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Peak: 6ft 5.37in (196.5cm)
Current: 6ft 4.13in (193.4cm)
James said on 23/Aug/11
John cleese was 6ft 5 or 196cm, I met him at some pallivon in Norfolk when I finished my A levels in 2003, I think 6ft 4 is the right height for now.
James said on 18/Aug/11
the old fashioned average height used too be 5'8 so 6'5 (196cm) would have been very/giant or borderline giant sized. these days 6'5 is just considered very tall. 6'5 1/2 would have been considered the start off a giant in the old days and cleese was not quite that tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Aug/11
For his generation, he would definitely have been considered a giant. Nowadays he looks closer to 6ft4.

196cm peak
193-194cm today
James said on 9/Aug/11
Cleese is very tall but he's not a giant. Brad Garrett now he is a giant.
Vegas said on 8/Aug/11
watching silverado (1985) over the weekend looked like a giant in that movie, fair bit taller than danny glover in one scene, didn't share a scene with jeff goldblum in that movie but certainly gave off a taller look than goldblum
James said on 7/Aug/11
Looks 6'6 with Alan Light if you count Alans hair. john cleese eye leve is well over the top of alans head.
terryman said on 27/Jul/11
1,95-6 m Click Here
James said on 26/Jun/11
6'5 in peak and 6'4.5 today. he never looked 6'6 not even in Faulty towers or Monty python. He was shorter than 6'6 Penn on that show.
GUY said on 26/Jun/11
Looking at old clips in Monty python and faulty towers he did look 6'5, 6'4/3/4 seems to be listed. Recently still looks 6'5 appears to lost very little. I think john always looked taller because he has great posture
Helen said on 24/Jun/11
I heard he was 196cm or 6'5 in peak but he certainly looks in the 6'4 range today. so 196cm in peak in faulty towers and 193cm today
Danimal said on 16/Jun/11
6'4 3/4" peak and 6'3.5" today.
James said on 12/Jun/11
6'5 (196cm) peak
6'4 (193cm) today

he's got good posture but i think he has lost 1 inch in height. 3cm height loss at age 70 is not bad for someone who is so tall like john cleese. at least compared to someone like clint eastwood who has lost 3.5-4 inches from his peak.
Blaine said on 5/Jun/11
I think John cleese is still 6'5. He is still taller then Stephen Fry who is 6'4.5 I think. He is 6'6 in shoes as on faulty towers his head touches the door. 6'5 barefoot is right
Blaine said on 4/Jun/11
6ft 5 is listed on most sites, could look 6'6 with good posture. On his new tour still looks 6'5
James said on 31/May/11
I met john once i am 6 ft 6 or 198cm) i think he was about 6ft 5 in peak, probably 6 feet 4 now. did look 6ft 6 on that 1979 dick cravett interview
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
6"4 flat today....
Vegas said on 8/May/11
james i would be surprised if he was 6'3 range today, rob has a photo with terry jones where jones looks 5'8 and cleeses heads is minimum 9.5 inches i would suspect Click Here

cleese has terrific posture too for a man his age
Ejel Khan said on 23/Apr/11
In a recent appearance on the Paul O'Grady show, was introduced as being 6'6". Something which he didn't refute ... strange?
James said on 28/Mar/11
6'3.75 (192cm)today
6'4.75 peak (195cm) peak
James said on 15/Feb/11
never looked 6'6 in Fawlty Towers. 6'5 tops more like
5'8 said on 28/Jan/11
He does look 6'5 even today, most door frames have a standard height of 6'6-6'7 and Cleese looks barely 1.5" shorter than that when passing trought one.
Lenad said on 14/Jan/11
Probably more in the 6'4 range today
Shaun said on 12/Jan/11
Click Here

Pause at 1:34 and 3:19. At 1:34 he is barefoot and looks every bit of 6'5". At 3'19 he walks through the door and looks 6'6" in shoes. Definately 6'5" range barefoot peak.
Shaun said on 12/Jan/11
Every bit of 6'5". And yes Jon he did look 6'6" in Fawlty Towers. 6'4.75" barefoot was his minimum peak height.
Vegas said on 7/Jan/11
photo from last year, if anything its the other who seem to have lost height Click Here
James said on 26/Nov/10
in this artile recently it still says he is 6'5?

