How tall is John Cleese

John Cleese's Height

6ft 3 ½ (191.8 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 5 (195.6 cm)
English comedic actor best known for his role with The Monty Python comedy troupe and for starring in the much-loved, albeit short-lived Fawlty Towers. He has had memorable roles in films such as A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures, Clockwise, Shrek (as the King) and The World is Not Enough. In 2006 he was quoted saying in a Sotheby's catalogue "I'm six-foot-four", although in another interview with Playboy in 1988 he said "I'm 6'5" and weigh 210 pounds". In his Spotlight Casting page in the mid 1970's he listed himself as 6 feet 4½ inches but subsequently changed it to 6ft 5 in future decades.

How tall is John Cleese
Photo by Paul Boxley [CC-BY-SA-2.0]
I went to a party - Graham [Chapman] was there, I remember—and suddenly Douglas [Adam] appeared, and we had a long chat. But what surprised me was that he was towering above me. Now, I’m six-four and a half, and I was quite surprised that he seemed to have grown. But I noticed after we’d been chatting for some time that he was wearing four inch high heels, and I was thinking that this was very bizarre. I’ve never met a very tall man who wore high heels before, but I didn’t like to ask him - I didn’t know if it was a joke or what.
--, 2014

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Average Guess (73 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 5.37in (196.5cm)
Current: 6ft 4.13in (193.4cm)
the name's Sam said on 2/Jul/20
Peak was a 196 cm in 1985 Silverado he was a giant and had good height over 6’3 Danny and 6’2” Kevin he looked over 6’5” even now he might stand tall in the 193-193.5 cm range
Tall In The Saddle said on 21/Jun/20
Side line. IMO, the comedy of MONTY PYTHON has aged well and it was ballsy too. Tackling some of the more impractical pontifications of the Catholic Church with all conquering humour. If you think the PYTHONS were nuts, listen to the GOONS, from who the PYTHONS drew inspiration. Well before my time but my Dad loved them and played some of their stuff. Spike Milligan was literally certifiable. LOL. "I told you I was ill" is literally written (in Celtic language I think) on his head stone as per Spike's wishes.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Jun/20
I'm thinking 196cm peak and 192.5cm now. Maybe..
movieguy12 said on 14/Jun/20
6'4'' Joe Bugner said that when he met Cleese in the 70s he had to look up to him and guessed him as 6'6''. On the other other hand, years ago Cleese was on Penn and Teller and Penn definitely looked taller than Cleese by an inch or two. I think prime Cleese was probably over 6'5'' not sure if he was 6'6''.
Andy5'91/2 said on 7/Jun/20
More 6’4 nowadays maybe 6’5.5 peak
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/May/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - You're not far wrong there in saying that John could have passed for 7' or nearly that height when standing with the two Ronnies! It didn't exactly help that, even if it was done inadvertently, people called Ronnie Barker 'The Tall Ronnie', but he wasn't tall at all, merely low average, but towered over tiny Ronnie Corbett. Then along came John Cleese to partake in a sketch, looking like an absolute GIANT!

Cheers Tall In The Saddle and keep well, Sandy XX 😂😆😁

Peak height - 6ft5.25
Today - 6ft4
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Apr/20

Yes, I saw the skit many moons ago. Cleese might've passed for 7' standing next to the Two Ronnies. LOL. "So it's goodnight from me" (Corbett) - "And it's goodnight from him, goodnight" (Barker). Classic.
The Ronnie's sign off reminds me of Morecombe and Wise's signature exit, singing/dancing to the tune - BRING ME SUNSHINE.
Sandy A Cowell said on 6/Apr/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Check out - if you haven’t already seen it, of course! - the sketch with Mr Cleese and The Two Ronnies. He’ll have been at his peak height then.

Peak - 6ft5.25
Now - 6ft4
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Feb/20
Whatever Cleese has claimed or whatever claims have been attributed to Cleese, it really still comes down to how tall you see him for yourself.

However, it still makes you wonder as to why some celeb's might claim a height that your own eyes can't see. If you see them standing shorter than they claim, it's easy to attach a motive such as round up or exaggeration. However, if you see them standing taller than they claim, it's a bit more problematic to figure a motive. I mean, who claims shorter?
One motive that is commonly attached to apparently understated height is the avoidance of sounding too tall or freakishly tall. Makes sense. Another reason might be a simple but less common propensity to round down, e.g. Cleese stating an exact 6'4.75" but apparently also stating 6'4.5".
I've read Cleese directly quoted as stating 6'4.75" which always snagged me given I saw him as taller. It fits his character to be so EXACT and anyone else might've just gone with 6'5" but not Cleese. However, I reached back into this thread and it's claimed that Cleese was 6'4.75" when just 13 yo and when he started at Clifton School so I don't feel so snagged by Cleese's quote now. Certainly room for a bit more growth since the 6'4.75" measurement.
I think it's reasonable to estimate at least 6'5.25" peak. I suppose 6'5.5" is possible but perhaps it's a bit of stretch (excuse pun) but for whatever it's worth, a poster here ,James Murray, claimed that Cleese had an inch on Murray's 6'4.5" father and there is of course the comparison with 6'4.5" listed Stephen Fry over whom Cleese held a 1" advantage IMO.
Matt6'5'' said on 21/Feb/20
Editor Rob,

If you stood a peak Cleese and a peak Christopher Lee back to back, how much would you expect between them?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Feb/20
Hard to think John Cleese have drop below 6'4.
Canson said on 16/Feb/20
I wonder if his 6’4 1/2 billing was a bit of a downplay since being 6’5” was considered too tall back then
Nearly 180cm guy said on 28/Nov/19
Cleese really could have been a little over 6'5". In 1981 he looked at least two and a half inches taller than Graham Chapman: Click Here
And in 1967 he looked like a real giant next to Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett: Click Here Click Here
In 1989, however, he looked easily over 6'5" alongside Lenny Henry and Dudley Moore: Click Here Click Here
Now someone you met in pesron, in 1997 Cleese met Malcolm McDowell and he looked good 9 inches taller than him, and Malcolm was probably still at least 5'8.25" at that time: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Their footwear was similar: Click Here Click Here
Looking at Cleese from the beginning of the 60s to the end of the 90s I really see him a little taller than 6'5". Rob, is there any chance you will give him 6'5.25" in his prime?
Editor Rob
He's held 6ft 5 for years, but there would be (based on 70's and 80's) a greater chance he might have measured over than under 6ft 5 flat. He has definitely shrunk over an inch by now
Unbewohnt6666 said on 6/Sep/19
@Junior Hernandez 1990

1 1/2 inch height loss while being a few weeks shy of 80 isn't at all unusual especially for a 6'5 guy. 6ft2 1/2 would be considered unusual for a man his age.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/19
Sandy, 6ft5 peak is undeniable in fact I’d argue even a little over that. But today it’s obvious he’s lost some height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jun/19
My favourite episode of Fawlty Towers? When he gets out of his mini and gives it a darn good beating - with the branch of a tree! It was a big branch, granted, but the car was unperturbed.

Peak height 6ft5;
Now 6ft4.5.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jun/19
Can't believe what aging did to a big 6'5 guy. From 6'5 to 6'3.5" that is quite alot of height loss from a healthy looking old man.
Dream said on 11/Mar/19
@Tom Swift

John Cleese really did look 6’5.5” with Stephen Fry.

