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6ft 0.8in (184.9cm)
Robert said on 28/Jan/07
How can someone move to 6-1, if he was 5-2 when leaving highschool. If you go from highschool to college, you are for sure 17, and at that age, you cannot grow that much anymore.
Ed said on 27/Jan/07
Costner looked to be about 2 inches shorter than Clancy brown and Ashton Kutcher, and about a 1 inch taller than Neal Mcdonough in The Guardian. Taking into account all of their heights, this tracks completely with Rob's listing of 6ft1, maybe a tiny bit shorter like 007 here is saying.
007 said on 20/Jan/07
Robert, people can have the exact same height, and at the same time they can have extremely different bodytypes. There are a lot of factors that determines if a person looks tall or not, but it is very unlikely to find the truth height just by comparing two different persons by their individual photos.
Robert said on 19/Jan/07
Pete Sampras is stated as 6-1 as well. How can he be the same height as Costner?
Matt said on 18/Jan/07
In films I always thought he was around 5'11. I met him at the Baseball All Star Game (when it was in Boston). I am exactly 5'11 and he was a solid 2 inches taller than I. I also met Johnathan Silverman and he was a good 2 to 3 inches taller as well. I also shook hands with the ESPN dudes and most of them were short, zero personality dorks.
007 said on 16/Jan/07
I believe Costner is 6'0.5"-6'1". 6'1" at his peak, and a little less today. In "The guardian" he looks this height next to almost 6'3" Kutcher. He also is a little taller than 6'0" Neal McDonough in the same movie.
Robert said on 11/Jan/07
No way Costner ever was 187.
Viper said on 4/Jan/07
demeyer, why do you think EVERYONE shrinks?
dmeyer said on 3/Jan/07
he was 51 and looked 6'1 strong so possibly 187 188 in his 20s
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/07
i met him he is about 187 because im 187 an he was same height as me
Averill said on 31/Dec/06
That's funny that he used to be 5'2" in high school. I'm 5'2" but I guess it's not that bad since I'm a girl...
Felix said on 30/Dec/06
Appeard exactly the same height as Asthon Kutchar on the premiere of The Guardian in Berlin.
Glenn said on 24/Dec/06
Seemed a strange 5-11 when I saw him a year ago.probably posture.
The Horse of FUNK said on 23/Dec/06
Weird how so many people claim he doesn't appear 6'+ in his movies. Maybe my glasses are just messed up and everybody seems taller and longer from my perspective lol. 'Cause I've always figured Costner as a strong 6'1", like 6'1.5". He does hang his head or slouch a bit though, which most likely doesn't help him in the vertical department.
Robert said on 23/Dec/06
Gonzalo, i mean that apparently costner is over 6 ft tall, but he does not look it.
in addition i know people who are around 6'1, and they seem taller than him.
For example, Pete Sampras is stated as 6'1, and he looks it.He looks optically taller than Costner. How can they be the same height?
I don't know.
Gonzalo said on 22/Dec/06
Ok, Robert. I didn´t understand what you meant. I thought you were one of those freaks who only posts in order to create controversy. I hope I didn´t offend you. Take care.
To me Costner looks tall. Around 6`1. When he visited Spain a couple of years ago the journalist described him as "un armario", which is an expression used to describe a big and tall person
Robert said on 21/Dec/06
Costner has a strange body type, because he does not look like tall. He looks like a 5-8, when i see his pictures, where he is alone, but when i see him with others, i have to believe that he is at least 6', because he is taller than most.
Gonzalo, that he is definitely taller than Al Pacino, this is obvious.
Editor Rob said on 19/Dec/06
Early quote from 1989 "I'm like 6 feet. I'm white. I'm like..."
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
Costner at 5-8 is really out there. About as out there as saying Paul Walker is 5-9. He looks 6-0 at the absolute minimum, and a lot of the time looks more like 6-1.
Gonzalo said on 18/Dec/06
Robert, Costner looks shorter than what you say. I have seen a pic of him nxt to Al PAcino and they both look the same height.
C´mon, man, don`t say those strange things. Costner looks well over six feet.
Robert said on 17/Dec/06
Strange. i think i have to believe people who have met him and said how big he was, because to me, he does not look like a tall man.
I really thought that he is around 5-8.
dmeyer said on 4/Dec/06
when i met him i thaught i was 6 feet si i thaught he was near 6'2 but he does look 6'1" in person at 51 years old so might have benn 6'2 in his 20s or close
Mike said on 3/Dec/06
Kevin Costner could be around 6-1,since he is not much shorter than Sean Connery, who is definitely tall.
Anthony said on 28/Oct/06
Connery was 6'2 at his peak. I think there's a chance he might still have been that tall when he did "The Untouchables", because, despite the hunch with old age, he still looks no less than 186 cm today. Costner has always looked 6'1 to me.
The Truth said on 22/Oct/06
you're right, I watched it again and I saw that Sean Connery was taller but Viper652, when did Sean Connery shrink below his youth height 6'2"?
Mario said on 18/Oct/06
The Truth, Sean Connery about an inch taller than Costner in The untouchables.
Glenn said on 17/Oct/06
6-3 sounds extreme.he gave me the strange illusion of 5-11 a year he shrunk to 6ft.
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
Connery isnt 6-2, at least these days.
The Truth said on 16/Oct/06
He's shorter than 6'2" Ashton Kutcher and 6'1 may be his height nowadays but Glenn, could he have been 6'3" in his youth in the Untouchables, cause if I remember I thought he was an inch taller than 6'2" Sean Connery.
dmeyer said on 27/Sep/06
he looks a hair over 6'1 in person he might have been 187 at 20s
dmeyer said on 25/Jul/06
i met him he looks 6 feet1 to 6 feet1.5 around 186 cm
ER. said on 14/Jun/06
Looked all 6-1 in A Perfect World.
J. said on 14/Jun/06
Looks no more than an even 6 feet in the photos with 5'1" jockey.
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
Costner has always looked 6-0 to me. No more or no less.
Glenn said on 7/Jun/06
Colin is no smaller than 5-10.Costner appeared smaller than usual.6-1 back in the day.looking a hair under 6ft this one night I saw him.dont trust anything I say dmeyer.I DIDNT SAY costner was 5-11,I said he looked it.meaning slouch or posture.
Viper652 said on 7/Jun/06
Yeah, I cant buy the 5-11 Glenn says either. Though Glenn is right more times then not.
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/06
i dont know if i can trust glenn he says farrell is 5'11 and costner 5'11 i met both of them costner is aleast 3" taller mybe 4
muta said on 7/May/06
My brother is currently filming a movie with Costner and my brother is 6'0.5" and he says Costner and him are the same height but Costner may be slightly taller so 6'1" sounds like it is the truth.
Ron Burns said on 5/May/06
I think 6-0 is probably right. I met someone who knows him in Vegas, he told me
he didn't even think Costner was 6-0! 6-1 seems like a stretch.
Mr. R said on 18/Apr/06
JackByrd, you have an excellent point regarding the slouching. The example I have is Jeff Bridges. When I saw him, he looked barely 6 feet. When I talked with him on his way to the car, he realized that I was sizing him up, and stood at his full height, which is 6-1. VERY good point!

