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6ft 0.36in (183.8cm)
Canson said on 13/May/18
@Agent Orange: I used to think Cena was closer to 6’1, as well. However, that can be attributed to how other wrestlers lie about their heights or how they have their heights exaggerated in the programs. I have to look at his quote about being “6’1” in cool shoes and take that for what it’s worth. While I don’t think that he typically looks under 6’0, that could be possible. But I say the latter only because height varies throughout the day and his measurement could’ve been an earlier measurement. When I estimate, I do so based on how Rob gives his own height on this site for reference (5’8 1/8) when he is in pictures with other celebrities. Coincidentally, I do the same. However, I’m sure even a person claiming a barefoot height may measure early in the morning at the Doctor’s office. Many will do that especially if they have other prerequisites involved such as fasting prior to the appointment. In this case, most would have their appointments in the early morning. Thus, he could be 5’11.75 and round up or even be 6’0.25 and round down if he measured in the afternoon. However, in the picture with Khodjoe, Cena does not appear to be wearing all that much footwear. Christian pointed out Boris’s footwear that day, below. While I could not see it in the pic with Cena, that would diminish Khodjoe’s advantage over him. Rob has them listed 3.5” apart and that’s the most difference that I could believe before a footwear advantage comes into play.
Canson said on 13/May/18

“Making things personal”

So you saying that someone has a deformed head, or that two adult men (Christian and me) are boyfriends, or that we can’t estimate height differences, or that someone is bad with camera angles, that I need to go back to school instead of spending time on this site, or that I “speak bad English” aren’t making things personal? You are the definition of a hypocrite because those are all personal attacks. Yet you accuse both of us of doing what you do, plain and simple. Not to mention, you say that things were civil before Christian said that you “just want to make Boris as tall as possible”. I would say that Christian was being sarcastic in that statement but based on how you cherrypick pictures, solicit Rob’s input as often as you do, and even stoop so low that you need To drop “You don’t think Rob’s a reasonable guy”, where you essentially are “guilting us into believing something”, I have to agree with what he said to you because that is the perception.
Canson said on 13/May/18

You really have no room to even use the word Hypocrisy ever again. And your name is next to it in the “Merriman Webster Dictionary”. Even Rob says that Boris doesn’t look 6’3 with Kobe”?You are using Rob to defend you and you are bringing him into this argument. And Yes you do need someone to defend you because you are both hopeless and helpless, but nobody will. I’m sure that Rob does not want to be involved in this argument as is evidenced with our long spat on Boris’s page where he even said “Someone take the lead” to end it. Just because Rob says something doesn’t mean it is 100% accurate. He knows that as well. He is human just like the rest of us and I’m sure that he would tell you that himself. I’m also sure that he would admit that he’s made a mistake before just like him adjusting David Morrisey after he met him, as well as Pamela Anderson Lee after he met her. So he made educated guesses and both turned out to be shorter than he expected. I can’t fault Rob because it is humanly impossible to guess everyone’s heights just by looking at pictures alone. You out of all people should know this as you’ve said that “Many people on this site need downgrades” several times. So if someone is overlisted to begin with, and Rob bases another celeb’s height off of that person, they will be off. But you hang on to “Rob says he doesn’t look 6’3 with Kobe” because it supports your narrative. Well if that’s the case, then you would have to agree with all of Rob’s other estimates or else it will appear just the way it actually is, that you “use Rob’s input” when it is convenient for you. And even worse, you just said “So you’re basically saying Rob is not a reasonable person here?” It sounds as if you are trying to sway our opinion on height just because Rob says that he does not look 6’3” with Kobe. That is just sad. So now you are trying to guilt Christian and me both into believing something different than we do just to align with yours whether we believe them or not. That’s like guilting someone into doing something they don’t want to do. Sorry but if you have to use the “guilt trip” route with Christian and me, it really just shows your incompetence as a poster and that you can’t speak specifically on facts. All because Rob says it? Rob designed this site for input from everyone. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be commenting as posters. He would’ve simply made up his mind how tall all of these celebrities are and we would have no say whatsoever. This would mean that none of our comments would mean anything and Rob would likely be out of a job. So That’s just pathetic because this is an opinion based site. And that is truly “cringeworthy” that you are trying to “guilt” Christian and me into going against what we see in certain pictures just because it supports your narrative. You just told us “So you don’t think Rob is a reasonable guy”? LMFAO! You’ve reached a new low with that one, Andrea.

As far as Boris looking 6’3” he clearly does in some cases just as he does 6’4” in other cases. You fail to ever mention the picture with Jamie Foxx where he looks well under 6’4 and can even look 6’2” range. Of course you do because it contradicts your narrative. So your argument of him “never looking less than 192cm” fails again. Just because you may feel that he looks 6’3” or under less often than 6’4 does not mean that the pictures do not exist. You cannot simply regard or disregard evidence based on whether it supports your narrative. But You choose to ignore the evidence and only cherrypick pictures that show he’s closer to 6’4”. It’s funny that you never mention the picture with Foxx or that you say he looks 192 with Kobe when he clearly is less than that. Boris has a camera and footwear advantage with Kobe but you don’t mention it in that picture. Instead, you only mention it in the pictures where Boris looks under 6’4”.

By the way, Christian and I have both said that Rob is a reasonable guy. Both of us have said that we respect his opinion and that he is great at what he does, so don’t go and tell us that we don’t believe he is a reasonable guesser because that simply isn’t the case. Christian said it as recently as his last post and I’ve said it repeatedly. So that obviously isn’t true. Instead, You’re telling us to disregard what we and others there physically see. You do notice that Christian and I aren’t the only ones who have said he looks less than 6’3? Of course you do but you don’t want to acknowledge that. Instead, you are trying to make us feel guilty because “Rob says he doesn’t look 6’3 with Kobe”so we have to change our estimates, and that we now think that Rob is not a reasonable person as a result??

I don’t even need to respond to anything else you said in your last “Diary entry” because I already have in other posts. You simply regurgitate and recycle all of your old posts even after I respond to them with facts pointing out what I have. However, “Even Rob says that Boris doesn’t look under 6’4” or “You don’t think Rob is a reasonable person either?” Just shows that you are very childish, hypocritical, and trifling all at the same time. It’s pretty pathetic that you must resort to that in order to try to get someone to agree with you or bow down to you
Andrea said on 13/May/18
Yeah, I'm sure it must be your phone, Canson. 😂😂😂
And it's funny that you say that you don't go around bragging your education on this site, when you're actually the first one who brought it up at the beginning of this extremely long discussion, when you came out with such a brilliant statement as "You probably didn't even graduate high school and sell yourself on the street to make money because it's all your good at.". Just like it's funny that you say that if people can think logically or unbiased, that is all that matters to you. Very funny, considering that you yourself are both illogical and biased in the first place, LOL.
Canson said on 12/May/18
@Zampo: if that’s the way you see it, then it’s cool. Andrea only takes people’s estimates that align with his and then attempts to “recruit” them in an attempt to gang up on Christian and me. Christian and I both are well aware of Andrea’s bullsh*t and sense of entitlement here on CH and we call him on it every time
Canson said on 12/May/18
@Andrea: well your master Rob has him listed 6’0.5 and Boris 6’4”. It’s funny that you reference Rob so often when trying to support your narrative. You mentioned that he is an expert about shoes, etc. but you’re going against him for this estimate saying it’s 4”. It’s closer to 3” or max 3.5”. As far as biased and delusional, I don’t really think you want to go there with me. You once told Christian and me that Jamie Foxx wore lifts all because Boris didn’t look 6’4” in the picture with him. You even told us that Kobe only has 3cm on Boris just to make him 192cm which is close to 6’4”. Well, it’s obvious that 6’4.75 Kobe has 1.5-2” on Boris and Boris had a footwear advantage and is closer to the camera than Kobe. So if anyone is biased and delusional, then it’s that. Don’t forget that you are also the same one who said that someone stood on their tippytoes next to Boris all because he didn’t look 6’4 with them. So let’s cut the crap Andrea and stop accusing me of stuff that you do yourself.

As far as your response To Lawrence, if a legit 6’4” guy were standing next to Boris and we’re taller, you would make every excuse in the book about the picture. You already have done it with Kobe and Cam who are around 6’5 even saying that your picture was better than Christian’s and pointing out issues with Christian’s. You didn’t mention anything about yours. Instead, you accused Christian of cherrypicking when that’s exactly what you did.

