How tall is Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's Height

5ft 6 ¼ (168.3 cm)

American actress best known for playing Max on TV series Dark Angel. In film she has appeared in The Fantastic Four, Sin City and The Eye. She claimed in a 2002 Q&A session that "I'm 5'6" and a half" and in 2019 "I used to be hovering at five seven, but I'm pretty sure I've shrunken."

How tall is Jessica Alba
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[My worst feature is] My height. I'm 5ft 7ins, but I'd love to be tall and skinny like Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Average Guess (87 Votes)
5ft 5.99in (167.6cm)
berta said on 25/Feb/23
i really have no clue but i know back when she was raelly on the top of her career almost 20 years back i thought she could look almost tall. No clue but i guess 169 cm.
AlphaOmega said on 11/Sep/21
Pause at 0:02, 5'8 Zac Efron looks 4-5 inches taller than Jessica. Click Here

Both in flat shoes. How could this be if he's supposedly only 1.75 inches taller?
Editor Rob
Tricky to tell as he was mostly a few inches further forward there. However, 5ft 6 flat is something she has often seemed, I don't know about under it.
Andrea said on 20/Aug/21
Did you at least take a look at the photos I've posted, Rob? Of course I'm not even considering 5'6.5 (let alone 5'7)... What I'm saying is that there's a good chance she's not even 5'6, if you look at her with Michelle, amongst others!
With Zac she can actually appear at least 5 inches smaller at the beginning of the video, but the low angle certainly goes a long way in that! Click Here
Kalind said on 19/Aug/21
I’d guess Alba is 5’6 flat when standing next to 5’8 Zac Efron. Granted, Efron has the shoe advantage, but she does appear to be around 5’6. Click Here
Andrea said on 13/Aug/21
Rob, here she is with Michelle Monaghan (who claims 5'7 too, funnily enough): Click Here Look at the size of her heels! She's got what, at least 1.5 inch more footwear and still looks barely as tall as her. At another event, where their footwear is closer, the difference is quite clear: Click Here
As I've said before she's lucky to be the full 5'6, and more like 5'5.5 (than 5'6.5!).
Remember this is how she looked with Tom (in heels): Click Here
Editor Rob
her 5ft 7 claim never really seemed that possible, but 5ft 6.5 is really the highest I think I'd go, and I can see 5ft 6 as a bit more likely than over 6.5, put it that way.
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
5’5.5 at most,5’7 is impossible next to Ashton Kutcher.
lovelyboyan said on 29/Jul/21
I don't think that she needs that quarter. She is 5'6 max
AlexJau said on 14/Jul/21
She looks a out 5.5ft max 5.6ft
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 10/May/21
5’6 flat don’t need that quarter
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 8/Apr/21
167 cm max
JustJoey said on 14/Mar/21
Doubt she’s over 5’6”, and might be a bit under.
Doink said on 21/Sep/20
Click Here

Alba says her daughter is "5-6 and a half, 5-7", so that probably puts Alba at 5-6 max.
Nik said on 16/Sep/20
Jessica is fine the way she is but anyways health is the thing that matters. She sure looks healthy BTW.
Hacker said on 12/Sep/20
Jessica Alba measured up against her 12 year old daughter, and no surprise that Honor was taller than her mum. Either Honor is around 170cm tall, or Jessica is relatively shorter than expected... Maybe around 165cm?
Hacker said on 25/Jul/20
The recent pictures taken with her daughters reveal that Honor is now taller than Jessica by at least an inch- pic on trip in Wyoming & Honor's graduation... Tall 12 year old girl.
Jam Cherry said on 10/Jun/20
There’s a possibility she’s 169 cm she’s pretty tall and btw Rob mention her as businesswoman too
berta said on 16/May/20
i think she could be what she claimes
Alice Bay said on 5/May/20
Her saying that her worst feature is her height at 5'6 is just absurd, she must love how she looks then because that's actually taller than average. I would say 5'6 and 125 pounds in these days, would you agree Rob?
Editor Rob
She can look near 125-8 range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Apr/20
💐🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Jessica! 🎁🎂💐

A Very Happy 39th Birthday to Jessica Alba.

Have a great day with your family.

5ft6.25 😁🎉

The hamburger said on 9/Feb/20
How tall is she with these heels Click Here
Editor Rob
They are going to give her at least a full 5 inches, maybe a fraction more than that.
Anna Smith said on 22/Dec/19
Click Here

Here she is with 5'6 Kate Hudson and some others. I think she is 5'5.
Andrea said on 17/Jun/19
Here's the clip SD172 mentioned, Rob: Click Here
Of course I highly doubt she has lost even a mm at her age (38). Much more likely that she has measured herself and realized that she's not as tall as she thought (or hope) to be...
Speaking of which, even 5'6.25 is generous for her, IMO. More like 5'6... AT THE VERY MOST, from what I've seen.
Nik said on 14/Jun/19
She is pretty tall and looks it!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Jun/19
Rob, which one do you see the lowest measurement Jessica Alba would get?

A. 167.5cm

B. 168cm

C. 168.5cm
Editor Rob
I'd say 168cm
SD172 said on 28/May/19
In this video Click Here 8:09= she says that she was 5'7 but has shrunk. It bothers me that Jessica Alba(widely considered as one of the most beautiful/desirable women of the past two decades) wishes that she looked like someone else who isn't considered as attractive.
Editor Rob
Unfortunately the link was to the other average height page you mentioned in a previous comment, please relink if you can.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/May/19
I think shes only 5'6 or a tiny mm over.
Nik said on 19/May/19
Some of the comments and estimates on this page are very interesting! There is nothing wrong with her height or any anybody's height!
Matt Shannon said on 16/May/19
Hey Rob do you think 5’6.5 could of been a morning measurement and the rest of the day is 5’6.25?
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 earlier in the day is plausible.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Apr/19
🌹🎁🎂 Happy Birthday Jessica! 🎂🎁🌹

Have a great day with your three kids and your other family members and friends!


Warren said on 30/Apr/18
Such a beautiful lady and she's 5'6" easy
Nik said on 6/Apr/18
For me Jessica is clearly over 5'6" but under 5'7"!
Nik said on 1/Apr/18
This listing for Jessica seems fine by me!
Isabelle said on 22/Sep/17
Same height as Kate Bosworth (165 cm), wearing same height heels.
Click Here
Click Here
Isabelle said on 22/Sep/17
Next to Kate Bosworth she is the same height. Kate is listed as 5'5.
HonestSlovene said on 14/May/17
5'6" flat at best.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/17
@ Arthur - Well, that's not very nice, is it? 😥
I think she fulfills her acting roles perfectly adequately! I saw her in 'Honey' yesterday, and she was awfully sweet!
Arthur said on 18/Feb/17
@Sandy Cowell

She does have the whole package. Except from acting skills though.
Ben said on 20/Dec/16
5ft 5.5, 1 half to 2 inches of megan fox
Aimee said on 4/Nov/16
Love this girl! :) she's perfect height right in the middle! Same height as me. If ya wanna be 5'10 just throw on some heels or huge platforms for 6 feet.
BirchGirl said on 15/Oct/16
Jessica Alba really can't be just 5'4". I saw her in a pic with Megan Fox and she looked taller even though Megan Fox (5'4") had on bigger heels with a platform. So unless Megan Fox isn't 5'4", then there's no way Jessica Alba is the same height.