Even if Fry was only 6’4”, which is impossible, John Cleese looks 6’5.25” minimum.
Tom Swift said on 5/Mar/19
I recently watched a video filmed in 1987 with John Cleese & Steven Fry (6ft 4), and Cleese was looking down at him. Easily over an inch taller. Bearing in mind possible shoe heal differences I’d say John Cleese peak height was 6ft 5 1/2 at least. He could have claimed 6ft 6 and everyone would have turned a blind eye.
alabamafr said on 10/Feb/19
Rob, did you downgrade him recently?
Editor Rob
He has shrunk in recent years.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 12/Dec/18
He was definitely 6'5" in his peak, but under that mark today. He's like 6'3 1/2" since he is under 6'4" nowadays. John went through some noticeable height loss as he aged. At his youth though, he was one of the tallest looking 6'5" people listed at that on the site, he could pull off 6'6" in his younger days. Cleese was a more legit 6'5" than some others who are listed as 6'5" like Michael Strahan, Christopher Lee, or Vince Vaughn. I watched Silverado recently and John had a brief part in it and he looked 2 inches taller than Danny Glover who was known for being a tall guy at 6'3". John Cleese also looked very tall on Monty Python, he was 6'5 at peak and no shorter than that.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 18/Nov/18
Rob, who would you say had 'more of a chance' of 6'5.25", John Cleese or Bo Svenson?

I know Cleese claimed 6'4.5", but I feel that's more of a big round down. Svenson claimed 6'6", but that's likely an out of bed height.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 18/Nov/18
@Martin 6'2"

Apparently, there was a user (James Murray) here, who claimed to have met a prime John Cleese. He said Cleese was 'about' an inch taller (could be 0.75" of an inch) than his 6'4.5" father.

James Murray (the said user) said he eventually grew to 6'8.5" and didn't like being tall.
Martin 6'2" said on 17/Nov/18
Wow, I haven't commented since may 2017.
Watching Fawlty Towers as I type, and I can easily say, John Cleese in his prime was an easy 6'5."
Baring in mind he's walking through the 6'6" doorways, but if he was to just stand there, and stand up straight too, I think he could stretch to 6'5.5" so bare feet prime would be a strong 6'5." Nowadays I wouldn't have a clue.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Nov/18
He looks near 6'5.5" with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

I might hear some rebutts like 'OH BUT STEPHEN FRY'S EYE LEVEL IS NEARLY EQUAL WITH JOHN CLEESE!' FOOking ridiculous. John Cleese's eye level is actually slightly higher, and the top of his head is more than visibly higher than Stephen Fry. Oh and Stephen is closer to the camera, and John Cleese is slightly aging.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 29/Aug/18
Cleese looked at least the full 6'5", I meant.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 28/Aug/18

At an absolute low, of course. I just think that his claim is more of a round down. He did look an easy taller than Stephen Fry.

I still would argue 6'5 1/8th" for John Cleese. It's not like Vince Vaughn who never looked a full 6'5" even in peak. He definitely looked the full 6'5" if not a hair over it.
Canson said on 26/Aug/18
@Dream: I think a peak Cleese would be around 6’5” at a low. It’s just unclear because he’s claimed 6’4.5 as well
Dream(5'9.5 said on 25/Aug/18
Rob, John Cleese definitely claims “six foot five” here. (The citation was from 1979).

Click Here

It’s up to you if it’s worth an add or not.
Editor Rob
There's already a 6ft 5 quote mention in the description, but if it wasn't already there I would have put that one in too.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Aug/18
@Gracian Posture and camera angle advantage wise making John Cleese look 6'5 1/2. I don't think Brosnan is really 4" shorter.
Gracian said on 8/Aug/18
Cleese next to Pierce Brosnan in 2004: Click Here
In Bond films from 1999 and 2002, John looked taller than Brosnan by about 4 inches. I'm sure his peak height was not lower than 6'5". Rob, can I still argue 6'5.25" for him?
Mister lennon said on 3/Aug/18
Lee could have been a weak 6'5 peak or very close.
Cleese was always a solid 6'5.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 31/Jul/18
Again, Cleese really did look a strong inch taller than 6'4.5" Stephen Fry. He was at an older age while Fry was extremely young. If we go by comparisons, John Cleese looked well taller than Jeremy Clarkson when comparing them with Stephen Fry.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 30/Jul/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

I definitely agree. Lee was never a full 6'5". John Cleese would be a full 6'5" if not the strong 6'5" I believe him to be. Honestly, I still think Cleese could measure 1/8ths over 6'5".
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Jul/18
@Christian- you might be interested - On the VINCENT PRICE page I linked a THIS IS YOUR LIFE episode in honour of Christopher Lee - one of the guests is Vincent Price and both men come together for an excellent comparison. From the long shot I see Lee perhaps having 1" over Price but closer up Price appears to gain back - so the diff. might've been just .5" to .75". Curious as to how you see it. Other shots of Lee I have seen appear to suggest not quite 6'5" as you say - perhaps somewhere between 6'4.5" and 6'4.75"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jul/18
@Tall Sam

Lee was never a full 6'5".
Tall Sam said on 25/Jul/18
@Dream(5'9.5") I'm not as convinced of that at their respective peaks after seeing Christopher Lee near James Arness, there's a pretty good chance of a dead heat between Lee and Cleese and both probably held 6'5" at least for a good part of the day.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 24/Jul/18
It's possible Cleese was more of a strong 6'5". As I said, he was definitely taller than Stephen Fry even at a old age. Comparing Cleese and Jeremy Clarkson with Stephen Fry, John Cleese looks well taller than Jeremy Clarkson.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 23/Jul/18
John Cleese would easily be taller than Christopher Lee by a strong 2 cms.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jul/18
I hadn't read the 6'4.5" claims for Cleese before. I had read that he faithfully reported himself at an exact 6'4.75" at some stage which I tended to believe given the exact nature of the man himself - other less pedantic individuals might've rounded to 6'5" without fuss - but they're not "Basil".
I see he did claim 6'5" later - maybe Cleese became more relaxed with himself by that stage and wasn't concerned about being exactly on point. I would say he was measured at 6'4.75" at some point - when how when - who knows? If he claims 6'5" its difficult to refute - he looks it. The Fry comparison is problematic. Cleese did appear to have a very solid 1" on Fry - if Fry was in fact 6'4.5" that would make Cleese an easy 6'5.5" IMO. I'm not sure if Fry was quite 6'4.5" I'd have to have a bit more of look at the man. Would've been interesting to see Cleese face up to fellow Englishmen Christopher Lee - I checked for any pics together but no such luck.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 13/Jul/18
Rob, I think Cleese is really a solid 6'5" kind of guy. Sure not like 6'5.5" in that sense, but he's definitely looked a little over it more than under it. Some would round down. Plus, that quote is from 2014, so he would have lost height by now. He did change his 6'4.5" claim to the full 6'5".

6'4.5" is certainly too low as that would put 6'4.5" Stephen Fry at 6'3.75"-6'4".
James B 171.5cm said on 12/Jul/18
James B 171.5cm said on 10/Jul/18
rob could he have just been 6ft4.5 peak?

Editor Rob

Well he seems to think he was. Maybe he did get measured once at that, like Tim Robbins and stuck with it...or didn't stand quite as tall for the measurement?

6ft4.75 could have been his peak height?
Editor Rob
I'd still go with near 6ft 5. The 6ft 4.5 might well be a modest rounding downwards.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 11/Jul/18
We'd have to put Stephen Fry at 6'4" since Cleese was a big inch taller than him.