Unfortunately, you don’t run this site. Rob does. We don’t bow down to you and agree with all of your estimates. But when we don’t you get angry about it because you feel that you are entitled. I’m beginning to think that you have mental issues honestly

Of course you tell Zampo that he’s wrong and accept Lawrence’s estimate because it supports your narrative. But we have come to expect that from you. You’re delusional and you are biased. All of the things you accuse me of
Zampo said on 12/May/18
@Andrea, Honestly, when I saw the photo of Boris & Cena. I felt it was roughly 4 inches but as we know photos are generally not the best way to determine a height differential(due to many factors e.g posture, camera angle, footwear etc) rather they are useful in helping decide a possible range. For instance we can safely say it's most likely between 3-4 inches. In fact we can be even more specific and judging by the comments, most would agree that it's looking like the height difference would be within 3.2-3.75 inches. Now personally, I think it's virtually impossible to more specific than this based on ONE photo. I don't rule out anything in-between this range.
Canson said on 11/May/18
@Andrea: Broken English? Number one I’m using a phone. It autocorrects a lot. Number two I’m just trying to get my point across. I can care less about perfect grammar. i Can get my point across just as easily. By the way, I have my MBA so there is no need to try to belittle me and bash my education just because you are running out of breath knitpicking to try to find flaws of mine all because I continue to expose yours like I have and like Christian has. I only don’t go around bragging about my education on this site as this is based on height not my education. I’m sure others here have even more than I have while some have a lot less than me. If they can estimate height or think logically or unbiased, that is all that matters to me. Maybe you should stop putting us down just because we don’t agree with your estimates.
Canson said on 11/May/18

Ditto. I’ve defended Andrea before as well despite us not getting along. That included with Viper when he called him a troll which I honestly do not believe he is. It’s the same with Grizz. Andrea, to be fair, doesn’t exclusively downgrade as we see with Boris and Merriman. There I also defended him. That was also the case long before we even began to argue with one another on Derek Theler’s page where I defended he and Joe both along with Bobby against Moe
Andrea said on 11/May/18
First of all, Christian, I don't need to be defended by anyone. Just because you're used to constantly defend Canson doesn't mean that you have to do the same with me or anybody else. I can certainly defend myself, if I want to. In that case, I didn't even bother about it. Second of all, even Rob (who certainly "has a bit more knowledge about heights compared to the general population") doesn't think that Boris looks as low as 6'3 next to people like Kobe. So you're basically saying that Rob is not a reasonable person either? And there I'm sure you will say that just because Rob says so doesn't make it a fact. Maybe it is true, but the same can be said for you saying that Boris looks 6'3 next to him, with the difference that you keep speaking of it as if it was a fact, when it's NOT. Plus, you can say whatever you want about me, but Rob does certainly have a lot more knowledge about height and height differences than you, whether you like it or not. Sure, he's not perfect, just like I am not, but he's a lot closer to perfection than you. Put it that way.
As for Canson, saying he has no clue about height differences is a just a fact, after certain things he's said. Either that or he's simply delusional as hell. And again, it's funny that you complain something like that, which only regards height and this site, when Canson is the same guy who always gets very personal whenever someone disagrees with him and brings up things that have nothing to do with it, such as calling people prostitutes, telling them that they need to see a therapist, that they were fired because they are as bad in their job as they are with estimating heights, etc. So, for the last time, just quit the hypocrisy! Speaking of hypocrisy, it's funny how you try to put all of this on me, when you are the one that at the beginning of this endless discussion about Boris (still on Idris' page), when everything was still civil, called my 6'4 estimate BS or said that I wanted to make him as tall as possible, just because I didn't agree with you. Since you brought up my mom, didn't yours teach you to respect other people's opinion?
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/May/18

You made a very good point about footwear. Boris actually does have an advantage over Cena most likely, as he's wearing what it appears to be about 1.25" style boots, Click Here which looks similar to these Click Here while Cena's wearing noticeably rather thin dress shoes so maybe about .75" Click Here If you account for footwear, the difference is about 3.25". So I guess you were right all along Canson! And Lawrence is way off, that's not 4.5" inches whether footwear's accounted for or not.
Andrea said on 11/May/18
Zampo, unless you or your relative (depending on who is the taller one) have a very small eyelevel, that's a bit hard to believe it just a 3.2-3.5 inches difference there.
Yeah, Lawrence. Don't bother about Canson. The problem about that photo is Boris alone for him. I'm sure that if the guy next to John had been someone else who claimed 6'4, other than Boris, Canson himself would have said that John doesn't look over 6' there. But since it is Boris, he has to purposefully diminish the difference between them in order to make his "estimates" of 6'-6'0.5 for John and 6'3 MAX for Boris believable (it is clearly not a coincidence that, at first, he even tried to say that it's a 2.5-3 inches, LOL at that). That's a classic Canson, biased and delusional! Just ignore him, that's what big jokes like him deserve.
If anyone can retrieve the full episode of John and Boris at Steve Harvey's show, it would certainly be interesting to see how they looked next to each other there: Click Here Unfortunately, there is no clip of them standing up on the site...
That being said, I haven't seen that much of John, to be fair, but having seen him with Boris (whom I'm certainly more sure about) and considering his very specific "I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1.", maybe he really isn't much over 6'. And that's certainly bad news for The Rock!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/May/18

If you say it's merely my opinion that Boris looks 6'3" in many pics, then I can say that it's merely your opinion that he looks 6'4" in many pics as well. But I don't because it's almost a fact that he looks that tall in many pics. But you're the one who denies him ever looking 6'3" and says that he doesn't look under 192cm worst case.
You know what, I actually defended you on John Caroll Lynch's page when grizz claimed that you downgrade everyone. I told him that your estimates are reasonable, but now I take that back. Any reasonable person (someone who has a bit more knowledge about heights compared to the general population) is gonna see that Boris looks around 6'3" at times if they look at enough pics. You don't, so it's safe to say that you aren't.
As for Canson, saying he has no clue about height differences is a bit insulting towards him IMO when he's given many reasonable and logical guesses on this site. You can't compare this to your mom, who's not even a visitor on this site. Btw, I kind of feel sorry for her because I'm sure she tried her best to raise you into a good decent man, but she obviously failed at that, Lol. Now I've said before that I didn't agree with what Canson said about you being a prostitute, but I do get where he's coming from because you acted like an idiot towards both him and me. And on top of that, you told us first that we have no clue about height differences, and that was before he called you a prostitute. So it's a fair payback as far as I'm concerned.
Lawrence said on 10/May/18
Bottom line is if Boris is shorter than 6'4" as you guys are arguing..that indeed makes Cena shorter. If you draw the line over his head you will see that Cena barely clears Boris's middle eyes...THATS 4.5" ...get glasses folks
Canson said on 10/May/18
@Zampo: that’s kind of how I see it as well. Around 3”. 3.5 could be the max but looks closer to 3 than 4 imho. Coincidentally, that is the difference in their heights here on CH (3.5”). The one variable is the shoes. We can see what Cena is wearing but not Boris.
Canson said on 10/May/18

I’m not playing any ambulance card. I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy which runs rampant like wildfire. You regularly accuse me of starting arguments or saying things to people who don’t agree with me or who I don’t agree with. It’s actually you doing that. And me saying that about prostituting yourself. Ok Don’t forget that you also called Christian and Me “boyfriends”. So what do you say about that? Again, quit accusing me of doing things that you do.

And as far as saying someone has no clue about height differences during a discussion and in the way you do is very disrespectful. You of course feel the same when someone says something of that nature to you which is why you hit back with sharp tongued remarks like you do.

By the way, you’re telling Christian that his thoughts about a 2” difference are speculation. Ok your thoughts about Boris only being 3cm shorter than Kobe or anything else you say below are also speculation. You speak on authority here like it’s a fact. Last we checked you’re no different than Christian, me, or any other poster. Only difference is you appear to be very miserable with your life and combative when someone doesn’t agree with you. But people like you need self validation in their lives so we understand. I mean being that they have nothing else to live for.
Andrea said on 10/May/18
Keep crying, Canson. Keep crying. You're just a big joke! 😊
Btw, I didn't even read your comments because not only I'm sure they are just a bunch of nonsense BS, just like every other comment of yours, but the broken English you use is a true eyesore too. Why don't you go back to school, instead of keeping talking **** on this site? 😉
Canson said on 10/May/18
@Lawrence: 4-4.25 is too steep. I can see 3.5 like Rob has them in terms of their height differences (6’0.5 vs 6’4). But even like Christian said, this picture alone doesn’t mean that Cena is under or over 6’0 or that Boris is over or under 6’4”. One thing that needs to be taken into account is the shoes that they are wearing. I can see Cena’s but not Boris’s. Cena’s shoes are relatively thin. Either way It would almost take someone having to meet them in person or someone who was reliably measured in a virtually perfect picture to determine their actual difference
Agent Orange said on 10/May/18
In that pic with Boris , Cena looks 6 ft flat but it’s kinda difficult coz he’s so jacked. Could be over so my estimate could be wrong but I do not believe he is over 6’0.5.
Zampo said on 10/May/18
The picture of Cena and Boris confuses me a bit. When I initially saw the photo, I felt it was roughly 4 inches however this is exactly (virtually a carbon copy, based on several photos) how I look with one of my relatives and that's about a 3.2 inch difference maybe a little higher (maximum 3.5 inches).
Andrea said on 9/May/18
Sure, you can say whatever you want, Christian. By the same "logic", though, I can say that Boris looks at least 5 inches taller than John and that Boris/John pic proves Boris being at least 5 inches taller than John. I mean, I don't think that's the case, but since you speak of Kobe looking near 2 inches taller than Boris or Cam looking 1.5-2 inches taller than Boris as a fact (when at most it is just your opinion, which simply comes from your speculation about their postures and/or footwear), I could easily say something like that. And although I can even agree that pics alone don't 100% prove anything, they certainly do give a very good idea about celebrities' heights and height differences, as long as they are decent pics of course. In this case, you can certainly tell that Boris is near 4 inches taller than John. As for Boris, if there are tons of instances where he looks 6'3 (which again it is just your "opinion"), then there are thousands of instances where he looks 6'4. And just because you've never met/measured certain celebrities doesn't mean that you can't safely rule out certain ranges. I've never met/measured people like Josh Holloway, Lance Reddick, Alexander Skarsgard, Wladimir Klitschko, etc., but I would safely rule out all of them being an inch under their listings, the same way I rule out Boris being as low as 6'3. Anyway, this is not Boris' page, so it makes no sense have another (endless and leading-nowhere) discussion about him here...
As for Canson, there you go again. Playing the ambulance chaser and victim card. First of all, I don't think I've told him that he has "no clue about height differences" here, but, in any case, I don't see how saying something like that is an insult. Even my mom, I think she has no clue about height differences, but I'm sure she wouldn't feel insulted if I told her something like that. And second of all, it's funny that you complain about it, when Canson is the same guy who told me that I need to prostitute myself just because I disagreed with him. Do you even know the meaning of the word "hypocrisy"? LOL
Canson said on 9/May/18
@Lawrence: yea I’m not seeing 4.5”. 3 may be low but it’s no more than 3.5 Per their difference on this site. I can see Cena closer to 6’ after seeing more and considering his own quote above