Just Google "Jessica Alba Megan Fox" in Google Images and those pics will pop up. Jessica is definitely leggier and looks bigger than Megan Fox, even when they are sitting down.

I think 5'6" range is right for her.
172monster said on 20/Aug/16
what justifies a quarter inch rob? for any celeb
Editor Rob
sometimes a 1/4 inch might be because the person can look 5ft 6, sometimes 5ft 6.5, so you are kind of going with a middle ground.
Rojina said on 17/Aug/16
5"6 is tall enough
Leonardo said on 26/Jul/16
Very sexy and beautiful women, 5'5.75 or maybe 5'6 flat, but 5'6.25 is near to impossible.
Phil said on 19/Jun/16
Rob, i think it's time for a downgrade. 5 foot 5.5 or 5 foot 6 is possible. Do you REALLY think that
she is a strong 5 foot 6 woman? Most people,especially celebrities ,lie about their height. I don't buy her 5 foot 6.5 or 5 foot 7
Editor Rob
in Dark Angel with jensen ackles, I think at one point when they had same footwear he was a good 6 inches taller, so maybe 5ft 6 is the most you could say.
Quazaar said on 8/May/16
I walked by her a few years ago and Jessica was at or just below 6'0". She could've been wearing high heels, but I couldn't tell because the bottom of her jeans were covering her shoes, but I was shocked at how tall she was. She's beautiful, but was rail thin also, hardly any curve to her at all.
Andrea said on 15/Jan/16
I know walking shots are tough to judge height differences but he looks nearer 6'1 in some shots with her, like this one: Click Here
Do you think 5'10 is possible or maybe he was talking about something/somebody else (you can't see the question he answered to)...
I'd be surprised if he really was that short, if Jessica is really 5'6 range, of course!
But again look at Jessica with a guy who was supposed to be 6'2: Click Here
She can look 5'8-5'9 there if the picture is reliable...
Editor Rob
he generally can look more than just 5ft 10 so maybe it was something else and he's nearer 5ft 11-6ft range.
Andrea said on 13/Jan/16
Rob, how tall do you think her husband Cash Warren is?
I'm not sure but it seems he has claimed 5'10 on Twitter but he can look 6'-6'1 with Jessica in photos...
Editor Rob
maybe he's honest! I did have a look and at times he can look like he'd be 5ft 11-6ft, but I wonder how well Jessica was standing.
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
She is 169 cm on the dot. I know for a fact that I am 169 cm and at Madame Tussauds London as Invisible Woman, Jessica Alba is definitely 5'6.5 as I measured at equal heel level. She is definitely no more or no less. She is exactly the same height as Angelina Jolie.
alexandra said on 26/Aug/15
she's not 5.7. the max could be 165 or 5.5
M said on 13/Aug/15
She is max 1.65m, no more then that.
Penelope said on 14/Jun/15
No more than 166cm
Az said on 22/May/15
Stood next to her at fashion week. Not taller than 5'4".
TJE said on 24/Apr/15
I remember seeing a picture of G with her and he looked about a cm taller.
Meredith said on 1/Apr/15
I've recently stood directly next to her, and I can confidently say she is at least 5'6.5" (169cm). I'm conservatively 5'4", and she had me by almost 3" -- and we were both in flat sandals. And on top of that, even though she is perfectly slim (and she is, she looks very lovely in person), her body build/bone structure is simply not that of someone who is petite (under 5'5"). In fact, if I hadn't been specifically paying attention to her height at the time, I would have assumed 5'7"-5'7.5".
EaglesLegendz said on 4/Mar/15
5'6 looks exactly right.
Silent_D said on 27/Oct/14
167cm is good for her.
GungAlba said on 9/Oct/14
She is no way nearly 5ft 7inch, she is at the most 5ft 4inch
177cmGuy said on 5/Oct/14
5'5 looks too low. 167cm sounds right for her or a weak 5'6
Magic said on 3/Oct/14
It's wrong!She isn't 5'6,I say 5'5.
Here she wears heels,and she is close at Ben Stiller:
Click Here
What do Rob say?
Editor Rob
while I don't think she'd be 5ft 5, you could argue at times she can look barely 5ft 6
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Jun/14
Even with the 1/4 inches taken away from both Alba and Biel it still makes them 1/2 inch apart which looks right. Alba at a solid 5'6 looks right which puts Biel below 5'7 though she can look 5'7 at times
Lorne said on 7/Apr/14
When I say weak 5'7, I mean not over that mark. But yeah, she is more legit than a lot of people claiming it, for sure. I said 169 for Biel a long time ago, so 5ft6 is fine for Alba, and 6.5 for Biel. Timberlake, he's a tough one, but I wouldn't go less than 180, he does edge out Garfield...
Balrog said on 20/Mar/14
I could buy Beckinsale at 5'7" but if you think that she is a weak 5'7" then Biel would be nearer 5'6". Beckinsale edge out Biel by half inch. Alba at 5'6" and Biel at 5'6.5" would be good, which also make Timberlake a 5'11" flat which I think he is.
Lorne said on 20/Mar/14
Hah! I suggested 5ft6.25 for her and 5ft6.75 for Biel just recently, and behold! ;) But Balrog, she DOES look 169cm at times, read my posts below, I mean she is easy 4cm over 171cm range Tobey McGuire in heels, she looks identical to Ben Stiller, and barefoot was taller than Hoffman in heels. She can look 167-168 as well, though, and is definantly closer to 5'6 than 7. 5ft6 on the dot could ultimately be her height, but, I still can't see less than that..(and IMO, Beckinsale herself looks weak 5'7...)
Chris said on 8/Mar/14
Is she above average or tallish?
Balrog said on 8/Mar/14
5'6" at most, Biel was shorter than listed 5'7" Kate Beckinsale. Alba looks 167-168 a lot, but I think 5'6" is a fair listing. This is too high IMO
Editor Rob
I probably could go with 6.25 for alba and a weak 5ft 7 biel...
Andrea said on 7/Mar/14
I agree... There are some pics of Jessica at that event, you can't clearly see her heels but i think they are at least 3 inches, so Tom at 6'2.75 would be 6'3.75 in those classic shoes, which means Jessica does look a weak 5'6 at most. Why you keep her at 5'6.5?
Editor Rob
maybe it would turn out she is 169 earlier in the day, she can look 168 a lot
Andrea said on 7/Mar/14
Rob, how much difference you think there's in this video?
Editor Rob
no less than 7 inches
Alex 6ft 0 said on 17/Feb/14
Lorne, if you see the pic with her with Jessica Biel who is listed at 5'7 here that would put Alba at 5'6.5. There doesn't look to be even an inch between the two. If Alba is more around 5'6 flat then Biel is below 5'7. Id agree with the heights Rob as them at 5'6.5 and 5'7. At worst they're 1/2 inch less than that.
Lorne said on 17/Feb/14
What do you think Alex? I think she generally looks 168-169. 5ft6.5 is believable she measured it, maybe it was afternoon measurement, or maybe 168.5 rounded up? 5ft6.25 could be spot on, but looking at her thoroughly(which isn't too hard!) I doubt she'd come under 5'6, like I said, for a woman her posture isn't the greatest. Anyway, 5ft6.5 is a liberal listing, 5ft6 or even 167cm would be conversative.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
Yea in can look an inch apart in a few but most those pics especially the one I posted it looks more 1/2 inch. 5'7 and 5'6.5 may be spot on for them
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
If Alba is 5'6 flat then Biel is more like 5'6.5. If Biel is 5'7 then Alba is her 5'6.5 claim
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
Here is a pretty good pic of Alba and Biel together. Both standing side by side in the same type of sneakers. Alba's posture seems a bit more relaxed though if you look at her right leg not straight. Not sure if that's even an inch between the 2. Looks more 1/2-3/4 inch which puts Rob's listings of these 2 to be accurate. What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
