How tall is Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth's Height

4ft 10 (147.3 cm)

American actress best known for playing Annabeth Schott on West Wing and Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies. She once said in relation to her stature: "I used to want to be tall, and then I thought, 'If I were tall, then people would say I was pretty and not cute.' And then I realized that there are worse things than being called cute. They could say I was a bitch, which would be terrible in my book. So I've decided that this height ain't so bad". In ABC News in 2011 she said "Let’s see, I could wear heels, I could tease my hair, and maybe on a good day I could be 5’1″. But the bottom line is, I’m 4’11″ and that’s the way I was put together"
Her weight is 91 pounds, as she once mentioned in a 2010 Tweet: "I'm 4"11 and 91 lbs".

How tall is Kristin Chenoweth
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4ft 9.92in (147.1cm)
Comentarista said on 27/Jul/22
Jackie Lee said on 20/Feb/22
This proves that the 4'10 nonsense cutoff for a dwarf is ridiculous. If so, that means 60% of southeast Asian women are dwarfs.
Elene said on 7/Aug/21
heyyyyyyyy said on 29/Mar/21
4'10" looks so much taller in the photo though
Nik said on 8/May/20
@ Emily - Wow!
wishbone said on 21/Dec/19
Kristen is cute and sweet and my friend Joanie's 4'10" height! Despite severe coughing bronchial asthma (I could just picture how she feels if bronchitis or a nasty chest cold hit Kristen. She just wouldn't quit coughing and the cold would worsen her asthma!) Kristen at least keeps this asthma in check. But although things nicely are improving for petite women it isn't always smooth sailing! Take what happened back in 1987 when my 4'10" high school friend Joanne tried to buy a dress for our reunion dinner dance. She was hassled at every store she went to to find that dress! And 5'3" Cheryl Ladd nearly lost out playing on Charlie's Angels because a writer made Cheryl lie about being 5'3" and said she was 5'7"! And if you're petite like my 5' friend Annette and you wear a small shoe size (her shoe size is 4 Petite) she's treated like a baby trying to buy her shoes! And sadly perky 5'1" Janice Attwood was turned down 4 times trying to be a model! Yet at a fashion show she had to replace a bronchitis stricken 5'10"model for a fashion show yet Janice up against 7 taller models got the best and most applause just modeling pants! Kristen is pretty and comfortably loves being 4'10"! Love you!
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 3/Sep/19
She is one of cutest and petit and yet shortest actress under 5 footer... 4ft 10 is good listing for Miss Chenoweth btw...
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 1/Jun/19
This cutie-pie is 4'10" flat. Stood over a foot shorter than Kelsey in that Frasier episode.
Nik said on 23/Jan/19
Hey, she can look taller than 4'10" in the photograph above!
wishbone said on 11/Oct/18
You could just picture what it was like when some of my petite friends were in high school,like Alice (5'),Annette (5'),Beth (5'),Joanie (4'10"),or Sandy Malufka (4'10"). Not sure about Annette or Beth,but Alice,Joanie,and Sandy were teased incessantly about their height. Although generally things have improved for my small friends,it's still tricky accept petite women as being petite. Although buying clothes is now generally better for my "small fry" sweeties,I remember watching an Alive And Well fashion show Cathy Rigby (5') hosted with perky 5'3" model Susan Gallagher in 1984 in which Cathy explained to Susan about "nightmares" she ran into trying for example to buy a dress. Cathy explained clerks would not help Cathy,tried to "bribe" Cathy not to wear certain clothes,harrassed her,and constantly kept calling Cathy a "little girl what NEVER grew up!" Because Cathy is very sensitive to anybody teasing her about her height,she told Susan "Some clerks even called me a "crybaby" because they kept bribing me not to wear bright colors or prints,cuffed or high waistband pants,kept telling me to wear high heels to be taller,and didn't let me buy what I thought was right for me and told me only to wear black clothes." But now if 5' Annette wants to buy a splashy screaming bubblegum pink jumpsuit,she can buy that jumpsuit and even get suggestions on what to wear with that jumpsuit! I'm sure 4'10" Kristen ran into a lot of hassles and was even denied a chance to make a TV show or movie because of her 4'10" height! But I like her anyway.
Jodie53 said on 29/Jul/15
I'm just under 4'10" and got teased in high school alot and went home crying! But it ended up being to my advantage because I had no problem getting boyfriends and taken for 10 years younger than I am...
Steve said on 21/Apr/15
One of the most gorgeous women in the entire world. Petite women are the best!!