@Christian: that’s Andrea for you. An entitled brat. Notice how he answered you when you asked what “Gentleman” he was referring to? Anyone who doesn’t agree with him or bow down to him here is looked down upon. You don’t see you or I or very many others asking to get Shredder or anyone else back on this site or suggesting someone else be Banned. And although people here are opinionated you don’t see this degree of hypocrisy. I guess “If after all of these pics you still don’t believe Boris is 6’4” or “if Boris turned out to be less than 6’4, I would never return to this site out of embarrassment” show why though. If he did end up 6’4 or over I think you or i would say well we were wrong. I’m not afraid to do that if I were. But Andrea cannot do that and I can understand to a degree after all of the things he has said to both of us
Canson said on 9/May/18
@Andrea: Rob has a 3.5” difference between the two with Cena At 6’0.5 and Boris 6’4. So since you like to “at least” think you are “Throwing your Weight around” on this site soliciting Rob’s advice or by referencing something Rob says in regards to a person, shoes, height differences, etc. or by asking Rob to let people back on and to ban them, and mentioning that “Rob even says Boris doesn’t have a footwear advantage” then I guess You should accept that. And 3.5 is not well over 3” nor is it 4”. And Rob obviously knows more about height than you do and is objective. Funny how you use this line on me and others who don’t like you but it applies to you really. “you have your mind made up that Boris is 6’4” and that’s the height you want him to be”. Funny you accused me of that yet you were the one that said that you would “Never return to this site out of embarrassment” if Boris were under 6’4”. Sounds like your hypocrisy rearing its ugly face which occurs regularly here on this site especially when someone makes you looks like the buffoon that you are like Christian said. And Of course it’s when it’s convenient for you. You would disregard Rob if he had Cena At 6’1” and he’s really only 6’0”. You would still argue 4” difference. but when you need what he says to support you, you conveniently mention it just like you said that if he met Boris and were 6’4” that I wouldn’t believe him and would make excuses. Again, this coming from someone who said “if Rob met him and turned out 6’3 you would “never return to this site out of embarrassment”. This of course after you would make every excuse in the book to Rob to justify why he didn’t estimate him properly.

And you continue to make excuses LOL. Now Cena has “better posture than Boris”? But this doesn’t surprise me coming from someone that accused Jamie Foxx of wearing lifts because Boris didn’t look 6’4” with him; and someone makes up excuses about camera angle, or that someone gains height by standing on one leg?? LMFAO!!! I don’t know how anyone takes you seriously on this site, Andrea nor do I think anyone does. You get very sensitive when people say Boris doesn’t look 6’4” and you “Lie” like you accuse me of doing here, when you say that he doesn’t look 6’3” at times. Everyone else has even said it. Even 6’3.25 is closer to 6’3 than 6’4. Even with guys where it’s a clear difference such as with Kobe, you diminish that difference. it’s “he can look 192” with Kobe. Conveniently just enough to round him up to 6’4, eh? That’s a 1.5” difference minimum between them before the footwear advantage Boris has on Kobe. Same with Barkley. That’s a 1.5” difference minimum between them but instead you say that Barkley may be over 6’5” just to make Boris 6’4. Seriously? And you’re now saying “if Kobe is really 6’4.75” as well, of course, just to make Boris 6’4. But that doesn’t surprise me. I knew you were full of crap the when I saw “Does Jamie Foxx wear lifts” LMFAO!!! And every time you ran to Rob or another poster for some type of reassurance. This from someone who thinks they’re entitled on this site because “they’ve been correct about the heights of other celebrities before”. Yep. LOL. That’s why you run to Rob to try to retrieve old comments from Christian that have nothing to do with height. It was because you felt he belittled you which you are continuing to do long after. But Of course because you feel that people seeing the comments makes him look bad and that they will jump in on your hopeless side and “defend you”. You need self validation.

Back to the height difference, Does Boris have a footwear advantage on Cena? We can’t see Boris’s feet. Only Cena’s. Cena is not wearing thick shoes in that pic whereas I’ve seen just one pic with Boris when he is in thin footwear which was with Chi McBride. I would be remiss if i didn’t ask that because Christian and I both know that if that were Cena only looking 2” or so shorter, it would be the first thing out of your mouth. Otherwise, with Kobe or with Cam Newton he has clear advantages whether you want to “lie about it or not” since you accuse me or Christian or others here of it simply because they don’t agree with you.

I’m done debating with you about Boris’s height. I respect your opinion about it but clearly we do not agree. This was completely unnecessary on this page for you to come out and attack me for no reason as it would just lead to another long war.
Lawrence said on 9/May/18
And to top it off if Boris is a bit shorter than 6'4" thats makes cena shorter as well because of the 4.25"-4.5" difference!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/May/18

If you say that the Boris/John pic proves Boris' near 4" taller than John, then I can easily say that the Boris/Kobe pic proves Kobe's near 2" taller than Boris, the Boris/Cam pics prove Cam's 1.5"-2" taller than Boris, the Boris/Barkley pics prove Barkley's 1.5"-1.75" taller than Boris, and so on. But the reason why I don't say those things is because pics alone don't 100% prove anything. And just because there are tons of instances (it's more than just my opinion) where Boris looks 6'3", I'm not saying it's proof that he's 6'3". And like I said before, we won't ever truly know Boris' actual height unless we meet him in person ourselves, or he officially gets measured a certain height like athletes.
And notice how I don't insult Canson despite disagreeing with him a bit about Boris looking 3" taller than John. I think it looks 3.75", but I don't say that he has "no clue about height differences", unlike you who constantly say it to us.
Lawrence said on 8/May/18
Are we looking at the same pic???? Cena is struggling to make it above boris upper eye level...come on guys. Thats 4.5"
Borealis said on 8/May/18
John cena is 5'11.5"-6'0" feet range exactly
Hes billed 6'1" so his snickers 1 inch gain math done
Andrea said on 8/May/18
LOL, you are so full of ****, Canson. Not only you lie about the difference between Boris and John which is OBJECTIVELY well over 3 inches (and everybody here, apart from you of course, agrees about that), but you also lie when you say that "Cena comes up above Boris’s eyebrows in the pic", the same way you did with Wayne Brady: Click Here If this is your idea of coming up above someone's eyebrows, the possibilities are two: either you have a very poor eyesight or you are delusional as hell. I'm inclined to believe it's the latter case, but who knows, maybe you should just visit a very good ophthalmologist... 😊
And yeah, John also has a slightly better posture than Boris there because, unlike him, he basically is standing as tall as he can, so it's not an excuse. But again, I don't expect from a guy who really comes up with ridicolous excuses such as "A looks physically taller than B" (despite the picture clearly telling the opposite) or "you are taller if you tilt your head down" to understand what an excuse really is.
Canson said on 7/May/18
@Christian: yea even if that is 4” you’re right it doesn’t prove it. I see under 4” in the pic. Maybe 3” flat is low but I see him below 4” and he “isn’t standing worse than Cena” in another one of Andrea’s world famous excuses. But that doesn’t surprise me. Andrea is very sensitive about Boris’s height anytime someone says he’s 6’3” for some reason. Wonder why
Canson said on 7/May/18
@Andrea: “Just cut the Crap, Canson”. Lol you make it sound like this is your site Andrea. There you go again. I didn’t even mention your name on this page and you jump on and attack me. You obviously see that Cena is above Boris’s eyebrows. Ok I don’t agree with you. And it seems that anyone who doesn’t here is wrong. Look at the way you talk to everyone who doesn’t. What is your problem? Do you feel entitled because of how long you have been here that everyone is supposed to bow down to you? I dont see a 4” difference there. But of course if I don’t see something your way, then I’m wrong so I’ll leave it at that rather than spam another page with a meaningless argument with you.