you can argue in some photos 5ft 6 and 7 look ok, in others maybe 5ft 6.5 and 7
Alex 6ft 0 said on 16/Feb/14
Any pics of her with Jessica Biel who is listed 5'7 here? They are prob an inch at most apart.
Editor Rob
there were a few When in sneakers together
Jay said on 14/Feb/14
How tall does she look compared to Lita Rob? Since you have her as only 5'5 I'm curious.
Editor Rob
she can look about 5ft 6 and 6.5 is the upper end of what I'd guess for her
Lorne said on 26/Jan/14
She's gotta be a solid 5ft6. Watch "the spoils of Babylon", she is consistently taller than Toby McGuire. Toby is listed 172cm, but I think he is 171cm. And of course, she has heels. But still, she is solid 4cm taller than a 171cm guy in regular shoes. She clears 5'10 in heels, even if they give 4in, she is 5ft6. Also, she actually did look 169cm in little Fockers. As I mentioned, they're is a scene in that film, she is barefoot, Hoffman in sandles, she is an inch taller. Also looks identical to Stiller barefoot, and looks taller throughout the movie. I think 168 is closer, but the 5'4-5'5 is nonsense; granted, she gives a shorter impression, but for a woman I don't think she holds the best posture. Anyway, check out "Fockers" and "spoils of Babylon", you'll see, she really does look a little above average for a woman...
Hey said on 2/Jan/14
Hey Rob out of bed im 165.5 cm and the evening 164/164.5 cm so am i a strong 165cm ? Or can i be it if i muscle and etire my back like in swimming ?
cat said on 2/Jan/14
Hey rob what do you think her weight is in this photo?Click Here (one where she is all leather)
Editor Rob
maybe 125
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 18/Nov/13
Lorne, I agree def not 5'7 for her. 5'7 is the range where you start to look taller for a woman and she never looks tall without heels. 5'6 is prob right but some would say maybe a little under 5'6. 5'5 1/2 maybe? That's the very lowest I could see her at
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 7/Oct/13
5'6 she looks.
Lorne said on 26/Aug/13
That actually sounds spot on, because she certainly looked 168cm barefoot, but most of the time looks VERY weak 5'6, like 166-167. She's a tough one, but I can't see her at 169, she could certainly be solid 5'6, but she really doesn't look 169, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was a fraction under 5'6. I mean people don't realize this, but a strong 5'7, like 171cm range is legit tall for a woman(with average around 5'4.5) so at 5'6.5, a girl honestly looks tallish, and should actually be taller than many men in heels, and she just doesn't. BUT keep in mind, she almost never wears really large heels(that I've seen) even in Little Fockers, her heels we're very modest, yet she was taller than Stiller in shoes, so not less than 5'8 in modest heels. So I still say she's not less than 167cm, but I'll say that 166 isn't "bunk" :)
Balrog said on 23/Aug/13
I think 166-168 is her range. Look at her next to Hayden Christensen (an honest 6footer) and 5'11"-6'0" range Dane Cook.
Lorne said on 20/Aug/13
But does anyone know what kind of footwear? At that award show, he does dwarf her, but he does wear boots a lot. AnOther pic, he looks 6-7in taller, but her "heels aren't at all big(think it's also outside) but the award show is really telling, if she has big heels you could be onto something. BUT if you watch "Little Fockers"(a pretty bad movie, so understand if you don't want too!) and you'll see, BAREFOOT she looks the same height as Ben Stiller, and she is taller than Dustin Hoffman, in shoes! Barefoot, she is taller than Hoffman. His shoes are thin, but still. Like I said, she doesn't look over 5'6 most of the time, for sure, I could certainly see her being a weak 167cm, but 5'4 is taking it too far. N. How tall do you think she is? Remember, when I say 167, that covers 5ft5.75. I need to see her footwear with Welling, but unless those are some big heels she still looks close to 5'6, otherwise, 5'5 range...
Balrog said on 18/Aug/13
Lorne under 167 is not bunk. Look at her next to Tom Welling in heels.
Lorne said on 5/Aug/13
Yeah, she honestly doesn't look over 5'6 the vast majority of the time, but 5'4 is ridiculous.under 167 is bunk.
Balrog said on 24/Jun/13
Next to Dane Cook she didn't look this tall.
Lorne said on 19/Jun/13
Don't know why everyone is downgradIng her... She's taller, barefoot, than Hoffman in shoes, Taller than Stiller in modest heels, and otherwise almost identical... 5'4-5'5 claims are outrageous. 5'6, 5'6.5 is possible, 168-169cm.
Pedro said on 7/Jun/13
Here she is next to Josh Lucas, Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato: Click Here
MC said on 23/Apr/13
surely 165 cm
LFtz said on 16/Apr/13
Met her and she's definitely small, maybe 5'4 or 5'3 to my 5'8.5. She was wearing high platform heels (four inch heel with a 1-2" platform) and was still two inches shorter than I am. She is incredibly thin and probably a size 00, that is why she appears so tall!
jen said on 20/Mar/13
In her 2013 interview with Ellen she was wearing heels and was the same height as Ellen(who wore flats),and Ellen is 5'7. If Jessica is 5'6.5 shouldn't she be taller than Ellen in 3+ inch heels.
Balrog said on 2/Feb/13
In the movie awake she's completely towered by legit 6'0'' Hayden Christensen. I thought she was 5'5'' range to be honest.
Jessica said on 1/Feb/13
Someone I know worked in crown casino Melbourne assisted her to her room said she was only quite small, so I'd say she's only 5'4.
matt678 said on 14/Jan/13
Shes a 5ft5 and a half girl whos passed off as taller.
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Jan/13
If Welling is really no more than 190, she's really nearer 5'5 mark.
Louis said on 28/Dec/12
She's no more than 5'5''.
Louis said on 28/Dec/12
Jessica is definitely not 5'7''. In Fantastic Four she is about the same height in heels as Michael Chiklis. She's probably no more than 5'4'' or 5'5'' but has amazing body proportions that can make her appear taller than she really is.
da_truth said on 20/Dec/12
I think this beauty is only 5'5". She is noticeably shorter than 5'9" Alessandro Nivola in "The Eye". By at least 3-4 inches without her heels. With large heels, she was still about 1-2 inches shorter.
Jamie said on 11/Nov/12
@ Elizabeth: I'm not sure they are wearing the same footwear. Alessandra is quite obviously in flat sandals, but Jessica is wearing Sneakers that could even be Sneaker Wedges ...
Elizabeth said on 17/Oct/12
Hey guys, I just looked at these interesting pics of Jessica and Alessandra Ambrosio at a pumpkin patch- Jessica is slightly shorter, both are in flats. That means AA can't be the 5'10 she claims and/or Alba is 5'6 on the dot. Thoughts?
Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Aug/12
In fact, she's likely shorter than 5'6! Have you seen her with heels next to Tom Welling? She looks way shorter... But Rob insists having her at 5'6.5 and Welling at 6'2.75 at the same time...
Alex said on 26/Aug/12
i saw pictures and videos of jessica alba, jessica biel and jennifer connelly and the three beautiful women have the same height trust me just look the pictures in running for cancer they have sneakers and also you can look the videos
jtm said on 26/Aug/12
why on did she get upgraded to 5'6.5? jennifer connelly was clearly taller than her and you claimed on april 6 2011 post that she might be under 5'6.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/Aug/12
not over 5'6!
she's 5'7 said on 19/Jan/12
Click Here with danny trejo 5'7
Click Here with ali landry 5'8
jessica is 5'7, she always poses and slump to the side.
she Hayden Christensen said on 19/Dec/11
jassica alba she Hayden said jassica IM height 5-1 weight 140 I don't smokie
Sarah said on 18/Dec/11
Some decent pics to judge:
Click Here
Click Here

