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6ft 0.36in (183.8cm)
Mark(5'9.5") said on 18/Aug/17
I'm starting to 'slightly' believe that John Cena might measure 'a mm' or 'half a mm' taller than Henry Cavill (who can be considered a 6'0.75" at times.)

Though, Rob did say John Cena and Henry Cavill would be too similar in a stadiometer.
EZH said on 17/Aug/17
John Cena is proof that some people undervalue their height. Tony Parker is another possible candidate.
Mickey said on 14/Aug/17
so humble with his height... nice
Anon2 said on 6/Aug/17
184cm seems on the money.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/17
He looks comfortably over 6ft
James B said on 4/Aug/17
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Aug/17
John Cena is probably one of the coolest wrestlers that somebody can meet in person. He was intelligent, kind and fun to talk to.

Polar opposite to his obnoxious character in wwe
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Aug/17
John Cena is probably one of the coolest wrestlers that somebody can meet in person. He was intelligent, kind and fun to talk to.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 3/Aug/17
Nakamura is only 6'1", not 6'1.5"-6'2" He had footwear advantage over Cena.
DaveMills said on 3/Aug/17
John is one 184 guy who regularly pulls off looking 6'1 even 6'1.25 at times such as this tuesday with Nakamura but i guess that just a camera angle thing.
Johan said on 2/Aug/17
Nakamura at 6'1.5"-6'1.75" would seem to be a correct measurement. He has always been deceptive as his proportions are weird. He easily had a couple of inches on 5'11" Dolph Ziggler and was taller than Cena. When he fought Lesnar in the past there wasn't alot of difference either and Lesnar is 6'2" at least.

Cena is one of the most honest height claims out there in the WWE anyway.
Juggernaut said on 2/Aug/17
Looked an inch shorter than Shinsuke Nakamura..If Cena is 6'0'5 that'd put Nakamura to 6'1'5..
Man said on 1/Aug/17
Nakamura is 187 according the Cena was more or less same
James B said on 31/Jul/17
If John Cena lived where I did in the south of England he would tower A LOT of men without a doubt.
Rob said on 30/Jul/17
Passes for 6'2 I think.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 29/Jul/17
I would estimate that the average man who is 184-185 CM loses approximately an inch of height throughout the day (maybe even more if one has a longer torso, like John Cena does), so it's not unbelievable for him to lose 2.5-2.7 CM throughout the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/17
186.7cm out of bed
Tyson said on 24/Jul/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/17
In that photo w/h Snooki he could pass for 6ft5!

Nej, 6'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/17
In that photo w/h Snooki he could pass for 6ft5!
joe### said on 19/Jul/17
Jack Swagger Is over 6'4 here with cena he had the advantage the shoes, Swagger maybe is 6'4.5
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Alex 6'0 said on 18/Jul/17
I think 6'0.5 is fair but I wouldn't go as high as 6'1 for him. Easily around 240lbs though
James B said on 18/Jul/17
A lot of guys in wrestling who are his height would claim 6'2.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Jul/17
Rob, why do you think that he claims to be 6'0" at nearly 6'1"? Him being near 6'1" claiming to be six feet tall is definitely not a crime though.
Editor Rob
maybe he thought being conservative was a change in wrestling...most are rounding up and over their claims 1-2 inches at times!

I would be a bit surprised if he only came in at 6ft on the stadiometer...
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Jul/17
With Robbie Amell (I think):

Click Here

Is John standing on a platform or something??
Mark(5'9.5") said on 15/Jul/17
Cena isn't standing at his fullest.
Johan said on 15/Jul/17
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/Jul/17
With Chris Hemsworth:

Click Here

It's hard to figure this photo out.

What footwear did Tom have? His waistline is higher than Hemsworths so I suspect thick boots.

For the rest it looks a legit 6'0.5" next to 6'3".
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 15/Jul/17
John Cena is probably not standing up straight in that shot. It's just odd to see that Tom still appear to be so tall by him with his head tilted down, and legs apart. The photo suggests that Tom would be significantly taller than Chris Hemsworth if he straightened up, which can't be the case.
Frost said on 15/Jul/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5

That picture is definitely odd as hell. For one...just how long are Hiddleston's legs?! I swear his inseam comes an inch above Hemsworth and he's more than inch shorter. It doesn't even appear as though he's standing properly.

And then in comparison to Cena's proportions it's even stranger, so I'll have to agree with Anon2. Most likely bent knees. Weird pic.
Anon2 said on 12/Jul/17
Cena is bending his knees there, i am guessing anywhere from 6'0.5''-6'1'' barefeet for Cena
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/Jul/17
With Chris Hemsworth:

Click Here

It's hard to figure this photo out.
ma said on 10/Jul/17
Has someone noted the Tomspiracy ? he is a 6 footer that looks shorter than 5 ft 5.5 Neville
193 cm said on 8/Jul/17
6ft 1.25in
even said on 7/Jul/17
let me relieve you john cena is 6 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds .
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 6/Jul/17
6'0" and change or 6'0.5"
Jordan87 said on 5/Jul/17
He is 6 feet tall, Not 6'1. He would have not said in order to be 6'1 he Needs " Cool Shoes".