Could be as short as 4'9.5" which is amazingly cute!
Cliff said on 13/Jun/14
She looked this height next to 5'1" Olesya Rulin
S_G said on 17/Mar/14
hello littlesue :) so cute
Jewel said on 3/Mar/14
she has good proportions
Natt said on 27/Jan/14
@Emily: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! No wad posture can put someone down 9 inches. What planet do you live on!
JohnSmith said on 9/Dec/13
met her in NYC in 2009, nice woman, she's about 5 foot in heels
Emily said on 17/Oct/13
She's actually 5'7, she just has poor posture
pnut said on 25/Mar/13
had to look up her height to see if I was taller...nope I'm 4'9"
TNTinFL said on 25/Feb/13
I had to look this up when I saw her at the Red Carpet Oscars pre-show. She is TINY.
little sue said on 6/Feb/13
She is probably about like me, 4ft 10 3/4 but rounds up to 4ft 11. I hope I look as good as that!!
Cliff said on 5/Feb/13
Just curious --- why did you downgrade her Rob?
Editor Rob
I just think she can look 4ft 10 more and more
jake said on 6/Jun/12
I absolutely love short women. I am a 5'9" man so I am about average...and to me small women are so sexy. I love it and Kristin is no exception. I would give anything for a date with her...oh God, she is just absolutely gorgeous. Seriously!!!
Amber said on 5/Feb/12
I'm about 5'1 and I always am made fun of for my height, but then I look up Kristin's height and now I laugh at my friends and tell them that I'm just destined to be on Broadway!!
linke said on 12/Dec/11
Claims 4'11 as well.
Click Here
Victoria said on 30/Sep/11
I agree with you Jane, it would be boring if we were all about the same height. Plus, people's height usually seems to suit them well. I'm only 5'2 and my lifelong (female) friend is 5'9, but our heights are right for us. It would be weird if I was 5'9 or she was 5'2. Likewise, Kristen's tininess suits her.
emina said on 17/Aug/11
@Amy like being small is great.the first rule is to be ok with your self.but calling tall girls ''masculine'' is ridiculous,there are bad words for short girls too you know
Amy said on 14/Aug/11
Mmkay, so first of all, just to get it out of the way- I am Kristin's biggest fan. Ever. Ok so now onto the height. Yeah, she's short. But so am I (believe it or not I'm 4'11" haha). I used to wanna be tall, too, but then once I realized I had stopped growing I realized that if I ever did get any taller I'd look way too thin and would have to work on gaining weight and people would start calling me anorexic. Plus, I'm the only one who can fit under the sink to fix it :) Oh, and one really annoying fact: you have to be taller than 5'10" to be a runway model. How awful.
Jane said on 14/Jul/11
What's wrong with tall people or short people? It's not like there's any "right" height! Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all in the same five inch range?