She looks a great deal taller than 5'1.5" Emma Roberts!
Don said on 4/Dec/11
Checked pics of Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson at recent event.
Hudson dwarfs Alba in both height and weight even though Hudson has
dropped from 175 lb. Alba is probably 5' 6" but much tinier than Hudson
in absolutely every area. Probably still a 30 to 40 lb weight difference.
bernadet said on 22/Nov/11
look at this photo
Click Here
jennifer hudson is 175
Silent d said on 26/Oct/11
She is in my top 5 of hottest actresss! I never thought she was that tall but after watching some movies, i believe she is 5 foot 6. I don't think she is taller than that. Alyssa milano always looked 5 foot 2 to me. I assume alba was wearing crazy heels next to milano.
LongDropper 3000 said on 26/Oct/11
I'd say young Jessy babe is abou 6"1 or 6"2 still hot as for a giant !! LOLza
Alex said on 13/Oct/11
Whatever she is shes one of the high top best looking celebs out there!
Shaun said on 10/Oct/11
I'd have guessed 5'5"
Alex said on 15/Sep/11
Yea, that would be something if she was 5'4-5'4.5 and trying to claim 5'7. I think 5'5 is still possible but anything over that I dont think now based on newer pictures. Shes a beautiful girl and one of the hottest girls in hollywood for sure!
Legend said on 14/Sep/11
lol yeah Alex at first I thought maybe the picture was funny but she would actually look taller based on the angle because she's in front of him. Unless he's wearing the biggest platform shoes I've ever seen, she has to be 5'4.5 or close to it.
Alex said on 13/Sep/11
True, that guy is 5'6 max and in heels she doesn't look any taller than him. Could be in the 5'4 range looking at that. If shes 5'4 not sure why she'd claim 5'7 or even 5'6.5 unless shes claiming height in heels lol
Legend said on 10/Sep/11
Oh I don't think she's taller than 5'4.5, look at her with heels next to Danny Trejo who is 5'5.75 max: Click Here
Alex said on 5/Sep/11
I'd say closer to 5'6 than 5'4. No way at 5'4 is she going to get away with claiming 5'7. Could be 5'5-5'5 1/2 and doing the usually hollywood adding on an inch or 2.
Legend said on 3/Sep/11
I still can't see more than 5'4.5 for her after seeing her the same height as Machete in heels.
Isabelle said on 31/Jul/11
The picture that Soviet Rebel posted tells a lot. Jessica has her head tilted (I've seen numerous pictures of her with this cast)so she has 1 1/2 to 2 inches on Trujillo (in this photo).
Trujillo is a pretty short man. He is 5f7. Jessica is wearing 5 inch heels (includes the platform in front of toes). She is only 2 inches taller than Trujillo is this picture. Five inch heels will give Jessica 31/2 inches of extra height. This places Jessica at 5f9 1/2. This makes Jessica close to 5f6.
I strongly believe her to be 5f5 to 5f6. Anything under 5f5 is ridiculous as anything over 5f6 is too.
Alex said on 28/Jul/11
Rob89, Milano under 5'1 maybe? But Alba isn't more than 5'6 either. Could be like 5'5 1/2. Milano didn't give me an impression she was under 5'1 in person but who knows lol
rob89 said on 26/Jul/11
There's definitely more than 5 inches between Milano and Alba in that photo, don't be fooled by the fact that Milano has her hair all bunched up on top of her head. I see a solid 6" difference, even when you consider that Alba is closer to the camera. Unless Alba had a heel advantage of at least an inch, either Milano is under 5'1" or Alba is over 5'6".
Alex said on 18/Jul/11
It appears Alba has Milano by like 5 inches but also a while back someone pointed out that Alba had a heel advantage. When I met Milano she looked 5'4ish in heels so barefoot more 5'1 so I would put Alba at 5'5 1/2 probably.
Legend said on 17/Jul/11

