How tall is Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's Height

5ft 6in (167.6 cm)

British actress best known for roles in movies like Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Heavenly Creatures and Sense & Sensibility. She once said "This drives me crazy! I'm only 5-foot-6, but people think I'm sort of a great big Viking woman" and that "I'm not six foot tall. I'm 5 feet 6 inches.". On one occasions she mentioned "They [her feet] are a size US 11 and I'm five-foot-six-and-a-half". Regarding her weight, she says "I don't even know what I weigh - I'm probably about 130lbs"

How tall is Kate Winslet
Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio
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Average Guess (22 Votes)
5ft 5.74in (167cm)
even said on 18/Jul/17
she right about both her height and her weight
even said on 5/Jul/17
Nik said on 4/Jun/17
I always thought that she was 5'7"! She might actually be a little bit short of that though having seen her in the picture above!
Lanaka said on 2/Jun/17
Kate Winslet is not only 130 lbs! She's shaving off 10-15 lbs obviously! 140-145 lbs is her weight!
Milanaka_Maliio said on 4/Apr/17
Milanaka_Maliio said on 3/Apr/17
5'6" looks a little too high for Kate. I'd say 5'5.5 is accurate.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Feb/17
I can't remember whether I saw the lovely Kate in 'Heavenly Creatures' first or 'Titanic'; I think I saw the two films at much the same time. They both left me with a lasting impression - that Kate is great! She was actually likeably cheeky in 'Heavenly Creatures' and she had me in hysterics with her child-like one-liners!
I did think she was 5ft7 though!
When she first came on the scene, the women's magazines LOVED her for her attainable figure! I remember reading an article headed 'Get a Figure like Kate's (Winslet not Moss!)'. It was on the cover of a slimming magazine and it stated that Kate was 5ft7 and also that she wasn't obsessive about weighing herself. What a sensible girl. It's a polite way of telling enquirers that her weight is her own affair and to mind their own business!
It must be so annoying to be asked about something that's so tentative - in most of our cases anyway!
I have loads of Kate's films, so many of which are award nominated. She played alongside Patrick Wilson in 'Little Children', Joaquin Phoenix in 'Quills', and Jodie Foster in 'Carnage', where she looked impressively tall next to Jodie's 5ft2!
I will give Ms Winslet a guess of 5ft6.25, which is a compromise of the quotations above!
Sonnecker said on 10/Jan/17
Totally agree with Rob's quote...168 cm.
Sixseven said on 6/Jan/17
She is 5'5"
Original said on 15/Nov/16
kbhart said on 6/Oct/16
There is no way she is taller than 5'6.5" since she herself says she is 5'6.5" one lies about their height in a negative direction.
Tall girl said on 6/Aug/16
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is for dummies, it was a vapid, abhorrently juvenile movie for brainless bots. And if she's 5'6, why does Vikander look taller than her in every photo of them together? Maybe Vikander should be upgraded then? And though I generally like Winslet, she is rather plain looking in every movie except Titanic.
RainbowSky said on 22/Jul/16
Sorry in my posts below I Meant to say 5'5-5'5.25! Kate is NOT 5'5.5! NOT 5'5.5 or 5'5.75 ! Her heels are a little higher than Shailenes in the photos of them. 5'5.25 is the absolute maximum for Kate, actually that is likely slightly too high. Kate is 5'5 to maybe the most 5'5.25!
RainbowSky said on 14/Jul/16
I forgot in my posts below that I didn't put the direct link here like I said in my posts below I did, but I didn't. I was going to but it was just a little to complicated and Indisn't have the time to upload and the different steps with the tinyurl. All you have to do is google Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley and there it is! Kate heel is a little higher than Shailenes so that would make Kate 5'5.25!
RainbowSky said on 12/Jul/16
In just my post before this one I correct myself Kate and Shailene are almost standing perfectly straight they're both just the only the slightest bit forward in their back, shoulders and neck, at the same time Kate, like I said in my post before this one Kate is a whole 2 inches shorter than Shailene who is 5'7.5, but yet Kate heels are ittle bit higher than Shailenes so that would make Kate 5'5.25 -5'5.5 She is NOT 5'6 and she is NOT 5'5.75. 5'5.25-5'5.5 for Kate!
RainbowSky said on 11/Jul/16
In the picture of Kate and Shailene Woodley linked right below together standing face to face, both just slightley bent. Shailene is a full 2 and a half inches taller than Kate so that would make Kate 5'5.5 at the tallest to 5'5 at the lowest.
Saqib said on 20/May/16
A lot of hating and jealousy going on here. Any woman saying shes ugly is jealous and any man who didnt find kate attractive is probably gay.

