 6, similarly with the plumber in challenge 8, it is not much surprise that the average in that case was near 6ft 2...it's just I believe in these 2 cases a good fraction got added.

With challenger 13 I got Jenny to take the photos further away and it didn't add much if any to that guy's height.
Sam said on 12/Jan/12
Wow, would never guess this huge guy is about my height...he's still gotta outweigh me by about 100-150 pounds!
JM9 said on 12/Jan/12
Haha my first guess and I won ;)
Alex said on 12/Jan/12
So a mm under 6'5.25 would put this guy at 6'5 1/8 with the 2mm error. I am def shocked as seeing I thought he was MINIMUM 6'5.5
Alex said on 12/Jan/12
So Rob, we have a tie between me and Triplescrew. Are you just going to leave us as co winners or throw in a bonus challenge to break the tie?
Editor Rob
I think leaving joint winners is fair, I don't have any other challenges left now.
Alex said on 12/Jan/12
Def suprised hes as short as 6'5.25. I thought he had at least 9.5 inches on Rob. Its probably because his head is slightly titled up giving him a taller impression.
Jack said on 12/Jan/12
only 196? Wow I thought he would be no less than 198 cm... Really strange.
Cranberries said on 12/Jan/12
Wow... I was nearly 3 inches too high. Haven't been doing many of these but this guy was the most challenging yet! Can't believe how tall 6'5.25" can look...
steven said on 12/Jan/12
this guy height may have proof many 6'5 actors are under the 6'4 mark slightly lower. a real 6'5 and look 6'6.
Shaun said on 12/Jan/12
My first impression of this guy was admittedly around 202cm!! I thought wow he's 6'7" or 6'8" at first glance!!
Shaun said on 12/Jan/12
Yeah i was pretty sure almost everybody was overestimating him!! I must admit I did a calculation based on Rob's head length (where he said his chin height is I deducted it from his height) and rough proportion and he was clearly less than another head taller and I actually got 6'5.44 but I thought him seemingly standing a little further back might have added a little. I thought I'd have looked stupid to estimate him under 6'5.5, as well...., this guy does look near 6'6" and I often underestimate people a little rather than overestimate them... There ya go that proves a legit 6'5" is huge. LAN Jiao might measure up well to him though or Kyle on the general page who is suddenly 6'5 after being 5'4"... Ahem...

We have a tie.. One more challenge tor the winner?
Editor Rob
I think a tie is a good way to finish.

lan jiao is now under a new western name.
sean89 said on 12/Jan/12
hey rob i put 200 cm but my first thought for this guy was 196 cm 6'5 so i was 1/4 inch off that prob the closest ive bin on these hieght challenges tho i put down 200 cm i was suppose to put 196 cm cuase thats what i first thought he looked proves 6'5 looks a lot taller and becuase the camera made him look 6'6 in one of the pics.
Editor Rob
15's eyelevel is below average for his height...so from his eyes he probably is 'seeing' the world near 6ft 6.
Editor Rob said on 12/Jan/12
That's the challenge finished. It was a tough one I think.

I'm not surprised the overall guess was 6ft 6.2 because in the photos the top of my head comes near an inch below his chin.

5ft 8 actually is around the tip of his chin bone.

But we shot this 7-8ft away (like many of the actor photoshoots) and with the camera around my eyelevel in the horizontal shot meant there's always a chance the taller man (or celebrities) can potentially appear slightly taller.