With Alba she looks like she could actually be a little less than 5 feet. With you I don't know. But she does look pretty short with Alba.
Legend said on 14/Jul/11
She's 5'4 - 5'5 range. No where near 5'6. Thats a joke.
Alex said on 14/Jul/11
Legend, she looks 5'0 in the picture with me or with Alba? When girls wear heels its tougher to call their height. I was 6'1 and a bit of change in sneakers in that picture and I had about a full head on her.
sandra said on 14/Jul/11
i guess she is really the height she claims to be compared to beyonce.Her legs are waaayy longer than beyonces.she is a quite tall the movie "honey" you see how tall she really looks with flats on the whole movie.i guess that height is suitable for her.
John said on 6/Jul/11
Google: Jennifer Lopez and Jessica - Jennifer, who is 5'3 next to Jessica, but they are the same height? Because Jessica is no where near 5'6, she's 5'3
John said on 6/Jul/11
She is MAX 5'5.5'4 - In Fantastic Four next to 5'11 (180 cm) Ioan (and her wearing 3 inch heels, just like in the whole movie) She would without the shoes be close to his shoulders. 100% not 5'6 5'5-5'4 not an inch more!
Legend said on 4/Jul/11
Alex says on 29/May/11
Legend, what would you say Alyssa Milano's height is? I got a good picture with her on her page on this site. I ask also because Jessica Alba in this picture has 4-5 inches on her but unsure about footwear too. Milano looked 5'1 to me in person minus the heels and I am 6'0-6'0 1/4.

Click Here
Sorry for the late response Alex. Milano looks about 5 feet flat in that picture. I would say 5'1 at the most.
nicole said on 20/Jun/11
i think she is 5'7. she definately looks it!
worked with jessica said on 15/Jun/11
I was a production intern on one of her movies. she IS 5'7, or about 5'7.5......i am 5'6, was with her throughout the day for an entire month during filming, she was an inch taller than me in flats and about 4 inches taller in high heels. i hope this answers all of your questions.
houlb said on 13/Jun/11
she gotta be 5'7 at least
Alex said on 29/May/11
Legend, what would you say Alyssa Milano's height is? I got a good picture with her on her page on this site. I ask also because Jessica Alba in this picture has 4-5 inches on her but unsure about footwear too. Milano looked 5'1 to me in person minus the heels and I am 6'0-6'0 1/4.

Click Here
Alex said on 29/May/11
Shes not as low as 5'4. 5'5 maybe? 5'5 1/2 likely and 5'6 at most.
Shes got one of the best bodies in hollywood though!
Aims said on 28/May/11
I believe she is the 5'7 she claims.
Legend said on 24/May/11
She's 5'5.
me said on 2/May/11
with scarlett johansson : Click Here

then scarlett must be a lot shorter...
Soviet_Rebel said on 1/May/11
Click Here

C'mon look at her , with VERY BIG heels near 5ft5 danny trejo.

She is 5ft5 TOP, absolutely nothing more.

C'mon ROB time to DOWNGRADE!
metJESSICArecently said on 14/Apr/11
i met jessica alba in l.a. a few weeks ago and stood inches away from her in a crowded room. the first thing i thought was WOW, she is much taller than i expected. i am 5 foot 7 and a half and she was wearing normal heels and was about 3 inches taller than me in the that would mean that without the heels, JESSICA ALBA IS AT LEAST 5'7". she is so skinny/small boned that it makes her look shorter, but she is a tall girl!!! she's gorgeous!!!
Legend said on 6/Apr/11
Rob, you haven't told me what you think about this picture, look at her next to Danny Trejo in heels and tell me how on earth she can be 5'6 Click Here

Editor Rob
when she's standing fine she looks in heels a couple of inches taller than danny, of course she could be between 5ft 5 and 6.
Jake T. said on 4/Apr/11
She looks 167 cm sometimes but maybe 166 cm is her right mark, 5'5.5 for Jessica.
andrea said on 3/Apr/11
I agree with Constance adn Legend. She is not over 5f6. Tops 5f6, ore likely 5f5. Nice body.
Legend said on 31/Mar/11
There is no way she is ever 5'6. She is shorter than Danny Trejo even with heels on. She's more like 5'4.
Constance said on 30/Mar/11
Rachel wearing "slightly" taller heels? She's on platforms. If Jessica's shoes give her 2 1/2-3 inches of height and Rachel's gives her 5, then that makes Rachel 5f6 in heels and Jessica 5f8 (in heels) is she is 5f5 1/2. Looks right. (Heels do not give people exact height of actual heel. It gives about 1/2 inch to 1 inch LESS depending on arch and shoe form). Jessica is not on the shorter side. I'd say she's on smack in the middle of average.
For women: Average is 5f4-5f6.
Short is 5f1-5f3. Very short 5f and under. Petite clothes are made for the "short" heights.
Tall is 5f7-5f9. Very tall 5f10+
I work in clothing industry and these are margins. Jessica has a long torso that can make her appear taller. That with tall heels can make a person appear taller. She has great body porportions (arrms and legs too).
izzy said on 12/Mar/11
i just found this pic of Jessica standing next to Rachel Zoe who apparently is 5'1 (not 100% sure if that's correct though).
Click Here
Rachel appears to be wearing slightly higher heels (maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches taller than Jessicas). Jessica also seems to be a little taller even though her heels are shorter (maybe about 2 inches). That would make her about 5'5. Well... now that I think of it I still think she's probably more like 5'6 (tops).
Kara said on 28/Feb/11
Her Proportions would look shorter if she wasn't at least 5 5", I'd say 5 6" is pretty close to accurate. She could have grown since dark angel.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
Jessica Alba must be 5'5"
C. said on 3/Feb/11
Umm, since Blake Lively is clearly not 5'10, there is no way that Jessica can be 5'6 if there's this much of a height different:

Click Here

They've both got 4-5 inch heels on. So...what gives?
Mexican Girl said on 2/Feb/11
I am so much sure that Jessica Alba is definitely 5'5.5 and not taller. But... who cares?
blobo said on 31/Jan/11
She is definitely not smaller than 5'6
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/11
She doesn't look 5 foot 6, no way. Why do celebs always LIE about their real height?
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/11
Blake lively is not 5'10 in heels she is 5'10
Jessica looks like shes 5'6 or 5'7 maybe shes 5'6 and a half ?
Legend said on 4/Jan/11
Rob, have you seen her in the movie "Machete" with 5'5.75 Danny Trejo? She is shorter than him! Look at her with heels on next to him:

Click Here
Mimi said on 2/Jan/11
Blake Lively is 5'10" in heels, not barefoot.
sarah said on 30/Dec/10
@annonoymous, blake lively is 5"10, so it looks like jessica alba is about 5"6
rainy said on 21/Dec/10
I agree that she looks about 5'4-5'5 in most pictures...but it's definitely possible that she's 5'6-5'7 irl. The reason why she doesn't look that tall is because she is slim with a narrow body frame, delicate bone structure from top to bottom, and a proportionately small face, making her look small and 'petite', esp in photos. It's usually people with wider frames (ie. wide shoulders and hip-bones) and heavier bone structure who look taller and 'bigger' than they really are irl (Beyonce for example, who is also very hot and is actually slimmer than she looks in pics :). Alba looked her best in 'Into the Blue', I'd kill to have her figure in that movie...I do have a narrow build and delicate bone structure like her, (though I'm very far from her level of hot leanness) and I've been told that I look alot smaller and thinner in pictures than irl, so it's probably the same for her.
Lord Chief Justice said on 18/Dec/10
yup, 168cm sounds correct
Alex said on 9/Dec/10
5'5.5-5'6. Looks no more than 110-112lbs and could be a bit less. Shes beautiful though.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/10
Jessica next to Blake Lİvely.
Click Here Blake is 5'8".
hunnni said on 20/Nov/10
my dad was working in the wardrobe department when they were filming dark angel and he said he would pin her at 5'5 because my dad is a short guy (5'7) and she was a fair bit shorter then him.
Abbie said on 9/Nov/10
OH-YES! I agree, She's Definitely 5'5"
somebody new said on 8/Nov/10
5'6'' at most. better chance 5'5''
Kate said on 6/Nov/10
ashton kutcher is a solid 6'2.5, and standing next to him w/ huge heels (6in maybe), and him slightly leaning, alba is about 3in shorter. that'd mean shes about 5'4.5-5'5.
Click Here
Legend said on 4/Nov/10
She is clearly at the most 5'5 next to Danny Trejo in Machete.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/09
Dan Fogler is listed as 5'7"...if Jessica is 5'6", there is no way Dan is 5'7". He looks 4" shorter than her in Good Luck Chuck when Jessica is in heels. If Jessica's heels give her 2" over Dan, this means Dan is more like 5'4"-5'5" max.
Janet said on 27/May/09
i hope people realize that if you are watching into the blue that more than likely there was a body double used for much of the i wouldn't judge it on that. i;d guess she's more like 5'5. she's like a size 0 too, which definitley makes her look taller.
Dan said on 22/May/09
5'7 is imbossible , 5'5.5 is perfect
jessica said on 19/May/09
@ Lindsey: Dang! Scarlett is SHORT compared to Jessica Alba and they're both probably wearing the same height heels. Jessica Alba is definitely 5' 6 1/2" - 5' 7".
yoyo said on 17/May/09
i think shes more like 5ft5.5. pushing 5ft6.
Lindsey said on 10/May/09
Click Here

what do you think?
Anna said on 30/Apr/09
i think 5'7 is pretty accurate.I doubt shes anything under that.
Alex said on 28/Apr/09
5'7 is likely with the normal inch upgrade from celebs.
Anna said on 26/Apr/09
I read in OK magazine today that shes 5'7.
Alex said on 20/Apr/09
I was watching some of Into the Blue recently and she does look a legit 5'6 girl.
Dutch said on 19/Apr/09
Yeah, 5'6, I'd believe that.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/09
dlev-yeah you are. im 5'8 and 137 pounds, and a size 8. i think i have light bones or something because i have a lot of muscle too.

this is a good listing for alba. i was going to guess 5'5.5.
Alex said on 27/Feb/09
She doesn't have a medium-big butt. A small butt but its not flat like Paris Hilton lol.

I notice a lot of girls look less than their real weight.
dlev said on 24/Feb/09
I'm 5'7 and 135 pounds. People always guess my weight at a round 120 and I wear a size 2 or 4 depending on the designer/label. I just happen to have muscle and as we all know muscle weighs more than fat. I don't think it's weight that matters at all. She's clearly very thin but she has a butt.
Alex said on 21/Feb/09
Alba is in shape. Shes not just thin. Shes thin but has a little muscle tone as well but muscular though. Shes not like a normal thin girl who doesn't work out. Jessica Biel is more muscular but not very muscular though and I dont think her face is bad. Its not anything special but she is pretty.
Simon said on 15/Feb/09
Firstly, she is nowhere near as hot as people make out. She's pretty, end of. The hype is ridiculous. Secondly, she is NOT in great shape. She's just thin. There is a big difference. In 'great shape' is someone who works out regularly and has discernable muscle tone. She doesn't. Fact is, most hollywood women who are lauded for being sex symbols are just young and skinny. Very very few are in shape. About the only one who is is Jessics Biel. Her body blows the rest of these chicks out of the water. Shame about her face.........
Alex said on 9/Feb/09
Shannon, 5'8 120lbs is pretty lean. Probably equal to a 5'6 110lb woman but its nothing too thin though since you'll have models who are 5'8 and weigh 110-115lbs, now thats a little too thin. YOu can be 5'8 and look good at 120lb and look good at 140-150lbs, its all how your built really.
Shannon said on 8/Feb/09
not trying to act conceited, but ive seen her in her movie Honey and her waist is tiny, but mine is slightly smaller, but im 5'8
and i weigh 120 lbs
Alex said on 4/Feb/09
I agree. She doesn't look as much as 120 at all. Shes too thin to be 120lbs but shes in great shape and very attractive. I'd say 5'6 110lbs for her, maybe a bit less.
Lindsay said on 2/Feb/09
maybe 5'5 1/2 but there is no way she is 120lb. Im 120 (at 5'6") and not nearly as tiny as alba. Id put her around 110 or lower, easily.
allie said on 31/Jan/09
She's 5'5 1/2 and weighs 120.
Alex said on 19/Jan/09
DaMan, I know some people dont like Kim. Some girls will say shes fake all around. Yes her breasts are fake, she wears make up but her ass isn't fake I dont think. Thats just a rumor. I think shes pretty attractive.
Da Man said on 18/Jan/09
Alex says on 17/Jan/09
"Shes VERY hot but not the hottest to me. I'd put her in my top 5 probably but top 3 are Alyssa Milano, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian."

I like your first two picks a lot, but Kim Kardashian?
Alex said on 17/Jan/09
Shes VERY hot but not the hottest to me. I'd put her in my top 5 probably but top 3 are Alyssa Milano, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.
jessica alba said on 3/Jan/09
5ft 6in is a very good hight for her. because she is the hottest actress ever
anonymous said on 18/Dec/08
5 foot 6. She is a short looking 5 foot 6. I saw never been kissed and she had a good 10cm on drew barrymore and i think she was still growing. 5 foot 6.
Alex said on 15/Dec/08
She can look as low as 5'5 sometimes but more often she looks 5'6ish at least.
ice said on 11/Dec/08
To be honest, I would give Alba 166cm. That's what she looked like next to Wilmer Valderrama
Alex said on 2/Dec/08
I consider myself a legit 6'0 though sometimes I can get as low as 5'11 3/4-5'11 7/8 by night but most of the time I dont go under 6'0 and am 6'0.25 at midday. 6'0.75 when waking.
Anonymous3 said on 29/Nov/08
I lawl at the fact anonymous saying he/she is 6' and feels short.