My teacher met Kristin Chenoweth and said that she seemed 4'11", just as most sources report.
FiveEightisGreat said on 13/Jul/11
Well, you can't change your height so you might as well be happy with it, whatever it is! That's horrible to call women who are over 5'9 masculine! And to Sharon, I wouldn't change a thing about my height either.
Sharon said on 10/Jul/11
I'm an adult woman who is 4'10" and 100lbs I wouldn't want to be any larger even if I were paid a million dollars! All men adore me and both men and women comment daily on how petite and cute I am and how I look just like a doll. The downfall being it's extremely difficult to find clothes that fit and shoes are a nightmare (I wear a woman's size 4 or a childs size 2) but it is all worth the effort. I wouldn't change a thing. Those of you who posted that women 5'9" and over are masculine - well you are actually correct. The average height of men (including all nationalities around the world) is in fact 5'9". The world average height of women is 5'3".
greek guy said on 17/Feb/11
@Wagonmaster my girlfriend is 5 10 and a half
PaulH said on 10/Feb/11
"some men are 10 feet tall, only their bodies don't know it"- said by hawkeye to Radar, on MASH. I agree completely. Kristen is a fabulous talent- who cares how short she is? Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise are just two superstars of the screen, that come to mind right away, who are short- and who cares about their lack of height. Also, when Kristen was opposite Allison Janney on the west wing, it was a source of humour, but not derisive. Anybody think the vert tall janney is not attractive?
Wagonmaster said on 9/Dec/10
"I don't think a female body was designed to be over 5 feet 9, pass that is when they start to look masculine."

You need to check out a few more tall females, if you think that! Maria Sharapova comes to mind, instantly!
jessie said on 18/May/09
Wow, carm, you sound sooo shallow. Get over yourself and realize that short women are beautiful as well as tall women. I have a friend who's six foot and she dreads it. She said she wishes she was my height (I'm 5' 6"). Every time I saw Kristin in a movie, or tv show, I would completely forget she was short because she was too busy doing what she does best
Mimi said on 14/May/09
I think there is beauty at every height. Super short or super tall women can look freakish, for sure, but there are also super short or super tall women that are also very beautiful - take Salma Hayek at one end and Uma Thurman at the other. Both beautiful in their own way.

IMO opinion, though...I'd rather look like short Salma than tall Uma, but that is just a personal preference. I'd rather have a gorgeous face and body and exude sex appeal than have Uma's lankiness and long legs, even though she has a beautiful face. Further, in a closer example, I would rather look like Megan Fox at 5'3"ish than most other actresses above her height.

And yes, Carm...most pageant contestants are in the 5'6-5'9 area, but do you really judge beauty by pageant standards? Most of those women are so cookie-cutter, and there are extremely beautiful women throughout the world that don't fit the beauty pageant mold. For example, most actresses are in the 5'3"-5'7" area...and I don't think you can really dispute that there are very beautiful actresses out there. You seem like you're trying to make yourself feel better about your height and just come off as insecure. Sorry for you.
carm said on 13/May/09
I've never felt short women were attractive at all. Ugh. They look freakish. Notice that practically all the Miss Universe and Miss America contestants are five eight or five nine? There's a reason for that: tall women are viewed as more attractive. Period.
aram x said on 2/May/09
Being super short is a better characteristic for women than men if you ask me. For a girl, being that short usually equate to being cute, but for men, it makes them look less intimidating. Of course, it's your actions that ultimately determine intimidation, but when your tiny, you probably not going to look very intimidating.
arf said on 27/Apr/09
reading these comments to give more confidence to short women are making me feel bad about myself in return, even though im average 5'5 there are a lot of shorter women that make me feel gigantic, how could you feel so self concious about your height when you look like a cute doll..
Heightgirl said on 14/Apr/09
I really admire her for being honest about her height. I believe that she is 4f11 because if she were to lie she could have said 5f2. Most celebs that are under 5f most often lie and say they are 5f2 lol They probably feel giving their shoe height is okay, but we all know that we only care for the barefoot facts.
Kim said on 16/Jan/09
I've always had an issue with my heighth, but i'm comgin to realize after all the comments that there are other women just like me out there and it's very comforting. I am an inch shorter that Kristin, and I have always had a problem with being taken seriously. I hope to change that, not that I'm in my 30's, I will just have to make those around me take me seriously. but my husbnad is a big guy, and he loves me just the way I am, and I am coming to realize after all this time, that it's okay being short, there are other's out there just like me!
Jean said on 5/Jan/09
Kim said it best: "I never thought of my height as a problem...I love my size and so does my husband." I agree with her totally. I am 5'1", and I weigh a little more than Kim at 116 lbs. My husband is tall at 6'2". It seems only recently that the American "bigger is better" mentality has been infiltrating our culture, from our McMansions to the Hummers. The healthiest and longest lived people are the small and slim people of the world. The quest to become giants and to own everything gigantic has gotten out of control. The earth cannot sustain such nonsense. I would also like to add a few more gorgeous petite role models to Kim's list: Carmen Electra, Salma Hyack, Jessica Simpson. I love what these three women have done with God's gift of their beautiful bodies. Don't let anyone BIG make you feel less than you are. They are jealous. And as women appear to be getting taller and taller, they are starting to look more and more like men. Big girls don't wear dresses well. They actually look better in pants suits and jeans. Weird. It's no wonder men love small and beautiful women. We make a man feel manly.
Ricardo said on 26/Dec/08
Look at this giantess and just imagine you are next her :