The top 4 had guessed:
Alex 6ft 5 7/8th (197.8cm)
Triplescrew 6ft 6.72 (199.64)
Ka 199.8
Tim 198
Alex said on 11/Jan/12
Shaun, yea 6'7-6'8 is too much for him. He has 9.5-10 inches on Rob which puts him in the 6'5.75-6'6.25 range.
jbf_182 said on 11/Jan/12
My guess is 6'4.75
Shaun said on 11/Jan/12

You need to buy some magical glasses. Cudmore has at least an inch on this guy with footwear disadvantage to Rob. I think the jawline/neck area and his posture is throwing you off and he creates an illusion of being 6'7"-6'8". If he's over 6'6.25" as Alex says I'd be very surprised.
Witchdoctor said on 11/Jan/12
1.987meters... if he is under 2meters than I wonder how daniel cudmore is over 2m because truth be told he looks shorter than this guy compared to Rob
Beastman said on 10/Jan/12
I have this strong feeling I'm going to be either as incorrect on this one as I was with #11 or worse. It's so obvious since almost everyone put a higher guess than me and I'm usually inaccurate.
Emil said on 10/Jan/12
This is the proof that a true 6'5-6'7 guy is GINORMOUS
fricanman said on 9/Jan/12
197.9cm after much thought
Ka said on 9/Jan/12
**** cm
Editor Rob
I blanked out yours aswell as alex/triplescrew till the result.
steven said on 9/Jan/12
he had no neck so 6'6 min. 6'7 illusion
Shaun said on 9/Jan/12
197.3 cm. Granted I initially thought he was around 6'7". His huge frame makes him look taller than he actually is. But I think some here will be surprised he is shorter than they think.
Alex said on 8/Jan/12
Lilo, def hes no lower than 6'5.5-6'5.75 range and could be like 6'6 1/4. I wouldn't say he looks more than that though
JM9 said on 8/Jan/12
196.0 cm (just over 6'5)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/12
Im gonna say 197.7cm(6"5.85)...
Lillo Thomas said on 8/Jan/12
Alex compare him with the 6-3.5 kid . Yeah He is 6-6 at very least 6-5.5
Shaun said on 8/Jan/12
Note also he is actually standing a little further back than Rob so might be losing a cm or so.
Tommy said on 7/Jan/12
6'5.9 I'll say.
Alex said on 7/Jan/12
This guy appears hes no less than 6'5.5 minimum really and could be slightly over 6'6 too
Alex said on 7/Jan/12
Lilo, yea if you look his head is slightly titled up but if he tilts it straight hes still a head taller than Rob. question is how long is this guy's head. 10 inches? Hes easily 6'5 and change at least
Lillo Thomas said on 7/Jan/12
The more I look the big guy pics he is looking 6-6 easily to me.
Alex said on 7/Jan/12
Should be a bonus point for guessing this guys weight I think. I'd be willing to bet hes at least 370lbs
Shaun said on 7/Jan/12
@Alex. I was being polite..
the shredder said on 7/Jan/12
Rob next to this guy is like Popeye vs. Brutus . This big guy is hard , but I bet money he is in the 6'6 range . I don't see a foot , yet at least 9 "
sean89 said on 7/Jan/12
@shaun no this guy is prob 380 lbs but he should weigh 300 maybe 280 ...
Cranberries said on 7/Jan/12
6'8", 342 lbs is my guess...
Triplescrew said on 7/Jan/12
My answer for challenge 15:


Good luck other contenders!
Daniel said on 6/Jan/12
he´s 6,5.5" 196,97
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 6/Jan/12
6 ft 5.98 in
Alex said on 6/Jan/12
Shaun, 350 minimum! Id say more like 400lbs to be honest
Jack said on 6/Jan/12
6'6"(198 cm)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 6/Jan/12
He could neither reach the 6'6 mark, he's surely near that mark but i still gotta think about this big guy!
Shaun said on 6/Jan/12
sean89 says on 6/Jan/12
@rob this guy should weigh about 250 lbs hes defintaly overweight even for his hieght.