Maybe 6'4 today 6'4.5-6'5 at his peak
Click Here
Dean said on 26/Nov/10
Really? Ok hes tall but 6'5? He didnt look that much taller than Andrew sachs in FT. I would have thought about8 inch...aperantly if sachs is 5'3 and cleese is 6'5 theres 14? no way lol!
thekiddd said on 20/Jun/09
No. Rob has Barkley at 6'4 3/4".
Big King said on 15/Jun/09
Well, Cleese was a weak 6'5" in his prime. I really think that 6'4.75" was fair enough for Cleese. Maybe Rob has infladted his height for an extra 1/4 inch.
James S said on 15/Jun/09
In a "Batteries not included" epesode he stated he was 6ft 4.5
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Jun/09
6ft5 peak and and now 6ft4.5.
yoyo said on 24/May/09
Mr J. Greenstein thanks for your picture. but at atual fact people clearly see you as 1.5cm taller than john cleese. he cant be 6ft6 and i believe he have a little bigger heels on.
yoyo said on 24/May/09
old cleese nowadays might be 195..196 at peak.
James said on 16/May/09
Greenstein, if your still posting on the site can you provide proof that your the heightyou claim?

Didn't look over 6'5 in Fawltey Towers
john said on 29/Apr/09
towered over 6ft 1 keanu reeves by a good 4 inches in the day the earth stood still
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
He is a legit 6'4.5-6'5" barefoot. A likely 195cm. He often looks 6'6" as he did in Fawlty Towers. Extremely tall man. towered even Pierce Brosnan.
Alex said on 31/Mar/09
Oh, just one more thing.

"He is in the 6ft4 to 5 range as he can almost reach the top of an standard door frame (6ft6) in his shoes. You can see this in faulty towers. I think 6ft4.5"

That would make him shorter than that, which he clearly isn't. If you're 6'5" you don't "almost" reach 6'6" in shoes. You do reach it, minnimum. "Almost reaching" 6'6 would make him less than 6'4.5. I for one think he is a bit more than 6'5".
Big King said on 28/Mar/09
Well, I know that John's a big ass but I wouldn't give him a legit 6'5". He looks very close to 6'5", so I would list him at 6'4.5" or slighty over it.
Alex said on 26/Mar/09
Well, my door frame at home is just under 6'9.
Vegas said on 20/Mar/09
6'6 no because he was shorter than penn jillette
Yaspaa said on 20/Mar/09
Alex,standard door frame in the UK is 6'6.
Alex said on 14/Mar/09
Cleese is probably dead on 6'5", dead on. I've heard 6'4" but he clearly looks taller than that. Maybe 6'5.5" but certainly not 6'6".

On another note, isn't the standard door frame more than 6'6"? I certainly think the door frames in Fawlty Towers appear shorter than average. I've always found the average door frame is around 6'9".
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/09
Yeah, he must be 6'5, he towers everyone in most films Ive seen him in, and the closest people Ive seen close to him are Pierce Brosnan, but even Cleese has 3-4 inches over 6'1 Brosnan. In Fawlty Towers his head was barely under the door frame (6'6 standard).. 6'5 in his prime, maybe 6'4 now?
Max said on 2/Mar/09
Cleese is easily 5 inches taller than the 5'11" Steve Martian
yoyo said on 2/Mar/09
hes still a strong 1.96m pass years ago. nowadays at least a 1.95m frame for him.
marioo said on 11/Feb/09
he looks 6'4 next to 6'1 /5 pearce brosnan
Tom said on 5/Feb/09
He said on Jimmy Kimmell that his daughter is 6'2". She probably got the Cleese gene
mickser said on 29/Jan/09
i am 6'6 and had the pleasure of meeting him last year in dublin ireland and yes i was a bout two inches taller than him. we had a joke about my height. a very nice man
TJ said on 25/Jan/09
Kalralahr, if you're 6ft and he's a head taller than you, he must be 6'8 - 6'9, which he clearly isn't. This is a case of you judging him from your eye level, rather than thinking about where the top of your head reaches.
Ffejy said on 24/Jan/09
I talked to him today for half a second at Planet Hollywood casino. He is like a tree and I am 5'10". In fact he was so tall I had to find out on the 'net and found this site. lol
Kalralahr said on 19/Jan/09
I was standing next to him at Sundance. I'm 6ft and he's a head taller than me.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
He looked 6'4 3/4 in the series fawlty towers. but these days, looks 6'4.
adam said on 25/Nov/08
In JUNGLE BOOK (1994, not a very good film) he towers over everyone. He looks A LOT taller than Sam Neil. Definitely 6-5 peak
Hugh said on 19/Nov/08
195-196cm peak. 193-194cm now.
Ian said on 17/Nov/08
He is in the 6ft4 to 5 range as he can almost reach the top of an standard door frame (6ft6) in his shoes. You can see this in faulty towers. I think 6ft4.5
Darkfalz said on 24/Oct/08
Why is there no page for Graham Chapman? I think Cleese was 6'4" and Chapman 6'2"
George H. said on 14/Oct/08
Cleese is easily 6'5" in his prime. Because he was thin, he reminded me a lot of my two sons, before they started filling out a bit, both 6'5" and over. Same gangly thing, all arms and legs.
matt lopez said on 6/Oct/08
he looked a 6-3 in 'die another day' and was a couple of inches taller than pierce brosnan

.....pierce brosnan is 6 foot 2!
Mister Lennon said on 3/Oct/08
Maybe a 6'5 at peak and now an strong 6'4???
Mister Lennon said on 30/Sep/08
His monty phiton dude Graham Chapman was almost as tall as him, and he was close to 6'3. I really think that Cleese is 6'4.
Big King said on 8/Sep/08
That's a scene where I think that Rob is a bit optimistic to give Cleese 6'5" although Cleese is 6'4 3/4" on the most websites. I also think that he's at 6'5" maximum.
Hugh said on 4/Sep/08
kobby boy says on 19/sep/06

image from ForensicNYC i was think that kevin kline was more 182~183cm.

