How tall is Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like Looper, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and TV show Third Rock from the Sun. On Howard Stern he claimed his height to be "Five Ten"

How tall is Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph, Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto
Photo by DFree/

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Average Guess (136 Votes)
5ft 8.66in (174.4cm)
Otrebor88 said on 24/Nov/23
Probably the epitome of the average white American in both height and phenotype 175cm
fed5'9 said on 10/May/23
5’9 on the dot
Rockaway said on 13/Apr/23
Yuval said on 17/Dec/22
He has the most narrow shoulders I have ever seen, yet has a mascuiline appearence
RandomMan said on 30/Jan/22
9am - 30 mins out of bed I'm 175.3 to 175.4
Most of the day - Hovering at 174
At midnight - 15 hours awake - I'm 173 or 172.9 (worst case, bad posture, sitting, lifting etc)
You reckon I'd edge JGL out? Is it fair I claim 5'9"? Thanks.
Sean said on 25/Jan/22
There's at least one in every discussion. 5'6" max is preposterous.
But I do want to know how Tony Danza, who's at least 2 inches shorter than JGL, still gets a 5'9" listing.
Tiffany said on 26/Oct/21

I was told on two different occasions from extras who met him in person and stood next to him on set that he wasn't much taller than them even though he was wearing platforms. The extras were both 5'3-5'4 and told me he was just about an inch taller than them and DEFINITELY 5'6 at the MAX.

P.S: I still love him but the truth needs to be heard.
LogicalLB said on 9/Oct/21
Doesn't look more than 5'8
Caleb Ray said on 23/Aug/21
He looked barely 5'8" in 500 Days of Summer.
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Jun/21

This guy gives me a taller vibe than Paul Rudd. I think 5'9 flat for jgl is spot on. He looked same as hardy from what I remember in inception.
shweta said on 11/Jun/21
5'9 max
Lava said on 26/May/21
176-177 cm.
Jay Water 5'10 1/2 said on 3/Mar/21
Looks to be a decent 5’8 if you ask me. Never looked to be quite 5’9.
Mimi said on 17/Feb/21
A happy 40th birthday to Joseph Gordon-Levitt! 🎉🎂 he's birthday twins with Paris Hilton and that means 2 more from 1981 turns the 4th decade today. Gosh they're getting into grandparent territory.
slim 6'1 said on 30/Jan/21
I think 174cm like pail rudd
neg said on 15/Aug/20
I'm only 5'6" (maybe a little over 5' 6.5" in the morning) and over 5'7" with regular shoes on. I was a little shorter than Jamie Foxx who did NOT look 5'9" in person (unless we're counting shoes). JGL is shorter than Foxx so I'll let you do the math.
Ebibs said on 14/Aug/20
Hello Rob
Joseph is your height too
MaxB said on 31/Jul/20
Christian: "I've noticed that male child actors tend to grow up shorter, compared to female child actresses."

Filmmakers can present shorter guy as a younger guy, even as a child or an adolescent. That way they get someone who looks young, but has more acting experience, is more capable.
pov said on 14/Jun/20
After seeing him in Inception with Leo, he looks 5'8.5 IMO
Editor Rob
How fast a decade goes by...I remember Inception like it was a few years ago!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jun/20
I've noticed that male child actors tend to grow up shorter, compared to female child actresses. I might be cherrypicking a little, but look at all the tall and average female actresses, like the Fanning sisters, Zendaya, Victoria Justice, Peyton List and others.
JakestJake said on 31/May/20
5’9” flat, yep.
MrMan said on 30/May/20
This is one of the few child actors who grew up to be average height. Almost every other child actor I know of has only grown to be 5 ft. 4-5 ft. 7.”
DarkKnight12 said on 27/Apr/20
This is one of the few child actors who grew up to be average height. Almost every other child actor I know of has only grown to be 5 ft. 4-5 ft. 7.”
Jae said on 27/Apr/20
This is one of the few child actors who grew up to be average height. Almost every other child actor I know of has only grown to be 5 ft. 4-5 ft. 7.”
Jae said on 27/Apr/20
This is one of the few child actors who grew up to be average height. Almost every other child actor I know of has only grown to be 5 ft. 4-5 ft. 7.”
VitoCheng said on 1/Jan/20
DarkPower729 said on 25/Nov/19
Strong 5’9” in my estimation. 5’9.25”
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 1/Sep/19
5ft 8 quarter and half range, presumably similar to my height!!!!! He isn't even taller than solid 5ft 9 African American actor Jamie Foxxx like seen on Instagram pic...
TW8 ss said on 18/Feb/19
Looks shorter than 5'9" Tom Hardy.
Dhouser said on 25/Jan/19
Looks 175-176
hchm said on 20/Dec/18
Here he is shorter than Jamie Foxx Click Here
Tod Charming said on 30/Aug/18
Average height male who is a flat 5'9 with good posture!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Aug/18
Funny that he dare to claim 5'10 in front of Howard Stern that would make Stern 6'6.25".
hcham said on 2/Aug/18
Click Here

Looks a little taller than Jordan Peele here.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/18
He make Bruce Willis look weak 5'11 like 5'10.5" top.
Dylsn said on 10/May/18
Looks shorter than Tom Hardy
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
5'9 1/8 at worse for Levitt. Willis and Rogen is more a flat 180cm guy.
sulu2018 said on 26/Apr/18
He looks like a smaller version of Luke Evans.
Junior said on 7/Jan/18
Joseph Gordon-Levitt does not look 2" shorter than 5'11 Seth Rogen. Joseph Gordon-Levitt look 5'9.25" next to both 5'11 Bruce Willis and Rogen.