250 lbs? Dude seriously you are way off. My uncle is about 250 at 6'3" range and this guy is far far bigger. This guy is nearer 350 than 250, seriously. I'd guess him at around 24 stone given his height range too. He's about the size of some of the NFL players I've seen who are about that weight. Height I will guess on 11 January but the more I look at it I have a feeling he is shorter than I had initially thought!
Lillo Thomas said on 6/Jan/12
He is atleast 6-5 . Minimum 9 inches between him and rob
xyz.reg(185.4cms-???cms) said on 6/Jan/12
challenger 15# 6ft 7.35in
I doubt he is below 6ft 7
@Rob...So u do take my words seriously..i asked u to get someone taller than challenger 13 and u did..i hope u get a 7 footer very soon..this guy is freakishly tall..huge....can take on 4-5 well built guys easily..i hope he never falls on anyone or else they will be crushed like a tin can..looking at his health i wonder what could be his diet..!!
Editor Rob
this is the last challenge I'm doing, I don't know when I will do another series (or if).
sean89 said on 6/Jan/12
@rob this guy should weigh about 250 lbs hes defintaly overweight even for his hieght. hard to guess but i think hes no less than 6'6 prob 6'7
sean89 said on 6/Jan/12
@rob 200 cm for challenge 15
random guy said on 6/Jan/12
I'm bad at this but...197.45 lol
Alex said on 6/Jan/12
Rob, my first guess didn't go through. It came up as **** for some reason haha but my guess was
Editor Rob
yes I blanked it out, I am going to blank out yours/triplescrew/tim/ka as those are the 4 guessers who could win. More fair I think.
Osman Vaserman said on 6/Jan/12
I think he's 195.1 cm
the shredder said on 6/Jan/12
Hard WOW , 6'6 is my best guess ... I'm for Alex or TripleScrew , Maybe a underdog ?
Matt (184 - 186)cm said on 6/Jan/12
Well, as I've missed many challenges I cannot win :(. But I guess this guy is maybe 6ft 6
Mr. R said on 6/Jan/12
Okay, since I have been so bad at this, I will give it one last shot. I would say 6 foot 4 and a quarter.
177cmmm said on 6/Jan/12
Lol 202.45 cms?

Im probably off like 10cm.....
Hugh said on 5/Jan/12
I say he is 200cm
Parker said on 5/Jan/12
Final challenge
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Jan/12
Lol, Rob! This guy is huge (and im not talking about his height)! He's obviously very tall but he has a huge body. Is he a rugby player? :)
Editor Rob
he said he used to, but does some MMA.
Triplescrew said on 5/Jan/12
A true giant...Cranberries would be proud
Jon said on 5/Jan/12
197.5 cm me thinks...
avi said on 5/Jan/12
Rob, where do you find these huge people? i'd say just off the top of my head:6'4.13
Editor Rob
from around the corner from my street.
Roman said on 5/Jan/12
14. Big ... man =) 6 ft 5.75 in
Steven said on 5/Jan/12
wow.. what a huge men.. this page is fun.. im new and guessing this is a end challenge. but i would have guess this big guy is around 199cm
Shaun said on 5/Jan/12
Hahaha awesome Rob I was expecting another 6-1-6-2 guy but you sure saved the best till last. This guy looks hard as hell, I wouldn't want to face him on a rugby/American football team or anywhere else for that matter!!!
Josh B said on 5/Jan/12
Finishing on a high :P
Anon said on 5/Jan/12
14 is ginormous! At least 6'6" for sure! 199cm
miko said on 5/Jan/12
I don't think he's quite as tall as I first though.

6'6.25 Rob.
QLR said on 5/Jan/12
6 foot 9 and a half inches
Theman said on 5/Jan/12
Ok did terrible in last height challenge for this guy i am going to go 200.50cm. Hopefully this might redeem me lol.
MrGoodGuy said on 5/Jan/12
I know this is my first guess in the challenge and would still love to try it. My guess for #15 is 201.7cm.
Alex said on 5/Jan/12
Triplescrew, it looks like its down to me, you and Tim. This is prob only a 5 point challenge so at most Tim would tie us I think.
Editor Rob
it's back to the usual 10/8/5/3/1 points, so any of top 4 could win it currently.
Alex said on 5/Jan/12
My estimate for this guys height is *****.