Also, that quote is from 2014. It's obvious that Cleese would had shrunk by now.
James B 171.5cm said on 10/Jul/18
rob could he have just been 6ft4.5 peak?
Editor Rob
Well he seems to think he was. Maybe he did get measured once at that, like Tim Robbins and stuck with it...or didn't stand quite as tall for the measurement?
Editor Rob said on 8/Jul/18
I found another quote by Cleese added above, which matches up with that old spotlight listing he once had, 6ft 4.5.
Tall Sam said on 30/Jun/18
I don't question the 6'5" peak listing really but it is peculiar that he'd claim the 6'4.5" without having at least been once measured around it.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 6/Jun/18
John Cleese: 6'5 1/8"
Stephen Fry: 6'4 5/8"

I would say this is being slightly generous because Cleese (at an old age) did look a solid inch taller than Prime Stephen Fry. Of course, that doesn't mean he's literally a strong inch. It just shows that John Cleese has constantly looked a strong 6'5" like Howard Stern and Bo Burnham.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 18/May/18
Rob, what would you rate his 'posture?'
Editor Rob
Not as good as it used to be...but he isn't afraid to still stand proud.
Libertariandude said on 7/May/18
In Life of Brian he looks gigantic as the "High Priest". He towers impressively over the mob that, hilariously, ends up lapidating him. Heh.
Several tall guys in Monty Python. Idle and Graham were both in the high 180s.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Apr/18
Rob, from the people (in the comments) who met John Cleese, I think 6’5.25” seems more like a goer for Cleese. What do you think?
Editor Rob
It's a figure that you could make a case for.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 22/Apr/18
@James Murray

What was your impression on John Cleese, personality wise?
James Murray said on 19/Apr/18
in 1976 my dad and John took a picture together i still have the picture till this day, my dad is 6ft 4 1/2 John Cleese is about 1 inch taller I wont be surprised if he was slightly over 6ft 5 mark. anyways I remember in 1976 John Cleese spoke to me with my dad I was 13 years old and 6ft 1. I remember John clearly saying to my dad that i will be taller than both of them when i got older and he was right am 6ft 8 1/2 barefeet. sometimes it sucks being really tall living in london and taking tube everyday is annoying and the same old question i get, "how tall are you" and stares ......
Tall Sam said on 16/Apr/18
Interesting clip with Fry and Laurie, Cleese was one of the few actors right around a solid 6'5".
Canson said on 15/Apr/18
@Dream: Cleese looks as if he would definitely he at minimum solid 6’5” peak. I thought maybe 195 before but now I think he looks it in old pics
Canson said on 15/Apr/18
@Dream; interesting!
Dream(5'9.5") said on 13/Apr/18

6’5.125 would be guess in my opinion. Cleese can certainly look 6’5.25. I would dare say he could in a similar range to ‘peak’ Peyton Manning.

The 6’4.5 claim is weird because here’s Cleese with a young 6’4”-6’5” Stephen Fry.

Click Here

In most of the video, John Cleese is kinda aging, and he’s easily taller than Stephen Fry.
Canson said on 12/Apr/18
@Dream: yup! Doorways were lower back then but if he were say 6’5.25 he would prob hit 6’6.5 in some shoes and a 6’7” doorway I could see it. Peak I think he could’ve been a solid 6’5”. Not so sure he’s even as low as Rob has him today
Dream(5'9.5") said on 12/Apr/18
The fact that he had to duck under doorways in his regular shoes.

He has to be a strong 6’5” for ducking to happen.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 30/Mar/18
Also, he was definitely taller than Stephen Fry.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 20/Mar/18
Rob, what would you say about 6'5" 1/8ths for John Cleese?
jjj said on 8/Jan/18
@James B: I have to disagree. He seemed huge in Fawlty Towers, and defo appeared 6'5 if not a bit more.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 25/Dec/17
Supposedly, he had grown to 6'5" by age 13, being an even 6" at 12..!! He has always looked very tall to me, every bit of the 6'5" claim gleaned from various sources, perhaps even a smidge over that in the AM. He may very well be down to a flat 6'4" these days at close to 80. Do taller guys (Like over 195 or 200 cms) tend to lose more as they get older Rob?)
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Dec/17
@Mister lennon

I agree, he was a solid genuine 6'5" maybe even 6'5.25" best case.
Mister lennon said on 13/Dec/17
Solid 6'5 peak.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 11/Dec/17
@Canson I think at his age, sub-6’4” is possible.

At peak, Cleese was really a solid 6’5” or 6’5.25”.
Canson said on 10/Dec/17
6’3.5 seems low. I’d say 6’4 flat from where he was
Rory said on 6/Dec/17
Odd set of claims from this guy. Not sure why if you are 6'5 you'd claim 6ft4.5 because that just makes it more of a mouthful to say. A 6ft5 guy claiming 6ft4 if they want to seem smaller I can understand but 6ft4.5 ?
Sam said on 26/Nov/17
Definitely a bit taller than John Lithgow who was near 6'4" when I met him almost a dozen years ago, about 0.75 inches under myself, Cleese could've been near peak still when he appeared with him.
EM said on 24/Nov/17
6'4.75" peak seems right. He's been mentioned at 6'4.5", 6'4.75", and 6'5". Just give him the middle. 6'3.5" going into 2018 I can agree with, as he already mentioned being 6'4" in 2006.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 23/Nov/17
Rob, this guy at peak (along with Bo Burnham, Kobe Bryant, and Christopher Lee) would beat out the 'Skarsgard' family! LOL!!
Editor Rob: yes...Cleese has a tall daughter to, near 6ft I think
James B said on 15/Nov/17
Well I think you could defnintly argue he looked 6'4 in Fawlty Towers in my personal opinion. He even sood with good posture from what I remember

Clèese actually looked like your typical skinny 6'4 guy in the series.

Watched Fawlty Towers with my grandad many years ago and he remarked "he must be 6ft6". My brother guessed him at 6ft2 when we watched Fawlty Towers lol.
James B said on 9/Nov/17
Rob in Fawlty towers I think he looked more 6'4.5 than a proper 6'5 personally. Like around Christopher Lee's height.

Think about it he always stood with good posture and add too that his skinny build he could probably pull of looking taller than he was.
Editor Rob: we know he associated with the 6ft 4.5, but I don't know, he really seemed more like a 6ft 5 guy to me.
Dalziel said on 26/Oct/17
"Gladstone Screwer said on 21/Apr/17
He was often listed at 6'5" over the years, and looked it.
Maybe an inch shorter now. A ghastly man, he really is."

JEFFERS said on 23/Oct/17
Rob,In his latest autobiography which I had a quick glimpse at today, there's some interesting information, he wS an extremely tall child, he was 5ft 3in in Sept 1948 a month before his 9th birthday. At 12 he was already 6ft and amazingly he was at his full adult height of 6'4.75" at the age of 13 yrs.
Canson said on 23/Oct/17
@Rob: I notice there they also have Dolph Lundgren at 6’6”. That thing seems way off. I would agree with a peak maybe 6’5” for Cleese like you have him or maybe 6’4.75 is closer. That surprises me he’s only 6’3.5 today tho
Editor Rob: I have no idea were the 6ft 7 for Cleese comes from...

but I did see now in one book that the author mentioned he was "Six Foot 4 3/4 inches" when he started at Clifton School.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Oct/17
Good call...he does look more 6ft3 range these days. Closing in on 80 though, he hasn't done that bad. Peak though I think a very solid 6ft5er
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
@Rob: do you think he was a strong 6’5” peak or a guy who would dip to 6’4.75 at night? He looked very tall at his peak
Editor Rob: I can't find it this moment, but I know in at least one stage of his career he changed his height from 6ft 4.5 in the Spotlight directory, up to 6ft 5...