The truth is that regardless of her height, she looks and will always look better and more beautiful than 90% of the 20-40 year old women of the world. :)
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
She is between 5'6 and 5'6.5. She was wearing 3-4 inch heels at Madame Tussauds London. I measured at heel level to her and she is either my height or shorter. I am definitely 5'6.5.
Sarah said on 14/Dec/15
If he's 5ft 7 though!
Sarah said on 14/Dec/15
My mum's Leo's height and I'm 167cm and when I wear my heals that are that height I'm the exact same height as my mother. Makes you wonder what her actual height is...
an anonymous peach said on 16/Jun/15
ds says on 24/Jan/12
I saw the actual costumes they used for Titantic and she is taller than Leo. All of his shoes had a lift in them to make him appear taller than her. He is five seven and shes close to five eleven

So I guess that means Leo has 10 inch shoe inserts to make him taller than Winslet when she's in heels? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Burke said on 17/May/14
@ds LOL at your claim. Leo is a legitimate 5'11. She is no taller than 5'6 - 5'6.5. Get real.
jtm said on 19/Mar/14
no more than 5'5. she had higher heels on and was still clearly shorter than shailene woodley.
Silent d said on 4/Feb/13
5 foot 6.
Elijah said on 28/Jan/13
@Rob: she got her feet from her mother then... apparently she is like a UK 11.
Editor Rob said on 13/Nov/12
She says her Mother is 5ft 11 with size 13 feet!
Em2x said on 17/Aug/12
She is 5'6'' exactly. And she is the best example of a perfect face. No doubt
Anon said on 6/Feb/12
I stood next to Kate Winslet in an elevator . She is about one inch shorter than me and I am 5'6
ds said on 24/Jan/12
I saw the actual costumes they used for Titantic and she is taller than Leo. All of his shoes had a lift in them to make him appear taller than her. He is five seven and shes close to five eleven
Maxwell said on 9/Oct/11
@Will- DiCaprio is 5'11" minimum. Being 23, he was done growing by the time Titanic was made.
Maximus Meridius said on 27/Aug/11
She is defiantly 5ft 6in and nothing 5ft 7in is a bit high 5ft 8in is pushing it she is not even tall she is above average height.
Will said on 18/Aug/11
Kate Winslet was 5'5" in Titanic. Her co-star DiCaprio was 5'10", making him at least a whole 5 inches taller than Winslet. Which this height difference could be visibly seen throughout the entire movie.
lol.. said on 11/Jul/11
little lee.. maybe it's about time you start considering yourself short then cause many people find that short for a guy, i'm your same height and i'm a 13 year old girl soo..
177cm said on 22/Apr/11
yup 168-169 sounds right to most she can claim to be 170cm, but its more than that, i would doubt that....
apart from that, i love her boobs :)
Spence said on 15/Mar/11
5'6 and HOT
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/11
166-167 cm. She looked that height in Sense and Sensibility with 5'8 Emma Thompson.
anonymous said on 8/Feb/11
Remember in the titanic Leo and Kate were dancing in the 3rd class party after the fancy dinner. He had his shoes on and she had taken off hers to show ballet thing. Leo would have been at least 6' with his shoes but she only looked just 2 or 3 inches shorter. How that happened? Is Leo lying about his height or is she a lot taller than 5'6"? I'm sure it was her double that did the ballet thing but I'm sure she did taken off her shoes.
Alissa said on 17/Nov/10
I too very much doubt her to be 5'6...a 5'5 seems more likely
carla said on 4/Oct/07
she's got massive feet, her shoes are specially made for her, i read in an interview.She is taller then that!! Probably 5"7-5"8.
Gonzalo said on 3/Sep/07
She looks around 5`6. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless is one of the best films ever. And Kate is incredible on it. I love it. Meet me in Montauk....
kiefer said on 24/Jun/07
