How tall is Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

American basketball player, who has played for San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Clippers. At the draft he was measured 6ft 7 in sneakers, 6ft 6 without.

How tall is Kawhi Leonard
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6ft 6in (198.1cm)
Canson said on 26/Feb/23
I wonder if Danny Green grew? He can look 3/4” or 1” shorter than Kawhi. I’ve seen Green’s measurements with the 76ers and they are 6’6 and 6’5.5”. I don’t believe those but I can see 6’5 flat or 6’4.75” maybe he is 6’4.75 and gained a fraction from his 6’4.5 in 2008 being he got 6’5.25 in the AM in 2009.
Canson said on 23/Feb/23
@Editor Rob: here he is with 6’8ish Boris Diaw and Duncan. You think 6’6 or more 6’5.75? I think 6’5.75 is a worst case now

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Editor Rob
At worst a 1/4 under 6ft 6 there.
Canson said on 21/Jan/23
@Shane: he doesn’t look 6’6 physically either. It isn’t until he stands next to Paul George or Kobe that he actually can look around it
Shane Gray said on 15/Jan/23
@Canson agreed
Canson said on 17/Dec/22
@Editor Rob: he doesn’t look the full 6’6 next to Duncan or 6’4.5 measured Danny Green

To note

Danny Green measured 6’4.5 in the afternoon in 2008 and 6’5.25 in the morning in 2009

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Canson said on 10/Dec/22
@Shane: I think 6’5.75 is the best listing actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 6’5.5 at a low being he doesn’t have 6’6 proportions and given how he has 2 cm or maybe 1” on Danny Green. Green measured 6’4.5 in 08 but not sure if he grew a fraction. Max he looks 6’4.75 perhaps
Shane Gray said on 12/Oct/22
@Canson even so, Rob is saying he doeant compress at all from 2 hours to afternoon. At best, he's 6'5 3/4" imo by this sites standards.
Canson said on 7/Jun/22
@Shane: actually Kawhi’s looks more of a 2 hour or maybe more out of bed. I can buy 6’5.75 but worst case 6’5.5” for his low
Shane Gray@ said on 6/Jun/22
@Canson @Rob much respect to Rob but this is a listing like that of Harden and Curry, for example, that doesn't make sense. Kawhi measured 6'6" flat early morning at combine. So for this listing to be accurate, that means Kawhi loses absolutely nothing to compression from morning to afternoon and we know that isn't possible. Rob knows this too so i respectively don't understand this or several other listijgs for the same reason.
Canson said on 1/Feb/22
@Editor Rob: maybe it’s his proportions but remember I posted the pic of Danny Green. Green measured 6’4.5” and he only appeared about 3/4” taller. Maybe 1” max but then again Green had a 6’5.25 the next time which was documented early morning so maybe he’s a weak 6’5 guy (6’4.75 at best). Maybe Kawhi is 6’5.75” but I doubt any taller than that at his afternoon and that’s arguably his lunch. 6’6 appears a height earlier in the day
Canson said on 31/Jan/22
@Editor Rob: I’ve seen a couple pics where it looks over 3”. Maybe Leonard is just 6’5.5”. He doesn’t look a proper 6’6”
Editor Rob
Up till now, I've thought he seemed close enough to 6ft 6, but then a fraction under is arguable.
Canson said on 29/Jan/22
@Editor Rob: how does he stack up next to an aged Bill Russell?

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Click Here

Durant with Russell

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Editor Rob
Can seem 4 inches shorter in that photo, but the angle might be helping exaggerate a difference.
Canson said on 3/Jan/22
@Editor Rob: that aligns with their morning pre drafts. Remember that Danny Green measured 6’4.5 in 2008 and 6’5.25” in 2009 and it explicitly states that green was afternoon in 2008 and morning in 09. That would put Kawhi at 6’5.5” which maybe he is but I could maybe see 6’5.75”. Physically I’ve never seen 6’6 with Kawhi and I doubt Kawhi is a legit 6’6” however given Green was measured earlier in the day at 6’5.25 meaning he also was.