He always did look at least 6'0 however now I know He ain't no 6'1.
Ron said on 4/Jul/17
6ft 1/2-6'1. No less than 6'0.5, but I think he would measure a full 6'1. He claimed 6ft in the past, he looks easily taller
ma said on 3/Jul/17
Cena can pull off 6 ft 1 at times I agree. Look at him with HHH; he looked always max 1 inc shorter with HHH in big boots.
For me he could be a strong 6 ft 0.5 (between 6 ft 0.5 and 6 ft 0.75). Rob list him correctly.
Fan said on 2/Jul/17
He looks the same height as HHH at times so either HHH is only 6 feet and wears lifts in his shoes like most wrestlers, or Cena is taller then 6 feet and he doesn't even know it.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 1/Jul/17
I would have guess 186.5 cm/184.5 cm to 187 cm/185 cm.
ma said on 1/Jul/17
Cena was on a different ground level. That is the only explanation since he looked around 6 ft 3 in that video with Taker.
AB said on 30/Jun/17
The guy is a legit 185cm, looks shorter because he's got short legs but his upper body is huge. Look at him and Taker in 2002 when he first arrived. He's not that much shorter than him
Robin said on 27/Jun/17
Is 185cm for Cena impossible? I think he's 185cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/17
Could be a toss up between Cavill and Cena, the other guys don't have great posture and can vary in appearance
Mark(5'9.25 said on 26/Jun/17
Rob, I zoomed into this picture and John Cena still edges out Charlie Humman. I'm not counting the hair, just both, the eye level and the top of the heads. Cena does still edge out Charlie who is tilting his head up more.

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Mark(5'9.25 said on 26/Jun/17
I would list the following 184 cm people from tallest to shortest:

John Cena (Always been nearly 6'1". He could actually measure 6'0.75". Isn't different from the Rock, Brock Lesner, Randy Orton. He appeared taller than a lot of six footers.)
Henry Cavill (I'm tempted to say this because Cavill did appear taller than Miles Teller with equal footwear. (Pine had less footwear with Miles though.) Cavill is taller than Kellan Lutz and Dan Stevens. He stood very well with Jason Momoa, Armie Hammer (Who has a footwear advantage most of the time), Michael Strahan, Ben Affleck, Michael Shannon, Will Smith (Who also had footwear advantage.))
Chris Pine (He's taller than Karl Urban and peak Denzel Washington. He held very well with Kevin Costner too. He stands well with Adam Driver.)
Chris Tucker (He appeared taller than Bradley Cooper due to less hair)
Bradley Cooper (Taller than Rafael Nadal and Ryan Gosling)
Channing Tatum (His posture isn't good. He's more of a strong 184 cm. He wasn't that different from Chris Hemsworth.)
Mark(5'9.25 said on 26/Jun/17
I would list the following 184 cm people from tallest to shortest:

John Cena (Always been nearly 6'1". He could actually measure 6'0.75". Isn't different from the Rock, Brock Lesner, Randy Orton. He appeared taller than a lot of six footers.)
Henry Cavill (I'm tempted to say this because Cavill did appear taller than Miles Teller with equal footwear. (Pine had less footwear with Miles though.) Cavill is taller than Kellan Lutz and Dan Stevens.)
Chris Pine (He's taller than Karl Urban and peak Denzel Washington.)
Chris Tucker (He appeared taller than Bradley Cooper due to less hair)
Bradley Cooper (Taller than Rafael Nadal and Ryan Gosling)
Logan said on 25/Jun/17
Looked 2 inches taller than 5,11 Kurt angle in 2002-2006 but he had large sneakers so Cena is 6,0.
Ben said on 25/Jun/17
This is what a true six footer looks like! Not all these fake six footers who are really 5'9"!
James B said on 22/Jun/17
Similar in height to hulk hogan at wrestlemania 2002.

Hogan in 2002 was most likely 6'4 flat so let's get a reality check with this whole he was 6'3 max peak nonsense
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Jun/17
How I would guess the 184 Cm guys from shortest to tallest:

John Cena
Henry Cavill or Chris Pine
Bradley Cooper
Channing Tatum
Freddie Prinze Jr

All of them can appear 186-187 CM, except for one of them who slouches all of the time (Channing Tatum). Somebody should challenge one of them to a stadiometer measurement.
JohnRocks said on 21/Jun/17
6'0.75 looks about right
Markus said on 17/Jun/17
Lesnar max. 0,75" - 1" taller than Cena standing to face: Click Here
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
JEter at 6'2" I believe and theler at 6'5" makes the most sense. HE never look as tall as a Carmelo Anthony or someone along those lines Ali Baba etc
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 15/Jun/17
Derek Jeter is listed as 6'3", while Derek Theler has a page on here and is listed as 6'6" (and looks it).
tony t. said on 15/Jun/17
@Brock Lol are you trolling or what man?
Mark(5'9.25") said on 14/Jun/17
Ah dang it! I accidentally read it as 6'6"! I apologize!
Mike said on 14/Jun/17
John Cena made Bill Gates look 5ft 8 in those new pics.
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
Yea Mark no way 6'6". Jeter is 6'2" barefoot. I know someone who met him and I've actually been about 20 feet away from him before in New York (didn't meet him though)
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 12/Jun/17
Derek Jeter at 6'6"? Lmao. MLB has listed him 6'3" for the longest.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 11/Jun/17
Again, going by your logic, Justin Timberlake would be 6'1.75" (which he claims almost 6'1" or 6'2".), but he's listed 5'11.5" and has always been 5'11.5". Dwayne Johnson would have been 6'5" since he claimed it, but is listed 6'3" here.