Rob who is this guy though? He could be a very intimidating person I bet!
Editor Rob
he's a volunteer who lives round the corner from me.
Alex said on 5/Jan/12
Wow this guy isn't just tall but hes huge. Looks to be 375-400lb range with over a 20 inch neck!
Editor Rob
he said he does some MMA.
FiveNine said on 5/Jan/12
Looking like you got some Mafia protection just in case....
A solid 6'6.2 and I mean solid!!!
Editor Rob said on 5/Jan/12
This is the final height challenge.

Jenny took these photos about 7ft away from us. The horizontal one she took it normal stance, the vertical one she lowered the camera maybe a foot lower than her eyelevel.

Good luck...
177cmmm said on 5/Jan/12
Darn I missed challenge 14...
Alex said on 4/Jan/12
Triplescrew, it has all come down to the final challenge! This is going to be a pretty close one. And yea we all have an addiction to this site LOL
A said on 3/Jan/12
My money is on Alex to win it all.
Editor Rob
my money is on one of the 4 names I mentioned ;) I think it could go either way with the last challenge.
Triplescrew said on 3/Jan/12
To Alex, Tim and Ka,

Good luck! No matter who wins we can all call ourselves height nerds with an unhealthy addiction to this site, lol.
Jack said on 3/Jan/12
Hey Rob, sorry to be a pain but shouldn't I be listed in third place for the result of 14.4? I didn't make the final cut. She was 149.55cm and I guessed she was 149.2cm (4'10.74") whereas linke (5th) guessed 4'10.6"/148.85cm) Matt (4th) guessed 4'11.13"/150.2cm, and Sam (3rd) guessed 4'10.67"/149cm which I was slightly above. Shredder in 2nd place guessed 4'10.75", I was 1/100 of an inch behind that.
Editor Rob
I see there were 2 Jacks, I've now called you JackUK and put you in the 14.4 with shredder at position 2 and 9th overall. Jack1 didn't give the kid value.
Alex said on 3/Jan/12
Rob, I got 5 points in 2 of the challenges so wouldn't that be 10 points total instead of 8?
Editor Rob
the overall is separate from the 5 individual.

So you scored 8 + 5 + 5 = 18 points in this one.
Alex said on 3/Jan/12
Nice I am tied for 1st now. I kinda thought I was out of the race! I am glad I got the little girl's height bang on. I am a bit suprised 14.2 was a MM under 5'9 though
Shaun said on 3/Jan/12
Pretty good guesses really although I thought your Dad's hair Rob would have flattened down more! He must have been 5 ft 10 peak? Surprised 14.4 though is almost 4'11", I thought if anything I might have overcooked it.
Editor Rob
she could just manage almost 4ft 11 for a measurement, but standing normally in a photo she's closer to 4ft 10.

yes he was 5ft 10 peak.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 3/Jan/12
Rob why im not in the 14.4 result? You put linke who said 5'4.9" which is 164,846 and not me that said 165,1 which is obviously closer :O
Editor Rob
I had the 2 heads .3/.4 in the wrong position for the result image, so I've swapped them into correct position now.
Parker said on 3/Jan/12
Parker says on 2/Jan/12
Think your like me Rob and getting your days mixed up cos of Christmas - today is Tuesday!

Apologies - Its just me that's lost track of the days lol!!
Parker said on 2/Jan/12
Shaun says on 2/Jan/12
Well Rob something you said about your chin level I doubled the length of your head and she was still shorter than 4'0.75 and thought 3'9" range didn't seem too far off. But usually when I think my estimate is good I end up just missing out on the points!! Grrr. Let's hear the results then and disappoint!
[Editor Rob: I'll have to do this on Tuesday morning as - the result - as I don't have time today.]

