How tall is Ivan Rakitic

Ivan Rakitic's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

Croatian Professional Footballer who has played for Schalke 04, FC Basel, Sevilla and FC Barcelona. He was measured at 182.6cm (almost 6ft) at roughly 10am and on another occasion was measured 183.5cm.

How tall is Ivan Rakitic
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Average Guess (80 Votes)
5ft 11.73in (182.2cm)
185.4cm Elais said on 12/Sep/23
@Emily Caption literally says it was roughly 10am which is morning so i doubt anybody is exhausted in the morning after a few hours of being up. 183.5cm was probably slightly earlier with busting a gut. This listing is spot on. Very similar to Ramos
Emil said on 13/Nov/22
Listing shouldn't be lower than this. That 182.6 cm was most likely when he was exhausted and already compressed from a long night. 5'11.5 would be unwarranted
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Dec/21
Rob, wouldn't 5ft11½ be closer if he got that almost 6ft listing in the morning?

I wouldn't go below it though.
Editor Rob
Yeah I wouldn't have thought under 11.5 for him.
Cold Water said on 7/Dec/21
5ft 11.25 - 5ft 11.5
Animus said on 19/Sep/21

Well, his shoulders look very narrow. And it is quite apparent that he generally has a small bone structure. A guy like Zidane, who played roughly the same position on the pitch, had a much larger frame than Rakitic. Zidane was 3cm taller but probably weighed 8-12kg more than him; and Zidane was not particularly muscular, so it's mainly a frame-size difference.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 2/Jun/21
Yeah chaos stocky guys end up in rugby or gridiron
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 13/Mar/21
@Slim personal experience tells me the beefy guys end up in rugby
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Mar/21
Animus, I wouldn’t say “exceeding” but all soccer players tend to be skinny
Animus said on 24/Feb/21
He has an exceedingly small frame for a near six-footer. I'm not inclined to believe the various weight listings I was able to find in the range of 76-78kg. He looks to weigh a maximum of 70kg to me, but guessing weight is of course an elusive business. Can't really conceive of anything above 73kg in the morning.
slim 6'1 said on 20/Feb/21
He looks a solid 182cm, I’d give him a grant gustin style listing at 182.5cm
Mone Kamishiraishi said on 9/Aug/20
He is exactly as tall as me. Out of bed height is normally about 183.5cm, but my max is 183.9cm after a good night sleep. I am exactly 182.9 cm (6 ft) after about 2 hours waking up. My normal low is about 182cm. I just round up and claim 6 ft (183cm for metric).
Hulk.23 said on 29/Jul/20
Rob I haven’t seen the 182,5cm measurements but in the 183,5cm one he stayed (from the picture) with a perfect posture with the “Bust a Gut” measurement. Of course the measurement probably was made in the morning so he might have been a good half-cm taller than his usual low height, however I think we should assume that many measurements were made with that method so people have to keep their best/maximum posture.
You don’t think maybe 6’/183cm would be better for him? Actually I think 182cm is a small downgrade for him...
Nik said on 1/Nov/19
@ Mistical - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/19
@ Hunter - This was at 10 am.

Hunter said on 8/Nov/18
Hi Rob, why don't you put Rakitic at 5'11 (7/8)? it would be perfect because he was measured 182,6 cm
Animus said on 19/Jun/18
One of the weirdest bodies of all time. He looks 5ft7, but he is really about 6ft0.
thug hooligan said on 18/Apr/18
182.90 absolutely minimum
Animus said on 23/Mar/18
From his proportions alone I would have guessed 5ft7... Compare him to Lewandowski, who has the same listed height.
Nik said on 27/Feb/18
@ Animus

Yes, he does look slightly shorter!
Animus said on 24/Feb/18
Wow, he has the proportions of someone much shorter than he is. Short arms, narrow shoulders... I would never have guessed nearly six-foot.
Johnson said on 13/Feb/18

Another picture of David Bisbal... with Rakitic. 10 cm??

Click Here

Bisbal is a little bit taller than Luis Fonsi but very slightly
Editor Rob
Bisbal could be near 171cm.
jjj said on 20/Dec/17
@Mistical: Good joke - you obviously have no perception of height my friend.
Mistical said on 13/Dec/17
He is not even 5'10".
Edimar1.84 said on 15/Oct/17
agree with you Rob.. weak 6ft.
Johnson said on 16/Aug/17
@Hans Meiser Rakitic was measured 183.5 in a clip last year my friend. He has been measured 2 times on clips
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
5'11.5 minimum, 5'11 seven eighths maximum.

181.61 to 182.562 cm.

