How tall is Kid Rock

Kid Rock's Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

The US Singer sometimes gets listed as a 6ft 5 giant.

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6ft 0in (182.9cm)
KH said on 16/Jul/17
Emily you mean you met him wearing heels and the few inches were 5. There is plenty of picture evidence of this guy with other people he is right around this mark.
Emily said on 12/Jun/17
Dude is NOT 6 ft.. I MET THE ****. I'm 5ft 4in... he was only a few inches taller than me. I remember being so shocked because I was always under the impression that he was taller.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 9/Jun/17
181-182cm, looked similar to hockey player PK Subban Click Here , who himself is 13-14cm shorter than Charles Barkley Click Here
KH said on 20/Apr/17
He is a legit 6'0. He is super skinny with loose posture so can sometimes seem shorter. The 5'7 and 5'8 claims are dumb.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/17
Super skinny guy who in massive boots has fooled many into thinking he was 6ft3-6ft5 range for years...
berta said on 9/Feb/17
i think he can look in the 184 range but maybe because he is skinny ore something although as i said here before he did claim 6 foot 1 in one song. dont know if it should be stated as a real cliam. its in the song " rock n roll pain train" by himself he looks 184 but with people he can look 182-183 i think this listing is good. could be little taller ore littel shorter like max half inch.
Gregorovich said on 26/Jan/16
@ Oanh..."Nah, he's 5'11" tops"

based on?
Oanh said on 7/May/15
Gregorovich says on 13/Oct/13
Well over 5'10". Easy 6 footer.

Nah, he's 5'11" tops
berta said on 17/Jul/14
he says he is 6 foot 1 in his song rock n roll pain train
Alex 6'0 said on 11/May/14
Kid Rock does slouch some and doesn't have good posture at times but when he stands straight he does look 6'0ish. Could be 5'11.5 maybe but those 5'7-5'10 estimates are way off.
Gregorovich said on 8/May/14
With heights, gotta remember that most people slouch. I am 5'10" on the now, but that's with me standing against the wall fully elongated to my max height. But that's not how I am all the time. I slouch when I walk and stand and lose around an inch. In Kid Rock's case, I know he is right at 6' even because I met him and was surprised that he was taller than I. He does not look tall in photos and on stage. Trust me. He is a tall dude. These people who are saying 5'7" have never met him. And the 6'5" claims are wayyyy off too.
Alex 6'0 said on 6/May/14
Kid Rock with 6'1 Carson Daly and 5'7 Fred Durst. He looks 5'11-5'11.5 here

Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 2/May/14
Hasn't he claimed 6'1 somewhere too? He looks 6'0 or maybe a bit less. He had a good 4-5 inches on Fred Durst and Eminem who are both 5'7 range
SaveUsY2J said on 12/Apr/14
@Ted: On what grounds? That would make Eminem 5'6 and Tiger Woods barely over 5'10 himself. If you're going to downgrade somebody, actually have an impetus for doing so.
Ted said on 7/Mar/14
Seriously doubt he's even 6 foot. More like 5'10".

And 6'5" is really silly.
MD said on 13/Nov/13
Of, your dad's not really 5'9"? Or, your dad thought he met Kid Rock and it was really someone else? I only give these options for you, because not only is 6'0" really the max he could be, but here with 6'0" Tiger Woods, he may be slightly under a full 6'0":

Click Here
lelman said on 11/Nov/13
He must wear huge lifts or something, there's a photo with he and my dad (5'9") and he looks considerably taller, like 6'3".
Gregorovich said on 13/Oct/13
Well over 5'10". Easy 6 footer.
Jay said on 13/Sep/13
What's with these 5'7 trolls?
Chad said on 29/Jul/13
Ive met him twice in Virginia Beach. Once at a 7-11 and once at a surf shop behind the Ted Constant Center. Im 6'1" and he barely came up to my chin...5'7" tops!!!
Lester said on 6/Jul/13
(reads the description above, chuckles)