Think your like me Rob and getting your days mixed up cos of Christmas - today is Tuesday!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 2/Jan/12
Rob, i had problems with the site last days... Since you put the results tomorrow, i hope im still in time to put my guesses :)
14.1 - 156,8
14.2 - 175,1
14.3 - 165,1
14.4 - 148,1
14.5 - 111,6
Shaun said on 2/Jan/12
Well Rob something you said about your chin level I doubled the length of your head and she was still shorter than 4'0.75 and thought 3'9" range didn't seem too far off. But usually when I think my estimate is good I end up just missing out on the points!! Grrr. Let's hear the results then and disappoint!
Editor Rob
I'll have to do this on Tuesday morning as - the result - as I don't have time today.
ZAQ said on 1/Jan/12
I feel like im on price is rite right now lol

14.1 - 156.86
14.2 - 175.75
14.3 - 163.15
14.4 - 147.33
14.5 - 114.65
Jack said on 1/Jan/12
14.1 - 157.2cm
14.2 - 174.45cm
14.3 - 163.9cm
14.4 - 149.2cm
14.5 – 119.5cm
Shaun said on 1/Jan/12
And I bet you I won't even be in with any points overall even if I'm close, that's the way things seem to go!!
Editor Rob
the kid is probably a 'killer' for this challenge, a few got close on the other 4 and then bam, a couple inches out on the kid and they drop out the top 10 overall for this one...
Shaun said on 1/Jan/12
14.1: 156.9 cm
14.2: 174.4 cm
14.3: 164 cm
14.4: 148 cm
14.5: 115.7 cm
SAK said on 1/Jan/12
14.1: 156.9cm
14.2: 175.3cm
14.3: 164.5cm
14.4: 148.0cm
14.5: 110.0cm
ChiasmataX said on 31/Dec/11
14.1: 157cm
14.2: 174.9cm
14.3: 165.9cm
14.4: 148.2cm
14.5: 117.2cm
Nick said on 31/Dec/11
My guesses:

14.1 : 157,2cm // 5'1,75"
14.2 : 174,9cm // 5'9"
14.3 : 166cm // 5'5,25"
14.4 : 148,5cm // 4'10,5"
14.5 : 117 cm // 3'10,25"
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 30/Dec/11
14.1: 5ft 1.80in
14.2: 5ft 9.17in
14.3: 5ft 4.35in
14.4: 4ft 9.9in
14.5: 3ft 8.8in
JCameron said on 30/Dec/11
14.1: 5ft 1.75in
14.2: 5ft 8.75in
14.3: 5ft 4.75in
14.4: 4ft 9.25in
14.5: 3ft 6.5in
Ka said on 30/Dec/11
14.1: 5'1.75
14.2: 5'8.9
14.3: 5'3.875
14.4: 4'7.25
14.5: 3'6
Tim said on 30/Dec/11
Challenger 14.1- 157.3cm
Challenger 14.2- 175.4cm
Challenger 14.3- 165.0cm
Challenger 14.4- 149.5cm
Challenger 14.5- 115.5cm
mofo said on 29/Dec/11
14.1 = 157.3cm
14.2 = 175.1cm
14.3 = 165.0cm
14.3 = 148.4cm
14.5 = 122.2cm
Vegas said on 29/Dec/11
14.1: 156cm
14.2: 175.3cm
14.3: 163.7cm
14.4: 147.5cm
14.5: 115cm
Shaun said on 29/Dec/11
Why aren't I on the leaderboard Rob, I'm pretty certain I'm on 21 points as I was on 16 and then I had 5 points from the last challenge!!
Editor Rob
refresh the image, the most recent one from 13 is updated.
linke said on 29/Dec/11




14.5- 3'9.
Ikbob said on 28/Dec/11
14.1 = 5'1.75

14.2 = 5'8.85

14.3= 5'4.5


B said on 28/Dec/11
My guesses are

14.1 153.03 cm

14.2 176.3 cm

14.3 161.77 cm

14.4 142.2 cm

14.5 97.8 cm
miko said on 28/Dec/11
14.1: 5'1.85
14.2: 5'9.15
14.3: 5'3.45
14.4: 4'10.3
14.5: 3'5.25
Alex said on 28/Dec/11
I am really curious to see how tall 14.5 the kid is. That was a very tough one to call since hes that short. Also 14.4 the lady looks a full head shorter than Rob or slightly more.
Editor Rob
it's a little girl, she only agreed to take part if Sookie the cat was in the shot aswell.
shewşonko said on 28/Dec/11
14.1 157.5 cm
14.2 175cm
14.3 166.5 cm
14.4 146.5 cm
14.5 122 cm
the shredder said on 28/Dec/11
14.1 , 5'1.75