@Christian: I don’t agree that that’s a 4” difference tbh. Cena comes up above Boris’s eyebrows in the pic. I’ll say 3+ but not 4

Click Here
Andrea said on 7/May/18
Well, it does prove that Boris is near 4 inches taller than John. Whether that means John is nearer 5'11 (and Boris 6'3) or John is nearer 6' (and Boris 6'4) is "arguable"... Saying that John is at least 6' and Boris no more than 6'3 is delusional, though. I don't completely agree with joe###'s estimates of 6'3.5 for Boris and a weak 6' for John, but at least he's very coherent in what he says because, regardless of how tall Boris and John really are, those estimates certainly fit with each other. 6' and 6'3 obviously don't.
And no, there are NOT tons of instances where Boris looks about 6'3". That's just your "opinion" because even with those guys you have mentioned on his page he certainly doesn't look as low as that...
Lawrence said on 7/May/18
People, google pics of the Deal or No Deal game host Howie Mandel and John Cena...
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/May/18

I agree with you that the difference in that Boris/John pic looks rather 4" than just 3". However that doesn't prove Boris is a legit 6'4". There are tons of instances where he looks about 6'3".
berta said on 5/May/18
i think boris kodjoe could look very tall next to cena. Everyone calm down we are just guessing heights here :P Cena could actually look 6 foot flat next to boris
Andrea said on 4/May/18
Just cut the crap, Canson. Boris looks well over 3 inches taller than John. Even a blind man can see that. Maybe it is not as much as 4.5 inches, but it does look near 4 inches. Just because you can't see Boris over 6'3 and at the same time John under 6' doesn't mean that you have to purposefully diminish the difference between them in order to make your "estimates" believable, even if the difference clearly looks noticeably more than that. But again that's exactly the way you operate, so I shouldn't be surprised anymore...
berta said on 4/May/18
yeah cena edged henry cavill out. cavill could be 184 flat and cena close to 185in my eyes
Zampo said on 4/May/18
John Cena is about 6'0.25 I feel, same height range as Kellan Lutz. I would have thought the average person that measured 6'0.25, would say 6ft or 184 cm. I agree with the average guess more or less.
La said on 3/May/18
I hope you know Boris is the tallest guy in the pic we are talking about lol. He is CLEARLY 4.5 inches taller than Cena.NOT 3" taller lol. And better yet if people are saying that Boris is 6'3"...what does that make Cena??lol
La said on 3/May/18
Do you not see how tiny cena looks along side cavil??? Cenas head is like a peanut compared to him. And imo cavill edges cena out by .5-1". Secondly we dont even know cavills real height to go by and thirdly who knows what camera angle it was at and their footwear. Hell we dont even know if cena wears thick heeled shoes(or the "cool" shoes he was talking about above) in that photo
La said on 3/May/18
NOPE, Cena is 3/4-1" shorter than Cavill in this pic. Draw the line over cenas head minus quarter inch of hair height please
La said on 3/May/18
If Cena's very top of head reachs Boris's eye level thats's 4.5" top of brow is 4". 99% of all eyebrow to top of head lengths is 4" in humans. Draw a line on the top of cenas head to boris please.
La said on 3/May/18
If Cena's very top of head reachs Boris's eye level thats's 4.5" top of brow is 4". 99% of all eyebrow to top of head lengths is 4" in humans. Draw a line on the top of cenas head to boris please.

NOPE..cena is about 3/4-1" shorter than cavill. Draw the line over his head minus a quarter inch of hair up
Canson said on 2/May/18
@Lawrence: you wouldn’t see 1/8” difference in any pic. Even back to back that is very difficult. It’s likely half inch difference or a centimeter at worst. I can see Cena being only around 6’0” the more I see. Dream said something very accurately. Most wrestlers will lie up and he is saying 6’1” In cool shoes.

As for Boris and Cena, that is nowhere near 4.5” difference between them. That’s max 3”. But Boris is not likely 6’4”. He looks 6’3” with Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan or Cam Newton.
Canson said on 2/May/18
@Lawrence: you wouldn’t see 1/8” difference in any pic. Even back to back that is very difficult. It’s likely half inch difference or a centimeter at worst. I can see Cena being only around 6’0” the more I see. Dream said something very accurately. Most wrestlers will lie up and he is saying 6’1” In cool shoes.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/May/18
And really, It didn't surprise me to see Cena being slightly taller than Cavill.
Jordan87 said on 2/May/18
A Wrestler Underlisting his own height? Nope....He said he is 6'0, he is 6'0. He makes it appoint to say in his shoes he is "maybe 6'1"......That should be enough for people.

If Cena is 6'0.5, Cavil is 6'0. If Cena is 6'0 ( Like he says he is), Cavill is 5'11.5"
Samuelxx said on 2/May/18
If you look closely at the Cavill pic Cenas head edges him by over 1/2 inch. 6'1 firm for Cena
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/May/18
Cavill isn't as tall as 6'0.5"
Dream(5'9.5 said on 1/May/18

Check your eyes please.
Lawrence said on 1/May/18
..cena edges him out??? What photo are you looking at???
Henry clearly edges out cena by an inch or so!
Dreamknight said on 1/May/18
Rob, Cena edged out Cavill recently.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 30/Apr/18
Rob, he does edge out Cavill by 1/8ths of an inch.

Maybe, 6'0.625" would be a better listing for Cena?
Pharoah said on 30/Apr/18
Cena with 184-listed (yet 6'1-claiming) Henry Cavill -

Click Here

Cena edges him a bit. I haven't looked much at this page so I'm not aware of what people have argued here, but on Cavill page there's a civil war going on as to whether he's a 183 or 184 guy.
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
What more do you guys want? Joe provided a great pic of a 6'4" boris and a 5'11.5" cena. Where does cena reach boris? If you draw a line over their heads..the very top of cenas head that line falls in the middle of boris's or just underneath boris's eyes as boris has his head tilted down and cenas head is tilting up. Thats 4.5" -5" difference that is VERY noticeable between the two guys...come on people if you can't see that and make rash judgement on need to study heights and perspective more. 6'4" boris and 5'11.5" cena at the most
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
If you study some picks on the net of HHH AND Cena side by side (and there are tons of pics out there) will see that 6'1.5" HHH is 1 3/4" taller than cena. I will say it again Cena is no taller than 5'11 3/4"
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
@miko...dolph is NOT 5'11. Dolph is 5'9 3/4" to 5'10" or else if he was 5'11" he and others wouldnt make a big stink about him being a shorter stature wrestler as dolph himself admitted. 5'11 would not look that noticeable around 6' footers and up..yet dolph is not this, he is noticeably somewhat shorter than 6' at the least 2.5" shorter than 6'. Cm punk is no taller than 5'11 and cena is about .5 to 3/4" taller than cm punk
Andrea said on 29/Apr/18
Lawrence, not sure about 4.5 inches, but he does look near 4 inches shorter than Boris. And that's with him having a slightly better posture than Boris (he basically is standing as tall as he can there). I don't know about under 6', but maybe he really isn't much over 6'. What I don't understand are those people who argue he could even be near 6'1, when he himself specifically said to be 6' barefoot and 6'1 in shoes. If he really was nearer 6'1, I'm sure he wouldn't have come out with a quote like that!
Canson said on 29/Apr/18
@Joe: I would have a difficult time seeing him under a flat 6’0”. Maybe 6’0” flat at a low today is all I could see
y2flu said on 29/Apr/18
Cena isn't 6 ft. He's closer to 5'11". This comes from multiple personal meetings with him.
miko said on 28/Apr/18
He's 6'0.5 range. Under 6'0 is just daft, he's taller than Miz/Ziggler/CM Punk etc, who are all in the 5'11/5'11.5 range.
Nils2 said on 28/Apr/18
If this guy is really only 6ft as he claims it's unfortunate for the rock..
the rock struggles to look 2 inches taller from several occasions.
joe### said on 27/Apr/18
Thank you, Cena is 6´0 weak.
Canson said on 27/Apr/18
@Christian: I definitely don’t see Cena that low. My money would be that he’s a hair over 6’0” at a low.