What nutjob PR firm tries to claim 6'5" for Kid Rock?? LOL. He looks 5'10", maybe 5'11" at most.
Mathew said on 10/May/13
I'd estimate Kid Rock is 183 - 184 cm range. 6'5" is way too high, 6'1" absolute max.
Tall Dude said on 1/May/13
I say Kid Rock is 6'0" or 6'0" 1/2 I have stood right next to him and he was about up to my eyes around the same height as my dad. Here he is next to Eminem who is around 5'8" and Kid is about 4 1/2 to 5 inches taller. Kid and Mark are close in height. Click Here
Jay said on 7/Mar/13
These 5'7 claims are BS.
Gregorovich said on 29/Jan/13
I met him in 2008 when he did a concert in Kuwait for the soldiers. Stood right next to him, and I am 5'10". I was surprised he was taller than me by around 2 inches. Definitely a 6 footer. Like many, I thought he would be shorter than that, but he is easily a 6 footer.
JoeFlacco said on 16/Jan/13
He looks 5'10 with 6'3 Ndamnakuh Suh
Arch Stanton said on 1/Dec/12
yki says on 28/Oct/12

"if he is 5'7" I would be surprised."

Hmm, very surprised. I'd have guessed him at 6'1".
Tyki said on 28/Oct/12
I met Kid Rock at a Flint Generals hockey match. A very nice guy. I am 6'2" and if he is 5'7" I would be surprised. He was much shorter than I thought. But who cares he was a great guy to me.
greg said on 14/Sep/12
Looks notably shorter than Mitt Romney here (Romney seems closer to 6'1" than 6'2" nowadays):
Click Here
I doubt very much if Kid Rock is more than 5'10" as others have suggested.
KidFan said on 17/Jun/12
I don't care if he is 5'10 or 6'10 - non of it changes his talent or his heart for this country. He is welcome to sit at my table anytime.
dc said on 8/Dec/11
I met Kid Rock, and I remember thinking he was little. 5'7" or 5'8"
pauly e said on 28/Oct/11
btown says on 13/Sep/11
i had a drink with him in the bar at hard rock in biloxi and when we stood up kid rock was no taller than my eyes and i am 5'11''

Yep, my buddy who is just a bit over 6'0 barefoot met him and said he was 5'11 flat. Also got a pic w/Kid Rock and kid rock looks about an inch and a half less than my friend....
btown said on 13/Sep/11
i had a drink with him in the bar at hard rock in biloxi and when we stood up kid rock was no taller than my eyes and i am 5'11''
Cranberries (17m, 193.75-191.25) said on 13/Jul/11
He's not especially tall, but he looks like he is. His tiny head makes him look much taller.
Richie said on 5/Jul/11
Thats chris rock... Not kid rock
Quan said on 13/Jun/11
6 ft. really? Looks 5'8.
Phil said on 4/May/11
You guys have this one totally wrong. In the Longest Yard (2005), Kid Rock is the exact same height as Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler who are both listed here as 5' 10" there is no way he's 6'. He looks tall because he's so skinny but the video proves otherwise.
Joe said on 25/Mar/11
I agree with the person that said 5'10 or 5'11. I'm 6'1 and have met him many times. He is 2-3" (or more) shorter than me.
T.J. said on 18/Mar/11
Seeing him in other thing I can say he looks 6'
but next to David Spade he looked 5'11ish" to me..
that's just me though...I've never met him so I can't give an accurate judgment.
Shaun said on 14/Mar/11
Granted he can somehow give off a 6'2"-6'3" because of his build but he's shorter than Tom from Aerosmith so he aint over 6'.
hot karl said on 12/Mar/11
i can believe 6 foot. i would have guessed a little over 5 foot 11 without shoes, but 6 foot is close enough. where did you ever hear 6 ft 5? he is nowhere near that.
toni said on 5/Feb/11
He looked pretty average in Joe Dirt. Next to 5'5 david spade he looked like 4in taller at most. But maybe spade was wearing lifts for that movie so who knows.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/11
jus wantd 2 make sure the guy i told 2 enter a look a like contest @ hockeytown b4 his birthday bash on sat jan 15th was really an impersonator!! He was mayb 5'6 and jus couldnt handle if it really was kid that was all i could think 2 say lmao
RJ said on 8/Jan/11
I've known Rob for a while, hung out with him plenty of times around the Detroit areas like Romeo and mt. Clemens MI. Im only 5'8 and he towers over me. I'd say 6'1 with shoes easily.
medic 1 said on 1/Dec/10
pretty certain he wears shoe inserts or thick soles
Redbeard said on 21/Nov/10
I stood right next to him at the Casino in Downtown Detroit and he's not even 6'0. I'm 6'0 tall and he was shorter than me. I'd say 5'10 or 5'11 but definitly shorter than 6'0. He's really skinny so looks taller than he really is!
Bill said on 14/Oct/07
You are mistaken, "Ancient Aztec Guy". Kid Rock is in no way related to the Williams family.
Jennifer said on 24/Aug/07
I watched the video with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow "Picture". He TOWERS over her so I thought he was at least 6'3 but I just read that she says she is only 5'4 so he probably is 6'0
Ancient aztec guy said on 11/Jul/07
I once saw a piture of Kid Rock and Willie Nelson. He towered over Willie. Also for your info, Kid Rock was son to the country singer Hank Williams and grandson of Hank senior(Guy who sang tear in ma beer,your chetin heart etc.)
batton said on 8/Jul/07
no truth to height because of different soles. i have seen him wearing boots with 2 inch soles
Alex said on 1/Jul/07
Glenn, yea probably because Carson Daly I thought was 6'2 back then and is really 6'0-6'1 and Kid Rock looked about the same height as him.
glenn said on 19/Jun/07
that sounds right.
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
I give Hounsou 6-1 1/2 - 6-1 3/4. 6-2 out of bed Im sure.
glenn said on 19/Jun/07
thats very accurate viper.with his flat footwear and faulty posture he seemed 6-1 actually.but in reality a hair under 6-2. really alex? i thought kid was my height cause he made a comment or ryhme about having joe c around so he can look im thinking 5-10 max.then 2 years ago i saw him looking 5-11.then last year and this year saw him multiple times look 6ft.all kinds of footwear.lets not forget his 6-5 listing!
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Glenn, Hounsou looks a shade under 6-2 to me as well.
Alex said on 18/Jun/07
Glenn, when I was younger and Kid Rock was more popular in 1999-2000 I thought he looked 6'2 back then.
glenn said on 17/Jun/07
i always thought and saw 5-11 for kid.i was wrong.last year i saw him alot.he is 6ft.and i finally got that honsou guy too.seemed a weak opposed to the 6-3 i originally thought i saw.
Alex said on 16/Jun/07
Shortest Kid Rock would be is 5'11.
Arth said on 17/May/07
I retract my previous statement. I believe him to be a dead on 6'.