14.2 , 5'8.75

14.3 , 5'5

14.4 , 4'10.75

14.5 , cat 5'6 lol , Kid 3'8 .
Alex said on 28/Dec/11
14.1- 5'1.5
14.2- 5'8.5
14.3- 5'4.5
14.4- 4'10.25
14.5- 3'9
taiwan is NO.1 said on 28/Dec/11
14.1 157.2cm
14.2 175.1cm
14.3 165.0cm
14.3 148.5cm
14.5 122.3cm
xyz.reg(186cms-187cms) said on 28/Dec/11
14.1:5ft 1.8in
14.2:5ft 8.8in
14.3:5ft 3.9in
14.4:4ft 10.8in
14.5:3ft 8.5in

@Rob u have got your 'ACE' card(the kid) in this challenge..drastic differences in the guesses put up by the comment posters..even if somebody tries to take the average it can be way off..u can get your cat also in a standing in an erect postion..measure him and put him into a height challenge..;)
Editor Rob
the further away a height, the greater the spread of guesses.
Mathew said on 27/Dec/11
Here are the guesses:
14.1: 157 cm
14.2: 176.2 cm
14.3: 164.8 cm
14.4: 148 cm
14.5: 123 cm
Triplescrew said on 27/Dec/11
14.1- 5'2.14"

14.2- 5'8.75"

14.3- 5'4.88"

14.4- 4'10.25"

14.5- 3'10.25"
FiveNine said on 27/Dec/11
14.1: 5ft 2.5
14.2: 5ft 9 3/8
14.3: 5ft 4 1/4
14.4: 4ft 11 1/8
14.4: 3ft 11
Stiffelio said on 27/Dec/11
14.1 is 156.8 cm
14.2 is 175.2 cm
14.3 is 164.8 cm
14.4 is 146.6 cm
14.5 is 115.5 cm
SamC3197 said on 27/Dec/11
14.1 is 5'1.48"
14.2 is 5'9.21"
14.3 is 5'3.84"
14.4 is 4'10.67"
14.5 is 3'8"
Josh B said on 27/Dec/11
1. 5'2
2. 5'8.5
3. 5'4.8
4. 4'10.5
5. 3'10

Merry christmas Rob and family. btw tough challenge :)
Editor Rob
merry xmas!
Jack said on 27/Dec/11
Rob,I guess that old man is your father...isn't he?
Editor Rob
he's 75 in the photo now.
Reality said on 27/Dec/11
challenger 14.1 is 155,8cm
challenger 14.2 is 175,8cm
challenger 14.3 is 163,5cm
challenger 14.4 is 145,5cm
challenger 14.5 is 108cm
Editor Rob said on 27/Dec/11
For this challenge I will give points like this:
For each of the challenges, the top 5 (5pts,4pts,3pts,2pts,1pt).
Overall (5 challenges combined) I'll put a top 10 (10pts,9pts...1pt)
Parker said on 27/Dec/11
14.1 = 157
14.2 = 175.5
14.3 = 165
14.4 = 148
14.5 = 124
Dural said on 27/Dec/11
Challenger 14.1: 156cm
Challenger 14.2: 175cm
Challenger 14.3: 163.25cm
Challenger 14.4: 148.2cm
Challenger 14.5: 116cm
Beastman said on 26/Dec/11
14.1 = 155.8 cm
14.2 = 177 cm
14.3 = 163.6 cm
14.4 = 144.5 cm
14.5 = 112.3 cm
tk said on 26/Dec/11
Challenger 14.1: 157,6 cm
Challenger 14.2: 176,3 cm
Challenger 14.3: 165,9 cm
Challenger 14.4: 148,3 cm
Challenger 14.5: 115,1 cm