Editor Rob
he still claims 6ft 2, but with Robbins in that film they done I believe this estimate of 6ft 1
Glenn said on 18/Apr/06
He's 6ft.looking 5-11 last summer.
JackByrd said on 18/Apr/06
One thing many of you have to keep in mind when you do these personal guestimates. The people you are approaching are standing "at ease". Meanwhile, odds are you are walking up to them in a fully erect position to try and prove they are exagerating their heights. It's a flawed technique and the number of people who are off by 2-3 inches from the celebrities actual height simply proves my point. Reasonably tall individuals almost all slouch, especially if they are with their wives and/or kids and have to talk down to converse, so you are not going to get a fair estimate of their height if you do the fully erect walk by technique.

Editor Rob
yes, taller guys will slouch, like this guy does in many photos with fans
Tave Hawkins said on 2/Apr/06
I don't think so. I chauffered for him during the Superbowl in Atlanta and he and I are the same height. I'm 6 foot even.
Gonzalo said on 27/Mar/06
Costner is big, at least 1`85 cm. He looked shorter tah Connery in The untouchables, but just a couple of cm. But if you don`t pay much atention you could say they were both the same height. Connery can´t be 6 feet now, remember his pic with Ronaldinho.
Leung said on 26/Mar/06
kennethz, I'll 2nd you on that 185cm, Costner says he's that height and there's no reason to doubt it.
Barbara Nemec said on 25/Mar/06
I got autographed movies on two occasions and I believe he is at least 6 feet talIn April 2005 I was walking up a path at the BMW pro am golf tournament at
the Walnut Cove course near my home and I commented to a friend walking behind
me that I thought this was the steepest hill I had ever climbed. I realized it was
Kevin Costner walking beside me when he agreed that it was a steep hill. I turned aroaund
and was eyeball to eyeball and I got a good idea of how tall he was.
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
Costner was an inch shorter than Sean Connery in The Untouchables. Connery has always been listed as 6'2" so maybe he shrank an inch by that film. I met Connery when he was at Fox and he didn't look more than about 6' by then and that was around 1999. If that's true and Costner is just 6' then Will Patton is not 5'10". In that film Costner was about three inches taller. Also, Gene Hackman was taller than Costner by two inches.
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
Costner looked 6 even when I saw him last april.
Sangrehoven said on 24/Mar/06
I heard Costner say in an interview that he was 6'feet tall and people in Hollywood had tried to make him taller. This interview was just after "Open Range" came out.
Glenn said on 20/Mar/06
You know there is bizzare head to toe of photo of costner and mel gibson,where mel looks 6 feet! made me wonder if mel was really 5-10 plus lifts.or was it photoshopped? in same magazine,golf mag,joe torre and mark walhberg looked the same height.5-7 and 6-1 dont calculate.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Costner is around 6'1", give or take a quarter of an inch. I know he's taller than me.
bikagyura said on 17/Mar/06
also always (or since I saw The Untouchables) thought that he looks just a tiny bit more than 6' 1
dmeyer said on 16/Feb/06
susan is right he looks big in person up to 6'1.5"
Viper652 said on 15/Feb/06
You cant always go by movies or TV for height.
susan said on 15/Feb/06
He did say on Oprah a while back that he was 6ft 1.