I don't know why though, he'd already been well established by the mid 70's. I will try to find which book it was in to show it...
jjj said on 17/Oct/17
I felt like he was even too tall to be 6'5 back on the Faulty towers days, this man was very tall!
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
I think John Cleese still clear 6'4 now maybe more like 6'4.25" than a flat 6'4 and fully 196cm peak even going to bed.
Editor Rob: he's sub 6ft 4 now, about 6ft 3.5.
Deathstroke said on 22/Sep/17
6'5.25" Peak and 6'4" today is likely.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 10/Sep/17
Doubt it. He doesn't fall under 6'5".
Canson said on 1/Sep/17
6'4.75 peak
Mark(5'9.5 said on 31/Aug/17
His peak height can certainly be changed to 6'5.25".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jul/17
Rob, who do you think was taller at peak Cleese or Robbins?
Editor Rob: you can make an argument that both were decent 6ft 5ers, of course we know Robbins did once claim under 6ft 5, but as many point out, it could have been a little round down.
Canson said on 16/Jul/17
Peak height 6'4.75 like mentioned
Today 6'4
Zach said on 14/Jul/17
Rob who would you say is taller John Cleese or Jeremy Clarkson they seem about the same to me strong 6"4 to weak 6"5?
Mark(5'9.5") said on 10/Jul/17
He's probably the only person back then who will measure taller than Peak Christopher Lee (who is 195 cm in my eyes).
even said on 7/Jul/17
his peak height was 6 foot 5 now question about it
but now he is 6 foot 4 at 78 years old
Adijos said on 22/Jun/17
John at the top could actually be a little above 6'5" flat. Rob, what do you say to him at 6'5.5" or at least 6'5.25"?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/17
It's possible he was a bit over 6ft5. In Fawlty Towers he had to duck slightly under the door frame (the standard ones are 6ft6). In dress shoes he was probably near 6ft7
berta said on 14/May/17
this guy looked atleast 6 foot 5 and with a big chanse of being 196,2 ore something on good days
Martin 6'2 said on 13/May/17
I have to admit, if Michael Gwynne was 6'4" then John Cleese could easily have been 6'5.5" during Fawlty Towers.
And again look at the door frames, he only walked under them, but if he was to stand there and stand tall, he'd be half an inch shorter, if that, so he was easily 6'5.5" at his peak.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 3/May/17
I can imagine a guy like 'Dwayne Johnson' is going to say 'I'm 6'5"' and suddenly Peak John Cleese looks down at him and just says 'you're not that tall, chap.'
Mark(5'9.25 said on 3/May/17
Rob, I've probably asked this, but how likely is 6'5.25" on a good day? I looked at a few photos in his youth and he was already towering everyone.
Editor Rob: I'd say an honest chance he measured a little over six five.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 1/May/17
Rob this is probably me, but Peak John Cleese gives a taller impression than Peak Vince Vaughn.
Editor Rob: Cleese had a good frame for looking extremely tall...very slim and at times stood very tall.
Charlie said on 10/Apr/17
John looks 6'3.5. I saw a YouTube video of himself showing his home. Now he was in shoes which gives 1 inch in height. He was opening doors all through the video. I would see with the shoes on he was 1.5 inches shorter than the top of the door. Now the Average door in the UK to my understanding is 6'6 inches while our doors in Canada are 6'8 3/4.If John was in flat feet he would be 2.5 inches shorter than the door which makes him 6'3.5. He would of lost a large amount of height by now being 77 years of age.
RichardSpain said on 4/Apr/17
young: 196 / 197 cm tall.

Now: 193/194 cm tall. NO less.
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
195-196 at his peak.

Today 193
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Mar/17
When I was 8 or 9, I did a take-off of John's 'Ministry of Silly Walks' to amuse the kids in my class. I could never master it properly though, and I think that might have had something to do with an excess of 2 feet height difference!
Other than that, I was bloody good!
Adijos said on 19/Mar/17
I think his peak height is 197 cm tall, and actual height is 195 cm. John's very tall man...
abe said on 5/Mar/17
196 cm tall
jessman said on 25/Jan/17
If I'm not mistaken, Cleese stated he was 6'4.75" when he was 13 years of age. I'm not sure if he grew a little more after this? I watched Fawlty Towers (The Germans) yesterday and he did not look more than 6'5 in it. He was not hugely taller than the German guests. Its worth remembering that the other regular cast members are short. Couple this with his thin build and he can appear taller than he is.
Danimal said on 23/Jan/17
He easily stood over 6'5" in his younger days. The man could have easily dipped below 6'4" today at his advanced age.
Jason said on 22/Jan/17
I would agree with 6'4" today and 6'4.75" peak. I think he has held his height very well.
Jason said on 22/Jan/17
Rob, John has stated many times that he was measured at 6'4.75" inches as a young man. Now this is a specific measurement and apparently this was taken by his doctor I believe, so even more chance for it to be 100% accurate. So why not list him as this?
Jason said on 22/Jan/17
Rob, John has stated many times that he was measured at 6'4.75" inches as a young man. Now this is a specific measurement and apparently this was taken by his doctor I believe, so even more chance for it to be 100% accurate. So why not list him as this?
Editor Rob: I would need to find the quote for that.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 27/Nov/16
"John Cleese's Height is 6ft 4.25in (193.7 cm)"
"Peak Height was 6ft 5.25in (196.2 cm)"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/16
Probably still a decent 6ft4 range guy today. Looking at older stuff from the 70's, he doesn't appear any less than 6ft5.
Aza said on 25/Nov/16
Think his peak was 6'5.5 and today 6'4.5 ....edges out Stephen fry.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/16
At least 1in taller than Stephen Fry?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Sep/16
6ft6 is extreme. No way was he just a hair shorter than Penn Jillette. More like 1in+.
Canson said on 12/Aug/16
@Jim you're 6'4.25 or 6'4.75?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/16
Looking at recent photos he can still look a decent 6ft4…
berta said on 3/Jun/16
This is hhow a 196 guy should look. Could have been 6 foot 5 and one quarter
Jim said on 26/May/16
I've seen John Cleese many times. We both used to attend an annual Philosophy conference. I first met him when I was 20 and he was about 58-59. Back then, he could have said he was 6'6" and no one would have questioned him. I'm 6'4.25" and he was a full inch taller. He once said, "you're a tall chap" to me. Very special man.
Flyin said on 18/May/16
Do they tend to lose more when they are so tall. Uncle who was 6"4 is more like 6"1 now. Bit of dowager hump. So he's done well just loosing the inch
Aravind said on 12/Apr/16
I think he is 6'3 due to old age.
James B said on 2/Apr/16
Well he looked 6'6 if brosnan is 186cm.
Skywalker said on 29/Mar/16
6'2''? He look like a solid 6'4''-6'5'' guy next to 6'4'' Conan O' Brien.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
He could be heading toward 6ft3½ these days but 6ft2 range? you can forget it!
amy said on 1/Mar/16
my boyfriend is 6'8 rob and he was like 6 inches taller when we met him in windsor last month, rob i doubt he is 6'4 now more like 6'2 he cannot ever have been 6'5
Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if he was under 6ft 3 today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/16
Because Fawlty Towers had a significantly short cast Cleese could look gigantic at times like 6ft6-7! But a legit 6ft5 guy will be towering anywhere in the world.
Johno said on 24/Feb/16
A middle-aged John Cleese had an inch on a young Stephen Fry, must of been a very tall man in his youth, 6'5 seems believable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/16
Rob, which is more likely, a little under or over 6ft5 at peak?
Editor Rob: both...he could on a bad day be a bit under but then catch him at 1pm before his afternoon game of croquet and he may well have comfortably been a bit over 6ft 5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/16
He still looks 6ft4 today
Johno said on 31/Jan/16
Penn Gillette had an inch on John and yes, John was/is very a 6'4-ranged guy.
Danimal176 said on 9/Jan/16
Peak height definitely close to 6'6". He was barely shorter than just under 6'7" Penn of Penn and Teller and he had 2" on 6'4" John Lithgow in the late 90's. Could have lost close to 2" in height do to age, putting him at 6'4" today.
Lonestar said on 28/Nov/15
Why people don't came up a point he could be measure at 194.5cm so he was confuse whether to claim 6'4 or 6'5 so he just go by both on different time
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 20/Oct/15
MrTBlack said on 15/Jul/15
Rob, he was once listed as 6'4 3/4". Do you think that was fan made? Although no one could tell the difference between 6'4"3/4-6'5".