Click Here: Willis had like 1cm thicker footwear and look dead on 5cm taller.
Letorgi said on 4/Jan/18
175 or 176 cm
Leonari said on 3/Jan/18
Gives a below 5‘9“ impression in the movie where plays Pilippe Petit. And he is basically barefoot when he is on the rope. 174 cm. That’s what I see.
Faza said on 30/Nov/17
5ft11 is just above height once you hit 180 181cm start of tallish range imo even with younger guys now problem is most people get fooled by hairstyles footwear etc a 5ft9 skinny guy can pass as 5ft11 to loads of people i bet no way 5ft 9 is short its just under average height imo short is probably 5ft6 and under for a guy
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/17
Normal stature, but not that tall
Ragingmanlet said on 22/Nov/17
5'9 is short even 5'10 is short average starts at 5'11-6 for young males
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
I am 176 or about 5'9 I have always been smart and competitive. Never tall though I was like 5'6.75 at 14.75 thats tallest I got for my age.
Junior said on 9/Nov/17
5'9 is not short. 5'7 isn't short too. Somewhere start from 168cm and below for men consider short.
KH said on 19/Sep/17
I don't know about 5'9 either. If he is he is the shortest looking 5'9 guy in existence. Anybody know this guys weight? I wouldn't guess over 140.
Junior said on 17/Aug/17
He doesn't look as low as 5'9 with 5'11 Seth Rogen. I think a little over 5'9 like 5'9.25" is possible.
The Man said on 1/Aug/17
Click Here (with 5ftt 11.5in-6ft Christian Bale)

Spot on Rob, great job !!
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Only 5'8.25 - 5'8.75, especially in "ten things I hate about you" Heath ledger was much taller in comparison.
Tymer durden said on 14/Jun/17
I have never seen him like a regular 5'9 guy, he always seems to edge out guys like tony danza or even tom hardy when both are on equal ground,next to anthony mackie he doesn't look a full inch shorter mor like half inch or even 3/4 i think his former listing was really acurate 5'9.25 he doos look like a 1.76 guy next to seth rogen and anthony mackie , i am pretty sure that if he stood next to kurt russell they would both be the exact same height.
berta said on 4/Apr/17
i thiiiiiiink he could be little under the listing strpng 174 guy ore weak 175
Jimmy said on 21/Mar/17
Nope, nope, he was shorter than Gary Oldman now, this guy is 5'8" flat, no way in hell is he 5'10"
Sarah said on 1/Mar/17
Sorry. I meant 5'9" at the Oscars in 2013
Sarah said on 1/Mar/17
Looked about 5'8.5" to 5'9.5" at the Oscars in 2013
S.J.H said on 17/Feb/17

The picture with Zachary Quinto and Shailene Woodley he was standing behind them and he only look 3.5" shorter than Quinto
berta said on 14/Feb/17
good update he is clearly not taller than tom hardy. if anyone of them is 176 then its hardy.this guy could be more 174 than 176
hambubger said on 15/Dec/16
5'10" is his height in dress boots with 1.5" heels. Real height 5'8.5" - maybe 5'8" even.
Reuben said on 1/Dec/16
I didn't see this, but why is he downgraded?
I did see this picture with him next to Shailene Woodley & Zachary Quinto. Click Here
Look at him next to people like Anthony Mackie and Seth Rogen. Click Here
But, he seems to be taller than Tony Danza, who used to be 5 ft 9 in. Click Here
cruise height said on 29/Nov/16
no more than 173 barefoot ,and i feel he does hit shorter mark like 172 or 171 at night and he do wear lifts in his shoes many times to hit 5'9,seriously his body parts are too shorter than a 5'9guy
tinydancer said on 7/Nov/16
Rob thoughts on these pictures here?

Click Here

Scarlett is a definite 5'3.

Honestly think Joseph is 5'8. Your thoughts?
Editor Rob
tinydancer, I feel 5ft 8 is too low for Joseph, but I can see how many estimates have him as 5ft 9 maximum...
Tiago said on 30/Oct/16
He looks have 1,74 CM
josh jeffords said on 15/Oct/16
This kid is a great actor just avoid some of the really low budget ones..
He looked 5 10 in shoes in the batman he was in also about that in inception but he looked smaller than hardy.
He has looked quite small and frail up against big 5 11 guys maybe as small as 5 8 .5.
But hey if he gets to count his hair like gylenhall he could squeeze out a strong 5 9 barefoot.
patron said on 6/Oct/16
this guy over 5'9 is a joke
Sully said on 20/Aug/16
Hi Rob, who do you think is taller Joseph Gordon - Levitt or Shia LaBeouf , both claim 176 cm but I think Shia would edge him , what do you think?
Editor Rob
I think they will fall within a fraction of each other...both may well be right about 5ft 9
Rocky said on 17/Aug/16
He looks short because of his abnormally small shoulders. Compare his shoulders with Dwight Howard; even without knowing the latter is an athlete, the shoulders alone make the latter look taller and bigger.
rockitbaby said on 28/Jul/16
Seems to be as height or slightly taller than Hardy. 1,76 is ok for me.
delancey said on 16/Jul/16
Joseph 5’8.75/5’9
Tom Hardy 5’9/5’9.25