Here's a picture with him next to a 6'2" Hounsou

Click Here
Arth said on 17/May/07
I do agree with Dman, I'd've thought him to be a solid 6'1.
HOLLI said on 12/Feb/07
dman said on 5/Feb/07
I think your wrong about the height. You can tell the guy Joey is leaning up to look taller probably giving himself a few more inches then 6'0" and Kid Rock is slouching and Kid is still taller.
height seeker said on 22/Jan/07
damn i guess i was lied to i thought kid rock was the giant 6 foot 4, but no hes a 6 footer allright man i gotta stay away from those other height sites and stay with this one, i am 5'9"-5'10" like the mike guy seen at the top of this page so kid isnt much taller than me
Jen said on 5/Jan/07
I ran into him shopping in Las Vegas. He is definetely at least 6ft. I would have guessed he's about 6'1" or 6'2" because he doesn't have very good posture. Then again, he was also wearing a taller maybe that gave him a couple inches. I'm about 5'6" with my heels I was wearing that day, and he seemed MUCH taller than me, so there is no way he is only 5'8"! I'm guessing he's around 6'0".
Glenn said on 30/Dec/06
He made a weird statement I think I posted awhile ago,where he likes to have Joe C with him so he can look Im thinking this guy is 5-8.then the newspaper commented on Tommy Lee towering over him at an event.on stage he didnt look like a midget next to Sebastian Bach (6-3) when they jammed with Axl Rose.he is 6ft.looking what I originally thought as 5-11,due to posture.the 6-5 mustve been a joke.
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Glenn, any idea why he was listed at 6'5??? I'd love to know why. LOL
Glenn said on 13/Dec/06
Yeah,but Viper,you never met him.with all due respect.his posture is bad.
Glenn said on 11/Dec/06
I always swore on 5-11.and did look it alot last year.this year he is looking another photo.doesnt look it in the photo though.
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
He looks 6'0 to me, not the best posture can make him appear shorter. He MIGHT be as short as 5'11 but no less.
Jordan said on 4/Dec/06
looks over 5'11, i think 6'0 is good.
6'2'' JK said on 22/Oct/06
He is Definetley about 6ft, look at picture with 6ft Joey at the top of the page for EVIDENCE, Robs listing is correct. I couldn't believe it that people used to list him at 6'5'' though.
Viper652 said on 21/Oct/06
He looks closer to 5-10 to me.
6'2'' JK said on 20/Oct/06
Looks bang on 6'0''
Glenn said on 14/Oct/06
He could be a dick.alot nicer lately.
Rr said on 13/Oct/06
Actuly i would say 6'0 is right. I seen him at a consert when he came back to Detriot , and im 5'10 he was defnitly at least 2in taller than me. Either way , hes a cool guy.
knightryder said on 11/Aug/06
I say he is 6' foot when i used to work for footlocker robson st.(vnacouver,canada) he came up to me asked me for help. Now i am 6'0 and we were eye to eye both wearing running shoes.
Glenn said on 31/Jul/06
Kid is a legit 5-11.possibly even 6ft.I see the guy once a month.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
He might be 5-10. He looks shorter next to 5-11 Tyson Beckford.
Jonathan said on 21/Jul/06
Kid Rock is shorter than 6'5" because I have seen photos of him talking to Victoria Silvstedt who is about 5'11" without heels and over 6ft tall with them and she looked taller than him.
Glenn said on 22/May/06
I think I mentioned this before,he said once he liked to hang around Joe C to look taller.I thought he was my height with comment.
Glenn said on 18/May/06
I mean no heads in photo.Ill post it soon.I doubt she will see it.if she does,I know what to post with pic.bizzare,how nice she was.

