How tall is Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney's Height

5ft 9 ¼ (175.9 cm)

American singer and actor. In a fan chat he was asked how tall he was, to which he replied: "5ft 10". In a 2005 interview he also mentioned he was "Just shy of 5-(foot)-10".

How tall is Jesse McCartney
Katie Peterson (claims 5ft 6, 110lbs) & Jesse
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Jesse McCartney
AJ Michalka, Jesse, Alyson Michalka
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (9 Votes)
5ft 8.94in (175.1cm)
that172guy said on 24/Apr/24
Rob, I think you need to review this! This is an interesting one. In Summerland, he looks not too far off Ryan Kwanten who is listed here at 5ft 9.75, however he is constantly almost eye to eye with 5ft 7.5 listed Taylor Cole and directly the same height as 5ft 8 Merrin Dungey. He's also recently been seen as very close in height to Zac Efron. The angles are weird but 1.25 inches difference would be noticeable. He's only ever looked taller than Zac when they were young. Also, with 5ft 8.5 listed Randy Jackson he never looks taller. Same height at best. I really don't think he's above 174, he looks more 172-173 range with most people... classic 5ft 8 celebrity claiming 2 inches above their measured height. Happens all the time. Much needed downgrade to 5ft 8!
Oklol said on 24/Nov/23
173cm flat. No more, no less! Looks the exact same height as Zac Efron consistently
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 2/Aug/20
He is more like 5ft 8 Half-ish than 5ft 9 range IMO. I think I did mention him in April born Arian actors and actresses including Kristen Stewart, Elle Fanning & Dennis Quaid etc....
Tallish89 said on 22/May/17
Jesse with Zac Efron 173cm