Click Here

Click Here
Sam said on 2/Dec/08
I'm 4'11" at 17 years old. I used to be one of the tallest girls when I was little, but I dunno... It's like all of a sudden this generation hit a growth spurt. All my friends are well over 5'5", even my girl friends! It's nice to know that us shorties can make it to the top! Woot!
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/08
I'm barely 5' tall and she has been an inspiration to me! I absolutely want to follow in her footsteps someday!
Becky said on 21/Nov/08
I remember one time there was a friend of mine at a transition fair and she looked the exact same height as kristin possibly slightly taller than her!When, we greeted each other i had to bend down low and hug her and she would have stretch higher to hug me!If you are like under five feet, things seem gigantic to you like you have no idea that everything is so enormous compared to your size!
Jessica said on 20/Nov/08
I had no idea that Kristin was under five foot! I'm glad that she doesn't long to be tall anymore. I'm around 5'3, and always wanted to be taller, but now I sorta laugh at myself for it. Not in a bad way, but it's always kinda fun to be able to do play around with others who are tall, and make fun of their height in return. My teacher is 5'10, and we're great friends. Whenever we try to bump hips, mine only goes about half up her thigh. It's really funny. And then when she trims my hair, she has to sit in a really low chair and I get to stand up!!!
Adam said on 13/Nov/08
"Anonymous" is wrong in his or her assertion that height is genetically predetermined. One's genetic inheritance plays a hugely important role but cannot be cited as the only factor. One needs only to look at discrepancies in the heights of twins and triplets to deduce that.
Jeanette said on 5/Nov/08
She is so awesome! I had thought she was about 5' I had no idea that she was part of the real short crowd. I was 4'9 1/2" all though achool and somehow gained and extra 1/2" after college. So I am now 4'10" and a natural brunette just like Kristen. She rocks!
FiveOne said on 13/Oct/08
I always thought Kristin was around 5'2". . .
Kim said on 22/Sep/08
I never thought of my height as a problem (5'1" and 105). I think it has more to do with proportion and attractiveness. All my life (I'm 45 now) guys (mostly tall like my husband) have LOVED the fact that I "look like a doll". I think it makes them feel stronger and more protective of me. I've talked to lots of guys who prefer petite women over tall-you just have to be confident and dress to show your assets! That is key! Don't let taller women who are jealous of you make you feel bad about yourself! And believe me, if they bring up your height, they are jealous. This is what i told the last girl who had something to say about my height (i found out later she was jealous because the guy she liked at our gym paid me a compliment)..."I feel sorry for manly looking women. I love my size and so does my husband!" My tall friends have bad posture from years of trying to look shorter, while we have great posture from years of standing tall! They can't wear heels when they're out with husbands or cute styles, and most have weight issues and don't age well. Even after having babies, my shorter friends have awesome figures and we are hit on by guys half our age-we look and act younger-because we can. At a recent concert, my husband put me on his shoulders-how many tall women can do that?! Love who you are and if you want to compare yourself, compare with Eva Longoria, Kristin, Fergie, Hayden Panettiere, Natalie Portman and Carrie Underwood!
AKK said on 22/Sep/08
Should update this to reflect that she's in Pushing Daisies these days. Just saw her at the Emmies with 6' Neil Patrick Harris. She was barely up to his shoulders, and possibly with heels.
Kristen said on 12/Sep/08
Me and Kristen Chenoweth have 2 things in common were both named Kristen and both 4'11!!! hahah whoo
anonymous said on 3/Sep/08
To the people who believe that you can grow taller by eating more food or exercising, you are misinformed. Your height is genetically determined at birth. There is nothing you can do about it.
Jane said on 21/Aug/08
I am only 1.47cm tall and i've recently turned 17. People just assume im still a year 7 and never believe in in year 11 at high school. What makes it worse is that all my friends are tall around 5'6 Plus, and i feel really short when i go to the movies with them. im the oldest out of all my friends but 8months to 1 year and they never get asked to see id when we go see a m15+ movie and i do every time. and i was even told by a policeman i need to carrie my learners permit on me at all times when im driving or even just going out because they are not going to believe me when i say im 17.. there are 7 year olds taller than me. i dont like being short much, and when i saw Kristin Chenoweth in pushing daisies i though gee she is really short, but i assumed she was still taller than me like 5'2 or something and then when i found out she was just 3 cm taller i was shocked. Although i cant really say at least im almost the same height as Kristin Chenoweth because alot of people i know dont know who she is. but i think she rocks!
Alicia :] said on 5/Aug/08
Cheno has givin me so much confidence about myself.
I have sortof the same build as her I'm 4'9" 91 pounds with Ds.(ha) I have a passion for theater and was so afraid if I were to make it my carrer that I would be automatically turned down becuase of my height. Besides the fact Cheno.. has an unbelievable voice and entusiasm it still helped and I idol her. Sure, people ask me everyday my height or mock me all the time. But its just nice to know shes there :]
susan said on 10/Jul/08
Click Here