[Editor Rob: ah, ok I get it...]
Glenn said on 18/May/06
Thanks Rob.though it doesnt look like her,its still a personal one for me.and she put her arms around me.saw her last year looking classic Alicia,running with a wall of security.a night off,and she figures,Im a real fan,not a dealer,I mention something to ring her ears,a little tipsy,she was all for 1994,she ran from me and got her lie.that was the start of her bad period.not cause of me,but I had bad timing,cause in 1993 and part of 94 she was doing.its like the Clapton cutoff.I was the last pic.I missed the Alicia cutoff.she was so into me last night she had to be reminded she had to go.I feel guilty to post the pic.Im sure I will,but will with some words for her,if she sees it,which I doubt.Im always paranoid,the boyfriend or friend,will cut are heads off on purpose.

[Editor Rob: ah, Glenn knows all the tricks! You must have made her at ease then if she didn't want to leave!!!

Maybe best to leave that pic till end of year or something...what do you mean cut off your heads? The boyfriend would cut off YOUR head if he saw it on the web??? Or you mean blank out head in photo?...]
Glenn said on 18/May/06
Silverstone stop doing pics at her start in 1994.Cameron Diaz stopped in 1999.never saw her.

[Editor Rob: in one extent you can understand some of the reluctance, maybe a fear of one fan getting to close and doing something 'crazy', but on the other, many of them forget who effectively pays their wages...congrats on getting that alicia one!]
Glenn said on 18/May/06
Just Bach and Silverstone.believe me Im in heaven over the Silverstone,as no one believed she was there,and no believed me she posed.

[Editor Rob: so, she's as rare as a personalised cameron diaz autograph? Nice one...]
Glenn said on 18/May/06
On stage tonight at GNR,Kid Rock did look 6-1 next to Bach, who confirmed with me just 2 hours ago,he is 6-3. both were in boots however.bumped into Bach the after party at a club,and at a duane reade drugstore shortly after,helping him pick out shades!.celebs galore at all shows.brace yourselves-Johnny Depp,Val Kilmer,Steven Tyler,models,Jay z,Beyonce,Jamie Lynn Sigler,Lenny Kravitz,Lidsay Lohan etc.and Izzy Straddlin.half of which,were at my show.most of which,I didnt I did see,the Gods blessed me with,unreconisable in short near brown hair,and green cap,the impossible to get-ALICIA SILVERSTONE.super nice to me as I always know the right words to drop.what a f**king night!

[Editor Rob: did you manage to get any pic at that event?]
Glenn said on 17/May/06
He might be 6ft.but I doubt it.they have Fred Durst at 5-10.some people say 5-6.he is really 5-8.maybe Kid meant the 6-5 as a joke.
Viper652 said on 17/May/06
So a 6 inch exagerration you say Glenn, that is insane. Why would they list him as tall as 6 freaking 5?
Glenn said on 15/May/06
He is 5-11.I know people who saw Tommy Lee exchange words with him and Rock looking like a,I bumped into Rock as recent as 2 months ago,and he looked 6ft in cowboy boots and slouch.
Kyle said on 15/May/06
lol so that'd make him 5'9"/5'10". rock looks like a 6 foot guy to me.
Anonymous said on 13/May/06
My girlfreind was on worked as a promo girl for his concert, she's 5ft 6" and he is maybe 3/4" taller max...
kyle said on 8/Apr/06
when you type in "kid rock height" on google search the first thing says "6'5" , I can't believe he'd be rumored that big...