Yeah I saw the same listing some years back, 6'4.75". It's possibly he was a shade shy of 6'5", I have no clue if he ever claimed it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/15
Rob, do you think he still holds 6ft4 or might be dipping under it?
[Editor Rob: not seen enough last couple of years, but I wouldn't say he looked over 6ft 4 now. In next couple of years he could begin looking more 6ft 3 range.]
Ian C said on 3/Sep/15
I work with a man who is six foot seven, or would be if he didn't slouch. I am six foot four, and I usually stand tall. Late in the day I will stand next to my giant friend, and our eye lines seem to be level. So yes, really tall people have a certain height mutability: they can fold down a little. I could walk around at six foot two all day if I put my mind to it.
YoMan said on 11/Aug/15
There's a video on YouTube of cleese with penn and teller. Penn at 6 ft 6 looks about half an inch at most taller than cleese.
MrTBlack said on 15/Jul/15
Rob, he was once listed as 6'4 3/4". Do you think that was fan made? Although no one could tell the difference between 6'4"3/4-6'5".
[Editor Rob: not sure where that came from]
alexandra said on 20/May/15
All most certainly 6ft 5 in prime but 6ft 4 now is right same height as peterson
andy said on 13/May/15
Cleese was at least 6ft5 in his peak but now I think 6ft 4 is a fair estimate
katrina said on 13/May/15
rob is it possible that john cleese aged 75 is 6ft 4, he does not look 6ft 5 any more now does he
[Editor Rob: yes that's why he has peak/current height, he looks shorter now than 20 years ago.]
leo said on 13/May/15
i met john in august 2014 i am 6'4 and he was exactly eye to eye with me, he is today no taller than 6'4 but in peak 6'5 or even 6'5.5
Russ said on 8/May/15
He always looks incredibly tall. I would say 6'5 is about right.
MrTBlack said on 4/May/15
He still in the 100th percentile in relation to men his age at 6'4"!
Martin said on 11/Apr/15
Click Here
O:50, he states his height as 6 and a half feet.
bobby h3342 said on 3/Mar/15
whats hilarious is you guys forget about posture, my father is 6'6 and im 6 4.5 and 100% of the time were out every thinks im taller. until he stands up. some folks have horrible posture. I know tons of 6'6 guys that walk around and you would think they were 6'3 6'4 but there not.. Joe mangiello is one of them , he walks around about 6'3 until u mention it to him ,then bam 6'5
hs2015 said on 17/Jan/15
John with 6'5" Peter Serafinowicz and ~6'2" David Walliams last month: Click Here

Still looks a solid 6'4" in his mid-70's. Must have been over 6'5" at his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/15
Click Here w/h 6ft4 John Lithgow

Rob, is there a possibility that he was still 6ft5 in the 90's?
[Editor Rob: I've seen the episode but can't remember much now from it.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/15
Looks 195cm with Danson
dietmar said on 28/Dec/14
Ted Danson (190cm) with John Cleese Click Here

Danson with 198cm Fred Dryer Click Here
Paleman said on 21/Dec/14
Cleese did always look incredibly tall - 6'5" seems a very solid peak estimate. 6'6" might be stretching it a little, but it's not impossible either.

As for Chapman, there always seemed to be a 2-3 inch difference between him and Cleese, he was a very tall man too. Probably not the full 6'4" that is usually claimed of him, but somewhere around 6'3" maybe. Definitely taller than 6'2".
dietmar said on 17/Dec/14
Couple of years ago, in this very topic, there was a pic with some guy standing nose to nose with John Cleese. It was John's idea, he said. They were exactly the same height. The guy stated he was 198cm. Anybody remember? Hey "Guy", if you read this topic, can you post that pic again? If he wasn't lying about his height, there was a solid proof Cleese was peak 198cm. Or damn close to it anyway.
Vegas said on 15/Dec/14
correct. cleese never looked taller than the doors on the set of fawlty towers and the height of an average door in uk/ireland is 6'6
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/14
Danimal, he never looked 6 ft 7 in shoes though did he. He pretty much looks bang on the same height as the doors in Fawlty Towers which were probably 6 ft 6, yes height in shoes. Out of bed, yes he might have been near 6'6 barefoot but there's no way he's have been taller than that.
Danimal said on 13/Dec/14
The average 70 year old male will have lost 1.2" from their peak and the average 80 year old male will have lost 2" from their peak. John Cleese is 75 years old, so it's very possible that he has lost just over 1.5" from his peak height.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/14
Rob you could upload Click Here here, perhaps crop out a bit of the background. he looks like he's standing tall there. Can you also upload one for Michael Caine?
Talltalez said on 17/Nov/14
John Cleese was speaking this month (November 2014) on the podcast, Geek's Guide to the Galaxy.
He refers to his height being 6'4.5" at that time he met the late author Douglas Adams for the first time many years earlier. He mentions how the 6'5" Adams towered over him because he was wearing 4" heels!
Judd said on 16/Oct/14
I think when he was young, until 60's he was a real 6'5".
In a fish called Wanda he had at least 3,5" on Kevin Kline...
Today 6'4" is a fair listing and coherent with his age...he also doesn't have more than 2" over a flat 6'2" Ben Affleck
Sam said on 14/Oct/14
Well, there on the Graham Norton show he still looks 6'4" dad's about his age and has also lost about an inch from 6'4" to just over 6'3" I think.
dietmar said on 14/Oct/14
Graham Norton is pretty much the same height as Rob, and he reaches under John's mouthlevel, so John might be close to 6'5 even today.

Click Here

I dont think John looked shorter than Pietersen, Kevin is closer to the camera here, and they look the same height. That would make John taller.

Click Here
Gaz said on 13/Oct/14
Looked about the same size as 6'4'' Kevin Pietersen.
jessman said on 13/Oct/14
I saw the show. Great when Cleese got everybody to stand up but I did not think Pietersen looked taller. If anything, Cleese was at least level and maybe a shade taller. The camera angles were not great. A good guide to Cleese's current height would come from a comparison with Norton, who I reckon is 5'8.
dietmar said on 13/Oct/14
Cleese was 2in taller than a legit 6'4" Lithgow back in 1998. I think both men were close to their peak at the time. So Cleese must have been damn close to 6'6.

Click Here
WAT said on 13/Oct/14
I saw John Cleese on Graham Norton today. Graham said it was the tallest cast he had. So he made Taylor Swift, Kevin Pietersen, and John Cleese stand up.

John Cleese was shorter than Kevin Pietersen who is listed as 6'4. Taylor Swift who is listed as 5'9.5 was almost as tall as them in heels.