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Editor Rob
I've not ruled out a fraction shy of 6ft 6
Canson said on 5/Dec/21
@Editor Rob: how much do you see between Kawhi and Danny Green?

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Editor Rob
Seems about 2cm there
recapa said on 4/Oct/21
@Canson , yeah even tho that they are old most of them are hall of famers caliber which speaks vollumes about the power of the current laker squad and yet some people have the audacity to call it a super team only to diminish lebron,s achievements.
Canson said on 2/Oct/21
@Recapa: agree with everything you said. And I think they can make a run if Kawhi comes back. Watch out for the senior Lakers though lol. They are trying to do something.
recapa said on 1/Oct/21
@Canson,most likely .he is also my favorite active player in the league if paul goerge perform like last season play off and kawhi is safe from injuries i,dsay that the clippers would be a serious contenders for the title besides the lakers and the nets.the warriors are coming back together too.
Canson said on 28/Sep/21
@Recapa: yea it’s not even close. I believe Kawhi is a weakish 6’6”. Meaning a 6’5.75” guy but maybe not below. PG looks at absolute minimum 1.5” taller but if we see them physically it looks like a greater difference (looks less because of the angle). I agree with both of your estimates as you have it nailed! 6’7.5ish for PG and 6’5.75 for Kawhi. Lol Kawhi is one of the megastars who retained his previous height listing. Maybe he got 6’6.25 in the morning and was given 6’6.5 which was founded to 6’7”. Lol they may have measured to the top of his braid instead lol
recapa said on 28/Sep/21
@Bagheera,this is more than just 3cm its close to a full 2 inches between the 2 Click Here .paul goerge at 202 and kawhi at 197.5 .
Canson said on 27/Sep/21
It’s more like 1.5” between George and Kawhi. Kawhi may be 6’6 flat afternoon height or maybe PG is 6’7.25” if only 1.25”
Bagheera said on 26/Sep/21
Looks at media day pics of Kawhi and George no more then 3 cm difference between them so Kawhi 198 cm and George 201 cm
Canson said on 21/Sep/21
Agree with Recapa. He would measure 6’6” or higher in the morning. May be as high as 6’6.5-.75 out of bed but 6’5.75 tops in the afternoon
Bagheera said on 17/Sep/21
Kawhi 2 inch shorter then 6'8 LeBron clearly so 6'6 looks ok to him (198-199 cm)
recapa said on 10/Sep/21
about kawhi and butler,s pic i think the difference is about 1.5-2cm or so like 197.5 for kawhi and 196 for butler or even 197 and 195.5 .kawhi had 195 kobe by around an inch or 2cm at least so i doubt that he is under 197 at worst while jimmy butler always looked the same size as draymond who i personally think is 196 . kawhi leonard (197.5) ,jimmy butler (196) .
recapa said on 6/Sep/21
@Rob,he seems to have a big head for his height that makes him look shorter standing big do you think kawhi,s head is.
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed over 10 inches
Daniel Lee said on 31/Jul/21