Click Here
Click Here

Has at least 2-3cm on Zac, think this is accurate unless he is a lift wearer lol
Doubt it shoes looks normal
Michael said on 1/Apr/16
Will trying to make someone shorter magically make you taller? Rob prolly knows better than you guys tbh
andre said on 9/Aug/15
i would say he is 5ft8
AwwwYeah said on 28/Jun/15
He's between 5'9" and 5'10." I had a class with him recently. I'm 5'8," and he was probably an inch and a half taller than me.
andre said on 16/Dec/14
he is 5ft8
TJE said on 16/Oct/14
He looked 172ish with Haley Joel Osment. I won't doubt that he's 174-175/ weak 5'9 now, but idk about 5'9.25.
TJE said on 13/Oct/14
You really think he grew 3-4 cm after 18?
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® said on 17/Jul/13
175cms tops
Tim said on 8/Dec/12
Guy seems really short in the few movies he's been in. Thought he'd be at most 5'8"
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
I remember summerland he was taller than ryan kwanton who is 5 foot 8 i think. 176cm.
Idontknow said on 17/Nov/11
Ah, well. Nvm. Might not justify Jesse. Just saw some other photos, looks about right with 5'9.25 :)
Idontknow said on 17/Nov/11
On this picture, though Corbin Bleu is wearing thick heels, he doesn't look near 176 cm, if Bleu is 171 cm?
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stoodnext2 said on 20/Jul/11
out of bed, I buy this. 5'8 and change at night though
yoneda said on 27/Jun/11
around 5'9" I guess. He does not look tall maybe just becos he has a big head.
fabian said on 30/Dec/10
he might be even .5'9.5,,,but definitely not 5' i'd say he's somewhere around 1.75 to 1.77..but no more than that..
fabian said on 30/Dec/10
this pic shows that jesse is taller than 5'7.75 i think jesse is 1.76.Click Here
fabian said on 30/Dec/10
he actually grew a few inches...he's in the 5'9-5'10 range now..
yup said on 19/Dec/10
i'd say hes solidly 5'8 barefoot.....coz hes about the same height as 5'7 / 5'8 Ludacris
obz said on 17/Nov/10
This guy does not look like a 5'10 guy. All of his proportions are too short, I would say 5'8-5'9 range.
fabian said on 13/Nov/10
jesse mcCartney is 1.75(5.9) because he's like 2 inches shorter than the singer mario and ludacris is 5'8
teddy89 said on 8/Jul/09
no way leung! Come on he looks clearly shorter than a 5'10 guy!! Look at his arms and legs!! Too short! If he's 5'10 then people like matt damon, judd law, george clooney, richard gere how tall would be?? 6'3? :)
Leung said on 7/Jul/09
I think 177cm is accurate. I saw him a few years ago when he came to Sydney for album promotions.
teddy89 said on 7/Jul/09
no way 5'9,5!!! He's as tall as 5'7,5 zac efron. They looked the same height in summerland and they grew about the same. I would have been surprised even if i had read 5'8,5!!! 5'9,5 (177 cm) for a 171-172 cm guy is funny :)
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/09
most girls wearing 3 inch heels think they are tall but they are not. A picture evidence will be nice but I believe this guy is just under 5'9 (174cm)
tina said on 7/Jun/09
Agreed, Christine.
Maricela said on 5/Jun/09
to me he doesn't seem 5ft 9.5 inches
Josh said on 12/May/09
He is 5'8 tops more like 5'7.5 (172cm)
Krupa said on 10/May/09
I agree with Joe.I don't think Jesse Mccartney is 5ft 9.5.I saw him on the Ellen Degeneres show and it did not look like he was much taller than Ellen.But who cares i think he has a perfect voice and awesome videos.
MarcusTheSwede said on 19/Apr/09
I think he is same height as Zac Efron. He is maximum 174cm tall. They are same height. Maybe Jesse is 1cm taller then Zac not one mm. more.Thanks.
Joe said on 18/Apr/09
There is no way he's 5'9.5 because I saw him on Ellen the other day with Ludacris and they were the same height. Both Jesse and Ludacris were 1 in. taller than 5'7 Ellen(as listed on this site). Jesse has to be 5'8 maybe 5'8.5 MAX.
d said on 14/Apr/09
i heard he was tiny
5 9 1/2 is not tiny
the guy who said that on the radio is supposely 5-11
wow he's soo much taller
1 1/2
Brent said on 2/Mar/09
wow Rob this has to be a joke! this guy isn't even a legit 5'9. I would be surprised if he was listed at 5'8.5, but 5'9.5 is just flat out inaccurate.
erica said on 20/Feb/09
jesse admitted that on Summerland he was short but by the time her turned 21 he had grown but just a little. On TV actors are always being asked to squat a little, spread their legs or stand on somthing to appear taller or shorter for camera angles so you can't judge his height by tv. 5'10 would be the most accurate. He's taller than Zac Efron too.
Christine said on 18/Feb/09
He is 5'10". I met him yesterday and he was a little taller than me and I'm around 5' 9.5".
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/09
no he done a epizode whit mile cirus and mile cirus is about 165 and he wasint much taller than her so i dont think that he is that tall