@Lawrence: yea I have Boris 6’3” flat at best. That looks 2.5-3” diff between the two
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Apr/18

Lawrence says no more than 5'11.75" for Cena but I can't see him that low.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 25/Apr/18

Lawrence says no more than 5'11.75" for Cena but I can't see him that low.
Lawrence said on 25/Apr/18
And dont forget ontop of what I just mentioned cena's face/head is facing up and boris has his face/head looking down. Cena is standing straight and somewhat more stiffly in posture than Boris'. I am pegging Cena at 5'11.5" wwe/vince mcmahon almost ALWAYS inflates wrestlers height for profit to make their company and wrestlers larger than life
Lawrence said on 25/Apr/18
If you go by the pic Joe provided if boris is wearing regular shoes he clearly has a 4.5" greater height than cena and boris isnt even standing as tall and straight as cena. And cena is wearing dress shoes that apear to have his foot bloated. 6'4 boris shows a 5'11.5" cena. Great pic joe
Canson said on 24/Apr/18
@Christian: Lawrence could be right that he’s not 6’0.5 but he surely isn’t under 6’0” I agree.
Canson said on 24/Apr/18
@Joe: it’s hard to tell from that pic. It looks “about” 3” but can’t see Boris’s footwear. Remember Boris had a footwear advantage on Kobe. My guess for Cena is strong 6’0” but that to me just says that Boris is probably not less than 6’3” but I still don’t think he’s over the mark either
joe### said on 23/Apr/18
Click Here
Lawrence said on 22/Apr/18
Sorry guys but cena doesnt look to be that tall at 6'0.5" its his physique that makes people think so and the wwe's inflation of all the rosters heights that threw everything off. Cena is tall enough at 5'11 3/4".. No more for the dude. Dont think so? Go meet him then you'll know
Canson said on 21/Apr/18
@Lawrence: him saying 6’0 could mean he’s 6’0.25 as well. He may round down
Canson said on 21/Apr/18
@Joe: I could see 6’3” for Boris but no higher. This is especially so when you see him next to Kobe. I used to think Boris was 6’3.5 a while back too but saw pics to where he doesn’t look it and saw the listings by agencies at 6’2.5” A guy that size wouldn’t be listed that low even in that profession.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Apr/18
I agree with Canson, he's not under 6'0".
Faza said on 20/Apr/18
Cena is a honest guy about his height he could just claim 6ft1 no chance imo he measures under 6ft could be around the 6ft 1/2 mark or tad under that and just be rounding down
joe### said on 19/Apr/18
now you have to agree that boris literally ended up with 6'3 flat, I go with 6'3.5 to boris and cena with Ali baba look weak 6´0
Lawrence said on 19/Apr/18
@Canson...then why would cena himself say maybe 6'1" with cool shoes? He's stressing the point and made an effort to say "maybe 6'1" . if he was just a bit over 6 feet he surely would know he is very well over 6'1" with cool shoes on let alone regular shoes. point is where is everyone getting this 6'0.5" from???? Wwe always upgrades wwe stars 1" and up. Come on people lets get this height thing right
Canson said on 19/Apr/18
@Lawrence: I agree with Dream and Harry Sachs that Cena isn’t under 6’0”. He would have a better chance at a weak 6’1” than a weak 6’0”. He’s likely a strong 6’0”, meaning 6’0” and change. I think his peak could be 6’0.5 but no less than 6’0.25
Lawrence said on 18/Apr/18
If cena himself saus maybe 6'1" with cool shoes why would he not go ahead and say over 6'1 with regular shoes if he's 6'0??? Come on people get your height analysis right. 5'11 3/4 is by NO stretch of the imagination short. He is perfectly that height. No more no less
Redwing said on 18/Apr/18
He just seems like the nicest guy around idk what it is about him lol he seems like his character Ferdinand. A big guy but a genuine man to say the least
Dream(5'9.5") said on 17/Apr/18
Always an easy 6’0.5”-6’0.75” guy.

5’11.75 is an absolute joke, and so is 6’0 flat.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 17/Apr/18

I’m beginning to think you’re (not speaking of his name).

Some 6 footers downgrade their height. When Cena says he’s 6 feet, it really means he’s over 6’ barefoot.

It’s similar to Chris Pine.
Lawrence said on 16/Apr/18
Oh no why did cena and nikki bella break off engagement?? Anyhow 5'11 3/4" evening height for cena. 6'.05" morning height
Johnjohns said on 16/Apr/18
He's either lieing about his weight or height. Because he seems wayyy heavier then 245 there is no way in hell were both the same height and weight.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Apr/18
John Cena was a legit 6’0.5”-6’0.75” guy in person, as he was at most an inch shorter than I am (with it being possible that he was only 2 CM shorter than I am). He also only appears to be 2 CM shorter than Hugh Jackman, and he doesn’t appear to be that much shorter than a Will Ferrell who is nearly 6’3”. Here’s the photo of him by Will Ferrell:

Click Here

And he doesn’t appear to be more than 4 CM shorter than a Tim Tebow who was measured at 6’2 3/4” (he’s 6’2 1/4”-6’2 1/2” by the end of the day). 6’0 3/4” is definitely reasonable, with 5’11 1/2”-6’0” being a complete joke (even if he has claimed to be only 6’0”). Despite what some people think, there are actually celebrities who do downgrade their heights (especially those who are over 6 feet tall).
Bork said on 15/Apr/18
Cena is between 6’0.25” and 5’11.75” 250lbs.
Canson said on 14/Apr/18
No way 5’11.5. 6’0 and change even if it’s just 6’.25
HarrySachs said on 13/Apr/18
Lawrence you are just repeating the same thing over and over again. All shoes don't have 1 inch soles. John Cena never said if he wears shoes with 1 inch soles he would be 6'1. So you keep typing that John Cena can't be over 5'11 3/4 proves what? You have no proof that is under 6'0 besides repeating the same wrong information over and over.
Smoosh said on 10/Apr/18
I have to agree with Lawrence. No way in any universe that Cena is over 6 feet.
Lawrence said on 8/Apr/18
Wwe always inflates heights.
Cena is 5'11 3/4"
Hhh is 6'1"
Cena is 1.25" shorter than hhh

@dream lets put on some "really cool shoes" on 5'11 3/4" cena and "maybe" he'll be 6'1"...
What more do you people want Rob?..Cena said it himself out of his own mouth. Move on
Lawrence said on 8/Apr/18
Wwe always inflates heights.
Cena is 5'11 3/4"
Hhh is 6'1"
Cena is 1.25" shorter than hhh

@dream lets put on some "really cool shoes" on 5'11 3/4" cena and "maybe" he'll be 6'1"...
What more do you people want Rob?..Cena said it himself out of his own mouth. Move on
Dream(5'9.5") said on 7/Apr/18
Ha! 5'11.5"?

You must be smoking weed, no offense. He's easily above 6'0". Can loo a weak 6'1" at times.
Lawrence said on 2/Apr/18
Cena is not short nor is he super tall.5'11.5 is tall. 6.05 and up is more than tall. Cena is not more than tall. Cena is just a bit above average. 5'11.5 for Cena here, he said so himself he may be 6'1" with cool do the subtractive math here people. Cena's very stocky build is what makes him look larger than we may perceive. He is just a bit above average in height IMO thanks to his massive shoulders arms forearms and neck
Liam said on 31/Mar/18
Cena would measure 184cm, no less. The guy is pretty tall. He doesn't wear thick boots, he wears sneakers.
Nik said on 30/Mar/18
Seems a decent listing!
berta said on 28/Mar/18
john cena seems to be a guy that never need to brag about himself like the rock i can actually believe cena think its ridiculous that the rock and all the other guy claim 2 inches taller than they are and round down to 6 feet to make a point. if you get what im saying. because to me he never looks 183 cm flat. i always say nick nolte was 90 procent chanse little over 6 foot peak but a guy like cena is deffinetly taller than nolte was. in my book cena is 184,5 guy. at worst 184. He always look big and anything under 184 is pretty normal size and under 180 start to lock short. Well i guess here in sweden anyway.
Agent Orange said on 27/Mar/18
He’s 6’0 flat because he said so himself. Wakes up close to 185.
Lawrence said on 27/Mar/18
"I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1."

PEOPLE, ..Cena has said himself MAYBE 6'1" in cool shoes..if the man is even 6 feet then there is no need to say "maybe" 6'1" in regular shoes..its not a question of saying "maybe" a 6 footer would CERTAINLY be 6'1" in regular 1" shoes..but he says cool shoes ...Cena cannot possibly be over 5'11 1/2" barefeet
176cm guy said on 26/Mar/18
Hey Rob, if you're not really sure of seeing him as 6ft 1/4", is 6ft 3/8" possible for him. I can't really see why he doesn't round up to the nearest inch if he's really half an inch away shy from 6'1" (most guys would round up), maybe he's a little bit shy away from 6ft 1/2", so that's why he claims to be 6ft cause he couldn't round up to the nearest inch. It's quite possible he probably forgot what mark he is exactly at, which is probably why he claims to be 6ft.
Editor Rob
Well I can see it as being possible, but he's been on the 1/2 mark for so long...
miko said on 21/Mar/18
Stood next to him long enough to gauge his isn't 6 foot flat.

Standing at his absolute tallest he'd be in the 6'0.5/6'0.75 range.
Canson said on 19/Mar/18
@Rob; I’m thinking if he’s over it’s maybe 1/4”. He could be 6’1” out of bed which is why he could pull that off. If he says 6’0 I surmise he’s closer to that than 6’1” too esp being a wrestler
mattymill said on 16/Mar/18
Cena is one of the only few who are NOT frauding their height, big up to him!!
Dream(5'9.5 said on 15/Mar/18
Rob, I can't find the picture, but he looked one inch taller than Kellan Lutz.
QM6'1QM said on 12/Mar/18
1 inch shorter than Hugh Jackman (6'1-.25") = strong 6ft. Maybe, 6'0.25".
More ? Nope!
Danimal said on 11/Mar/18
He says in the above quote that he is 6'0" and maybe 6'1" in cool shoes. How are people claiming he is anything above 6'0" barefoot when he is saying he's 6'0" and 6'1" in shoes? I don't get this listing Rob?
Editor Rob
Well maybe he's dropped a fraction from his claim.