Click Here

It's not really obvious here but Kevin Pietersen started slouching a bit when he wrapped his arm arond taylor swift in the close up.
[Editor Rob: yes, Graham could be in a future incredible shrinking man episode right there...Kevin is a decent 6ft 4 I think, and didn't look any taller than Kevin.]
Arch Stanton said on 12/Oct/14
Rob have you got a Fawlty Towers/Python era photo to add?
Arch Stanton said on 12/Oct/14
It's possible Danimal, he did look near 4 inches taller than Kevin Kline. I certainly think something like 6'5.5" is possible, I think 6'6" barefoot might have been more out of bed. In Fawlty Towers he generally gave a 6'6-6'6.5 in shoes sort of impression so I think 6'5-6'5.5" is more likely barefoot. He didn't look as high as 6'7" in shoes IMO.
[Editor Rob: Cleese has also claimed 6ft 4, back in 2006 I believe]
Danimal said on 11/Oct/14
Close to 6'6" in his prime. Same height as Tim Robbins was. Both men seem to want to shave an inch off their prime height not to seem/sound too freaky tall for show business.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Oct/14
Don't worry, I think James's eyesight is diminishing LOL.
More chance of 6'6" in Fawlty Towers than 6'4". Clearly always looked too gangly to only be 6'4. He might have been near 6'6" right out of bed peak but I think solid 6'5" barefoot is about right.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Oct/14
Don't worry, I think James's eyesight is diminishing LOL.
More chance of 6'6" in Fawlty Towers and 6'4". He might have been near 6'6" right out of bed peak but I think solid 6'5" barefoot is about right.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/14
dietmar says on 12/Sep/14
There's easily 5in difference with John and Eric. 6'4" is indeed ridiculous for John. Even a blind man can see he's way taller. Im pretty sure John was peak 6'6". That would make Graham Chapman around 6'3".

I agree and I also think Tim Robbins was around that 6'6" mark first think in the morning (same as John Cleese).
dietmar said on 12/Sep/14
There's easily 5in difference with John and Eric. 6'4" is indeed ridiculous for John. Even a blind man can see he's way taller. Im pretty sure John was peak 6'6". That would make Graham Chapman around 6'3".
Mr.V said on 2/Sep/14
I've been recently rewatching most Python stuff and I still think John may have been around 6'6" at peak. He really seems to tower over 6'1" Eric:

Click Here

4:22 onwards

Click Here

2:23 onwards

Possibly 5 inches there? Now, Eric always looked a legit 6'1" to me. In the movie "Nuns on the Run" he appeared to be at least as tall as 6'1" listed Robbie Coltrane, if not a bit more:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Also, John doesn't appear to have lost much height these days and still towers over the other Pythons:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He still appeared to be over a head taller than Terry J. when they did the Albatross sketch in Monty Python Live (Mostly):

Click Here

Seriously, how everyone could think John was just 6'4" peak is beyond me. I think that the only person I remember looking taller than him might have been 6'6.5" listed Penn Jillette and, even in that case, there might have been max a one inch difference between them. And Penn claimed 6'7" btw.
Mr.V said on 30/Aug/14
I've been recently rewatching most Python stuff and I still think John may have been around 6'6" at peak. He really seems to tower over 6'1" Eric:

Click Here

4:22 onwards

Click Here

2:22 onwards

Possibly 5 inches there? Now, Eric always looked a legit 6'1" to me. In the movie "Nuns on the Run" he appeared to be at least as tall as 6'1" listed Robbie Coltrane, if not a bit more:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Also, John doesn't appear to have lost much height these days and still towers over the other surviving Pythons:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He still appeared to be about a head taller than Terry J. when they did the Albatross sketch in Monty Python Live (Mostly):

Click Here

Seriously, how everyone could think John was just 6'4" peak is beyond me. I think that the only person I remember looking taller than him might have been 6'6.5" listed Penn Jillette and, even in that case, there might have been max a one inch difference between them. And Penn claimed 6'7" btw.
James B said on 24/May/14
I'd go as far as saying could look 6'4 in faulty towers
Mr.V said on 2/Apr/14
Angle isn't too good in the first photo (and John has a big hat), but there seems to be quite a difference in the second, I'll give you that. John being closer to 6'6" at peak is a strong possibility. I have a 1988 mag which gives him at that height. When he wasn't paired with him, Graham was usually taller than his co-stars. Taller than 6'2" Boyle and Cook in "Yellowbeard". Here's the video of his failed TV pilot "Out of the Tree". His co-star is actor Roger Brierley:

Click Here

Brierley was very tall. His obituary gave him at 6'5" and has also been listed at 6'6" in some places:

Click Here

I have no doubt he was at least 6'5". Later in his life, he still was noticeably taller than 6'3" listed Jonathan Cake in the mini-series "Mosley".

If you compare him to Graham in the moments where they stand side by side, like at 16.20 or 25.40, there doesn't seem to be a great difference btw them.

In "The Odd Job", Graham appears opposite 6'3" Simon Williams. I don't seem to remember that there are any good shots of the two together, but I have to gave it another look. Btw, can you remind me the titles of the Flying Circus episodes the photos you posted come from? Talking about this got me in the mood for some rewatching!
Dietmar said on 2/Apr/14
Here's another pic, 3in difference there as well.

Click Here
Dietmar said on 2/Apr/14
John is not closer to the camera, he is talking to Graham in that shot. Here's another shot where John and Graham are side by side, the difference is still the same, 3 inches.

Click Here

You cant judge anybodys height just by looking at still pics. There are many pics where Graham is taller than John, which is not true, of course. Graham may have been 6'3, but i think John must been closer to 6'6 then.
Mr.V said on 1/Apr/14
The angle gives John an advantage in that photo, as he's closer to the camera.

In this one for ex., they look the same height (Graham's closer to the camera):
Click Here

Here there doesn't seem to be such a big difference btw them:

Click Here

Btw, John's daughter is around 6'2". I'm sure he should know if Graham was taller than than that.
Dietmar said on 1/Apr/14
The difference is easily 3 inches when John stands straight. He loses loads of his height when he is not standing correctly.

Click Here
Mr.V said on 31/Mar/14
The height difference looks indeed substantial in the "Sit on My Face" video, but Graham appears to be bending more than John does. The difference looks smaller when they leave the stage, both standing straight.
Mr.V said on 31/Mar/14
Cleese and Chapman:

Click Here
Click Here

Mr.Hilter sketch: 3:35 onwards

Click Here

3-4 inches difference is definitely too much.
Dietmar said on 31/Mar/14
If Chapman really was 6'3, then Cleese must have been 6'6. As John stated Chapman reached about his eyelevel, as we can see it in "Sit on my face" video also. There are many clips in youtube where they stand side by side and the difference is allways about 3-4 inches.
Mr.V said on 28/Mar/14
During a stage performance I saw, Cleese that Chapman was 6'4" and indicated Graham's height by putting his hand at his eye level, implying that he was a little taller than that himself. Chapman's driving license also said 6'4". That may be too much, but I think 6'3" is likelier than 6'2". If you compare him to 6'2" Actors such as Peter Boyle and Peter Cook in "Yellowbeard", he was definitely taller.

Here's a couple photos:

Click Here
Click Here

One thing for sure, Chapman always had Idle by more than one inch in every Python sketch. Cleese may have been closer to 6'6" at peak.
JoJo said on 25/Mar/14
I had the pleasure of meeting John Cleese at a restaurant a few years ago in London. He was nice and a little wacky. He did look very tall. I would guess at around 6'4", maybe a shade more. Mind you, he was probably in his late 60s, so maybe he's lost an inch, but he seems to have lost less than most older guys. I'm a pretty flat 188, he had a good two inches on me. Having said that, he looks no more than 195 in Faulty Towers, but his lousy gangly posture could be the reason for that.
Dietmar said on 23/Mar/14
I dont think Graham Chapman was quite 6'3, he was moore like 6'2. Look at the difference with Cleese.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah 6ft 2 is probably a good shout for him there.]
Anon said on 14/Mar/14
Yes, that looks about right.
Anon said on 11/Mar/14
Rob, what do you reckon for Graham Chapman? He looked pretty near in height to John Cleese.
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3?]
avi said on 13/Jan/14
@[Editor Rob: he may have lost a cm, but I think in his heydey he was a good example of a 6ft 5 man, enhanced by his thinner frame, he might have even looked taller in person to people.]

If you have seen Fawlty Towers Cleese can look 6'4.5 -6'6 . Michael Gwynn does look 6'3.5-6'4 . Cleese seemed an inch taller than him. 6'5 and now weak 6'4 seems right. I think the 6'6 is too much.