Johnny Depp would have been 5'11", but is listed 5'9" and has always been shorter than 5'9.5" people.

Ben Affleck would have gotten a 6'3.5" listing, but he's always been a strong 6'2" or 6'2.25" to a flat 189 cm.
harrysachs said on 11/Jun/17
Touching story Mark. I never in my life met a male who downs plays his size. But as I said dudes like you are so in love with your T heroes you feel the need to build up their heights to benefit your belief. If the man said on numerous occasions he is 6'0 barefooted then he he 6'0 barefooted. Also Derek Jeter is 6'6? Lol amazing since he only claims 6'3
Brock said on 11/Jun/17
6ft 1 barefoot
Mark(5'9.25 said on 10/Jun/17
He looks 6'1" with 6'6" Derek Jeter.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Jun/17
By 5'10 7/8" measured Reggie Bush, 6'3" listed Derek Jeter, 6'0" Tiger Woods:

Click Here

Click Here

He makes Derek Jeter look 185-186 CM at best.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Jun/17
He looks 6'1" by Derek Theler, and John Cena is DEFINITELY not standing up straight in this photo:

Click Here

There is no way that a six footer could appear that tall by a 6'6" guy, while being bent over.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 8/Jun/17
It's not too unbelievable for somebody who is a bit over 6'0" to downplay their height as 184-185 CM is pretty tall. He was definitely 6'0 1/2"-6'0 3/4" in person. Him at 6'0" would make Tim Tebow 186-187 CM (when he was measured at 190 CM several times), and Hugh Jackman 185-186 CM tops nowadays. Some could even argue that there isn't a full inch between him and Jackman.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 8/Jun/17
@HarrySachs again it's always the person's honesty. John Cena would downplay himself for his height, but measures over his claim.
HarrySachs said on 8/Jun/17
Reading the comments crack me up. John Cena says he is 6'0 barefooted and 6'1 depending on the shoes he has one. Yet you still see people typing John is 6'1 to 6'2 barefooted because that is what he looks like to them.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 7/Jun/17
With Zac Efron:

Click Here

How does he look there, Rob?
Editor Rob
it's a bit trickier since Efron is noticeably closer to the cameraperson.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 7/Jun/17
Big Henry Cavill and John Cena would certainly fall into that 6'0.65" measurement.

I would also say Venus Williams and Chris Pine could fall into the 6'0.65" as well, Rob!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 6/Jun/17
Rob, if you were doing 1/8ths, would you peg Cena at 6'0.65"? Who else in your opinion fits into that same what if category?
Editor Rob
yeah that mark could be what he measures, maybe even big Henry could measure that too...
berta said on 27/May/17
still think almost every photo of him makes him look 185 cm. Still look at it this way him and ford back to back 30 yeasrs ago. He would edge ford out
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/May/17
I can't believe he managed to appear taller than Hugh Jackman in some photos. (Jackman would still measure taller than Cena).

6 feet flat? That's already a joke. Cena is closer to 6'1".
shiva 181 cms said on 18/May/17
@ celeb heights , he looks very close to claimed height maybe 1/2-3-4" over
Lorenzo said on 16/May/17
If Cena wasn't on the gas, he'd be 6 1.5
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/May/17
The Rock would be 6'5" as well under that logic (when he was a bit over 6'3" in his peak), and Ryan Reynolds would get a 6'1" listing since he did claim it before (when he's over 6'2"). Johnny Depp would be 5'11".
SomeGuy said on 13/May/17
Cena looks 184 cm here if not 185 cm next to 180 cm listed Aaron-Taylor Johnson: Click Here

They even have similar footwear.

What do you think Rob?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 11/May/17
@FLU Cena has always been taller than 6'0" flat. Going by your rules, Timberlake is 6'1.75" However, Timberlake is 5'11.5" as listed. I doubt you're even close to a fraction under 6'3" let alone the full 6'3".
FLU said on 8/May/17
I'll give Cena benefit of the doubt of being 6 ft., which he claims. I don't understand why people are saying he's taller than even HE claims to be
FLU said on 8/May/17
I repeat: Cena is not 6 feet tall. 5'11" max. Maybe 6 ft. w/ shoes on.
andre said on 8/May/17
5ft11 with no shoes
ma said on 7/May/17
Any guesses for Jinder Mahal?
6'3.75 I think would be close
Wrs567 said on 5/May/17
Here is Cena with director Doug Liman who is about 6ft

Click Here

Here you can see Liman with 6ft Hayden Christensen to compare

Click Here

And with Matt Damon

Click Here
Mark(5'9.25") said on 2/May/17
@FLU *cough* wat *cough* did *cough* I *cough* just *cough* read? *cough*
Wrs567 said on 1/May/17
Rob, how tall can Cenas father look to you?

Genetics can be weird, he looks no more than 5'7'' - 5'7.5'' to me

Click Here
Editor Rob
he certainly could be a good 5 inches smaller.
FLU said on 1/May/17
This is bull. I have met Cena before. He MIGHT be 6 ft. with shoes on, but I doubt it. He was about 5'10.5"-5'11" in my estimation.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 30/Apr/17
6'0.75". He rarely falls to 6'0.5".
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
Rob, you need to take a look at these with Aaron Taylor Johnson who you think is 5'11''

Click Here

Click Here

Cena looks more than just 184cm, maybe you should give him the 6'0.75''
Johnson said on 27/Apr/17
If John Cena is 184 Nikki Bella is 167
Wrs567 said on 27/Apr/17
Rob, do you think he can look just about 6'0.75'' here with Thwaites?