Like Chris Pine, both claim 6 foot...but I feel they look taller.

Although sometimes a genuine 6ft-6ft 0.25 guy can look quite tall in person, especially with thick sneakers and good posture.
Canson said on 10/Mar/18
6’1 out of bed
6’0.25 at his low
Faza said on 1/Mar/18
Any idea on the height of devon graye?

Was in the film legendary with cena and i think he looked few inches shorter for me cena looks around 6'0.5 from what i recall he looked taller than tyler posey so maybe 5'10 for devon not sure on him tho
berta said on 25/Feb/18
184,5 now and then. pushing 185. he never looks under 184 and somtimes beside guys like the rock and others can look legit 185.
Alex 6'0 said on 24/Feb/18
6'0 for Cena seems pretty accurate. Certainly not 6'1 or even 6'0.5 seems bit much.
HarrySachs said on 24/Feb/18
Lawrence I agree. Well maybe he could be a little over 6'0. Every type of shoe soles aren't 1 inch. In any case he said he was 6'0 so I don't see why some people believe he is 6'1 or over barefooted.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/18
Rob, how likely is 6ft1 peak?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go that high for him, the top end of 6ft 0.75...but I still think 6ft 0.5 seems likely.
Lawrence said on 19/Feb/18
Why does everyone go against the facts and say Cena is above 6' tall??? Do you not understand that Cena himself gave self testimony that MAYBE his is 6'1" with really cool shoes???? Abviously that mean he is just below 6' barefoot! Jeeezzzz people incl. you Rob
abdun noor said on 15/Feb/18
No less than 6ft, Minimum 6'0.25. 6'0.5-0.75 is my guess. In 2003 he could pull of 6'1 sometimes
Lawrence said on 14/Feb/18
I do believe Cena is just about exactly 6'0 standing nice and tall, nothing more for the dude
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Feb/18

I’d be surprised if he’s anything below 6 foot.
Lawrence said on 13/Feb/18
6' 1/2" upon waking perhaps and within several hours he goes to his usual height of 5'11 1/2" barefoot. In order for Cena to be a legit 6 1/2" footer he needs to wake up at 6'1 1/2" ..Cena is close to a 6'2" man? right.
Cena even says himself "MAYBE 6'1" with "cool shoes"note the "maybe" 6'1" and note "cool shoes"...we all know what that means..means 1 1/4" heel or up on heels as most male shoes are average of 1" ...what further proof than his own self testimony Rob yet everyone is saying more. I guess when all celebs and wrestlers heights are inflated it throws everything off to a degree.
Lawrence said on 13/Feb/18
I don't know where everyone gets this 6'1/2" for John Cena. Especially Rob from here..Cena even said himself if I wear "cool" shoes (we all know this means shoes with a heel) i'm maybe 6'1" . cena is clearly not taller than 5'11 1/2" barefoot
James B 170.8cm said on 10/Feb/18
Its arguable though rob he could have been 6'0.75 in his 20s if hes still a solid 6'0.5 today?
Editor Rob
He could look at times near 185, but I don't think he has lost anything more than a small fraction. He has held up better than I thought.
ManKo said on 9/Feb/18
Hi Rob,

I was just wondering why dont you have a peak height for cena and a current height? I mean he lifts heavier weights than guys such as the rock or Hugh Jackman so if heavy lifting can cause height loss then he probably lost more height that those guys, dont you think?
Editor Rob
I don't think I've seen anything noticeable like half inch loss from Cena yet.
Ali183 said on 7/Feb/18
Biggest 6 footer ever
Shivam said on 3/Feb/18
He looks to large to be 6'0.5 let's say that he is a strong 6'0 5
Im 171CM said on 31/Jan/18
5'11"flat 6" in shoes for John...
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Jan/18
@Agent Orange

Thet's the absolute lowest I can see him at. I doubt he's anything under 6'0".
Agent Orange said on 25/Jan/18
He could be 6ft flat . Pretty honest about his height actually.
Canson said on 22/Jan/18
I agree with Rob’s listing. Maybe that or 1/4” less
Tarinator 6'1.75 said on 17/Jan/18
I have the inclination to say he is 6’0.75” or the same height as Dean Ambrose. I can’t rule it out. Looks near enough 185 cm to me.
mo said on 9/Jan/18
Hey Rob how tall do you think the guy next to John Cena is
Click Here:
Ricky said on 7/Jan/18
I really doubt he is flat 6 feet.
He can clear
Canson said on 4/Jan/18
Very rare for a wrestler to be that honest
Edimar1.84 said on 4/Jan/18
Rob, who do you think is taller? Cavill or Cena?
Editor Rob
it's hard to pick between the two...really think it would be close enough that you need to measure them, even then it might be within 1/8th.
moe said on 4/Jan/18
Very close in height to Hugh Jackman in this video. Click Here
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 3/Jan/18
What the heck does he mean by “cool shoes?”
Canson said on 2/Jan/18
@Darius: To add to that since height varies throughout a day he could measure in the afternoon or evening at 6’0.25 and wake up to 6’1”. But even if he’s 6’0.5 or 6’0 5/8 he could still claim 6’0” since he fits within that range. I agree with your assessment tho he’s a strong 6’0” range guy who likely could wake up to 6’1”
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 1/Jan/18

I agree with you
popo said on 31/Dec/17
Legit 6 feet tall(barefoot) not a single mm taller my dead is 6 feet and he looks exactly his height(in almost all the pics and vids of John cena(
Darius said on 31/Dec/17
6'0"-6'0.5". I believe John Cena to be a honest guy. Therefore I would say he is not far off his claim even if it appears so. If he is above 184 cm, then I don't think he would have still claimed 6 foot. Even if somebody is 6'0.5", a honest person will surely say 6'1" if he is rounding but as its close to both 6'0" and 6'1", some may say 6'0" which is not dishonest.
andre said on 30/Dec/17
186 cm with shoes in the morning
Canson said on 29/Dec/17
Looks an honest 6’0 and change peak. Maybe worst he’s 6’0” today but can’t see 5’11 range
Shivam said on 29/Dec/17
He is really 6'1
Randolph said on 23/Dec/17
Yeah Boris looks 6’4 in that pic with Cena
Bard said on 21/Dec/17
Evenflow, claiming 6’ at 182 cm is absolutely fine.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 20/Dec/17
Flula claims 6-3 Click Here but that seems like a shoe height to me. 6-2 range is probably more accurate
Evenflow said on 19/Dec/17
Ive met John Cena, stood face to face with him. Hes like 182cm. And absolutely nothing over .
Andrea said on 16/Dec/17
Would you say he still looks over 6' there though? Btw, how tall would you guess the guy between Boris and John, Flula Borg (never heard him before), is? He gets listed at 192, but he certainly looks nowhere near it next to Boris. Maybe somewhere around 6'2?
Andrea said on 15/Dec/17
Rob, isn't his claim a bit like Freddie Prinze Jr's one (6' and 6'1 in shoes)? I haven't seen that much of him, to be fair, but does he really look much over 6' with Boris? Click Here
Editor Rob
guys like Cena, Prinze and Chris Pine could all be argued to be over 6ft flat.
I would still say Cena seems overall to be over 6ft flat, how much exactly is debatable.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
He’s absolute accurate about his height possibly the only WWE fighter not lying his height
ArnieDan said on 15/Dec/17
He didnt look anywhere neat 6ft1 with Mark Wahlberg. I saw 3 inches max.
Slim 186 said on 10/Dec/17
Needs a 6’0.75” upgrade (184.7 Cm)
Ryan said on 8/Dec/17
They say he is 6’1” but I’ll give him 6 feet tall, he seems like that
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/17
He wrestles in Sneakers so they don't really have to give 2 or 3 more inches in height like most wrestlers.
Metal said on 7/Dec/17
Nikki Bella 167.1
Canson said on 7/Dec/17
@Christian: I know right? A rarity for a wrestler and his size not to exaggerate
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/Dec/17
He's a legit strong 6 footer that makes most celebs he stands next to look a half inch below their listings.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
Out of bed 6’1-6’1.25
Before bed 6’0 1/4-5/8
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/17
6ft1.35in in the morning.
Ricky said on 29/Nov/17
Jack Swagger is weak 6'5" not 6'4".

He is 1.95 m tall.
Daniel said on 28/Nov/17
John used to be 1.85 in the old days. He is 184.5 now, he lost some height due to his lifting, but he is no way shorter than 184.5. My college mate has a photo with him, he is 1.84, both wearing same shoes, John looked just 0.5-1cm taller even if their eyes were at the same level.