But overall 5'11.7 is really good for him. 👍🏻
Slim 182 cm said on 30/Jul/17
Could measure 182.5 cm at lunch time. No more.
Slim 182 cm said on 17/Jul/17
Probably has a higher chance of being 6' than that of chris Evans. If he isn't I bet he's closer to 6'0 than to 5'11.75.
Hans Meiser said on 6/Jul/17
To all the people saying he's 6 foot: I'm also 182cm. When I wake up, I measure 183.2cm. It was most likely a Bust a Gut measurement in the morning, so he may even be closer to 5'11.5.
Anthony said on 2/May/17
Hardly under 6 football
Chris said on 1/Mar/17
183cm flat
Johnson said on 28/Feb/17
Can you add Luka Modric, he is also Croatian and he is always listed officially 174 cm but he appears 171 cm
Rory said on 10/Jan/17
It's possible I suppose for the 182.6 measurement he'd been up all night signing paperwork etc and getting things organised for the move to Barca. If that was the case then we're talking about his lowest range in which case he'd be a solid 6 footer.
DruceLee said on 21/Nov/16
hey rob, did you see today's picture of Rakitić and Justin Bieber?
What height difference do you see ?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Druce, he can look about 3.5 inches shorter than Ivan there.
dpp said on 11/Nov/16
that digital meter have an error.
Johnson said on 22/Oct/16
@Rob but in the 182.6 measurement he says in Spanish "I have shrunk, it's because of age". So he is surprised because of the low figure... that data is important
Editor Rob
I doubt he's shrunk, it might be simply more to do with time of day both of his measurements were managed.
John said on 21/Oct/16
Rob, why if hes measured barefoot at 183,5 cm, hes not listed at 6ft?.
It feels like trying to believe hes shorter, no matter what.
Editor Rob

He did a Bust a Gut measurement at sometime in the morning, another occasion he got lower.
John said on 19/Oct/16
6 ft for him. Hes measured at 183,5, Rob.
Johnson said on 7/Oct/16
@James the last pic due to angle Sergi Roberto looks quite tall. Marc Bartra was measured live 183.3, but this year he is listed 184 cm at Dortmund. I don't think doctors let a player be in tip toes while measuring. Remember when he was said 182.6 he said he had shrunk.
James said on 4/Sep/16
He is not a legit 6 ft.

He is shorter than 183 cm listed Bartra:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The 183.5 cm measurement must be wrong. Probably he stood on his tiptoes.

He looks 182 cm as listed in this page.
James said on 4/Sep/16
I have to admit that I am very surprised for his 183.5 cm measurement. I saw the video and he was measured barefoot. 183.5 cm Rakitic! For some reasons he doen's look as tall. Maybe is his body complexion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/16
Rob, isn't 5ft11½ perhaps more appropriate since that measurement was mid-morning?
Editor Rob
well he has 2 measurements, I think the current listing is a fair afternoon height for him.
Canson said on 14/Aug/16
I'd say if a 10am measurement at 182.6, he prob doesn't fall under a flat 182. At worst he's 5'11.5 and could be like Rob has him at 5'11 3/4. In essence he's a weak 6 footer
Johnson said on 3/Aug/16
@Rob why don't you say that he was measured 183.5 cm in another occasion?? I think it is unfair
Editor Rob
I have added a link to a still of it now!
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 18/May/16
@plus @Rob yeah I would bet Rakitic edges out Gerrard. It's likelier Rakitic at 183cm and Gerrard at 182cm.
plus said on 11/May/16
He is not shorter than Steven Gerrard, in any case slightly taller
plus said on 30/Apr/16
@Appe 6ft 0.5

Marc Bartra was measured 183.3 cm in the video of medical tests. He is the typical 183 cm guy. You can search in google "estaturas futbolistas foroparalelo" to find the clip
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 29/Apr/16
I think Rakitic is not 182.6cm but 183.5cm as we can see from a different measurement.
Suarez 180cm seems ok personally
Bartra looks at least 183cm (maybe 184cm can be better)
Ter Stegen between 184 and 185cm
Claudio Bravo 183,5 cm (like Rakitic): there is a video clip about his measurement
Ally181 said on 8/Apr/16
If he's 182 then Suarez can't be more than 180.
Suarez 179-180cm
Rakitic 182
Bartra 183
Ter Stegen 185
Bravo 183
plus said on 7/Apr/16
Another Clips that I have seen so far, of footballers being measured