She is a full 5ft 8 because I am 5ft 5 and she made me feel small when i met her last year and she was in barefeet near a beach .
greg said on 23/May/07
She gave 5ft 6.5 and that probarbly is her true height without hells.
She can appear to look taller though.
kathy said on 8/May/07
i really estimate she is about 5'7 1/2 - 5'8.
kathy said on 4/May/07
there is no way she can be 5'6 because jack black is that height and she looks about an inch taller.
Xan said on 2/May/07
Funny, man. Last night I saw "Little Children" and in it someone compares Winslet and her co-star Jennifer Connelly, who is listed in this page as also 5'6.5. The character says that Connelly is tall and has long legs, while Winslet's character is short and boyish. Look what a little weight'll do for a gal!
Josh said on 28/Apr/07
Wiggos said on 1/Mar/07
I saw Kate Winslet in a bar in Reading (her home town) once. I am 5'10" and I would guess she was 2.5" shorter than I am, putting her at 5'7.5". Of course it was very busy and I was slightly drunk. Therefore I am prepared to accept her height as 5'6.5", but certainly no shorter.
JAB142 said on 16/Feb/07
I don't know why there is any argument about this as she has quoted many times that she is 5'6 or 5'6.5 Why do people continually disbelieve what is said in interviews? She also looks exactly that height.Subject closed.
Jennie said on 15/Feb/07
I do believe her adult height is really 5'8 indeed. so i do believe you when you say kate is only a couple of centimeters shorter than cameron diaz. they are both up there alright. they are tall women.
cacas said on 15/Feb/07
After looking her photos with Cameron Diaz in Harper Bazaar cover and Holiday's premieres, i think she's 3-4 cm shorter than 5'9'' Cam. But the curious fact about her is why does she always look taller when she stands beside Leonardo DiCaprio, just see their reunion picture in 2007 Golden Globe awards.
Jennie said on 28/Jan/07
Thanks Bella! You couldnt have expressed the truth about homely, plain kate winslet any clearer. You rock, girl!
Glapster said on 20/Jan/07
The very narrow view of beauty expressed by Jen & Bella shows the cluelessness of women affected by the post-Mtv cultural universe. In all fairness the entertainment world like the rest of the world is run by men. There's more to life than Jessica Simpson. There's Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, Audrey Tautou & Reese Witherspoon. So before you judge with your Mtv-BS-Pop culture/heterosexual(I’m assuming) female eyes please recognize the overwhelming amount of attention that Lady Kate & these smart attractive women receive from men. Enough with your teenage fantasies about being the local Tara Reid mall hottie. This is Hollywood baby, Kate's a gem, a 5'6.5" Oscar-worthy, leading lady of a gem.
Bella said on 18/Jan/07
I'm with Jen on this one. Winslet really is a homely, plain sort of girl and could easily have switched places with Dicaprio. Although he is so pretty that this is the case with many of his leading ladies. Did anyone see Catch Me If You Can with Jen Garner as the prostitute to his Frank Abagnale. Goodness Leo is such a fair faced boy and Jennifer has some big-arse shoulders on her. She is very manly. It was drag queens all around.
Jen said on 21/Dec/06
Glapster, i really dont care what you think as long as I know what's real about myself that is all that matters...besides if you werent jealous of me it wouldnt bother you that i am much more attractive than kate and you wouldn't have to be writing absurd ridiculous comments on this ridiculous you must be jealous of what i said about myself and due to the fact that i am much hotter than kate can ever be, ha! so there! I bet you are sooo unnattractive yourself that you have nothing better to do than dis me and other really gorgeous people out in this sad for you.
Glenn said on 19/Dec/06
I vaguely know who Sam Mendes is?
D. Ray Morton said on 18/Dec/06
Carla - need I say that I'm exceedingly jealous? (Very well, I'm exceedingly jealous!)