Yeah^^ sure they are the same height LilLee?

Next to Lee Pace, she looks soooooo little, but nevertheless extremely cute :)
LilLee said on 7/Apr/08
I would guess little kristin is 5'6" I can't see her being any smaller than that. Her and kristin davis were the same height in deck the halls and Davis is most definately 5 foot 6
anonymous said on 4/Apr/08
She's has to be 4'10.5 at the very most. I have a few friends and cousins who claim to be 4' 11" even though they're 4' 10 - 4'10 1/2." A lot of people round up. She reminds me of his one friend I had who's 4 feet 10 with a high pitched voice. Kristen is still cool though for coming so far in an industry that favors taller people. Yay for shorties!
Veronica said on 8/Jan/08
Kristin is an idol for all people under 5'0" I'm only 4'10" and I was told I'm probably not growing anymore. At first I was really upset because I didn't want to always be teased by people or looked at in an awkward way. Kids always tease me in school because my feet don't touch the ground when I sit, or they claim I'm only a high soprano because I'm so small and my voice is naturally somewhat high pitched. And seeing as how all my friends are way over 5' I had no one to relate too. Then my close friend told me that Kristin was only 1" taller than me. (We are both big Wicked fans) I couldn't beleive it. So now whenever people claim I'm too short to ride the tea cups, I can laugh because I like being under 5'0". As long as people don't refer to me in a way that makes me seem fragil or delicate because I'm not. I'm even a gymnast and black belt. Kristin is phenomenal, and she makes under 5' seem like a goal rather than a curse. I would die to get to meet her some day.
Cay Fray said on 5/Jan/08
Hey I was 4'11" and 3/4 for like 8 months and was so excited when I found out I was finally five feet, my docter assumes I will be about 5'1" when Im done growing and Im ok with that, for the longest time I used to get bent out of shape when ppl thought I was younger or too short, and now I have made friends who love me even though I am short... Kristin hase been my Role Model since I heard the C.D. for Wicked (I still haven't seen the show) although I love Idina as well, I am a blonde Preppy girl so Kristin was more my role model... I want to go into musical theater as my proffesion... Last night I watched "Bewitched" and I automatically knew Kristin was in it a noticed that she was short, When I just found out her height (by looking at the website) all worries that my height would stop me in life dissapeared... I LOVE KRISTIN NOW MORE THAN BEFORE!!!
Matt said on 1/Jan/08
I love Kristen. I think she's an incredibly talented and attractive woman. Her petite figure makes her unique, it makes her the Kristen we all know and love. Besides, for all you petite girls out there, be who you are. There are lot of guys (including myself) who find short women to be incredibly attractive.
tania tich said on 24/Aug/07
thats what my friend call me, I recently just finished a dance course in London and I was one of the older ones but shorter (I'm 4.11)ones, we had to go round on the first day state our age, and when we were taking out next ballet exam, everyone was shocked to here I was 16! but I have a high voice I wouldn't say it was squeeky or something but unless I strain my voice on then do I sound more grown up, girls in my class say I sound like a baby which I find harder to deal with than the fact that I'm small, I found it a benefit for getting into west end shows. Though back to my point sorry kristin I think were exactly the same height or about you know, I saw her in the Donmar Warehouse years ago and I was tiny then and not that young but I remember Kristin saying, 'aww your so cute, and tiny' I'll always remember that. The best actress/singer ever!
Unidentified said on 13/Aug/07
I was instantly smitten when I saw her on The West Wing. Even her voice -- which some probably don't like -- is very sexy to me. What can I say? I'm an average size guy, and I really like short women. I hope that doesn't make me sound as bad as average sized women who insist that you're not a "real man" unless you're over six feet!
Rae-Anne said on 26/Jul/07