Is the average height 6'5 (195.6 cm) barefoot nowadays in NBA? I have no idea.
Editor Rob
RunRepeat did the research on that and it was interesting to see the average seemingly falling a bit in recent years.
Canson said on 25/Jul/21
@Waterlover: that’s where I have him too
Waterlover968 said on 22/Jul/21
Kawhi is 6'5.75"ish . He has a crazy long frame giving him a taller appearance, but he is a little shorter than Luka when stranding next to him. And he looks noticeably shorter than LeBron on the court.
Canson said on 19/Jul/21
@Ellis: I’d go with the former. That may be exact as could something like 6’5.75 to 6’6 5/8”
Ellis said on 27/Jun/21
@Rob Paul: Could a possible range for Kawhi be 6'5.75-6'6.75 or were you thinking more, 6'6-6'7?
Editor Rob
maybe he does drop just shy of 6ft 6
BobbyCurls said on 13/Jun/21
@Ellis: Watching the Clippers-Mavs series, Kawhi was noticeably shorter than Doncic. I'd say Doncic had Kawhi by at least a cm, but who knows if there was a difference in their footwear. Zion is shorter than both of them. I agree with your estimates.
Ellis said on 11/Jun/21
@Rob Paul: So if Kawhi is listed at 6'6(here), that means you think his low is more like 6'5.75? If this is a lunchtime height, then wouldn't he shrink a bit more?
@Canson: Leonard got his 6'6 measurement at nearly 20 years old, there is a very low chance he grew after that, as very few people grow after 19. Due to the fact that this was at a combine, that 6'6 figure was most likely not his low. Kawhi strikes me as more of a 6'6 than Zion. I would say at their lows,
Leonard: 6'5.75
Williamson: 6'5.5
Doncic: A hair over 6'6 or 6'6 flat
Editor Rob
yeah there's a chance of just under 6ft 6
Canson said on 11/Mar/21
He never strikes me as 6’6
Canson said on 11/Jan/21
@Junior: to your earlier post, Looking at Kawhi he’s possibly your height or maybe a hair taller.
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Dec/20
Tim Duncan needs an add. He is widely considered in the top 10 best players of all time. He is a solid 6’10” and clearly edged out KD. He is also considered the best to ever play his position. I’m currently in SA rn on business, and the dude is a legend down here.
recapa said on 22/Nov/20
if kawhi is 6ft5 3/4 than jimmy is 6ft5 3/8 and if kawhi is 6ft5 5/8 than jimmy is 6ft5 1/4 according to this pic Click Here.
recapa said on 20/Nov/20
if kawhi is 6ft5.75 then jimmy butler is 6ft5 3/8 and if kawhi is 6ft5 5/8 then butler is 6ft5 1/4 which adds up in this pic Click Here.
recapa said on 25/Oct/20
Ellis said on 15/Oct/20
@Canson: What do you consider to be a morning height? Out of bed? After an hour? When you say Kawhi Leonard is 6'6.5 in the morning, when do you think he would reach that?
Canson said on 13/Oct/20
@Editor Rob: with that said, it’s more than likely Derozan’s measurement was an early morning one and Kawhi’s may have been more late morning perhaps. Or both could’ve been being one is 6’5.25 the other 6’6
Canson said on 30/Sep/20
@Joe: he may be 6’4.75”. Still a shock he got listed at 6’6 this year if he’s only 6’5.25” early morning height.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/May/20
@rkv More Like a 7'0 guy hands. I'm 6'5 1/2 and my hands were big like most 6'8 guys but Kawhi make my hands look like a very tall lady pair of hands. Lol.
rkv said on 16/May/20
surprised no one mentioned his hands yet. he has the hands of 6'10 guy.
joe### said on 12/Jan/20
6'5 flat or below, what's interesting is that on the nba site it's listed at 6'5.5 it doesn't even look taller than kobe
Canson said on 11/Jan/20
@Joe: that’s probably about right. He’s prob 6’4.75/6’5 range going from a 6’5.25 early morning and that explains why there’s a noticeable difference with Kawhi Leonard who is more 197cm range as opposed to the full 6’6”. Id say 195-195.5 for Derozan and 196.8-197.3 for Kawhi
joe### said on 10/Jan/20
has several sites listing it at 6'5.5 and 6'5.25 usually looks about the same height as kobe
Canson said on 8/Jan/20
@Joe: Yikes! You’re right. I don’t know why I thought he was 6’5.5”. I apologize. And It says here he was 6’6 in shoes in 2008. But it also says Tyreke Evans was 6’5.5 in shoes and he was only 6’5.25 in shoes at the combine. Derozan May very well only be 6’4.5 or .75 if that’s the case since it’s a morning 6’5.25. I’d prob go with 6’4 7/8 afternoon for him. But I’m surprised that Popovich out of all people allowed the 6’6” listing and didn’t make him 6’5” on the roster being he wouldn’t have measured that high unless it was almost right out of bed. But that explains why he looks noticeably shorter than Kawhi Leonard being its 2cm difference in measurement and they’re approximately that far apart in the pic. Half inch may have been low honestly. So maybe it’s really 6’4 7/8 vs 6’5 5/8 or 6’4.75 vs 6’5.5 or 6’5 vs 6’5.75 between the two (latter is a stretch being it was only 1 hour removed from bed)