How was she when you met her? Nice?

Glenn - cool. Have you seen/met Sam Mendes? Any thoughts as to whether the advertised 5'10" is in fact correct?

"Back to the subject, Kate = 5'6.5" of talented beauty and fire. Next."

Straight up, Glapster.
Glapster said on 18/Dec/06
So Jen tell me how many films you are in which center around you as the beautifeul leading lady. Extra points if you've been in one with a higher gross intake than Titanic.

"its so obvious people consider me much prettier than her because its a fact"

Wow, what skewed logic you have. So you also believe concepts of beauty to be matters of fact. Hmmm. If this is true my assertion is that you aren't as beautiful as Lady Kate until your matter of "fact" is tested by popular opinion. So you try to get some headshots together for your agent and let us know when you hit the screen, OK? Back to the subject, Kate = 5'6.5" of talented beauty and fire. Next.
Jen said on 17/Dec/06
I am sorry but i am not jealous of kate winslet...i happen to be really prettier and its so obvious people consider me much prettier than her because its a fact. oh and just for your information just because i dont find an actress pretty doesnt mean i am jealous of very absured and foolish you are.
Glapster said on 16/Dec/06
After various comparisons to co-stars and the aforementioned fact that there are many shots of her not wearing heels I'm calling it at 5'6.5" max. Oh and Jen, you're most likely jealous of Kate's talent (see Eternal Sunshine) and beauty (see Titanic) and Frank is letting his sexual orientation interfere with good taste. Both Leonardo & Kate are gorgeous people, a fact proven if only by people such as ourselves typing away ever so diligently on a site dedicated to the minutia of celebrity height.
carla said on 16/Dec/06
Yeah! Finally something right! Kate is that tall exactly...I get to meet lots of celebs coz of my dad's company and I met her. She is pretty (ahem, D.Ray Morton) and she is 5"6.5. She doesnt wear really high heels so it's easy to estimate her height.
Glenn said on 12/Dec/06
Hard to say.5-8,5-9 in heels.too many people in my way,and she was 20 feet apart from me.
Alex said on 11/Dec/06
Glenn, what was your estimate on her height? more than 5'6.5?
Glenn said on 11/Dec/06
Saw her finally last week.seemed taller,probably due to footwear.
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
I'm not too sure on her height but proably is 5'6.5 compared to Leonardo who is 5'11-5'11.5. A size 11 is pretty big for a 5'6.5 girl too. I'm 6'0.5 with a size 14 and thats pretty big for my height too.
Poppy said on 4/Dec/06
of course she isn't 5'8" johnny d is hardly scraping 5'10" and she was still shorter than him at premieres etc.
James Dreyfuss said on 28/Oct/06
Just saw Kate Winslett on Michael Parkinson and she was quite a bit shorter than Parkinson, and she was wearing high hells which looked about 3 or 4 inches. Parkinson is 5ft 10, so 5ft 6 would seem about right. Although i had always heard she was about 5ft 7.
D. Ray Morton said on 25/Jul/06
"Not joking in the least. Im serious! Are you demented or something. Cant you tell when someone is being serious?"


I thought Kate was ravishing in "Titanic." But that's just me.
Jen said on 19/Jul/06
Not joking in the least. Im serious! Are you demented or something. Cant you tell when someone is being serious?
D. Ray Morton said on 16/Jul/06
"Kate is an unattractive moose(ha-ha!)and no doubt about it that Leonardo was far much prettier than her in Titanic."

You're joking................right?

Jen said on 9/Jul/06
I agree with Frank. Kate is an unattractive moose(ha-ha!)and no doubt about it that Leonardo was far much prettier than her in Titanic. I honestly never thought Kate Winslet was that attractive or pretty but as far as Leo is concerned he is the most gorgeous man in the cosmos. I still do think however that plain-jane Kate is still 5'8. Dunno why but she just appears only a couple of inches shorter than Leo in Titanic.
guru said on 5/Jun/06
i saw a pic of her from some movie jeanne tripplehorn towers over her in that pic dont know the name of movie
Fan said on 6/May/06
i am not sure but she seems an inch or two shorter than catherine zeta jones
Lauren said on 15/Apr/06
Well shes obviously 5ft 6/6.5 because she said she was and she wouldnt of said it if she wasnt that height. If she was 5ft8 then she would of said she was but she isnt so there!!. xx
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
And as far as I'm concerned, an unattractive 5'8" moose. Leonardo Di Caprio was far prettier than her in Titanic. All he needed was a little make up, a wig and a gown, some heels and they could have easily switched roles.
Jen said on 2/Apr/06
Say what you like but kate IS indeed 5'8! Cannot deny proof of that!

[Editor Rob: yeah, when kate and emma thompson done sense and sensibility - and kate was 1.5 inches shorter - they both made a pact, 5ft 9.5 Emma would say she's 5ft 8 and '5ft 8' kate would say she's 5ft 6/6.5...pretty good deal!]
Jen said on 8/Feb/06
Kate Winslet is much taller than 5'6. She really is 5'8! I was able to detect this by using tape measure and a picture of leonardo. I measured to see where 5'8 stands compared to 6'1 and guess what? She stands exactly where 5'8 is!
Emma said on 27/Nov/05
Leo Dicaprios 5ft 11.5 in Titanic and kates meant to be 5ft 6.5 in titanic. it doesnt make sense coz they look pretty much da same height. on most other websites she is 5ft8
Dee said on 23/Nov/05
she's 5'8'' indeed

[Editor Rob: yes, the 5ft 8 was guessed back in the early 90's when she was just about 2 inches shorter than Emma Thompson ;)]
mcfan said on 5/Sep/05
I was surprised to see Kate Winslet only at 5'6.5. This seems very accurate after having looked at some photos where's she is only wearing sneakers. She's nowhere near the 5'8 I originally thought.

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