I feel as though in photos where one of them is taller than the other it’s a posture plus lifts and/or shoe type situation (more so referring to Joseph here who I think is a lot more “height aware"). I totally agree with your Hardy 5’9 listing Rob but I feel like Joseph needs a downgrade, I just can’t see him at 176cm (there are photos where he is holding immaculate posture next to Hardy who is either slightly slouching or holding a more average looking posture and Joseph is either around the same height or a bit shorter looking).
In the photos where Joseph is taller or around the same height I honestly believe it’s a mixture of his great posture (against Hardy’s more looser stance) plus a mixture of lifts/shoe type.

Tom and Joseph could at least have a swap of heights on here.

Feel like you may disagree Rob but just my two cents ;)

Interested to hear your thoughts :)
a said on 16/Jul/16
Hi Rob , I think he looks no more than 5'8" barefoot .Shocking listing
a said on 16/Jul/16
Hi Rob , do you think he is taller than both Tom Hardy and Shia Labeouf
Editor Rob
5ft 9 flat is probably a reasonable shout for all them really...maybe Hardy has as much chance of being a bit over 5ft 9 flat than levitt.
brad said on 6/Jul/16
man this guy is about 1,73m

he can't hold this listed height next to 5'9 fellows
Ken said on 14/Jun/16
Rob, who's taller, him or Tom Hardy?
Editor Rob
being very close, I think at times you could probably say they are similar or one might edge the other.
Francis said on 9/Jun/16
weak 5'9? but 5'9.25 at the end of the day is a super strong 5'9

and he looks 5'8. not shorter, not taller
tom hardy has a clear inch, if not more, on him
175.5 cm said on 8/Jun/16
this guys look so short,176 cm must give quite tall impression not short like this and with tom hardy he shorter than him about 2 cm,so 173 cm for him.
meezemaker said on 24/May/16
Samedi height tan Tom hardy, si 173-174cm
Dom said on 11/May/16
Rob he was wearing some pretty big shoes on that 70's show and still looked a good 3-4cm shorter than Topher Grace. Any chance JGL is in the 174-175 range?
Editor Rob
yes there is a chance he could be 5ft 9 at most, at times I can see how a weak 5ft 9 could be believed.
D said on 5/Apr/16
5ft 9.25?!? Maybe with shoes on...
Ice said on 26/Mar/16
would be hell of an alpha dude if he was tall ..
julian said on 16/Jan/16
Judging by the pictures A mystery posted he must be full 5'9, but not more. Maybe he looks taller because he's kinda skinny.
Sjaak said on 31/Dec/15
1.76m (5'5).
A mystery said on 28/Nov/15
Looks taller
Click Here
Looks shorter Click Here
Laura said on 16/Nov/15
Right. You thought you sere five ten, then met Rob.
nyc said on 31/Oct/15
I find it hilarious people are arguing over a quarter inch. So many factors go into height such as posture, footwear, time of day, slope of floor etc. The quarter inch is indiscernible except in controlled environments. That being said I always thought he looked around 5'10" but he has a lanky lean frame which always gives a favorable lengthier appearance.
Sam said on 9/Oct/15
He looks just about 5'9 with Rogen. Always thought he was taller though.
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
Hit 5'9 with a bald 5'7.75 Ben kingsley
184 cm said on 21/Jun/15
JGL is leaning in with Kingsley in that photo. Anyway, he looks the listed height. Not tall, not short. Comfortably average. He's small-framed though which might make people think he's "smaller."

Here he is with 5'11 Seth Rogen.

Click Here
an anonymous peach said on 20/Jun/15
Tom Hardy deserves that quarter inch way more than JGL
an anonymous peach said on 20/Jun/15
The way I see it:

JGL is 5ft 9 MAX
Tom Hardy is 5ft 9 MIN
Owen said on 18/Jun/15
that quarter of inch is disgusting
MD said on 16/Jun/15
With a 5'7.75" Ben Kingsley:

Click Here

Click Here

And, that's if Ben is his listed height. Perhaps a flat 5'9" is more the case?
an anonymous peach said on 12/Jun/15
Even if you're not ready to downgrade him to a weak 5ft 9, at least remove that quarter inch Rob, he rarely looks it. He certainly isn't taller than Tom Hardy and might actually be edged out by him in all likelihood.
x said on 7/Jun/15
Rob do you think he's about 5'10 in shoes?
Editor Rob
yes, there's a chance he is bang on 5ft 9
an anonymous peach said on 23/May/15
He looks shorter than Tom Hardy who's a legit 5'9". I can't see Joseph above 174cm.
wraigh said on 13/May/15
no more than that
Damon said on 15/Apr/15
Either upgrade Tom Hardy to 5'10" or downgrade Joseph to 5'8"
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Laura said on 3/Apr/15
I still believe in five ten, Joanne is five five, and Emma Watson should be more than Jo. Taylor Swift five eleven. Tom Anderson is going to be right on.
Gabe said on 5/Mar/15
flat 174cm
176cm is too much for him
Bishop said on 26/Feb/15
Flat 5'9".
S.J.H said on 3/Jan/15
Maybe he means 5ft10 with shoes on. bang on 5'9
Lonestar said on 15/Dec/14
Rob, how could you assume he was only 5'9.25? I thought with his good posture he always pull to look a solid 177cm guy as most people agree here.
Editor Rob
I think 176 is probably the most I would guess him after the more I saw of him, not convinced on the 177cm mark.
Jared said on 2/Nov/14
Speaking of claiming your shoe height as Joseph did when he claimed five ten, I think 90% of the world population claims the shoe height. Simply not many people are bothered to take a tape, make a mark on the wall and not many people needs to be measured at the doctor office. So what many do is going over a wall lineup or scale with height measuring at the mall and of course they measure with whatever shoes they have on. Talking with many people about this, most of them claimed they never had a chance to measure without shoes and this applies to actors as well.
lelman said on 25/Sep/14
Funny how here Click Here he can look near 5ft 11 because all the other guys are dropping a couple inches and he's stood up straight. On the subject Rob, what would you guess for Jonathan Nolan (the guy on the far right)? TO me he looks about 6ft 1.5, about an inch and a half taller or so than his brother.
Sean said on 7/Sep/14
150 range is good. I' have the same height and build as JGL, and when I was working out and building muscle, I weighed 153.
Jon said on 2/Sep/14
@RobPaul Would 155 be an accurate guess for his weight?
Editor Rob
probably 150's
lelman said on 15/Aug/14
He looks 5'8 next to the Dark Knight Crew. Looks shorter than Tom Hardy to me - he certainly isn't taller than him. I think he's a flat 5'9, max.
cole said on 12/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Give him the 5'9 flat already.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/14
Yeah he looked pretty impressive in Don Jon.
RAM said on 19/Jul/14
He has gotten a little buff. Did you see his arms in Don Jon?
Sam said on 19/Mar/14
Yeah, the more I see of him, the more it seems 5'9" is a top that he can fact, he often seems somewhere a bit under.
MD said on 17/Mar/14
Something else to throw on top of the pile. Here is JGL two people to the left of 5'11" Seth Rogan:

Click Here
fsd said on 12/Mar/14
this pic is from the don jon NY premiere scarlet was wearin 4 inch heels shes 5'3 ft joseph wearin a 1 inch dress shoes the diff between them is like 1 inch which makes him a weak 5'8 ft Click Here Click Here
jd99 said on 4/Mar/14
Has anyone seen don jon? For everyone claiming 5.7 to 5.8 watch it because he
cole said on 3/Mar/14
He looks the same height as Hardy, surely no taller. 5'11 Seth Rogen and 5'10 Seth McFarlane also makes it pretty obvious that he's a 5'9 flat guy at the very best.
fsd said on 26/Feb/14
i think he's somewere between 5'7.5 and 5'8 ft max because tom hardy had 1-1.5 inches on him check this link rob .
Click Here
jordydecke said on 16/Feb/14
If Rogen is 5'11 as claimed then JGL must be a bit less than 5'9, he looks more than 2 inches shorter than Rogen in some of the scenes in "50/50" - although you couldn't really see shoe advantage in those photos.
Shawn said on 15/Feb/14
Rob, I know you always try to take note of when actors make official claims. 18:50 in this video, he claims 5'10".

Click Here
Editor Rob
yes thanks I added it to the top now, I think it's clear the guy is calling his shoe height
alfonso said on 13/Feb/14
tom hardy had an inch on him in dark night i think 5'8 ft .
kakuna said on 13/Feb/14
I've met him, and he looked 5'9" to me (would not add that quarter of an inch). My girlfriend felt he was even shorter, but I feel pretty confident that 5'9" is correct.
lelman said on 6/Feb/14
@Shawn Click Here they look quite close in height to me. Both listed correctly, IMO.
Shawn said on 26/Jan/14
He had a good two inches on Tony Danza in Don Jon, who's listed here at 5'8.5". Either Joseph needs an upgrade, or Danza a downgrade.
lelman said on 4/Jan/14
Anywhere from 175-177. Literally average height, looks a bit shorter because he has a long head.
Meltdown said on 11/Dec/13
I am going to say 175cm morning height and I'm usually spot on.
Hola said on 27/Nov/13
5'10 isnt a disproportionate claim, as stated probs 5'9.5 in the morning and rounded up. Can't blame that. Whatever the case this listing seems pretty right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/13
Easily 3in under Christian Bale. Nothing over 5ft9/175cm.
Sarah said on 4/Nov/13
5'9" is about right. He's the perfect height IMO.
Angelaaaaa said on 2/Nov/13
@blanla Judging from the image you shown. Miss Moore looks close to 5'7 in heels and 2 inches shorter than Levitt. So Wrong, he is not 5'7....but 5'9.
The Man said on 17/Oct/13
Id say he's about 5'8 and a half.
183CM said on 13/Oct/13
At his best, 5'9
blabla said on 5/Oct/13
Click Here

julianne moore says shes 5'3". notice her heels as well as joseph's heels. i say hes around 5'7
Len said on 2/Oct/13
Looks about 5'8" in most movies.