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I see here 6’5.5 but I would use the one you did with 6’5.25 since that’s prob more official

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joe ### said on 19/Dec/19
Demar derozan measured 6'5.25
Canson said on 2/Dec/19
@Junior: that sounds right if you’re still 197-197.5 afternoon height. Kawhi can look your height range. 6’5.5 is worst case 6’6 may be a stretch but he could even look that at times. Maybe a more specific range is 5.5-5.75 like you and Jdubbz
Canson said on 2/Dec/19
@Junior: that sounds right if you’re still 197-197.5 afternoon height. Kawhi can look your height range. 6’5.5 is worst case 6’6 may be a stretch but he could even look that at times
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Nov/19
@Canson I'm always 6'6 in between two-three hours out of bed. Don't know if Kawhi lost the same amount as me but he might be my range.
Canson said on 29/Oct/19
Agree with Triple Screw. Paul George would also only be about 6’7” 6’7.75 was a morning height for him
Canson said on 24/Oct/19
@Jackson: I’m surprised but I’m not. A stretch would make him 6’6.5 morning height
Jackson said on 23/Oct/19
Officially listed at 6’7” by the Clippers
Triplescrew said on 22/Oct/19
In the new promo vid for the upcoming Terminator movie, Kawhi's eyelevel appears to be about an inch above Arnold's hair. If Arnold is a flat 5'11" now that would make Kawhi roughly 6'5.5" or so.
Canson said on 22/Oct/19
@Junior: Kawhi is around your height. I’d say 6’5 5/8. Maybe he is rare In that he got 6’6” flat an hour after waking
Andy Shi said on 21/Oct/19
Legit 6'6. Definitely has an inch or so on Kobe and generally looks big on the court.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Oct/19
Kawhi looks to be 6'5 3/4. Paul George i always see 6'7 1/2 not more if a low.
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Manson: angle
manson said on 12/Oct/19
Click Here he looks taller here than 6.7 3/4 measured Paul george.
Brandon 6'0" | 182.88 cm said on 6/Sep/19
Solid 6'5.5". A 7'4" wingspan too, crazy long proportions. Massive hands that belong on a 7+ footer. There's a picture of Kawhi and Jimmy Butler standing back to back and they're basically equal height with Kawhi slightly taller imo. But his arms hang much lower and his hands are noticeably bigger than Butler's. Crazy oversized wingspan and hands. I'd trade bodies with him in a heartbeat.
Canson said on 30/Jul/19
@Warren Walker: I would not go that far as to say 6’2”. He looks as low as 6’5” range if anything.
Canson said on 28/Jul/19
Not as tall as Carmelo Anthony
Spencer said on 27/Jul/19
Looks 6'5.5"
Warren Walker said on 26/Jul/19
@K.A 188
proportionately looks more 6'2" on the court to me. Like a Curry, he has such longer arms and bigger hands though.
Jackson said on 25/Jul/19
He is a legit 6’6”
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
He is not a solid 6’6”. Weak 6’6” (6’5.5) at a low.
Butler is closer to 6’5”. He never looks taller than that on the court.
TL 5'8.25 said on 20/Jul/19
Solid 6’6”. Edged out Jimmy Butler.
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@JTM: he doesn’t have the proportions to make him look taller either. He really can just look 6’5” on the court although I do believe that the height Rob lists him is correct for a morning height. He’s 6’5.5 at a low perhaps a hair under that the more that I compare him to guys like Tim Duncan or Lamarcus Aldridge. Oddly enough he’s taller than Jimmy Butler by probably half inch which speaks to Butler’s measurement as it was actually the same as his. Butler doesn’t look more than 6’5”