Piqué, Adriano, Bartra, Claudio Bravo, Arda Turan, Mathieu...
Alexbigguy said on 5/Apr/16
Rob with all the respect I think that' s crazy that you add rakitic and not Sergio Ramos or player more famous like Ronaldinho ecc...
Editor Rob
Ivan got a page because there was a clip available with a measurement given.
If other clips of players exist like that they'd be considered.
plus said on 13/Jan/16
@Rob Look at the display in the clip of the last message by @You-90, while measuring Rakitic. It appears 183,5. He should be upgraded at least to 183 cm. Could he be the 182,6 was a very por sleeping to him and he was doing exercise in the morning and gym?
plus said on 5/Jan/16
@Appe @Rob Rakitic says in Spanish after the doctor says 182.6: "It's smaller. I have shrunk!, with the age we go down". The doctor says "that means you have slept very little". So Rakitic is surprised
appe 6ft0.5 said on 30/Nov/15
@Rob I feel the 183,5cm measure is the right one. Images with other players suggest he is a strong 183cm at least (maybe 184cm). Don' t you think Rob?
Editor Rob
someone else couldn't hear/see anything mentioned when they watched the clip, so I'm not sure about that.
Andrea said on 31/Oct/15
First of all, are those machines very accurate, Rob? Second, Rakitic got a mesaurement which was near a cm taller than another measurement which is supposed to have done in the morning, 10 am... So, the only explanation is that they've been measured litterally "out of bed", like they slept near the clinic and measured right after they woke up! Pique does look shorter than a guy like Ibra and visibly shorter than Kobe, i can't believe he's really 194.7!!! He looks more near 192, so 194.7 out of bed is not impossible but that can't be his low...
Editor Rob
we don't really know if these are values, going on what the other commenter said, he can't hear anything said.
plus said on 31/Oct/15
if you can read so good can you help me about Xavi at 23 sec?
Click Here
Adriano at 43 sec?
Click Here
Messi at 2:27
Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm sure that Doctor said 'Don't worry Messi, we right down 2 extra cm, nobody going to know *wink*'
plus said on 31/Oct/15
@You-90 They don't say measurements, I can't hear them. Where did you see 183,5 Rakitic and 194,7 for Pique??
You-90 said on 30/Oct/15
Rob, Watch This. Click Here Rakitic's 183.5 cm & Piqué 194.7 cm
Editor Rob
so 2 different measurements, which one is the right Pique really 6ft 4.5 range?
plus said on 27/Oct/15
I would list him as 182,5 or 183 cm. Medical measurement is normally like 3 hours o more since you wake up. His height there is very real and very close to evening measurent. The morning height quickly go down when you are 3 hours outside of bed, so if he was measured at 18:00 that day, I bet he woudn't not be less tan 182,5. Rakitic perhaps when he woke up that day was around 183,5
Editor Rob
in this case his measurement was somewhere near to 10am, so he would still lose another fraction by afternoon.
Rober said on 27/Oct/15
I know him and he is 1,84
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 1/Oct/15
I don t understand Spanish language but in the video about his medical, just after he was measured, he says something to the doctor who answers something like "forse ha dormito poco"/ maybe you have sleep not much. Ivan is kind of surprised when the doctor tells him he is 182,6cm
Dave said on 26/Sep/15
Hi Rob, can you list Alexis Sanchez's height on site?
grizz said on 25/Sep/15
Oh, if that's measured in the morning and no training involved, then I'd say 5ft11.75 is a fair listing.
Judd ISR said on 23/Sep/15
Andrea it depends by his shrinkage amount.
Also if he wokes up at 8am, then at 10 am he could have already lost about 60% of his daily amount, considering that a person can loose roughly 1 cms in the first hour since he woke up...
182,6 cms after 2 hours might be a 181,8-9 cms at low point, so 5'11.75" is the best listing I'd say...5'11.5" would be extremely prudential

This is the reason why the morning height isn't the best height!
Andrea said on 22/Sep/15
Well, it still depends on what time he woke up! If it is like 6 am, then he won't be much under 5'11.75, really! 8 am, maybe you could say he's more 5'11.5...
Editor Rob
to be fair he could have had a nervous night, I think if I was joining Barca, the night before I might not get much sleep!
SportsHeight said on 21/Sep/15
From Barcelona's website: "The Croatian was at the Ciutat Esportiva for his medical, which lasted for about an hour, at nine this morning"

Rob, I'd say 5'11.75" is more fair.
Editor Rob
good find I will mention that roughly 10am...11.75 is the most I'd give him with 11.5 being like afternoon range.
grizz said on 21/Sep/15
I guess that was measured right after intense training - basically, measurement at his absolute low?
Scott said on 21/Sep/15
182.6 is 1.82m
John said on 20/Sep/15
Rob what time was the measurement? If in the evening then 6ft is good. If morning surely 5'11.5 or 5'11.75 is more correct?

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