Wasn't a lot taller than 5'3" but-obviously-wearing-heels Scarlett Johansson in Don Jon.
Kip said on 30/Sep/13
I think this height is pretty accurate when looking at photos of him with past costars. And Sam, Don Jon has been highly appraised by movie critics...I haven't seen any bad review yet.
Sam said on 27/Sep/13
My opinion on this guy's height has shrunk the more I see of him. There's a JGL photo retrospective because of his new (badly reviewed) directorial debut. I think he's 5'9" barefoot with good posture and that maybe only in the morning...I doubt he's anything over it. There's literally only one photo in the bunch, with Lynn Collins, where he looks a little taller than that mark.
Click Here
Slightly shorter said on 25/Sep/13
Shorter. He claims 5ft 10! Hahahahah
Strath said on 30/Aug/13
My 5'9 bud took a pic with this guy on the street a few years ago. And I was most shocked of how much wider and taller Levitt was in comparison since he appeared so much smaller on screen. He really did make my friend look shrimpy. Then maybe, my friend could be embellishing his height a little.
jam said on 21/Aug/13
Morell, Tom Hardy is 5'9 or so right? Chris Nolan is pretty much confirmed 5'11. He is standing taller than JGL there. I think this site is accurate.
jam said on 21/Aug/13
I have a question about knee levels. Isn't that a bad argument in general? Some people have shorter legs, but longer torsos.
JAM said on 19/Aug/13
Post it! and others are wrong he is for sure taller than 5'7. I would say this is right. His and Seth knee levels look about same to me in pics. He is 5'9.
cole said on 7/Aug/13
5'9 flat is the most I could believe.
Post it! said on 28/Jul/13
check the knee levels on the pic with Seth MacFarlane, it's obvious jgl is lifting. Dude is 5'7 morning height. He makes Brad Pitt look tall
Balrog said on 23/Jul/13
Weak 5'9'' guy.
Gracien said on 19/Jul/13
shortest 176 cm guy ever
Jack said on 12/Jul/13
Yeah I think he's just a 5'9 guy.
Juicey said on 25/Jun/13
5'8-1/2 met him in San diego at the beach we both had flip flops on he was the same height as my brother who is 5'8 1/2 he too had flip flops on
Lorne said on 16/Jun/13
Okay, first of, Macfarlane is a strong 5ft10 guy, like 5'10.25 at his lowest. As for levitt, this listing is probably spot on. Definently isn't 3 inches under Christian Bale, I'd say a solid 5ft9 guy, 176cm is fair enough
Jack said on 14/Jun/13
If Seth MacFarlane is 5'10" than Joseph is no more than 5'8-5'8.5".
Sam said on 11/Jun/13
5'9" looks generous here with 5'10"ish Seth MacFarlane...I don't recall Gordon-Levitt more than an inch shorter than MacFarlane at the Oscars but he does look it here.
Click Here
Troc said on 26/May/13
Talking about proportions, if ha guy has a narrow build, he will probably look shorter, but if you watch his full body from a distaance then he will probably look taller. Now as fer as levitt's height, I don't know, looks sometimes 5'7 and other 5'10...
lelman said on 25/May/13
@mdl i'd hardly call him thin, have you seen him in his new for for Don Jon? 5'9".
Dmeyer said on 9/May/13
A solid 5-6cm under Willis who strugles to look more than 180cm today 175cm is closer
hew said on 8/May/13
does he wear lifts?
Len said on 3/May/13
He looks 5'8" in most things.
Michael said on 2/May/13
"I would say that he is 173 max.I don't understand why do you often insist that he is a tall guy."

Probably because of his slim build.

"He looks shorter than he is due to his small, narrow shoulders and small build. I would've guessed 5'7 flat if I didn't know his height."

That makes no sense; If someone's built narrower, they would look taller than they are.
Anamalech said on 24/Apr/13
Rob downgraded him by 1 cm? :P
oreo said on 11/Apr/13
178 for him same height as mine
gian92 said on 30/Mar/13
he is 177 cm
megamind said on 23/Mar/13
Rob,have you seen Premium Rush? The difference between Joseph and Dania Ramirez was as same as you and Dania Ramirez was! I would say that he is 173 max.I don't understand why do you often insist that he is a tall guy.
Johno said on 23/Mar/13
I have a hard time believing gordon is 5'9+ but then that could be due to his long skull and low hanging shoulders which make him look shorter.

Gordon 5'8.25 - 5'9
Jack said on 21/Mar/13
5'9"(175 cm). Skinny frame makes him look taller. he doesn't look taller than someone like Tom Hardy to me.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/13
I'd say more like 5'8 like me barefoot. 5'9 in shoes. decent height.
SolidSnake said on 17/Mar/13
How heavy is JGL? like 140?
Dmeyer said on 13/Mar/13
Considering willis lately is no more than 180cm levitt looks no more than 175cm
leonari said on 25/Feb/13
Great decision tho shove a cm off Gordon Levitt Rob. You're the man!
MaskDeMasque said on 25/Feb/13
Cheers for the downgrade Rob. Always thought he was 176cm.
Trip Menzell said on 25/Feb/13
After the Oscars and him standing next to the 5'10" Seth MacFarlane, I'd have to say 174-175 cm. Rob, don't you think that looks about right?