184.5 - 184.75 for Cena.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 24/Nov/17
With a Will Ferrell who is 6'2 1/2"-6'2 3/4" nowadays:

Click Here

John Cena's legs seem to be a bit apart, but he really doesn't look to be much shorter than Will Ferrell there. However, John is a step closer to the camera. He's also noticeably more than 4" inches taller than a 5'8ish" Mark Wahlberg (who is standing with good posture). Will Ferrell does look taller than John Cena there though, before people suggest that they look the same in height.
berta said on 23/Nov/17
look at photos of him with will ferrell. this guy is weak 185 guy, common its like 1 out of 5 times he looks 184.
Canson said on 20/Nov/17
@Christian: well said. I can see swagger around my height too. Cena is def honest as well most guys his height would say min 6’1 some even 6’2
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 20/Nov/17

Also Jack Swagger, he's most likely a strong 6'4" but rounds down like Cena.
Canson said on 18/Nov/17
This may be the only honest claim of a wrestler. A guy who is proud of his actual height.
Canson said on 16/Nov/17
@Christian: yea Idris is worst case a stronger 6’2
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Nov/17

Along with Idris Elba who claimed 6'2"
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 13/Nov/17
Chris Pine and John Cena are the most modest celebrities when it comes to their height!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Nov/17
@Jim Hopper

Along with Rollins as well. I think Rollins is a hair taller than Cena at 6'0.75" and listed 6'1" by WWE.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/17
184/185cm then and now
Jim Hopper said on 12/Nov/17
Might be the most honest wwe height listing
Slim 185 said on 10/Nov/17
Nearer 6’1” than 6’0” imho.
James B said on 8/Nov/17
Push things too much rob? Cena naturally is not large built so too get too his size/weight he must have pushed himself over the limit.

6'0.25-6'0.5 today and possibly 6'0.5-6'0.75 when he debuted back in 2002.
Canson said on 8/Nov/17
Maybe 6’0.5 no worse than maybe 6’0.25.
khelg said on 2/Nov/17
Edges out Charlie Hunnam (who is looking up more.)

He look shorter lol, how can you say this.
emre turk said on 1/Nov/17
john cena's peak height 2002 at 187 cm
Slim 6' said on 31/Oct/17
Weak 6’1”.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Oct/17

Agreed. The average height in WWE today I feel is about 6'0", so if anything I think Cena's a bit above average at about 6'0.5"
Yuval said on 30/Oct/17
He is 6' and he is not looking short in WWE..that alone tells you that everybody else there is overbilled
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 27/Oct/17
@Sandmann Despite what some photos suggest, Hugh Jackman would definitely measure taller than John Cena would.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Oct/17

No he isn't, Hugh's about 186cm.
Sandmann said on 24/Oct/17
He's the same height as hugh jackman.
Slim 6' said on 24/Oct/17
Needs that 184.5 upgrade.
berta said on 24/Oct/17
this guy have a huge head.
JJAK said on 23/Oct/17
Agreed a very strong 6 footer, not much of an actor but a great presenter.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 22/Oct/17
I’d give John Cena the edge honestly.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 21/Oct/17
Hhmmm, Rob, if you were to imagine John Cena or Bradley Cooper back to back, who would you toss a coin to for being taller?
Editor Rob
I feel they'd look so close that even with a board sitting across their heads, you'd need to pay attention to find out which had a slight edge, I really would toss a coin to it.
Ricky said on 21/Oct/17
His 6' claim seems to be quite overhumble.

He could be more than 184 cm barefoot.
tony t. said on 19/Oct/17
I think Rob has him pegged.
Slim 6' said on 18/Oct/17
6'0.75". Watch "the marine" guys, that's my source of proof that convinced me Cena is 184-185 CM.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 17/Oct/17
181 cm has been a joke. 6’0”-6’0”1/4 is a joke of dreams.

Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 17/Oct/17
181 cm has been a joke. 6’0”-6’0”1/4 is a joke of dreams.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/17
In my opinion...he is a legit 6 ft guy...and became 6'1 guy if wearing cool shoes..
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Oct/17
If John is somehow 181 CM (which he wasn't in person):

-Triple H is 184.5 CM tall (this seems very unlikely)
-Dwayne Johnson was 188 CM in his peak, and wouldn't be over 186 CM tall today. The downgraders on this website would definitely be satisfied if this were the case, however (when it's not).
-Brock Lesnar is no more than 183.5 CM tall (lol at the thought of that).
-Randy Orton is 190 CM tall at best.

181 CM is very laughable for John, and so is 6'0"-6'0 1/4".
andre said on 15/Oct/17
rob exagerates everything here in the website john cena is 181cm barefoot at night and 185cm in the morning with shoes
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
He's between 6' - 6'1 ;-)
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 14/Oct/17
If anything, John actually appears to be leaning back in the photo with Tim Tebow (considering that John's eye level isn't even in the photo). I think that an upgrade to 6'0 3/4" is in order.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 13/Oct/17
There was one picture that Cena edged out Kellan Lutz. It was only one picture and Cena is clearly taller than Lutz. I’m not sure where it is now.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 13/Oct/17
As Rampage, Slim 6’, and Celebheights 6’1.5”

6’0” flat and 6’0.25” are jokes along with 181 cm are just big jokes.
WinningNotWhining said on 13/Oct/17
@Christian- 5’6 8/3
Bwahhahaha! My comrade ‘Agent Orange’ will be in touch. BelieveYouMe.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Oct/17

I'm not even gonna waste my time responding to you, I know how people like you operate.
Slim 6' said on 11/Oct/17
184-185 cm is a better listing imo.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/Oct/17
6'0" or below is completely ridiculous for John Cena. Tim Tebow was measured at 6'2 3/4", and John definitely doesn't look to be nearly 3" inches shorter than him here:

Click Here

He also looks no more than 3" inches shorter than Snoop Dogg (considering the postures as well, and even has 1/2" an inch on a 6'0 1/4" measured Drew Brees based on comparison).
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/17
@ Rampage Clover - 🌇🌃 - That's a first!
Very original of you and eye-catching and attractive for us!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 11/Oct/17

Do you not know how dumb you're making yourself look right now? All I did was give you a simple response on how Cena wasn't legit 6'1", I didn't call you any names or anything like that, and yet you're bringing this up? Just because I called you an imbecile, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't have responded to you. And you like to keep bringing up the "you're disliked on this site" BS just to demonize me and make me look bad, but last time I checked, the only people who dislike me are you and a very few small handful of others, while they're hundreds of users on this site who I never had any beef with, inculding Rob himself. Rob and I are always cool with each other, despite the fact that I might disagree with some of his listings from time to time. I never had one argument with Rob. So what you just said is completely illogical and baseless. Btw, I'm disliked by who? By you, Juggernaut, Aswin MK and Andrea? Because that's really the only names I can think of. So by your logic, if it only takes 4 users to dislike me in order for me to be qualified as an overall disliked user on a site where hundreds of users comment on, then you're exactly proving my point when I call you imbecile and dumb.
WinningNotWhining said on 10/Oct/17
@Christian - 5’6 8/3
You are Fake News. The Bigliest. Believe Me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/17
🌇: 186.7cm
🌃: 184.8cm

What I say goes…
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/Oct/17

Do you not know how dumb you're making yourself look right now? All I did was give you a simple response on how Cena wasn't legit 6'1", I didn't call you any names or anything like that, and yet you're bringing this up? Just because I called you an imbecile, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't have responded to you. And you like to keep bringing up the "you're disliked on this site" BS just to demonize me and make me look bad, but last time I checked, the only people who dislike me are you and a very few small handful of others, while they're hundreds of users on this site who I never had any beef with, inculding Rob himself. Rob and I are always cool with each other, despite the fact that I might disagree with some of his listings from time to time. I never had one argument with Rob. So what you just said is completely illogical and baseless. Btw, I'm disliked by who? By you, Juggernaut, Aswin MK and Andrea? Because that's really the only names I can think of. So by your logic, if it only takes 4 users to dislike me in order for me to be qualified as an overall disliked user on a site where hundreds of users comment on, then you're exactly proving my point when I call you imbecile and dumb.
Anon2 said on 9/Oct/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8: you called me an ''imbecile'' and said I need help on the Lesnar page on 4th of October.

If I'm such an ''imbecile'' why are you even talking to me on here on the 6th of October?

I wasn't joking Christian when I said you are very disliked on this site.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/17
181cm is a joke for Cena as is sub-188cm for Leanar...
Slim 6' said on 8/Oct/17
6'0.75" would be a better listing. I can imagine Cena eye to eye with Gordon Ramsay. 😂
Jani said on 8/Oct/17
I think Cena's own 6' claim is fairly accurate. He could be a tiny bit lower like 182cm. I think he is pretty honest with his height.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 6/Oct/17
And someone explain me 181 cm.