Kristian said on 28/Nov/08
but if him and efron look the same height how can you account for this height glen?? i mean really
Josh said on 21/Nov/08
he is 5'8 same as Zach Efrom
Andrew said on 16/Nov/08
use to watch jesse on summerland did appear like 5ft 7 on the show but i mean how old was he there? 17? he was still growing. saw him singing on the ellen show he looks to me like a weak 5ft9 guy. 5ft9 max for jesse
anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
He is short. In summerland he was same height as lori laughnlen and she's pretty short. In summerland he looks short. I would say at most 175cm. No taller. I thought he was 167cm when i watched summerland but maybe he grew over the series but he stil looked short.
Victoria said on 7/Nov/08
I've met him twice and I'm 5'7". With heel's on he was still about an inch taller than me. So he has to be at least 5'10"
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Nov/08
In the movie "Keith", towards the end of the movie, precisely the airport scene both are wearing chucks and facing each other talking and Jesse looks max 4.5 inches taller than Elisabeth Harnois who is max 5 feet 5 so I think the listing is spot on!!
123 said on 23/Aug/08
on kiss fm dallas a guy said he was really small that he could fit in his pocket...hmm i don't know how 5-10 is tiny!?? 5-10 or 5-11 is about average height maybe even 6 foot
he's probably 5-8
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 9/Aug/08
He's not tower aubrey in that photo, and aubrey is like 5'3
J.lee said on 4/Aug/08
he is with katherine mccphee right now in teens awards and she is taller than him by about half inch.
wyneleen pueblo said on 27/Jul/08
maybe jmac is abt 5'10 because ive heard on many people so id go for them i love umac im willing to be his girlfriend
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/08
Id say 5'10'' atleast, because if Ashley tisdale is listed 5'3'' on this site he is like 8 inches taller than her Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/08
Maybe Jesse is 5-10 afterall, at times he gives a short impression but here he towers over aubrey o day who is listed 5-4 on this site and she is like in 4 invh heels Click Here
JEN said on 20/May/08
Click Here
robbie said on 11/May/08
coukd be 5'9..doesnt look that tall..
brother_h said on 24/Mar/08
pin that pic JK posted, that 5'7 chick isnt wearing heels. ive seen other pics like that and shes wearing. sneakers i think? i thought this guy was 5'6. he seemed it on suite life of zac annd cody.
jasmin said on 24/Mar/08
on other jesse sites thay say that jesse's 5'11"
Bombay Rocker said on 10/Mar/08
His official myspace says 183 cms....hmmmm!!!!
chris175 said on 18/Jan/08
5-9.5 seems correct to me, hes probably just rounding up to 5-10
swedish girl said on 10/Nov/07
To stefan: But when he was in summerland he was only like 16 years old or someting and still growing s
JK said on 29/Sep/07
Anna this is a height website, comment on height, Rob i just don't get it man, why are you letting her post when she continuously takes the piss? after all the website says ''all comments that drift away from height will be deleted?''
Anna said on 28/Sep/07
JK, I'm sorry, but you are sort of freaking me out. I'm really not trying to be offensive, but why do you comment on guys' pages like Jesse McCartney, Zac Efron, Rupert Grint, and Drake Bell and often times you advocate them being shorter than waht Rob has them listed at...why? Just curious I guess.
maddie said on 26/Sep/07
i went to one of his concerts a few months ago. i didnt meet him but he came pretty close to me. id say hes about 5'10 becuase im 5'4
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/07
I dont buy anything over 5'9 to me he is 5'8.
Anna said on 18/Aug/07
She's probably wearing heels JK, did you ever think of that?
6'3'' JK said on 2/Aug/07
Again Rob not over 5'9'' if you have Alyson here at 5'7'' never mind 2 - 3 inches he doesn't even look an inch taller than her, Click Here
6'3'' JK said on 31/Jul/07
Well Rob does he look about 3 inches taller than her to you
6'3'' JK said on 31/Jul/07
Rob You seriously need to Downgrade him back to 5'9'' atleast, Click Here Look at him here beside Alyson Michalka who you have listed on this site at 5'7'', Does he look 3 inches taller than her, They are both looking the same height, So Jesse is no more than 5'9''
6'3'' JK said on 17/Jul/07
177cm sounds to high for him though honestly Rob, maybe you should have him at more 176cm, because honestly he does not look 1cm short of being a proper 5'10'' guy
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Jul/07
Man Rob, i just dont geddit....few weeks before you said he is struggling with 174 and now 177, no offence man but your explanantion is a little weak here. Anyways you probably know better than me with the comparison of pics and all.