Thwaites hair is lot thicker, so you have to ignore that

Click Here
Editor Rob
he can have about 3cm on Brenton there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/17
Could potentially fall into that almost 6ft1 range
oz89 said on 24/Apr/17
saw a segment from 2003 when smackdown went off air. Cena was on a good day because compared to 188 cm ( 6 ' 2) brock he only looked 2.5-3cm shorter! (185cm). Could be around the 185 mark on a good day
Freak said on 22/Apr/17
Cena with the 6 ft 3 Brock Lesnar looked close to 6 ft 2...Maybe he was 6 ft 1.75 peak? in 2003 face-off was 1.25-1.5 inc shorter...
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
If Cena is 5'11'' then Kurt Angle is barely 5'8''

Click Here

Cena would still measure around 6'0.75'' barefoot today
Miz said on 17/Apr/17
Looks around 6,1. Certainly can't be taller than 185.5cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/17
I think Cena could be in the same neighbourhood as Cavill, Chris Pine or Skepta (who both also round down to 6ft). All solid 6ft0½ guys at their lows
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Apr/17
I doubt Cena falls under 184 cm. If he does, it's barely 1/10th of an inch.
Hideo said on 13/Apr/17
Rob do you think Cena is more prone to losing height due to high amount of muscle mass?
Editor Rob
not necessarily...sometimes weight training can help, but pushing things might lead to disc damage and degeneration...some people have great genetics, others might be more susceptible to bone and disc issues.
Shinneeeeee said on 7/Apr/17
Noticed he can look 6,2 though. Aswell as 6,0 sometimes. It's a strange one
Shinneeeeee said on 6/Apr/17
6 foot 1 bang on
John said on 4/Apr/17
Is 5'11.75 possible? Can't see him over 6ft.
Wrs567 said on 2/Apr/17
Rob, what's your take on the pictures with Hunnam then?

Aren't you surprised Cena is looking shorter?
Editor Rob
considering Hunnam's hair is probably a bit thicker, they look similar range...

what's funny is there was a quote on Charlie's page I added the other day, where the journalist called him 5ft 10!
berta said on 31/Mar/17
"Gwynbleidd" i think you are right he really dont care just round down to 6 feet when he as you say is very close to 6 `1
Wrs567 said on 30/Mar/17
Rob, Cena is taller than Hugh Jackman? Bit shorter than Charlie Hunnam?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

What is going on? lol
Editor Rob
I would doubt Cena was as tall as Jackman.

Hugh many times poses with a hip-drop style, losing height.
Miko said on 30/Mar/17
Was taller than the Miz on Smackdown
Lid said on 29/Mar/17
6,1. 185 cm. But I can't go any further thank that.
Gwynbleidd said on 28/Mar/17
Cena is one of those guys that just don't care about height, it's great. He claims 6' but really he's 6' 1"!
Austin said on 27/Mar/17
sammy2093 said on 25/Mar/17
john cena is 6"1 and 251 kg check wwe.

I don't think he's quite 251 kg.
Wrs567 said on 27/Mar/17
Tom (Filipe) Phillips real height is about 5'11.5''

He looked half an inch taller than Dolph Ziggler in a Wwe Swerved episode

No camera tricks, standing side by side
Brock said on 26/Mar/17
6ft 1 barefoot
sammy2093 said on 25/Mar/17
john cena is 6"1 and 251 kg check wwe.
Dan said on 25/Mar/17
I really don't think he's any taller then 6 foot flat. Idk how people can say 6'2. Even if he appears that way always look at the foot wear!
OK said on 25/Mar/17
he seems to be the most legit 6footer on earth
MDV said on 24/Mar/17
more evidence... The wrestlers heights are wrong but the concept is clear..Tom is shrinking voluntary

Click Here
Sarah said on 24/Mar/17

Also, how tall is Snooki in that picture? I know she's 4'8 without shoes, so those must be tall heels
Editor Rob
snooki can seem at least 14 inches shorter than John...not sure how big her heels are mind you.
Angle said on 23/Mar/17
Just watched a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon and Cena says Fallon "Beats him by a couple inches"

Probably a joke, but did find it interesting. What's your take Rob?
Editor Rob
Angle, I've not see the clip so can't see how he is saying the words, but maybe he is dead-panning and having a joke?
Chris said on 23/Mar/17
Liked this next to Jimmy fallon just barely an inch taller
Wrs567 said on 21/Mar/17
Bret Hart was every bit of 6'0'' back then with Cena

Because Bret was clearly taller than CM Punk, who is 5'11.5'' - 5'11.75''

But I don't know Brets height today, I don't know if he's lost height since 2012
Alex 6'0 said on 19/Mar/17
Bret hart is 5'11.5 max these days. Cena isn't over 6'0.5
aknawkneemoose said on 19/Mar/17
such a humble guy man doesn't even lie about his height. he's definitely between 6 foot and 6 foot 1.5
Wrs567 said on 18/Mar/17
He looks at LEAST 6'1'' with 6'0'' listed Bret Hart

who Robs got a picture with

Click Here

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Mar/17
By Andy Roddick:

Click Here

The footwear:

Click Here

He looks no more than 2 CM shorter than him (you could even argue that it's only 1 CM).
Brock said on 12/Mar/17
6 1 barefoot
Wrs567 said on 12/Mar/17
@Shaan: He claims 6'1'' actually

and he looks 6'1'' too.
Shaan said on 11/Mar/17
He claims, and looks 6'.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/Mar/17
With Reggie Bush (who was measured at 5'10 7/8"/nearly 5'11"):

Click Here
Steve W said on 8/Mar/17
And by marked I mean listed on this site.
Steve W said on 8/Mar/17
I think he undervalues his height. He looks an inch or more taller than other wrestlers marked as 6'. I'm guessing 6'1.5
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
john cena is 180cm - 183.5cm at his best
the Slav said on 5/Mar/17

How can he be measured when one simply cannot see him?
Mark(5'9.25") said on 4/Mar/17
Barely over 6'0"? We would have to downgrade Kellan Lutz to 5'11" since Cena looked taller than him!
Mark(5'9.25") said on 4/Mar/17
He looks an inch taller than Kellan!!
CelticFan said on 3/Mar/17
He barely looks over 6 foot sometimes
MVP said on 2/Mar/17
6 foot bare foot
Brock said on 1/Mar/17
6ft 1 barefoot
tony t. said on 28/Feb/17
I agree about 6'0.75
berta said on 27/Feb/17
cena should be upgraded 1/4 inch i think he most of the time have looked 2 icnhesmax shorter than the rock and today less.
Wrs567 said on 22/Feb/17
Rob, do you think big Cena could get a 6'0.75'' on here ever?

Also look 185cm next to Kellan who you've met?

Click Here
CJ said on 21/Feb/17
Flew on plane from Miami to Tampa with him. Chatted with him while waiting to board. I'm 5'11" . I would say 6'1" . Clearly more than an inch taller than me. He was wearing slip on loafers with very little heal. Nice and friendly guy.
ma said on 21/Feb/17
Hi rob!
Can you please explain me how this is possible : Cena looks marginally shorter than The Rock in same shoes. The camera angle is not in favour of John I think, he probably wore lifts?

Click Here:
Editor Rob
Rock at times has looked under 6ft 2 in photos, but I still think he can look shorter than he measures.
ma said on 21/Feb/17
Rob, please add the longest ever WWE universal champion Kevin Owens
Mark(5'9.25") said on 15/Feb/17
Like I said, next month I should be able to see John Cena because he's going to the state where I live.

I still think 6'0.75" would be better. Like Cavill and Pine. Even if Cena claimed 6'1", it's not that bad of a claim.
ma said on 15/Feb/17
Cena looks shorter than 6 ft 1 Lashley here by at least 0.5 inc...Dont know footwear but from that picthis listing is right
Pierre said on 15/Feb/17
I think Jimmy Fallon isn't 182 barefoot
Pierre said on 15/Feb/17
John seem a little taller than Jimmy Fallon with same shoes in"sticky balls with John Cena"
Redwing said on 14/Feb/17
Why dors holyfied look two inches taller than cena? Someone showed a picture further down below.
Wrs567 said on 13/Feb/17
John Cena and Bobby Lashley

Click Here

Just my opinion, but I think even 184cm today is a bit low

should be listed at least 6'0.75'' if not 6'1''
Wrs567 said on 11/Feb/17
Rob, why do you think Cena could look so tall next to Strahan here?

Click Here

Michael Strahan was measured at 6'4.5'' by the NFL
Editor Rob
it's another example of Cena being able to pull off 6ft 1.
Wrs567 said on 11/Feb/17
Cenas recent claims have been 6'1'' for himself

He claimed 6'0'' like 10 years ago

These days he is claiming 6'1'' again

maybe he measured and is taller than what he first thought

Cena as low as 6'0''? What a Joke
Danny Sofes said on 10/Feb/17
Me and my dad met him...My dad being 6'0.5 or so standing next to Cena makes Cena probably a weak 5'11 but he's a really nice guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/17
Cena'a leaning in a bit but I think Holyfield would still be just a little taller…
Guest66 said on 10/Feb/17
This is funny, man himself claims just 6 feet, yet everyone here is saying he looks no less than 6'1". He is either taller than what he claims, or people do overestimate heights and he still can be just 183cm.
ma said on 8/Feb/17
Rob, please add the longest WWE universal championKevin Owens
Wrs567 said on 8/Feb/17
I still think Cena can look about 6'1'' with Hogan, with good posture

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Wrs567 said on 8/Feb/17
Not the best picture with Holyfield

Since Holyfield is standing miles in front of the camera
More said on 7/Feb/17
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Cena with Holyfield
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/17
I think he could appear across B-D. A is the one I'd rule out. Not quite a solid 6ft1 guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/17
Rob, which of these best suits Cena?

A) 187.5cm/185.5cm
B) 187cm/185cm
C) 186.5cm/184.5cm
D) 186cm/184cm
E) 185.5cm/183.5cm
Editor Rob
I'd have said D was still quite likely. Wouldn't go as high as B.
Andy said on 6/Feb/17
i realy think that john cena is 6ft 0.75
Mark(5'9.25") said on 6/Feb/17
@HarrySach going by that logic, Justin Timberlake would have been 6'1.75" (which he claims), but Timberlake is a weak Six footer. It's also about the person's honest and what they look with other people.

Cavil, Pine, and Cena have said nothing about being really 6'1". However, they can look over it with several people.