Good point. British doorframes, especially 20-50 years ago were 6'6ish. If cleese stood tall by the doors in Fawlty Towers he'd be lucky to scrape it indicating he's around 6'6 in shoes and 6'5 barefoot.
TripMcneal said on 2/Jan/14
Met him at a Barnes and Noble about 9 years ago. Looked closer to 6'4 then 6'5
avi said on 3/Dec/13
@daddy cool says on 26/Nov/13
no like 1 inch tops and lets say Lithgow is 6'3.75 at worst cleese is a weak 6'5 probably 6'5.25 peak.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/13
I think Lithgow has lost height though, more height than Cleese.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/13
Looks easily 6'6" in Silverado in cowboy boots and looks 2-3 inches taller than Danny Glover!!
daddy cool said on 26/Nov/13
There's a good chance John was 6'6" at peak. He was cleary taller than legit 6'4" John Lithgow. Maybe 2in difference there?

Click Here
Click Here
Blaze said on 28/Sep/13
he grew way too fast. apparently he's been 6'5 since 13. at 13 I was 6'1.5. I'm 15 3/4 and im 6'5 now... but I was also 6ft at 12, he must have had a huge growth spurt that only lasted 1 year. idk, 2 months ago I was 6'4.5 so....
The Exorcist said on 18/Sep/13
Looked incredibly tall when he stretched his long legs out in that silly walk. It wouldn't surprise me if he was 6'6" in his prime. He lookeed like a 6'6"er.
avi said on 11/Sep/13
Ajax says on 17/Dec/12
Hey Rob, he was listed as 6'4.75". Do you think that was fan made?
[Editor Rob: possibly he said almost 6ft 5 one time, I'm not sure though ]

Rob the quote is in his autobiography apparently. Pythons:autobiography. Also its been stated he was 6'4 3/4 since 13 already 6'0 at 12.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
I agree with Trent below, he did seem around 6'5 and the con man character 'lord melbury' was fairly tall too. Anybody else notice that the American in the unforgettable 'waldorf salad' episode was also quite tall when he squares up to 'basil'. He seemed 6'2.5 if Cleese was 6'5 in his prime. I'd say 6'5 in his prime.
avi said on 6/Aug/13
I don't think he was 6'5 6'4.5 or so is note accurate maybe out if bed 6'5.5 and shrunk to a weak 6'4.75 ta guys lose a bit by noontime. Nowadays he's 6'4 flat of lucky.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jul/13
Rob, how tall was Graham Chapman?
Cameron murray said on 3/Jul/13
I agree easily 6ft 5 - 6ft 5 1/2 but nowadays 6'4 - 6'4.5 which is still very tall
Brad said on 25/May/13
Legitimately 6'5" for the most of his career. Anything less than that is a joke, but nowadays probably 6'4"-6'4.5".
Michael Moon said on 13/May/13
John Cleese in fawlty towers nearly has to duck under a 6'6 standard door frame so 6'5 i spot on.and as Rob has said in the morning he could easily be almost 6'6 by far.he is one big guy
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/13
6'5.5 peak.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
Rob, how tall do you think a peak Cleese could have measured barefoot out of bed?
[Editor Rob: possibly close to 6ft 6 on the nose after a good night's rest]
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/12
Watching Basil the Rat now and he looks a solid 6'5", 6'5.5" (197 cm) is believable. Anything under a legit 6'5" is a joke for his peak.
Ajax said on 17/Dec/12
Hey Rob, he was listed as 6'4.75". Do you think that was fan made?
[Editor Rob: possibly he said almost 6ft 5 one time, I'm not sure though ]
Trent said on 14/Nov/12
I think he did look exceptionally tall in Fawlty Towers actually. Fawlty did indeed Tower. I've wondered if that was am intended pun. In dress shoes he actually had to tip his head slightly going through most of the doorways and the only person close to his height we ever saw on the show was that conman in the first episode, who I would place at 6'2 or so.
Trent said on 5/Nov/12
He did get described as 6'4 and 3/4--a description so specific I assume he gave it in old magazine article. See here: Click Here

""Once one realizes that nobody knows anything, the world becomes much more interesting!" says the six-foot, four-and-three-quarter inch comedian."
Halb said on 22/Oct/12
On the 2009 Monty Python documentary, Cleese refers to himself as 6'4 back in the days when he became famous.
Halb said on 20/Oct/12
I watched episode 3 of the 2009 Monty Python documentary last night. Cleese was referencing to his early Python days about being noticed. He said he was 6'4.
Thunderbolt said on 31/Aug/12
I do not think John cleese was 6'6 even in his peak ( faulty towers) he did not look 6'7 in shoes next to 6'6 door frames, I think the highest he could have been in his peak was 6'5.5, he looks closer to 6'4 today though
Mr.V said on 25/Aug/12
I have a 1988 magazine that describes John as 6'6'' . I think he could have been near that mark at peak .

I saw a performance of his "Alimony Tour" in Edinburgh last year and he seems to have lost little height . During the show he also said that Graham Chapman was 6'4" and indicated Graham's height by putting his hand at his eye level , implying that he was a little taller than that himself .

I think Cleese could have been 6'5.5" at peak and Chapman "6'3.5" . One thing for sure , Graham had much more than one inch on Eric Idle in every Python sketch or movie .

Michael Gwynn (Lord Melbury) was most certainly taller than 6'2.5 . In that 2:08 shot John is closer to the camera , one second later they look similar height .
Gwynn was in "Village of the Damned" with George Sanders ( at least 6'3" at peak , probably a tad shorter by then ) and was noticeably taller than him .

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0:55:15 onwards
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
Na when you're as tall as Cleese and Robbins its easy to think they're taller, same with Challenger #15 and think they're 6'6"-6'7" range. If you watch Fawlty Towers 6 ft 7 for Cleese in shes walking about doesn't look accurate. He doesn't look quite that tall and there are also photos of Robbins where he doesn't look more than 6'4.5" like with Benicio del Torro.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
Cleese claimed 6'5" (like Tim Robbins). Both men closer to 6'6" in reality and probably that height fresh out of bed in their respective primes.
jessica said on 4/Aug/12
rob is it possible that john could have been 66 in his prime. he looks that height on faulty towers. he looked taller than stephen fry in a old fry and laurie clip who was 6`5
[Editor Rob: his slim appearance might have made him look it, but I'm not convinced he'd measure 6ft6 barefoot]
james said on 3/Aug/12
he has shrunk now as he is over 70but he only looked 6`2when i met him he might only have 6`3 in peak. there is evidence that john is not 6`4
jessica said on 2/Aug/12
i agree with shaun john was not 6`7in shoes on faulty towers he looks the same heights as door frames so 6`6in shoes barefoot 6`5. not quite 6`6 in shoes
Shaun said on 1/Aug/12
6'6" in shoes I'd say Chris, 6'7" in shoes in Fawlty towers is definitely pushing it. Yes, you would estimate him to be 6'6" in his prime but if you look at him next to door frames I'd say 6'6" in shoes.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/12
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Cleese still looks at least 6'4". I saw him on Loose Women a year or two ago. I doubt he would measure anything under 6'4 even at his age now.