Were you born yesterday. Kevin was at least 6ft2 at his peak.
Fred Ennis said on 29/Jul/08
I myself stand 6'5"
Daii said on 25/Jul/08
from fawlty towers, i can see him an easy 6'4 or 6'5
PW said on 14/Jul/08
Take away Penns heels and they would be the same height . Cleese even said himself once, that he was 6.6.
Anonymous KinG said on 29/Mar/08
beside 6ft1 kevin kline he looks 6ft6.. by atual fact kline is more like 6ft0.5 and cleese is at least 195cm as above mention he might lost a cm nowadays..
Ruja said on 20/Mar/08
Cleese and Penn have rather the same height. Maybe Penn looks a half inch taller than Cleese but that's all. Cleese is above 6'5" god damn it.
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/08
I remember watching the Cleese sketch with Penn and Teller and being surprised the guy was taller than Cleese. Even allowing for shoes there would still be a difference I think. Cleese has always looked about 6'5'' and Penn is 6'6' so it makes sense.
Big Show said on 2/Dec/07
Vegas says on 26/Jul/07
Cleese was about 1-1.5" shorter than 6'6 Penn Jillette Click Here in the early 1990s

Look at the huge heels Penn is wearing there. That might be 2" heels there, while John is wearing regular dressing shoes. The 1-1.5" Penn has on Cleese, certainly gets eliminated when they would have had equal shoes.
robbie h said on 12/Oct/07
he looked a 6-3 in 'die another day' and was a couple of inches taller than pierce brosnan
Tom said on 23/Sep/07
Graham Chapman was about 6'2"
Maya said on 24/Aug/07
So how tall was Graham Chapman then? 6'4" or 6'6"?
Editor Rob said on 22/Aug/07
1988 playboy said "I'm 6'5" and weigh 210 pounds"
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
Cleese was about 1-1.5" shorter than 6'6 Penn Jillette Click Here in the early 1990s
guy said on 26/Jul/07
I think he is what he says he is. He certainly doesn't need to be taller so he wouldn't exaggerate. Some people might not realize they've shrunk if it is gradual over many years and others might choose to ignore it and give their youth height always. I know an elderly man who claims to have been 6-1.5 as a young man but clearly has lost 2 inches if that was the case. When I asked him what his height is now he responded ,6-1.5! Interestingly Graham Chapman's biography has a photo of his American drivers license which states he is 6-4. Though in virtually every skit Cleese appears 1-2 inches taller there is one where Chapman towers over everyone. The mountaineering expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro skit from the film And Now for Something Completly Different Chapman towers over everyone including Cleese.
S.J said on 15/Jun/07
this guy looked big in like monthy Python
and i thought he was now adays like 6,4 1/2 but i was him in this movie (Man about town ,or something) with Ben affleck and they were like the same height maybe cleese was a bit taller but affleck is like 6,2.5 so maybe cleese could be like 6,3.5 nowadays or 6,4
Stretch said on 15/May/07
He was once in a 90's television comedy skit opposite David Hasselhoff and Cleese was surprisingly an inch taller than The Hoff. I would estimate Cleese is 6' 5.5"- a little over 6'5".
George H. said on 10/Apr/07
Yeah, easily a solid 6'5" guy. Great comedian.
Dave said on 20/Oct/06
yeh he was just about the same height as a six-six doorway in fawlty towers with shoes so yeah. a bit of a 'stick insect' as sybil fawlty liked to describe him. a legend of comedy by any means
thelasttiger said on 6/Oct/06
Nah, he's 6'5". He just said 6'4 3/4" but its hard to notice a quater inch anyway.
connie girL said on 21/Sep/06
i agree he may not be 196tall anymore.. but i think 194.5cm barefoot accuracy will be right..
kobby boy said on 19/Sep/06
image from ForensicNYC i was think that kevin kline looks more like 182~183cm.. he nv looks a real 6ft1 all the while i see his movie..
but i think cleese might be lost 1~2cm nowadys..he looks a solid 194cm recently seen..
ForensicNYC said on 27/May/06
6'5" John Cleese with 7'9" Sean Astin and 7'8" Peter Jackson of LOTR...
Click Here
John with 5'7" Jamie Lee Curtis and 6'1" Kevin Kline...
Click Here
As "Q" with 6'1" Pierce Brosnan 007...
Click Here
Mr. X said on 3/Apr/06
I think he just wanted to be creative. I think he was 6'5" all of the time.
Link said on 2/Apr/06
Officially he is 6'4 3/4"