Editor Rob
I saw footage of him beside someone I met and by comparison he looks at least an inch taller...
Adam said on 28/Jun/07
Ashley Simpson could most definitely be wearing high heels. I think he's about 5 feet 9 if not 5'10".
6'3'' JK said on 26/Jun/07
Click Here He only looks a legit 5'9'' with Ashley Simpson
wasa said on 19/Jun/07
Looks around 5'9. But I think 177 cm is too much.
6'3'' JK said on 18/Jun/07
You also upgraded him Rob?

Editor Rob
I had two listings for him, he's still a tricky one, for the moment I am leaving him 1/2 shy of his claim.
6'3'' JK said on 11/Jun/07
I've researched on some pictures of him for height and he may be just about 5'9''
Josh said on 8/May/07
Hes 5'8 he only looks 5'9 with sneakers.
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Feb/07
Below in one of your commnets you said that he has said 5 feet 10 and looks it and sometimes can even look 179 so whats with 5 feet 9 now? why not 5 feet 10 when you say he can look that?

Editor Rob
estimates change, 3 months later I questioned 174cm being possible...
6'2.5'' JK said on 17/Feb/07
He dosen't look 5'9'' at all to me, looks like a weak 5'8''
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Feb/07
Close to 6 feet, a solid 5 feet 11 or maybe even a littel more than that. Time for a big upgrade rob. Looking at his pics on gettyimages, the recent ones he looks quite tall. How tall is katie cassidy btw, i think 5 feet 7 - 5 feet 8