Pine claimed to be only 6'0", but is over the mark. John Cena claimed the same thing and is abit over his claim.

Cavill claimed to be a bit over 6'0" at one point when he mentioned about doing acting during an interview.

The three of them are the strongest 184 cm people. They may as well measure 6'0.75" on a good day.

@Donald not sure about 5'11", but 6'0.25" is the lowest you could argue Cena. He's always been above six feet flat.
Tarinator said on 5/Feb/17
I would say John Cena would hit around 184 cm tall. Looks shorter than Randy Orton by about 3 to 4 inches and not really an eye line apart. You should do one on Kevin Owens. He should be around 5'10" to 5'11" and is noticeably at least an inch taller than Jericho and 4 centimeters shorter than John Cena in his staredowns with him.
Wrs567 said on 5/Feb/17
6'2'' for sure in some good sneakers back in 2003 - 2004

If you include footwear and everything, yeah he looked about 6'2'' inside the ring back in the day

Don't know how much Reebok pumps would give, he used to wear those a lot
HarrySach said on 4/Feb/17
The fact that some people are still saying Cena is 6'1 or taller just shows how delusional fanboys are. Cena said various times he is 6'0 tall so either he is that or shorter. Nobody is going to down play their height.
Donald said on 4/Feb/17
Not even 6 foot, never mind 6,2. 5,11
Mark(5'9.25") said on 3/Feb/17
@Wrs567 I do agree that Cena would measure taller due to less hair. I also agree that Cavill and Cena are close even if Cena's less hair gives him an edge by a mm.

I like to believe that Cavill, Cena, Pine, and Michael Jai White could easily look a bit over their listing.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 3/Feb/17
@Wrs567 I do agree that Cena would measure taller due to less hair. I also agree that Cavill and Cena are close even if Cena's less hair gives him an edge by a mm.

I like to believe that Cavill, Cena, Pine, and Michael Jai White could easily a bit over their listing.
berta said on 3/Feb/17
he looks about the same as henry cavill does with jimmy kimmel but if one is taller it could be cena, cavill in my eyes is a strong 184 man ore very weak 185. and i still believe that cena is more of a weak 185 guy than strong 184. oeak harriosn ford and cena back to back. cena would win with 1/4 inch
Tarinator said on 2/Feb/17
John Cena looks to be around 6'0" (183 cm) at lowest and 6'0.5" (184 cm) at his tallest. As for Kevin Owens, I would say he would look around 5'10.5" on a good day. Maybe an inch exactly taller than Chris Jericho.
Kaleb said on 1/Feb/17
6 foot easy
Wrs567 said on 1/Feb/17
Mark, I've found some interesting pictures

Henry Cavill with 5'11.5'' Jimmy Kimmel

Click Here

John Cena with 5'11.5'' Jimmy Kimmel

Click Here

I think it's very close, but I think Cena is taller because he has a buzzcut. Henrys hair is thicker there

And yes Jimmy Kimmel is 182cm the same as Fallon

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Mark(5'9.25 said on 1/Feb/17
@Yes yes I think Cena and Michael Jai White would be closer than Pine and Cena due to less hair, but they would measure similar. I reckon Cavill won't be so different as well because the four of them are one of the few big six footers that have really good posture.

@Wrs567 I doubt it. Tatum doesn't always have the best posture and Cavill has pulled off looking near or exactly a flat 6'1" more often than Tatum has.
berta said on 31/Jan/17
funny to think tatum is taller than cena :P i think cena is barely 185. 184,8-9 and being modest like he is he just say 6 foot insted of 6 foot 1 because he isnt that tall. we have all seen photos with dwayne johnson and jonh cena where it looks like 3 cm difference in som whila chaning in his photos with dwayne is standing like he would be measured and still looks 4 cm shorter atleast. cena almost 185 channinga tatum 183ore sligtly over
Yes yes said on 30/Jan/17
@Mark(5'9.25) Chris and John would probably be exactly the same, maybe John would measure a couple of mm taller and be 6'1" while Chris might be closer to 6'0.75".
Wrs567 said on 30/Jan/17
I don't think Cena is taller than Channing Tatum to be honest

Tatum looks 6'1'' to me and he'd definitely be taller than Cavill, Cena and Cooper

A peak Cena and Tatum in my opinion would be very close. I'd give the edge to Cena
Mark(5'9.25 said on 30/Jan/17
@Berta, I agree. I definitely see Cena being taller than Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum.

Rob, who out of the four could actually measure near 6'1", John Cena, Henry Cavill, Michael Jai White, or Chris Pine?
Wrs567 said on 29/Jan/17
I have Cena at 6'0.75'' today

I really do think he has lost a 1/4 inch due to wrestling non-stop for 15 years

He looked every bit of 6'1'' back in 2003, especially next to Brock Lesnar
berta said on 29/Jan/17
john cena is easy taler than bradley cooper and channing tatum
Mark(5'9.25") said on 27/Jan/17
I rather think 6'0.5"-6'0.75" for Cena. Similar to Cavill and Pine.
Bang said on 27/Jan/17
184 I think is correct. Certainly not taller than 185.
Edge said on 25/Jan/17
5 foot 11/6foot
Bard said on 25/Jan/17
Yeah about 184
tony t. said on 25/Jan/17
Miz is definitely a legit 6'0.5 for sure. I don't believe Ambrose is shorter though. Ambrose is not lower than 6'0.5.
dinka said on 24/Jan/17
perfect human,,, legit 6'0 in metric system
HonestSlovene said on 22/Jan/17
Hasn't lost height because he never was anything close to 6'1" to begin with. I'd say he is 183-184 cm or 6'0"-6'0.5", a strong 6 footer.
Wrs567 said on 18/Jan/17
The Miz isn't as low as a flat 6'0'' though, I just don't get why people think Miz is that short

Miz looks an easy 6'1'' with 6'0'' listed Eric Stonestreet

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Click Here

Miz was also taller than Dean Ambrose recently
miko said on 18/Jan/17
Cena did look 6'1 with Lesnar back in 2002/2003.