I am a guy, 195cm/6'5" and 6' seems even tallish to me. I see all these people I ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE IN TERMS OF HEIGHT like more than 20cm of difference and then when I see a 6' person I just go like okay....pretty good height. maybe 12-13cm of difference I'm still taller by a whole chunk but obviously they stand out more from the crowd than those 5 footers.
So how the hell can 6' be "kind of short" even for a guy, not to mention a girl. Jeez even I think it's tall. I might be the tallest sometimes second tallest in a crowd somewhere usually, and at 6', you are most likely the second if not third tallest and AT THE SHORTEST you could be is MAYBE THE 4th among a bunch of people.
You are probably not 6' then if you feel short. Maybe 6' in 6-inch heels.

But a legit 6' person meaning they never go under 6'-6'.25 FINAL/EVENING height and are probably 6'1.25-6'1.5 in shoes DAYTIME is definitely tall to me even when I am 6'6.25 in shoes.
Alex said on 9/Nov/08
5'2-5'4 for Alba is insane. Shes closer to 5'7 than 5'4. thats for sure.
anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
omg, i neva thought that she would be 169cm, thats a hot height. i wish i was 169cm, u wouldnt be to tall even with wearing heels. i am 173 my self, which i get really annoyed people call me a giant even with flats or heels.
brapp said on 16/Oct/08
@ margaret - yeah I know!! It's ridiculous. I'm about 168.5 and people a good 2.5 inches shorter than me claim to be 5'6".

A 174 girl I know claims to be 180.

Generally, take away an inch or 2 and thats the real height!
Alex said on 16/Oct/08
This picture was posted a while back with Jessica Alba and Alyssa Milano. I honestly see 6 inches there but Alba is slightly closer to the camera and Rob said he saw the footwear from that event and Alba has a bit more heel than Alyssa so still can be a 5 inch difference. And Alyssa appears to be no more than 5'1 in most pictures.

Click Here
Margaret said on 15/Oct/08
I'm 5.6.... Some my friends are below me.. But say that they're 5.7 with is 169 or 170... Everyone when he or she is speaking increases his or her height for several sm-s... :D This is simple true... If she says she's my height.. I pretend her to be 5.5 or 5.5and 14.. not more..
andrea said on 11/Oct/08
jessica is no more than 5'6" and no less than 5'5".
Alex said on 11/Oct/08
Even as low as 5'5 I think is pushing it a bit. She looks a good 5'6 most of the time I see her.
C. said on 10/Oct/08
She's 5'6" at the maximum. 5'5" at the lowest. But the 5'2" and 5'7" claims are insane.
Alex said on 8/Oct/08
Look at the picture of her with 5'11-6'0 Dane Cook. Shes obviously in big heels there because she comes 2-2.5 inches shorter.
Realme2008 said on 5/Oct/08
Jessica Alba standing next to America Ferrara. Click Here
Nicky said on 2/Oct/08
5'6" seems about right. She seems like the type of person who would lie about her height. I find her to be incredibly shallow
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/08
Click Here

Tyra seems what, 6 or so inches taller than alba? Tyra is 5'10" and has atleast 2" of footwear over albas boots. consistant if Alba is the 5'6"-5'7" she claims to be.

I have to admit thinking Alba is 5'2" or so is insane. look atpictures of Rachel Bilson or other shorter actresses. they seem a lot smaller than Alba in any picture I have every seen of her
Random guy said on 24/Sep/08
She visted my girlfriend's highschool a couple years ago and was apparently about 5'4 or so
Alex said on 24/Sep/08
5'5.5 is the absolute lowest I could buy for her, She looks a solid 5'6 most of the time.
leonari said on 17/Sep/08
but she ain>'t 5'6 either. so all thats left is 5'5.5" which is her height.
Alex said on 16/Sep/08
She isn't as low as 5'5.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
no one cares (Ron) this is about jessica alba's height and she is 5'5 MAX!!
Ron Alinoel said on 5/Sep/08
In the Philippines, the average height for womenis 5'2 and for men 5'4... im lucky i'm 5'10 and a half!!! and im just 16
Jessie said on 31/Aug/08
I would be surprised if she is anything over 5'2. Really though it's a joke saying 5'7 it just makes her look silly. Its like Nicole Richie saying shes 5'7 its just not reality. p.s- Dianna , don't feel bad the average height in Holland is more like 5'6ish so your not that short. Everywhere alse in the world your average height:P
Dianna said on 20/Aug/08
I live in Holland and the average height for woman here is 5'8. I'm only 5'3.
Anna said on 17/Aug/08
I read in a mag that she's 5'6.5.She looks taller,like about 5'8.
Kim said on 16/Aug/08
I think she's over than 167.
lara said on 9/Aug/08
if you watches The Love Guru and according to this site, mike myers is 170 cm, and in most of the film,jessica alba has heels, and in part which has no shoes on ,she is shorter than mike.
Alex said on 30/Jul/08
Rob, you're right. She does look like shes slightly closer to the camera, but thats just one photo. Like you said its best to go by a series of photos.
Alex said on 27/Jul/08
Rob, what would you say the difference looks in that picture counting the heel difference? I'd say pushing 6 inches so even if Alba had 1/2 to an inch more advantage it could still be 5 inches difference or even a bit more.

Editor Rob
it could be, it's possible alba is slight nearer. Sometimes if there's a series of photos you get a better idea.
Alex said on 26/Jul/08
Rob, what do you think about downgrading up upgrading one of the 2 girls because based on that picture there is at least 5 inches minimum between the 2.

Editor Rob
milano one? I think the heels weren't same size, alba had bit more.
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/08
right, barbara, and in response to josephines comment below...she is only half mexican-her father's side. her mother is white, of french and danish descent, so she is of mixed descent. and she is at least 5'6.
Barbara said on 22/Jul/08
Josephine, her ethnicity has nothing to do with her height. I have come across tall women who are of Mexican descent. I don't know what the average height is for a person of Mexican descent but let's say for argument sake that it is 5'2". If that is the average then someone has to be taller than 5'2".
Alex said on 14/Jul/08
Rob, this picture was posted a while back I believe. She towers over Alyssa Milano by at least 5-5.5 inches and possibly 6 inches. But I think you said Alba had a bit more heel during that event. And Milano is listed at 5'1.5 on this site and some say shes's as low as 5'0. I would think shes 5'1 putting Alba at 5'6 and likely 5'6 1/2. She is more than 4.5 inches taller than her which is how you have them listed.