Editor Rob
never near that, doesn't look a micron over 5ft 9
derbi said on 13/Jan/07
bombay rocker, yes absolutely right. 5'10-5'11. Rob, 5'9 is really to small.
bombay rocker said on 9/Jan/07 ever met jesse mccartney.I think hes grownnow and is like 5 feet 10 - 5 feet 11. How tall do you think he is.(btw you are so lucky that you meet all the hot chics in hollywood, who do you think is the most pretty chic in hollywood).
Dimitri said on 7/Jan/07
He is 174 cm. Not more, not less. Thats not the case. He is cool, a good singer, and he is survivind at the Los Angeles lights. Is not a big problem if he is big or not. Sorry for my english, is very limited.
MeggyxG said on 3/Jan/07
I met him during the summer of 2005, and we got a picture together.. I 'm 5'11", and he was shorter than me, so I'm going to say he's 5'9". I know, I was disappointed, too.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/07
whoa katie cassidy is not 5 feet 4. she is atleast 5 fet 6 - 5 feet 7 easialy. jesse is around 5 feet 10 - 5 feet 11. Check ur sources man. What say rob?
DudeX said on 20/Dec/06
Katie cassidy is 5.4, and jesse is just dead on 5-9, maybe 5-9.5
barry said on 23/Nov/06
depends on how old he is, he can grow until 22, its not that uncommon men, I saw it happen to others and it happended to me, it can happen to anybody!
zack said on 18/Oct/06
ya~! I think he is about 1.73, the same height himself claimed one year ago
tim said on 3/Oct/06
its hence we determine their true height... dumb comment tommy
tommy said on 3/Oct/06
ive met jesse in person and im 5'8 and i guess he's about the same height as myself,anywayz he's a very handsome dude, and he's a singer NOT a runway model, so as long as you like his music that's all about it, why you guyz so concern about how tall he is? he's a GOOD SINGER and an ACTOR.......
dejavu said on 28/Sep/06
editor rob this is jesses new pic with Vanessa Minnillo who is listed 5 feet 7 on your site.she is wearinh heels but i cant make out how much they are adding to her height and her posture is also not right.jesse is wearing what looks like 1 inch heels.this pic i suppose will end the debate over jesses height forever cause he seems done look at it rob and favour yourself
Vanessa Minnillo
mike said on 27/Sep/06
yea 5'10 with shoes on.. if he was 5'10 without shoes he be walking around claiming that hes 6'0 or at least some of his fans would be.. take a look at the pictures from 'at' he is shorter than rihanna and they have the same kinda shoes.. now you try and tell me hes taller than 5'9
mike said on 26/Sep/06
yes so therefore 5'8 is well below the average american, also the average woman height in my country is just about 5'10 so in that perspective aswell a guy being 2 inches shorter than the average woman i am used to is considered very short
packers_fan said on 25/Sep/06
id say efron is 5'8 with shoes, seriously you only have to look at him to see how little he is, hed be around 5'7 without, mccartney would be 5'8.5
dejavu said on 24/Sep/06
what do you have to say about this editor rob...zac efron is listed 5 feet 8.5 on your site by the way.
Click Here
MD said on 22/Sep/06
That adds some perspective to it. Still, 5'8" even in your country, isn't "very short." "Very short" implies that a man would be shorter than the average women. Anyway, in case you wanted to know, the average height for a non-hispanic White American males is 5'10.2", the height of a non-hispanic Black American males is 5'10", and the height of a a Mexican American male is 5'6.8" which is what brings down our average height.
mike said on 21/Sep/06
i come from montenegro, the average height is actually 6'1 im short for where im from as im 6.05' 5'8 is pretty short dude, like i know even in america once you take out alot of the ethnicity he would be well under average height, the average would be around 5.9'
MD said on 20/Sep/06
Huh? He's not tall, but where do you get away with saying he's "actually very short," Mike? If even he's 5'8" that still not "very short," especially considering the height of the average male in this country and especially when taking the entire world into account. Personally, I think he's somewhere around 5'8.5", especially since Rihanna is taller than him.
mike said on 20/Sep/06
nope it isnt possible he is short actaully very short, does that affect his personality though? he is still a sucessful person
celine said on 20/Sep/06
i'm not reli sure wat his height is, but i hope he is at least 180 cm. is dat possible??? he doesn't look dat short 2 me. anywayz, no matter how tALL he is, will alwayz alwayz support him!!!! jesse's da best!!!!
dejavu said on 20/Sep/06
rob when did he claim that he was 5 feet 10.i mean last year or this year and in which month.