Ive been short my whole life (I'm 4'11'') and it has always been commented on. Through my teenage years with a bit of wit I used to say "I'm not short, just vertically challenged!" Well after I got into the Wicked craze my friends and I came up with the phrase that I'd been CHENOFIED and it has stuck ever since, but imagine our surprise when we learned that our word was already out there! So I'd just like to say many kudos to Kristin Chenoweth, I love you so much, and good luck to all of the Chenofieds, and as Cheno has already set an example of, short people will one day rule the world! ;-P
Jon Doe said on 1/Jul/07
Atleast you girls are just getting teased for your stature and not getting beat up.Beleive me being short and a guy is way worse,besides you're all probably gonna marry some 6foot+ "hunk" anyways.
Holly said on 22/Jun/07
I met at the stage door of her broadway play "The Apple Tree" a couple months ago, and she was super tiny, both in height and weight. I'm about 5'1.5, so I'm not that much taller, but I still felt like a giant next to her! She was really cute and sweet.
Anais said on 10/Jun/07
When I went out with 2 of my friends one day, we asked someone we knew at the arcade how old we looked. They said that my friends looked around 16. When I asked how old I looked, they said 10. That's really sad.
Anais said on 8/Jun/07
Well, there's a lot for me to say. They had said that Kristen did have a height problem, but usually when you see models or actresses, they're like 5'7-5'10, so I thought she would be like 5'2 or something. I thought that Idina was taller too, but she's only 5'4 and the reason she looks so tall is because Kristen is short measuring at 4'11 LIKE ME!!! I feel so proud of her. I get mocked a lot and people call me shorty and mistake me as a younger child, but knowing this, I feel better.
lizzy said on 20/Apr/07
I was 4'9'' until 10th grade and only weighed 85lbs. which used to be so embarrassing because all my teachers on like the first day of class were like " sweety the middle school is the next building over" and I would just go red in the face lol. So my solution to gain a little more height - as suggested by my friend was just to eat more food because for like my whole life all I would have would be 3 meals a day (always PB&J for lunch lol) and was always pretty active & it sort of made sense because she was like you probably have a really fast metabolism and since you don't just sit around you burn up everything you take in and your body has nothing left to grow - so I started eating like 24/7 and now I'm 18 and a freshman in college and up to 5'3'' at 104lbs. and never mistaken for a lol - but many are impressed with my ability to eat a whole golden fudge cake =)
Ellie said on 28/Jan/07
Tall girl, that's soo cool that you grew 11 in. in less than a year! I just turned 16 and am 5'1.5". I'd love to be 5'6"-5'8", but realistically I think I could still grow to be 5'3"-5'4" (my mom is 5'4" and dad is 5'10"). did you do anything specail? I've been trying to eat more protein and calcium so that i can grow.
Erica said on 11/Nov/06
I think kristin chenoweth is a great actress with lots of talent!she is a role model and inspiration to all petite/short girls, proving that they can have sucessful careers!I am a short girl my self Standing only at 4'9. Alot of people say short petite girls are cute which is definatly true!I beleive Kristin stands between 4'9 -4'11 tall.
TallGirl said on 7/Aug/06
I was 4'11 for the longest time, up until a year and a half ago. My parents and I assumed I was going to be short forever. It's funny, as soon as we gave up hope that I'd grow, I grew to 5'10 in under a year(I'm 17 now!). So for those of you who are unsure as to if you'll keep growing, if you're young, there's always a chance, :) And I think Kristin is adorable at 4'11, my friend loved her on TWW and almost spat out her coffee when I told her Krisitin was in her late thirties, my friend had thought she was just out of high school.
Gretchen said on 30/Apr/06
I saw Kristen on the Martha Stewart show, and Martha TOWERED over her! She had really high heels on too! I just knew she was super short! But super CUTE, too!
kristian said on 27/Mar/06
i have seen ascene of her in the west wing next to allison janney.....
i was like hhhhhhh?????!!!!????