As I've said previously I have seen him close up and he did look 6'0.5/6'0.75 range.

He is taller than The Miz who is listed as 6'0.5 on here, although I think Miz in reality is 6'0 at best.
Csimpson 6ft said on 16/Jan/17
I cant see Cena only measuring bang on 6ft barefeet 6ft 0.5 is much likelier, if we met and wear similar footwear he probably would have half an inch on me as im 6ft flat, the lowest i could see for cena would be between 183.6-183.7cm for his absolute low height after a lot of weight lifting and wrestling but thats it really, overall 6ft 0.5 seems believable for him no more no less.
Wrs567 said on 16/Jan/17
Brock Lesnar was measured 6'2'' 3/8ths by the NFL

Look how tall John Cena looks next to him

Click Here

That is a legit 6'1'' guy if I ever seen one.

There is no way on earth Cena is low as 6'0'' flat

I struggle to see how Rob doesn't think Cena was 6'1'' though lol
Noah said on 15/Jan/17
Rob, is six flat possible?
Editor Rob
Noah, he generally looked taller than six foot from all I've seen, though I could be wrong
Lid said on 15/Jan/17
182-183. 184 in shoes. No bigger.
James B said on 15/Jan/17
Rob maybe not rule out John Cena peaking at 6'0.75 when he debuted in 2002? I thought he looked near enough 3 inches taller than kurt angle in his first WWE appearence.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Jan/17
I should be able to meet John Cena on March since he's is on his way to where I live.

I'm going to say 184 - 185 cm for Cena.
2017 said on 11/Jan/17
Cena is 6'0.5" and 6'0.25". Hes a 6'0" guy.
Wrs567 said on 10/Jan/17
Rob, what do you think about his height from 2003?

I really do think he was about 6'1'' at 25 since he was barely shorter than Lesnar

Surely you must think he was taller?
Editor Rob
has Cena lost height?

I wouldn't have thought so, but then with some wrestlers, getting to age 40 without any loss - even a little 1/8th - 1/4 - is probably more on the rarer side.
Man said on 5/Jan/17
6 foot. 183cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/17
They weightlifting argument...The guys who do lift incorrectly and days in a row without resting and with will screw up their joints and spine, therefore increase the chances of shrinking in their 30's-40's. But guys who do lift heavy but balance it with aerobics, core exercises, calisthenics, stretching, proper nutrition and tons of rest will be fine. I've lifted heavy (seasonally with long breaks) for years but have kept the other criteria constant...and I think that my posture is impeccable and that I may have even gained a couple of centimetres in the last few years.
James B said on 4/Jan/17
I can see why people boo John cena cause I think even Brock lesner has more likeability than him.
John said on 2/Jan/17
Rob, could you say the height Rusev?
Man said on 31/Dec/16
6 foot0.5 no bigger.
MDV said on 30/Dec/16
Rob, you re not adding current wwe superstar since July (Finn Balor the last). Can you please add someone ? ( Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Bray wyatt, Shane o mac)
The Ben said on 29/Dec/16
6'0.5 to me.
Between 6 and 6'1.
Wrs567 said on 29/Dec/16
Rob, Do you think Luke would edge out John here? Or do you think they could be the same?

Click Here
Editor Rob
big Luke appears a bit smaller, but he may still be at least 184-5 as I doubt he's standing as great as John.
berta said on 28/Dec/16
185,8 in the morning and 184,7 in the evening with his muscles he doesnt loose that mutch height during the day
Edimar1.82cm said on 26/Dec/16
He look like 1.83/1.84m, maybe 1.85 on morning
BreakBlue17 said on 23/Dec/16
A strong 183 a weak 184 in my opinion.
George F said on 23/Dec/16
Rob do you think that weightlifting can affect someone's height? I always thought that weight training may have a negative effect on your spine and in the end of the day you might end being 1,5 in shorter in stature by the time you reach 35 or you think it's OK and you don't get any shorter by lifting weights?
Editor Rob
George, I have talked to a few guys who think in their 20's they've lost a fraction through heavy lifting.

I think there is probably a safe range which won't have effect, but if you go beyond it, maybe discs develop some issues which longer term might have an effect on height.

I'm sure you'll find many guys by age 50 who won't have lost anything though!
248 Ambrose said on 22/Dec/16
I'd put him at 184cm. Good shout rob
Wrs567 said on 19/Dec/16
Rob, I think you should delete off - topic comments, which have got nothing to do with height.