Editor Rob
2 years ago, 2004 I'm sure
tim said on 19/Sep/06
its very amusing watching the girl desperately hang on to any glimpse of height this guy has, i think people get to wrapped up in hollywood to realise it is an act and that people do lie.. the guy is short... so what!!
at said on 18/Sep/06
5'9" tops maybe even 5'8.5"
with Summer Sanders(5'9"):
Click Here
Randy(5'8.5") looks little taller than jesse here
Click Here
dejavu' said on 18/Sep/06
editor rob are you definitely sure that jesse mccartney is still 5 feet 9.he just might have grown since the time you saw him last.plz do check again.
dejavu' said on 18/Sep/06
editor rob would u kindly take a look at the new pics on gettyimages.he looks tall in those pics.he is with his ister there and is like easily 6 inches taller than her and shes wearing 3 inch heels and hes wearing shoes which look like one and a half inch heel.the shoes actually look quite suspicious to me,might have lifts in it.his sister look quite normal.i can bet shes between 5 feet 3 or 4 so that makes her 5 feet7 in heels at the most,which in turn makes jesse 6 feet 1 or 2 with shoes.cant understand whats happ.editor rob do something bout it
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
Has anyone posted these pics yet where he's next to singer 5'8" Rihanna back in August of last year:

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

5'9" is looking like it may be in shoes.
Amanda said on 6/Sep/06
Some guys can grow to 21... but most are done at 18, gaining about 1/2" at the most. Others can grow a lot, but Jesse looks like he's about done growing. To me, at least. I think he is in the 5' 8"-5' 9" range.
Also, 5' 10" is average for a guy. And the average for women is 5' 4 1/2". (USA/UK). Unless you're in the Netherlands... then it's 6' 0" for men and 5' 7" for women. ;)
jok said on 6/Sep/06
stefan, you never know, cos guys stop growing at 21, so he may reach about 5'11. He could, you never know
stefan said on 24/Jul/06
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but in the tv-series ''Summerland beach'', Jesse looks shorter than Ryan Kwanten (Jay) and Shawn Christian (Johnny), and they're both 5ft 10.
So Jesse is definitely 5 ft9. And he's already 19, so he won't be growing anymore.
jessica said on 30/Jun/06
well i think jesse mcartney is 5'10 so yal can just shut up and mind ur own business
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
Sorry Hallie, 5'10 is pretty average for a guy. And Jesse is 5'9. So he's not tall. AT ALL.
Hannah said on 25/Jun/06
I think jesse is a really good singer.I hope he stays in music for a long time.
I think he is relly good looking guy.
Hallie said on 31/May/06
He's about 5ft 10in. He's a little shorter on tv. I think he's fine. The finest ever. I love Jesse. He's the best.
Hallie said on 31/May/06
I think he's about 5ft 10in. I agree with Brittney. He's so HOT. I have posters every where in my room. I hottest Guy ever. I also big fan. I like tall guys like Jesse.
T said on 14/May/06
From memory, it was said that he was 5'8" when in an interview with Rove McManus in Australia. They were both commenting on how relatively short they were, but how Jesse still was taller than Rove. He's 5'8".
DudeX said on 28/Apr/06
There is a new set of picture on Click Here of him, and next to Efren Ramirez, who is between 5-4 to 5-6, he looks 3.5-4 inches taller. So mccartney is between 5-8 to 5-10. I honestly don't think Efren is 5-6 though.
CJ said on 28/Apr/06
well he is kinda short looking but he does look huge in a way. i would say that he is about 5 ft 9 and 1/2 but he couldn't be no more taller than that!
Amber said on 1/Apr/06
I think that Jesse McCartney is 5'10 or in between,But definatly not right at 5'11.
h jb said on 12/Mar/06
Hey br is absolutely correct jesse mccartney has grown, and is 5'11''.
Maybe now he is the same height as Aaron carter.

Editor Rob
is this the last 3 months he's grown? Last I checked, he was looking around same height as Randy Jackson!
br said on 11/Mar/06
hey, he is 5'11". see the pic taken with Paris Hilton? PH is 5'8", and her feet are almost standing straight in the pic, so her high-heel shoes are about 4 inches, so she is about 6 ft with high-heeled. and Jesse is not standing straight, if he stands straight, he will be as tall as PH. and there's still a tiny detail that may be ignored, Jesse stands a little bit anteriorly, which makes PH looks a little bit taller than him. therefore Jesse is about 5'11" with the height of his shoes subtracted.
view the pic here
Click Here
reerrrr said on 11/Mar/06
rob can you change his height to 5'10'' or 5'11''.
jake said on 8/Mar/06
Yes i agree with JK, this site should change his height to around 5'10'' but not 5'11' just yet.
JK said on 1/Mar/06
jesse mccartney has grown A LOT he is not 5'9'' he is about 5'11'. I am 14 years old and 6'0'' and when i met him he was about two inches shorter than me.
mouldy said on 24/Feb/06
Maybe he is 5'9" NOW, but I don't think he was when this forum began. I agree with Jack, he looks way taller and more mature now.
jesselover said on 17/Feb/06
jesse is 5ft 10 cos i met him and had a pic taken wid him and im 5 9 so der
iris said on 3/Feb/06
To Jack; about the pic of Jesse on the red carpet in which you say that he looks "tall" (at least 5´10), the thing is that there is no valid reference or parameter to which compare his height. The girl in the back is precisely at his "back" which makes any comparison tricky, besides we do not know her height. ( she looks like 5 feet tall anyways!!)
mouldy said on 1/Feb/06
Actually, boys DO grow after 18 quite frequently, sorry people, I was wrong! But they grow slowly...Hey Rob, so how much can he have grown in like 6 months or so? I don't know the "normal" growth rate for boys after they have their growth spurt so I can only guess...Maybe 0.25 inch???
iris said on 31/Jan/06
Hey "editor rob" about that pic of Jesse with tennis player Rafael Nadal, I´ve searched up his height in several sites and I keep findind a 182 cm reference for him... Could you please set me up ANY link or webpage in which it states the 186cm for him!!