it was really incredible how short she was!!!!!!4´11 Maybe a bit too much???????????
Kristy said on 13/Feb/06
No, Anonymous, it is not a fact that girls stop growing 2 years after their period. And even if you do get shots, and even if they work, they usually only add 1"-3" at the very most. The best thing is to just learn to accept yourself the way God made you, and turn your stature into a positive thing. Just by looking at this site you can see that you don't have to be tall to be famous, and I know several short people who seemed much taller simply because of their personalities. On the flip side, I've known lots of tall people who didn't like how much they stood out, and wished they were closer to an average height. It's all about what you make of yourself, and how much you allow your appearance to affect the person you are.
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/06
does anybody know if girls really stop growing 2 years after their period? is there any way to grow taller without the shots?
gyllenhaalic823 said on 19/Jan/06
She has such a cute, peppy and high voice because of her height - it allowed her to sing "popular" from "wicked" perfectly.
btw, off-topic, i went to see "wicked" tues. night in chicago - GREAT show!! oh and the girl who played galinda ("WITH A 'GAH'") looked pretty tiny . . . i dont think it was kristin though . . . she looked around 5'1" though. they like tinier ppl for that role lol
heightfan said on 3/Jan/06
I just saw her on Ellen, even with her giant heels and Ellen in her normal flats, Kristin was dwarfed. She reminds me of an ex that used to say she was 4'11", which I never believed. One night I measured her and she was really 4'8". She admitted she knew she was not really 4'11",but said her telling everyone that she was less than 5' was embarassing enough. Do you think Kristin could be doing the same?
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/05
If Kristen can have success on stage and on television and have her true talents seen, then that gives me hope for my stature as well on stage, since I am 4'11" as well.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/05
I have been teased all my life. everyday, all day. and for others it never gets old. actually, i was just at a social gathering where i was being teased. no one calls me cute, they just mock me. and at first, i can handle it. but not once you have seven people in your face, pointing out the fact that they were your height when they were five. i love that kristen is 4'11. as am i. she is an inspiration, and she gives a little hope to those of us out there who are short and also want to work in show biz.
ellie clark said on 11/Nov/05
i was teased all through middle scholl about me heaight(then 4"9) when i got to high school people thought i was cute. Now i love being 4"11 just like kristin chenowith, my idol!
miss shorty said on 8/Nov/05
i was 4'11 for the longest time but now i've topped out at 5'2 i love being short though because you get so much more attention!
kristin2 said on 26/Sep/05
You have to admire KC. She seems to be the only celebrity who is actually honest about her height. As a fellow 4'11er, she's my hero.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Jun/05
Said in Parade Magazine, "I’m 4 feet 11, but please put in that I’m only 96 pounds"

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