Best wishes to you, Rob, and everyone here!
Editor Rob
yes best wishes!
Alex said on 26/Dec/11
Wow this challenge looks to be tough especially the 2 on to the bottom being so short. I'll have to come back to this one and rethink!
Editor Rob
the wee girl is a tough one to guess.
Anamalech said on 26/Dec/11
Challenger 1: 155 cm
Challenger 2: 177 cm
Challenger 3: 161 cm
Challenger 4: 148 cm
Challenger 5: 123 cm
Theman said on 26/Dec/11
Ok challenge 14.1 is 151.50cm challenger 14.2 is 176.25cm challenger 14.3 is 158.25cm challenger 14.4 is 141.50cm challenger 14.5 is 101.50cm
Matt (184 - 186)cm said on 26/Dec/11
14.1: 5ft 2.25
14.2: 5ft 9 3/8
14.3: 5ft 4 1/2
14.4: 4ft 11 1/8
14.4: 3ft 11.0
Shaun said on 26/Dec/11
Wow now the family resemblances are starting to show. Challeneger #14.1 surely has to be related to Challenger #6. Is that your dad and mum Rob, I see some resemblance around the yes? He's a good looking older chap.

Editor Rob
my Mother refused to take part in any height challenge, although This is my Parents in their younger years.

14.1 is the sister of 4th challenger yes.
Roman said on 26/Dec/11
14.1-156 cm
14.2-175.3 cm
14.3-166.7 cm
14.4- 145.3 cm
14.5-122 cm
Jack said on 26/Dec/11
1 159.2 cm
2 175.3 cm
3 163.7 cm
4 152.9 cm
5 cat looks about 169 cm :)
Editor Rob
it's the Kid for 14.5, not the Cat ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/11
Yay! I was only 0.1cm off
ChiasmataX said on 24/Dec/11
Ah nice, thank you Rob, this goes to shoe that a legit 6'0 is not average height and still quite tall. It's funny when some people claim they feel average when they are 6'0 and above in the general height section lol.
xyz.reg(186cms-187cms) said on 24/Dec/11
Hi rob..can u post challenger 10's eye-level measurement..was it 172.3cms..on average its 11.5-12cms for men..??
Editor Rob
4.5 inch is typical, the taller the average will increase a little, so it might be 4.5 around 5ft 9, but 6ft 3 could be 4.7 on average etc.

yes his is in the 172cm range
ChiasmataX said on 24/Dec/11
My last question was meant for the dude from challenge # 13.
ChiasmataX said on 24/Dec/11
Rob, how high is this guy's eye-level?
Editor Rob
This shot is taken around his eyelevel so looking straight ahead it's around 180cm.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Dec/11
He probably will become a legit 6'4! Anyway, this is a great height and im sure that he passes for 6'4 or even more to most of the people, if he has good posture!
Alex said on 22/Dec/11
So this guy thought he was 6'4 which is normal since hes only 1/2 inch or so less. Could be like some guys who are 6'2 and claiming 6'4
Alex said on 22/Dec/11
Out of bed this guy would be at least 6'4 flat assuming this measurment was his low or close to it
the shredder said on 22/Dec/11
Rob , Ill only post on here to the next challger comes , I'm taking a break for a week , I'm glad I am getting better at these :) !
Lillo Thomas said on 22/Dec/11
The kid is only 17 . There is a fair chance that he could grow a extra inch.
Alex said on 21/Dec/11
Rob, your head looks to come right at the middle of his mouth. Isn't the mouth usually 7 inches from top of the head on a normal size head?
Editor Rob
between 7 and 7.5 is very common.

if Jenny was 3-4 feet nearer the camera it's quite possible to come a fraction shy of his mouth. For that challenge it's pretty much as close to accurate as can be, because she was quite far back.
Ka said on 21/Dec/11
Getting better, can't wait for the next challenge
Editor Rob
the next challenge won't be one person, but will be a few different people like challenge 12.

I might even throw in a kid on the next one!

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