Editor Rob click english then 'about rafa'
mouldy said on 20/Jan/06
Does anyone know when the photo with Anna Kournikova and Nadal was taken? If it was taken recently,then I'll have to disappoint all people who think Jesse is 5'9" or 5'10" or even 5'11" (not to mention the ridiculous 6' claim). In the picture Jesse is a tiny bit shorter than Anna Kournikova, but he's slightly leaning in to fit into the picture, so if he stood up straight, he'd be the same height as her, maybe half an inch taller the most.Anna is 5'8" so he's 5'8" to 5'8.5" THE MOST. And you can also see it when you compare him with 6' Nadal, he's like half a head shorter.If the picture was taken long ago, he might have had the chance to grow a bit...but boys don't grow much (if at all) after 18, and if they do they do really slowly. So in a few months he can't just add up a couple of inches. I think I have all aspects covered now!!! Does anyone disagree?
Jack said on 19/Jan/06
I think he is at least 5'10". He seems to have grown a lot in the last 1/2 year. Look at this picture:
Doesn't he look tall?
Mr_Tea said on 18/Jan/06
I met him at a concert in sydney last year and hes 5foot10 because im a legit 5foot9 because i play professional and we almost saw eye to eye, we were both wearing converse. People need to wake up and smell the roses... hes 5foot10!
Josh said on 17/Jan/06
He barely looks 5-9 with regular sneakers on so barefoot 5-8 for sure i can´t believe some people think he´s 5-10 ridiculous.
ds said on 13/Jan/06
um he's like shorter than Anna Kournikova, or maybe like her height. And she isn't even 5'8" maybe she is, but more like 5'7". He's got less of a heel to his shoe though so I give him like 5'8"-5'8.5" TOPS!!! C'mon 5'8" to 5'8.5", no way 5'9".
anonymous said on 12/Jan/06
Well, maybe he's 5' 10" with shoes on. I think his actual height is close to 5' 8.5"
crystal said on 9/Jan/06
i think he is about 5"8'.He can't be 6 feet
Krista said on 8/Jan/06
Who does he think he's fooling? He's 5' 8".
amanda said on 6/Jan/06
i'm 5'10 and met him at a concert. he's 5'8 for sure. taller than that means he's wearing lifts.
bansi said on 1/Jan/06
heya! i THINK HE IS 5"9 there i saw i picture of him and linday lohan and he looked no taller that 2-3 inches than her, and she is 5"5. SO i'm guessing 5"8 maybe 5"9
Catherine said on 30/Dec/05
heres the thing, my friend and i went to his concert and she is 5'7, she just measured the day for a checkup, and he was autographing our CD and we both said that he is about 2 inches taller then her
ellie said on 30/Dec/05
ive changed my mind ive decided he's only 5'9' coz Ronald vivar and dudeX are totally right and you can soooooo obviesly tell from dudes pics that Jesse is only about 5'9' and no where near 5'11' like i said b4...
ellie said on 30/Dec/05
i think that Jesse's about 5'11' but he keeps changing in all his interveiws so im not sure. i wish i could just ASK him then we wouldn't even need this website!!!!!!
Cassie said on 28/Dec/05
I am 5' 9" and Jesse was about an inch shorter than me. I know he SAYS he's 5' 10" or 5' 11" but I think he's exaggerating a bit. Plus, Brie Larson is 5' 7" and she looks only a tiny bit shorter than he is... he seems about 5' 8" to me.
tina said on 27/Dec/05
jesse is now 6-2! i think he took height max too.
sabrina said on 25/Dec/05
he's 5'11' DUH!!!!!!! if any of you were real jesse fans you'd know that.
Mason said on 16/Dec/05
He looks about 5' 8.5" to me... 5' 10" maybe w/shoes?
joe said on 30/Nov/05
how old is this guy...maybe he grew? Cuz on Punk'd, he looked very short, around 5'7.
mac1 said on 28/Nov/05
6foot maybe a little exagerated but he is definately as tall if not taller than 5foot9 imo. people who have met him even say so and he claims to be.
DudeX said on 28/Nov/05
6 foot roflmao, you can't grow 4 inches in 3 months or so man.
mac1 said on 27/Nov/05
Jesses height seems shifty and i unlike wicked kid totally disagree with chris. have you seen the pictures with paris hilton. Shes 5foot8 and with 3 inch heels is about an inch taller than jesse. His posture is terrible and looks like he is trying to look shorter. As for seeing him on tv on summerland. Like with all soaps they position the angle of the camera to make the younger cast members such as Jesse look shorter. It wouldnt look right if one of the kids were taller than one of the adults would it? Is it also possible that Jesse has grown taller since various pictures were taken. I believe Jesse to be 5foot9 - 6foot
louise said on 25/Nov/05
get over it. i think he knows his own height better than all of you.
Wicked Kid said on 24/Nov/05
Are you guys kidding me? Jesse's still listed at 5'9"? Goodness. I fully agree with Chris.
chris said on 22/Nov/05
Wow, JESSEgirl, clearly you have no bias. Has it ever occurred to you that it might be in a celebrity's best interests to SEEM TALLER THAN THEY ARE? He's 5'7.5''-5'8'', and his 5'10'' claim is ridiculous.
jessegirl said on 15/Nov/05
come on people, you all are thinking you know it better then Jesse himself! you are impossible, i think Jesse know's how tall he is!
Wicked Kid said on 7/Nov/05
Er, well I'm still saying Jesse's nothing more than 5'8". I still can't believe that Jesse's 5'9" or worst still, 5'10" despite the pic. He just looks below average height to me.
me said on 4/Nov/05
Im an aussie chick n i saw him recently and he isn't that tall. I say 5'8 definately. One of my shortest friends is taller than him. We are sort of tall but he is only medium
CelebHeights Editor said on 2/Nov/05
Somebody emailed me to say they met Jesse (and showed a pic). This person says 'I'm about 5ft 9 and had on tennis shoes...Jesse was taller'.
chris said on 31/Oct/05
Um...maybe you WANT to believe he's 5'10''? Be objective, please. He really looks no more than 5'8'', you can see it in the body proportions.
april_rocks06 said on 31/Oct/05
hey guyzzz....dont u know that jesse mccartney is 5'10 he said it to the national television.....he is really 5'10..,..tHINK
lil said on 24/Oct/05
in one episode of what i like about you he is with amanda bynes(5
Wicked Kid said on 24/Oct/05
Jesse looks nothing more than 5'8" really. Him trying to pass off as 5'10" is truly laughable.
Ronald Vivar said on 15/Oct/05
Jesse McCartney's real height is 5' 9
Britney said on 10/Oct/05
hey i dont really care how tall he is cuz he is the HOTTTTTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD (that i know of so far)
some guy said on 10/Oct/05
Man it doesn't really matter on his stance mr. Editor. I mean how much of height could that have taken of from him 1/2 to 1 inch maximum I'd say. I belive that if Jesse was standing up straight he would just reach Nadal eye level which would indicate that he is about 4.5 inches shorter. I'd give this guy 5'8 and thats that.
Josh said on 9/Oct/05
5'9 is a bit genorous i can
ana said on 1/Oct/05
jesse's 5'10'', he said his height is 5'10''-- and i have met him in person. i'm a good 5'1'', i wore heels that made me maybe around 5''3' and jesse was still a good deal taller than i was. the top of my head barely made it past his lips.
Wicked Kid said on 4/Sep/05
DudeX, yeah you've got a point there. But how do we prove that Katie is really 5'5"? Anyway, I really do not think Jesse is anymore than 5'8". I would consider a 5'7" for him though. Lol.
DudeX said on 2/Sep/05
To Wicked Kid : Look carefully, Katie and Jesse does not have the same heel, jesse has maybe 0.5 advantage.