6'0" sounds right, as he is slouching in the pics.
Ujane, Moscow said on 29/Mar/06
What a f***? This story wit 6'5 then 6'1.5 then 6 ft and at least under 5'11'' finally made me feel suspicious about any claiming of any star about their heights! Are they clowns?
Alex said on 28/Feb/06
If Kid Rock is really 5'9-5'10 as a few are saying then he must be wearing 3 inch lifts at least everytime hes on TV because he looks 6'0 when I see him. I think some people are making up stories too just to make celebrities look shorter.
Anonymous said on 27/Feb/06
I just met kid rock in San Antonio Texas, at the rodeo. This is sooo off. He was about 5'9" , 5'10" max!! I am only 5'8" and he wasn't much taller than me. My friend says he looked about 5'8".
Alex said on 10/Feb/06
Tyson probably got big boots on I am assuming.
Alex said on 10/Feb/06
Yea, no idea how he got listed at 6'5 though. Looks to be 6'0 now though even though it can appear 6'1 at times. I doubt hes under 6'0 though.
Viper652 said on 7/Feb/06
Yeah, Kid has won the award for biggest height exaggeration by a non-wrestler ever.
J-Dog. said on 6/Feb/06
How the hell did he ever get listed as high as 6'5", woooooo. I am shocked.
Viper652 said on 6/Feb/06
Here is another pic at a different event with Tyson where he is shorter.

Rob, I think its time for another major downgrade to 5-10. He is shorter then 5-11 Tyson in every single pic. The funny thing is, this pretty much puts the 5-8 rumour to rest for Tyson, LOL
Viper652 said on 6/Feb/06
Kid Rock might even be shorter then 5-11. Here he is shorter then 5-11 Tyson Beckford in every pic.

I will go out on a limb here and say he could be 5-10, possibly 5-9.5

[Editor Rob: what's more disturbing though inthat gallery... Jensen Button beside Tyson beckford...Button's height is pretty well known! Maybe he's doing the Ian McKellen trick!]
Viper652 said on 6/Feb/06
I thought he did look 6-0 standing around Tiger Woods.
CelebHeights Editor said on 5/Feb/06
Here is pic of Mike, his brother with Kid added to the top of page.
Mike said on 5/Feb/06
Hung out with him at his studio, and he's no more than 6' tall. Photos to prove it.

[Editor Rob: if you could show a pic???]
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
kid rock is 5-11.please change that.
Glenn said on 15/Jan/06
he made a strange comment 5 or 6 years ago about loving to hang around joe c,who made rock look taller.we know that joe c was a dwarf.or is it midget?
CelebHeights Editor said on 14/Jan/06
Added a little pic of glenn and Kid. Hmm, the comment+seagal pics back on 14th October can kind of agree with Glenn's take that he's 5ft 11...maybe the original 6ft I gave him was closer ;)
Ujane,Moscow said on 7/Jan/06
For a long time I couldn`t believe Kid is 6ft1(thought he`z 6ft2 or 3) and now we got him 5ft11. Truly unbelieveably.
Glenn said on 13/Dec/05
I met him and have the photo with.he's 5-11.
Slim said on 19/Nov/05
No, he's more like 5ft 11. They always add 3 inches onto thier height.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
I think that he's 6 ft 2ish.

[Editor Rob: check out these small pics of Rock near Seagal - you can kind of see seagal and holyfield, although they ain't great to compare]
Kid Rcok said on 6/Jun/05
On a concert that he did on CMT, he said that he was 6' 2. I was trying to get an email address where he reads them. No sucess. I a big fan of his. Shaushownee Sioux Dove
agebusters said on 16/May/05
I've seen him in concert - he said to the audience he was 6'1" 175 lb.
8-ball said on 20/Apr/05
Saw Kid Rock at the ski resort with Lars Ulrich and Lar's (beautiful)girl who dwarfed him. All were in ski boots and skies. Rock was my height 6'1.25" (186cm). Lars was too little to even tell how tall he was. Maybe 5'6" (167cm). They were cool peoples.
Mr. R said on 4/Feb/05
For the first time, I think this is too small. I have seen him onstage, and he is usually the tallest person on stage. I think that he is almost 6'3", but I have no proof! Check pis of him with Pam Anderson.

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