This is how Nerds start ''youtube page style'' arguments, which are unnecessary.
Editor Rob
sometimes it is ok, but if it veers too much away I will moderate.
MDV said on 19/Dec/16
@ Champerman
Sure. Mcgregor humiliated him when he said : John is a fat failed bodybuilder, he is 40 and he wears coloured T-shirt saying you can't see me!
But the fact is that MCgregor would destroy him ; too fast for big John
Brock said on 18/Dec/16
6ft 1 legit
Wrs567 said on 16/Dec/16
He was taller than Dean Ambrose lately, Even when Dean had huge heeled shoes over Johns thin soled sneakers

I'd say today he is 6'0.75''

2003 John was definitely 6'1'', he was barely shorter than Brock Lesnar

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Abhishek said on 16/Dec/16
John is between 6'0" and 6'1"
Miz said on 14/Dec/16
184cm. 185 at the very highest. Good posture which makes him look taller.
Trez said on 13/Dec/16
How tall is Carlito, I have been wondering this for years? He can appear 5'10 and at times 5'9. Anyone?
Derek said on 13/Dec/16
He's claimed both 6'0" and 6'1" over the years. I think he's somewhere in between.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/16
I think he'd easily clear 6ft1 after a decent sleep. Same kinda zone as Cavill...good posture. Doesn't drop below 184cm
Randy said on 4/Dec/16
184cm. No bigger
MDV said on 4/Dec/16
187 in shoes at night ... His range is more 186-184 barefoot
Roman said on 25/Nov/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/16
Out of bed: 186-187cm
Before bed: 184-185cm
mickey said on 23/Nov/16
maybe 185 cm peak?
Hi said on 21/Nov/16
Cena no bigger than 184cm.
Brock said on 19/Nov/16
solid 6'1"
Jalen Gilmer said on 18/Nov/16
A solid 6'0"
Brock said on 14/Nov/16
6 foot 1 barefoot
joe### said on 14/Nov/16
He was far from being a 6'1 with Ali baba
sa344 said on 12/Nov/16
Johns recent claims have been 6'1'' and to be fair he can look it

He was on Harry Connick Jrs show recently and he is listed at 6'1''

John kind of edged him out in height
Booker said on 12/Nov/16
184 cm yes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/16
Rob, how likely is the full 6ft1 peak?

He's nearly 40 and I imagine he's had some injuries...
Editor Rob
Rampage, I'm not as convinced he was a proper 6ft 1, but somewhere nearer 184
Orton said on 6/Nov/16
JOHN CENA IS NOT 6 FOOT 2. 184 is accurate
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Yes Mike he look about 5'11.5 with the solid 6'5.5 height contributor here. Thinking 6'0 as a morning height
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Nov/16
@Mike I don't know why, but there are actually a few celebrities who downplay their heights for some reason (with John Cena, Ryan Reynolds, Jamie Foxx and Chris Pine being examples). John Cena always appears 184-185 CM on screen, and he appeared to either be a strong 184 CM or a weak 185 CM in person. He even appears to be no more than 2 CM shorter than Tom Hiddleston (even considering how bad they are both standing) and 6 CM shorter than Chris Hemsworth.
Mark said on 3/Nov/16
@Mike 5'11.5" is just too low for Cena.

I wouldn't be surprise if he was near 6'1".

Pine, Cena, and Cavill are the only solid 184 people that I know of that would measure 6'0.75" at times.
Mike said on 3/Nov/16
It's a bit SILLY how some folks keep on attributing to others claims that they are taller than their actual height.
Especially when these people, in this case John Cena himself claimed more than once that he is about 6"0.
How do people end up saying that he is 6"2 and all kinds of silly claims like these? If Cena was taller don't you folks think that he himself would have loved to claim so? Why would he try to portray himself as shorter than he actually is?
Personally i wouldn't be surprised if he was just 5"11.5.
Just to make a point, The Undertaker used to claim that he was 6"10 than 6"9 now some say 6"8, in recent photos next to Chris Weber (6"9) he looks at least 2.5 inches shorter!!
sa344 said on 2/Nov/16
Yeah no shorter than 6'0.5'' today

back in 2003 could've been 6'0.75'' - 6'1''
Man said on 2/Nov/16
184 exactly correct Rob.
Brock said on 31/Oct/16
6ft 1 barefoot.
Brock said on 31/Oct/16
Cena is not 183.
Puma said on 31/Oct/16
Cena is strong 183 guy.Maybe 184.Good shout, Rob.
OP said on 30/Oct/16
I believe he's closer to 6'0 than 6'2
sa344 said on 29/Oct/16
Maybe he was a full 6'1'' 13 years ago.

He did look 3 inches taller than Kurt Angle back in the day

Cena has been doing the full schedule, TV + Live shows (tours) for 14 years in a row now

All those body slams, being dropped on his neck. He must have lost a little something. I wouldn't be surprised.
Brock said on 28/Oct/16
6 foot 1 barefoot and 6ft 2 with shoes.
Maan said on 27/Oct/16
No chance 6 foot 2
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Oct/16
Tom also has angle advantage though. It's tough to say.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Oct/16
He looks to be a weak 185 CM by Tom Hiddleston (though neither of them are standing up straight).
Brock said on 18/Oct/16
6 foot 2 or 3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/16
He's more likely 6ft1 in the morning
Andrew Smith said on 11/Oct/16
Yea rob is right he might not be less than 6 feet before bed and around 6feet.5 inches in morning.
Brock said on 9/Oct/16
He looks like the same height as HHH.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
I think he can appear 184/185cm more often than 183/184cm
Brock said on 6/Oct/16
6 foot 1 barefoot and 6 foot 2 with shoes no doubt.

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