Ok, i admit that Katie's heel in teen choice award are more like 5inches.

So, if she's 5'5, + 5, that would make her 5'10, and in the photos she is once inch taller than him. Look some of the picture, she has a poor posture to make Jesse appear taller. so she's 5'10 with 5'' heels, and he's 1 inch smaller, so 5'9, with 1 inch heel. so he is 5'8, or 5'8.5 if he had a bad day. :( poor jesse
Wicked Kid said on 2/Sep/05
Whoa DudeX, there's like NO WAY Katie Cassidy's heels are 3 inches. They're HUGE: ; I would say possibly 5" or maybe more, I'm 100% certain it's nothing less than 4". I think so far we've only seen Shakira wearing such humongous heels. I wonder how they walk in them. Lol. Katie Cassidy probably isn't the 5'5" she's always assumed to be. This is a slightly older photo of them: ; they were wearing shoes with the same heels: ; I'm guessing their height difference is like 3.5 - 4" from the photo where both were standing fully upright. So if Katie is 5'4", Jesse would be 5'8", and if Katie is 5'5", then Jesse is 5'9.
Josh said on 1/Sep/05
I agree with dude x this guy is not taller than Kournikova he´s not taller than 5'8.5
DudeX said on 29/Aug/05
Rob, look at this picture ( )

Rihanna is smaller than kournikova by 0.75 inch, so that would make her 5'7 1/2, since Kournikova is a legit 5'8 1/4

and when u see pictures of Jesse with Rihanna, he is, at the most, 1 inch taller than her. So I think 174 i right
J. said on 19/Aug/05
One of the pictures of McCartney next to Hillary Duff pretty much confirms the 5'1" range for her. He's towering over her and he's only average height.
Monty said on 19/Aug/05
Theres no way Jesse is 6'1 if you saw him on Punk'd then after he got Punk'd when Ashton was standing with him, Jesse was hardly up to the bottom of Ashtons ear and throughout the episode he looked really short not average. I think 5'7-5'8 is about right. Check that episode out next time.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/05
has anyone seen the teen choice awards? well in the teen choice awards they hand out surfboards. Just find out how long the surfboards are and estimate how much shorter he is than the surf board
DudeX said on 18/Aug/05
Just saw some recent episode of Summerland, in one with guest Danielle Panabaker who is 5'6, he didn't look more than 2 inches taller than her.
Downgrade this guy dawg
Josh said on 31/Jul/05
In your pic dudex he does look 5'9.5 (177cm) but with sneakers on so I would say he´s 5'8.5 (174cm) barefoot conclusion if the height in this site is with shoes on then he really is 5'9.5 listed here.
DudeX said on 25/Jul/05
forget what I said, i'm myself 5'11 and i have about the same body as him, he can be 5'10, he looks that tall in this photo
DudeX said on 25/Jul/05
i'd say 5,8 and a half tops. he just looks that height in summerland, and next to other celebrities
cj said on 13/Jul/05
saw him a while back on an Australian talk to the 5'6'' host he looked about 1.5-2 inches taller. 5'8'' seems about right.
anon said on 12/Jul/05
He was just on a repeat of ellen. They were both wearing some sort of tennis shoes. She is around 5 7, and he was an inch maybe 1.5 inches taller. I say 5 8
Ronald said on 7/Jul/05
Jesse McCartney is not 5' 8" (1.73 m) I'm 5' 6" (1.68 m) and just turned 14 and He loks way taller than me. Jesse McCartney height is 5' 9
Josh said on 23/Jun/05
hahaha 6'1 is insane he is not taller than 5'8 he looks exactly 5'8 in summer land.
jesseschik said on 21/Jun/05
I met him and he was bout 6ft
chill said on 13/Jun/05
I met him and im 5'8 he huged me and he was a couple in. taller than me
Jackie said on 21/May/05
I don't think he's 5'11 I meab he does look pretty short on t.v. I think he's at least 5'8
jessesgurl007 said on 16/May/05
he is 5 11"!! i met him and he is taller than me and im 5. 9"
nicole said on 14/May/05
yeah she does look about 3-4 inches shorter than him bnut she looks taller than 5'5.5
J. said on 18/Apr/05
I don't know much about this guy. Yet I do remember a younger female friend of mine being smitten by him! :-) Anyway, he usually is listed as 5'8". Yet looking at some flicks at Getty Images, he does seem closer to the height he claims he is. Maybe he's still growing?
CelebHeights Editor said on 18/Apr/05
Saw him answering a question on his height with the words: "5'10"
J2k1 said on 13/Apr/05
I've got a friend that was once an extra on Summerland and she's 5' 7 and she said they were eye to eye.
anonymous said on 13/Apr/05
jesse is only 5'8 maximum he looks kind of short on tv

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