does Oprah ask people at her show how tall they are? that would be such a stupid question.

Kostner is 6-1. I always thought he would be kinda 5-11 or even 5-10 (on movies he doesnt look tall) but after I met him I was shocked how big he was!

dmeyer said on 15/Feb/06
when i met him he looked a hair over 6'1 like 6'1.25" he might be 6'1.5" but just say 6'1"
brazilian guy said on 14/Feb/06
taller than antony quinn in revenge who´s listed 186
looks 187-188
J.J.F said on 6/Dec/05
Slightly shorter (not quite an inch) than Connery in the 80's, so I'd say he's a strong 6'0", maybe 6'0.5"
Gaby said on 30/Nov/05
Kevin is 6' 1". I know I met him. As well when he is on chat shows like Parkinson next to Martin Clunes who's 6' 3" he looks almost the same height. Take a look.
kennethz said on 19/Nov/05
185cm is correct.. whos with me??
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Oct/05
Ok, here is the quote where he mentioned about the 5ft 2 shortness...

"The fact that I was 5ft 2 as a sophomore didn’t help. I’m 6ft 1 now but still relate to those feelings. I didn’t date in high school and didn’t get my growth until college. I never got over being short".
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/05
Mr Klaus said on 5/Jul/05
I have not meeted him, but I know poeple who have meeted Costner and they said that he was pretty tall, close to 6'3" they said. I don't think that he is that tall but he at least 6'1".
LoveOfTheGame said on 4/Jul/05
I've met Costner. I'm 5'9" and I'd say he's about 5'10", but could be an inche shorter since he was wearing cowboy boots. I was surprised because he comes across much taller in his films.
HavanaCountess said on 19/Jun/05
yess he is at least 6.1" because I'm 5.9" and I could barely reach his neck in Havana. pic will be coming soon. His fugly wifey is about my height give or take one inch
Mr. R said on 29/Apr/05
Actually, Kevin was 5-2 when he entered high school. He was the shortest player in basketball and baseball. His feet could barely reach the pedals when he started to drive. During his senior year, he began a growth spurt that continued into college, until he was about 21. At that time, he was considered to be 6 feet. After the Untouchables and No Way Out, he got listed at 6-1 for Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and JFK. Once again, the more popular you get, the faster you grow. I believe that Kevin is slightly over 6 feet, but not quite 6-1.
Smoke said on 29/Apr/05
Wow, Mr. Costner please share your miracle with me! I'm in my last year of high school, and would love to reach the 7 foot mark! But nah, he does look close to 6'1", at the very least he's a solid 6 footer, most likely he's just a 184 cm guy who either rounds up or wears decent heals most of the time.
Mr. R said on 12/Apr/05
Thanks for the love Mr. K. Right back at you!
Mr.K said on 12/Apr/05
I must say that this Mr.R seems to know what he talks about. In the movie The Untouchables Sean 6'1" Connery is clearly about 2-3 cms taller than Costner. I have also seen some more recent photos with these guys together and Sean is still a bit taller. I don't think Costner is more than 184 cms max and rounds up.
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
Kevin has been consistent from the beginning. Although, I think it was GQ or Premiere Magazine referred to him as "six foot" Kevin Costner, playing "six foot" Eliot Ness when they were filming The Untouchables. My guess is that Costner is probably 6'.05" and rounds up a little. He was very short until his late teens, so he probably wants to claim that extra half inch.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Mar/05
He did say on Oprah a while back that he was 6ft 1.

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