Click Here

(Terrible quality, but not mine and it was the only vid I could find)
richkid123 said on 20/Feb/13
a child actor of average height. Lucky guy
dean said on 16/Feb/13
Looks 5'7 but is probably around 5'9. Interesting how build can effect how tall you look
17, 5\'11.5-75 said on 15/Feb/13
He looks shorter than he is due to his small, narrow shoulders and small build. I would've guessed 5'7 flat if I didn't know his height.
SAK said on 15/Feb/13
I am surprised he is average height. I thought he was 5f7 for some reason.
HU said on 25/Dec/12
He looks small because he has a smaller bone structure. Just like Daniel Craig who is really 180cm but looks short because he has a smaller face.
Drew said on 21/Dec/12
@Kevin, He looked unusually small for a 5'9.5" guy in that movie. He did look 5'9" max next to Michael Shannon.
kevin said on 9/Dec/12
in premium rush he certainly didnt look the 177cm as listed next to michael shannon.
Trey said on 7/Dec/12
I don't understand, why the upgrade? Is it to keep Dicaprio and Bale at their inflated heights? At most this guy is 175 cm.
MaskDeMasque said on 14/Nov/12

Oldman ain't 5'9 anymore. He's 5'8ish nowadays.
MaskDeMasque said on 1/Oct/12

He's not 5'8. He always looks the same height as tom hardy, who everyone agrees is a 5'9 guy.
Ron said on 30/Sep/12
I'm 5ft8 and I have pretty much the same physique and I can look taller because of that. From 500 Days Of Summer I'm almost certain he's 5ft8 (and absolutely sure he's smaller than 5ft9)
B said on 9/Sep/12
The camera is favoring Bruce a bit in those shots also Bruce might have a slight edge in footwear over Joseph.
MaskDeMasque said on 7/Sep/12
@TDK Rises

I see about a 2 inch difference there and Willis is no more than 5'11 these days... levitt is 5'9.
Aly said on 5/Sep/12
I am so surprised he is listed as this tall. When I watched 500 Days of Summer he looked so close in height to Zooey, who stats 5'5'', and was wearing flats most of the movie. I swear he is 5'7"
G said on 17/Aug/12
He was 4 inches shorter than Rainn Wilson (6'1.5) in Hesher, so the listing is probably pretty accurate.
MaskDeMasque said on 5/Aug/12
based on that photo JGL and hardy are 5'9 and bale is 5'11.
Jack said on 1/Aug/12
not over 5'9"
stewy said on 28/Jul/12
Click Here
King2000 said on 25/Jul/12
I'd say his height was about right! I'm more or less the same but only I'm a quarter of an inch away from 5"10'
MaskDeMasque said on 24/Jul/12
Does look slightly taller than Tom Hardy but Tom never seems to force his posture and JGL always seems to. i think 5'9.25 is his exact height.
KN said on 24/Jul/12
I always thought of hm as a 5.9er. Surprised to see 2 cm taller that.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Jun/12
175,maybe 176. Looks taller due to his skinny frame.
Morrell said on 8/Feb/12
ROB, please look at this photo link Click Here Bale is 6 flat or Levitt is taller. You guys decide. Same foot wear height if you ask me.
Ras_ said on 31/Jan/12
Clearly nothing below 5'9.I do think he is 5'9.25/.5 as listed.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 16/Jan/12
Click Here
He looks only an inch under Rogan here, but is really forcing his posture. He does force his posture a lot. He might only be 5'9.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 16/Jan/12
1. George Lopez looked 5'10 or very close to it next to Peter Facinelli, Tom Felton, and Mike Tyson.
2. Seth Rogan looked 5'10.5-5'11 range next to George Lopez:
Click Here
3. Gordon-Levitt looks 1.5 or 1.25ish inches shorter then Rogan:
Click Here
Click Here