@Ellis: agreed. Butler is probably just a solid 6’5” if he’s that much shorter than him.
Jtm said on 18/Jul/19
not buying the full 6'6. strong 6'5 is more like it.
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@KA188: 6’5 1/2 fits him. He’s not 6’4 but not 6’6”. Just added proof that the NBA is morning measurements as has already been proven. To be honest he can give off a bit less like 6’5.25 but that can look low. I think Kawhi 6’5.5 and Butler 6’5” are both overlisted. Butler looked small next to Embiid and Simmons and Reddick who isn’t much shorter
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Rob: 6’5.5 is precisely how tall he looks. He’s got Green by close to an inch. Maybe it’s 1” or 2cm. I don’t rule out Green gaining 1/4” and being 6’4.75. But Kawhi measuring 6’6” is morning height. He’s 6’5.5 like you and Jdubbz and I all said. Kawhi is not as tall as Carmelo anthony. Melo could look 6’6.25 perhaps no less than 6’6” but he’s still taller either way
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/19
Oh, here he is! I'd wondered what had happened to him; I kept getting sidetracked, but I wanted to give him a comment as he looks so friendly!

Kawhi can have an enormous 6ft6. 😁👍
Ellis said on 16/Jul/19
@Canson: Agreed, he also looks taller than 6'8 hilariously listed Jimmy Butler.
Canson said on 16/Jul/19
@Jdubbz: that range fits him maybe 6’5 5/8 at a low but 6’5.5 equally possible. No way 6’5.75 or over that
K.A 188 said on 16/Jul/19
Can't believe he is this tall from all the videos i have seen of me He gave me a big 6ft4 impression, but 6ft6 barefoot? Never immaginned ... TV does not pay justice to his size. Some NBA players look normal sized when on court playing along other tall guys.
Warren said on 16/Jul/19
@viper @Chris Junior Hernandez 1990
That's the point! Pretty sure.
Canson said on 16/Jul/19
@Junior: he may not be as tall as Rob Gronkowski let alone Carmelo Anthony. Gronk if he’s 6’5.75 is taller than Kawhi. Viper is not talking about the size of his head. He’s talking about his physical proportions. Melo is a legit 6’6” if not a hair over like Rob has him. Kawhi wouldn’t be 6’6 if he measured that in the morning
Jdubbz 6'5 3/4" said on 16/Jul/19
He's probably 6'5.5-6'5.75. Weak 6'6 like me.
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
@Rob: he’s got about a 2cm difference on Danny Green who they said measured 6’5.25 in 2009 (explicitly said morning) and 6’4.5 in 2008 (explicitly said afternoon). Maybe Green Is 6’4.75 or maybe it’s an inch or 7/8 but either way Kawhi isn’t 6’6” by the sites standards. He’s about 6’5.5. Says right here in the article. I do agree with Viper. Carmelo Anthony seems taller than him in pics and video and Melo is no more than you have him listed in person

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Editor Rob
5.5 would be the lowest I'd guess for him
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
@Junior: the players get measured around an hour after waking. I could buy 6’5.5 which is how he looks most of the time though
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
@Viper: well said! He looks max 6’5.5. He’s definitely overlisted
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/19
Because he had a bigger head and shoulder than Carmelo. Small head and smaller shoulder makes people look taller in illusion.
viper said on 14/Jul/19
Hes a really short looking 6-6 guy on the court. The opposite of 6-6 Carmelo Anthony who looks really tall.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Jul/19
Kawhi is at least same height as 6'5.75" Gotz Otto.
Onabill said on 14/Jul/19
Yeah Always thought Kawhi was a textbook 6 ft 6 guy doesn’t seem any less or more

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