In the TV show fawlty towers its rare to see him walking through doorways (6'6") totally straight, he hunched a lot and dipped his head as a second nature kind of way,he was wearing shows though, and doorframes have 1/4-1/2" cut off from the architrave below the main frame, so if he has to duck in shoes (1 inch roughly as they were smart shoes and they raise a good inch mostly) we come to the conclusion he is 6'4 1/2"+

Cleese is a big man, definitely no less than 6'4 1/2"
Id say he was 6'5" in his younger days and 6'4 3/4" now

He was 6ft aged 12
and went to his apparent 6'4 3/4" (maybe 6'5") aged 13 and stopped entirely, now thats scary lol.
Gonzalo said on 31/Mar/06
Cleese was very big, near 6`5. He towered Kevin Kline in A fish called Wanda. I also remeber a Cheers episode and he was clearly taller than Ted Danson, maybe three inches.
Kline is at least 6`1 and Danson 6`2, so Cleese has to be over 6`4.
Rut said on 16/Jan/06
A tall and funny man, definitely one of my all time heroes, are you going to list the other Pythons also, Rob..?

[Editor Rob: yeah I'll add Palin now.]
D said on 14/Jan/06
i think he does downplay his height. he says on the holy grail dvd commentry that hes 6'4", but in any python film or show he always looked a good 3" taller that 6'2" graham chapman
Mikex said on 5/Jan/06
I seem to remember Cleese being on a show some years ago with the magicians Penn and Teller. I was surprised to see he looked a litlle shorter than the big one of the pair but I think that guy is truly huge, build as well as height. Cleese looks approx 6'5'' although I think he's officially 6'4 3/4'' as stated below. He was fully grown at 12 or 13 apparently. Now that's something.
Joshie said on 8/Dec/05
shook his hand a couple of weeks ago - he's huge. i'm 5'7 and maybe reached his chin. certainly no less than 6'5
Jason said on 4/Dec/05
Cleese is barely taller than 6'4'' John Lithgow, Mario.

[Editor Rob: they squared up a few times, I think the one I remember is in the classroom where Cleese looked a tad taller]
Mario Nariano said on 4/Dec/05
Well just saw some pictures on gettyimages, but Brosnan is in all those pictures closer to the camera and Cleese isn't even full straight. Really Brett if your hero is really 6 ft 2, Cleese must be 6 ft 6 or more.
Mario Nariano said on 4/Dec/05
In wich picture does Brosnan comes close to his height?
Because in the movies and the few that pictures that I have watched of the two Brosnan comes barely to his eyes.
Brett said on 3/Dec/05
Theres no way that guy is under 6'5", he would down play his height for sure, as it limits his career, Imagine him next to dustin hoffman, it would be a joke. Hes just like Josh Duhamel, and hugh jackman ( several years ago when he claimed to be 6ft ) , Big people in hollywood seem to be unliked, no 5'8" star wants to be dwarfed by his 6'3" plus costar.
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
A search reveals John Cleese is mostly listed at 6'4 3/4'' - and it's said that was his full adult height. Sorry, Brett ... the man towers over Brosnan. Easily 4 inches taller.
Brett said on 25/Nov/05
I think Cleese is easy 196cm, I mean he could be more, my closest friend Clark is 199cm tall, and his eyeline is about the same height as the top of my head, maybe more, and Cleese seems to be similar to this with brosnan , maybe not quite, as in some pics brosnan does look close to his height, but I think he would be 196cm minimum, and the guys claiming his only 193 or so, I think are dreaming
Cleese said on 19/Nov/05
John Cleese towers over Brosnan
and looks about the same height or slightly taller than John Lithgow
Gotxo said on 9/Oct/05
A human tower, but a thing is to note. The inches & foot are pretty unnacurate beside more precise cm. Does anyone belive when some one hovers 6'5" is always 196cm instead 195cm or 197cn. Do the tall guys always bang on the aim.
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Oct/05
His resume gives him 196cm.
mad said on 23/Jul/05
John clease certainly look like about 6'6 or 6'7...

[Editor Rob: wasn't much taller than John Lithgow and said a long while back he was just about 6ft 5.]
British Guy said on 28/Jun/05
I Agree Completly,

In Fawlty Towers He Was By Far The Biggest,

For Such A Big Guy He Was So Flexible, Amazing

Your Height I Believe Is 100% Accurate Here Rob, Well Done.

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