Click Here
Alex said on 14/Jul/08
She has claimed 5'6 1/2 too. Now she seems to claim 5'7. She's def in the 5'6-5'6 1/2 range though. Looks more than just 5'5 as some say she is.
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/08
i just watched the movie with scott caan she did the other day-into the blue. she did appear to be around the sAME height as him-he is def no more than 5'5. however, when a male actor is this short, and a female actor is an inch or so taller, they will put lifts in the male's shoes. im assuming that what they did for scott, being that paul walker is over 6'1,, and dwarfed poor scott! jessica is def around 5'6 or a little better. she was only about 2 inches smaller than ashley scott in the movie, who is very tall-around 5'8 or 5;9. she is a true 5'6.
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I don't trust magazines when it comes to height. Do they actually measure the star in question? Nope. Jessica Alba didn't actually look taller than Scott Caan in that movie they made, I forget the name. He is 5'5". She is very slender so she looks tall. Also if you look at genetics, she is half Mexican. Now the average height for Mexican women is 5'2" I doubt she is taller than 5'6" like she says.
Nah said on 11/Jul/08
Yeah, magazines love to say that Angelina Jolie is 5'8" when she herself says that she's 5'7" (although many people believe that she is shorter). Magazines don't always know best.
Realme2008 said on 9/Jul/08
U.S. Weekly is slow obviously. She definitely doesn't look it, and most magazine don't even take height seriously.
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/08
us weekly just listed her at 5'7
Alex said on 30/Jun/08
About Alba's height I think there is a slight chance she could be 5'6 1/2 but I wouldn't go over that. When people sometimes claim such and such height and 1/2 it makes you think they're being more honest because when you lie most of the time you're not going to say X height and 1/2.
Bianca said on 28/Jun/08
what ever her hright, I want to be just as tall cause some people are taller than me. I am 5' 5'' and a half, so I will probably be as tall as her, when I'm her age.
jay said on 18/Jun/08
i respectfully doubt that 6' is taller than 70% of adult men. (asia not included thought xD )

alba didnt look that short next to 6'2" paul walker in Into the blue.. 5ft 6 - 7 sounds right to me.
C. said on 17/Jun/08
Anonymous is a male, not a female. He states at 6' he feels "short" where he resides (Sweden). Although that's not tall there, it isn't short either. Just around average.
Superman said on 13/Jun/08
Anonymous, if you are 16 and 6' tall. As a female that would be very large, as you would be taller than 70% of adult men. Are u kidding???? Are your parents Mr. & Mrs. Sasquach or something? How can you feel short, as a female at 6'?
Although you probably will stop growing, most girls that tall stop growing at around 16 years old. If you keep growing (past 6'3") learn to play basketball or something as that is always an option for giants.
C. said on 7/Jun/08
I think the reason why people find 5'2" short (even for a girl) is because in general, the majority of individuals period will tower you. That's not necessarily the case at 5'8".

And the clip with Jessica and Ellen proves that Ellen is closer to 5'6" than 5'7". Because Jessica Alba doesn't look that tall.
Alex said on 5/Jun/08
If 5'2 is considered short for a girl then 5'8 for a guy would be considered short too which some may agree on. I would say you're getting on the short side but 5'1 for a girl and 5'7 for a guy is when true short starts.

16 at 6'0 and feel kinda short? Sounds kinda impossible.
Realme2008 said on 5/Jun/08
Viper says on 30/May/08
"5-2 isnt tiny. Its only 2 inches under the average."-- Yeah, I know but 5'4" is really petite anyway it's just the average height for woman that's all. Imagine the average height for a male being 5'4" or 5'2" they would be considered tiny, right? Stastictically speaking 5'2" isn't that short for a girl, but yeah it is pretty tiny to me.
Alex said on 1/Jun/08
I agree. I keep hearing 5'2 is so short or tiny for a girl. Its just 2 inches below average. Very short for girls starts at 5'0 and under or 4'11.

Also tiny I think means a combination or being short and being thin.
Viper said on 30/May/08
5-2 isnt tiny. Its only 2 inches under the average.
V said on 29/May/08
T, I'm your age and 5"9/5"10. I'm tall. 5"2 is tiny.
me said on 11/May/08
Did anyone see Jessica Alba on Ellen recently promoting her new movie. Well If you have, I found that they were really similar in height. Jessica was wearing really flat shoes and Ellen in her usual sneakers and it seemed like Jessica was the exact same height as Ellen, and I know Ellen is listed as 5'7 here. But anyways it made me kinda believe that Jessica could be maybe 5'6 and half or even 5'7. I guess the difference of an inch isn't that much but it just seemed that both Ellen and Jessica were the same height. I will post a video and you can see, maybe someone can explain to me. okay well on a fansite there is the video, Click Here on the first page. When she walks in you can see her height. Maybe it was her hair lol. If I find pix I will try to show ya guys. okay thanks.
Jules said on 11/May/08
She was just on ellen degeneres and in flats and she was clearly taller than ellen.
Nah said on 19/Apr/08
T, you're below the average height in the United States, and I have no idea where you live, but you'd definitely be considered tiny over there! Not tall.
Alex said on 14/Apr/08
Alba is skinny but a healthy skinny though.
T said on 9/Apr/08
Im about 5.2in with no heels and think im 2 tall at 15 and don'nt wanna grow no more do u think im tall??
Dunn said on 29/Mar/08
if Jessica Simpson was in the picture with eva mendes and longoria then Jessica Simpson would probably be 2 or 3 inches taller then jessica alba if she wore those huge heels that she usually wears
sweetchari said on 27/Mar/08
Stop adding inches to someone just because they want to be taller. She is five six flat at the very most! She was starting to get too thin before she got pregnant so its good she gained some weight. I never saw her as curvy she just looks like a thin athletically built person. Nothing special about her but she does have a pretty face. She used to have an eating disorder and got down to like 100 pounds. Oddly enough she has been listed as weighing as much as 129 so maybe she is not super skinny as ppl believe. She gained mostly in her lower body since she has been pregnant.
Hey said on 25/Mar/08
Yeah she is really thin. When she in Toronto taping the movie Honey, I saw her in person. She looked 5'5'' and barely 100 pounds. She looked really skinny. Not Nicole Richie thin, but pretty close.
Annabelle said on 23/Mar/08
I met her about a year ago and was really surprised at how skinny she was. Everyone always paints her as this super athletic, healthy, and toned person- and she looks it in movies and photos, but in real life she's just a... stick. I guess that goes to show you how thin all the actresses really are who even look super thin on camera. They're all probably sickly skeletons in real life. I hope she really does get to a healthy weight now that she's pregnant because when I met her, there's no way she was over 110 pounds. Oh, and by the way I think this height is dead on even though she was wearing heals when I met her (2 or 3 inches). I'm 5'8'' and we were eye to eye.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/08
She looks about from 5'2"-5'4" to me and no she isn't curvy,but still pretty as heck.If you really think,a lot of women are'nt that curvy,even models.

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