5'9.5 is within the vicinity of correctness.
heather said on 14/Jan/12
hes about 4 inches at most taller than Zooey in 500 Days of Summer. Shes 5'5 so the tallest he can be is 5'9. He seems shorter bc he has a small bone structure. 5'9 for him
OrdinaryGirl said on 11/Jan/12
v This argument has ended now. Please stop. It's immature, and I think you guys haven't realised that what you're arguing about is someone's HEIGHT. Get a sense of perspective, please :)
Billy said on 9/Jan/12
No ya scmuck I did not claim to be a " height expert". Everyone here is best-guessing including you yourself. Don't go throwing around insults like 'Billy: ridiculous.' You have drawn first blood leonari by being rude so don't take me on coz I'll burn you. Leave me alone or at least be polite next time, screwball.
leonari said on 6/Jan/12
Billy: ridiculous. You just disqualified as a" height expert". Anything below a strong 5'9" is a joke for Joseph. Very weak 5'10" guy. Slim built.
Billy said on 5/Jan/12
He is around 5-6 to 5-7.5 people must not make their judgements until they have thoroughly analysed their subject. He is a true short+ss but seems he won't come out and admit it.
Ras_ said on 30/Dec/11
@Dominic,why do you think 5'9 claims sound false?I myself agree with the majority of people who think he is between 174(strong)weak 177cm.Same goes with Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy.
Dominic said on 25/Dec/11
looks like Rob just upgraded him 2cm. So you can get rid of your 5'9 flat claims trolls because Rob won't change them.
Mannie said on 17/Dec/11
looked more like 5'8 in the full body shots with seth rogan in 50/50, which is perplexing because in some scenes where they are side by side and filmed from the chest up they look almost the same height.
Jack said on 28/Nov/11
looked at least 5 cm shorter than 5'11" Seth Rogen.Maybe 175 cm is closer...
Adamz said on 24/Nov/11
i dont see why everyone is trying to downgrade him here. 5'9" seems likely.
Marc said on 19/Nov/11
if anyone know how tall french stewart is well he is about the same size than him they made an episode about it during his time in third rock from the sun wear they are trying figure out who was taller
jtm said on 18/Nov/11
rob is 5'9 possible?
LAN JIAO said on 17/Nov/11
max im giving 5'8.75 a less chance.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
in Brick the barefoot scene tells his 5'8 and looks it. this wore suspicious shoes alot in show.
Silent d said on 26/Oct/11
He was easily taller than anne hathaway at the hollywood awards. If he is 177cm, why is he shorter than seth rogen who i think is 5 foot 9. Weird! In that 70's show he was shorter than 178cm topher grace by a bit. I always thought he was 5 foot 8.5 at most but i can live with 5 foot 9.
Blue said on 25/Oct/11
It's hard to tell with his body frame. Not to mention that he's fairly skinny. Someone with his body proportions automatically looks shorter. My guess is about about 5'7". Maybe 5'8", I doubt it though.
Stephanie said on 22/Oct/11
I was at Ameoba Music in Hollywood in the Soundtrack section right before Joseph Gordon Levitt's HitRecord event. I saw Celeb Actor Director Liam Stone 6ft discreetly (they somewhat resemble each other in the face) walk behind the counter and talk to JGL the back room door was open. JGL's top of his head only came up to Liam Stone's nose from what I saw. That would make JGL around five foot FIve inches at most. JGL was considerably smaller framed than Stone's lanky six foot frame. They both were pleasant and smiled to each other and Stone left and the closed the door. Later on stage when JGL was singing and performing he looked considerably taller. I don't know if it's on stage or maybe he put lifts on for the stage.
Grey Ghost said on 19/Oct/11
And yes, footwear can easily give you 2.5 inches. Regular Nike Air Maxes can give someone 2 inches in height. Between 2:27 and 3:03 in this clip it gives a faraway shot of him standing. Heavy heeled footwear.

Click Here
Grey Ghost said on 19/Oct/11
At least look at video of the Spike TV Scream awards and look at his shoes. The heels are HUGE. Don't write back saying I'm lying without checking it out for yourself. Wow. Lol
Sam said on 19/Oct/11
Um, there's no way footwear would give him a 2.5 inches boost and I highly doubt (unless you have proof) that he was wearing lifts. I think both he and Gary Oldman are right around 5'9" on the nose.
Grey Ghost said on 19/Oct/11
There's no way he's 5'9.5''. He was just at the Spike TV Scream Awards with HEAVY FOOTWEAR (2 inch heels plus) and he was eye to eye with Mark Wahlberg. If he was 5'9.5'' in those heavy heeled dress shoes then he'd be right at 6 foot and would tower Wahlberg, as well as Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway who stood beside him.
LAN Jiao said on 6/Oct/11
i cant recall in Brick the scene i see JGL barefoot. i was surprise he look no taller than 5'8.25 i swear. weak 174cm
Oldboy said on 5/Oct/11
Yeah, this guys doesn't seem to be taller than 174/175cm.
Heath Ledger said on 1/Oct/11
@Shon JGL has been on Jimmy Fallon a couple times recently and is clearly at least a couple inches shorter than Fallon.
Shon said on 29/Sep/11
@ Richard T. That wasn't a great photo you used as proof of his height. You can't see their legs/feet in the photo. Based on the body mass of Jimmy and the thinness and posture of Joseph it looks like Joseph is standing on something so he can be in the same frame area as Jimmy. Like most people are saying, this dude is short 5'9" at best. But I'm guessing more so 5'8".
luis said on 29/Sep/11
@hey i know that guy. a longer neck actually makes you look taller
Lebensdorf said on 7/Sep/11
5'9'' at the most. Of course, I can't stand this smug ********, so I downgrade him out of bias.
mcfan said on 3/Sep/11
I'd bet you he barely scrapes 5'9.
Jenny5112 said on 1/Sep/11
5'8 Max. Take a look at this photo with Zooey Deschanel (5'6) from 500 days of summer.