Click Here

We’d have to put Roman Reigns at 5’11.75”.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 6/Oct/17

It's not that Cena was a legit 6'1", but rather that Lesnar was and is a below 6'2" guy.
andre said on 6/Oct/17
john cena barefoot height is 181cm and 185cm with shoes in the morning
Redwing said on 5/Oct/17
Joeyb33 or rob; from that picture with joey how many cm is that with john cena?
Editor Rob
he could look over 2 inches smaller, maybe 2.5, although I am not sure if all 3 are exactly same distance, these things can be harder to tell at times.
Anon2 said on 4/Oct/17
I think most of us can agree he is in between 6' - 6'1'' today. But do you think he was taller 15 years ago? Do you remember him standing by Lesnar in 2003 on smackdown? Cena barely looked an inch shorter. I can't tell if he used to be 6'1'', he for sure looked it next to Lesnar.
ma said on 2/Oct/17
Yeah, but he is more a 6 ft 0.5 guy than a 6 ft 1 or a weak 6 ft 1 (like you imprecisely said )
HarrySachs said on 2/Oct/17
John Cena states he is 6'0 barefooted and 6'1 with certain type of shoes. Yet you still see people making comments about Cena being 6'1 plus barefooted. Funny stuff.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 2/Oct/17
@ma of course he’s shorter than Legit 6’1” guys. However, he’s more likely a weak 6’1” than a strong 6’0” if I were to meet him.
ma said on 1/Oct/17
Looks shorter than all legit 6 ft1 guy
Ryback, Rollins all taller than him. He is 6 ft 0.5 not more for sure
berta said on 29/Sep/17
beetween 184-185 is his height. 183 seems to low he always looks tall
Mark(5'9.5") said on 27/Sep/17
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Edges out Charlie Hunnam (who is looking up more.)
Destroys the Rock’s 6’5” claim like a dragon.
Makes peak 6’7.5” Undertaker look four inches taller at best.
Matches Mitt Romney in height and barely edges him out.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 27/Sep/17
Hmmm, rob. What do you think is likelier for Cena? A strong 6’0”, a weak 6’1”, or the middle ground that can look both ways at certain times?
Editor Rob
at times I can see an argument for both...but the last poster who met him seemed to suggest that 6ft 1 wasn't possible, but somewhere over 6ft was, hence the middle ground Cena remains.
Edimar1.84 said on 23/Sep/17
Perfect Rob! I'm 6ft0.5 and his looks some height of me.
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
"if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1"

he pretty much gave us clues that his real height is 5 ft 11 and a half to plain 6 feet, noticed he said "maybe" if he wears "cool shoes".

reminds me of how The Rock said he is 6 ft 4 during one of his matches despite being billed as 6 ft 5.
Darius said on 22/Sep/17
If anything, the staredown with Roman Reigns proved that Cena was around 2 inches shorter than reigns. So I would put Cena 6'0" to 6'0.5" max for now. I honestly don't think he has lost any height although a quarter inch loss is arguable. Reigns I would say is 6'2.25" and sometimes has thicker footwear which makes him appear 6'2.5".
miko said on 19/Sep/17
I've stood right to next to him twice, I'm 6'0.25 and he was 100% at least as tall as me, and I had footwear advantage as I was in Nike Shox.

He's somewhere in the 6'0.5/6'0.75 range at full height, not a full 6'1 but no way is he a flat 6'0.

His staredown with Lesnar back in 2003 was a big piece of evidence that he's around that height, Lesnar is the full 6'2 (nothing under) and it wasn't much more than an inch between them.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 13/Sep/17
Why on earth would Cena be 6'1" if he claimed 6'0" both times? He's never been over 6'0.5" trust me.
ma said on 13/Sep/17
@ Mark(5'9.5")
No he is not closer to 6 ft 1 than 6 ft. The pic with Joeyb prove it.
He is between 6ft 0.25 and 0.5 in.
You are just influenced because he has great posture.
But in the face off with 6 ft 2 Roman Reigns he looked around 2 inc shorter ( probably he has 0.25 footwear disadvantage).
Mark(5'9.5") said on 12/Sep/17
I find 183.5 cm hard to argue with Cena. Closer to 6'1" than 6'0".
KFC said on 11/Sep/17
Easily 2 inches shorter than Roman
Juggernaut said on 10/Sep/17
Cena looked almost 2 inches taller than a 5'11' RVD back then,so an argument could be made that he was closer to 6'1' in his prime
I'd Say 6'0'25-6'0'5 today and 6'0'75-6'1' in his prime..
Darius said on 10/Sep/17
From his own claim I would say he a 6'0.25" guy rounding to 6'0" and claiming that height. I think 6'0.5" maybe a bit too tall for his height. Saying that I would say Cena is more than a 6'0" flat at least in his peak days. At 40, I don't think a fraction of height is not impossible for a guy like Cena who has done extensive weight training and suffered a series of injuries through his career. 6'0.5" is sometimes arguable but I can't see why a guy like Cena would downgrade himself by 0.5". I think 6'0.25" is the most likely sort of similar to John Travolta. If any height loss, it would say Cena is now 6'0" flat now and 6'0.25" peak.Roman Reigns looked clearly 2 inches taller than Cena during their segments toward their match at No Mercy 2017. Roman I think is 6'2.25" max BTW.
boss said on 8/Sep/17
Editor Rob: for this site it certainly would be interesting, as would any big name in wrestling

Rob, are you planning to go to some wrestling events in order to met wwe superstars and take pics?
Editor Rob
in the future I would like to.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 5/Sep/17
Rob, out of curiosity, would you want to meet John Cena in person or not really?
Editor Rob
for this site it certainly would be interesting, as would any big name in wrestling.
Anon2 said on 3/Sep/17
Would like to see a pic of Big Rob with Cena too. Try to compare Cena with Rvd who Robs met

Click Here
Click Here
PPPeter said on 2/Sep/17
Yep, He is legit 6ft 0.5in
Today he is 6ft 0.25in

I think he is between: 6ft 0.25in-0.5in
Joeyb33 said on 1/Sep/17
He was standing with really strong posture in my pic
Johan said on 1/Sep/17
Would have said 2-2.5 inches shorter than Joeyb33 with footwear disadvantage. Joey has raised his eyelevel there a bit Rob, to me Cena looks about 6' there with less shoes so if joey was right I would say he is as listed- 6'0.5".
Anon2 said on 1/Sep/17
I think you can rule out 6'1'' barefoot. But was Cena standing with no loose posture? Here is Cena with a 6'4'' something NFL measured Michael Strahan

Click Here
Joeyb33 said on 31/Aug/17
@Rob yeah I think he's one of the few guys out there who is completely honest when it comes to his height. He was the size of a tank though and such a genuine guy!
Joeyb33 said on 30/Aug/17
Click Here

I met him last year. I'm 6 foot 2.25 and had about half inch shoe advantage possibly.
Editor Rob
6ft 1 would seem hard to believe, 6ft 0.25 maybe with you based on what you said.
Joker said on 28/Aug/17
Orton: 6'4 240lbs
Cena:6'0.5 250-255lbs
Rusev:6' 280-285lbs
Bray wyatt:6'1 290lbs
Owens:5'10.25 255lbs
Finn Balor:5'9.25 180lbs
Ambrose:6'0.75 210-215lbs
Rollins:6'1 210-215lbs
Reigns:6'2.25 255lbs
AJ Styles:5'8.5 205-210lbs
Samoa joe:5'10.75 280lbs
Jeff Hardy:6'0.25 215lbs
Matt Hardy:6'0.25 225lbs
Jericho:5'9.5 215-220lbs
Sami Zayn:5'11.75 200lbs
Baron Corbin: 6'6 265lbs
The Miz:6'1 215lbs
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Aug/17
183.5-184cm to be precise.
RandomGuy said on 25/Aug/17
i just saw link I posted didnt show up in comment, idk how to post it, but type in YT "John Cena vs. CM Punk: SummerSlam 2011" its on WWE's channel, if you want.
Anon2 said on 24/Aug/17
Roman Reigns was measured over 6'2'' by the nfl barefoot... Cena looks close to 6'1'' with Roman Click Here
RandomGuy said on 24/Aug/17
take a look at this video, Justin Roberts is 5ft10 on google (not taller than that prob) and in those shoes maybe 5ft11, then HHH is 6ft1 (many people who met him claim that height) and in those shoes prob 6ft2, now look at Cena's shoes and then look at Punk's (you have good look at it during his entrance), there are a lot of diff camera angles and things we gotta take in consideration but to me it looks like HHH clearly has like 2 inches on all 3 of them, which would put Punk and Cena around maybe 5ft11 barefoot. Cena has pretty decent posture, dude is most of time standing straight up as does Punk from what I've seen. Both of those guys are somewhere around 5ft11 prob in RL. I may be wrong but no way any of them is 6ft1 as some people claim. A lot of time they wear bigger shoes, especially Cena, back in day dude was same height like 6ft2-3 Lesnar with his shoes lol.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 23/Aug/17
Going by those rules, Timberlake would be between 6'1"-6'2" but he's 5'11.5".
Daniel said on 22/Aug/17
1.84 is correct. Samoa Joe is 1.80, and he looked slightly shorter.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Aug/17
He looks like he's 186-187 CM by a 189-190 CM Tim Tebow.
xxx said on 20/Aug/17
Dolph ziggler measurement here is wrong rob .on his one tour of india i was there i have measured myself and i am 182cms and when i meet him face 2 face i had couple of inches over him.please check his listings again
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 19/Aug/17
Him claiming 6'0" is why I think he's closer to 6'0" than 6'1", or else he would've claimed 6'1" and not 6'0". No guy that's 6'0.75" would be claiming 6'0", especially not wrestlers, who are known to have their heights and weights exaggerated to seem more imposing. I believe he's 6'0.25-6'0.5" range and just rounded down.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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