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Rob, pause at 2:08. The Lord Melbury looks 189cm range maybe? I initially thought 6'3" but in seeing that again maybe more 6'2". But he is quite thin so makes him look taller. In the scene where he walks out of the antique shop he looks at least 6'3" I thought, he reminds me of Arsene Wenger in build.
[Editor Rob: he could be in the middle of 6ft 2-3]
Chris said on 27/Jul/12
John has lost height as he is over 70, but under 6ft now is crazy he still looks at least 6'4, but I believe he was around 6'6 in faulty towers
Vegas said on 26/Jul/12
ramon says on 25/Jul/12
i know john cleese is old around 72 so lost height. but i doubt he was any near 6ft5 in his peak. i met him at his tour in cambridge in may 2011 i am 5`11 with my shoes on and was eye to eye with him john is not even 6ft

not even 6ft, well thats late 2009 and cleese has about 8 inches on terry jones there Click Here 5'8.25 barefoot rob and jones Click Here
ramon said on 25/Jul/12
i know john cleese is old around 72 so lost height. but i doubt he was any near 6ft5 in his peak. i met him at his tour in cambridge in may 2011 i am 5`11 with my shoes on and was eye to eye with him john is not even 6ft
Ajax said on 17/Jun/12
I have seen 6'4.75" but I think that was fan made.
Shaun said on 7/Feb/12
6'4" ish today I think he's lost a bit but he did still look 6'5" next to 6'1.25" Brosnan ten years ago didn't he.
Shaun said on 7/Feb/12
You're forgetting shoes Andy. Cleese definitely looked 6'6" range in shoes in Fawlty Towers. Barefoot 6'5" is about right. 6'3.5" peak is hilarious!! There were a couple of 6'3" range looking guys who appeared in the series including the Lord Melbury in the first episode who I think would have been around 6'3.5" and the guy who wants his duck in the Gourmet episode and Cleese looked 6'5".
Andy said on 6/Feb/12
Roger John was more than 6'3.5 in peak, in his peak height in faulty towers and Monty python he was 6'6 for sure, his head was touching the door. he was about 6'6 in peak nowadays is 6'4.5.
Roger said on 1/Feb/12
John was never 6ft 5 tall, I will prove it, I met him in July 2003 when I was 21 I was 6ft 5 then,and still are I was about 2 inches bigger than him. 6ft 3 today 6ft3.5 in peak
Ras said on 22/Jan/12
6ft5 peak 6ft4 nowadays. He's lucky,my grandpa was 5'9.25 when he was young, by the time he was about 82-84 years old he was 5'7.75 and nowadays that he's a bit over 88 and half years old he's about a weak 5'6er/5'5.75 (those heights are confirmed cause he was measured BTW). He's around my height (5'6.5-5'7), thus it's interesting how a tall guy like John Cleese hasn't shrunk 2 inches already considering men over 6'3 (and women over 5'10-5'11) tend to shrink faster than shorter people, I wonder what his secret is?
Clive said on 11/Jan/12
I know John was a exceptionally tall man for his time, towering over python members in the 1970s. But I saw a clip with him around 2007 with Martin Clunes, clunes is 191cm ( 6ft 3) but he was only half a inch taller, I do not think he was much over 6ft 4 at peak, definitively not 6 feet 5
stephen said on 29/Dec/11
I think John was 6ft 6 in prime and around 6ft 4.5 today, he was 6ft 6 in the 1970s- 1980s
James said on 29/Dec/11
he looked 198cm 6'6 in faulty towers, definitely 6'6 in peak But nowadays I would put him about 6'4.5 because he is over 70 and has clearly lost height.
guyfrommars said on 27/Dec/11
He is among the few people who stand as tall as ever in their older days. He is truly 6'5" and is still towering over most people, including his ex-Monty Python colleagues, who seem to have shrunk by these days: Click Here
Shaun said on 21/Dec/11
Solid 6'5" next to Pierce Brosnan I thought.
Shaun said on 21/Dec/11
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To be honest I'd have estimated him more at 197-198cm. He looked 6'5.5"-6'6" range in Fawlty Towers.
avi said on 8/Dec/11
No i think he was strong 6'4 now weak 6'4. Never ever over 6'4.4
richard said on 30/Nov/11
his website the John cleese says that at 13 he was fully grown and was 6 feet 4 3/4 tall ( 195cm) at peak I think he was over 195cm I would not put 6ft 5.5 ( 197cm) in faulty towers out of the equation, he certainly in peak was an inch bigger than 6ft 4.5 fry, I think under 6ft 5 nowdays at 72, but I think he was over 6ft 5 at peak maybe 197cm
James said on 19/Nov/11
RAS, I met john about 25 years ago at a show and I am about 6ft 6 tall ( 198cm), John was about 1.5 inches shorter, He was a bit over 6ft 4 ( 193cm) according to most websites he was 6ft 4 3/4 195cm
Ras said on 16/Nov/11
I think he was 6'4" peak IMO if what James is saying is true then that makes sense that he's 6'3" now. Perhaps he was a bit taller? because taller people tend to shrink more than shorter people as they age.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
obviously hes a tad bit over 6'4 now and right at 6'5(195.58) straight to say at peak he is fraction over 195cm.
Joe said on 30/Oct/11
6ft 4 3/4 195cm peak noways only 6ft 4 not lost much if little
James said on 27/Oct/11
James I said I am 6ft 6 tall, I did not take my photo with John is was just a brief encounter at the end of the show, he was only 6ft 3 tall now so I said he could not have been much higher than 6ft 4 in peak
jake, 1.82 m said on 27/Oct/11
James you really need to proof-read your comments, either that or you confuse the words short and tall.
James said on 25/Oct/11
I met John at his recent tour in May. I am 6 feet 6 tall, John was about three inches taller so no more than 6ft 3 in 2011, I doubt he was 6ft 5 in peak only 6ft 4 at the most.
alex said on 22/Oct/11
6ft 4 3/4 195cm in peak now 6ft 4 has not lost much he could have been 196cm that would have been is top peak height. 6ft 4.75 195cm peak now at 72 6ft 4 193cm
LAN Jiao said on 11/Oct/11
At peak 195cm , nowadays 193.75cm. Lost 1/2inch only at 71.
Megan said on 9/Oct/11
Saw a clip from a television show around 1985 with John cleese in and he said I am 195cm tall and he would have been mid forties then so he just would have been in his peak. 195cm is 6 feet 4.77 just under 6 feet 5 and that was right for John
James said on 3/Oct/11
he's has not lost that much considering how tall he was.

i think maybe 6'4 (193cm) today?
george555 said on 28/Sep/11
john cleese has certainly lost height, because he is getting older-i would say 6'4-6'4.5 max now.
James said on 28/Sep/11
taller than 195cm next too Stephen Fry
Adam said on 27/Sep/11
I met him back in 1985 cannot remember where had a autograph he was a fraction taller than me I am 6ft 4.5 so he was 6ft 4 3/4 and I am guessing he was in his peak then so 6ft 4 3/4 in peak nowadays 6ft 3 3/4
James said on 25/Sep/11
Well he could look 6'5.5-6'6 next too 6'4-6'5 Stephen Fry decades back.

i don't think he was that tall though.

Only 6'4 peak? Forget about it.
Megan said on 23/Sep/11
He claims he was 6 feet 4.75 195cm in peak maybe 196cm, I doubt he was that tall, as he is nearly 72 years of age he could have lost about a inch, in a 2008 picture with his youngest daughter who is 6 feet 1.5 he was no more than an inch and half bigger so I do not think he was any more than 6ft 4 in his peak
Andrew said on 13/Sep/11
He was never over 6 feet 5, he was 6 feet 5 at his peak , he is about 6 feet 4.5 today, definitely 6ft 5 in peak
Helen Redpath said on 13/Sep/11
I do not think John was ever 6ft 6 I agree with the listing on here 6ft 5 her he always looked that height, seen several pictures this year and he has lost height, so 6ft 4 today 6ft 5 in peak
James said on 12/Sep/11
John cleese according to most sites is 6 feet 4.75 or 195cm Maybe 196cm in peak but now I think he is only 6 feet 4, he was never over 6 feet 5 that is an exaggeration. 6feet 4.75 in peak nowadays 6 feet 4 flat

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