Click Here
jake said on 17/Aug/11
He's very thin. I'd say 135 lbs.
Tommy said on 30/Jun/11
177 cm is 5´10", 178 cm is a flat-strong 5´10". But Joseph Gordon-Levitt is neither, he wears lifts alot, and barefoot height can therefor be anything from 173-175 cm, 5´9" flat would be my guess.
jtm said on 5/Jun/11
yeah i agree that levitt probably did not wear lifts in inception but i do believe leonardo dicaprio and especially cillian murphy were wearing lifts in that movie. look how short murphy looked at the inception premiere in paris or next to daniel craig. there is no doubt he wears lifts.
Tyler said on 25/May/11
Click Here
Sam said on 23/May/11
(Other Sam) He actually never looked as tall as DiCaprio in Inception. I highly doubt he or other people in that movie were wearing any lifts. I agree 175 cm (maybe 176 cm) is probably pretty accurate as Gordon-Levitt's barefoot height.
Gigi said on 1/May/11
looked about 5'9" next to 6'4" Conan Obrien when he went on the show
Sam said on 4/Apr/11
This guy is ridiculously skinny and no more than 175cm, and he was wearing lifts in Inception to match Dicaprio's strong 5'11" frame.
Madi said on 17/Mar/11
he seems about the same height as Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, maybbe a little taller so I guess between 5'9 to 5'10 is about right. His face makes up for a lack of height anyway :P
Will said on 17/Mar/11
Check out this link

Click Here

with 5'9 Tracy Morgan
6'4'' said on 8/Mar/11
The only reason why Gordon-Levitt looks like he can pass up to 5'10'' or 5'9'' is because he's a thin person. Remember, most thin people tend to look taller then they really are just cause they contain a slim physique.
Adam said on 7/Mar/11
@Da Truth that is a horrible picture to use as an example. Rogen is towards the middle of the road and there is an obvious huge incline in the road. Fail.
Sam said on 3/Mar/11
I do think this guy might be only about 5'9" even but can appear taller because of his thin frame and upright posture. He just looks too short compared to other guys, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Seth Rogen & most guys in (500) Days of Summer. Doesn't matter, though, he could be near the top of the actors in our generation
SnakeGirl said on 2/Mar/11
I met him on set and to me he didn't look any taller than maybe 5'8.5 or at best 5'9. I'm 5'1.75, and in three-inch heels he still wasn't that much taller than me.
voicelessdentalfricative said on 1/Mar/11
I think the photo with Rogan is just a case of forced perspective. It's how 5'4 Ronnie James Dio can look as tall as 6'0 Tony Iommi:

Click Here

I think Levitt is about the height listed here.
Tyler said on 23/Feb/11
Holy crap Da Truth. Seth Rogen towers him. Hmmm...
hey i know that guy said on 4/Feb/11
joe really is in the 5-9 to 5-10 range. but he has the long neck and slope shoulders you see on adrian brody as well. gives the illusion of being shorter, since the shoulder height is an inch or two less than it would be on a normal man with a longer torso and shorter neck in relative proportion to actual full height.
5'7.56 said on 22/Jan/11
5'10 should be ok Rob, he passes as tallish rather than short.
Kelly said on 20/Jan/11
I met him after a screening of Uncertainty, and at most, he's 5'8. I'm 5'7 1/2 exactly, and he's was nearly eye-level with me. I really can't see him being 5'9, and most certainly NOT 5'10.
Octopus Paul said on 26/Dec/10
good looking young actor
seems around 5'9.5"
looks tall in inception
Kathryn said on 20/Dec/10
I think each actor adds one inch to their height (unless they're very small or significantly over six foot) so I guess he's probably 5'9
Marky Jack said on 17/Dec/10
No way. I saw him in real life he seems about 5'8. If I'd guess though he'd probably stand at about 5'8 1/2. That seems about right. I think actors add an inch to their heights because anybody can get away with adding an inch to their height.
georg1987 said on 12/Dec/10
Met him once (he's so so cute in real life to!) and im 5'6 and was wearing 4 inch heels, he seemed to come level to me when i had my photo taken with him (polaroid & no scanner so cant upload) but only with shoes on so im guessing 5 ft 9.5 in is abbout right (5'10 in shoes :P) Regardless, he's an awesome actor & very attractive.
jj said on 11/Dec/10
with andy samberg (5'9-10 ish) Click Here
SMC7 said on 10/Dec/10
Okay, people. Think about this. I'm 5'8 1/2. If I really wanted to I could tell people I'm 5'10 and it would pass EASILY. And judging by a bunch of different pics with me wearing a bunch of different types of shoes you people would argue all day about me being 5'7 to 5'11 which is what happens hear. So the truth just isn't a sure thing but it always seems as though height is added. I'd say ALL actors are at least 1 to 2 inches shorter than what they are given just because they need to be perceived that way for their profession. Got it?
Rachel said on 5/Dec/10
Joe & Rachel Boston (5'9) Click Here
Tom said on 4/Dec/10
Towards the end of 3rd Rock he was nearly the same height as French Stewart who is listed as 5'10 so I reckon 5'9-9.5 is about right.
Kathryn said on 4/Dec/10
JGL isn't shorter than Justin Long..? He's a fair bit taller I think, he's next to 5'5 Meagan Good & 6'1 Lucas Haas here: Click Here
Justif said on 18/Nov/10
In Stoploss he was a little taller than Ryan Phillipe (an inch or two) and about three four maybe inches shorter than Channing Tatum
Tracey said on 7/Nov/10
I think he has around 4 inches on Zooey in (500) Days Of Summer & she's about 5'6"... I think he's probably over the height listed here... closer to 5'10" =P
flash_of_eden said on 1/Jul/09
I agree with Oli. He has a kind of lankiness that you usually don't see on 5'9"/5'10" guys. Looks more 5'11" in Brick.
OliTheMan said on 5/Apr/09
in Brick this guy looks pretty well-built. not buff but like a good physique. i woulda thought 5"11"

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